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I remember first reading this story on Deviantart, but it seems to have disappeared recently. Really enjoyed the concept and was hoping to find it again. Hereís the gist of the story:

An athletic young woman runs in a track meet, then wakes up the next day fat. She goes to the mall to buy new clothes and is insulted by some of her skinny friends who donít recognize her. She eats a huge meal at the food court, buys clothes, then returns to her college dorm and falls asleep; when she wakes up she is even fatter, so fat that she breaks her scale. She struggles to make it to class, then bumps into a strange guy she noticed in the crowd at the track meet. He drops a typewriter he was carrying and itís revealed that he was the one who caused her to gain weight every time she slept by typing it on the typewriter. She fails to chase after him, then comes across a female friend she talked to earlier at the track meet who is now also extremely fat. They go back to her dorm and end up becoming intimate; at the end, the two women are enormous and dating, they love being fat and donít even remember when they used to be skinny and athletic.

Thatís pretty much the whole thing; remembered it better than I thought I did. If anyone knows the title/author or has a link, Iíd greatly appreciate it.
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