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Default has gaining given you what you thought it would?

I've recently been gaining, from 6ft 135 to 191. I feel like I've gotten what I expected it to give me, I find myself more attractive and feel better. But what did y'all expect? What did ya'll get? Is it worth it?
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Default It's worth it.

I would say it is worth it. I have gone from 5'11" 190lbs to 295lbs, and have enjoyed it. As far as my expectations for gaining, I figured I would give it a try and see how I felt at 250lbs. When I started out that seemed like it would be more than enough to satisfy me, but it wasn't. I still felt too small and didn't feel as big as I thought I would. So I continued on to where I am at now. By most peoples standards, I am a fat man. While I do feel bigger, I still do not feel as big as I had hoped for. This seems to be the problem with others I have talked with as well.

Unfortunately, the line needs to be drawn somewhere with how far you will go with gaining, and your health. Some people are lucky, and don't experience too many issues. I have been fairly lucky so far, but I am only in my early 30s. The only issue I have is Sleep Apnea, which is very managable.

Overall, I do not regret gaining one bit. It is part of who I am, and I can't deny it. It is good to see you have gained some weight already and are enjoying it. I have found as I have gotten closer 300lbs, I am enjoying my gains even more. At this point I can't hide to fact that I am fat. As you transition into a fat person, you may get some comments from people about how fat your getting. Personally, I enjoyed them, they meant I was making progress. Now, I don't get many comments. Once your fat, it doesn't shock people that much when they see you got fatter. The bigger I get, the better I feel about myself. My next goal is 350lbs, but I am not in that much of a hurry to get there. It will probably happen easily on it's own, whether I am planning to gain or not.
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Gaining simply validated how easy it is for me to grow...Honestly, it gave me the ability to accept a bigger me mentally, but my body has rebelled somewhat. Joints and back started to really bother me, so I've decided to drop some weight. Otherwise, I wouldn't have...Probably would have kept growing, too.
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