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boompoet has said some nice things
Talking Clarification required

Originally Posted by cammy View Post
All else aside, Boompoet has stated that he is seeking an intelligent, educated, woman who shares his interest in art, literature and philosophy, who will not cheat, petite with dark hair and lives in the South...sorry Boompoet, but I'm taken.
HA HA... Very well put. I'm sure your guy is worth every bit of you. You sould like a hell of a woman.

Iíd like to answer some things that have been said so far:

First off, it was mentioned that I have not said what I want, but in truth, in addition to the above, I want to meet a woman I find attractive, intelligent, single, childless, 21-38 year old woman whoís attracted to my body type and is preferably located somewhere nearby northwest Louisiana. I have looked for this on quite a few conventional dating sites and found nothing. Iíve answered ads and Iíve left mine up for answeringÖ. No one is interested apparently. I tried a few BBW / BHM dating sites and found no one I was interested in. I read the profiles before looking at pictures and the only one who seemed to fit the bill was married. I agree, why the hell was a married woman looking for a man on a dating site in the first place? The point is, Iíve looked and exhausted my own resources. I was looking for suggestions of dating sites that cater specifically to BHMs because if you remove the concern over physicality (will she think Iím big and hot or dumpy and globulous?) and move into the personality, I have more of a shot in my opinion.

Secondly, about women in the southÖ. I really should just avoid making generalizations. Iíll say that in my experience meeting women in a multitude of locations from pool halls and bars, to books stores and gallery events, I have come to the conclusion (based solely on personal observation) that the intelligent (or what I would consider intelligent) women in the south have issues with abusive boyfriends / husbands, drug habits (including alcoholism). Itís not that there are none, itís just that they seem to have issues I canít hang with and on top of that, they seem to be few and far between. The majority of women I run into at the same locations (aside from the gallery events that is) seem to have little to no appreciation of the arts, are closed minded, shallow, or just plain mean. Abusive men seem to be in great supply down here which would explain why no matter the intellectual level, appearance, or age there are a vast number of women dating ass holes down here. They donít seem to realize people like me exist or theyíre putting to much emphasis on ďsocietal beautyĒ. In the past, Iíve looked beyond the majority of the issues with the intellectual women and and I've completely disregarded intellect as a factor and itís bitten me in the ass each and every time. My most recent mistake was not intellectual but seemed generally ďhappy to be withĒ me. Then she screwed a guy to get a job and I walked in on her and the guy. That was two years ago as of thanksgiving. I tried to break the pattern as I have in the past but itís not just the intellectual women who cheat and the personalities of the women Iíve dated range from meek and mousey to violent and loud. I donít know what other variable I can change and I donít really believe Iím doing anything wrong or driving these women away. Iím a good and honest guy who treats women with respect. Call me crazy, but Iíll just keep doing that.

Finally, I want to say I know I, and I am sure the majority of the people on this forum, deserve the very best, what ever they deem that to be. We all want a partner, companion, significant other who will love us for who we are no matter how fat, skinny, artsy, geeky, etc. we may be. I was hoping I would be able to pump the veterans for resources that would be beneficial not only to me, but also to the other new members whoíve just discovered the world of FFAs. If youíve found a site youíd like to share, Iíd love to know about it.
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