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Default Weight Gain Epiphany - by FANedfox (~BBW, Stuffing, ~MWG)

~BHM, Stuffing, ~MWG – with her husband retired from the service his wife lets him fulfill her FFA dream

Weight Gain Epiphany
by Fanedfox

[Editor's note: one of two variations by the same author on a similar premise. The other version is here]

I had worked out, jogged for years. I finally was finished with my reserve (military) obligation and I was trying to decide how much I should continue to work out and jog.

I had started to eat more; I now had ice cream with toppings instead of low fat yogurt for dessert; I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on large pieces of "artisan" breads; I also started to drink whole milk and use butter instead of margarine. I, of course, started to put on weight. Not a whole lot, but I went from one ninety pounds to just over two hundred. I got a bit of a belly (38 inches to 40 inch waist) my ass got bigger and my thighs too seemed rounder. I still jogged every morning.

I worked hard at keeping my subtle weight gain from my wife. She is a BBW and I did not want to trigger any kind of weight loss in her or her to be concerned with my weight. I always "sucked in" my modest belly and tried to time being in the bathroom in my briefs when she wasn't there. Though she did notice I was eating more at meal times. That was another of my pet peeves being in the service and watching my weight, I never could eat until I was full.

One morning, while jogging I fell. I had stepped into a pot hole I did not see and came down hard. I had broken my ankle pretty badly. I managed to hobble home, Katie, my wife took me to the emergency room. They set my ankle, casted it, etc. I now would be off my feet for six to eight weeks.

Katie was very sympathetic toward my new situation. She waited on me and was very indulgent of my appetite. I could not wear any trousers because of the cast and arranged to work from home. I was self- employed so that was not a problem at all.

Once the initial discomfort from the break passed, I really started to enjoy myself. I would get up take a shower with the water proof cast one. Dry off, shave and pull on a pair of my bikini brief under wear and a t-shirt and go into the kitchen.

Katie would fix me a big breakfast, anything I wanted and usually way too much of it too. So under her watchful eye I would stuff myself. Katie would clean up and then go to work. I would go to our office area and start working myself. I would snack on some pastries or cookies, then fix myself at least a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pound those down with a big glass of whole milk. I would work during the afternoon, with more snacking and then Katie would come home and fix a big, heavy dinner of us.

This routine went on for weeks and of course, I gained weight. I was not really paying any attention to my weight during my convalescence (too busy stuffing myself). Katie, if she did notice, did not say a word about it either.

Finally the day came when the cast would come off. We went to the doctor's office and the cast was removed. They did a check up on me and I had to be weighed, I stepped on the scale and in banged up to well over two hundred pounds. The nurse adjusted the weights and giggled, "Nat you were at two hundred and five pounds eight weeks ago, you are now at two hundred and thirty pounds!"

I blushed, "I guess I will have to start jogging again."

The nurse agreed and we left with instructions to take it easy starting to jog again.

We got in the car to leave and I said to Katie, "Hey babe, sorry I made such a pig of myself these last few weeks! I will start running again tomorrow okay?"

Katie smiled at me, "Nat honey, don't apologize to me, you have run and worked out for years to stay in shape for the military, you deserved to enjoy yourself when you were hurt. Nat, let me take you out to dinner tonight, now that you can walk again."

"That would be wonderful, I have been in the house for weeks!"

We got home and I went upstairs to get dressed. What a shock, even my brief underwear barely fit! I found a shirt that at least covered my belly (now forty six inches) but I could not get any pants over my ass! Katie came in our bedroom, giggled, "Nat, honey just wear the sweats, we can go to the buffet, they don't care what you wear there."

"Thanks Honey, I did not realize how big I have gotten since I never got dressed with the cast on."

We go to the buffet and started to fill our trays. I was getting a salad and vegetables instead of my usual comfort foods. Katie poked my butt, "Nat, go ahead and enjoy yourself, you are going to start running again tomorrow."

I agreed and filled my tray with plates of macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, pastas and rich sauces. I ate four plates , then three desserts, not to mention beers. I sat back in my chair rubbing my engorged belly (now forty eight inches).

Katie giggled, "Shall I drive home Nat, honey?"

"Burp, please honey I'm afraid I made a pig of myself."

"Oh Nat you did not, you just had a nice, big meal, don't be so hard on yourself!" Katie mocked scolding me.

We got home and got ready for bed. I stood in front of mirror sticking out my now huge belly, I really could pass for being pregnant, my gut was bulging out so far, I could not stop running my hands over my huge orb!

The next morning I got up late (ate too much last night!), Katie had an early meeting. I used the bathroom and started getting my running stuff on. I pulled on my running brief, now obscenely too tight. The running shorts were wicked tight too. My shirt did not cover my belly, I felt like a sausage squeezed into a case, but oddly I was a little turned on by my predicament.

I started my old exercise routine, but what a surprise, with my new belly I could only do ten sit ups! I barely did five push- ups and I was totally winded even from that pathetic effort. I stretched, my ankle was a little tight, and I had a hard time touching (trying) my toes. I went outside and started to run.

What a disaster! I had gone two blocks, but I was sweating up a storm! My belly and fat ass were bouncing up and down with every step. My fat thighs were rubbing together, causing my tight short to bunch up, digging into my thighs. I stopped, panting, I caught my breath. I started to waddle (shorts were digging in) back to the house, feeling disgusted, sorry for myself and turned on!

Katie had left everything for me to make myself breakfast and she left of ton of food. I think she knew what was going to happen. I just started to eat and eat and eat. For two hours I gorged myself on anything I could get in my mouth! It felt fantastic!

I staggered into the family room and eased my engorged body onto the couch and passed out. I finally woke up from my stupor around one o'clock. I struggled to sit up feeling my belly being cut into by the running shorts. I managed to stand up and pulled them off, my engorged belly bulged over the waist band of the running brief. I staggered/waddled into the kitchen and cleaned up my mess. I started to get hungry again, but not wanting to mess up the kitchen fixing myself mac and cheese or some other comfort food, I had a brilliant idea, order pizza!

I called and ordered a large peperoni with extra cheese, cinnamon sticks with frosting and a liter of root beer. I struggled to pull back on the obscenely tight shorts to answer the door with some modesty. The driver a cute plump young woman giggled when I opened the door, I paid her with a generous tip, she giggled, "Enjoy sir!"

Waddled to the dining room table and plopped down my gorge, gleefully I laid into the pizza, devouring eight, rich cheesy, greasy slices in a half hour all the while swilling down the liter of root beer. The cinnamon sticks and the frosting topped off my engorged stomach. I slouched back in the chair, my engorged belly sticking up against the table. I patted my belly, it was firm and round.

I struggled to my feet half staggered half waddled to the bathroom to check out how big my belly was in the mirror. It was awesome! I could not believe how far my belly bulged out in front of me. Looking down it looked like it sticking out over a foot in front of me! I wrapped my arms around by belly and hefted it. It barely budged I was so stuffed. The feeling of being so full was almost overwhelming! I could not believe how aroused I felt, being so stuffed staring at and caressing my bloated abdomen.

I finally regained (pun intended) some rational thought and cleaned the wrappers, etc. off the table. I did not feel like working. I was so full/stuffed that sitting was uncomfortable and I was even a little short of breath! I waddled into the family room, thinking, "I really should take a shower and get cleaned up but I want to lie down for a few minutes before going up to the bedroom."

I sat down gingerly and tried to swing my legs up onto the couch, but it was too much for my straining running shorts, my fat butt and thighs tore right out of them. I just lay down and of course fell asleep again.

Around five o'clock Katie got home. "Nat I'm home!"

I woke up and struggled to sit up, I did, given I had digested the gorge.

"I'm in here honey!" I called.

Katie came in and immediately saw my still bloated belly. "Oh my goodness, Nat what have you been doing?"

"I'm sorry honey, I tried running this morning and barely got two blocks, I was so winded carrying all these extra pounds. I got really upset and unfortunately I turned to eating to calm down, I guess I got carried away."

"Oh Honey, I'm sorry, I took too good a care of you while you were hurt and you put on so much weight."

"Katie, don't apologize, babe. I was starting to eat more even before I fell. I was so tried of having to watch my weight, I just wanted to enjoy myself. It is totally my fault, I could have stopped indulging myself anytime."

Katie sat down next to me. "So what do you want to do, lose weight?"

Katie thought, "I hope not! He will be miserable trying to diet off all this weight, he really looks pretty good with a nice big belly too!"

I answered, "Katie, this is going to sound really, really weird, but I really don't want to lose weight."

"Really, Nat?" blurted Katie.

"To tell you the truth, honey, I have always had a little fantasy about getting a really big fat belly. I have been getting so turned on looking at this (I patted my belly) in the mirror, I don't want it to get any smaller!"

"Nat honey, that is fine with me, you don't have to lose any weight for me. You have been so supportive of my figure, you have never complained about how much weight I have put on since we have been married."

She giggled, "So Nat, what do you want to do for dinner?" She poked my huge belly.

"OOH, can we go out for dinner?" I asked.

Katie giggled again, "You really don't want to lose any weight at all do you?"

I patted my belly, "Actually honey, I would not mind if this got even bigger!"

Katie's eyes widened and started giggling, "Nat I want to measure your belly. I want to see how big you've gotten."

She helped me up teasing me that I used to help her up off the couch. I waddled upstairs with Katie behind me poking my fat bottom cheeks virtually bursting out of my nearly ruined jogging brief. We went into the bathroom and Katie got out a measuring tape and wrapped it around my waist. She shrieked, "Nat you are forty nine inches around!"

"Really! Wow, that means I have added nearly a foot to my waist!"

"Nat, why don't you take a shower, while I try to find something for you to wear to dinner."

I got in the shower and lathered up. I could not believe how big my belly had become! I hefted it and felt it jiggle. I was so soft now, it seemed like every move I made some part of me shook! I toweled off lifting my belly up with the towel. I was struggling into a pair of briefs and when Katie came in. "Nat honey, try on these pants for me, dearest."

She handed me a pair of pants, I looked at the label, they were size fifty! The pants fit! I patted my belly, "Wow Katie, I can't believe how fat I am! Size fifty pants, Oh I am huge!"

Katie hugged me squeezing my fat butt, thinking to herself, "Not fat enough Nat!"

"You're not fat Nat you look great dear." She cooed.

I asked, "Where are we going to dinner?"

She giggled, "Angelos!"

I should have known, short of the buffet, the best place in town to totally pig out and get stuffed!

We arrived at the restaurant. Katie was dressed in a short black dress, which was too tight for her own expanding figure. I loved the look of her bottom and belly both pressing against the material of the dress as she walked, her bottom cheeks bouncing up and down. She knew that I loved to watch her eat too.

We were seated at a table not far from the kitchen, though not too close to be annoying. We immediately ordered a bottle of wine, then appetizers, bread sticks and olive oil. I ordered the alfredo and linguini and Katie ordered a lasagna, triple decker.

We ate for several minutes .

"Nat honey this is so good, I love coming here to eat! The food is so good and there is so much of it too!"

"I know babe and now for the first time in years I can eat all I want and not worry about my weight!"

Katie started to cry.

"Honey what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Katie, sniffed, "Oh Nat I just thought how much you have sacrificed serving in the military. I don't think I ever thought about you having to be so careful about what and how much you ate! Nat promise me you will eat all you want! I want you to eat all you can at every meal and totally indulge yourself, you deserve it so much!"

"Wow", I thought "This is fantastic, Katie wants me to totally stuff myself, I will get huge!"

"But Katie, I will get really, really fat if I eat like that. Will you mind me being absolutely huge!"

Katie looked at me tears in her eyes, then she smiled, "Nat I have wanted to fatten you up for years, since we first dated! I know I have gained a lot of weight over the years and I do know how much you appreciate my figure. So Nat, dearest, now it's my turn to fatten you up!"

I started to cry a bit. I looked at Katie, smiled, patted my belly, "Babe, I am going to eat tonight like I have never eaten before!" I put a large bite of linguini in my mouth, then another and another. I finished that plate and another one was soon brought out. (We knew the owners pretty well and Katie had told the occasion for our dinner.) I ate that, several glasses of wine and cheese cake for desert. Katie too indulged, nearly distending her belly.

It was nearly nine thirty when we were both finally sated with rich heavy food. Our bellies was now round, packed orbs, sticking out from our bodies. Katie's dress was lifting up, clinging to her bloated belly. The waist band of my pants was cutting into my own bulge. We were both a little drunk from all the wine we drank. Our friend at Angelo's called us a cab.

We got home, paid the cab and staggered/waddled into the house. We were quite a sight staggering up the stairs, both of us with huge, round, engorged bellies. We went right to our bedroom and started to disrobe each other. Standing by the bed with our bulging bellies touching, we were both so turned on we fell onto the bed for the best lovemaking since I started to get fat.

The next morning I lay in bed Katie was caressing by belly. "Nat are you hungry dearest?"

I chuckled and patted my belly, "Babe, I am pretty much hungry all the time, now!"

She patted my belly again, making it jiggle, "Lie right here, I am going to fix you a massive breakfast feast!"

Katie went downstairs. I lay in bed running my hands over my huge belly. I got turned on thinking about gaining even more weight and being able to eat all I wanted. By the time Katie carried a huge tray of breakfast food into our bedroom, I was so turned on I wanted to gorge myself.

Katie giggled looking at me lying in bed with my belly sticking up in the air, "Wow somebody looks very hungry!"

She too got aroused. She set the tray down, grabbed a plate and held it near my mouth and started to shovel food into me! Food nearly poured into me! I just chewed and swallowed as fast as I could, greedily opening my mouth for more.

Finally the tray was covered in empty plates, glasses and bowls. I was engorged! My belly was hard as a rock, crammed with rich, heavy food. I lay in bed caressing my engorged belly. "Katie honey help me up! I want to weigh myself and measure how big my waist has gotten!"

I hefted myself off the bed and with Katie's help, I waddled into the bathroom. I stepped on the scale and the digital read out came to 240 lbs!

Katie shrieked, "Nat honey you're awesome! Let me measure your tummy!" She wrapped the measuring tap around my belly across my belly button.

"Nat oh my honey your tummy is fifty-two inches around!" I patted my belly, "Katie I can't believe how good this feels, I love being this fat!"

I waddled back to the bedroom, I was thinking how much I loved gaining weight. I had worked out for so long, that I never thought about gaining weight. I always had to stay in shape. Now after indulging for weeks, the eating and the resulting weight gain, the joy of gorging myself eating all I want until I feel like I am going to burst, I have been so turned on. I don't want to stop eating!

Katie and I had been checking out weight gain websites, like Fantasy Feeder and some weight gain blogs, too. We also liked to "surf" through "Youtube" checking out bingeing and weight gain videos. I started to think of how I wanted to spend the rest of my life!

"Katie, babe."

"Yes Nat honey."

"I want to ask you a question, dear".

"What Nat?"

"Honey, I want to become your feedee! Would you do that for me? I want you to fatten me up until I am absolutely huge!"

Katie stared at me, she was thinking, "Oh my, Nat's wants to become a "feedee"! This is my wildest sexual fantasy coming true! I can stuff Nat day in and day out until he is enormous and then feed him even more! I am getting so turned on right now!""

Nat, are your sure you want to do this? You really want to get hugely fat for me?" She was crying now. I waddled up to her and pushed my belly against her belly.

"Katie I want to get massively huge and fat for both of us!"

"Oh Nat this is unbelievable. When can I start feeding you?" Katie was shaking she was so excited and turned on.

"After a little "lovin", right now!"

After a serious round of love making, Katie had me pull on a bikini cut brief, sweat pants and a tight t-shirt and loaded me her car. We went to the "Golden Coral" buffet near the highway, paid the dining fee, Katie had me plop my fat rear end in a booth and brought me plate, after plate of rich, fattening comfort food.

After a couple hours of continuous eating I was an engorged blob. My enormous belly was straining at the waist band of the sweat pants, the t-shirt had ridden up exposing my bulging orb. Katie managed to get me home and to our room, where she stripped me down and massaged and caressed my belly most of the night.

Katie stuffed me with a huge breakfast, after which I took a shower. She had squeeze myself into a pair of sweat pants and the largest t-shirt we could find. She drove me over to Wal-Mart where we bought me progressively larger under pants, sweat pants and t-shirts. We bought another refrigerator and a freezer. Katie and I picked out rich, fattening entrées to feed me. We also got the largest recliner we could find.

Katie set up her feeding kitchen to fatten her feedee husband. I was "fed" six times a day, with, of course, constant snacking during the brief interludes between my numerous meals. I, of course, blew up like a balloon! I gained fifty pounds in only six months. I hit three hundred pounds just before the holidays.

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Default Weight Gain Epiphany - by FANedfox (~BBW, Stuffing, ~MWG)

We decided to go to Katie's family for Thanksgiving. My family would not find my current and obviously future physical state very humorous. Katie's parents and siblings were all at least overweight. We knew that both of us showing up with substantial weight gains would be more likely greeted with delight, rather than consternation.

We were right! My mother in law loved my new "figure" as she referred to my increased girth. Both Katie and her mom doted on me the whole time we were there. I was being fed nearly constantly and of course I loved it!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Katie and her mom were in the kitchen. Mom asked, "Katie, how did you convince Nat to gain so much weight dearest. He looks fantastic with his adorable belly and his huge bottom! He just jiggles like a bowl of jello!"

"Well Mom, Nat finally is done with his reserve obligation, so there was no "external" reason to stay in shape. He also fell and hurt his ankle this spring. I kind of took advantage of the situation and made sure he had plenty to eat while he could not exercise regularly. He put on weight, nearly twenty five pounds. When he tried to start jogging again, he was so out of shape he just got frustrated and angry with himself."

"Oh my dear, was he angry at you too?"

"Oh no Mom, not at all. The first day he tried to jog, he came home disgusted with himself for getting fat, but at the same time he was getting aroused from getting fat!"

"So what did Nat do honey?"

Katie giggled, "Mom he gorged himself! He ate like fifty pancakes, bacon, sausage, syrup, butter, whole milk and sweetened orange juice. He fell asleep he was so stuffed. When he woke up he ordered pizzas, bread sticks, cinnamon sticks, frosting and liters of pop and gorged himself again!

“When I got home he was asleep on the couch, his glorious belly sticking up in the air, he looked so hot! We went out to dinner and Nat got stuffed again. He kept gaining weight until we had a binge one day. He realized how much he loved eating and getting fat, that he asked me if he could become my "feedee"!

Now both Katie and her mom were crying. Mom sobbed, "Oh Katie dearest that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard! You are such a wonderful wife! You are taking such good care of Nat and helping him get so nice and fat!"

Mom tickled Katie's plump bottom along one of her deep panty lines. "But dear you need to take care of your figure too. It's not fair to Nat, to get him nice and fat and round and not put on more weight and get fatter for him too!"

"Oh don't worry Mom, I have gained nearly thirty pounds since I became Nat's "feeder". I am up to two hundred and twenty-eight pounds!" Katie giggled and patted her round belly and fat bottom.

Katie and her Mom hugged, "Katie dear you do feel so nice and soft."

Just then I waddled into the kitchen. My indulgence, supported and encouraged by the entire family was showing on my huge protruding belly, which was swaying back and forth as I waddled in.

Katie's Mom exclaimed, "Oh Nat dear you look so wonderful! I just love your big, round tummy!"

She gave my belly an affectionate poke.

"Thanks Mom, I really love having a nice big belly, thanks to Katie taking such good care of me, I'm sure it is going to get even bigger!"

We all laughed at that comment. Katie giggled, "Oh I can't wait to feed you some more, so your belly gets bigger and fatter!"

Katie's Mom started to cry, "I am going to miss having you two around! I just love watching you both eat so much and enjoying yourselves!"

Katie sunk her hands into my soft, jiggling belly and love handles. "Mom we can come for Christmas if you would like us to."

"Oh Katie that would be wonderful, oh please do come. But Nat shouldn't you go see your family?"

I chuckled, "I have not told my family about my or I should our, new lifestyle. I am pretty sure my mom will not appreciate all the weight of have gained this year."

"That settles it, then you two will be back again at Christmas."

We left on Sunday and drove back home. I continued to gain weight, though not quite as quickly as before, that is until Katie started her Christmas baking. I have always had a voracious sweet tooth, so the bulk of Katie's baking went in my mouth and onto my waist!

I gained ten more pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My waist now was pushing sixty inches! I wore sweat pants and t-shirts or just underpants and t-shirts around the house. Katie doted on me, fixing huge meals and making sure I had more than enough to snack on. Katie herself put on another fifteen pounds her own weight up to two hundred and forty four pounds.

We went to Wal-Mart to get some clothes for us to wear to her folks for Christmas. She picked out some bright red granny panties and bras for herself. We picked out to holiday theme briefs for me and a bright red set of XXXL sweats.

When we got to her folk's house a couple of days before Christmas, her Mom greeted us at the door. "Oh my, look at you two! You both look so wonderful with your adorable round tummies! I just want to poke you both to make your tummies jiggle like jello!"

Katie and I laughed, stuck out our fat round bellies and exclaimed, "Go ahead!"

Katie's Mom stuffed Katie and I like Christmas geese. We barely had to lift a finger and her Mom would bring us treats and snacks. I must have drunk a couple gallons of egg nog, not to mention dozens of cookies, fudge and candy. I thought Katie was a great feeder! Her Mom was unbelievable, Katie and I looked like we would explode after every meal!

All of our Christmas presents from her folks were eating related. We just sat around the tree on the living room floor stuffing ourselves all morning. We her Mom announced dinnertime I had a hard time getting up, so full and so fat!

We waddled to our room. We started to change into our "outfits" for dinner. Katie had a cute red dress, with matching lingerie. She had so much to eat during the morning that it barely fit. The dress was riding up on her round bottom and bloated belly, you could see a glimpse of her bright red panties! My red sweats fit, but skin tight fit. Katie giggled, "Oh Nat, you have "VPL's".

I poked her belly, "Well at least you can't see my briefs!"

Katie's mom fed us relentlessly. By the end of the meal Katie and I looked like we would explode! My sweat shirt rode up on my engorged belly, the waist band cut into my belly creating a roll of fat on top of the band and another below it. Katie's belly pushed up against her boobs, lifting the hem of the dress up revealing her bright red bikini panties with a serious roll of belly fat sagging over the waist band.

The rest of the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, Katie and I over-indulged, stuffing ourselves, being stuffed by her Mom and just enjoying a lazy and gluttonous lifestyle. I weighed myself early on the 31st. I weighed two hundred and ninety four pounds. I was disappointed; my New Year's resolution was to weigh over three hundred pounds .

While watching football bowl games I ate as much as I could without being too obvious, getting pretty stuffed. Katie looked over at me, my huge belly bulging up in the air, "Nat you okay, honey are you getting enough to eat? How about another beer?"

"Yeah Babe that would be great and maybe another bowl of party mix ,too."

Katie smiled, "Nat is everything okay, you seem down since you came back from out room."

"I am a little disappointed in myself, Katie."

"How come dearest, I am so proud of you eating so well and gaining so much weight this year."

"That's it Katie, I made a resolution to weigh three hundred pounds by New Year's Day, and I am only at two hundred ninety four pounds when I weighed myself."

Katie hefted herself off of the couch and waddled over to me. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt, riding up on her own substantial belly, and a pair of tight black stretch pants. Her thighs made a whistling sound as they brushed up against one another as she literally waddled. She bent down and poked my belly and smiled, with tears in her eyes, "Nat you are the best husband ever! I am going to tell Mom about your goal/resolution, don't worry about this."

She poked my belly again and waddled off to talk to her Mom.

"Mom, we need to talk!"

"What is it dear, you seem upset."

"It's Nat, Mom, he is upset that he did not reach his weight goal."

"Oh dear, how much does he want to weigh?"

Katie was crying now, "He wants to weigh three hundred pounds on New Year's Day! He only weighs two hundred and ninety four pounds. He is so wonderful wanting to get so fat for me! I can't disappoint him!"

Katie's Mom hugged her, "Katie, don't you worry. We will fatten up your chubby hubby!"

Katie and her mom started to plan their assault on my waist line. "Katie, you get Nat up around midnight and bring him down here, we will do some "night feedings".

Katie giggled with delight, "Oh Mom I can't wait, I love feeding Nat!"

Katie and Mom fixed some plates of leftovers to feed me with later on. Katie brought out another beer for me and a bigger bowl of party mix and some buttered pop corn which I dutifully pounded down. An hour later, Katie feigned being tried from eating so much food today and coaxed me up to bed.

Midnight rolled around, "Nat honey, I'm hungry again, let's go down to the kitchen and get something to eat."

I had no problem with eating more food and especially if Katie was going to eat more too! " Sure babe, let me pull on a t-shirt ."

We waddled downstairs, Katie's Mom was waiting for us with huge plates covered with rich food and all nice and hot. Katie and I stuffed ourselves! We went back up to bed full and bloated around one fifteen.

I heard Katie get up around six, I did not think anything of it until she and her mom came into our room with a huge tray covered in rich breakfast goodies.

"Whoa Babe, is this all for me?" Katie giggled, "Yes honey it is. I want you to make your goal!"

"Yes! Oh honey this is great, I am going to get to three hundred no problem eating like this!"

I cleaned the tray, getting absolutely engorged with all the rich food. I just lay in bed for two more hours, then took a shower and went down stairs to eat again! I ate a massive lunch, snacking, dinner, desserts, night feeding and breakfasts.

New Year's Eve we celebrated our weight gaining year be getting obliterated with food. On New Year's morning Katie got me up, no easy task as fat and lazy as I was, we waddled into the bathroom and I stood on the scale. The dial spun to three hundred and eight pounds!

I barely had anything to wear home I got so much fatter at my in-laws house. Katie and I loved our new obese lifestyle. We slowed both of our gaining so we would not become immobile and have lived fat and happy ever after.

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chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

I like this one
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secret turn on.....Genuine affection :)
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