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Default intro from me

OK just a quick intro from me I am new to the dimensions so Hi my name is JoDee i am a BBW and darn proud of it!!!!!!! I have been skinny and fat and prefer to be fat.Seems like when I was skinny I was always sick. Now that I am at 258 I am rarely sick. Oops crumbs hang on........ Yeah I am pigging out while I am writing this so you'll have to forgive me if it goes astray. I am 5'2" yeah little but I make up for it with my attitude. Sometimes I even surprise myself. I am a very sweet natured kinda gal. I Love all people no matter what they are or who they are. Well except if you are just a mean and spiteful on purpose. OK a little about me well I love to eat ha ha of course I do. I am pretty active in the summer, I love to camp out,hike in the woods to see all natures creations.I love to read,write out fantasies yeah the naughty kind!!! On the weekend I love to curl up and watch a good scary movie don't forget the popcorn and a soda. I do all kinds of crafts ranging from sewing to wood work. Oh and don't forget eating. Oh well sorry I think I said that!! My favorite food I would have to say is chocolate OK OK I know its not really a food but if you could live off it alone I would I am a chocoholic. OK I love my carbs too like steak and potato's,chicken with Alfredo sauce on noodles,Chinese foods,oh well ha ha just about anything. I also love to have my picture taken. I am an amateur but am having lots of fun trying to get it right. Well I guess I will close for now and come back later. I want to say Have a wonderfully beautiful day.
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ataraxia carries a lot of weight on this boardataraxia carries a lot of weight on this boardataraxia carries a lot of weight on this boardataraxia carries a lot of weight on this boardataraxia carries a lot of weight on this board

Ayo! Join in and respond to other threads. You'll get better traction that way.
Quantum physics means never knowing WTF is going on. :confused:
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