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Default The Evolution of Daniele James by Smithsonius (~BBW, Imagery, ~MWG)

~BBW, Imagery, ~MWG - a series of flashbacks documents one BBWs transition

The Evolution of Danielle James
By Smithsonius

31st December 2011.

Danielle looked at the reflection in the mirror in a combination of shock, fear, excitement and arousal, all at once. She had become aware some time ago that she was gaining some serious weight, but it wasn't till now, as she surveyed the changes in her figure, that she became conscious of how much she had gained and how large and wide she had become.

She recalled how, at first, she had hated her gain and wanted to be thin again, but how as time passed she had come to accept it.

It was only in the last year or so however that she had realized that she was actually enjoying her new found size and that it was in fact a rather sensual feeling being bigger and softer and that Danielle wanted to be even bigger still.

Danielle had never been shy of her food, she always loved to overindulge and, like many people it had now caught up with her during her formative years in university. She thought back two years previously, as she stood on the cusp of leaving home for university...

Late-August 2009.

Danielle soaked up the warm Miami rays as she admired the bikini clad reflection of herself on the sliding door separating the balcony from the interior of her apartment. She liked the reflection that stared back at her through tinted sunglasses.

A somewhat shorter young lady at 5'3, she more than made up for it with her petite 115 pound, gently tanned, 18 year old body. She didn't really have much tone but years of secondary education sports and a strong metabolism had kept her in shape, despite her propensity for partying and calorie-laden junk food.

She had long, slightly unkempt black hair that flowed down onto an amazing, perfect pair of B cup breasts, without even a hint of sagging to them. As she scanned further down, she took in her thin thighs and legs, the only hint to her lack of tone being a barely noticeable set of love handles where her bikini ever-so-slightly bit into her fair skin, mostly the result of a couple of weeks of overindulgence in Miami, a present from her parents for doing well in her A-Level's.

She took off her sunglasses and proceeded to analyze her facial features. Danielle had a cute face, with defined, thin cheekbones, soft and inviting lips and an adorable little chin. Yet they paled in comparison to her eyes. She had stolen the souls of more than a few young men with her deep blue eyes, with their hint of green.

She smiled to herself, she was finally free from the constraints of school and soon she would be off to university and free from the tight reins of her parents, finally able to fully enjoy the next few years, meet new people, new parties and new food, it was going to be bliss!

She picked up her drink from the nearby table, sauntered over to the balcony Jacuzzi and lowered herself into the cool, bubbling water. Away from the prying eyes of the outside world she lay back, letting her mind wander off into her sexual fantasies and slid her hands down her body, until she drifted off into a pleasure induced doze.

July 2010.

Alex lay in bed, enjoying the rays of the morning sun coming through the window. It was a Saturday morning and she had decided to crash round Danielle's house after the two had been out on a night on the town. It had been the first time the two had got together since Danielle had got back from university and the two girls had partied into the early hours.

She heard the bedroom door open and looked to just in time see Danielle slip into the bathroom, her hair was disheveled and she was wearing nothing but a silky white nightdress that reached to mid thigh. Alex realized that it was the first time she had really seen Danielle in the light of day and she was a little surprised to see that her normally short and lithe friend was looking noticeably more..., well, wider, than she was only a few months before.

The first changes Alex noticed were Danielle's hips and breasts. She had developed a very accentuated hourglass shape and Alex guessed she had easily added a good few inches to both her hips and bust over the last few months at uni. Her formally flat stomach was now becoming a slightly rounded one, but nothing in comparison to the width of her hips, which pulled the nightdress tight across her waist made her small belly slightly more noticeable under the fabric.

Alex was really caught out by her friend's breasts however. Danielle was easily several inches bigger in the bust, but what really made a difference was that her B cups were now easily C's and well on their way to becoming D's if they continued grow. Alex continued to ogle how the breasts also worked to pull the nightdress tight across her body, she could clearly see Danielle's nipples pushing, erect against the soft fabric of the clothing, they looked so perfect, she noted that Danielle was almost as wide up top as she was lower down, almost, but not quite yet.

Alex found herself getting more than a little turned on by the changes that university had had on her once thin friend, which shocked her as she had never thought of herself as being so inclined. She was glad to be under the sheets so Danielle couldn't see exactly how turned on she was...

When Alex finally snapped her attention away from the body, she was finally able to see the other changes too. Danielle's legs were no longer quite as small as they were, which only added to the hourglass nature of her new shape, but more over the previously defined features of her face had become visibly softer, in fact Alex noted that she now had a pair of rather chubby cheeks. It could only have been maybe 20 pounds, but obviously on such a small frame they made a big difference to Danielle's body. Danielle had not mentioned her weight gain, so Alex made the decision not to bring it up in case it hurt her friend.

Danielle hadn't noticed her friend checking her out as she entered the room, nor was she fully aware of how much different she looked. She was aware that she had put on some weight but she didn't think it was too noticeable, although most of her clothes including her nightdress she had on were becoming increasingly tighter as the weeks passed. She had decided a few weeks back that she would have to sign up to the gym when she got back to university.

She came back to the bedroom and hopped back into her bed alongside Alex and pulled the covers over herself, grabbing her friend's and pulling over herself so that Alex was spooning the larger Danielle. Both girls were comfortable in each other's presence, so this kind of intimacy was nothing new and was an extension of their close friendship more than something more sexual. Still, Alex found the new Danielle to be quite the turn on and the proximity wasn't helping her feelings, she resolved to explore what it was in future that was causing these feelings...

31st December 2011.

Danielle thought back to when she first realized that she was starting to enjoy her gain and that it had become more than just acceptance of her new found weight gain.

It was near the beginning of her second year at university. H her plan to cut back and join a gym had fallen by the wayside, not that she had really given it serious thought, more just mentioned it to one or two friends who had asked her about her weight. She recalled how it was one of the first times she had decided to see how much she had gained...

November 2010.

Danielle stood looking at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She had continued to gain weight at a steady pace since she had started at university a year before and the scales in the bathroom had just blinked out the hard truth that she was now 145lbs, a full 30 lbs heavier than she was before uni.

At first she had been panicked about her weight gain, but since she had got back to studying and put on the last 5lbs she was finding herself to be much more comfortable with her new found gain. Nonetheless it was the first time she had really weighed herself since she had started gaining weight and the fact she had put on so much weight still took her by surprise.

Danielle was still trying to get used to her ever expanding size though and as she looked in the mirror she realized that her clothes were in desperate need of being replaced. Any tone she may have had once, was now long gone. Her jeans were skin tight and were starting to become a real problem to get buttoned up. The extra 10lbs since the summer were causing a significant muffin top now.

Once again she had gotten wider without gaining much in her belly, so while she still had a fairly flat stomach she had continued to get much wider and her muffin top was spilling out by about half an inch over her jeans. She had outgrown her collection of belts too. In addition she had started to get stretch marks appearing on her hips as her skin started to struggle keeping up with her unending gain, something which she didn't like about gaining, but there was little she could do to stop it now.

Her tops were all now far too small. She was wearing a short sleeved aqua blue t-shirt which bit into her meatier upper arms, which were now rather soft and un-toned. The shirt itself was now too small mainly because of her burgeoning chest which meant that she had almost three inches of her stomach on display, including her stretch marked hips, even though it hung loose around her waist still.

Danielle was however very pleased with what she saw in the chest department. Her breasts were now massive compared to the B cups she had before. They were now D's without a doubt and had begun to sag from the rapid expansion but still looked fantastic, so she had taken the opportunity to go braless whenever possible. They were now almost the same dimensions as her hips now and she guessed she was probably around a 42D-33-44.

Danielle looked at her face in the mirror, it was the only thing she wasn't completely happy about, her face had gotten a little chubbier and she missed the defined cheekbones that she once had, she almost looked like a different person with a fatter face and with her hair in pigtails.

While she had gained quite a lot of weight for someone of her size and height, she still didn't think that it was too bad, or too noticeable, with the exception of her massive breast expansion. In fact not only was she getting used to the new size, but standing in the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror, she was actually finding herself to be getting quite turned on by her gain.

She actually enjoyed kneading her soft body and found that as she was gaining weight everything seemed to feel a lot more sensual to the touch. As she stood there she slid her hands under her top and cupped her breasts in her hands and massaged her nipples. She let out a slight moan as pleasurable sensations coursed through her body. If she wasn't going to be losing weight anytime soon, she should at least enjoy it right?

31st December 2011.

It wasn't for another few months after her exploration in front of the mirror till people started to notice that Danielle was really starting to pack on the pounds. She remembered how some of her male friends had started making flirtatious remarks about her significant chest expansion and how another had suggested that she should seriously think about getting into the gym before she 'reached like 200lbs or something'.

She played along with their concerns but in actuality had done nothing to stop her un-ending gain. The last time she remembered taking stock of how fat she was getting was back near the beginning of March...

March 2011.

Danielle stood there in nothing but a black tube top and lace panties. She had been lazing around her room most of the day snacking on food and chatting online with friends. One of them had been talking about her weight gain, urging her to get a gym membership before she got 'too fat' as he had put it. She had played along with the discussion all the while sitting in front of her laptop covering up several pounds of sweets and chocolate. At this point she was really enjoying her weight gain and had no intentions of stopping let alone losing weight. She had actually got quite turned on at being told how fat she was and was now once again exploring her bodily changes.

She hadn't jumped on a scale for about 4 or 5 months, but Danielle knew she had to be at least another 10lbs heavier than she was before. Her breasts had gotten bigger and heavier still, getting a bit more sag because of this. Her hips hadn't taken much of the weight, for which she was kind of thankful for as she felt like she was a bit out of proportion before.

However her belly was now beginning to catch up and had become more rounded over the last few months, creating a noticeable paunch, which was the main reasons for the increase in 'concerned' comments. It was her belly and breasts that Danielle was most proud of and she hoped that as she continued to gain that they would be the parts of her that would be getting fatter in future.

It was not however the only area of her body on which she had gained. As she ran her hands across her body she noticed how her upper arms were now rather soft, with the beginnings of bingo wings starting. Her face had also continued to get rounder and she had a set of rather chubby checks and the start of a double chin coming in, her bangs also added to make her face look full, yet still she looked very beautiful, with an almost cherubic look to her as a result of the gain.

As she moved lower down her body she noticed how the constraints of her too tight jeans, which she still hadn't got round to replacing, had led to her having a permanent muffin top around her hips, as went a little further she took no small amount of delight in the fact that she was also getting a small FUPA forming, another area in which she had become considerably more sensitive since getting fat and in which she took much pleasure.

She was surprised that she hadn't gained too much on her thighs, since starting university she had spent most of her time sitting around lecture rooms drawing and doing theory (She was studying on an art course) or sprawled out on her bed surfing the internet and munching on whatever food was in reach. Nevertheless they were still softer than ever and a lack of any kind of real exercise meant that any muscle she may have had once was now long gone.

The main sign of how out of shape she had become was that she was now starting to get out of breath if she was out on long walks and going uphill, it was one of the few things about her gain that caused her concern.

Danielle thought about how much she enjoyed the changes in her body, so she decided to run a little challenge for herself. She was going to eat what she wanted, do as little as possible and avoid the mirror and the scales until New Years Eve. She loved the changes and how different she looked and the thought of how different she would look in 9 or 10 months was very erotic.

31st December 2011 – New Years Eve.

Even looking back on events, Danielle still couldn't quite believe exactly how fat and large she had managed to get in a little over 2 years. She was obviously aware this year that she was still getting fatter, it was becoming increasingly obvious to her how big she was getting with every passing month since she had started her challenge, although the lack of scales and covering up the mirrors meant she had no real way of telling how big she was.

Danielle had been finally forced to buy a whole new wardrobe, from underwear to dresses because of her weight and she had continued to get more out of shape from a lack of exercise, quite regularly getting out of breath due to the increased weight and lack of muscle or endurance. It was only this evening, when she finally pulled out the scales from their dusty hiding place and stepped on that she came face to face with the full extent of her gain to date.

180lbs. Sure, for many people it might not have seemed like a big number, but for Danielle, who had been a tiny 115lbs only two years before it was an immense number. She had gained about 65lbs since September 09, roughly 25lbs since she had decided on her little challenge, the difference on her frame was huge to her.

Not only was she generally bigger but now everything about her jiggled when she moved, she couldn't help but feel very turned on at the thought that she was so much fatter and now only 20lbs away from the big 200 and 35lbs from a 100 pound gain. She had hopped off the scale an almost ran to the mirror to observe fully, all the changes that had happened to her body.

She had been wearing her outfit for the night, a pink dress with lacy edging that accentuated her every roll and curve, but stripped off completely to get a full view of her body. She pulled the sheet had used to cover the full body mirror off and stared at her naked reflection in the mirror. She couldn't believe the changes.

Her face was relatively unchanged from the last time she had seen it, save from a change of haircut from bangs to an unkempt, sexy bad hair look that went just below her shoulder blades in length. Her eyes were as labyrinthine as ever, framed by her chubby checks and now more visible double chin.

Further down her arms had gotten a little softer still and had a undeniably meaty look to them that she had never had in her skinny days. Her thighs had finally started to fatten up as well and were starting to look chunkier than they previously were. In fact Danielle was sure that they were now bigger than her waist had been when she was skinny and they rubbed together all the time now, whereas before they had not.

The rubbing didn't help the fact that she was also developing a considerable and very sensitive FUPA which meant she was getting aroused quite often just going out for a walk, not that she felt this was actually a downside. The biggest changes though were to her torso.

Her breasts had continued to grow and expand, now occupying an E cup bra and already continuing it seemed towards another size up in future. They were also bigger generally and heavier too and were now sagging more without the support of her bra, which while disappointing to Danielle was more than made up for by the fact she now had a magnificent and massive pair of breasts. Her nipples also felt more sensitive and Danielle liked nothing more than giving them a nice fondle, she often wished she had someone who would fondle her whole body for her, while she was engulfed in pleasure.

The biggest gain of all though, was her belly, she had easily gained most of the last 25lbs in her belly and she was not only wider (pushing towards 50 inch hips) but also considerably more rounder now and was supporting at this point, a significant potbelly which reached out easily as far as breasts now and she developed into a combination of apple and hourglass shape.

Her belly now billowed out and around and jiggled with every step she took, she had also started to get stretch marks forming on her belly as well, in addition to the ones that now criss-crossed her flanks. She had actually come to like them as well, her badges of progress that showed just how quickly she was gaining weight now.

She spun around and had a look of the damage she had done from the back. She had never had a great rear, it had always been a bit flat and scrawny, now however it was huge! It was very fat and looked like an oversized bubble butt without the tone and a lot of cellulite all over it. She also had a sizable back roll forming.

She couldn't help but feel very turned on by how big she was getting and she couldn't help but fall on the bed and invest an hour on exploring every inch of her newly fattened body with her hands and 'toys'. It made her very late to the party she was supposed to be at, but she was celebrating more than just the New Year. She decided that night she had one more goal to achieve, to reach 215lbs, a full hundred pounds heavier than when she had first started gaining. After that, who knew, she thought, but she was determined to enjoy herself as much as possible.

Easter 2012.

By Easter Danielle had put on another 6 or 7 lbs and she was undeniably one of the fat girls by now. She had comes across, by accident, a weight to height ratio chart while surfing the net and it showed the cold hard truth, that Danielle was now apparently 'Obese' for her height.

The big pile of empty Easter egg wrappers and sweets probably weren't going to help then, she thought jokingly to herself. She was finding it too hot, so had taken off her jacket and sat in jeans and her bra.

She sprawled out on the bed, having learned that she couldn't really sit cross-legged anymore, not particularly because she couldn't or that it was uncomfortable, but because when she did, it would split her jeans, trousers and leggings. She was also very stuffed having consumed well over a dozen Easter eggs and several packs of sweets and she needed to lie down as she could feel her heart racing, struggling to deal with the days overload of sugar. She sat up and pulled off her jeans, which were feeling tight and starting to dig into her soft, billowy flesh and sprawled back out on the bed, lying on her back to relieve some of the pressure.

She looked down and for what seemed like the first time ever realized that her belly was now so fat (and a little bloated) that it now formed a mound of fat when she lay down. She tried sucking in, but quickly realized that not only did it hurt her stomach, but it didn't make much of a different.

She leaned over, a pulled some lotion from her bedside table and started to massage it into her skin. As she did so she ran her fingers over her now extensive stretch marks, they had quickly grown and there were now dozens that criss-crossed her stomach and hips, with a few more faded ones on her breasts.

When she had finished she lay back and continued to run her hands over her body, continuing to feel her fat, something which had become her favorite past time the bigger she had become. She had finally finished her final year at university and was due to return home in the summer so she was determined to make the most of the freedom she had now and see if she couldn't gain a few more pounds before she got back home.

August 2012.

It was almost 3 years to the day when Danielle finally hit the big 200lbs. She had decided to go back through her old clothes as a celebration and pulled out her old nightgown, which she hadn't really worn for a couple of years when she was around 60lbs lighter than she was now. She decided to try it on and see what it looked like now she had crossed the boundary from 'healthy' and into 'obese'.

It was a bit of a struggle to get on, however the fabric was surprisingly stretchy and accommodated her fatter shape well, still it left her slightly winded from the exertion of trying to maneuver her larger form into it. She looked at herself in the mirror and loved what she saw. She was undeniably fat to anyone now and it was amplified by her shorter frame. Her breasts were now quite saggy from the sheer amount of weight she had gained in them, yet still managed to look full and round at the same time, like an oversized Lucy Pinder's and with the stretch marks to match.

Her belly had also gotten much rounder, evening out the wideness she had initially gained in her hips. It wasn't so fat that it had begun to droop into an apron yet but it wasn't far off, at the moment it was sticking out and looked similar to a 6 month pregnant belly, but full of fat and jiggly to the touch, now managing to poke out past her breasts, the two combined meant that Danielle had no chance of being able to see her feet.

The nightdress was more like a t-shirt now rather than a dress, it only came down enough to cover her panty area, itself now rather fat, leaving her un-toned, cottage cheese thighs on display. As she looked she realized even her lower legs were now getting fat, beginning to look like a pair of cankles.

Higher up her belly strained the fabric, a giant indent marking where her cavernous belly button was and her breasts were squashed by the tight fabric, her enlarged, erect nipples straining against the fabric looking like they were about to burst through the fabric. Danielle couldn't help but laugh to herself at the comedic look her body and the fat took on when pushed together and bunched up like it was.

Danielle really liked her new found softness. When she had first started gaining weight it had concerned her, but the more she had put on and the fatter she got, the more she realized how much she liked it. She had never intentionally tried to gain weight, she was just lazy and uncontrolled in her diet, but now she had a taste for it and, whilst she didn't want to get much fatter she had been determined to reach that hundred pound gain by the end of the year. One thing was clear though, if the nightdress was a struggle now, she wouldn't be fitting into it soon enough...

December 25th 2012 – Christmas Day.

It took till Christmas day for Danielle to reach her ultimate goal of gaining 100lbs. She absolutely stuffed herself silly all of Christmas Eve after seeing the scale sitting at 214lbs in the morning and fell asleep sometime around 11pm in a food induced coma.

When she woke up on Christmas Day, she groggily stepped onto the scale and watched the dial spin round to 218lb's. Danielle was more than a little pleased to see that her last minute binged had paid off, it was definitely the best Christmas present she got that year.

She pulled out a photo she had taken of herself in a bikini from her trip to Miami and wedged into the mirror frame then compared the impact that 100lb's had had on her body over the last three and a half years. Everything was different.

Danielle was now well into the obese range for a girl of her height and her body, as she stood naked in the bathroom of her house, unquestionably showed it. She had a large double chin, chubby checks and her face now looked like the traditional fat girl look.

Her arms and legs were fatter still, she guessed they had to be almost twice the size that they were 100 pounds ago as she looked at the thin girl in the photo. She had cellulite all over her legs, cankles and even her fingers were getting chubby. As she turned to the side she realised that she now had a very wide and flabby rear and she had a big roll of back fat, almost like a balance to her massive breasts.

They really were massive now that she looked back at the skinny girl version of her and compared the difference. She was at the upper end of an E cup now, and her breasts sagged down, not overly so, but it was still significant and she cupped them in her hands she watched as they overflowed her fingers and felt the weight of them in her hands. They were monsters compared to the small, perky B cups of the girl in the picture, Danielle couldn't believe that the two sets actually belonged to the same person just different weights.

She then looked back at the photo and at the relatively trim waist of the 2009 Danielle, the tapered hourglass shape of her body. Now however that waist too, was long gone, replaced by her massive gut, covered in stretch marks from the unending onslaught of calories and pounds.

Her belly had only now begun to hang down under the weight and was about level with her FUPA and vagina. It was the most sensitive part of her belly and was so soft and jiggly to the touch, she loved the feeling of it when she hauled herself up and down staircases and it bounced back and forth and slapped against her body. To her it represented the point of no return for her gain, she was now too fat to get back her old body, but then again, she thought to herself, why would she want to?

She grabbed her camera and took a new picture to remember the 'historic' occasion by. Side by side, you would have had a hard time realizing that the two girls in the photos were in fact the same person. She looked at them, shocked, excited and more than a little bit turned on to say the least,

'The evolution of Danielle James' she thought to herself, “fit to fat.”

She smiled with satisfaction.
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