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please don't abandon this story(<<Special Diet >>), of all your stories in progress this is by far the best!
continue !!!!!
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I agree this story is immense. I can't wait to see the effect all this stuffing is going to have on Jill
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Default Chapter 20

Next day Jill woke up with a big hangover again. She still felt full and not hungry. She only had a little breakfast and went to work. John smiled at her when he saw her. Jill felt a little sick from the alcohol and stuffing last evening. Therefore she had no snack before they had lunch. Today it was an American restaurant. As soon as they sat down in the restaurant Jill was hungry again. Jill had some chicken wings as a starter for three persons.

Followed by a XXL supreme beef burger, one t-bone steak and a grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. Dessert was a chocolate cake, a cheese cake and a variety of small muffins. Jill felt much better after lunch and not really stuffed at all. Therefore she decided to have a little snack in the afternoon. She prepared herself a plate of French fries on which she nibbled every time when she walked by. John saw that and added more fries two times. Of course Jill noticed but never said a word.

Dinner was an Italian restaurant again. Jill ate mozzarella sticks, tomato soup, grilled shrimps as starter and for main dish two pizzas and pasta carbonara. Dessert was of course one tiramisu, one ice-cream and a chocolate tart. Jill was full afterwards. They left the restaurant soon.

As soon as Jill was out of sight Maggy said to Claire: “She will definitely gain more than 10 pounds. In fact I believe I can see her getting fatter by the day. It is incredible how much she is eating. And she obviously has no problems with that.”

Claire replied: “Yes really incredible. But somehow I am jealous. She can eat whatever she wants and more. And we are starving.”

Maggy said: “Shut up. We are fat enough.”

That was the end of the conversation.

Jill arrived home where Ash had a nice chicken ceasar salad for Jill. With lots of cheese and cream of course. Jill again had two refills.

The week went on like that and Jill was getting bigger and bigger. After dinner on Friday Maggy said to her: “So. The project is over. Time to get you on a scale. We want to see the damage.”

“No damage done. But I propose you come to my place tomorrow morning and I will weight myself.” Jill replied.

The girls nodded and Jill went home. To celebrate the end of the project Ash had prepared a pitcher of Baileys-milkshake, some muffins, brownies and a chocolate cake. John was there as well and Jill knew what that meant. Getting drunk and more than stuffed again.

After Jill had 3 big glasses of the pitcher whilst Ash and John where still nibbling on their first one Jill was feeling the alcohol. She was getting into party mood and refilled her glass a third time. She grabbed a muffin and stuffed it into her mouth, stood up and said:
“Let’s party. I drink to the end of the project and 10 more pounds of Jill.”
Jill did not wait for a reply and downed her 4th glass.

When she was finished John said: “Hey we did not chink glasses.” He refilled Jill’s again.

Jill did not complain and so the chinked glasses and Jill downed her 5th glass.

After that she said to John: “You know, shomorow Claire and Magsh are coming and I’ve sho get on she shcale to weigh myself. I hope I've gained more than 10 pounds then I have to gain she same amounsh within two weeksh once again.”

“Better we fill you up to the brim today. At least our target is 200 pounds, right. The sooner the better.” John replied.

He started to feed Jill all the nice sweets and in between refilled her glass 3 times. Jill was getting more and more drunk and always opened her mouth when there was more food. John rubbed her belly which was clearly chubbier than 14 days ago and as soon as Ash went to bed he took Jill’s shirt off and started to rub her big breasts. Jill moaned softly. In between he frequently put something into Jill’s mouth. She was constantly chewing something. Jill did not feel any pain anymore. She was very tired and before more happened between her and John she fell asleep.

Next morning Ash woke her up half an hour before Maggy and Claire came. She put some breakfast in front of Jill who was not hungry at all but again had a hangover. She knew that she had to eat something and therefore had a large glass of milk, two croissants, two waffles and four slices of toast together with a 4-egg omelette. That alone was one pound more on the scale but Jill did not care.

Soon the doorbell rang. Jill got up and was surprised that her belly was sticking out so far. She was not stuffed at all.

She thought: “Probably it is because of last evening.”

Maggy and Claire entered and also noticed Jill’s belly.

“So, where is the scale?” Maggy asked.

“Follow me.” Jill said.

They went to the bathroom. Jill wanted to weigh herself alone but Maggy insisted that they wanted to see the scale themselfes. So Jill had to strip to her underwear in front of Maggy and Claire. Jill did not care but Maggy and Claire became big eyes when they saw all of Jill’s curves and rolls.

Jill took a step on the scale and said: “188 – a 15 pounds gain.”

“Haha I knew it. I knew it. You’ve lost. And you need to gain another 15 in 14 days. You will get even fatter. Haha.” Maggy screamed.

“Yes.” Was all Jill said, dressed again and guided the girls to the door. Before she left them out she gave every one of them 50 dollars.

“That’s your share.” Jill said.

Both girls had forgotten about that again and were happy to receive some money. They left soon. But what they did not know was that Jill still had about 500 dollars which she did not spend.

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Default Chapter 21

Jill and Ash went shopping and bought clothes 2 sizes bigger. She knew she would grow into them. Actually it felt quite nice to wear some wider clothes again. They made break and went to a burger bar. Jill went to the toilet and Ash ordered for them. She decided that Jill from now on should have twice as much as she had. So she ordered 3 XXL burgers, one for her and two for Jill. Jill came back from the toilet and the girls chatted a bit. Soon the burgers arrived.

“The third person will come later?” the waitress asked.

“No no. You can leave it here right now. Thanks.” Ash replied.

Jill only grinned and started with her first burger. It tasted delicious and soon disappeared. She did not ask Jill if she could have the second one and simply took it and tore into it. It didn’t take long and the girls finished their food.

Jill rubbed her belly and said: “And now some ice-cream!”

Ash agreed and they went to Domino’s. Jacky, the waitress, immediately recognized her and said:

“Hey there. Nice to see you again. Please take a seat. I will be with you in a minute.”

Jacky thought: “Wow she looks so much bigger. Obviously she has been eating a lot lately.”

The girls decided which table they wanted and Jill went to the toilet. Jill was still away when Jacky came to the table.

“Hi I am Jacky your waitress today. Did you chose already?” Jacky asked.

“Uhm no not really. What can you recommend?” Ash replied.

“The dominator. Your friend knows it and loves it.” Jacky said with a grin.

“Perfect. We take 3 of them.” Ash said without knowing exactly what a dominator was.

Jacky hesitated a bit but decided not to say anything, nodded and left. Soon Jill returned and Ash told her that she ordered dominators.

“Perfect – they are really amazing!” Jill said happily not knowing that there are two of them coming for her.

Soon Jacky returned with the order and put 3 of them on the table. Ash smiled and Jill immediately knew what that meant. She dug in with gusto and ate quickly. It would not be easy to finish two of those monsters – not even for her. Ash ate slowly but Jill really tried to be as quick as possible. Jacky had never seen a girl eating a dominator that quickly. Soon Jill had finished the first one. She had ice cream around her mouth and felt stuffed already.

She took a short break and breathed heavily. Before Jill wanted to start with the second dominator Jacky brought an XXL chocolate milkshake.

“Here you are. Your free milkshake. Now go ahead and kill the second dominator!” Jacky wanted to encourage Jill.

Jill smiled and found it funny how Jacky wanted to support her. Jill drank about half of the milkshake and started with the second dominator. She started quickly again but after about half of it she had to slow down. She started to feel full. She went drank the milkshake and went on and on and on with the ice cream.

Soon Ash noticed that Jill needed some further encouragement:
“Come on honey. You can do it. Just think about how proud John will be!” Ash said.

That helped and Jill concentrated on John rather than on the food in front of her. She ate quicker again and Jacky could not believe her eyes. Jill ignored her fully belly and the increasing pain and soon finished the second dominator. Half of the people were watching and Ash and Jacky clapped and cheered. Jill smiled and rubbed her belly. Jill did not have much time to relax because Jacky brought the XXL milkshake rather quickly and said:

“That was amazing! Here is your milkshake. You really deserve that!”

“Uff” was all Jill replied.

“Chug. Quickly. You can do it.” Ash said and handed her the creamy liquid.

Jill took the milkshake and started chugging. After one third she made a short break but continued quickly. She had to make another break and breathed heavily.

“Come on now.” Ash said with an angry voice.

Jill did not react on it but quickly drank the remaining milkshake. Her face was red and she looked totally stuffed. Her belly looked very bloated and full. She rubbed it and moaned.

“That ice cream and milkshake is probably the most fatty thing I can eat.” Jill said.

“I don’t know. There is lard, herb butter or goose liver pate and things like that.” Ash replied.

“Aha. Never had anything like that.” Jill answered and they did not talk about it any further.

The paid and left soon after.

“I love how you stuff yourself. Please come again soon!” Jacky said.

Ash smiled and Jill said: “Definitely. It is simply too good to be true and I will continue eating like that!”

The girls went home and Jill fell asleep at the couch. Ash went to a food mall instead and bought a few nice things for Jill: chocolate cake, muffins, doughnuts and of course lard, herb butter and goose liver pate. When Ash arrived home Jill was watching TV and asked Ash where she was.

“I bought some nice things for dinner tonight.” Ash said.

“Excellent. I hope I will be hungry again.” Jill answered.

Ash had no doubt about that but did not say anything.

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Great double update Karl, this story keeps getting better
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Default Chapter 22

In the evening Ash started to prepare dinner. She put three bowls on the table. One with herb butter, one with lard and one with goose liver pate. There was also enough bread for 6 people and some gherkins.

“Jill, dinner is ready!” Ash called.

“Coming!” Jill replied and soon arrived in the kitchen.

“Aha. What’s that?” she said as she saw the bowls?.

“Something you’ve never had before, I promise.” Ash replied.

“Interesting!” Jill said and already started with the first bowl which was herb butter.

She put a generous helping on a piece of bread and ate it. It tasted delicious and she continued with the second bowl which was lard. She did not like it that much but when she tried the pate she was in love. She immediately ate three slices of bread with a thick layer of pate. Jill continued to eat from every bowl until she had eaten approximately 10 slices of fat loaded bread.

“You are not having anything?” Jill asked Ash.

“Nope. All for you.” Ash replied.

Jill wanted to convince Ash to have at least a bit when John knocked at the door. Ash opened and John happily saw Jill stuffing herself. By chance he brought some German Schnapps which fits perfectly to the heavy stuff she was eating. He put the bottle on the table and kissed Jill. His hand found her belly and gently rubbed it.

“Hi babe. I think you can read my mind. This fatty stuff cries for some booze to digest it.”

John smiled and brought her a shot glass and filled it. Jill drank it. He refilled. Jill drank it. He refilled. Jill drank it. John refilled again but this time Jill hesitated to drink it.
Ash said good night and went to bed. She knew that Jill and John would have more fun alone.

“Ok. I needed that. Now I can continue to eat.” Jill said.

John told her a few stories from work while Jill stuffed herself with the fattiest food she ever ate. After a 3 slices full of fat she needed another shot. She had 3 shots again. She had a slice of bread with lard and another shot. This went on until she had eaten about 20 slices of bread and about 10 shots. She slightly felt the alcohol but much more so she felt the fatty food inside her. She did not want to get sick and thought that she needed more alcohol to digest it. She drank another 3 shots quickly and checked what was left in the bowls. The pate was about 80% finished and the other two about half. She at least wanted to finish the pate and had another five slices of bread and 5 shots until it was gone. She was clearly feeling the alcohol now. But somehow her belly felt much better and she thought that the Schnapps was finally working. She had two more shots.

After 20 shots Jill was visibly drunk. She did not care much anymore and as she felt hot she took off her shirt and was only sitting there in her bra. John rubbed her belly and started feeding her the fatty stuff. First with bread and after that Jill sucked the lard directly from his fingers. She refilled her glass several times which became more and more complicated the drunker she got. After the 25th shot she spilled more of the liquid around the glass than in the glass. So she decided to drink straight from the bottle. After a few big chugs she slurred:

“I am sho drunksh and shuffsd. Bush I bet I cansh eat allo shat.” and pointed at the remaining food.

“I am sure you can. But how quickly?” John said and wanted to challenge her.

“Wash nsh” she said and meant “wait and see”.

She took a slice of bread and put about 1cm of lard on it and put another slice of bread on top of it. She ate it quickly and did the same about 6 times. Then she took the bottle again. Took a deep long swig and had another four “fat burgers”. Then all the food was gone. But not only into her belly but also on her belly and boobs and face. She ate like a piggy and looked like one.

“Looksh me. Whata mesh.” Jill said.

She tried to clean her bra and trousers but of course it did not help. So she decided to get rid of all the clothes. Soon she was completely naked. John was in love. He had an absolute beauty naked, totally stuffed and drunk sitting in front of him. He could not resist and kissed her. While he kissed her he gently rubbed her ever swelling curves. Her boobs were resting on her belly and her belly rested on her lap. Some stretchmarks started to show from the quick weight gain. She felt so soft and flabby. He touched her belly and boobs but hesitated to go beyond that. Jill obviously liked it and started to moan.

After a while she said: “I wanna shakesh. Can shu make onsh?”

Of course John immediately stood and went to the kitchen to prepare a high caloric shake for his girl to get even more stuffed and fatter. He decided to prepare something extremely liquid for her to feed her with a funnel again.
Otherwise most of it would probably not find its way into her considering her condition. Soon he returned with about 1,5l shake made of cream, ice cream, weight gain powder and milk. He found Jill exploring her fat and more and still moaning. She obviously felt very horny. He put the funnel in her mouth and poured the fatty liquid into her. Jill gulped quickly and John kept on pouring liquid into the funnel. When about half of it was gone she breathed heavily but did not say a word. John put the pitcher next to the bottle schnapps. Jill saw that took the bottle, drank a bit and poured the rest into the pitcher. It wasn’t much left in the bottle – maybe 5 shots altogether. John saw it and did not say anything. Jill took the funnel herself and John continued filling Jill up. And full she was. She drank slower now but without break. After she finished she was pale and John was afraid she may puke. But Jill only was completely stuffed and after a bottle of schnapps all alone totally wasted.

“Goosh nisht” Jill said and closed her eyes obviously ready to sleep right there and naked.

“Nono – let me help you to bring you to bed.” John said and helped her rising.

Jill was really heavy and her drunken state did not make it easier. Somehow he managed to lift her up and make a few steps to the sleeping room with her. He felt her full belly and noticed her boobs and ass jiggling with every step.

“She is getting so fat so quickly.” He thought.
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please don't abandon this story(<<Special Diet >>), of all your stories in progress this is by far the best!
please ,please !please !please !
to beg!
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Originally Posted by zxcvb90 View Post
please don't abandon this story(<<Special Diet >>), of all your stories in progress this is by far the best!
please ,please !please !please !
to beg!
Are you serious? You totally abandoned "Tank Ass."
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Originally Posted by oburst67 View Post
Are you serious? You totally abandoned "Tank Ass."
Isn't this user a different person with a similar but different username?
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Karl,I enjoyed your story, about a girl who was fitness director at a fat camp,and the girls all secretly were working together to fatten her up, what happened to that one? I have been away,and forgot the name of it
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please don't abandon this story and "Special Diet" , of all your stories in progress this is by far the best!
please ,please !please !please !
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Default Chapter 23

In the morning Jill woke up and felt heavier than ever. As she was sitting on her bed she examined her body and found herself still pretty full from last evening. She was only wearing her underwear and her big boobs where overflowing the bra. Her full boobs rested on her full belly which she started rub and found it rather doughy but also kind of hard underneath the fat. The belly rested on her thighs which also where quite big. She stood up and found her panties cutting deep into her flesh on the side producing big love handles. She grabbed her booty and was surprised how big it was. Without thinking too much she left her room and went to the big mirror in the living room as she wanted to see herself from behind. In front of the mirror she turned her head and that caused two big backside rolls below her bra. She jiggled her butt liked it. She jiggled her belly and boobs too.

Only then she noticed that John and Ash where sitting on the couch and looked at her.
A little embarrassed
she turned red and said: “Do you like what you see?”
John’s mouth was open and he only nodded slowly. He more then liked what he saw!

Ash only said: “Not bad at all. You are getting a real sexy lady!”

Jill started posing and jiggled with all her assets. Ash went to the kitchen and John only stared at her. Jill came nearer and said to him:
“John this is all yours. I think I love you!”

John was more than happy and said: “I love you too Jill. You are my dream girl!”

John wanted to touch her but Jill went a step back and waved her finger: “No touching – only looking for the time being. I will decide when I am ripe for you.”

John was a bit perplexed and said: “What do you mean?”

“My little sweet John. That means that I want to get bigger, much bigger in fact – before you can have me. Can you live with that?” Jill replied with a devilish grin.

John only nodded and said: “How much bigger?”

“I don’t know. I have no goal. I will eat whatever I can find and the rest will happen. And I am sure that you and your family will help me quite a lot.” Jill said.

John replied: “You can bet on that!”

And as if Ash had listened to the conversation she entered the room with a full of breakfast for Jill.

“Here is something to eat for you Jill. I guess you must be hungry.” Ash said as she put the tray on the table.

It was bigger than ever. With pancakes, bacon, 5 croissants, 5 doughnuts, 5 muffins and 2 big milkshakes.

“You are an angel Ash!” Jill said and sat down to eat. She did not care anymore that she was only wearing her underwear in front of them. She even decided that she will do that more often to tease John even more.

She drank a full milkshake first and said: “I think I am addicted to those.”

“In that case I will make you another one!” Ash said and went to the kitchen. What she did not tell Ash is that she was now adding weight gain powder to the milkshakes – which in fact doubled the calories they contain. One of them was now a good 1.500 calories.

John wanted to go but seeing Jill in her undies getting stuffed again was simply too good. Jill sat opposite of him and he had a perfect view on her tits and belly. First there were some rolls of fat but the more stuffed she got the rounder the belly got and at the end there were no rolls anymore only her big rounded belly. Jill rubbed and saw that John was more than excited.

As Jill started teasing John again he jumped up and said: “Ok. I have to go. Why don’t you pay me a visit later at Joe’s. It’s your day-off but still would be nice to see you.”

As John left Jill nodded and said: “Sure why not.”

“Ash do you mind if I watch TV a bit?” Jill said – she still had a little hangover.

“Of course not. Here you have some snacks and something to drink.” Ash said after a while as she returned from the kitchen.
Ash placed some cookies in a big bowl on the table and of course another milkshake.

Jill watched a thrilling movie and soon started to nibble on the cookies. She was used to drink quickly now and soon had nearly finished her shake. Ash noticed and refilled it. When the movie was over Jill had eaten all cookies and had another 3 milkshakes. Still in her undies she her belly was really big now. She went to her room and got dressed. When she came back the Ash was already waiting.

“Let’s go to the mall. They have some specials today.”

Jill agreed and they went to the mall. The walked around and chatted a bit and soon it was time for lunch. Ash showed Jill a nice place. It was like running sushi but not with sushi but all kind of food. Italian, burgers, salads, fish and also desserts. The portions where not full portions but a bit more than half of an original size. Both girls sat on a table and the belt was running next to them. They ordered something to drink and started to eat. Soon Jill had finished 5 plates full of pasta.

“Wow. The food is awesome here.” Jill said and grabbed the next one.

“Yup I know. And there is always more coming. It never ends.” Ash replied.

Ash was also eating a lot but what Jill did was incredible. Jill ate like there was no tomorrow. And it seemed so normal for her. She stuffed plate after plate into herself. Soon there was a pile of 10 plates next to her whereas Ash only had 4. But Jill had no intension to slow down. She always had to plates for every one Ash had. As soon as Ash notices Jill slowing down she always put a new plate in front of her and said “You have to try this too” or “That’s the best!” and Jill always found more room.

Somewhere in between the waiter came to clean the empty plates. As he saw the big amount of empty plates he was shocked but only shook his head and left. After about 16 plates or so Jill was stuffed. However she did not have dessert. So she grabbed a chocolate cake and a cheesecake. When she finished with the chocolate cake Ash took the plate away and replaced it with a new chocolate cake. That continues 2-3 times until Jill waved that it was enough.

She consumed in total 16 plates of main dish and 6 plates with cakes.
“That was a nice big lunch!” Jill said and rubbed her belly
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Default Chapter 24

Later in the afternoon they went to Joe’s. John was happy to see her and noticed a rather stuffed Jill.

“Good that you are here. Joe wants to talk to us. He wanted to do it tomorrow but now as you are here we can go to him immediately. I am curious because he especially asked to see us both together.” John said enthusiastically.

Jill nodded and they went to Joe who was in his office.
“Ah good that you are here. We can talk right now. The earlier the better. Listen, you two are my best people. Jill I see your efforts when you are working here and you always do it best you can. You never waste anything. John you learned a lot in the kitchen and you are a very fine cook now. So as I am speaking to my best employees I wanted to share an idea with you: I have received an offer to buy an old but fine restaurant – I think it is not too far from where you live now Jill. The owner and cook is going to retire. I know him since many years and he has a lot of regular customers. He has a nice team – as far as I know about 3 waitresses. I believe that can be a big opportunity for us. Yes us. I want you to take over this restaurant with me. John would be the cook and you Jill would be the manager. You will be leading the waitresses and be responsible for the menu and overall management. I will support you with whatever you need. What do you say?” Joe said.

John and Jill looked at each other. It was too good to be true. Of course they agreed and hugged each other.
“When do we start?” Jill asked.
“Right now if you want.” Joe replied and continued: “John I think you know the place you can go there right now. I will call Ben and tell him that you are coming and that we have a deal!”

They agreed and off they went.
When they arrived at Ben they where quite impressed by the restaurant. It looked nice from the outside and even nicer from the inside. Ben awaited them already and showed them around. There were some people eating and he also had a nice bar with lots of drinks there. Ben told them that he once also sold home-made ice cream and showed them the equipment. Ben also introduced them to the waitresses. Although the restaurant was not full all three have been there to say hello to their new bosses. The girls were pretty skinny for waitresses Jill thought but very nice. There was Isabel a 20year old student who helped part time, Tina 22 year old full time waitress and Erika a Latin girl also about 22 years old. They chatted a bit and then they had to work again.

“They are nice but need some guidance as they mix up a lot of things”. Ben said when the girls where gone.

Jill already had some ideas how this problem could be solved.
When they sat down Ben went to the kitchen and brought his finest foods. He obviously wanted to impress them. There was a big bowl of spaghetti, meatballs with potatoes, grilled fish for two, two burgers, a steak and 6 variations of desserts. Jill and John started eating while Ben told them a few stories. Jill ate with gusto although she was not really hungry but the food was good and she already got an impression what people liked here. Everything was quite fattening. Soon Ben had to go back to the kitchen as he was the only cook. John soon stopped but Jill continued eating. Ben noticed and so did the waitresses. Obviously this Jill had quite an appetite. Jill finally finished and they left. They agreed with Ben that on Monday they will take over and he will support them in the first week.
John and Jill where so happy. It was like a dream came true. John went home with Jill – which really was only a 5 min walk away. When they came in Ash was not at home but they saw a cake in the fridge. Without asking Jill John brought it to her. Jill was full but she could not say no to a cake. They discussed their strategy for the restaurant, some new dishes, the ice cream option and how to improve service quality. They have been so excited that Jill did not notice that she ate the whole cake. Just when she was stuffing the last bite of cake into her mouth Ash returned.

“Hi guys.” Ash said.
“Hi. Guess what. We will have our own restaurant soon!” Jill said.
They told Ash the full story and Ash was so happy for her and John.
“I am so thirsty after this cake.” Jill said.
Ash did not wait any longer and went to the kitchen to prepare a huge weight gain shake for Jill. It was a huge pitcher and Jill did not even mess around with pouring something into a glass. She drank right out of the pitcher. She stopped several times and she got much slower at the end but finally finished. She dropped quite a bit on her T-shirt and as she put the pitcher down she started to take the T-shirt off. Of course she wanted to tease John – which worked perfectly fine. John wanted to touch her again but Jill refused. John got a bit pissed and said:
“Ash please make another shake for Jill I think she needs to speed up a bit.”
Ash did not say anything but went to the kitchen once again. She prepared another high caloric weight gain shake.
Jill was quite stuffed already. However she new that John liked it and said
“You really want to make me fat?”
John nodded and could not take his eyes from her curves.
“Well then better bring the funnel because I am so full that I cannot drink anymore” Jill continued.
Ash heard that and brought the funnel together with an even bigger shake.
“Looks like you two both want to make me fatter.” Jill laughed as she grabbed the funnel and put it into her mouth.
Ash wanted to say something but did not. John took the shake and started pouring the fatty liquid into Jill. She moaned and groaned and started breathing heavily. After one third was gone she needed a break.
“Uff that somehow is more filling then the milkshakes you usually make.” Jill said to Ash.
“Might be. I changed the mixture a bit. Do you like it?” Ash replied not telling here the weight gain powder ingredient.
“Yes it tastes very good. But it is much more filling. Like drinking a cake or so.” Jill said.
Ash thought about it and came to the conclusion that this was a very good comparison. One of the pitcher probably has as much calories as a chocolate cake. And Jill had consumed a full chocolate cake and one pitcher already.
In the meantime John and Jill continued with the funnel. Jill was really fighting now. She needed several breaks and breathed heavily. After two thirds were gone she wanted to quit but John put the funnel back into her mouth and Jill obeyed. She gulped and gulped and nearly puked at the end. She could not believe how full she was.
“Oh god. That was too much. I feel sick. I need to lay down.” Jill said.
She threw herself on the couch and just lay there. Her swollen stomach looked like a big ball. Her heavy breasts nearly fell out of the bra but they were by far not as impressive as her belly. Soon after she fell asleep and remained at the couch for the whole night.
Before John left he looked at her and thought: “She is so sexy and getting fatter by the day. She is my dreamgirl. I never thought I would meet someone like her. I am a really lucky guy.”
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Default Chapter 25

On Monday Jill and John started their new job. They agreed that they needed a now name for the restaurant – on the other hand Ben’s Diner was also ok.
Jill said to John: “Ok this week Ben will be supporting us. We need to get a better understanding of the food his regular customers like. I suggest that you cook with him all the food they are currently offering. I will test eat it. We can then decide what we keep and what we replace.”
“Very good idea!” John replied.
Ben joined them and agreed. He showed them menu. It contained about 30 regular dishes of all kind of soups, starters, main dishes, desserts. In addition to that he offered daily specials which usually were 2 different types of soups, starters, main dish and dessert. Furthermore he had quite a big breakfast menu with all kinds of eggs, pancakes, waffles, croissants etc.
“Ok by Friday I would like to have a complete knowledge of the offering. Let’s start with a breakfast. And then I think we should try to have 6 items of the menu over the day plus the special menu for lunch. You understand John?” Jill said.
“Absolutely.” John said.
Ben was not so sure who would eat everything but he agreed.
“Ben, one question about the waitresses: do you think they could be willing to gain some weight? They are so skinny and I think every good waitress needs some curves.” Jill asked Ben.
Ben hesitated before he answered: “Honestly I don’t know. I think that Isabel and Erika probably would not care much. They have no boyfriend. Tina might be different. She has a boyfriend and is very much taking care of her food. But try and ask them.”
“Thanks.” Jill only said.
After a while they brought a big breakfast to Jill who selected a table close to the kitchen where usually not a lot of people sat but she could see everything what was happening in the restaurant. It was a huge breakfast and enough to feed a small family but Ben did not care. He thought that Jill probably will only try a bit of everything. He was soon to find out that Jill is no friend of wasting food.
The breakfast was delicious and Jill now wanted to discuss with the waitresses how the service could be improved. First she talked to Isabel. She was a bit nervous but very happy with her job. She was studying economics and needed this job to pay for her studies. She would more or less do everything to keep it. Next was Erika who was a waitress in and out. Very charming and attentive and always some nice jokes. Erika was Latin and also the most curvy of the three girls. She had a nice butt and big tits but was still skinny. Tina was different. She was nice and friendly but not so open and talkative. Somehow Jill had the impression that Tina saw this as a temporary job only.
After chatting to each of them separately Jill wanted to speak to them as a group.
“So you are our service team. We are happy that you are here and I am sure you are doing a good job. However I learned from Ben that there are lots of mixed up order and consequently lots of food going waste. I do not like that. And therefore from now on the one who mixes up the order will eat the food.” Jill said.
Tina already wanted to protest but Jill simply kept on: “This also leads us to my second topic. You are all very beautiful girls but people who come to a restaurant go there to eat. Skinny waitresses to not indicate good food. Therefore I want all of you to gain a bit weight – at least 20 pounds or so. Before you say anything of course this will also be rewarded. We will add-up your salary a bit and depending on the success of the restaurant we can even speak about a bonus.”
Tina jumped up and said: “No way. I am not gaining weight. I go to the gym every second day and it is hard work to keep this body lean and sexy.”
Erika wanted to help: “I can eat your mixed up orders don’t worry. You are not mixing up much anyway. Regarding the weight gain I don’t care much and if there is more money than I can live with that of course.”
Isabel laughed and said: “Both fine for me. So the freshman 15 will be freshman 20 in my case!”
After hearing all their replies Jill said: “So be it. Tina we will speak again in a few weeks. Isabel and Erika I would suggest in order to help you gain the weight that you eat more here in the restaurant but also at home. Food in the restaurant will be free for you of course.”
After this meeting Jill received 2 items from the menu from John. Jill told John about the girls and their discussion. He promised to take care of all 3 – even Tina. He was confident that in a few weeks they will be much rounder. Jill smiled on that and said: “But don’t see them as new fattening targets!”
“Why not? I only love you but this is fun with any girl. You should try it yourself. I am sure you will like it.” John answered.
Jill thought about it for a moment. Why not actually. She liked eating and she could help the girls to eat more and gain some weight. That could be fun indeed.
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thank you so much for continuing, I love the story
the new parts are amazing.
this will make the story go in a new, more original direction
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Another idea I just had, maybe it's even what you had in mind, which would be funny:
If Tina drops out because of a possible weight gain worrying her
Jill could employ Jacky from domino's in the mall
she is plump anyways, she knows how to serve ice cream and she liked what she saw when Jill stuffed herself ^^

PS: I would edit my other post, but that one hasn't been approved by a moderator, yet.
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gosh, I'm still crossing my fingers, that Karl will continue this story someday
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