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Default problems with gaining

i would like to gain weight but it doesnt really work.
i started almost a year ago and i gained very slowly, but still. i really loved my belly and the bigger boobies.

recently a few things happened and i sadly lost all the beloved pounds. but trying to catch up again seems very hard!
i dont have much appetite, which makes it hard, obviously. also when i feel really hungry, i am full pretty soon. overeating doesnt work that way.
my issue with gaining shakes is that i cant find any without milky stuff inside.

so, what im doing now is forcing myself to eat until i feel like bursting (which happens way too soon), trying to munch sweets inbetween, drinking sodas, not moving too much. but im not succeeding.

any ideas or tricks on how to get more appetite?
i am searching the net but cant really find something for me.
id really love to get back some fat on my bones soon! its an issue for me, my clothes should be too tight, not too big

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Suppose you were to CHANGE your normal diet, substituting, for example, fat for an equivalent volume of carbohydrates. This would increase your caloric intake without increasing the volume of food/beverage.
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