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Default Remote Possibilities - by S. Racer (SSBBW, Secret Weight Gain, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Secret Weight Gain, ~XWG - An Air Force man is thrilled to come home to his wife, who says she's gained a few pounds. A big surprise awaits him!

Remote Possibilities

by S. Racer

Well, the U.S. Air Force had decided to send me to the Republic of Korea for a year. This was considered a remote tour; my wife, my car, and most of my belongings would stay behind in Texas. I figured I could handle this little detour to an otherwise cushy career without too many difficulties. My wife Janet, a lovely plumper of about 220 to 230 pounds, and I had played a little game on some of my shorter deployments. I used to encourage her to see how much weight she could gain while I was away, it was all in fun, but she usually humored me by adding a couple pounds or so, so I'd have a little surprise when I got home. She always let those new pounds melt away though and returned to around 220 shortly afterward. I'd make a big deal about how beautiful she looked with the added softness and roundness (she was a pear-shaped woman who put on weight firmly and smoothly, with a lovely little Buddha-belly). She seemed to enjoy the attention, but was never sure about the added weight.

When I got my orders for Korea, I again began encouraging her to see how much she could gain before my return a year later. My mind boggled at the possibilities, and lamented the realities; she'd never really seemed to get into this little game that much so I figured that it would mostly be a fantasy on my part and I'd come home to my beautiful wife with perhaps an extra ten pounds on her 5-foot 4-inch frame. But she said she would see what she could do and we left it at that.

We did the usual tear-filled goodbyes and I was off on my adventure. Thank goodness for e-mail! I was able to speak with my wife three to four times a week; it really helped us both deal with the separation. I would occasionally bring up the issue of her weight and she would normally just say that she was working on it.

About two months into my assignment I received some instant photos of her packed in with some cookies. I couldn't believe it, I could see at once that she had gained some weight. She wore a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt, they were both tighter on her than I remembered them being. On the back of the first photo she had posted a little note saying "How do you like the first ten pounds?" The first ten pounds! In two months! I was ecstatic, I wrote her immediately as I poured over the four pictures that she had sent. I told her how absolutely wonderful she looked and I couldn't wait to see more, literally! Of course there was a lot more mushy stuff in the correspondence, but I won't bore you with all that.

In further e-mail and chat sessions, she would always kind of skirt the issue of her weight; of course I would have none of that. As my persistent questions got to her, she agreed to send some more pictures about a month later. Again, they came in a box of cookies, four little instant pictures showing her in the same outfit as before. It looked a little tighter, maybe, but it certainly was not the shocking weight gain that her first photos had shown. There was a little note on the back of one of them saying; "I know you're disappointed, but there are three more pounds of me this month." I wrote her and explained that she could never be a disappointment to me and that any gain at all was an absolute thrill for me.

So, this is the way it went, every month or two I would convince her to send some more pictures, each set showed a modest gain of anywhere from two to four pounds. There was no way I could complain, in fact I was thrilled that she would even consider gaining like this at all. Of course I spent a lot of time encouraging her in our chat sessions and via email. It was about six months into my assignment when I got a letter from my mother in which she mentioned my wife's weight.

My wife had driven up to meet her for dinner and my mother (somewhat of a prude) had been shocked by my wife's weight gain and by her appetite at dinner. Of course Mom didn't give me any specifics and said she wouldn't even guess at my wife's weight. She thought I would be disgusted and had no idea how exciting this news was for me. I wrote back to my Mother that my wife had probably put on a little weight because she was used to grocery shopping for two, cooking for two, etc., plus she might be eating more just because she missed me. Mom seemed to accept this and all was right with the world again.

I, on the other hand, couldn't wait to get to the computer and ask my wife about this dinner. She wasn't online so I sent her an email asking her about her dinner with my mother. When I checked mail the next day, she had asked me to meet her for a chat session that evening.

I couldn't wait, I was online waiting when the chat request came through. We did the usual greetings and a little miscellaneous chitchat, when I brought the conversation around to her dinner with my mother. She turned the tables on me and started asking questions about what my mother had told me. I told her that Mom had mentioned that she had put on some weight and seemed to have a good appetite. I was trying to sugar coat what my mother had said, as usual.

My wife saw right through it and asked me if my mother had really said what a fat pig she had become and how she couldn't believe how much the little piggy had eaten. I explained that Mom hadn't been that brutal, but that was the jist of the conversation. My wife then asked if my mother had given me any specifics, I said "no," she said "good."

"Good," I asked, "why is that good?" I was feeling suspicious now.

She said, "No reason, you've seen the pictures, over the last six months I've probably added twenty or so pounds, of course your mom noticed it. Plus we had dinner at that steak restaurant I love so much, that's probably why your mom said I ate so much". Then she said she'd send me some more pictures next week. My excitement over what my mother had said was understandably diminished at this point, I added my usual encouragement to keep up the great work and how I couldn't wait to see the pictures and we said our goodbyes.

I got the pictures the following week, again she looked maybe just a little fuller, especially in the belly, than in the previous month's pictures. Her note said she had packed another three pounds on that month. I had to give her credit, she really was gaining for me while I was gone. I couldn't wait to step off the plane on my return and take her in my arms and feel just how much bigger she had become, and well, you know, take it from there.

In about my eighth or ninth month overseas I realized something strange about some of the other pictures my wife had sent me (the regular snapshots of goings-on back in the "world"). You see, my wife and I were very active in our local MG Car Club, but after about the third month all the pictures showed friends of ours driving my MG at club events instead of my wife. When I asked her about this she explained that she had let our friends drive our car since theirs was apart in their garage, undergoing restoration, and she could take more pictures of the events for me if she wasn't actually in the car. Made sense to me at the time.

Then, after the MG club Christmas party/awards banquet, I received some friendly email from some of my friends in the club. None of them mentioned my wife's weight gain or her size, but a couple commented on her appetite and that she seemed to be missing me quite a bit. Again I was curious and asked my wife if everything went all right at the club party/awards banquet the next time I could hook up with her in a chat session. She said that it was a blast, she'd had a lot of fun in spite of the seams on her gown coming apart! I said "what?"

She explained that she had worn a dress she had bought last year, which she knew was too tight since she had put on the twenty or so pounds this year (as evidenced by the photos she'd sent me). However, she had thought the dress would be okay since it was sort of stretchy, but not even halfway through dinner she felt the side seams of her dress give way. She said that she should have felt embarrassed but she and her friends just laughed and her friend got my wife a long coat for her and my wife finished dinner and dessert in this fashion. She said she didn't realize anyone had noticed, but maybe the dress was tighter than she thought and really showed the little bit of weight she had gained.

She sent me pictures (but not from the banquet) the following week; again she was in the same gym shorts and T-shirt. And again she looked just a little bigger. The note said she had gained another four pounds this month. Who am I to question, but this seemed anti-climatic after the dress bursting feast she had previously described to me. I also noted that the only pictures I'd seen her in were the ones she sent me of her in the gym shorts and T-shirt. All the other pictures of club events and stuff showed just that, club events and stuff. There was one picture where you could see her head in a crowd at one of the events, and if you looked very carefully her face did look a little fuller than in the gym short photos, but I put that down to lighting or some such thing at the time.

Throughout my tour in Korea and especially toward the end, I didn't really have much time to dwell on the little inconsistencies concerning my wife's weight gain. I was just thrilled that she really did seem to be gaining for me while I was gone. This alone was more than I had really expected and I loved her even more for it, if that was possible. Then as I relaxed in my room about a week before I was due to take off for home I got an e-mail from my wife's brother. He seemed very concerned that I knew how much my wife loved me and that even though things might look different she was still the same person, he just rambled on in this fashion until he said that my wife had gained some weight while I was gone.

Well, I knew that, it sounded like he was just concerned that I might not like her any more if she put on a few pounds. Little did he know, but I sent him an e-mail telling him that I would always love my wife, no matter what. He always did seem a little over sensitive anyway. After all he had last seen her back at their family Thanksgiving get-together, and according to my wife she was about twenty pounds heavier by then than she was the year before when he had seen her.

By my calculations, when I came out of the plane at home, I should have seen my beautiful wife with about thirty-five or forty more pounds on her than when I left. I couldn't wait to put my arms around her and feel her bigger belly pushing into me and feel her bigger bottom pushing out behind. Well, the time had come, the plane had just landed and we were all lining up to walk down the ramp into the airport, I was finally home. I pushed through the crowd, my eyes wide in anticipation. When I heard her voice, it was the most beautiful sound I had heard in an entire year.

I swiveled my head around searching for her familiar face, but I almost didn't see her, or should I say recognize her. I instantly felt weak, almost faint. She was standing off to the side, against the wall, beckoning me toward her with one very plump finger. My feet moved with a life all their own, for I couldn't have told them to move to save my life. As I got closer the reality of what I was seeing began to dawn on me. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen; she was also one of the biggest! She stood there in heels, bringing her 5-foot 4-inch height a couple of inches above my own 5-foot 5-inch stature. The heels also served to emphasize the size of her beautiful round calves - they had to be almost as big as my 30-inch waist.

From just below her knees on up was covered with a pleated print dress, but if you looked at her most prominent feature, her belly, you never would have known the dress had pleats! Her belly (you could tell she was proud of it as she thrust it out as I approached) was monumental, it pressed against the huge gown with such pressure that you could see her cavernous belly button clearly. Its roundness was unreal, its size majestic.

As I approached within about two feet of her forefront (still three or four feet from her lovely face) she held up her palm as an instruction for me to stop there. She turned around, slowly and gracefully for me, I noted how massive her bottom had become, each cheek the size of a large beach ball, firm and round, oh how I ached to kneed the soft flesh of her bottom and again I was stunned by the size and fullness of her calves. As again she turned to face me I could only mutter "How much?"

She coyly replied "Four ninety-two, the last time I checked using two scales, but I think that might be a little low."

I nearly collapsed into her arms; she bent a little and grabbed me around the waist in a bear hug and stood up, lifting me completely off the ground. She whispered into my ear that she had been using my weights in the basement to make sure she would be strong enough to carry all the weight she'd been packing on and that she was quite strong now. I could tell as I practically gasped for air in her strong embrace.

As she held me, I realized that my body was actually being held out at an angle as it conformed to her protruding belly. I also realized just how massive her bosom had become as she held me close, but it didn't hold a candle to her proud, protruding belly and prominent derriere. The next word I managed to stutter out was "How?"

She said, "I'll explain in the car, let's go, I'm hungry!"

As she set me down I finally noticed her plump friend Heather was there with her as she said, "Hi, welcome home."

We grabbed my stuff and a few bags they had as well and found our way to the luggage carousel. Watching my baby walk was unbelievable, a virtual symphony of movement. She moved gracefully and ponderously at the same time on those three-inch heels, if you know what I mean. She definitely attracted attention as we made our way through the airport. Many of the looks and comments were less than flattering, but if you looked you could see many silent admirers as well.

When my bags came up, she grabbed them up with little effort, I was again struck by her apparent strength and again by her size as the bags just didn't look that big compared to her bulk.

As we walked out to the car, she commented that at least now I could understand why I hadn't seen any pictures of her in the MG. I fully understood - there was no way she could think about getting in that car; one of her thighs was now wider than the passenger seat in my little two seater. Her belly would have filled the space between the rear of the passenger compartment and the dashboard! She then added that she hadn't fit in the MG since the third month after I had left. Now my curiosity was peaking, how fast had she gained all this weight? How had she been able to send me all those pictures of her over the year showing only modest gains?

We dumped the stuff into the car, my wife's friend Heather climbed into the driver's seat of our Cherokee and I helped my wife get into the back seat and climbed in next to her. I should say squeezed in next to her. Janet literally filled the limited space of the back seat of the Jeep. I was in heaven as I caressed her enormous belly as she was squeezed between the front and back seat. Seated, her head still rose above mine, as the great size of her behind gave her quite a boost.

Before taking off, Heather handed Janet a large bag of munchies and made sure that several others were within reach. Heather seemed like quite a friend (I'd find out more about this later). As we drove the two and a half hours or so home, my wife explained between mouthfuls of munchies that after I left there had been a huge emptiness in her life. She turned to food to fill that emptiness and realized as she started to gain a little weight that her gaining had been my one real request of her while I was gone. So right then she decided that if that was what I wanted, that was what I was going to get.

She now had a mission, just like me, only hers was to become as big as she could before I returned. She then went on to explain that as the weight quickly began to pile on, she thought that it would be more fun if it was a surprise. So during the first two months she took all the pictures she had sent me that I thought showed a year's worth of weight gain. She said she didn't think she would have to take the pictures so fast, but her appetite had gone crazy with my absence and her "mission." So the weight was just piling on. Her position at work gave her the option to work from home and she took it so that she could eat even more in a private setting. In the first two months she had gained forty-three pounds. She explained that she had even tried to hide some of the gain toward the end of the photos she sent because she didn't know how much more she would gain. She needn't have worried.

Janet then told me that the only person she had confided any of this to was Heather (who turned and smiled at that point) her closest friend. She said that Heather had moved out of her boyfriend's apartment shortly after I had left the States and needed a place to stay, so she moved in with my wife. When Heather had made a comment about the weight my wife seemed to be gaining, my wife told her the story about our little weight gain game when I was out of town, her original emptiness upon realizing I was going to be gone for a whole year, and her subsequent mission. Heather said she thought the weight gain looked sexy on Janet and that she wanted to help her friend in any way she could.

Heather was a great cook, and after she settled into our townhouse she began to prepare the most fattening meals and snacks that she could think up. There were always pitchers of some mysterious weight gain mixture in the fridge for Janet and the pounds quickly piled on. My wife explained that Heather was constantly increasing the size of her meals and snacks so that she always had to force the last few bites down. She said that is how her belly became so prominent, it IS always kept full and stretched.

I said "IS kept full and stretched?" She asked me if it didn't look full and stretched. I said, feeling playful, that I wouldn't mind seeing it stretch some more, if it could.

My wife and Heather exchanged some sort of mischievous look and Janet said, “Well, I ate a huge breakfast, and snacked while we waited at the airport, and this dress is awful tight around my big belly, but if you really want me to see if I can stretch it a little more, I'll try."

I didn't know that this had all been prearranged. Janet struggled to reach behind me into the back of the Jeep and pulled up a tube that I noticed was connected to a large drum back in the cargo area. She put the end of the tube in her mouth and began to suck a creamy fluid through the tube like a straw. Heather caught my eye in the mirror as she drove and explained that once she moved in and began feeding Janet, that Janet had been gaining between fifteen and thirty pounds a month. She had grown at an astounding rate and that's why they had started using my weights in the basement to make sure that Janet's strength kept up with her size.

From about the eighth month on they had realized that Janet could eat almost endlessly and was still adding size, especially to her belly, at an incredible pace. At about this same time they realized the extent to which Janet's stomach had enlarged and gained the ability to stretch a great deal to match her increase in consumption. They had some fun with this, watching her expand her belly through gorging, watching it burst through outfits that had fit, perhaps snugly, just an hour or two before. Heather explained that this is what had happened at the club banquet when Janet had burst the seams of a dress bought the week before, not the year before as she had said in her e-mail.

Apparently the two of them had made a game out of asking different people to grab a bite of something for Janet while they were at the buffet. Nobody knew that everyone there had become unknowing feeders, preparing plate after plate of food for my wife. Each plate was quickly dispatched and Janet's incredible belly just got bigger and bigger until the formerly loose formal gown had slowly but inexorably began to tear at the seams on the side. Heather helped Janet put her coat on to cover this up and she continued to eat more than she ever had before, until the ripped dress was merely a drape over her engorged belly, the same belly that was beginning to push the table away and had begun to get a glance or two of unwanted attention.

Heather added that Janet's engorged, enlarged belly that night was not quite as big as her un-stuffed belly now, proving how much Janet had gained since then. Though no skin showed due to the coat, the fact that her belly was larger was noticeable to anyone that really looked, in spite of the black gown and coat meant to conceal.

At that point, Heather and Janet decided to make their exit with some of the other people and head home. Janet had really pushed herself that night and was feeling more than a little pain, but she was also very excited and she and Heather's friendship became a lot closer that night as Heather couldn't keep her hands off of Janet's bloated body. Heather explained that there was nothing gay going on, but they had become very close friends and she wanted to continue to feed Janet if she could stay on in our house; she was a wealthy heiress and none of us would have to work if we didn't want to.

Meanwhile, even though my ears were glued to Heather's fascinating and arousing tale, my eyes were glued to my wife. She would occasionally nod her head in agreement with Heather, but she never spoke, just sucked and sucked on the large hose/straw in her mouth. Her belly must have been fairly full before she started, because after about fifteen minutes she rested her hands on her belly and with a glance from her beautiful eyes drew my attention to her belly. Squeezed as it was between her and the back of the front seat, I could just make out that it was beginning to rise like dough as it began to stretch and enlarge. It grew fuller and firmer and bigger with each passing minute.

I was amazed, but not as amazed as I was forty minutes later when the back of the front seat gave up and flopped over forward and her growing belly pushed past her knees and onto the folded back of the seat. Her dress blew open, either by design or pressure and the biggest roundest belly I had ever seen stretched out in front of me. I didn't want her to hurt herself and asked her if she was all right. She looked at me with more love in her eyes than I had ever seen and just nodded her head and sucked on the straw. Heather glanced in the mirror with some concern in her eyes and asked Janet if she was sure, there was more of the weight gain shake or anything else for that matter in the drum in back than Janet had ever eaten in a single sitting. Heather told me that Janet had insisted on it, and she went along with preparing it, but that was before she had seen the astounding amount of other stuff Janet would consume that morning in an attempt to be her very biggest for me upon my arrival.

Her belly continued to get bigger and rounder with each passing minute. I covered Janet as best I could with a blanket. As her belly grew rounder and more taut, it took on a smoothness and firmness that was absolutely beautiful, I saw this up close, as her girth was really encroaching on what little space I had managed to claim for myself in the backseat. If I hadn't been there, I do believe that her hips would have been close to filling the entire seat when she first got into the Jeep, but now her belly had swollen to the sides so much that it covered both door panels and most of me in the process.

My hands explored her fullness beneath the blanket as she continued to suck and grow. I was concerned as I heard a little whimper and noticed a tear forming in her eye. Heather noticed it too and we both asked her to stop. Janet removed the tube just long enough to say that it didn't hurt too badly yet and she was going to finish. She gave me a strong squeeze with her arm to tell me that arguing was not an option. Heather said all right, but be careful, as she reached over and caressed the expanse of Janet's belly that encroached onto the back of the folded front passenger seat. I attempted to crawl further under the blanket and pushed and hugged and squeezed and kissed and caressed as much of my beautiful wife as I could reach. She just moaned in ecstasy and continued to suck on the straw.

As we pulled into the parking spot in front of our townhouse in the dark of a moonless sky, we all heard a sucking-air sound through the straw. Janet dropped the straw and turned her lovely face toward me and in an incredibly sexy voice asked me if I was too tired to go to bed. Boy did that line get my attention. With quite a bit of effort Heather and I managed to help Janet out of the Jeep without damaging her or the Jeep.

I was even more aroused when I saw that she was having a hard time fitting through our doorway. She made it in, her gargantuan belly thrust proudly ahead of her. She turned and grabbed me in another crushing embrace, the firmness of her globular belly immediately lifting my feet off the floor as she held me to her, stood up and pushed her belly out as far as she could. She whispered to me that she had been hungry for a year, but she was full now, and with a gleam in her eye, said that she was ready to be stuffed with something else now. Who was I to argue? We decided to let the bags wait until morning. Heather quietly went up to her room saying something about plans for a big breakfast. Janet and I never made it past the kitchen floor as I explored every inch of her beautiful, magnificent body.

Before breakfast the next morning, we weighed Janet using a couple more reliable scales than what she had been using and found her engorged weight to be closer to six hundred pounds. In the light of day, having awakened in her arms, I couldn't get over her sheer size. The strong calves of which she was quite proud, were firm and round and actually thirty-three inches around. Her thighs were huge at a little over fifty inches at their widest point. Her waist, belly, hips were just immense, her buttocks were twin oversize beach balls of soft but firm flesh. Her breasts, the most beautiful I had ever seen. Her face that of an angel . . . make that a hungry angel; breakfast was served.

Janet's beauty continues to grow as she does, but not nearly so dramatically with our friend, Heather's, culinary care. I'm finishing my US Air Force career, eyeing retirement to a secluded spot somewhere out in the country with my dream come true.

. . . . hope you enjoyed my dream!

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S.Racer has said some nice things

um... Hi there, I posted this on Dim way back when... before I was really established as S.Racer. Thanks for moving it over from the old stories list

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

No problem - we're always willing to properly cedit our "Anonymous" tale authors when they reveal themselves - the change will be made accordingly.

Perhaps the recognition will prompt your muse to post more?
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very happily taken
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eyesforyou can now change their title

a beautiful story and an equally beautiful dream, I hope you write more!
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