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Default Breaking Seams - by Anonymous (~BBW, Feeding, Stuffing, ~XWG)

~BBW, Feeding, Stuffing, ~XWG - When a young woman's mother puts her on an extreme diet, her FA boyfriend helps her maintain her figure

Breaking Seams
by Anonymous

(This story has been edited, reformatted and migrated from
the Weight Room Anonymous Alcove archive)

Good pizza. Good coke. Good feeding. My boyfriend stuffed me amply at the place where I worked, a little daycare center. I had fallen asleep on the floor before the kids got there. I lay down in a halter top and some small tight jean shorts, whose seams threatened to rip with the force of my belly fat.

The kids walked in after 45 minutes of napping, waking me up. They saw the pizza boxes and coke bottles and couldn't believe that I had eaten all of that, after jiggling and massaging my belly some more, they accepted it. But a good day at work worked up my appetite.

"Mmm, Mom, this is great Alfredo chicken pasta." I assured my mother at home after several weeks of summer stuffing. I was 18, fresh out of high school and felt I had the right now to do my own thing, but my Mom had other ideas.

"Yea, well don't eat too much Christy. How fat are you now? You're getting to be a cow."

"I'm only 182. You don't need to be nasty about it." I ate some more delicious pasta, it was really good.

"Well, tubby, you are way too fat. I'm 25 years older than you and I'm still 45 pounds lighter."

"So. I like my body. Guys like it too; well, some guys. I'm happy." I piled another helping of pasta on my plate as a statement.

"Well not for long, I'm going to put you on a diet if you dare touch 200."

"I'll touch 200 as I well please."

"Yes, and then you will diet, and touch 180 again."

I mumbled and shoveled in more pasta.

"Boy, this is really good. Ohh, I'm soo hungry. Mmm." But then I stood up.


"Oh no, my sweatpants. My extra large sweatpants. I thought they would last forever. "

"See piggy. Now you've done it. I bought you those sweatpants loose just last year. Look how fat you've gotten. Come, we're going to weigh you right now. Here, be careful not to break the scale tubby. If you weigh one ounce over 200, you are going on a serious diet. You'll be so hungry you'll try to eat your bed sheets. So, if you want to, take off your clothes, it may help your case."

Well, I sure wanted to keep eating. I decided to strip to just my panties. I took off my shirt and my mother poked my fat belly, mocking me.

"Oh be real mom, just let me get on the scale." I took off my bra, my prized, 34 D breasts right in my mom's face.

"Oh, how disgusting. No man would want these."

I of course knew better for sure about that! She lifted my breasts and dropped them, shaking her head.

"Just step on the scale, Christy. One foot, two feet." It was a manual scale, which you had to choose the weight, so my mother decided to piss me off. She set it to 182, and of course, I weighed more, just my luck.

"Whoa fatty, it seems that you lied earlier. I smell diet." She slowly pushed the dial passed 185. Come on, just stop already. 187. 190. 194. 198. Please, not yet. 198.5

"Getting awfully close."


"Help me God," I prayed.


"Why? How? Well, I'm not going to let this get me down. I'll just, I'll just lose until 180, then get her to stop the diet. Yea, no problem. "

"Well, you certainly are quite a hog, Christy. Do you like celery?"

"With peanut butter?"

"In your dreams. Wait, hold on. The balance on the scale isn't even level yet. 204, What happened to my skinny little Christy. Just three years ago bfore he divorce you were a little petite, 115 pound pretty girl. Now I have a sloppy, fat, 204 pound whale. Just because I'm in the mood, we're gonna measure you too. I just may need a bigger measuring tape."

Well, at least I'd successfully gained weight, and a lot of it. That was my goal in the first place, to anger my mom, who's been controlling me all my life and keeping me from being as big as I wanted. But now I just can't live without my food, and my belly, my big ass and my breasts. My FA boyfriend, my tight revealing clothing, had been great but but now I was going to have to face this diet.

"Here we are. Your bust is….a whopping 41 inches. You big bellied waist is….42 inches. Now for the big one, your hips are measuring in at….54 inches. Now fatty, it’s time for your diet. I'm going to sleep. You just get ready tomorrow morning for the start of your diet."

"OK my fate is sealed - for now. I'm still so hungry though. I might as well fill my belly while I can." I ate for another two hours that evening, finally passing out at midnight. I polished off the chicken Alfredo, several boxes of sweet cereal, a gallon of milk, a box of frozen waffles, several boxes of fruit snacks, a bag of Doritos, a bag of Oreos, and a half gallon of chocolate ice cream.

I was rudely awakened by my mom at 6 (it was summer, no school; work began at 9). She slapped my soft belly with a swift hand. I was nearly naked, my panties stretched to the limit from the binge last night, not even bothering to put on my bra for my feeding.

"Well well, it seems that the little piggy has made quite a mess of herself."

There were crumbs of food all over my swollen breasts.

"And it also seems that you have cleaned up ALL of the junk food in this house, which is good. You won't be able to satisfy that fat belly of yours at your leisure. You ready for your breakfast?"

I didn't want to know.

"Here." She handed me one piece of toast, one egg white, and a big glass of water. "This is the biggest meal of the day, so enjoy."

"Mom, this wouldn't feed an anorexic 8 year old."

"But you're certainly not an anorexic 8 year old, are you?"

She poked my soft belly. Grr. I quickly scarfed down my "meal" and put on a bra. Just for curiosity I stepped on the scale. 209, I smiled and rubbed my growing girth. Then, I went into my room to go back to sleep. In no more than 10 minutes, my mother barged into the room.

"No napping. You just got up. Time for a brisk little walk. Here's some nice shorts and shirt for you. Be ready at the front door in 10 minutes, or no more food for the rest of the day. Let's go tubby."

Mmm, I DID look good in these clothes. The short shorts were no longer than hot pants, and the cutoff shirt just covered my D breasts, my full belly from the top roll to the bottom roll, hanging 3 inches over the tight shorts, was free to jiggle and bounce every which way. My big butt also thundered perfectly in the shorts.

"Well, a nice little walk can't be that bad." I conceded.

Thirty minutes later, I was huffing and puffing down street after street my hungry belly growling and shaking with each step, my thighs and butt jiggling, breasts bouncing. Some people pointed at me, some children poked at my midriff with their hands, more FA's than I expected just watched as I bounce down the road, and even 2 of them follow me for two streets with cameras. While I would normally be embarrassed, I felt a sense of pride. I wanted to yell out while patting my blubber,

"Yea, I made this, it’s mine." The walk lasted another 30 minutes, and we finally arrived home. My mom gives me a pitcher full of cold water.

"Drink this down, also, take these diet pills. But don't eat anything; it dulls the effect of the pills. Then shower, sweaty pig."

"Yes ma’am." I reluctantly took the pills, but my growling belly must at least be filled so it settles down a bit. I guzzled down the pitcher in one lifting, spilling a good tenth of it all over my sweaty breasts. My stomach was somewhat full, but not quite satisfied. I called wor and told them I couldn't come in.

"I am going to live," I resolved to myself. "Not a great life, but I will make it. If this goes on for a month and I lose 20 pounds, then she may loosen up a bit. "

I showered and put on some underwear and slept. I woke up about 2 hours later, at noon, my belly raging. I again filled my belly with water. I knew I couldn't go on much longer. My mom was gone, but there was literally NO food in the house, and she put a club on my car steering wheel.

"Rats, I can't even go anywhere, and Jeff, my sweet FA boyfriend is out of town for the next week. We live 5 miles from the nearest restaurant, that being a soup and salad bar, and another 3 miles from a Subway. What am I going to do to keep from starving?"

I make up my mind to take me, my ravenous appetite and $20 when I find out that she not only locked up my money, but she left a note that says she'll call every 20 minutes to make sure I'm still home. She's very clever, there's no way I can beat this system.

My jailer returned. We walked again for an hour, at a very fast pace mind you, later that night. Dinner was 2 oz. of baked chicken breast, three celery sticks and more water and pills. I was so hungry at night that I had to take sleeping pills to go to sleep.

The next day she made me give up my job. My work was now that of a dieter - lose weight or be grounded. She was cutting off every avenue. I barely made it through the week on this routine, already losing 3 pounds, but I had really lose about 10 pounds of fat, I was just always so full of water that I weighed a little more.

My boy friend Jeff was finally back in town. I told him about the whole ordeal. I had to find a way for him to sneak me food. The house was alarmed, with cameras on the outside, he couldn't even come over without being seen on our surveillance.

"I don't know what I can do, but I'd hate to see you wasting away." he sympathized.

"Listen to my famished belly. I NEED FOOD! You're really smart, what can I do to be nourished? I'm so hungry!" I whined.

"I don't know, honey. I will try my best; see if I can take you out to the mall for a while tomorrow."

"Mom! Can I go to the mall with Jeff for a few hours tomorrow? He wants me thin just as much as you do, he wouldn't let me touch a morsel of food."

"Well, I suppose so, for only 2 hours though, not one minute more. But believe me, you had better be ready for any test I give you. If your belly isn't rumbling like it will be right before you leave, or if I smell any food on your breath, if your waist is inch bigger, you'll regret it for the rest of the year."

"Ok Jeff, I can, but I can't eat much at all. My mom is very sly; she will come up with a way to find out if I've eaten anything at all. I might only even be able to drink a coke. We still need another method, brainstorm tonight and we'll share ideas tomorrow, call me around 11:30, then I'll be done with my walk."

"Hey Christy, you sound like you would look pretty sexy in your walking clothes, where do you think I can see you?" he replied.

"Yea, I'm pretty sexy in those clothes, but I'm losing my fatness charm. I guess if you park down the block from my house, you can see when I come out, then you can either drive by, or you can slink around on foot, but don't let my mom see you, she won't let me come near you ever again."

"I'll be there, hot stuff."

And he was there. His car was parked on another street a few blocks away, but he came and walked around behind us, or would cut through and spy on me with binoculars. I didn't look at him so that mom wouldn't know, but from time to time I gave a wink, maybe adjusting my top a little. After we finished, I showered and he soon pulled up. We took off for the mall, my mother warning me that I couldn't get away with anything.

Well, I didn't eat anything, but I had 6 large cokes and 2 Icees. All the while Jeff massaged my diminishing belly and we discussed how to break the system. We went to an appliance store and bought a bunch of wires. Then we went home. I passed all of my Mom's tests; she even had a stomach monitor, which showed a bunch of liquid in my belly. But thankfully, it couldn't be distinguished from water.

I snuck the wires into a special place in my closet. The shoe rack opens up to a small 5 by 5 by 5 place, which I stuff full of blankets and jam up from the outside. Jeff hopped the neighbor’s fence and jumped to our roof when my mother was away at work. He climbed into my window, the alarm being off during the day. Being the genius he is, he bypassed the alarm from my window. Then he wired up the surveillance camera. He had it record the outside for 24 hours, and repeating it.

It was on constant going, and we made sure that nothing odd went on in the yard. He also hooked up a button for rainy days, or overcast days. On those days, Jeff would have to get me food some other way, but we would eventually get those days recorded too. He weighed me and measured me, 198, 40 inch waist, 40 inch bust, and 50 inch hips. Round numbers, but they were still too far down.

Jeff went out and bought a pile of food, 25 bucks of fast food, and put it in an ice cooler with two large bags of ice (to reduce aroma) and he managed to haul it up to my window. He loaded it into the little crawlspace.

"You are a savior. I'm not kidding." I said gratefully.

"Well, you're my goddess. And goddesses must not waste away, as you are. I'm going to stay in here, the ice will keep it cool, and I can open the door every once in a while to get some oxygen. I can also read something, I brought a little light. Do you have any good magazines?"

"I do have this." I gave him my weight gain log. I took many pictures of myself and listed my weight and measurements over the last two years, starting at 128. That was when I realized that fat was my destiny. I had always LOVED food. I ate and ate and ate, but until my young body metabolized it perfectly.

Then, after my parents divorce I guess I must have eaten even more. My clothes started to get tight, and I developed a tiny belly roll. Jeff would always stare at my fat, what little I had. I tried to diet, but that only stabilized my weight, and I decided it was not for me.

I started to date Jeff, and I also continued to eat as my heart desired, though I didn't start binging till about 160, 8 months ago. My mom tried to blame it on lonliness for my Dad, but that wasn't it. I was enjoyig it and getting fat becasuse I wanted to.

Jeff had plenty of fun for more than 3 hours watching my progress in the book as my body grew more curves, more fat, more rolls, softer, plumper, rounder, and sexier. Finally, after 10:30, my mom had gone to sleep about an hour ago. I knew she was using her sleeping pills.

I opened the closet and saw my sweetie staring at the book, just turning to the 200 stage. I could see that this excited him very much.

"Ok. Get your butt out here. I'm starving, but don't talk loudly, and don't make much noise at all."

"Your wish is my command." He leaves the cooler, and just brings some burgers out, 5 of them. I sat at the rear of my bed, my back resting comfortably on a stack of pillows. My growling belly greedily awaiting its well earned prize. My tight white shirt hugged my soft sides, showing clearly where my bra cut into the fat of my back. My jeans, which I used to fasten under my belly, now fit comfortably, but not loosely around my belly at the navel. He soon waved a microwaved burger under my nose.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my rumbling stomach. Then, in a sudden move, I nearly bit his hand off. I finished the burger in 2 bites; I soon found it out to be a quarter pounder with cheese. I did the same with the next two, and ate the third in four bites. The last one I ate as I would normally, in 7 bites or so. It is SOO good.

"I can eat like this forever. I've forgotten what real food tastes like." I said to myself.

"Jeff, don't ever let me go hungry again. This really hits the spot."

"Don't worry, there's more to come. You're not full, are you?"

"Mmm, yea, just a little. All of this dieting has made my precious stomach shrink, it doesn't hold like it used to. You wouldn't believe all of the stuff I shoved into it the night before the diet started."

"I can imagine, you like pizza right?"

I smile at him, "Mmm" while nodding my head and rubbing my belly, which is no longer growling.

"Well then, I have a treat for you." He pulls out 12 slices of beef pizza, and begins to push them past my eager lips. I indulge in every bite, savoring the delicious flavor of which I have been deprived for the past two weeks. After the 8th slice, I began to feel nearly full. My belly pushes against my jeans, straining at the button. Two folds of fat are nearly touching around the button of the jeans, engulfing it. He feeds me another slice. I bite through, like a queen, food lacking, hungry queen being tended to by her servant.

"Mmmmm, ohhh, that is so delicious. More, more, feed me more!" He obeyed. I consumed the last 3 slices, the button to my jeans hidden from sight by my recovering blubber. These were good jeans, and they wouldn't give way, I had pushed their limits before. Therefore, I simply unbuttoned them. The fat flowed out onto my lap, resting on my soft thighs.

"Ohh, that feels so good. Look at my belly. It hasn't forgotten how to be beautiful. I'm so full. I hate this diet. But stretch my belly. Feed me more!" He retrieved a 2 liter bottle of coke and handed it to me. I took it myself and upturned it. I drank the entire thing, gulp by gulp. My belly was growing more and more, pushing the shirt up to my breasts.

After I finished the coke, Jeff massaged my belly while I took off my constricting shirt. I lay there, my long black hair falling to my shoulders and breasts, which are being held up by my strong bra and testing its limits. "I can't eat much more. I'm so very full. Feel how firm my belly's gotten."

"No, you have to fill your belly just a little more. Then we can eat more tomorrow night." He gets up and grabs the last item in the cooler, a huge Baskin Robbins cup full of a milkshake, mint chocolate chip. It was incredibly delicious. Even in my state of fullness, I drank it with pleasure. My belly stretched more and more with each savoring gulp.

I finished it off, having taken off my jeans. My firm fat sat on my bare thighs, my pink panties being swallowed by the filling tissue of my hips. Jeff rubbed my satiated belly for over an hour, while I fell asleep.

Day came. Jeff had cleared away all the evidence.

"Rise and shine, belly girl. It’s another day to lose some weight." came the jailer's greeting.

"I've lost 10 pounds so far, mom!" I said in a fake, ecstatic voice.

"That’s good, that means you have only 60 more to go, but you're still a big chunker. By the way, I heard some noise last night, heavy footsteps, what was going on up here?"

"Well, I finally found out how disgustingly fat I am, and I was doing some aerobics," the lie rolled off my tongue like an oath.

"Oh, you are getting so good. Soon you'll be nice and skinny again, and you won't need to stuff all of that food in your face like you used to."

I smiled.

"Umm, just one question Christy, you're fat belly isn't rumbling right now, did you find some way to eat?"

"No no! No way, why would I. Why would I want to get more fat. Now I researched this, and what's happening is that my metabolism is slowing a little because I'm in a state of famine, and so I don't need as much food anymore. Yeah, see, now you know that I am not starting up that bad habit again."

"Hehehe. I can't believe that Jeff made it out with the cooler and everything, and didn't leave a trace of food. How great he is. Ohh, my belly needed that so bad." I thought as I went back up to my bedroom. Then I noticed something in the closet..

"Wait, what's this? Oh my gosh! He left me a dozen donuts in the little crawlspace. Oh what a sweetie. How would I live without him?"

After a week, my walking continued, and mom fed me meagerly, but Jeff's treats and night feedings held me quite well. I even gained back up to 200. I began to notice my belly grumbling more often, and that Jeff had to leave me more food to satisfy me. But mom still hadn't found out.

"Jeff, I'm feeling extra hungry tonight, bring a little extra food." I found myself eating more and more. It was time to open up a new chapter to the weight gain log. 210, WOW, 43 inch waist, 42 inch bust, 55 inch hips.

I thought "My mom can NEVER find out about this. But I'm so proud. How good do I look. More food. More snacks. More fat. More more MORE!"

212, 215, 218, 221.

I was getting noticeably fatter. I loved to pose for myself in the mirror wearing my walking clothes. The tight cotton shorts had become spandex, the top was now a sports bra. My fat belly hung, shook, jiggled and danced at my every request, and I showcase it on walks, hanging 4 inches over the shorts. I would always assure my mom that I drank at least 5 gallons of water every day, which was finding its way to my stomach. She was skeptical, but she didn't dream that I weighed over 220 pounds. But the best of things must end.

"Ok piggy, you've been on the diet for 2 months. It's time to weigh you. Let's see how you've come along."

"Oh no, Mom, you don't want to do that. You, umm, you, ehh, the scales not right."

"Oh sure it is, I tested it out 5 minutes ago, with a weight, its light 2 pounds. So, let's go see."

"Uh oh. Jeff fed me incredibly last night, I will be a hippo on that scale. Oh gosh." I once again stripped to panties, hoping to lower it just a tad, literally tip the scale in my favor.

One foot....

"I'm so screwed." I thought.

..two feet. The needle resting on 190 pounds thrusts upward, crushing my mom's finger above it.

"Hehe, well, not EVERYTHING that'll come out of this is bad. " "I chortled.

"Ok, so you're not quite down to 190 yet. Well, let's see how much. Christy! What! 210, no, 215, good gracious Christy, 223. That's 225 pounds! What have you been doing to yourself? There's NO way that this is all water weight here!" she ranted.

She slapped my belly so hard that I bent over and begin to rub it.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me. Cover those disgusting breasts and put on your shorts, we're going for a little walk."

"Oh man, I'm so out of shape. But it was worth it, to eat and be fed, 28 pounds in just a month and 3 weeks."

Well, I put on my sexy clothes, and we went for a nice, 6 hour power walk. I got back, my sweating, shining, soft belly gurgling, growling, rumbling, and bouncing.

"Oh man, I'm going to need so much food tonight."

My undernourished belly was so hungry, so soft. I sat my big ass down on a small wicker stool, and it broke. My mother just sneered at me. I grabbed a huge cup of water and downed it. I refilled it and downed another. Then I went up to my room, took a cordless phone and accessed the crawlspace. While munching on some sweet snacks, I called Jeff.

"Hey sweetie, (munch munch, gulp) I weigh 225, and mom found out. We had a nice 6 hour walk."

"Oh poor baby. Listen up, I'll be there at 12:00 with a feast. Meanwhile, just snack on some of the stuff that I've left you."

"It's almost gone, please do hurry baby. Listen to my belly, and that’s after at least a quart of water and a box of powdered donuts."

"Don't torture me like this, I can't stand for you to suffer ."

I continued to gain weight. Mom weighed me at 230 and 237. I faked a crying session, bawling that I really hadn't been eating - that my metabolism has slowed to a crawl and gone into hibernation mode from lack of food. She shook her head in frustratuion..

I thought "She's starting to buy it."

The walking clothes were incredibly tight. The front of my shorts were almost eclipsed by my sagging flab. My love handles even hung over. The shorts were stretched so much over my flabby ass. The panty line was very clear, my nice butt crack could be seen easily through the tight blue shorts.

I looked so sexy. My breasts were pouring out of the cups of my bra, my cleavage was so deep, so teasing. My thighs were huge, but still smooth, no real cellulite. But my belly was the biggest prize. My waist was now 46 inches, my bust a cool 44, and my hips almost 58 inches. My appetite was so large.

If my divorced father wasn't sending us $10,000 dollars a month, I would've eaten us into the poor house; as it was I was able to slip Jeff extra money and he was spending his own.

Jeff did bring a feast that night. Two foot long subs, three half pound burgers, a large pizza, a hot basket of French fries, and a gallon of milk. I was in my exercise top and my old reliable jeans, fastened under the lowest roll of my precious belly. Very tight. I ate and ate. My stomach was stretching easily after I had trained it for the last 2 and a half months. I ate all of the food, my stomach nice and full, and I could have stopped there.

But instead, Jeff brought me a gallon of milk; no place to store it, It was that good kind, very rich and creamy. Jeff goes back into the crawlspace to check for extra food afterwards.

I tilted my head back and begin to chug the milk. My head is far enough back and my gulping loud enough that I didn't see my mom walk in the door.

Oblivious, I continued to chug. The milk was delicious, and I kept chugging at an incredible rate. More milk into my belly, I feel it getting heavier with each swallow. Halfway through the milk, my jeans ripped and popped.

The seams on the side burst, spreading along my thighs and hips, while the button pops and the zipper exploded open while my filling belly finds a soft bed on my thighs. I started dribbling the milk down my cheeks and chin, down my neck. It felt so cool and so good. My freed belly actually started to feel hungry again, after it had made space for itself.

I knew where the milk was heading, and decided not to waste it. I let go of the milk with one hand and close my breasts together, and the milk collected in the middle. I has no idea my mom was in shock watching.

Finally, the milk completely emptied either into my belly or my cleavage. I then put my mouth down to my chest and lifted my huge tits up and drained the pool of sweet creamy milk. My eyes glanced over towards my mother quickly, and that's when I first saw her. All these wrappers around me on the bed, I couldn't hide them. But so what? I was tired of playing games. I wanted her to see this.

I took off my top and my former jeans. Then I got up and grab my measuring tape. I measured my waist, 49 inches, and even said "Hmm, 49, that’s my all time high. Better write that down."

I said it loud enough to be sure she heard, but I was acting as though I didn't know she was there.

Then I sat down and measured my waist seated, "Wow, 52 inches. He-he, Mom will never know."

I then stood up and walked to my little electronic scale, the one she didn't know I owned.

"243. I am just getting sexier and sexier." I giggled, then went to the mirror and started to jiggle my belly and breasts, wiggled my butt, and squeezed my love handles.

Then finally, I thought "Mom still hasn't said a word at the door."

I hadn't looked at her since I was on the bed, licking my tits. Now I decided to let her know that I knew.

"So, what do you think of me, Mom?" I declared triumphantly, ready to declare my freedom.

She ran to me crying. "I love you, I really do."

I cupped her head and, being 4 inches taller, placed her face to my breast.

"I know you do mom. It's just that, well, you wouldn't accept me for who I am."

"Honey, I was just trying to help you. When I was your age, I was just like you. I loved to eat, and I loved my fatness. But my mother put me on a diet and exercise program. I got thin, and I thought it was the best thing in the world. I was just trying to do you a favor."

"Well, you put me through hell mom. I started to lose weight, but it was too much. I had to eat."

"I understand. Listen, honey, I will let you get fat, but you have to keep walking with me, you WILL stay healthy."

"Ok mom, I'll do that."

"I must say Christy that was pretty incredible. That was the last thing I ever did in a binge before I lost all the weight myself."

"Yea, it was pretty cool huh? I've been working my stomach for the past three months, I can stuff more than you would think into this belly."

"Well, ok honey, I won't try to control you anymore. Goodnight sweetie, don't overstuff yourself!"

"You know I will." Well, I went to sleep hungry that night. Thank goodness Jeff had made it out without being seen.

I started my first year of college at a whopping 251 pounds, 3 weeks later. Jeff fed me as often as possible, but we did it openly.. I still tried to buy the same kind of exercise clothes, because I am so sexy in those. I did some weight lifting, increasing my leg strength. It took a lot of food to fill those calories that the weights burned, but the weights were worth it.

I still moved around at 300 like I did at 160. I went to the homecoming dance at a mammoth 311 pounds. I wore a nice little blouse and a miniskirt. It was an incredible night, including afterwards, when we drove to Jeff's mountain cabin and we indulged in ALL of our fantasies.

Now, I'm almost 30 years old. Jeff feeds me every day. My weight is at about 370 pounds, and seems to have plateaued. I still have just a little cellulite and still wear a similar walking outfit when I take my short walks around the block, which tire me but I know its the right thing to do.
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BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!BLUEeyedBanshee has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

posted after reformatting.
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jim austin
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jim austin has said some nice things

great story you should work the are from prom to 30 yrs old but still very nice
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this is a really good story! nice, I like the Covert FAism!
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The Id
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This was one of my first WG stories and I'm so glad it's been posted here to experience a renaissance!
"This won't take long. Unless they're doing the Hokey Pokey, in which case it might take a while."--The Lobe

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The Id
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I just realized that I left out a very pivotal phrases in the sentence above: This is one of my first WG stories that I read. Observer, always quick to give credit where credit is due, thought I meant I'd written this, which is not the case at all! Sorry if anyone thought I'd written this gem--it's the work of some greater master!
"This won't take long. Unless they're doing the Hokey Pokey, in which case it might take a while."--The Lobe

For all my work and updates on the status of my current projects, visit: http://the-id.deviantart.com/
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

OK, so you're not the credited author anymore. Thanks for the honesty.
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