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Jake (JMJ)
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Default Security Detail Can Be Fattening (Formerly The Ruby Ring)

[Hello everyone. Here it is. I've made some edits to my old story and started it in a new direction. Hope you all enjoy.]

Security Detail Can Be Fattening
Jake (JMJ)

"Why are we in antique shop again Ro?"

George sullenly asked his friend as he looked towards the exit of the store. They had been at the mall for over half an hour and most of that time had been spent inside this ratty antique shop.

"Because I need to get a gift and I know that that coworker of ours loves these kinds of things."

Rosa angrily responds to her friend while picking up a music chest. The short Italian girl was in no mood to here her friend and coworker complain about anything.

"But the mall, it's got a lot of chicks out there that want to see the 'Georgester' flex a little while they shop."

George demonstrates by flexing his bicep in his tight polo shirt, the veins in his arms and chest bulging in response. The man is a dedicated gym rat who cares about exercise almost as much as he does about what women think of him. He grins at Rosa and winks, although she is unimpressed.

"You tried that on me when we met our first day at Restart.com, you really think it's going to work a year later?"

"Well, I have gained more muscle mass since then. And you've gotta be the only woman who doesn't want a guy who is 6-3 and can bench almost twice his weight."

Rosa just shakes her head and returns to looking at the items in the store. A Much younger but also much heavier woman waddles up to her, a fake smile on her face.

"Hello, how can I help you today?"

"I'm looking for a gift for my coworker but I have no clue what to get her. She's about 50, ornery, and morbidly obese, oops, no offence."

The store worker continues with her fake smile and tries to play it off.

"It's ok, I get that a lot. Tends to happen when you miss a few gym sessions."

George laughs at this before giving a look at Rosa who also finds this funny. The store clerk, who clearly has dealt with it before just presses on.

"Anyway, maybe just get her a picture frame, we have a few over here that just came in."

Rosa and George head over to the middle of the store and see a few items, although nothing catches her eye.

"Oh what's that?

Rosa points to a rack of key chains. On it sits two gold chains with a large red object in the shape of a ball. It almost appears as though it is a ruby “ball and chain”.

"That's I believe a ruby, but I'm sure it's a rip off. I found them at a garage sale and the woman was really happy to get rid of them. No way it’s real.

Rosa is seemingly drawn to the key chains as they shine in her eyes. She picks them up and holds them in her hands.

“These look really nice. What do you think George, are they real?”

George, who has been busy flirting with another shopper turns to Rosa and barely nods his head in agreement.

"I like them. I’ll take that silver frame and this key chain.

“Actually they’re a set. Still pretty cheap all things considered.

The clerk takes her credit card and rings her up. Rosa immediately takes one of the key chains and puts her apartment and car keys on it.

"The ruby on this key chain is definitely real. I’d probably get a decent price for this if I sold it, but I think I’ll give it to my good friend."

Her friend is not paying attention as he is too busy slurping on his protein shake from GNC.


Rosa shakes her head before slapping him in the shoulder.

“I’m giving you a gift. Come on, put it on your key chain.”

George just shrugs his shoulders and puts his car keys on the ring.

“Thanks, I think. Ha, look at that security guard stuff his face over there! How can he be in charge of security?"

The duo glance over at a man, probably in his early 20s, who is rather large, wearing a mall cop uniform sitting in the food court munching away on some grub from the local McDonalds. It is evident from the way his uniform clings to his body that he clearly has put on weight since the uniform was given to him. He also has ketchup stains on the collar of his white button down shirt.

"Lol, that is one fat rent a cop. Can you imagine us being like that?"

George shudders at the thought.

"Ugh, there's no way either of us would ever look like that, I take too much pride in these abs, just like you take pride in your body. Fat slobs who are losers like that guy obviously are too lazy and don't work hard.

Rosa smiles as she adjusts the waist band on her yoga pants, giving people a hint of her flat trim waist.

"Restart.com would have to go under before I ever considered working here" she says, chuckling at that thought.

Her muscle bound friend laughs and put his hand on her shoulder.

"You and me both!"

As they walk through the rest of the mall they continue to laugh at the security guard and other people they deem as "lazy" while they look at other stores and areas of the large shopping center.

It isn't until after 7 when Rosa finally makes her way back to her apartment for the night. She fixes herself a salad and some fruit for the next day at work before hopping in a quick shower to relax for the night.

TV doesn't do anything for so she decides to call it an early night. Before she does, she slips her new ring back on and admires herself in the mirror. She pushes her long auburn hair past her face and grins as she looks below her neck line. She has never been endowed with large breasts but they are still rather perky, albeit average sized perkiness. Her abs are almost completely visible, a testament to many years of dancing and eating right. Her behind is full from squats and dancing, her tan thighs powerful and strong but retaining a curviness that is shown off effectively in short mini skirts.

Rosa is only 5-1 but she is feisty for her size. She always states it's because she's Italian but the reality is it's because she always strives to be the best no matter what. To her fat people, lazy people, slobs, anyone not in power to her is a loser and not worth her time. It's the main reason she is associate branch manager at restart.com.

She grins as she points goes about her routine of putting all the things she needs for the next day on her dresser. She admires the key chain in the mirror and laughs at the comments she and George made earlier in the day. Her laughter is cut off when she receives a little jolt from the chain in her hand, just a tad more painful than static electricity. She drops her keys on the dresser and heads towards the bed.

"Damn key chain. Maybe I should give you to that bitch instead of that picture frame tomorrow."

Rosa shuts her lights off and crawls into bed and falls fast asleep.

The ring on chain glows brightly as its owner sleeps. Rosa was not aware of it, but this would be the last peaceful night of sleep she would have for a long time.
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Jake (JMJ)
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 108
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Rosa's alarm went off much later than its usual 6:45 set time, waking her up closer to 8. She frantically throws the covers off the bed and jumps in the shower. She hurries through her morning routine and gets ready in only forty five minutes.

She picks out a pair of dress slacks and a blouse, briefly enjoying how the slacks accentuated her rounded bottom. The admiring would have lasted longer had her phone not started ringing.


"Hey Ro, I'll be outside in five minutes. You ready?"


"Yeah, who the hell else would it be?"

Rosa thought about that for a second and couldn't come up with an answer. She told George she'd be outside before locking her door and heading downstairs.

George promptly showed up when he said he would. He handed her a coffee, black, and started on their way to work. Rosa was about to ask him why he was picking her up when she saw what he was wearing to work: just jeans and a t-shirt.

"George! What are you wearing? I know we are friends but I can't allow you to wear jeans to work!"

Her friend turned to her with a puzzled look on his face.

"Um, I don't think I need to get dressed up just to change into my work clothes Ro. My uniform will be just fine."

Now it was Rosa's turn to have a puzzled look on her face.

"Uniform? What are you talking about? What uniform are you wearing?"

"My work uniform, the one we both have been wearing for the past month."

Rosa had no clue what he was talking about and sipped on her coffee. She watched as he drove pass the on ramp for the highway and really began to get worried.

"Ok what kind of joke are you playing; we just passed the on ramp for work. Is there a hidden camera on us?"

"Rosa, there is no camera, I'm driving us to work. I know it's been tough but remember it's not your fault that restart.com went under. It sucks and I'm not happy we couldn't keep our jobs either but we gotta deal with it."

She just sips her drink and tries to make sense of the situation. Her head is spinning from those comments but the worst is yet to come.

"I'd think by now you'd have gotten used to being a security guard at the mall."

Rosa swallows whatever coffee is in her mouth and proceeds to start choking at the news. She tosses the cup out of the window and frantically tried to cough up what's in her throat.
George sees her distress and pulls over before patting her on the back with enough force for her to push down whatever was clogging her throat. While grateful for his help, she's still visibly upset and annoyed.

"Security guards? We're fucking security guards?"

George just nods.

"I don't get it, I really don't. How did this happen?"

"Alright, I guess I can explain this again. Basically the founder of restart.com made some shady deals with some bank and the company shut down indefinitely. They investigated everyone involved in upper management and while we obviously did nothing, other companies won't hire us. Thus, we had to take this job since they don't care about Internet startups."

Her mouth moves but words don't come out. She is utterly speechless and cannot comprehend what is going on. She doesn't hear as George tells her that they both got good severance packages which is why they aren't homeless, or that it was her idea. Her mind and heart are both racing and before she realizes it, the car is parked in front of their new "home office".

"So we work at the mall", she asks, her mind slowly remembering that the answer to that question is yes.

"Yup, been here a few weeks now. It's actually not so bad, hours suck but pay isn't bad and there are so many hot women, er, I mean people out there to look at that you can't complain. Plus my flirting has its perks."

Rosa shakes her head. That is one thing she definitely knows can't be true.

"Your flirting is successful? What, do you take off your shirt and start dancing or something?"

George scoffs at the remark as he holds the door open for his coworker, quickly checking out her round behind in the slacks before walking in as well. He always did admire her shapeliness. He flips his keys into his pocket, the ruby key chain still shinning.

"Hardy har-har but you'll see. Wait till about 11 and then you'll see what I'm talking about."

They make their way into the back part of the mall to a big double wide door that reads "Security Only". This makes her shudder. Rosa enters first and sees a large bearded man, probably the same height as George but much fatter and much older approach. He has a wide smile and seems happy that they are there.

"Morning you two. How are my favorite guards doing today?"

Rosa smiles and George just laughs.

"We're doing good Ross. You post the assignments yet?"

"Yes I did, they're up in the changing room. I'll let you two get changed and then get to it. See you later."

He turns to leave but stops before taking to steps.

"Oh and Marella, I'm sorry but your uniform request didn't come in. You're just gonna have to stick with that size. I know it's too big but that's all we have."

He saunters away, leaving Rosa to ask questions to George.

"Remind me why we are his favorites again?"

For his part, the taller guard has done his best to not question why Rosa doesn't remember anything but even he is starting to get worried.

"Because we actually walk on our beat and don't either rest every five seconds or use on the Segways. We also aren't stuffing our faces at every opportunity."

Rosa still looks dumbfounded.

"You sure you're ok Ro? You're not coming down with a cold or anything? I have a hard time getting to the gym after work cause it's so late so I can't afford to get sick and miss any pump sessions."

He flexes his arms and allows Rosa and any other employee to check out his chiseled physique.

"I'm fine just a little tired is all."

"Good. Go get changed and meet me by the stairs when you're done. Don't take too long."

They both go into their respective changing areas and Rosa takes a minute to find her locker. She almost instinctively pulls out her keys from her pocket and opens the lock, basically remembering things without realizing it.

Inside her locker she finds a crisp white short-sleeve shirt, a pair of gray uniform slacks with a black stripe on each pant leg, a belt with handcuffs and a whistle, as well as a pair of black shoes. She looks over all the parts to her uniform and sighs. Her mind is catching up with things and she has begun to remember her company going out of business as well as getting a job at the mall but she still can't believe that this is how her life has turned out. Still, she needs a pay check so she decides to go about getting dressed.

Upon finishing, she heads out of the security guard office and sees her partner waiting by the stairwell. He has his arms crossed and flexed to show off his impressive "guns". He waves her down and hands her her walkie talkie.

"Got you this just in case. What time is it?"

Rosa glances at her watch.

"Five minutes to 10. What time do we start?"

"At 10. I'm just waiting, it's about that time for the two flabby twins to come by and hit on you before they get on the elevator and ride their Segways up and down the upper level."

"Flabby twins?"

George shakes his head as he adjusts his belt and places the walkie talkie in the holder.

"Yeah, the nickname we gave the two fat security guards who patrol the upper floor Mondays. They always come by before the shift asking if you want anything and trying to make small talk. Speak of the devils..."

They look up to see Rosa's admirers waddle into sight. The two guards are both clearly younger than the 30 year old Rosa and 33 year old George, their youth showing in their double chinned faces. The short of the two, Roy, adjusts his glasses and smiles at Rosa and waves. His partner, Alex, who is about six inches taller and twenty pounds heavier rolls the sleeves up on his short sleeve shirt, revealing a tacky barbed wire tattoo. He tries to act cool while Roy talks.

"Hey George, hey Rosa. How are you doing on this I love you, er I mean, lovely day?"

Rosa stops herself from laughing in his face.

"I'm fine how are you?"

Alex goes over and tries to give George a pound but he doesn't reciprocate.

"Aight it's cool George. So, you two want anything from Cinnabon? Coffee is good in the morning and a sticky bun is always helpful for the morning walk around."
George shakes his head to say no.

"Um no, I'm set as well. Thank you for the offer but I really doubt there is anything you two could do that would be "helpful" to me or George. Adios."

Rosa and George laugh as they turn away from Alex and Roy. Both men sigh and just walk up the stairs defeated.

"Haha it's always fun when you get those two Ro. They ask every day and they still don't get the hint. It's too funny."

Rosa laughs in agreement. Moments of ridiculing them flash in her mind.

"Yes it is. It's the best part of my morning. I don't know what's worse though, their attempts to hit on me or the fact that this uniform is way too big for me. Seriously, I think you could fit in it."

As if to further her point, she sticks the waist band out several inches even with the belt pulled all the way across.

The two guards head back to the main security office and set up shop in the main viewing room. Rosa finishes off the remaining bits of her coffee and puts it in the trash. George takes a seat in one of the empty security chairs before telling the other static guards to take a break. Ross sees them sit and decides to chat them up.

"I see you two finished your sweep already, good job."

"Thanks, we try and get that finished so we can view the entire mall."

"Good thinking George", he says as he pats the lower level guard on the back.

"You have a knack for this. I'm tempted to have Alex and Roy start doing their shifts without the use of the Segway so they learn how to be as good as you but I think I'll hold off on that, at least for now. Maybe seeing you two work as hard as you do will rub off on them."

Rosa smirks at the thought of the two "flabby twins" trying to walk the mall unassisted.

"Give them a little time, they'll come around", she says before adding "And if not George and I can use the Segways hahaha."

Ross laughs at the comment and leaves, reminding them to keep up the good work.

The rest of their shift is uneventful as they mostly stare at the monitors for a bit and then hitting up the food court for lunch. Both go as healthy as they can with a salad from Sbarro while they notice that the biggest lines are for Shake Shack and Burrito World.

"Look at these people stuffing their faces like this. It's really comical how they do that and we're sitting here with salads", Rosa says as she bites into a piece of grilled chicken.

"Ha I know. Roy told me the line at Shake Shack is usually over 45 minutes long. Have to be a real sucker to wait that long for just a lard burger."

The duo continue to make jokes at other peoples expense and enjoy the rest of their lunch. They finish up and take another walk through the lower level, briefly chatting up the owner of the GNC before returning to the back.

Both security guards spend the rest of their hours watching the security feeds and making fun of shoppers and other guards to themselves before a quick dinner break; grilled chicken sub with loads of avocados for George and a veggie patty for Rosa, before they finish up for the day when the mall closes at 9pm.

They do another sweep of the lower level while Roy and Alex do so upstairs, the sounds of their motorised vehicles echoing through the now eerily quiet mall. Both Rosa and George finish up and report that all is good before going back to the dressing area and getting out of their work clothes, leaving their used uniforms in their lockers.

"Another day, another dollar", George says as he opens the door to his used BMW.

"Agreed. I'm exhausted. I think I'm going home and right to bed."

"I'd love to but I have a date with the gym. If I hurry I can get there just before 10 and get in a quick workout."

"Doesn't it close at 11?"

"Hence why it'd be a 'quick' workout" George responds as he pulls out of the parking spot.

“Good point. Well hopefully you get there in time for one. Me, I’m definitely going to bed once you drop me off.”

George nods and heads back to Rosa’s apartment.

Once there, Rosa quickly gets out of her dress clothes and into her pajamas. She hangs her old work clothes up in her closet and looks at the other fancy dress clothes and chuckles.

“Guess I won’t be wearing these for a while”, she says to herself.

Rosa closes the closet doors and gets into her bed. While she’s not completely happy with how things have worked out, she knows it could be worse.

She places her watch, eye drops, and keys on her dresser and goes back to bed. Almost as if on cue, the ruby orb begins to glow.
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Jake (JMJ)
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Rosa tosses and turns all night as she tries to get a decent amount of sleep. She wakes up several times in the middle of the night but whenever she looks at the clock it always reads 3:11 am.

After the 9th time this happens, Rosa gets up and heads to the kitchen to grab a drink. Instead of finding her usual selection of skim milk and all juice no concentrate drinks, she's a little shocked to find whole milk, regular juice and cream in the fridge. She shakes it off as a dream and just grabs the apple juice and takes a swig before heading back into her bedroom.

Finally, after seemingly waking up a hundred times, her alarm clock goes off and she knows it's time to get ready for work. She shuts off the alarm and rolls out of bed and ready to go about her day. Even though she sort of remembers waking up countless times, she still feels rather refreshed and in good spirits. Her only complaint is that her pajama bottoms seem a bit snugger than she remembers and her tank top seems rather tight, especially in the waist. She brushes this off as nothing more than her being still having to wake up fully and just hops in a shower.

After a quick shower she puts on her bra which goes on the same as she remembers but when she pulls up her panties she finds that they are getting wedged up her behind, and she is not wearing a thong.

"Ugh, did I put these in the wrong wash cycle again", she says to herself.

In reality, during the night time was essentially altered again for the Italian security guard, this time instead of a month over three months have passed and all her waking up in the middle of the night was essentially her reliving each night for the past 90+ days.

As a result of her new daily two large coffees with cream and sugar regiment, not being able to go to the gym, drinking juice with sugar in it and eating "healthy" processed foods at the mall, the former high school and college dancer has packed on just over 10 pounds (12.2 to be exact). It isn't much but her once almost visible ribs and six-pack are gone and her bottom and thighs are less firm and have just a hint more mass to them.

If anyone was watching for that they might notice but generally everyone is oblivious to this due to her constantly wearing sweats to work now and being stuck in an oversized uniform that even with the increase in weight is still several sizes too small.

She ignores the ill-fitting underwear and pulled on her still loose sweat pants before throwing on a sweat shirt and heading downstairs.

Unlike before when she woke up thinking she was heading to restart.com, this time Rosa is well aware George was coming to pick her up. She is even aware that they've been employee at the mall for a few months. Once he arrives she eagerly gets into his car and puts her seat belt on before reaching for her first cup of coffee.

"Gimme gimme" she said as she snatched the large plastic cup from her friend’s hand.

"Morning to you too", he replied as he pulled off the curb and back onto the road.

"Sorry, I just need my coffee to wake me up in the morning is all."

"I noticed. If you like it so much though you should get some in the afternoon too so you can make it through the night."

Rosa smiles at that thought.

"Why is that, so you can practice more flirting with your homely girlfriend?"

"Ha. She is homely but I'll admit she's a nice girl so I won't make fun of her too badly. Besides, I haven’t seen you turning down your free coffee.”

Rosa grins slyly.

"Ok, ok I'll stop making fun of her."

She notices that George is eating something while he drives.

"What you got there, partner?"

"Ah, well when I got the coffee today the woman at the counter told me that as part of a promotion they are selling scones with coffee for only a dollar more so I figured I'd try a blueberry one. They are pretty good, want to try a piece?"

She hesitates for a second before George puts the piece in her hand.

"Try it, it's good."

Rosa pops it into her mouth and can't believe how good the scone is. She hasn't had pastries in over three years but really enjoys this one.

"Mmm, this is pretty good. They are giving this with every coffee for only a buck more?"


"Well, I think then you'll have to get me one tomorrow along with yours. These are too good to resist. Just don't make it a habit; otherwise I'll finally fit into my uniform."

Both security guards laugh at the joke before getting to the mall. George parks the car and the two of them head out to start work. They make the
brisk walk to the back of the mall towards the security room. As they do, they hear their boss talking somewhat loudly.

"You two need to shape up a little. I mean, you guys use the Segways too much for fun, they are made for regular patrolling, not racing at night."
Alex and Roy look down at the floor as both Rosa and George walk in. They smile to one another as they watch the two heavier guards get reprimanded.

"Look at the flabby twins get ripped apart" George whispers to Rosa.

"Ha-ha yeah. Maybe now they’ll leave me alone in the morning."

The two trimmer guards go to their locker rooms to change while Ross finishes up with the other guards. Rosa puts her baggy uniform on and once again picks at the massive wedgie she has and grunts. The uniform is still baggy though so she is glad no one can see her plight. She hangs her clothes up on the hanger and heads back to the staging area, where George and Ross are both waiting.

"Hey you two, I wanted to talk to you quickly. As you saw I had to get a little stern with Alex and Roy just now."

"Gotta do what you gotta do boss."

"Yep, and if they're not gonna be team players, you have to put them in line a little", George adds as he perks up.

"I knew you two would understand" Ross says with a smile.

"Understand what?"

"Starting tomorrow I'm taking away their Segway privileges. You two are going to man them from now on. "
George and Rosa are about to protest but he stops them.

"Nope, I think you two earned it and it'll keep them in line. Maybe if they don't get to use them for a few months they'll learn to work hard and not goof off."

He turns to leave but then stops himself.

"Oh yeah, I'll be monitoring you all so don't think about leaving them somewhere. I want you two on them whenever you are out on the mall floor unless you're taking a quick break. Otherwise on them at all times, got it?"

Both Rosa and George nod their heads before leaving to start the last morning of their walking patrol for a while.

They go about their usual morning routine, walking through the mall and talking about the people they deem beneath them. They keep doing this for about an hour before the alarm on George's phone goes off.

"Ah, after 11, time for our coffee. Getting the same as usual?"

"Oh, I'll come in with you. I enjoy watching you flirt with this girl, it's funny."

They both make their way into the Dunkin Donuts and almost on cue Melanie is at the counter waiting, a big smile on her face.

"There you are, I've been waiting for you."

Rosa laughs to herself as the flirting begins.

"Well, I've been eagerly waiting to come in. How are you doin' Mel?"

Melanie laughs and watches as George goes to flex. As he does, the casual observer would note that the arms aren’t as veiny as they used to be.

Like Rosa, George too has been slacking with his diet and exercise routine. His less than half hour trips to the gym have mostly become him ordering a protein shake and then leaving without lifting any weights. His routine has not changed much otherwise, in fact he's consuming even more calories than before, all in the vein of "bulking up". This has only caused him to lose some of the "cuts" in his body and looking a little fuller in the facial region. He's still in very good shape and does a good job of flirting with the Dunkin Donuts assistant manager.

"Here are your two coffees. Oh, and by the way, these are also on the house" she says as she hands them each an Oreo donut.

"What's this Mel?"

"We saw that Starbucks is trying to compete with our entire 'coffee and a donut' special by having coffee and a scone so we figured we'd try a donut of the day deal. Every day we have a different donut. Today is Oreo. You guys enjoy them."

Rosa and George hold the donuts in each hand and give each other a 'I don't want this look', but when George sees Melanie look at him with hope he can't fight it and takes a bite before taking an even bigger bite and finishing it off. He swallows it and smiles at his "angel of java" before looking back at Rosa who hasn't eaten hers yet. George gives her his puppy eyes until she finally sucks it up and eats the donut. She puts on a fake smile and so does her partner as they wave goodbye to Melanie before heading out to finish another walk around the lower level of the mall.

"Ugh, sorry about that Ro, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I do that and it means no more coffee for us. You understand, right?"

"I guess. She better not do this every day though, I have no desire to eat a donut each morning just for free coffee."

She sips her coffee and lets out a small little burp which causes her to blush.

"Ha-ha, I totally get you. It's fine. She'll probably do this for a week and then stop. Once she stops offering them we'll be fine. Just don’t want to upset her while the going is so good, you know?

Rosa nods in agreement.

"Ok I'll let it go for now. If this keeps up though I'll just ask the flabby twins to get me coffee every morning, at least then I won't get a donut with this", she says as she holds the cup of coffee up.

"I know. They did seem to be really bummed after Ross’ little tirade So bummed that when they found they weren't getting the Segways after today they walked by us barely even saying hello."

"Probably because they know we have to use them from now on. Serves them right anyway. Maybe all the extra walking will help them get a sweat going, burn some calories. I can only imagine how many they save by riding those things all day."

The two partners head back to making their rounds and going about the regular course of their shift, making fun of shoppers and generally being their mean spirited stuck up selves. They get sandwiches from Subway from lunch instead of their usual salads and Rosa even gets a third cup of coffee from a regular coffee stand in the mall to help keep her awake. George uses that time to get a protein shake and protein bar to keep up his calorie intake before they settle on "healthy" fruit smoothies from Auntie M's for dinner.

By the time their shifts finally end they are both equally drained and George doesn't even lie about making an attempt to get in a quick work out.

"I'm totally sleeping well tonight. I can't wait to see the look on the flabby twins faces tomorrow after they had to walk the upper level only once, they'll be so winded! Maybe we should drive by them eating junk food just to rub it in even more!"

Her partner laughs and just drives her home so she can get a good night’s sleep. The second she is in her snug pajamas and hits the bed she is fast asleep and ready to dream. As she does, the amount of healthy food in her kitchen completely vanishes, replaced by cookies, chips, and other snack foods that she would have never thought to purchase before losing her job. As she sleeps, she licks her lips, the taste of fudge lingering in her mouth.
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Like before, Rosa finds herself waking up an insane amount in the middle of the night; each time seemingly at 2:37 am which of course was impossible. Of course, each time she woke up it was a different day but she was unaware of that. The first dozen times it was simply to get a glass of juice but then something happened which she never would have expected. It was on the 29th trip up when she opened the fridge for her routine glass of apple juice when she saw them sitting in there, almost taunting her.

“Huh, am I dreaming? What are they doing in here?’

She tried wiping the sleep from her eyes but even that did not remove them from her fridge. She lifted up the box and tried to make sense of the situation.

“I don’t eat Ring-Dings, why are you here”, she says out loud before putting the box back in the refrigerator.

Rosa turns to go back to bed but her stomach begins to growl loudly.

“I mean, I guess one before I fall back asleep couldn’t hurt. I can’t fall back asleep on an empty stomach.”

Rosa opens the door and pulls one out of the box and leaves the other one back in the package before heading towards her bedroom.

“Mmm, these are pretty good, I guess that’s why I put them in there” she says before hitting the pillow and falling back asleep.

However, she is back up again in what seems like an instant (in reality a day has passed) and makes her way back to the fridge. She sees the other Ring-Ding and once again goes through the process all over again, debating on whether or not to eat it. Like before she caves again and goes back to bed, only to wake up and repeat the process all over again. After a few more times, the routine starts to change. Instead of debating on whether or not to have the snack, she simply takes it and goes back to bed. After a few times doing that, she starts debating not on if she should have one, but if she should have the entire package of two. Her stomach once again decides for her and she finds herself having the two treats before going back to bed.

The routine continues to change and Rosa soon finds that she’s not even debating whether or not to have a snack when she wakes up; having it is actually something she is looking forward to. When she wakes up her stomach is already rumbling and the look on her face is pure excitement combined with the knowledge that something amazing is waiting for her. Unfortunately for her, while she may be growing to love these "midnight snacks" there is something else that is growing, namely her waistline. Each trip to the fridge seems to add more and more poundage to her body and by the time she's done this about 50 times it’s clear that her sleep wear is ill equipped to fit her anymore. Her small little belly roll is hanging over the waist band of the bottoms and a little tear has appeared in the seat of the pants exposing her strained panties. Her bra too doesn't fare much better as the straps cut into doughier shoulders and her breasts, while still not receiving much of the additional poundage have still gone up a cup size or two.

Eventually, as she wakes up one night, the pants are too much for Rosa and she decides it's time to get rid of them.

"Damn dryer shrinking my pajamas", she says as she struggles to get the pants off her softer thighs.

With one large push she finally succeeds in getting them off, albeit mostly due to them ripping and not coming off like normal clothes would. Relieved of this painful burden, she happily walks into the kitchen to have a snack, her ass jiggling freely since being released from its cotton confinement.

After going through this routine of waking up in the middle of the night for over 120 days, her alarm goes off and she is awake and ready to get to work. She sits up in the bed wearing nothing but an old t-shirt from an ex that she used to swim in; now it is only somewhat baggy on her. She scratches her much fuller behind and belches a bit, her stomach still processing the calories from last night’s dessert. Once out of the shower, the short security guard puts on a plain bra and panty set that for an instant she did not recall ever owning but that quickly fades away as she realized she was running late. A hooded sweat shirt and baggy sweats went on next as she bounded out the store and down the stairs to meet her partner.

It took her a moment to catch her breath once in the car, her physical fitness severely dampened by the past four plus months of next to no physical activity. Her outfit may have hid it but when she sat her stomach had formed two rolls and her behind thoroughly covered the seat of George's car. George smiles at her and hands her the usual, a large coffee with extra cream and four sugars to go along with her chocolate chip scone. She had long switched off the blueberry scone because it wasn't sweat enough. The former dancer had developed a serious sweat tooth and had become a big snacker at night, before sleep and during her tossing and turning.

"Thanks, partner."

"You're quite welcome partner" he responds before stuffing his second scone of the morning into his mouth.

While Rosa has been gorging herself for no real reason, George is still under the impression that he needs to have a large calorie intake each day. Unfortunately he no longer attends the gym at all, his excuse being that he can lift at home. This of course has become him going home and doing a push up or two before having a big protein shake and then a shower before heading to bed.

Being on a 15 calorie per pound of body weight diet without working out for the past few months has wreaked havoc on the would be body builders physique. Eating about 4,000 calories a day with next to no exercise at all had virtually destroyed years of hard work. He wasn't obese but all the muscles were coated under more than a small a layer of fat and each day that layer continued to grow, particularly in the stomach and chest area.

Like Rosa though, he was pretty much oblivious to the changes to his body, just as she was to her own. In fact while occasionally they'd look at one another for a moment and believe something to be off, they both more or less thought the other looked how they should have.

Rosa never thought George was getting doughy and George never thought for a second that Rosa's ass was outgrowing her pants at an alarming rate.

"So, what do you think we should taunt the flabby twins with today?"

George strokes his chin for a second while thinking of how to answer the question.

"Hmm, that's a good question Ro. What did we get them with the other day?"

“I think we had Snickers bars. They didn’t look happy”, she says as she chews on the scone, the start a double chin clearly evident on her face.

Her partner laughs.

“Ha-ha, that was fun. I guess we’ll figure it out when we get there” he says while adjusting the band of his sweat pants. The fabric is stretched tight across his larger stomach. It’s obvious that he has been over-eating for the past 8 or so months.

By the time they arrive at the mall, they’ve eaten their scones and have finished their coffee. They make their way into their office to see Ross standing by the cameras. They wave at him and he gives them a wave back.

In the 8 months since they started working there, Ross has cooled off on the duo a bit. He still views them as important assets but he very rarely calls them his “favorites” anymore.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey boss, what’s up?”

“Not much George, just checking the cameras. I don’t know if I told you, but we’re apparently getting more cameras in soon.”

“Very nice, that means we’re going to have more guards per shift?”

“Yes it does Rosa. We’ll have four people checking them out now instead of mostly just me.”

“I’m sure that means Roy and Alex will try to get that position as fast as they can” Rosa says.

“We may rotate, I’m not entirely sure yet. Well, I’ll let you two go get ready, you’re on the lower level again.”

They say goodbye to their boss and go to their respective changing rooms.

Rosa takes off her baggy outfit and hangs it in her locker before pulling out her uniform, her out of shape body on full display for any who walk in. Her thighs jostle a bit as she takes off her shoes and her belly is clearly jiggling from the movement. Even when she isn’t moving her butt still jiggles for an extra two seconds, a far cry from the once so toned and tight bottom that a quarter would bend on. She puts her shirt on first before sliding her pants over her chunky thighs and buttons them up. She tightens her belt, failing to realize that whereas before she had to pull it to the limit to keep her pants up, now she has it resting much more comfortably against her pot belly.

“This damn thing is always too loose, I don’t get how they don’t have my size. Oh well, even in this oversized thing people can still see just how good of shape I’m in” she says as she squirms a bit in the slacks.

While the outfit is still about a size or two too large she is clearly closing the gap on it becoming just right, perhaps even too small. Since she has purchased the key chains almost a year ago Rosa has put on just under 40 pounds and no longer looks like a lean and toned dancer but that of a stereotypical chubby girl in a teen comedy. Almost as if to prove a point, as she bends over to tie her shoes, her ass widens enough to show her panty outline before disappearing again when she stands up straight.

She heads off to the front of the double doors to see George on his Segway already and holding hers with his free hand.

“Here you go partner. What do we do first, taunt the twins or make a loop first? We have a lot of time before our coffee break.”

Rosa hops on the Segway and thinks.

“Well it’s 9:50 right now. How about we pick up a Mrs. Field’s and then hit them up on their walkie-talkie’s about how good it is?”

“I like it, let’s go.”

They ride over to the Mrs. Field’s cookie stand and each get a double chocolate chip cookie. George takes a big bite and moans softly as he does so.

“Lol George, you’re supposed to do that into the two way radio.”

George catches himself before beeping Roy and Alex.

“Oops, sorry Ro. It’s just that these things are so good you know?”

Rosa nods her head as she takes a big bite herself.

“They are really good. I almost feel bad for the fatties who have no self-control when it comes to having a treat every once in a while” she says, not even thinking about the fact that the two of them have frequented the cookie stand at least once a week for the past two months.

“Exactly. Oh, wait, here we go.”

Roy’s voice comes through on the walkie-talkie.

“Roy here. Hello? Hello?”

Rosa giggles before answering.

“Mhmmm, oh Roy. You need to get down here quick. Mhmmm, these cookies are so moist” she says while making exaggerated moaning.

“Yeah guys, you should totally be having one of these right now. Tell you what, cookie on me if you can get here in under two minutes. You can easily do that if you both, RUN OVER HERE!”

Both George and Rosa laugh loudly as Alex and Roy on the other end grunt in frustration before shutting off their devices.

“Haha, we got them again!”

Rosa and George exchange a high five before finishing up their treats and zooming around the lower level on their motorized vehicles for the next hour. Once 11 hits they speed over to the Dunkin Donuts.

They have become accustomed to this sugar fix and both of their bodies crave it. Rosa’s stomach grumbles and George can barely restrain himself from drooling when he walks through the door, his stomach entering first. Melanie is already waiting for them and is smiling broadly as she has the two coffees ready to go.

“Angel of java with my java. I’m a lucky guy” George says as he reaches over to grab his cup, the lower buttons on his uniform strained a bit by his growing paunch.

“Hehe, well I know you two hard working defenders of the mall need your energy! How’s it going Rosa?”

Rosa still feels superior to Melanie and just flashes a fake smile before taking a sip of her sweetened milk with just a dash of coffee.

“That we do Mel. So I hear you guys are cutting back on the donut of the month?”

“Eh, well I think we are still doing it but I think it’s going to be more like a donut of the week thing, just to make it easier on us. You guys want one? It’s Boston crème today.”

Rosa is about to nod in acceptance before George stops her.

“Actually Mel, do you think you could throw in an extra? I haven’t gotten in enough calories yet this morning” he says while giving her a wink.

She just giggles like a little kid before going to grab some donuts.

“Here you go, some extra Boston Crème. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of your calories for the morning. Besides, I do like a man with an appetite” she says all flirty.

Rosa rolls her eyes and takes the bag to leave while George genuinely blushes back at Melanie before saying goodbye and leaving, letting her get a good look at his own swollen backside. Once outside Rosa hands George the bag after taking out a donut and getting back on the Segway.

“I think I’m gonna be sick.”

“Oh come on Ro, she does so much for us, we should at least be nice to her. She’s not like the flabby twins who are just hitting on you, Melanie is sweet.”

Rosa shakes her head while biting into a donut, the rich cream filling her mouth with pleasure.

“I admit she hooks us up but come on, you really want to keep hitting on her?”

George bites into his first donut and shrugs his shoulders.

“It’s ok, it’s like a game we play. It’s all in fun and it keeps us in free donuts. I don’t see you complaining when she hands the labors of my hard work” he says before polishing off the rest of his donut and taking out his second.

She can’t argue that she does enjoy a free coffee and donut every day. Well, two apparently today as she accepts another donut from her partner.

“Alright, alright I’ll let it go. But if I catch you sleeping with her we are no longer friends!”

“Ha, that’ll be the day!”

They both laugh before finishing up their morning patrol. They break for lunch and make their way upstairs to grab a slice of pizza before watching the security monitors for a bit. George leaves Rosa for a second to hit up a newsstand for a protein bar to go along with the three candy bars he brought to work as a snack. Rosa plucks one from his bag and bites into it while watching the monitors. She is so lost in the moment that she doesn’t hear Alex and Roy walk up behind her.

“There you are, we’ve been looking for you guys. Where is George?”

“He stepped out. What do YOU two want?”

Alex, the more confident of the two goes first.

“Look Rosa, we like you guys and all and you’re cool, but you gotta stop doing this to us in the morning. It’s like we gotta get ripped from both you guys and Ross all the time.

“Yeah, it’s not right”, his partner chimes in with.

Rosa stuffs the rest of her 3 Musketeers’ bar into her eager mouth and chuckles, a snort emanating along with that laugh.

“Why should we stop? What’s wrong, you guys can’t handle a joke?”

Just as she continues to make fun of them, her partner walks in. While he is clearly no longer in shape and now looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger after spending a year eating only at all you can eat buffets, he is still much more powerful than the younger security guards and they are scared of him.

“What’s going on here?’

Roy steps back but Alex surprisingly holds his ground.

“We, we were saying that we don’t think it’s right that you guys make fun of us like that. It’s not cool. I have a breathing problem so I can’t work out as much as I’d like.”

“And what’s his problem” George says as he points to Roy.

“I, I’m just not athletic.”

Both George and Rosa laugh and struggle to not fall down and cause a scene.

“Oh, oh that’s rich. I don’t know what to tell you two. We aren’t going to stop, there is no way we’re going to sto…”

Rosa stops midsentence as she sees another coworker walk by with a bag from Shake Shack, the fast food smell hitting her nostrils and making her mouth water. George too sees the bag and he also begins to get hungry. Rosa’s head spins a bit before she gets an idea.

“Ok. I’ll tell you what. You want us to really leave you alone?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Would you do ANYTHING for that to happen?”

Roy and Alex nod.

“Good. Here’s what you boys can do. George and I, we don’t like leaving this security post for dinner. And, we all know that Shake Shack has a huge line which means we can’t get our fix. However, if you two were to go for us and get us dinner that would really help us out. And if you help us out, maybe we can help you guys out?”

Alex is intrigued while Roy is trying to figure it out.

“Help us? How?”

“Shh, let the adults talk Roy. How you gonna help us, Ro?”

Rosa’s face gets stern.

“First, never call me ‘Ro’ again. Second, we know that you guys hate us teasing you, but we also know you hate having to walk everywhere. So, maybe if you guys get us dinner every night, maybe we can talk to Ross and have him let you guys use the Segways again.”

The younger guards are still unsure.

“I don’t know, I don’t know if Ross will change his mind with that.

“Oh I think he will, I have the utmost confidence he will” she says as she gives them both a flirtatious look. While she it is much fuller her face is still very pretty and they can’t resist her charms.

“Alright, we’ll buy you dinner every day but you can’t taunt us anymore and you have to talk to Ross, deal?”


The four of them shake hands and George takes a seat.

“Oh look, it’s after 4. You two better finish your rounds quick so you can get in line to get us dinner.”

They sigh and slump their shoulders as they get ready to leave. Before they do, George calls to them.

“I’d like my chocolate shake to be an extra-large!”

“Yeah, and I want extra cheese on my burger too!”

Rosa and George laugh as their patsies leave to go get them dinner. Rosa and George give each other a high five while George eats his protein bar with his free hand.

“Good move getting them to get us dinner. Are we really going to leave them alone from now on?”

“At least at first” she says before adjusting her belt which is digging into her swollen stomach. A day of over-eating has caused it to get a little constricting.

“At first?”

“Yeah. I figure after a few dinners of Shake Shack we’ll get sick of it and tell them the deal is off. By then they’ll be so poor from those meals they’ll be thrilled we’re saving them money.”

George plops the rest of his protein bar into his mouth and lets out a little burp.

“Ha, good thinking Ro. Suckers.”

Rosa laughs again, a much larger snort coming out as well that George almost calls her out on but doesn’t for some reason. It’s almost as if she’s always done that when she’s really laughing.

“Besides, how many nights of Shake Shack can we really have before we get sick of it?”
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Rosa and George unfortunately did have the stomach to eat Shake Shack for dinner on a consistent basis as it turns out. They both figured that they'd either get sick of eating it or that Roy and Alex would try getting out of the deal but neither thing ever happened.

What they didn't know was that while Roy was a shy person he didn't go out much so he ended it saving all of his money that he earned. Therefore he had plenty of resources to spend and just dipped into his saving when his friend Alex couldn't keep footing the bill for their tormentor’s dinners.

As a result of this they were treated to double burgers, extra-large thick shakes and large greasy fries during all their shifts and greedily never once told the others to cut back on the food. If anything they were actually a bit subdued when they didn't see more food from Alex and Roy at dinner but neither one would admit it.

The days turned into weeks and then into months as the weather turned colder and all the holidays came and passed. Both spent time with their families but surprisingly were not subjected to any comments or criticisms about their changed appearances. The only comment Rosa did get was from her younger sister who wondered if the red stone on her key chain was a real ruby or not.

The combination of the holidays, work, and their new lazier lifestyles had wrecked havoc on both of their figures. No one would have believed that a year ago they had been such fit and productive members of an Internet start up company. Now it seemed as if they had spent most of their lives sitting on their growing behinds stuffing their faces.

This of course lead to a problem at work. Not that they were in trouble or close to being fired but one day George hoped on his Segway and tried to go out on a quick round of his route only to find out that the machine would not move. It seems that the 300 pound weight limit had been met and no amount of pressure on the gas was going to get it moving with him standing on it.

Ross handled the situation well (for fear of a lawsuit) and just told him that he had to get it fixed and that for the foreseeable future no one would be using a Segway. The duo laughed at this and felt that this would only embarrass the flabby twins more, oblivious to the fact that Rosa almost weighed as much as either of them and George in fact weighed much more.

14 months into their new lives and both former exercise fanatics were shells of their formers selves. As Rosa waited outside her apartment in the cold January weather she stuffed her hands in her hoodie pockets and tried to stay warm as her teeth chattered. She was both hungry and cold and wanted nothing more than to get into George's car and relax. It came as a bit of a surprise however when he pulled up in an SUV and not his usual BMW.

"New wheels George?"

Rosa struggled onto the lift bar and plopped her plump rear in the cushy seat. As she did the zipper to her hoodie pulled itself down ever so slightly.

"Well, munch, I had to. That old thing was too much of a hassle. Besides, this thing is chew, much comfier. And, it has an added bonus."

Rosa looks at him inquisitively as he just presses a button on the center console. Almost immediately, she feels a warmth spread up her chubby thigh to her well padded rear.

"Ohhhh, heated seats! Just what's needed for this chilly mornings!"

George nods.

"Well that and these."

He hands her her coffee and also a bag. In the bag is a decedant treat from their favorite bakery Kruger's. It's a triple chocolate fudge brownie with peanut butter and cookie dough.
Rosa's eyes light up as she sees what George has gotten her.

"Yum! It's like you read my mind Georgie", she replies before taking a huge bite.

"I was in the mood this morning and figured you would want one too", he responds before taking a large swig of coffee.

They sit in silence for the remainder of the car ride, he only sounds emanating from the vehicle are the sounds of Rosa gorging herself unapologetically.

Once at work, the two make their way to the back of their security office and nod at both Roy and Alex who are already there with gifts.

"Got you guys some Cinnabun for your shift. See you outside", Roy says as he makes his way to the top floor.
George greedily snatches up one of the gooey treats and stuffs it into his mouth, bits of sugar and cinammon getting caught up in the beard he has started growing the past two months. Rosa looks at her partner and just chuckles as she watches him eat, her laugh quickly turning into a snort.

"I think you missed a spot, snort snort!"

"Grr, damn beard always getting in my way!"

"That's what you get for keeping that hideous thing, don't know why you grew it out, don't you have facial hair? Eh, I have to get ready anyway", she says as she grabs her treat from the bag and munches on it while making her way to the locker room.

Once inside she opens up her locker to find her uniform waiting for her, all clean and just out of the laundry. She realizes it's been washed and sighs.

"Great, probably shrunk in the wash like usual" she says out loud.

She strips out of her tight sweat suit and into her underwear. She takes the shirt off the hanger and starts to put it on. The sleeves are very snug on her chubbier arms and it's very difficult for her to button the shirt at her stomach. Her breasts aren't much easier to close up but she finally does so. She bends over to grab the pants, exposing anyone behind her to a great view of her flabby thighs and dimpled ass. It also causes the bottom button on the shirt to come undone.

Like the shirt, the pants are a struggle as her thighs have widened to the point that they almost touch all the time. She tugs and tugs and finally gets them up to her waist. She is able to zip them up but looking down she can tell that the flap will never close.

"Just have to cover this up with the belt", she says to herself.

She finishes fitting the belt into the loops and exhales. Months of indulging have turned the once over-sized uniform into an outfit resembling a sausage casing. The once 115 pound woman has gained just over 100 pounds in the past 14 months and has become a very pear shaped security guard. She waddles out of the locker room to find her partner finishing off the last of the Cinnabuns, a smile on his own fat face.

Like Rosa, George has gorged his way to obesity, though since he was big to begin with, he carries it better. His face, fully double chinned, is always in a perpetual grin, either from being happy or from enjoying a meal. His chest, once showcased to rock hard pecks are now the home of two flabby man boobs that resemble a wet nurses. His stomach sticks out even further than this, resting over his ill fitting belt and beginning to cover his privates. Thick, tree trunk sized thighs "round out" the picture.

"I love this shit. Let's get to work!"

Rosa nods and the two of them make their way out onto the main floor, albeit much more slowly than they used to.
Their shift is at it's usual slow pace. They casually make their way through the lower level of the mall before they make it to the Dunkin Donuts where the duo get coffee and a dozen donuts that they split. This has become a daily ritual which has of course only widened them and also shown that George and Melanie are becoming close. She has finagled a way into getting his phone number and has started texting him on a daily basis. Rosa doesn't know it but the reason George has grown out his beard is because Melanie likes facial hair. More and more George has found himself becoming attracted to Melanie, something he never would have thought possible. Now he is thinking of ways to get her to hang out, though he hasn't come up with a good one yet.

They finish up their donuts and toss them out. It's just at this exact moment that when they hear a man yell in both english and spanish. Just as George turns around, a man, no more than 20, bumps right into the morbidly obese man's stomach and is sent flying. He flails his arms in an attempt to balance himself but he can't do so. His arm catches Rosa in the face and both she and her coffee fall backwards. Rosa lands with a loud thud, the full weight of her 216 pound body hitting the man in the midsection, completely taking the wind out of him and putting him down for the count. Meanwhile the coffee, which thankfully is iced coffee, spills all over the portly security guard, ruining her uniform.

"Christ! I'm filthy!"

"Stop him! Stop, oh!"

George looks over and sees an elderly gentleman, maybe in his early 60s standing there, completely out of breath.

"Thank you! Oh thank you so much! You don't know, you don't know what you just did!"

The older Hispanic gentleman puts his arm on George's arm to catch his breath.

"That, that man was trying to take everything! He stole all the money in my register and the safe! you stopped him though!"

Rosa rubs her cushiony behind with a free hand and looks over to see a brown bag still closed. She opens it up to see a several stacks of bills and an old watch.

"Ouch, bastard barely broke my fall. This your stuff mister?"

The man hurriedly takes it and upon inspecting it nods his head joyously!

"You both are heroes! I'll let everyone know how amazing you both are!"

The three of them wait as the police arrive after a few minutes. Rosa and George give their statements as the cops talk to the older man. As they talk, Ross comes up behind them and congratulates them. He glances over at both of them and at first believes that George clotheslined the suspect.

"Great job you two! Amazing work amazing! You're a credit to our force! Let me go follow up with the cops. Good job with the tackle George!"

He smiles as he walks away. George has a puzzled look on his face.

"Tackled? Guy ran into me."

Rosa just shakes her head.

"You're a big guy bud, he wouldn't be able to move you unless he trained as hard as you do."

This makes George beam with pride.

"That's right, no one can stop me!"

He begins to mockingly pose. He brings his arms up to shows off his biceps and flexes. As he does, two buttons next to his stomach pop off, revealing the undershirt that barely covers his flabby paunch.

As they joke, Ross talks to the cops who give him the real story. The cops begin laughing but Ross is none too thrilled. He believes this could be a bad PR situation if it gets out that his security guards only stop crimes because of their obesity. He thanks both cops and heads back to the 'heroes", trying to figure out how to handle this properly.

"I got the story from the cops, again, great job you two. I'm giving you both the rest of the day off. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to let you both take it easy from now on. I don't need my two favorite guards getting hurt like this! That's it, more static shifts for you!"

They both smile, thinking they just hit the jack pot. George high fives Rosa. As they do, her belt slides down enough for Ross to realize that her pants aren't buttoned and the zipper is almost completely undone. He glances over at George and realizes that his shirt is mostly unbuttoned. He shakes his head in disgust.

"Oh, and you two can leave your uniforms in the trash. I'll get you new ones after today, looks like you got enough coffee on you both to keep a poker room strung out on caffeine."

Rosa and George nod in agreement as Ross walks away. As he does, the older gentleman comes over to them, a shopping bag in each hand.

"I never got to thank you properly. My name is Jose Lopez, "I own Any Size Fits All" over there. I just opened a few months ago and this would have bankrupted me."

"I'm glad we could help", George says, trying to shake the man's hand.

"These are for you both. I am giving you lifetime free clothes. I will not take no for an answer! Anything you need, you come and you ask for me!"

He hands them each a bag.

"Sir, we can't accept this", George replies. "It's a great jesture but I think it may be illegal."

Rosa however, after looking in the bag and seeing a nice pair of velour pants, decides to disagree with George.

"Well, I mean, it's not like this is a bribe or anything, right? It's more like a reward for what we did."

"Yeah but..."

Rosa makes her way next to Geore and whispers in his ear.

"There is a lovely velour pant suit in there along with a few bras and panties. I don't know about you but my washer is trying to shrink me out of things to wear. This is a lot cheaper than me having to buy new stuff while my landlord looks into the problem with the machines."

Her partner contemplates this comment and remembers all the clothing issues he's been having. He looks at his bag and just sighs.

"Thank you, Mr. Lopez, we accept."

The weathered man smiles in relief.

"Excellent! Again, muchas gracias for the work and come in anytime when you want some new clothes, I carry all sizes!"

He walks away as both security guards stand there holding there treasures. George is still unsure but Rosa is much happier.

"Well this is some money we can save now, don't you think?"

"I still feel bad, feel like we're taking advantage of him."

"I'd agree if he didn't offer but he did. Besides, I need something more comfortable to wear anyway, my sweats shrunk too much and are constantly riding my ass. This looks like it'll be better for me. I'll be he threw in some good stuff for you too."

George looks in the bag again and notes a sweater and some sweats along with a few other things. He's happy because he wanted something nice to wear when he finally asks out Melanie. He's thinking of all the places to take her when Rosa interrupts his day dreaming.

"Well partner, since I just saved you some money, I think it's time you paid me back. And, since we have the rest of the day off, that new "All World Buffet" around the corner sounds pretty good, wouldn't you agree?"

Both of their mouths water as they think of all the food that awaits them.

"Hmm, I think that's a great idea partner, let's go."

The duo waddle back to the security office, visions of countless mounds of mashed potatoes and gravy swimming in their heads. They glance one last time out onto the lower level of the mall they've been touring for the past 14 months, neither aware that their days of being able to comfortably do so are nearly over.
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Excellent story! I look forward to more!!
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This is exciting! Ruby Ring is still one of my all time favorite weight gain stories so I'm really curious to see where this one goes. My only request is PLEASE don't cut back on Rosa's burping and farting habits, I loved that aspect. Can't wait to read more!
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Thanks. Here is the next part.

"This is just ridiculous", Ross says as he looks out at Rosa and George watching the security cameras.

Both have their eyes glued on the cameras, neither one looking around for a second. Ross has to give them credit, they take their monitoring very seriously and constantly inform the guards on the floor of any suspicious activities. Their quality of work isn't the issue to him, it's their appearences.

Since he hired them just over a year and a half ago, the duo have gone from fit, to chubby, to out and out fat. Actually, on the verge of VERY fat. The uniforms he gave them the day of their big "bust" are already too tight on them, though thankfully they aren't outside often enough for anyone to recognize them.

"How the hell did this happen", he wonders to himself.

If he paid much attention to their diets the answer would have become clearer to him. Even now, while they looked at the monitors for irregularities or suspicious activities, they were still stuffing themselves into a food coma. Between them sat two boxes of a dozen donuts, both of which were almost completely drained.

Since they had stopped the robber from making off with Mr. Lopez's money, Ross had relegated them to static detail on almost all of their shifts. The resulting complete lack of exercise had only sped up the process of their weight gain, even if George was waddling hastily on breaks to Dunkin Donuts to reload their caffeine and sugar to keep them awake. This was essentially the only physical activity he would have during the week. That short walk however was enough to make him drenched with sweat and gasping for air upon his return, needing to take a big swing from the 2 liter bottle of Pepsi he kept under his desk.

While he dreaded these little excursions, Rosa loved them. Sure, she hated the fact that George had to walk so far for their snacks (the Dunkin Donuts was no more than two stores from the security station) but those donuts were all she could think about while surveying the mall. Her mouth would water whenever she noticed someone eating anything on camera and instinctively her stomach would growl. Thankfully there was a mini fridge under the desk where the surveillance cameras were housed but no amount of soda and frozen candy bars could replace a Bavarian Creme donut (though she surely tried to with a great many bars).

Ross continued spying on them, not so much because he cared about them, but more for purposes avoiding law suits. He recently replaced the old chairs in the static office because he feared George would break the old ones. The new chairs, with a capacity to hold 500 pounds, weren't the most comfortable but thankfully they were holding up. He watched Rosa lean in, her wide hips spreading out across the seat cushion and he just shuddered. He watched George reach over to the box of donuts and promptly stuffed it into his face, bits of jelly and sugar getting all over his beard.

"Mother of God, these two are ridiculous. Thank god their shift is almost over", he mutters to himself.

Ten minutes later, it hits 6 and both George and Rosa happily rise from their chairs, both rather gingerly. They are still growing accustomed to sitting on their ever growing behinds all day as they only make the rounds one shift a week. This, along with their increased laziness has done nothing but accelerated their gains. Rosa scratches her bulging stomach and lets out a belch. George giggles and lets loose a belch of his own before wiping some of the crumbs out of his beard.

"Ah, another shift done. Good thing too, I'm starved", George says.

"I, urp, agree. I think they should allow us a longer break, one hour isn't long enough for us to make it to the food court and back. "

"That's why they pay us the big bucks haha. I will say that i can't wait to be out of this uniform though, they never fit properly", George says as he tries to adjust his slacks to keep his bulging gut from moving around too much. His stomach is now so big that the outline of his gut is visible through the pants.

'Agreed", his partner replies. She nonchalantly tries to pick her pants out of her crack but doesn't have much luck keeping it discrete.

As she does this, another coworker walks by and sees the display and just laughs. Rosa is about to say something when George breaks her concentration.


Rosa turns to face him and all thoughts of wondering what her older coworker laughed at leave her mind. Her stomach grumbles loudly in agreement even though both have been stuffing themselves all day.

"You know it. Buffet again?"

"I won't turn that place down. Come on, let's get changed and head over."

They report to their different locker rooms and get changed. Rosa puts on her yellow velour jump suit, cursing herself for washing it the other day and shrinking it. When she first received it four months ago it had been swimming on her. Now, in just a short period of time it had grown to the point that she was almost too big for it. It still fit but it was no longer comfortable.

She waddled outside, waiting for her partner to meet her. She was a sight to see, with her clothing revealing every bulge and curve she had developed. She nervously waited for George, reaching into her purse to pull out a candy bar as she waited. Her cheeks puffed up even further and her double chin jiggled happily as she devoured the Snickers bar. That double chin had grown to the point that it was there all the time no, no longer just appearing whenever she ate.

Rosa was seriously contemplating going back inside for another snack when George finally made his way outside, putting his phone in his pocket hastily.

"Er, sorry Ro. Had an important call to take."

Rosa looks at him ad even though he is now sporting a full length beard, she can tell he is blushing. She grins as she sees him struggle over to her.

"Important call huh? Is that the girl you've been seeing without telling me? Hmmm?"

She nudges him in his stomach, which in turn pops out of his sweat pants and sits on his thighs while he stands. He quickly pulls his shirt down to cover up the happy trail that has formed. When he first started working at the mall he was well maintained and made sure to get rid of all the hair on his body. Recently, however, he wasn't shaving and letting the hair grow out. It made him look more rugged.

"No, no, no. I'm um, not seeing anyone."

"Snort, ha-ha! You're such a snort bad liar Georgie! Come on, tell me, who is she?"

George blushes even more as he tries to waddle to his car faster. Rosa mockingly chases him though she can't go far before she is out of breath. The cold night, combined with his short little jostle to speed to his car only causes him to lose his wind faster and he's bent over trying to catch his breath. As he bends forward his sweats slip down exposing the top of his ass, and ass that is surprisingly wide for a man. It's clear that he's getting wide all over, not just in his midsection.

"Gasp, not, gasp, funny Ro. "

She too is bent over, her own ass stretching her pants more than most would like to see. Anyone behind her would be able to see the complete outline of her cotton panties. She struggles to a standing position and immediately wipes the sweat off her face. She's gassed.

"Just tell me. I know you want to huff. You can't keep secrets from me."

George leans forward further and as he does his phone slips out of his pocket. He tries to get it but his gut prevents him from reaching the floor. Rosa, seeing this, uses all her remaining energy to get the phone first. She sees that he has a text from an MP. It simply reads, "Let me know when you want to hang out". Rosa smiles evily, her cheeks almost as big as when she's eating.

"MP huh? Don't have anyone you're seeing huh? Come on lover boy, invite her to dinner with us! I'll even treat!"

He looks at his portly partner and just sighs. He knows he can't win this fight and decides to give in.

"Alright, alright, I'll text her and tell her to come. Hopefully that'll stop you from trying to give me a heart attack on this cold night!"

He quickly texts this woman and she responds that she'll be there.

"Happy? She's on her way."

"Great. Now that that's taken care of, let's get over there quick, I'm famished after that little workout."

They make their way to his SUV and drive over to the restaurant. The entire time, Rosa needles him more and more but he keeps his composure and tells her she'll find out when they get there. She eventually gives up her game of 21 questions and tries to get comfy in his seat. She doesn't know why, but the once roomy seat is seemingly getting more firm and less spacious than it used to be. George feels the same way about the seats but doesn't voice his opinions.

When they finally arrive, George gets a text saying his date already got them a table. Once inside, Rosa looks around to see who would potentially be George's date. A woman, probably in her early 30s, walks by and Rosa immediately thinks it's her. She's about 5-5, 120, all muscle. She sweeps her black hair out of her face and smiles at them.

"That her partner? You did good!"

"No, that's, that's not her" he responds nervously. "She's, she's over there."

Rosa squints but doesn't see anyone who matches George's typical type. As they make their way closer though, she realizes why George didn't mention her name before.

"Hey guys! I got you a table close to all the food so it'd be less time to eat!"

"You've got to be kidding me George", she whispers to him.

"Stop it, Ro. I've been with her a few times and she's great."

Melanie, the girl from Dunkin Donuts, makes her way over to them. She kisses George on the lips with a quick peck, barely able to get around his globular abdomen. As she stands next to him, they look like the number ten. She's as thin as a rail and her jeans and t-shirt only emphasize her lack of any curves. Her blond hair is in a pony tail and her glasses are too big for her face. She puts her arm around George but it doesn't make it very far.

"Very nice to see you, Melanie", Rosa says, the contempt barely masked in her voice.

Melanie however isn't really paying attention, she's just happy George is there.

"Glad to see you too Rosa. It's good we can all hang out. George just raves about how great you are and I'm glad I can see that first hand. Shall we eat?"

Neither of the security guards need to be told twice as they make their way to the buffet and begin loading up. Rosa just throws anything that looks good (which is everything) on her plate and hurriedly makes it back to her seat to dig in. George is a little different, he likes to stick to similar themes when eating. For instance, he started with meats, mostly steak, chicken, and turkey, and is going for some mashed potatoes with gravy. He avoids the pastas because he feels like they don't mesh well. He too hurries back to start eating as his stomach is growling something fierce.

"So Rosa, you shocked to see me", Melanie asks in between sips of her iced tea.

The obese Italian woman doesn't even look up from her mini feast. She's too concerned with her meal at the moment to want to be bothered and that question, well, any question, would aggravate her right now.

"I, chomp, didn't, gulp, know George, chomp, was seeing anyone gulp" she lies through bites of fried chicken. She lifts up a wing and strips it clean. "George likes to keep secrets!"

Her work partner just blushes more and he shovels a spoonful of potatoes into his mouth before slurping them down. He lets out a happy belch but quickly excuses himself around his girlfriend.

"Hehe, it's ok Georgie. For the belch and keeping this a secret. We've been talking for awhile and I finally decided to ask him out since he was too shy to do so. I'm glad I did because I've been enjoying the past few months a lot."

He nods in agreement and gives her a quick peck on the cheeks before going back to his meal.

Rosa almost cuts off her gormandizing as she sees this display of affection. She can't believe her womanizing friend has stooped to this level.

"Well he's always been shy, haven't you pal?"

He doesn't respond.

She takes a dinner roll and slathers it in butter before realizing her plate is almost empty. Annoyed, she begins to force herself out of her chair.

"I'm going to, ugh, get something else."

She is stopped by Melanie.

"It's ok, I can get that for you. You too sweetie. I'll be right back."

Rosa watches the skinny blond walk away and chomps down on her roll. Once Melanie is far enough away she begins to berate him.

"I can't believe this is who you're seeing! You feeling ok? Screw loose?" she asks while eating her roll. Bits of bread and butter fly out of her mouth. She doesn't apologize for this disgusting display.

"I knew you'd get annoyed, that's why I didn't tell you. You have to give her a chance, she's a sweetheart and I really like her."

Rosa looks at George and can see he's being honest. Still, she is unmoved.

"Great, she's a sweetheart. You're George though, king of the jungle! You don't 'date' girls, you sleep with em and move on! And you definitely don't date a girl like her!"

She looks over to see Melanie still filling their plates which makes her mouth water. She pauses for a moment to wipe the drool off her mouth before going back on the offensive.

"I don't get what you even see in her, she's all skin and bones, no curves at all. Men like guys with curves, like me. "

She points down at her breasts that are forcing the zipper on her top down, exposing a deep set of cleavage. While she is a pear, her top half has received a decent amount of her weight. She mockingly adjusts her inflated fun bags and stops, letting them jiggle for a moment before settling again on her over stuffed paunch. It's clear from this display that she isn't wearing a bra.

George, however, isn't impressed.

"Curves are great but I want something more. Mel and I are connecting on a real level. It's not about looks."

He sips on his Pepsi. Rosa is baffled.

"I'd assume it's not about looks cause she's not much of a looker! Har har har, snort."

This angers him.

"Don't talk about her like that. I love you like a sister Ro but treat her with respect or we'll have problems."

Rosa is about to make a comment but she sees the fire in his eyes and relents.

"Fine, fine. If you're happy, I'll be happy", she replies before taking a big swig of her orange soda. She lets out a loud belch before Melanie drops their plates back on the table.

"Dig in! I'm going to go back up for myself."

Both look at their re-filled plates resume pigging out. This process is repeated once more before Rosa and George finally tap out, though not before grabbing a few brownies and cookies for the ride home.

Once in the parking lot, the two engorged "rent-a-cops" struggle to make it back to the car, their bodies full and lethargic. Rosa's thighs are painfully rubbing together and George's stomach, once again released from his shirt and sweats is hanging out, though this time it is packed like a drum and not moving much. He lets out a symphony of belches to clear some space as he knows he stll has to drive.

"That, urp, was so good" Rosa says before tugging the waist band of her pants down a bit to allow her full belly room. "Eating her too much could have a devastating impact on our figures if we come here too much!"

George laughs but Melanie is almost confused by the comment before she too laughs.

"Ha-ha, I get it. Well, it was a great time tonight, I mean that. Maybe we can do this again tomorrow? I work later but this place is open till midnight so that should give us plenty of time, no?"

Rosa is about to respond when George answers for them.

"Of course we can do it again. I'll text you when I get home babe."

He goes to lean in for a kiss but she stops him and instead goes on his side and kisses him.

"See you tomorrow. Nite Ro!"

Melanie makes her way back to her car as Rosa and George watch her leave.

"See? She's nice, right?"

"I never said she wasn't nice. I still don't get how you're with her but that's your business pal. I won't object."

The short Italian woman pats her partner on the back and continues walking to his car.

"I'm glad you feel that way. Now, a little ice cream for a night cap?"

She ponders the question for a moment.

"Nah, I got a nice gallon of rocky road waiting for me at home. I'll take a rain check though."

"Sure sure. I'm just happy that you two got along tonight. I'm thinking this is the start of a beautiful relationship."

Rosa nods in agreement as George takes her home. By the time she gets there she's once again famished and even the flight of stairs to her apartment goes by quickly as she prepares for the ice cream waiting in her freezer. Her velour suit comes off (with a struggle) and she makes her way to the fridge. She pulls the ice cream out of the freezer and opens it up. She lets out a small fart to clear some more room after dinner and fans it out behind her. She brings the ice cream to her bedroom and plops down in the bed.

As she sits there in just a t-shirt and panties, her stomach rolls out into her lap and stays there as she finishes the entire gallon. Filling her stomach allows her to relax and brings much joy to her. She puts the empty gallon on the night stand and lets out another loud belch before laying in the bed.

As she lays there her mind is still struggling with the fact that George has started dating Melanie. What's worse, she's still single and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

"Stupid jerk, finding someone and leaving me out to dry", she says before closing her eyes. She rolls over in the bed, wide ass stretching out the cotton even further. "Hope I meet someone soon, this being single sucks", she mutters to herself before falling fast asleep.

Her key chain begins to move on the dresser.
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Sorry for the delay, here is the next part.

"This sucks", Rosa said as she sipped on her milkshake. "These cabs are never on time."

She looked out in the parking lot for her ride but the driver had not appeared. This was the third time already this week they had been late and it infuriated her to no end.

"All George's fault anyway. He and Melanie just had to go away and leave me here", she protested as she angrily slurps her shake.

Admittedly, she was aware of their vacation plans for almost a month and she hadn’t been that upset when she first heard the news. In truth her frustration was with the fact that she was all alone (and that her car service was taking forever) and that didn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

What made it worse wasn’t just that George was gone, it was that him being gone meant Ross had to shuffle up his pairings. At first, Rosa just assumed she’d either be working with Ross or alone, for him not liking to break up other pairings. However, he flat out told her on day one of George’s two week vacation that she would be working with Roy.

This statement annoyed her to no end. Not only was Roy someone she found annoying, but he also tried to flirt with her to no end. Sure, she understood why he would; she looked great, even though she admittedly knew she had put on a few pounds since working this job, and that she was out of his league. He, the nerd with glasses, a sagging pot belly and greasy black hair.
Rosa was disgusted that she had to sit next to him.

Granted, sitting next to him for hours a day wasn’t as bad as she had initially envisioned it. The first day he had made so many stupid corny jokes that she seriously considered quitting on the spot. He totally redeemed himself the next day however when he brought in Taco Bell for breakfast.

At first, Rosa thought it was all food for him. When he sat down and only took out one Grande Scrambler Combo and left the rest of the bag in front of her, she knew what he had done.

“Trying to suck up to me, huh?”

Roy blushed and nervously fumbled for a response.

“I uh, no. I uh, I just saw that George usually got you breakfast and figured since we’re partners for the next two weeks that I would, I would.”

“Ha-ha, partners? We’re just co-workers pal”, she replied before chomping down on a breakfast crunch wrap. “George and I are also, chomp, you know, chew, friends.”

Rosa stuffs the rest of the wrap into her mouth and reaches in to the bag to find that it is overflowing with treats. She happily takes the paper off of a cheesy burrito and goes to work on eating it.

“No, no, I know, I’m just, you know, trying, to, uh, be friendly”, he responds nervously. The sweat is dripping down his face already.

“Is that so? As much as it pains me to admit this”, she paused to cram the rest of the burrito into her mouth. “You are off to a good start. I, burpppppp, hate starting the day on an empty stomach. Maybe”, she reaches into the bag for her third breakfast item, this time a breakfast quesadilla, “ I misjudged you.”

Roy watches her cram this into her mouth as well and his heart beat rises. Is she really being nice to him?

“Do, do you mean that?”

“Mhm, urp. You did get us dinner for a few months and only stopped when Ross put you back on the Segways. You honored your end of the bargain so maybe you’re not as bad as I thought.”

He watches her reach into the bag for yet ANOTHER item, a second cheesy buritto. This bite gets bits of cheese all over the front of her uniform, which already has some stains from items that haven’t come out in the wash. She wipes the grease and other food stuffs on her pant leg and lets out a loud belch. She excuses herself and resumes her gluttony.

“Good, good to hear that Rosa. And I’m glad you’re enjoying your breakfast. I, I didn’t know what to buy so I took a shot on fast food since I heard you love fast food.”

She is too busy gorging herself to truly hear his words.

It’s several minutes before she has completely emptied the bag and is partially full. She lets out an even louder belch than before and just smiles; pleasantly content.

Roy smiles nervously and goes back to work.

Things changed after that day. Roy, in an attempt to really get in good with her, began bringing her breakfast every day as well as getting her lunch as well. He even made the trips to Dunkin Donuts when she mentioned she missed her usual coffee and sugar rush. Rosa wasn’t even trying to be demanding most of the time, it was just that whatever she asked for, Roy, trying to curry favor, would do it.

She smiles as she thinks back to the past few days and how amicable and nice he has been to her, surprising her with how much she doesn’t hate him. She takes another pull of her extra-large shake and shuffles over to bench and plops her pillowy bottom on it to take some stress off her knees. Her hips flatten out to cover more than half of the wooden bench and her thighs themselves to allow her stomach more room. She shifts a bit to get more comfortable and as she does the waist band of her pants slides under her full belly and puts her stretch mark covered abdomen on full display.

She pays this no mind as she returns to her shake and gets ready to call again when a Roy walks by.

"Hey, Rosa. You ok?"

Rosa looks up from her phone and sighs.

“Obviously not otherwise I wouldn't be sitting her" she responds before taking another hearty pull from the straw.

"I'm, I'm sorry. I came out for fresh air and saw you sitting here and figured I'd ask if you were ok. Guess you want to be left alone. See ya tomorrow.

Rosa waves goodbye to him as she makes a call to the cab company. Roy takes a few steps towards the parking lot but hears her plight and turns back around.

"What, urp, what do you mean he was already here? That's bullshit I've been out here almost half an hour and he never showed up! Oh really? Well screw you too!”

"Erm, Rosa?”

Rosa, who’s face is beat red from all the yelling, looks up in anger.

“What! Oh, sorry Roy. It’s just the damn cab company isn’t coming now apparently. This is why I wish I still had my car.”

She had sold it the month after restart.com had folded due to the fact that George was always driving her to and from work. That decision now seemed like a bad move.

“I can tell. I um, I mean, I know you probably don’t want one, but I could um, give you a ride if you like?”

He sheepishly looks down at his feet as he asks this question.

Rosa looks up at him and watches him and all of his nervous twitches. He looks so sad in his tight jeans and undersized shirt. Rosa, the once proud gymnast who would make fun of overweight losers like him, actually feels bad for him. He fidgets with his feet as he awaits her response.

“Don’t you live like on the other side of town?”

“No, you’re not really out of the way. All that would happen is, I’d um, I’d miss the beginning of this documentary on George Lucas”, he replies nervously.

“I don’t even know who that is. He famous?”

He is dumfounded by that response.

“George Lucas invented Star Wars.”

Now she is dumfounded.

“Never watched it. Too nerdy for me. Anyway, if you really don’t mind taking me home I’d appreciate it.”

“Sure, sure thing. I’ll go get my truck.”

He leaves her alone to go get his car. Rosa pays him no mind as she gets back to her shake which is almost finished. She slurps the last of it down and groans in frustration.

“Shit, I should have gotten a Kit Kat too, these shakes are never filling.”

She tosses the container in the nearby trash. When she looks back, she sees a brand new Ford F-250 Super Truck in front of her with Roy in the driver’s seat.

“Hop in.”

She stares at him in disbelief and slowly gets up, her knees protesting the sudden movement. They complain even more after it takes her a few minutes to get in, her dimpled thighs are rubbing together too much for her to get in without effort. She’s a sweaty mess by the time she gets in.

“Here, let me help.”

He presses a button on the center console and immediately she feels a cool rush of air on her backside.

“Ventilated seats. Had to get these custom.”

Rosa is very impressed. This car on average costs over 40k and that’s before the custom features.

“Is this your parent’s car?”

He laughs.

“Nah, it’s mine. I just saved up a lot of money over the years. I don’t do much so anything I get from my checks I save. I’m a loser, I know” he says while laughing nervously.

“Oh, ok. Well, that’s good then I guess. This car, while tougher to get in, is definitely nicer and more comfortable than George's car. Anyway, I live off of the…”

Before she can finish, her stomach grumbles loudly.

“Urp, sorry about that. Didn’t have much to eat today so I’m hungry. This is just around the time George and I would grab a bite. It’s ok, I can always order in when I get back.”

She shifts in her chair and this causes her breasts, which are already on the verge of popping out of her under manned t-shirt to bulge out further. Roy notices this and immediately presses his legs together to hide his arousal.

“Oh, um, there is a good Italian place around here that we could go to. It’s not really on the way but the food is really good and the portion sizes are pretty generous.”

The thought of good Italian food elicits a slight moan from her.

“Well, I do like Italian food.”

Roy nods his agreement and brings the car to their destination. The restaurant is on the corner and to Rosa it looks like a hole in the wall. She struggles out of the truck again and gasps in relief once her stubby legs hit the concrete. Roy helps her steady herself and leads her inside.

The smells hit her nostrils and she feels vindication for trusting his judgment. He leads her to a table, and she plops down. The chair is rather roomy and she is grateful that unlike other places, there are no arm rests. He takes a seat across from her and doesn’t bother opening a menu.

“They have great ravioli here. I’ll order us some.”

The waitress comes by and tries to take their order.

“Good evening. Would you two like to start off with drinks?”

"Yes, I'll have cherry coke and an order of the ravioli. "

"And for the lady?"

"I'll take a cherry coke as well. I'd like the ravioli, the chicken a la vodka, and the veal parmesan. Oh, and please bring some bread out. And fried calamari and mozzarella sticks as apps. Thanks."

The waitress is taken a back at the size of the order but writes it down anyway.

"Ok, I'll be back with your drinks and food."

Roy is also taken a back even though he knows first hand just how much she can eat.

"Glad you're hungry, it stinks when women go to a place like this and only order a salad."

"I haven't eaten much today so a salad wasn't going to fill me up", she replies, her stomach still rumbling audibly in agreement.

"Here are your drinks and bread. I'll be back with the apps in a second."

From there, Roy witnesses a feat of gluttony he could not have imagined. He is able to take one mozzarella stick but the other five are quickly devoured by Rosa in rapid succession. She turns her attention to her bread and barely pays attention to Roy's small talk. He is sprouting some nonsense about Star Wars being better than Star Trek but her focus is on the fact that there isn't much calamari left and their food isn't out.

"Urp, where is the waitress? Food should, urp, be here by now."

She dips a tentacle in the sauce and slurps it down whole.

"How can they keep hungry, chomp, people waiting?"

"It will be out soon, they are pretty quick."

Rosa taps the floor impatiently with her foot, the vibrations causing her belly to jiggle underneath the table.

After what seems like an eternity (really only fifteen minutes), the food comes out. Her eyes light up with joy as she sees all the food brought down and put in front of her. She doesn't even waste time letting it cool off, she picks up her fork and digs in. Each bite brings her more and more pleasure as she gluts herself to her hearts content. She switches between each dish, enjoying mixing the different tastes that each dish provides her.

"And that's why I think I could be a Jedi", Roy says with a mouth full of ravioli.

"Mhm, yeah", Rosa replies while taking a big forkful of veal parm.

The duo sit there for roughly an hour before Rosa is finished with her meal. Roy is done eating, he's stuffed. Rosa however is still hungry.

"You, belch, you gonna finish that" she asks hopefully while looking at the two last pieces of dough on his plate.

"Um, no. You can have them."

He goes to put them on her plate but she decides she's going to lean in and do it herself. Unfortnuately, she misjudges her girth. As she leans in, her stomach bumps into the table first and causes her soda to go flying off the table and all over her shirt and pants. The coke immediately stains the velour suit and Rosa is soaked.

"Son of a bitch" she yells before popping the two ravioli into her mouth.

The waitress comes rushing over.

"Are you ok miss? I heard you yell."

"I'm fine, but you really need to work on the size of your tables. Had that been a hot plate, I could have gotten really hurt!"

She points to the table height but makes no mention or motion of her over-inflated paunch.

"It's a hazard!"

The waitress looks at her and then Roy. Roy nods in agreement.

"You, you should give her something to make up for this accident."

Annoyed, the waitress just grunts.

"Ugh, fine. Did you enjoy your veal?"

Rosa nods.

"I'll be right back then."

She picks up all the plates and leaves. She returns a few minutes later with the check and what appears to be a hero wrapped in tin foil.

"Here, it's a veal parm sub. I'm sorry again for what happened. Enjoy the rest of your night."

Rosa takes the sandwich and forces her self up, careful to avoid the table. Her stomach pops out over the waist band of her skin tight pants, the once tan flesh losing some of it's luster due to lack of sunlight. She lets out a chorus of burps to relieve some of the pressure on her midsection before making her way to Roy's car. Leaves a generous tip and follows his temporary partner out.

As she waddles away, Roy can't help but notice that the seat of her pants has a small but noticeable tear, exposing portions of her rear and a bit of white from her panties. She is oblivious to this and just tugs on the back of her pants to remove the obvious wedgie. Roy quickly runs up to cover her with his own girth and opens the door.
She again has problems getting into the car but eventually makes her way in. He hears her wheezing and panting from the effort, it reminding him that she was once half his size; now she outweighs him by a few dozen pounds. She is red faced and wipes sweat off of her pudgy face.

"Thanks, gasp, thanks for the meal. That food was really, pant, good!"

"I'm glad you liked it. It's much better than that buffet you guys go to. My thinking is, why force yourself to get up constantly when you can spend it actually enjoying the food? That's my excuse for this anyway" as he points to his stomach.

He chuckles at his own joke. After a few seconds, Rosa gets the joke and she too starts to laugh.

"Ha-ha, snort. That was a good one Roy, pant."

They laugh their way back to her apartment. Roy is very glad she has been nice to him, he still has a huge crush on her even with her growing weight.

"This you?"

"Yep, that's me. Thank you again for tonight Roy, dinner was really good."

"No, no problem Rosa, he says as he blushes. "If, if you want, I can, I can pick you up tomorrow for work."

She thinks about it for a second.

"Sure, I'll be waiting. Just don't forget breakfast."

Roy laughs. Rosa is not laughing.

"I'm serious. George always has breakfast waiting for me when he pulls up."

"Oh. I can do that then, no problem."

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow, Roy."

"Night, Ro. I mean, Rosa."

She looks at him for a second. A bad word is about to come out but she looks at the sandwich in her hand and her heart lifts.

"He's been nice to you, be nice back", a voice in her head tells her.

"You can call me Ro, Roy. Night."

He smiles and watches her make her way out of the truck. As she does, he realizes that the rip in her pants has spread. Her entire ass is on display. He watches each flabby cheek jiggle and jostle as her thighs smash together as she slowly waddles to the door. He can't believe how fat she has gotten, nor can he believe that he is still turned on by her. He looks down at his swelling member and sighs.

"Guess I know what I'll be doing when I get home", he says to himself before driving away.

Rosa makes her way back into her apartment without incident. She tosses the ruined (and ripped) pants in the trash and removes her shirt and top.

"Well, these are ruined. I'll have to talk to Mr. Lopez about some new ones tomorrow."

She puts the sandwich in the fridge and pulls out a box of chocolate pop-ems. She bites into one and just stands next to the counter, finishing off the sugary treats. As she stands there, in just her bra and panties, the sheer amount of weight she has gained is on full display.

At over 300 pounds, Rosa is no longer voluptuous, chunky, or even fat. She's now VERY fat. Her face is a combination of chipmunk cheeks and jowls that are starting to cover her neck. Her shoulders are blubbery and lead to arms that jiggle long after she brings a pop-em to her mouth. Her breasts, though not the main beneficiary of her gain have also gone up several cup sizes, overflowing a bra that has seen better days.

Her stretch marked paunch sags over the waist band of her over-stretched panties and covers the top of her vulva, creating a nice "FUPA". She shifts slightly, causing it to bob up and slap the top of her thighs; thighs that now meet almost at the knee. Due to her being short, Rosa resembles a weeble-wobble. As she turns to head back to the bedroom, her hips roll in unison with each step, her ass checks bobbing and bouncing together, creating a small "twap" with each step. The former dancer has gone full hog and is showing no signs of slowing down.

"Urp, nice little snack. I'll have to tell George that while he was away I found something even more fun than the buffet."

She puts her keys on the dresser. She doesn't bother washing up, she just collapses in the bed, bits of donut on her face. She closes her eyes and thinks back to Roy's joke.

"Snort, that was a good joke. Maybe he's not such a loser as I once thought."

She laughs some more at the younger guards joke and passes out into a food coma. Her key chain glows eerily, lighting up the room as she drifts to sleep.
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Champ has said some nice things

Excellent chapter, I like where this is going!
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