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John Smith
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John Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot picsJohn Smith does more than just post hot pics
Default When talking about Feederism into some random FB page make me realize something

Subscribed since an year in a 18-to-29-yrs-old, multicultural, mostly-Black-&-Latino mundane Facebook page where people post every. Single. Night. Such f*cking sex-related awkard things that both the Kama Sutra, the Song of the Songs then "Fifty Shades Of Grey" seems merely for child books by comparison : y'all got half-thousands of likes and as much comments for threesomes, foursomes, incestuous sex, all the crap. 😒

Decided to post something about Feederism today just to play the game for one time... a dozen of comments with a majoritairy "Uuugh! Nasty! What's that madness???" , "I don't understand people sometimes" , "That sh*t again?" , "Whyyy??" Or "Not my cup of tea" level of bashing, y'all from commenters from black or white descent. Then barely two likes from a man and a woman, strangely both from Hispanic ethnicity.😒🤔

I don't know what's the most troublesome realization about it : the general hypocrisy, or the fact some reactionnal behaviors about Feederism seems to depend regarding both age group, sex, social middle and cultural background? 🤔🤔🤔

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DiDiZia has said some nice things

I'm not sure. I'm from a Jamaican background. Jamaicans will tell fat people to lose weight to their face, but it's not usually said in a hateful manner. They're just bold. Our beauty standards regarding body type is more curvy than the standard body type preferred by Americans. There was a YouTuber named GlittersAndLazers who travelled to Jamaica, and noticed she was receiving a lot of male attention. There even songs made by men about fat preference. On the other hand, Jamaicans can be very homophobic. There's our double standard. But westernised Jamaicans hold the same attitudes as the countries they're living/born in. So, what I described above goes completely out of the window compared with my experiences of *British* Jamaican men.

I've heard many African enjoy bigger women. Depends on the culture, though. It's not uncommon among Nigerian men.

Anywho, let me stop rambling.

With feederism, many aren't familiar with it. It's unheard of to most people, maybe Hispanic people are more open to it. Interesting! I don't see a disproportionate number of them in BBW/BHM/Feederism forums and social media though.
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