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Default The Food Cart by FatManRocks (SSBHM, ~FFA, ~MWG)

SSBHM, ~FFA, ~MWG - A gaining glutton makes an important purchase

The Food Cart
by FatManRocks

Chapter One

Tom hadn’t been to this mall in a while. It was mostly due to his penchant for online shopping, but it wasn’t just that – the movie theater had fixed-arm seating, the restaurants were only okay, and the food court was frankly lousy. If it hadn’t been by request of his new wife Audrey, he doubted he would ever have come back. She was a nutritionist and spent her days working at the local hospital while he worked at home. Though in theory it was more convenient for Tom to be the one running any errands they had, she knew how hard it was to get her big man up and moving once he was settled in – and especially hard if that errand didn’t include food. Fortunately, she also knew that every afternoon Tom would take a lunch break and leave the house to go eat for a couple of hours. Catch him while he’s out filling up, and he’d be happy to pick up or deliver any little thing as he rolled on home.

Today it was the kitchen store. For what, he wasn’t sure; he was finishing dessert when she’d called. She told him it was a discontinued something something, but way better than the other something somethings available, and totally impossible to find because of something. She was excited and he loved listening to her voice, so he let her carry on even though he was just going to tell her to text him the info. He still had half his sundae to go, and he was always terrible with details when his spoon was boat-deep in caramel.

His soft stomach bounced heavily in front of him as he strolled through the mall. He could smell the horrible food court – he would have to pass it on his way – and was deeply grateful that he was still quite full from lunch. He shuddered at the thought of being really hungry and possibly succumbing to the… to the food that they were… geez, it was awful… Tom reached up and covered his nose the rest of the way.

The store itself was a little cramped, and required some skilled maneuvering, but nothing he wasn’t used to. Besides, he was having fun getting so up close with all this kitchen stuff. He’d forgotten how much he loved stores like this. Everything was dedicated to cooking, eating, or just plain celebrating food. It was like a food-lover’s temple – or better, like some kind of gift shop at the Cathedral of Gluttony. Tom smiled at the thought as he strolled past the pots and pans. Never much of a cook himself, he paid them barely a glance and headed instead toward the dishes and flatware – tools of the trade for the passionate eater. There was a special fork, it seemed, for every different kind of morsel; and spoons, scoops, and ladles from tiny thimblefuls to deep-bowled serving spoons that felt good in his hand. And then the great array of dishes: big entrée plates, little tapas dishes, trays for olives, bowls for bisques, and his favorite, the great massive platters. Man, he loved to eat.

“Can I help you?” A friendly saleslady ended his gastronomic reverie.

“Oh—,” he smiled, his double chin quivering. “Yes…” He reached for his phone. “My wife texted everything to me. Hold on…”

“I think she called earlier. The Pyrex?”

“That’s it.”

“I’ve got it behind the counter. She sure knows her stuff.”

Tom agreed with a pat of his belly, “As you can see.”

The saleslady laughed, “Well, it sure is nice to meet a hobbyist. I can take care of you now, if you like.”

“Thanks; that’d be great.” She turned, and he started to follow her when his eye caught on a rolling food cart.

The saleslady noticed. She walked over next to him and nearly whispered in his ear. “That’s a nice one, isn’t it? Our best model.”

“Yeah, well… We really don’t entertain like that.”

“It’s not just for entertaining. Does your wife like breakfast in bed?”

He actually licked his lips. “Who doesn’t?”

Tom steered his car through the parking garage, occasionally hitting a speed bump that would send his belly jiggling in his lap. He couldn’t really get a food cart, could he? Isn’t that a bit much? He pictured the pile of snacks he regularly carried from their kitchen to his office at the start of each day. Audrey always liked to make sure there was plenty for him to grab before she left for the hospital, and lately he was grabbing all he could. Wasn’t that enough? “Never eat more than you can lift” – right? Wasn’t that it? Who said that?

His tires hit another speed bump, and ba-boom went his belly, up and down. Tom’s appetite was returning, barely an hour after his long steakhouse lunch. A food cart by his desk would certainly keep his appetite happy. And wouldn’t that be a good thing? Hunger always threw him off. If he was working and got even a little hungry, he would lose his concentration. He’d certainly tried in the past to scold himself and get back to business, but putting off the inevitable snack by even ten or fifteen minutes only ever resulted in ten or fifteen food-distracted, non-productive minutes.

His stomach growled. He thought about the drive-thrus he could hit on the way home. Also about dinner—

The last speed bump was the biggest, and threw Tom’s belly up against his tits to crash back down on his lap. A metallic clang rang out from the back, and he looked in the rear view: the cart looked back. It seemed okay. Yep, he thought, he’d done it. He’d bought the dang thing. The very floor model he’d just drooled over.

It’ll keep the food off my desk, see, and away from the computers. This isn’t just a fat guy thing – it’s common sense. And, he re-reasoned to himself, it’ll keep me at my desk, where I can work…

Tom then pictured himself, hunched over the cart, methodically, relentlessly gorging, desk chair creaking, computer all but ignored.

He shook the thought away, but it didn’t really budge. There was just no way around the basic fact of the matter: Fat guy buys food cart. “Jesus,” he chuckled, “what is Audrey going to think?”

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OMGOSH, I can't wait to read what comes next, I'm sure his wife will approve and figure a way to put it to good use

Mr. Jigglesworth
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The sun was setting as Audrey came in through the kitchen door. She immediately spotted the Pyrex on the counter, and smiled.

“Hooray!” She shouted, knowing her hubby was within earshot, “Thank you, baby!” She set down a shopping bag bulging with food and admired her new glass measuring cup. She so loved really good kitchen things.

Tom hadn’t answered. She called out again, “Baby?”

He hollered back, “Hi, hon! I’m in the office.”

Audrey smiled to herself. She knew what that pause before answering usually meant, and she love teasing him about his appetite. “Are you eating?”

“Just a bite.”

She looked around the kitchen. He’d started the day with his usual big breakfast, and had put a real dent in their snack supply. She knew he’d had a lot for lunch – all he did while on the phone with her today was eat – and now another “bite” at home. She thought about the dinner she’d planned (her mom’s deep-dish lasagna) and shook her head as she headed to his office.

“Well, I hope you’ve still got some room…” Her voice trailed off as she walked in and saw the food cart.

Tom turned in his extra-wide desk chair, and he saw her staring. “I’ll be finished work in a sec,” he offered. “Just a few more t’s to cross--“

“What is that?”

Tom looked at the cart. “It’s, um...” He reached out and touched it, “You mean this?”

“Yeah.” She stepped up to it. Butcher block, stainless steel. “It’s nice.”

“It’s, uh… It’s a food cart.”

“A food cart.”

“Uh huh.”

“For your office.”

“Yeah, well.” Was he blushing? “Keeps stuff away from the computers, you know, drinks and stuff.” He almost started in on his staying-full-helps-me-focus argument, but decided against it.

Audrey nodded thoughtfully and took it all in. Empty burger wrappers; her husband’s massive thighs; red velvet crumbs, a plate smeared with icing; shirt riding up, love handle pushing through; a big empty glass of chocolate milk; buttons straining over his belly. She married him fat, loved every inch, and enjoyed his big appetite. But this went beyond indulgence, didn’t it? A personal food cart? Isn’t that weird? Shouldn’t it bug her?

She decided to give him a smile. “Probably get more work done, too,” she said, “without all those trips to the kitchen.”

“Yeah, you know,” Tom shrugged, bulging out his neck fat. “Keep me at my desk.”

She honestly tried to feel weird about it, but just couldn’t. It seemed to make such good sense. Eating was Tom’s number one pastime, just as cooking was hers. And she knew as well as anyone the kind of difference the right equipment can make.

He really was blushing, and it was adorable. She leaned down and kissed his puffy cheek.

“I’m getting a late start on dinner, so we’re not eating for a while. You want another nosh in the meantime?”

He smiled. “Sure. You know me.”

“Yes, I do.” Their eyes met, and they kissed a long, loving hello. Then Audrey stood up and turned to the cart to push it back to the kitchen.

“Might as well put this to good use,” she said with a wink. “Stay right there.”

He watched her go, and smiled. Drumming his belly, he muttered happily to himself, “Well, that went much better than expected.”


Audrey sat in bed, staring across the room. She had a book open in her hands, but her mind had long since drifted. After Tom’s pre-dinner ‘nosh’, he’d settled in to her lasagna like it was the first meal of the day and carried on for a full hour before stopping. She had planned on the lasagna lasting for two dinners at least, but realized she’d need to come up with something more for tomorrow – the leftovers probably wouldn’t last through the next morning. And then, after all the eating he’d done today, he still called for dessert and polished off a pint of ice cream before they finally turned in.

The bathroom light switched off, and she watched eagerly as he toddled through the door. “Oof,” he huffed, rubbing his gut.

She giggled; his belly sloshed and swayed as he waddled over to join her. “You said it, baby.” She chuckled, “’Oof’ is right. How’re you feeling?”

“Full. Stuffed. Great.” He groaned as he sat on the bed, and Audrey sprang up to rub his back.

“This was a big food day, huh?”

Tom nodded, getting drowsy. “Yeah. I sure packed it in.”

Audrey had dropped all pretense of a back rub and was now lifting, squeezing, and fondling the rolls piling up on his sides. She nibbled the fat hiding his jawline and whispered, “Lie back.”

“Okay,” he nodded, but didn’t lie back right away. He stretched first. She sat back and ogled as his arms reached up and then bent, soft fat dimpling at the elbow, then creasing at the bicep. He arched his back, and her heart beat madly as his blubber smashed up on itself, creating rolls she’d never imagined, and now would never forget. Holy shit was he fat.

In one slow move, Tom leaned over and then rolled himself into bed. His belly and tits wobbled as he settled himself, grunting the whole time. Like a hog, Audrey thought. Glutted with food, jiggling with fat, and grunting like a big ol’ hog.

She rubbed his stomach gently, hoping to soothe his taut and tender gut. “I swear I’ve never seen you so full.”

“Huh,” his belly bounced. It was as much of a laugh as he could manage. “Sure you have. You’ve just never seen me so fat.”

She smiled at his belly and kissed the red indents in his girth where his tight pants had dug in. “Your clothes have been getting awfully snug…”

“Mm hmm…”

She moved down from his stomach toward the softer flab of his lower belly. “Are you ready for the next size up?” She nibbled around the creases where thigh and belly met groin, and saw his erection start to soften. “Hey—“

She stretched up to kiss him, and realized he was asleep. She kissed him anyway, and then let herself get lost again in his soft cheek and jiggling chins, his well-fattened chest, and then roll upon roll upon roll.

He was definitely ready for the next size up. And so was she.


Breakfast that morning was larger than usual, though Tom was so ravenous she wasn’t sure he noticed.

“Why is it,” he swallowed a mouthful of egg and reached out for a danish, “whenever I go to bed stuffed,” he laid down a thick spread of butter, “I wake up hungrier than ever?” He chomped down on half the pastry. Gone.

Audrey poured him more milk. “As long as we’re prepared, is the main thing.” She gave his shoulder a pat and started tidying up.

Tom popped the last of the danish into his mouth, then leaned back and loosened his belt as he chewed. His belly relaxed and pushed out, and his belt opened completely. “Hoo,” he exhaled as he patted his spread. “Not even nine o’clock yet.”

He looked around the room, and spotted the food cart by the pantry. It was in plain sight – he’d just been so focused on eating his breakfast he’d missed it until now.

Audrey set a pan in the sink to soak. “I don’t have to go in tomorrow until two. Thought we could spend the morning finding you some bigger clothes.”

“Sure,” he replied absently, still staring at the cart. It was already loaded with food. Lots of food. “Definitely more than I can lift,” he mused.

She dried her hands. “What?”

“Who said that? ‘Never eat more than you can lift.’”

“Miss Piggy.”

“That’s right.” He stroked his full stomach and chuckled, “Can’t even follow a pig’s diet plan.”

She looked at her ballooning husband, and smiled. Then she flung the dishtowel over her shoulder and sidled up to him.

“Who’s asking you to?” She leaned into his side; he wrapped a thick arm around her waist.

“Well Doc, see, the thing of it is that I just can’t resist my wife’s cooking. And I think she knows it.”

“Hmm,” she stroked his hair. “It’s not so uncommon to have a spouse undermine one’s efforts at dieting. Do you think that’s something your wife has done?”

“Do you mean… sabotage?” He raised an eyebrow at her, and she giggled. “I don’t actually know if she’s sabotaged my attempts at dieting. I can’t really say.”

“Why not?”

“I’ve never attempted to diet.”

“Never? Never ever?”

“Look at me.”

She did. He was fat, fat, fat.

“Yes… Yes, I see. Well then, why start now?”

“I don’t know. Boredom. Madness.”

Audrey smiled down at him, then pushed herself up and sauntered to the food cart, nimbly unbuttoning the top of her blouse. She pushed the cart toward him, and turned it sideways like a display. Then she leaned over the piles of food, caught his eye, and with a shimmy gave her tits a jiggle.

His mouth dropped open. His dick stiffened under his belly.

She almost pouted, “Oh, baby. Am I boring you?”

“You tease. You know you’re headed out the door.”

She stood back up and buttoned her blouse, “Aw, I’ll be back later.” She picked up a hunk of brownie from the cart as she stepped around and returned to his side. “Try not to think about it. You know what, I find that eating a little something always helps take my mind off things. Open.” She tickled under his chin and fed him the brownie. “Otherwise, I’m sure I’d just go crazy.”

He chewed. “You witch.”

“Make sure to put that pent-up energy toward something worthwhile,” she patted his belly, gave him a quick kiss and a smile, then grabbed her purse and hustled out the door.

Tom listened to her drive off. Then he sat in silence, surveying his morning cartload of snacks. She’d packed every inch of that thing. Brownies, chips, peanut butter, guacamole, candy bars, lasagna (lasagna!), grapes, bananas – she’d even hung dried sausages and nets of Babybels off the corners. It was dripping with food.

Suddenly, he laughed out loud.

“Miss Piggy,” he laughed again and shook his head, then stood with a grunt. He grabbed the food cart and pushed it toward his office, waddling off to start the day.
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The Robert Earl was a local restaurant well known for its abundant portions. There were several places in town that Tom liked to choose from for his afternoon repasts, but he was really growing to love this one. The place had the sturdiest chairs and deepest booths around, and they did big food like big food should be done: plentiful, calorie-packed, and delicious. They also had an accepting, fat-friendly vibe, and he always felt comfortable enough to tuck in and eat his fill. It was no surprise that the place attracted some high-capacity diners.

Tom spooned the last bite of cobbler into his mouth and let out a satisfied moan, then took a sip of his coffee and sat back. He rubbed his belly some, really expecting to feel much fuller than he did – especially with that morning’s overloaded cart.

At another table he saw a fat man wiping his last plate clean with a chunk of bread. This guy was massive. He sat on two of their reinforced seats at a wide four-top table, his body too big even for the super-sized booths. He must have had Tom beat by a hundred pounds or more. A bus boy trotted up and began clearing the stacks of plates as the man chugged the last of his milkshake. A smiling waitress walked up beside him.

“How’s it settling, Harv? Everything okay?”

“Fantastic.” Harvey licked milkshake from his lips. “As always, fantastic.”

“Ready for round two?”

“You bet. Bring it on.”

Tom couldn’t help overhearing, and was eager to see what round two entailed. He poured in the last of the cream and drank his pale coffee as he watched.

The bus boy wiped the table down. Harvey grinned happily as the waitress re-filled his table with plate after plate of “Round Two”, his eyes dancing across the fresh, inviting food. He started eating again almost immediately.

“Where’s Fat Penny at?” Harvey swallowed a few steak fries as he asked. “She around? Haven’t seen her lately.”

Tom remembered seeing an enormous blond being helped out of a cargo van one afternoon as he was leaving. He bet that was Fat Penny.

“Oh, she’s fine,” the waitress said. “She had a big year. Mostly eats from home now.”

Harvey nodded, dipping the fries in mayonnaise, “I should give her a call and say hi,” filling his mouth and reaching for more, “This was her favorite table, after all.”

The waitress set a fresh milkshake in front of him, then stood by the obese, feasting gourmand and admired the sight. “And now we keep it open for Fat Harvey.”

He grinned through a mouthful of pasta. “You’re a sweetheart, Sally.”

She patted his shoulder and smiled back. “Enjoy yourself.” Harvey then turned his attention back to the food, and Sally walked over to Tom, grabbing a pot of fresh coffee on the way.

Tom felt inspired. His eating had already increased since bringing home the food cart, and now not only was he still hungry after his regular big meal, but watching Harvey’s intake made that “big” meal of his seem, well, puny.

“How’re we doing?” Sally chirped. “Ready for the check?”

Tom chuckled. “Not by a long shot.”

Sally gave a knowing smile. “I’ll get you a menu,” she refilled his coffee, leaving plenty of room. “And some more cream.”


Tom got home later than usual. Audrey’s car was in the drive, but the house was quiet when he walked in. He stopped in the kitchen for a glass of water then made his way to the living room.

There, Audrey had set out the food cart, positioned in front of the sofa so he could eat from it while he watched TV. The food was covered to keep it warm so he couldn’t tell what it was, but it was a lot. She’d left him a rose in a single-stem vase. Beside it a folded note sat tented on a cloth napkin.

He picked up the note and eased himself onto the sofa, his overfull belly heavy and tender. As he sat back to read it he belched softly, briefly tasting again the poutine he’d inhaled during his own round two back at The Robert Earl. He had to admit he was full; it was hard to imagine eating again.

“Splitting headache, taking a nap,” the note read. “Wake me when you’re finished, and I’ll start dinner. PS: The food cart was a great idea!”

Tom unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his belly to let it settle around him. His swollen flab tingled as he stroked it. He stared at the meal-sized snack she’d left him. It was going to be huge, he knew. Then later there would be dinner and more snacks. He wasn’t sure he could do it, but it was kind of an awesome challenge. If the last twenty-four hours were any indication of where his appetite was headed, he was going to be getting a lot fatter, and soon. He knew how lucky he was to have a wife who enjoyed his eating and his size, but he did often wonder how far she was willing to go – or if she had any idea how far he was willing to go.

He looked at the rose, and realized that it wasn’t real. It was chocolate, wrapped in red foil. Tom smiled. “Love you too, baby.” He grabbed the napkin, flapped it open, and tucked it into his collar. Then he sat up, spread his legs, let his belly hang between them, and dove in.

An hour later, Audrey awoke to a long, deep belly button winking in front of her, embedded in a wall of wobbling blubber laced with stretch marks, old and new. She patted it a few times to set it rippling, and looked up. Tom peeked back at her over his swelling fat. He was gnawing on the chocolate rose, and she smiled. “I see you got my note.”


The bed trembled and rocked, but it held. Tom was piled up on top of it, Audrey mounted on top of him and riding the waves. She loved riding her whale of a husband, holding tight to a couple of flabby rolls while the rest of his belly bounced against her. “Jesus…” She flipped a sweaty lock of hair out of her eyes. “You ate so much tonight…”

“You make…,” his belly slams broke up his speech, “so much… to eat,” he tensed up, and grunted.

She tensed with him this time, and her body shook. He was deep inside her; they were both so close.

“I make it because you eat it.”

“I’m just… getting fatter.”

“I know it—“

“Do you?”

“I see it,” she wobbled his belly and set him rocking, “Every day.”

“And you love it.” He took her hands, interlacing thin fingers with chubby.

She nodded and smiled, “Fat boy.” Suddenly he seemed to get harder inside her, and she gasped.

“Baby, I want more.”

“More?” Their rhythm increased; his hips jumped.


“Jesus Tom—“ His vast belly rocked and rippled and crashed against her.

“Feed me…”

“You’re so fat already—“

“More!” Her thighs gripped him, muscles shivering. “God, more!”



“Yes!” Audrey cried out as they came. Her thighs shook, their knuckles went white; his legs stiffened, then kicked, then relaxed. He let go of her hands. She wrapped herself around his belly as the rolling slowly subsided.

They lay panting, hearts beating together. Their sweat commingled on his skin, and made his giant belly slick. She felt herself sliding to one side and relaxed into it with a giggle. He looked down and watched her slipping off his sweaty girth, landing on her back on the mattress beside him. She let out a deep, satisfied sigh.

“Oh, hell yes.” As she lay there, exhausted and tingling, she listened to her man open a bottle of water and chug it all down. Was that a liter bottle? No… sixteen ounces, maybe twenty—did he really have room for two and half cups of water? After all he’s eaten today? Then she heard his bedside drawer open, and the rustling of candy wrappers.

She looked over and saw him tear open a king-size Snickers, then start in on making it disappear. She watched him eat, and spoke softly, “I though you were full.”

He swallowed. “Wanted to get in a bit more. Besides, it’ll help stretch my stomach.” He pulled back the wrapper, and continued eating. Audrey reached out and stroked his fat cheek.

“So… you want to do this? For real?”

“Seems to be the way we’re trending, anyway.”

“I’ve just been following your lead. You eat a lot, so I make a lot.”

“You were relentless today. What brought that on? I never asked for a breakfast that big, or the countless morning muchies, that huge afternoon snack…”

“What brought it on?” She burst into laughter. “You bought a food cart, Tommy! For yourself! What piggier signal do I need? Most people spend a buck on Cheetos for their mid-morning snack – you shovel down like a week’s worth of food, then take the afternoon for lunch.”

Tom smiled to himself as he thought about his extra-large lunch at The Robert Earl.

“Besides, I love watching you eat. What kind of wife doesn’t like to feed her husband?

“Heh heh,” Tom looked over at her. “You said ‘feed’.”

“You know what I mean. I’ve never pushed you.”

“You haven’t. But I’d like you to start.” He looked at her and popped the last of the Snickers in his mouth. His double chin wobbled as he chewed. Her pulse quickened.


“Truly.” She looked down at his body, stroking his pillowy fat.

“I figured your appetite would level off at some point, but it never really mattered. It’s amazing watching you grow. Really truly? You really want to gain another, I don’t know, two hundred fifty pounds?”

His belly lurched as he chuckled. “Two hundred and fifty? You’re thinking big.”

She shrugged, “I mean, if we’re setting goals…”

“We are.” He pulled her close and they kissed slowly, tenderly. Then they parted, and she nodded toward his bedside table.

“Have another.”


“There’s plenty in there. Have another.”

He smiled at her, “Yes, dear,” then grabbed another king-size candy and tore it open.

“We’ll get you new clothes tomorrow. Might think about skipping the next size.”

Tom nodded, “Good idea.”

“And we’ll need to remodel some. Get stronger furniture.”

“Furniture,” he chomped on the candy and then began a slow roll toward her. She lay on her back again, but he kept coming.

“You’ve long outgrown that desk chair. We should—hey!“ His belly creased and poured onto her as he rolled over. She went silent as his huge fuzzy mass of flesh and fat pinned her to the bed. “Oh…,” she whispered, her free hand roaming over the soft, warm, trembling expanse. She patted it fondly, “Hello there.”

“Just getting comfortable,” Tom smiled. His belly swamped over Audrey from her chin to her knees, and her heart skipped. She could feel the tickle of another orgasm, and began kneading and jiggling the pile of blubber on top of her.

“So fat…,” she moaned. Tom grunted and she looked up. He wasn’t chewing anymore; he was just holding the rest of the candy bar. “Eat,” she told him.

“I’m really full.”

“Come on,” she nearly whimpered, her arousal building, “finish it.”

He shook his head. “Seriously, I’m totally packed—“ She suddenly grabbed a handful of belly and squeezed, digging in her nails. Tom jolted.

“Eat it,” she spoke quietly, and sternly. “Eat it all, fatso, or I fucking swear—”

Tom smiled, “Now we’re talking,” and shoved the rest of the candy in his mouth.
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OMG...this is incredibly sexy. Wow! Love it!
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Great story! Love the 'vision' of fat Harv in the Earl....
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Sensational story!
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fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!fat hiker has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

I'm bumping this, just for some of the sensational imagery!
"Eat, Eat! You will gain weight and be more attractive!"
- Russian Tour Hostess of the 1980s, as reported in National Geographic
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