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Default Sarah's Big Change - by Gooberdude737 (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)

~BBW, Magic, ~MWG -A would be controller of other's weight loses control

Sarah’s Big Change
by Gooberdude737

Sarah was always a skinny girl. She also found overweight girls to be gross, although she surrounded herself with them. She wasn’t mean to her friends but she would always comment on their weight, whether it’s that they’d look so hott if they dropped a few pounds or how they really shouldn’t eat something. Sarah was 5’6 and weighed a mere 110 lbs., although she was always trying to lose just 5 more pounds. She had blue eyes curly blonde hair that was never shorter than resting on her shoulders. She would always insist that she had a curvy figure, although her friends new she had a flat stomach and couldn’t be curvy. Her butt was round and tight, and she had a decent sized chest. Sarah needed glasses but would wear contacts mainly.

Sarah had three main friends that she would always hang around with, all of which weighed more than her. In order of weight there was Ashley, Lilly, and then Kayla was the largest. Sarah was a big eater herself but she tried so hard not to eat, although she was always blessed with fast enough metabolism she could eat half a pizza and sit around all day without gaining a pound.

Ashley was definitely curvy and hated hearing Sarah call herself that, at 5’5 she weighed 145 lbs. still skinny, but at 35 lbs. heavier than Sarah it showed. Her butt was just as round but a bit bouncy, and her chest was slightly larger than Sarah’s. Ashley had blue eyes too but was a brunette, she used to have long hair like Sarah, but Sarah talked her into chopping it off, insisting it would look cute, but it just made her look boyish The most notable difference was Ashley’s belly. It wasn’t huge, but it was round and soft. She constantly was sporting a slight muffin top, but never considered herself fat, although Sarah was constantly pointing out her weight.

Ashley was always jealous of Sarah. She tried so hard to lose weight but never seemed to be able to. When she was younger she started practicing magic and would use spells on herself to lose weight, but she would always gain back anything she lost. She was always letting herself get talked into doing things she didn’t want to do, like cutting off her hair or buying less flattering clothes because Sarah wanted the better outfits. This bothered her but she had always been to shy around Sarah to speak up.

Now Lilly was only around 5 lbs. heavier than Ashley, but at 5’3 she looked much plumper. Lilly also carried her weight in her butt with an obvious pear shape. That’s not to say that her belly was any smaller, she was constantly getting remarks from strangers as to if she’s pregnant. Lilly was a brunette too but with brown eyes. She also had tons of freckles and sometimes wore glasses. Her hair was long and thick, and she would usually always have it pulled back in a ponytail. She had always been a chubby girl; in fact she used to weigh over 190 lbs. but had gotten her weight down do to her annual trips to a summer fat camp. Even though she was trying to lose weight she actually found the larger body more attractive, she mostly wanted to slim her hips, but she was always encouraging others to eat more.

Although Sarah was really close with all three girls she was closer to Kayla. This was because they had known each other since they were babies. As they grew up they would always have sleep overs filled with lots of snacks. While Sarah’s metabolism burned it all off without her even trying to, Kayla’s metabolism seemed to store every extra calorie; so as they grew up Sarah remained thin as Kayla gained more and more. It didn’t help that Sarah started to eat less than Kayla, causing Kayla to finish of the extra either. Sarah was always teasing Kayla about her weight, even though Kayla really didn’t mind her size.

Kayla looked very close to Sarah; in fact people were always asking if they were sisters, some even thought they could be twins. This always annoyed Sarah though because Kayla weighed 195 lbs. She was also 5’6 and had long curly blonde hair, her eyes were a darker shade of blue, and she didn’t need glasses at all. Sarah was always getting on Kayla’s case about what she eats, always telling her that if she’s not careful she’s going to become obese one day, but Kayla didn’t care, she enjoyed food and did not like exercising that much.

Sarah was always trying to convince Kayla to lose weight but Kayla was just too lazy. Sarah was convinced though that if she just worked out a little and ate slightly less she’d lose weight in no time. Sarah would try and get Kayla to do all sorts of crazy diets and would always buy her workout DVDs that remained unopened.

One day when she was hanging out with Ashley, Sarah found a spell that she felt would be a perfect diet for Kayla. After she explained it to Kayla, she reluctantly agreed to do it. The plan was simple, well to Sarah at least, Kayla would enroll in the fat camp with Lilly and Ashley would perform a spell to transfer Sarah’s mind into Kayla’s body, and vice versa.

Sarah planned on losing the weight for Kayla, then switch back into her own body and have slightly better looking friends. Sarah was so adamant about doing this that she didn’t listen to Ashley about the warning that the spell would last as long as it takes for her to achieve her goal which Sarah wanted to get Kayla’s weight down to that of her own, so they will not switch back until Kayla weighs 110 lbs. Sarah assumed that as soon as fat camp was over they would switch back, regardless if she made any progress at all.

The night came for them to make the switch. All four girls gathered at Sarah’s house and prepared the room. They drew a pentagram on the floor and put a candle at each corner. Ashley then prepared a special shake for the two girls which included a hair from each of their heads for the opposite’s shake. They each nervously drank the potion and waited. Everything went black for the two girls then they opened their eyes.

Sarah looked at her hands and then immediately grabbed her huge belly, “Whaaaa! Look at how fat I am, ugh, I can’t wait to get my own body back!”

Kayla also looked down, and patting her stomach says, “Wow, I feel so much lighter, like I might float away, this is going to be so much fun being skinny for a change.”

And with that the girls spent the rest of the night watching TV and munching on snacks, Sarah not realizing she was eating as much as Kayla always had, and Kayla also eating the same amount even though she wasn’t big anymore.

The next morning Lilly and Sarah woke early and headed for the bus to fat camp. On the way there Lilly pulled into a fast food joint for some breakfast before the trip, looking over at Sarah she asked,

“Want something? We’re going to be starving all summer so I always like to have one last pig out before I leave.”

“Sure I guess, never eaten here for breakfast before, way too fattening, but I’m going to be losing this blubber anyway what’ll hurt? Might be fun to see what the big deal is about this place, you and Kayla eat here all the time.” responded Sarah.

Lilly then orders four sausage egg and cheese biscuits with four hash browns and a large coffee for herself, and orders five of each for Sarah, because that was always Kayla’s regular.

Upon receiving the food Sarah immediately says, “No wonder she got so fat, she ate enough for a small family just for breakfast, ugh… thanks but I don’t think I’m going to eat all of that.”

Even though she said that she still devoured all five sandwiches and then commented on how good they were, even if they are fattening. As they arrived at the bus Sarah got a good look at most of the other girls there and said, “Holy crap, there is so much fat around here, thank goodness you're going to fat camp!”

“Hey now, you’re not that thin anymore either, remember?” Lilly responds as she jiggles Sarah’s fat belly.

Back at home Kayla and Ashley are just waking up.

“Hmm, normally when I wake up I’m starving, must be the smaller stomach. Anyways, want to go get some breakfast?” Kayla asks,
Ashley responds with, “Sure, I’d love to get something to eat; I could really go for some pancakes!”

“And bacon!” Kayla adds, “oh and hash browns!”

Ashley then chuckles and says, “Ha! I think Sarah’s going to need some bigger clothes when she gets home!”

“Yea, well I want to put this metabolism to test, besides she could use a few extra curves, she claims to be curvy as it is!”

So the two went out to breakfast where Kayla ate just as much as she would have before she was in Sarah’s body.

“Oof, I don’t think I’ve ever been so stuffed!” Kayla grunted.

Ashley says, “Well Kayla, you’re skinny now, you have a tiny belly, I’m surprised you were able to finish all that food even.” Then thinking to herself, “Hmm, maybe this spell will work out in my favor, since I can’t seem to catch up to Sarah, maybe Kayla here will get her weight up to match mine, I think Sarah would look really cute chubby!”

Meanwhile Lilly and Sarah have arrived at camp and were assigned their cabin. The other girls in the room were all sharing their secret stashes with each other, including Lilly.

Sarah sees this and comments, “No wonder you haven’t lost much weight here lately, I’m not going to cheat, and I will get all this weight off.”

As she says this Lilly hands her a giant candy bar and asks, “Are you sure you don’t want this?”

Seeing it Sarah says,” oh well I guess one can’t hurt!” and greedily chows down on the bar. While Sarah pigs out on the chocolate bar Lilly gets pulled away for a phone call. It’s Ashley and she says,

“Hey Lilly how’s camp so far?”

“Good, Sarah’s been indulging her sweet tooth today, I’m not sure if she’ll be able to lose the weight.”

Ashley then says, “oh yea? Well Kayla has been eating like a real pig, if she keeps it up she’s really going to plump up Sarah’s body. Is it bad that I want to let that happen though?”

Lilly responds, “Not at all Ashley, I think Sarah would look really good chubby, I wish I was there to encourage her to keep eating!”

“Don’t worry; she’s eating plenty without any encouragement!”

“Awesome! Oh, I got to go; it’s time for the first weigh-in!”

“Ok, I’ll keep you informed on Kayla’s progress, have fun!”

While Lilly was on the phone Sarah was munching away on her stash and thinking, “what’s come over me, I shouldn’t be eating all this candy but I just can’t help myself… Ugh, I’m never going to lose this flab.”

She reaches down and rubs her belly that’s resting in her lap. “This is going to be harder than I thought.”

Lilly came back and took Sarah for her weigh-in. The girls joined the rest in the wreck hall and each took turns getting weighed. Lilly stepped on and weighed 150, just like she thought. Sarah got on and watched the numbers climb to 203.

“Holy crap! I thought Kayla weighed under 200?” She asked Lilly.

“Well yea, but you have been pigging out since you got into her body, and that was a couple months ago when she last weighed, I didn’t even think she hit the 200 mark, I’m impressed!”

“Impressed? I’m a cow! Ugh… This is going to take a lot of work to lose.”

“Yea, well I think you look good at that weight, but whatever.”

Back at home Kayla and Ashley are sharing a pizza.

“Damn Kayla, I can’t believe you’ve already ate three slices!”

“Yea, me neither. I mean back in my old body I could eat this whole thing no problem, doubt I could even get close with Sarah’s”

“Oh yea? I bet you could if you tried, I dare you to finish off this pizza!”

“You’re on!” And with that Kayla forced herself to eat the rest of the pizza. Halfway through her fifth slice she had to unbutton her jeans. As she, her belly plopped out. It was very, very tiny, but it was still a gut. It took her even longer to finish of the seventh and last slice, but she managed to do so. After seeing Kayla unbutton her pants, Ashley commented,

“Hmm, maybe we should buy you some yoga pants, that way you can eat more without needing to unbutton.”

“That’s a great idea, and while we’re at the mall we should get some of those pretzels, they are sooo good!”

While they were at the mall Kayla looked down and noticed that she looked bloated, a look that Sarah has never come close to sporting, and she asks,

“Should I feel bad that I’m making Sarah gain weight? I just love food, and honestly I’ve been wanting her to get chubby, maybe she’d leave me be on my weight if she was…”

“No not at all Hun, besides, Sarah would look great chubby! In fact let’s get you something more to eat!”

“Maybe we should stop by the health store see if there aren’t any nutrients I can take to slow Sarah’s metabolism?”

“Yea, if you really want to make sure she gains that be the best way. I know a spell that will make other peoples weight gain add to yours instead too if… well no maybe that’s too mean.”

“Not at all, let’s do that with you, so we both pig out together but I, well Sarah, gain all the weight!”

“Are you sure?”
“I’m very sure, I want to try and make her gain every pound she makes me lose, and it’ll be my way of saying thanks!”

While Kayla seemed to be trying her hardest to gain weight, Sarah was doing her best to avoid temptation and lose weight. She was one of the few girls to actually follow all the work out routines, even though she would run out of stamina she kept on pushing herself. After a week of intense workouts, horrible diet foods, and avoiding the other girls’ secret stashes, it was time for the second weigh-in, Sarah was nervous because she didn’t feel as if she had lost any weight at all. She crossed her fingers as she stepped on the scale… 193.

Sarah was excited to see that she lost ten pounds, but didn’t want to celebrate too early because she still had a ways to go. Lilly on the other hand weighed in at 160, a five pound gain, but she didn’t seem to care, Sarah on the other hand was disgusted that she could gain weight while at a weight loss camp.

Kayla also decided to have a one week weigh-in. She wasn’t sure how much she’d gained, but the two of them had been pigging out all week. She had already noticed that her belly was much larger than, almost as big as Ashley’s. Her butt was much softer, no longer tight and muscular as it once was. She had also noticed that her chest grew. Her bras were becoming too tight and felt uncomfortable so she just opted to not wear them anymore. She could easily hold in her belly and look just as skinny as before, but she preferred to let it hang out.

She would always spend a couple minutes before hoping in the shower puffing out her stomach as far as she can try to make it grow. As she stepped onto the scale she was astonished to see how much she gained. 18 pounds in one week, that’s more than two pounds a day. Ashley ordered a couple pizzas in celebration of this accomplishment. Ashley had been bingeing just as much as Kayla. Even though she wasn’t gaining any weight because of the transference spell, she still stretched out her stomach. When she was full of food she really looked pregnant, but when she wasn’t full she could hold it in and just look soft. Because of this though she decided to cut back on how much she ate, and told Kayla to just eat more to make up for it.

While working hard to lose weight, Sarah had managed to alienate herself from the other campers. Most of the girls there were just there because their parents were forcing them to, or even just because they made friends there and enjoyed seeing them. This was Lilly’s case too. Her parents told her if she didn’t continue going they would cut her off, so she continued to go but had stopped losing weight.

Sarah was still working her butt off, literally. She had quickly become the counselor’s favorite since she was the only one who listened to the workout and rarely complained about the food. When it came time for the next weigh-in she was not as nervous, she had finally been getting in shape. It was still hard to run as fast as she used to, but she wasn’t losing her breath as often. She got on the scale and saw the numbers land on 185.

Kayla had been eating more and more trying to get her belly back to the same capacity her stomach had. To do so she had to force herself to eat more and more. Each time her stomach would be filled to its max and then she would take a few more bites. It was because of this forceful eating that she started to get stretch marks. She’d started getting to the point where when she sucked in her belly it was still round and now she definitely looked larger than Ashley’s. For the first time ever Ashley was thinner than Sarah, even though she hadn’t lost a pound.

Kayla’s butt was even larger but was still remaining perfectly round. Her chest had grown larger as well and began to sag from the extra weight, she still didn’t want to wear a bra because of how uncomfortable they were but was starting to have second thoughts. Her face was also looking much rounder. Her cheeks looked puffy and she had a small second chin forming. This week she gained an impressive 20 pounds bringing her to a current total of 148. Only three pounds heavier than Ashley but all the bingeing made her belly look larger, but the rest of her was almost the same.

Even though Sarah was being rude to Lilly, Lilly knew of Kayla’s progress and so she just kept a silent smile to herself. Lilly hadn’t been working out much and had even snuck in more contraband. She was always offering it to Sarah, but Sarah had finally gotten her willpower under control. Sarah was waking up early for a quick workout before the rest of the girls. She was quickly reaching her goals, and surpassing the other girls. There were others who were trying to lose weight, but none of them had the willpower that

Sarah did, and so were not losing weight as fast. Sarah did befriend these girls though because they were the only ones who were as disgusted with the others not losing as she was. At this week’s weigh-in she lost another ten pounds getting down to 175. Lilly got on and saw she gained another two pounds, putting her at 162.

Sarah thought to herself, “ugh, I would never let myself get that big, and I definitely wouldn’t let myself gain even more weight!”

This past week Kayla had been eating enough that would have even put her old habits to shame. Ashley noticed that she had even been eating after she said she was done. Kayla now always looked full. She could barely suck in her belly at all anymore and was covered in stretch marks. It was constantly poking out of her shirts unless she wore oversized ones. Her butt had grown quite a bit, and now jiggled with every step. She had finally started wearing bras again to hold up her now much larger bust. She stepped onto the scale and was shocked to have found she gained yet another 20 pounds, bringing her up to 168.

“Isn’t this quite a bit?” She asked Ashley,

“Not at all Hun, you are gaining weight for both of us, and you’ve been eating enough for three people!”

”I guess so; I just wasn’t expecting to reach my goal as quick as I am.”

With every pound Sarah loses, working out gets easier and easier. Sarah also wonders why anyone ever has trouble losing weight when she’s done it so quickly. At the latest weigh-in she lost 9 pounds which brought her down to 166, Lilly was up to 167.

Sarah says to her, “Why are you letting yourself get fat, I mean look at how much hotter Kayla is now that I’ve gotten her weight down so low!”

“Actually,” responds Lilly, “I think she looked hotter before, in fact I think most girls look better chubby.”

“Ugh, whatever, that’s just what fat girls tell themselves to feel better because they’re too lazy to lose weight!”

“Think what you want to Sarah, but one day you’ll realize bigger is better…”

Meanwhile Kayla was emptying out her third pizza box.

“Holy crap Kayla, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat that much!”

“Yea, well I wanted to make sure I gained enough weight before Sarah gets her body back, and I figured that meant I need to really stretch my stomach.”

Kayla’s belly has grown so big she can’t suck it in at all. She looks much bigger than she really is because of how large her stomach is. It hangs over her pants and sticks out of her shirts all the time. Her double chin has now grown to the point where she no longer looks to have a neck and her face has grown very round. When Kayla sits down her stomach takes over her lap and her butt takes over most chairs. This week she gained a massive 25 pounds, putting her at 193 pounds.

“Wow, I’ve gotten as fat as I was when we switched bodies already. I can’t believe how much I gained, but I was eating like a pig even more this week!”

“Actually Kayla, Lilly told me that at the first weigh-in you were at 203, bigger than you thought huh?”

“Yea… I guess so, well it’s a good thing there’s still three more weeks until Sarah comes home, I can get her up to my old weight!”

“Yea, or probably double her original weight!”

“Yea, that would be funny!”

“After today there’s only two more weigh-ins, think you’ll reach your goal before then Sarah?” Lilly asked.

“I don’t know, last week I was 166, if I continue losing ten pounds a week I’ll only get down to 136, that’s still 26 pounds too high…”

“Hmm, yea, you’re probably going to have to continue to lose those pounds when we get home then.”

Sarah gasped, “What? No, Kayla will lose those, we’re switching back as soon as I get home!”

“Oh sweetie, didn’t you know? The spell only breaks when you reach your goal.”

“O M G you mean I have to get this fatty all the way down to my weight in order to get back to my own body! Ugh, I did not know that…”

Sarah’s day got a little better when she found she lost 11 pounds, bringing her down to 155. Lilly’s weight didn’t change, but she thought to herself,

“I wonder how she’s going to freak when she sees just how fat Kayla’s made her body for her.”

“Wow Kayla, I can’t believe how fat you’ve made Sarah!”

Ashley remarked as she grabbed at Kayla’s fat. She gained another 20 pounds bringing her to 213 pounds.

“I know! Only 7 more pounds and I’ll have made her twice her size, I never thought I’d ever see that!”

She wasn’t really fat at 213, but because she’s stretched out her belly she looked huge. Her entire body now jiggled as she walked. She can eat enough food for at least three average people if she tries too.

Meanwhile Sarah has been working even harder now that she knows she has to get down to 110 before she can get her body back. She’s been only eating enough to get the proper nutrients and has been working out even longer. Luckily it has been easier for her since she’s in much better shape now. She only lost 9 pounds this week bringing her down to 146. Lilly heard how big Kayla got and is excited to see Sarah’s reaction.

“Um, Ashley, I think we should have turned off that weight transference spell…”

“Yea I guess so; I mean you could have gained 7 pounds on your own.”

“Yea, well we gained 30 together…”

“What? How did you gain so much?”

“I don’t know, I guess I was just eating way too much…”

At 243 pounds Kayla was big. She had a huge belly that was always poking out of clothes, even the largest she’d buy. She over flowed from chairs she would sit in. her face was very plump, her cheeks were no longer just puffy, but were fat.

“Before we forget again maybe we should break the spell, I wouldn’t want to gain another 30 pounds!”

“Ah, but Sarah makes such a cute fatty, but yea, I’m sure you’ll gain that eventually, better try to slow down now.”

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It was the last weigh-in before leaving for home. Sarah had mixed feelings, on one hand she had gotten her weight down pretty low and was sure she lost even more weight this week. Unfortunately she was still upset that she had so much further to go before she’d get her body back. As she stepped on the scale she was met with both praise and worry. She dropped 15 pounds; an amazing feet but also dangerous to lose so much weight in one week. Her counselors told her she needs to slow down that she has her whole life to lose weight. This brought Sarah down to 131 pounds.

“Yes, only 21 more pounds and I’ll be back to my own body!” Lilly of course knew she’d be in for a surprise.

“I’m so excited to see the look on Sarah’s face when she sees how big I’ve gotten for her!” Kayla said.

“Yea, she is not going to be happy. But I was thinking, maybe you should leave for a couple weeks, Lilly said Sarah only has to drop 21 more pounds in order to get her body back, I think it would be more fun if she didn’t know until she was inside her body!”

“Oh yea, definitely! Call me when she’s getting close!”

Kayla had just left to go spend a couple weeks alone at her family’s cabin when Sarah and Lilly returned home.

“Oh wow Sarah, you really did lose the weight, I wasn’t sure if I believed her!”

“Of course I did! You look like you’ve gained some yourself, maybe you should work out with me while I drop these last 21 pounds…”

Ashley was so mad that Sarah was still so mean to her that she decided to try and trick her into being big for a lot longer.

“You know, just because you lost the weight for her, doesn’t mean Kayla isn’t going to just gain it all back.”

“Yea, well if I could keep her from doing so I would!”

“I have a weight transference spell, I can make it so that every pound Kayla gains would instead go to your body, and then you could just lose it.”

“Well that would make sense, but I don’t know…”

Lilly interjected, “I think that would be a very nice thing for you to do, I mean you think she looks great right, help her stay that way.”

“Ok, I’ll do it, but where is Kayla?”

Ashley then told Sarah that she’s at her cabin and will be home before the change.

“So now this spell made it so I can keep losing weight, and anything I would gain is going to be transferred to my body that Kayla’s in right?” asked Sarah. Ashley answered her yes.

“Great, that will make it easier for me to drop this weight.”

Meanwhile Kayla is sitting around her cabin pigging out,

“Hmm, I’m already this big, what are a few more pounds going to do?” She says as she opens another carton of ice cream. As she sits in the recliner her belly is resting in her lap and the area is littered with empty food cartons.

Sarah is sticking to her diet and exercising as much, if not harder, than she was at fat camp. After a week of being home she hops on the scale only to see she’s lost seven pounds, a smaller amount than she had been losing.

“Only 14 more to go!” she reminds herself.

While at the cabin, Kayla is able to order any food she wants, so the only exercise she’s been getting is from walking to the door. She has also been receiving a few pounds from Sarah’s weakening will. Little does she know that over the past couple weeks she has added another 15 pounds to Sarah’s body; Bringing her to 258 pounds. Her belly is now massive, taking up all of her lap. While she’s sitting her chest rest on top of her large belly. She is still not really all that fat but just looks larger do to her over eating.

Sarah has been working hard, but she’s started cheating on her diet. Lilly has been constantly insisting that she try things and Sarah has been giving in, but all the weight has gone straight to Kayla’s body. One day Sarah comes running down the hall screaming,

“Only four more pounds, yay!”

Ashley picks up the phone, “Hey Kayla, time to come home, yea, she only needs to lose four more pounds.”

Kayla had perfect timing, as she walked in the front door Sarah got on the scale. The numbers stopped at 109, one pound less than she needed. Just then everything went black for the two girls, as they opened their eyes they were back in their old bodies.

Sarah was confused, “Why do I feel so heavy, I just got down to 109. Oh, I must be back in my own body, but, but… OH MY GOD!! I’m… I’m huge!”

Lilly laughed, “Wow Sarah, I never expected to see you this huge, I thought maybe they just made you gain a little, but wow, you look hot as a fatty!”

“What? No, fat is gross, I just lost all that weight!”

Ashley commented, “Before Kayla went to the cabin we got you up to 243, but you look larger than before, when she left that outfit actually fit!”

Sarah was wearing a pair of sweatpants with the tie band removed and a slit through the top allowing for more room. Her belly hung over and out of her shirt which was a t-shirt stretched to its max.

“What how much do I weigh? Oh my god… I’m so huge…”

Aas Sarah walked towards the bathroom scale Kayla came out.

“Wow, I knew I had made you fat, but just wow, you are such a cutie with all that weight!”

“Shut up! I am so not cute! I made you look so hot and how do you repay me? By making me fat!”

“Actually, I think I looked better when I was chubby, I might just gain it back.”

“Do what you want, but I’m going on a serious diet.”

Sarah walked over to the scale to see the damage, but when she got on she couldn’t see the numbers past her belly.

“Can one of you girls please tell me how fat I am?”

Ashley walks over, bends under Sarah’s belly, and laughs,

“You weigh 270 pounds girl! Wow, that’s big, but you look so much hotter with the weight, just keep it!”

Over the next couple weeks Sarah tried to ignore her cravings, but they were just too strong and she gave in quite a bit. Kayla on the other hand started to try and gain back her weight, unaware that it was all going to Sarah. The girls continued to try and convince Sarah to just keep the weight, she continued to try to diet, but would fail all along the way. It was even harder with Ashley and Lilly putting food in front of her all the time.

After three weeks had passed since Sarah returned to her own body she had outgrown more clothes. She got on the scale only to scream. 320, She gained 50 pounds; Sarah forgot she had the weight transference spell on her, but Ashley remembered, she wanted to get Sarah over 300 pounds before she would take it off, just to see how she looked.

“Oh, sorry Sarah, guess I forgot to tell Kayla about the spell, she’s been trying so hard to gain back the weight you made her lose.” Ashley said.

Kayla added, “I’m just not digging this weight, nothing fits me right. All my clothes hang off of me like tents, I have no curves, and I’m just so scrawny I just don’t look good at all.”

“Well I’d at least like a chance to lose this weight; I know I cheated a little, but 30 pounds in three weeks…”

Lilly overheard, “Oh come on Sarah you make such a cute fat girl. Don’t lose it, embrace it!”

“If you think I look so good fat how come you’re staying so skinny?”

“Well just because I don’t like how all the weight is going to my butt, I don’t like having a pear shape… but if it’ll make you appreciate your size more I’ll join Kayla in here gaining and then all three of us will be chubby, then will you stop trying to lose?”

“No, I want my old body back!”

Ashley replied, “Oh sweetie, with as big as you are now, and as stretched out as we made your stomach, I’d be surprised if you could even maintain your weight, let alone lose.”

“I bet you I can easily lose this weight, just as I lost Kayla’s for her!”

Lilly piped up, “Oh yea? What are you wagering?”

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked. Lilly answered,

“Well how about you have one month to lose as much weight as you can, if you succeed you win and we’ll stop pestering you about staying big, but if you wind up even a pound over your current weight, we win, and you have to give in, accept this is who you are, and enjoy living the fat life.”

“You’re on!” said Sarah.

During the next month Sarah would always start off the day trying to lose weight. She would set her alarm for 6 A.M. in an attempt to go for an early jog, only to hit the snooze button until about 8. After she woke up she would find that Lilly and Kayla were cooking a huge breakfast for themselves including three packs of bacon, two dozen eggs, and as many pancakes as they could make. Of course they would always invite Sarah, who would first turn them down but then decide, “One piece of bacon and a small pancake can’t hurt…”

But she would wind up eating as much as the other girls, although she would never admit this, nor really realize it was so. After breakfast she would procrastinate working out for as long as she could until she finally would try to go for a jog. She would get as far as maybe a block when she ran out of breath and started to just walk. After walking for a while she’d always come up to a diner where Lilly and Kayla were always waiting outside for her for lunch.

Sarah didn’t know they were waiting for her, she thought she just randomly ran into the girls. They would then talk Sarah into taking a break from her jog and join them for lunch. Sarah had started ordering the same thing every day and after about a week the waitress would just bring her the usual without even needing to take her order. She always ordered the one pound double cheeseburger deluxe with extra bacon, extra cheese, fries, an order of mozzarella sticks for an appetizer, and a large chocolate milkshake.

Sarah told herself this was a reward for her hard work out and she’d eat better the rest of the day, which wasn’t true. After lunch the girls would tell Sarah that they could tell she was tired and talk her into just riding back with them. Most days, on the way home from lunch Lilly would pull over at an ice-cream shop for a snack. Sarah didn’t need to be talked into ice-cream; she loved ice-cream so much it was always hard for her to say no.

After returning home Sarah would relax from her work out on the couch and brag about how she was going to lose all the weight, while mindlessly munching away on a bag of chips. For dinner the girls would order take-out, rotating between pizza, Chinese, and chicken wings, Sarah would always eat more than the other girls, but brag that she was controlling herself just fine and the other girls were making pigs of themselves.

After dinner the girls would always have something for desert, since Lilly and Kayla were both trying to gain weight they would each buy a cake or pie and try to eat the whole thing. They didn’t want Sarah to feel left out so they also got her a cake or pie, which she would complain about how big it is and claim she wouldn’t eat the whole thing, which she did.

The month was over and it was time for the weigh-in to see who won the bet. Kayla hopped on the scale first. She had been able to make a big change to her body over the past month. She wasn’t gorging herself quite as much as she was when in Sarah’s body because she didn’t want her stomach to stretch out as much. Her belly had grown to where she could barely suck it in anymore. Her chest had finally started getting big again, ever since Sarah made her lose weight her chest had shrunk. Her butt was also soft and jiggled as she walked and her thighs were looking very plump. As she watched the scale the numbers stopped at a measly 145. “Aw! Only 35 pounds! I have a ways to go to get back to my old weight…”

Lilly had made quite a change to her body too. She was already chubby at 166, but now her butt had become massive. She had a square shape to it which she never liked but now that the rest of her was larger it did not look too big. The thing she liked the most was that her chest had grown some; she always hated having a small chest. Her belly was larger than before too, it hung down pretty low but when she was full was much perkier. As she watched the scale the numbers came up and made Kayla jealous; she gained 5 pounds more than Kayla putting her at 206 pounds.

“Ha, I’m as big as you used to be before Sarah ruined your figure!”

Now it was Sarah’s turn. As she approached the scale she was bragging,

“Wow, you two sure are getting fat! I bet I lost as much weight as you gained.”

As she stood on the scale she was dismayed to find it was the opposite of that, she gained 30 pounds herself putting her at 350

“What, but I don’t understand, how did I gain weight? I’ve been jogging every day and watching what I eat.”

Lilly pointed out, “Sarah, you’ve been pigging out with us and your jog lasts about 5 blocks before you stop and pig out for lunch. Face it, you’re a fat girl now, and besides, you lost the bet, you need to accept that you look hott now.”

Sarah looked at her body. Her belly was so massive that it took up most of her image. Her huge breasts rested on top of her belly. Her face was so round and she looked to have no neck at all. Her butt was still round, but was ginormous even when compared to Lilly’s giant butt. When she sat down she would take up most of any chair, and had issues using booths in restaurants as her stomach pushes against the table.

As Sarah ran her hands down her body she did find it somewhat attractive, which scared her. All her life she has been told that fat is gross and that she needed to remain thin to be hott, but here she is now, unable to lose weight and actually not wanting to. She grabbed her belly with both hands and shook it, watching her entire body jiggle. As she let out a sigh she turned to Lilly and Kayla and said, “Are you ready to go eat? I’m so hungry I think I could eat a cow!”

Lilly was stunned, she never expected Sarah to change her mind so quickly, “After all that fighting you’re going to give in that fast?”

“No, I’ve been having second thoughts ever since I was in Kayla’s body. Before I lost the weight I enjoyed the feeling of the weight, and I loved the food, but I just couldn’t admit it. After working so hard to lose the weight the feelings faded, but I actually missed the weight. When I got in my body I was so pissed that she made me fat, but at the same time I was relieved because I didn’t have to admit I missed being fat. This last month I’ve been wanting to lose because I do think I am too big, but I wasn’t really trying, like I wanted to lose the bet so that I could blame you for me not losing, but I need to come clean. I am a fat girl, I love being fat, and I love eating anything and everything around me, I just don’t want to gain any more weight…”

With that the three girls went to an all-you-can eat buffet where they spent the rest of the day challenging one another about how much they could eat.

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This is a great story, thanks.
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entertaining story! Thank you!
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