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Default When One Door Closes... - by cardshark_kt (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

~BHM, ~~WG, Romance - A young man must come to grips with his inner desire.

Author’s Note: This story is my first attempt using this format, so I apologize if it comes out all choppy.

When One Door Closes…
By: cardshark_kt

It had been another typical day for Gregory, running through the ho-hum worksheets in classes and burning through football practice with his teammates. He looked forward to the end of the school day more and more, spending more time with his girlfriend Mallory back at his place. It was only after they had gotten back to his place and began to relax did she begin sighing. When asked what was wrong, she would always answer, “Nothing, babe,” and sigh only a few minutes later.

Getting a bit worried, he scooted across the couch to sit beside her and wonder what was wrong. Wrapping an arm around her, she turned to look at him and smiled weakly. “Are you sure you’re fine, baby?” he asked her, concerned there was something wrong with her family. She paused for a moment, staring into his deep blue eyes for a moment, and then turned away.

“Are you ashamed of me?” she asked, her words trembling as they left her lips. He felt a slight pain twinge in his chest, rather figuratively, at the question, and wrapped both arms around her.

“Of course not, Mallory. Why would you think that?” he responded, hoping he could try and fix the situation with more than just a hug.

“We never go out anywhere. It’s like you’re afraid to let people see me with you, as your girlfriend…” He kept his arms around her, but his mind was still repeating the last words. As your girlfriend… Surely he wasn’t afraid, was he? But she did have a point, given the way they would always come back to his place after school. He tried to remember the last time he had taken her anywhere, but his mind went blank.

“You’re right, I guess.” He pulled away from her, just enough to stare back into her light green eyes. He froze in place for a moment, searching for the words that would ease her wounded heart. “Would you like to go out on a date, like we used to do before we made it official?” Immediately, he saw her eyes light up with inspiration. However, he couldn’t help but continue thinking about her final comment. She took her leave of him to get ready, since he had made a quick plan for them to go out later on.

Hearing her close the door behind her, he began panicking, wanting to make the date “perfect” for her. However, since she was his first and only, he wasn’t sure what all would spice up the night. Reaching for his phone, he quickly called up his best friend, Quinn, who was known for his style in picking up girls.

When Quinn finally answered, Greg couldn’t help but stumble upon all of the words that rushed out of his mouth at once. Once he took a break, he could hear his best friend laughing on the other side. “Dude, seriously, calm down some,” Quinn talked his friend out of the frenzy. After a few minutes of silence, Greg finally took a deep breath and slowed down. Letting Quinn know the situation, it wasn’t long before he was able to suggest some solutions. “Well, you’ve been with her for what, seven months? A little bit before summer started was when you met, wasn’t it?” Greg nodded, but then remembered that Quinn couldn’t hear his empty head whistle over the phone.

“Yeah, at least… I think so?” He tried to remember clearly when and how it was they met. However, the time he had spent with Mallory was more like a blur now, given the laziness involved just lying around with her, playing around and just spending time with one another. His concerns filtered through the phone, just loud enough for Quinn to eavesdrop on them. They brainstormed a bit and decided that hitting one of the restaurants in town would be better.

“I don’t know, man. It sounds like you’re going to crash and burn if you’re on your own.” Quinn stressed the point that Greg had just blanked out major points in his relationship with Mallory, questioning what it was he saw in her. He struggled to find any words to fill it in, trying his best to defend his relationship. “Look, how about we make it a double date?”

“Do you think she’d go for that?” whimpered Gregory, feeling a bit defeated. It was the best solution brought forward, and with Quinn there to back him up, he’d certainly feel a bit more confident. Quinn assured him that girls loved going on double dates, that way they could “talk about the other’s date in the bathroom after dinner”.

“Just let me handle the dinner reservations and everything, ok buddy?” Quinn said to meet him later at his place. Gregory agreed to it and hung up the phone, having to plan on the outfit he was going to wear. He scrambled onto his feet and went to his room, rummaging through the pile of clothes for something that was clean. As he shed his shirt, he caught a good look at himself in the mirror, stalling from his more important task to stare.

“I’ve really zoned out,” he commented to himself, sliding a hand over his midsection. He hadn’t even noticed the weight he had put on. There were no comments from his teammates or anyone else at school, but as he thought more about it, Mallory had commented negatively on his weight once or twice. He gulped a bit, wondering if this was the real concern for her comment earlier. Was she ashamed of him instead?

Trying on all of the clean shirts he had, he still couldn’t help but feel like he was letting Mallory down. Settling on a slightly wrinkled blue button-up, he looked at himself again in the mirror one final time. Filling out the shirt well enough, with the bulge of his stomach added to the jockey frame, he was beginning to wonder why she would find it a problem. “Perhaps I’m just thinking too much about this,” he said. Thinking it over some more, he nodded and planned on asking her to speak her mind some more.

He told Mallory to meet him at Quinn’s, though he really wanted to have a bit more time alone with her. He arrived at his friend’s place first, letting Quinn know that he was waiting outside. “That’s fine,” Quinn replied, still getting the finishing touches on the planned evening. His date for the night, a young girl from their school named Megan, was occupying the bathroom, putting her make-up on. Gregory stood outside on the stoop, waiting for Mallory to come.

Finally, she showed up, a few minutes late from the time he had told her to meet up. She was dressed in a slimming blue dress, her hair pulled back into a teasing ponytail. She had really gone out for this, and he felt a bit embarrassed for not having put more effort into his own appearance. She didn’t seem to mind, strolling over the sidewalk and hopping up to peck his cheek.

“You look… stunning,” he complimented her. Her face lit up a little from blushing, swaying a hand of his in one of hers. “Listen, Mallory… I wanted to talk to you before we went out.” He clammed up a bit, his hands starting to sweat under hers. He wasn’t sure how to exactly word what was on his mind, but it didn’t seem to matter to her right now. She was smiling and enjoying herself as they were, and she would only brighten up from the events of the night.

“Look at this,” Quinn said, poking his head out of the door. “It looks like we’re all here. Shall we be off, then?” He stepped outside with Megan in his arm. They were dressed just as neatly as Mallory had prepared herself, which made Gregory regret his choice of clothing even more. However, no one else seemed to care, sweeping him under the gathering of friends into Quinn’s car, and through it, their destination for the night.

Quinn had used some “connections” he had to make a reservation at a fancy restaurant in town. He schmoozed over the waiter that had tended to them, and before long, they were enjoying themselves with a full table of food. Gregory gulped down the fear he had, his shirt tightening around his neck as the aroma of the numerous foods bombarded his senses. He had to admit to himself that the reason he was so… “thick”, as some would put it, was due to his abandoned sense of rationing food.

Mallory was having a blast, talking back and forth with Megan over school functions. They had never really acknowledged one another at school, but they found out they shared so much in common. Quinn swished around some soda in his glass, a bit aggravated that Mallory was hogging his date. His eyes slowly drifted to the girls over to his best friend, who was holding himself back from eating.

“Is there something wrong?” He leaned over and asked him. Gregory just stiffened up and gulped again. Quinn put the glass down and patted his friend on the shoulder, trying to ease him out of whatever was bothering him. “Hey, man, go all out. My dad’s friend owns the place, and the first meal’s free due to it.”

“That’s… quite an offer,” Gregory said, sweating a little. He was showing admirable restraint, but he could feel his stomach tightening up. He wouldn’t be able to last much longer before giving in, and the smell was just building up around him. Quinn nudged him some, fanning some of the chicken and rice that was nearest the both of them. The tender chicken, basted with a barbecue sauce, and the rice littering the plate around it, was just enough. He sighed, releasing the tension in his body, and took to helping himself to some of the food.

Quinn was starting to enjoy himself by watching Gregory instead, the girls still wrapped up in their conversations to even pay them mind. Gregory took his time eating, but he was cleaning his plate every time. There were enough options on their table to take several helpings, and Quinn was helping as he could in cleaning it off. With the last of the food scooped off between all four of their plates, Gregory was slowing down and finishing his a bite at a time.

“Oof…” he groaned softly, hoping no one heard him. He had definitely gone overboard, his clothes feeling tight all over, especially his shirt. He saw that Megan and Mallory were finishing up their conversation, not even paying attention to the food having disappeared in front of them. Pushing the empty plate of his further forward, he admitted defeat to the cuisine of the restaurant.

“We should probably get going,” Mallory pointed out, having looked at her watch. “Daddy’s going to be furious if I don’t get back soon.” He stood up and pushed her chair in, shooting a glance at her boyfriend. The happiness she was feeling for a moment had been replaced with a terrible glare, Gregory was almost certain he was having delusions. When he blinked to make sure he was, she was smiling at him. “C’mon, baby, let’s get going.”

“R-Right…” He stood up, or struggled to. He had been sitting in one spot for so long; his whole body had gotten stiff. With a bit of help from Quinn, he was able to steady himself so they could head back to the car safely. The ride back was a blur to Gregory, and once they parted ways in front of Quinn’s house, he was left with Mallory once again.

“That was a great date,” Mallory admitted, smiling brilliantly. However, the way she was carrying herself was definitely different than when they had first left. Gregory was certain that there was something bothering her, and he had some idea what it could be. She asked him if he’d walk with her the short distance to her place, and he agreed, wanting to get something out of the way.

The night air was certainly crisp, and it felt rather good to breathe it in, even if his shirt was straining to keep it together. The tingling pain in the bottom of his stomach reminded him of his pig-out at the restaurant, and he was really regretting just letting himself go. Looking at Mallory’s face, she was staring up in amazement at the clear sky and the glistening stars.

“Quite a nice night out, isn’t it?” she asked, trying to make a conversation. Gregory sleepily agreed, trying to synchronize his steps with hers. He stepped up closer to her, getting ready to present his concerns. If the meal had helped any, it had given him the courage to talk as well as the full belly. “Gregory…”

“Mallory,” he said, halting her before she spoke up. He twirled her around and slipped a kiss onto her lips, silencing her however briefly. Her eyes widened for a second there, only to slide and drop shut. They kept their embrace briefly before she pushed him away, looking up at him with a different gaze. The same sort of eyes as before stared at him in a different way.

“Gregory, don’t…” She pushed him at arm’s length, turning her head away. “Look at you. I… I just don’t think it’ll work for us. You aren’t the one I need in my life.” A twinkle sparked near her eye; he was certain it was a tear she had been choking back.

“Is it… because I’ve put on a little weight?” He asked, wanting to truly know. “I-I-If it is, I can fix that! I can tell Coach to be a bit harder on me. I’ll go on a diet, work out harder… Anything for you, just don’t say anything more.” He whimpered, staring at her. She shook her head, spreading the fingers out on his chest. A stray nail snagged on one of the buttons, the thread underneath it attempting to sing from t he pressure.

“You’re just not the one for me, Gregory… I’m sorry.” She let her hand go and began walking away, towards her house and away from him. He stood there, choking on tears as he realized what he had just lost. With his heart torn before him, he made his way back to his own home. He could feel the phone in his pocket ringing, but he wasn’t in any mood to answer it. By the time he had gotten back to his house, he was already sweating through his shirt.

The lights were off throughout the house, and he couldn’t feel anything but emptiness inside him. He walked through the house and to the kitchen, throwing the refrigerator door open and staring at the contents blankly. Food got him into this situation, but he had nothing else to turn to. Falling to his knees, he reached in and pulled out the nearest item, proceeding to eat it. His clothes were still feeling tight, but the pain from it was a reminder now of the evening, and he didn’t want to forget even the most horrible moment of it.

An hour and a half later, he had surprisingly finished the fridge off. His straining shirt had popped off the buttons, his act of gluttony hanging proudly a small bit over the rim of his pants. He was still sweaty, and the pale glow of the fridge shining off of him gave him a shine like never before. He heard the front door open, and turned around in a daze to see Quinn, breathing heavily.

“I’ve been calling you numerous times… Eventually, I got hold of Mallory and heard the news.” He walked over to Gregory who was still kneeling before the fridge. The contents littered the front of the fridge, scattered around him and displaying just how empty they had become. Quinn stopped just short of the boxes, bottles and plates, looking at what was left of his friend. “Really now… All of this over a girl?” Gregory nodded, his eyes watering up at the thought of his ex-girlfriend. Before he could even shed a tear, Quinn held up a single finger, drawing his attention. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what? Quinn, I ruined my chances at love. What more is there for me to do?” Gregory’s lower lip quivered, his eyes watering over even more.

“Don’t give them the benefit of victory, bro.” Quinn stepped forward and went to pat Gregory on the head. Or, that was what the crushed jockey thought, but Quinn bent forward and flicked a stray crumb off of Gregory’s cheek. “You do deserve better. Just… Mallory wasn’t the right one for you. Don’t give up, and by all means, don’t think you should give up eating, of all things, to find love.” He smiled so genuinely, it lifted Gregory’s spirit right up.

“Quinn…” Gregory went to say, but his best friend cut him off in a familiar manner. He had leaned forward and gave him a kiss, albeit a brief one. Gregory’s eyes widened, watching his best friend straighten back up and walk towards the front door.

“See you at school tomorrow, bro,” he said, turning around to shoot a smile once more at his friend. Gregory nodded, but he couldn’t help but feel ashamed that he didn’t return the kiss. He stood up and looked at the trash left on the ground. Groaning as he leaned forward to pick some of it up, he could tell that he’d need bigger clothes soon. He grinned at the thought, but a startling rip from his pants increased the sense of urgency. “Oh boy,” he thought out loud, placing a hand onto his bump of a stomach.

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love the beginning of this! cant wait to see the rest!
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