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Default Melissa 3: Back to School - by Billyjoe (~BBW, Eating, ~SWG)

~BBW, Eating, ~SWG - A little exercise fails to stem a good appetite

Melissa 3 - Back to School
by Billyjoe

[Click here for prior installment]

''Oh My ! I can't do this!''

Melissa was in a worried mood. It was the first day of school, and she was in no shape to go (literally). Since the summer started, Melissa had gotten very plump, and she had developed a round, chubby bottom. Her friends had seen her expanded butt cheeks burst open a pair of jeans at her friend's party, while her best friend Christie had watched Melissa get stuck in an attic manhole and then wedged into an innertube.

To make matters worse, Mel had ignored her friend's weight loss plan, and grown even chubbier all over. Melissa's bum was getting fatter everyday, and while the rest of her body was miles behind her, she was getting a little pudgy around the middle.

Melissa opened her wardrobe and pulled out her school uniform.

''Oh no.....what if it doesn't fit?'' she suddenly asked herself, the thought hadn't previously crossed her mind. Her uniform, which consisted of a button up white shirt and an ugly little green tartan skirt.

Last year, Mel loved this outfit, it displayed off her better assets. She would wear shirt with the top button undone, exposing her expansive cleavage, and her skirt was lined right at the bottom of her....ah, bottom. She was quite a showoff around boys, but since her rump gain, she had lost a lot of her ego.

Could she squeeze into this unform? She took the skirt and wrapped it around her hips. This was definately going to be a challenge. The skirt flaps came close, but not close enough. Her skirt dug into her sides, her tender bum too round for the small skirt.

''C'mon! I need this to fit!'' she struggled. No use, it wasn't going to work.

''Wait!" she thhought. "The sport uniform!''

The sport uniform was hardly flattering, but it had more chance of fitting. Melissa pulled out her short green pants and began to wriggle them on. The waistband wouldn't stretch to get passed her bulbous behind, and Mel began to panic.

''I'm in trouble," she suddenlt realized. "No pants fit me! Or . . ."''

She turned to her last resort. Bike pants. They weren't exactly school uniform, but they were acceptable. She grabbed a pair of black bike pants.

''Man this is embarassing'' she moaned. She pulled at the clingy material and tugged them up to her thighs. They felt very tight, as she slowly dragged them over her butt cheeks. The clingy material outlined every rounded shape over her soft lower body. Each cheek was hugged closely by the pants, which slipped into her bum crack. She wore a g-string to hide any visible pantylines.

''Looking good, girl'' she groaned to herself sarcastically. The clingy pants were stretched so tightly over her cheeks that you could almost see her pale white flesh through them. They didn't do anything to stop her rump jiggling either.

Melissa's walk to school was very uncomfortable. Her bike pants kept wedging themselves up her bum crack, and she constantly had to reach around and tug them out. Her round arse rolled and bounced rhythmically, jiggling upon each landing step.

Her newly bloated belly oozed over the pants waistband, her love handles were even more noticable than her expanded gut. She still sported the pear-shaped look, carrying all her weight around her bum and hips. Her bum was fat. She worried about what other people would say, or worse, what was Christie going to think?

Mel arrived at school just in time, and she raced into the already full classroom. When Christie saw her from the other side of the room, her jaw dropped. What had Mel done to herself? She was fatter than ever!

Melissa hadn't seen her stunned friend in the corner and proceeded to a desk at the otherside of the room. The packed classroom meant Christie couldn't go over to scold her friend just yet. Christie watched suspiciously as Melissa attempted to wedge herself into the desk and chair combo. Her chubby body meant it was a tight squeeze, and her big butt was straining at her unflattering bike pants.

Melissa was feeling very self-conscious of her plump ass. She eventually wedged it down into the chair. She could feel her bum cheeks hanging over the sides of the chair, which obviously wasn't meant to capacitate such a hefty bottom. Her soft thighs were squished together, the bike pants binding around them.

Mel tugged up her pants slightly at the front to cover her small belly roll. Glancing around, she noticed some people giving her awkward looks, obviously observing Mel's weight gain. She tried hard to stay focused on her school work in an attempt to drown out thoughts of her growing rump in her head. She could hear people whispering around her.

''Look at Melissa's bum! It's so fat!''

''Yeah, she's gotten really plump, look at her ass crack hanging out.''

Melissa whimpered to herself quietly and pretended she didn't hear.

Christie sat at the other end of the classroom filled with silent rage. What had Mel done to herself? Her thoughts were interuppted when the bell rang for lunch. Christie watched Mel waddled out of the classroom, her butt swaying rhythmically. She headed over to Jodie and Vicky, two of their friends. Christie followed up behind.

''Sorry guys,'' Christie butted in,'' do you mind if I talk to Mel for a sec?''

''Oh! Ok'' said Mel, almost suprised.

Christie led Mel over to her locker.

''What happened?!'' hissed Christie.

''What do you mean?'' replied Melissa naively.

''You're fat! Look at you! That big fat butt of your is huge! I thought you were going to lose weight!''

''I tried, but it was too hard!'' protested Mel.

''So what? You then somehow got even fatter? What did you eat?'' yelled Christie.

''I'm sorry! I'm sorry!'' moaned Mel,''Food is just too tasty! I can't help myself!''

''Aargh! Whatever! I'm only trying to help you!'' said an angry Christie,''But hey, if you want to be fat, just go on ahead! But when you get so plump you can't fit into any of your pants, don't come crying to me.''

Mel stared at her awkwardly.

''You can't fit in any of your pants akready, can you?'' Christie asked, taking the hint.

Melissa's face blushed bright red.

''Ummm.....no, my bike pants are the only things that fit me right now....''

''Sigh....ok Mel, let's go to lunch'' sighed Christie.


Mel's mouth water as she gazed at the food in the lunchroom. She helped herself to a hamburger, a plate of chips and some chocolate cake for after. She sat with Christie, Jodie and Vicky, who stared wide eyed as Melissa stuffed her face.

Jodie was a short, petite girl with red hair and freckles, while Vicky was Italian with white skin and black hair. Both had rather slender frames, although Vicky did carry a little extra pudge in her gut and had wide hips.

''Hey Mel, you do know that food's only going to make you fatter.'' said Jodie.

Mel's tummy tingled with butterflies.

''So? I don't care......'' she stuttered shyly. She really wanted to ignore her ever growing bottom, but her confidence had dwindling since she had porked up.

''Really? You don't care that you have a big bum?'' asked Vicky suriously.

''Look, I really wish people would stop pestering me about my weight! Yeah, I've put on a few, but so what, every girl puts on a little weight in their teenage years....''

''You gotta stop making excuses!'' said Christie, ''C'mon! Do some exercise! We'll help! Won't we girls?''

The other girls nodded eagerly.

''You'll fit into your old clothes in no time!'' encouraged Vicky.

Mel stuttered awkwardly.

''Ummm....'' she wondered. Could she lose all that junk in the trunk? She doubted it. Deep down she hated being so fat, and decided it was worth the shot.

''Ok guys, I'll try and exercise, but if I don't like it, I'm stopping.''

Christie smiled in return.


Melissa's tired eyes gazed through her blurry vision to read her alarm clock. 7:30am.

''Ah.....''she thought, rolling over in bed. It was Saturday morning, and she had a huge day of sleeping in planned. She closed her eyes again and wasn't asleep long before there was a knock at her bedroom door.

''Mel, honey, can I come in?'' said a muffled voice. Mel grunted drowsily as her mum entered the room. Melissa's mum was a rather athletic woman for her age, and her sporty nature was how Mel's body had stayed in good shape for so long. Her mother hadn't talked much about her daughter's sudden weight gain, figuring it was none of her business.

''Melissa, wake up, your friends are here.''

''Huh?'' grunted Mel.

Her mother exited as Christie darted in and jumped on Mel.

''Rise and shine fat girl!'' she beamed, shaking her.

Jodie and Vicky followed in.

''What's going on? It's Saturday morning! I should be asleep!'' Melissa's temper was wearing thin.

''Well Melly, you said you wanted to get in shape, so we're going for an early morning jog!'' said Jodie in her peppy mood, she looked like a complete airhead with her high pony tail and dopey smile. Vicky and Christie looked like they meant businessin their tight gym clothes and sweat bands.

''I'd, ah, love too, but um, I have....homework.'' replied Melissa, fumbling for an excuse.

''Oh no you don't! Now get up and ready.'' forced Christie.

''Fine, let me get changed.'' moaned Melissa.

The girls left the room as Mel changed. She pulled on a g-string and then proceeded to haul her bike pants on over her chubby bottom. She had been wearing g-strings instead of normal underwear simply because she owned no undies that could contain her round, squishy ass cheeks. And besides, if her underwear was going to keep riding up into her bum crack, she may as well wear a g-string instead. Her hair was messy and tangled from her sleep, and she pulled it back into a pony tail. Then, after dusting off her old running shoes, she went out the front door where the girls were waiting.

''Let's go!'' said Vicky.

The four girls ran off down the street. Melissa found it hard to keep up, she hadn't exercised in ages and it was showing. Within five hundred metres she was huffing and panting, her cheeks flushed scarlet. Sweat poured from her forehead. She felt a little embarassed, her big fat booty was bouncing and jiggling at an alarming rate. The extra flesh she'd packed on was certainly weighing her down.

Melissa heard an urgent grumbling in her stomach.

''Ugh....so hungry.....'' she groaned, she hadn't had any breakfast yet. She felt quite faint.

''Brother,'' she thought, ''The other girls haven't even broken a sweat! I must look ridiculous, some tubby chick running with these three fit queens!''

A few blocks later, Mel had to stop. Her breathing was labored signifigantly, her tight t-shirt soaked in sweat. The morning sun burned on her forehead, her light brown hair all messy.

''C'mon Mel! We've hardly started!'' said Jodie, running on the spot.

''NO!'' Mel protested. ''It's Saturday morning! I should be sleeping.''

''In theory, yes'' said Christie jokingly,'' but we're helping you whip that fat ass into shape!''

She smacked Melissa on her meaty rump and watched as it wobbled like jelly. With only a thin layer of bike pants on, and the only form of underwear being wedged up her ass crack, The wriggling of Mel's bum was abundant. She straightened up, still panting.

''Okok....I guess I can keep going.''

The girls continued onwards, Mel's chubby tummy rumbling. By the time she got home, she was ready to faint.

''See ya later Mel!'' chirped Vicky.

''Don't forget to eat healthy!'' added Christie and Jodie.

Mel nodded, puffing and spluttering. She shut the front door and fell back against it.

''Man, that was tough! I'm so unfit.'' she gasped.


After a shower, Mel had breakfast and then lay in her room watching TV. She was clad in only a bra and her g-string. One advantage of having a big butt was the cushioning she got upon sitting, hardly worth the trouble she'd had with it though. Eventually her mum walked in, her eyes ballooning when she saw her plump young daughter sprawled out over her bed in her underwear.

''How was your run, dear?'' she asked, watching Melissa's tummy rise up and down as she breathed.

''Ok I guess.'' was the mumbled reply.

''Well, you can't sit here all day, why don't you go for a walk?''

''I already went running, besides, none of my clothes fit.''

''Let's remedy that, shall we?'' said her mum,''We're going clothes shopping.''

''Muuuum!'' groaned Mel.

''Come now.'' she hurried out the door. Mel didn't move until she heard the car engine start up. She dragged herself up and wriggled her way into her over tight jeans and a top. She didn't even bother button her pants, knowing it was a forlorn hope. Her top rode up on her belly, and Melissa's body was spilling out of her clothes.

''I guess new clothes won't hurt.'' she concluded.


Melissa stood in the change room doubtfully. Her mum had helped her pick out new clothes, but she was worried they wouldn't fit. She did need new clothes though. Looking the mirror, she saw her love handles rolling over the sides of her tight jeans, which had been worn and stretched by her soft, round buttocks. In the back, the top of her butt oozed over the jeans waistband, her bum crack clearly visible. Her massive boobs threatened to pop out of her top.

She struggled and kicked off her pants, and proceeded to put on a new pair of jeans. They hugged her chunky thighs before squeezing her bum cheeks tightly. Mel made her best efforts to stuff her butt flab into the jeans.

''These are going to be way too small....''she grunted, twisting her wide hips from side to side. She fumbled for the jeans flaps and tugged. The flaps came no where near. These jeans were far too tight around her butt and hips. Melissa began to push the jeans back down, but had some difficulty. It took alot of effort and wriggling to slide the jeans off.

''Next size up...'' she muttered. While these jeans were slightly looser, they still hugged her enormous bum tightly. She had to suck in her gut to button them.

''Ooof...'' she grunted, releasing her breath. Her fat little tummy rolled over the waistband, and the button felt tight. These pants gave her a definate muffin top. Everything was still spilling out, her gut, love handles and bum cheeks. She bit her lip, Mel wasn't ready to admit she was another size bigger, these jeans would have to do.

She bought the jeans and some new tops, her favourite of which was a black v-neck which tastefully showed off her massive cleavage.

While clothes shopping had kept her out and about for part of the day, Melissa spent the rest of the day in front of her TV, eating through a block of chocolate.


When Monday came around, Melissa was still tired from her enduring run two days ago. She was quite annoyed too, even though she had new clothes, she couldn't wear them to school because of the uniform policy. And since her tiny school skirt didn't fit anymore, she was forced to continue wearing her g-string and bike pants combo. She was really sick of wearing them. The g-string always chafed her butt crack and the bike pants were too tight for their own good. The good news for her however, she hadn't put on any more weight. Although she was still sitting at a considerably plump 168 pounds.

Mel spent most of the day off in space, day-dreaming. She had always been a bit of a ditzy girl, a bit of a blonde in disguise. She didn't enjoy school too much, but just lolled her way through it everyday. When lunchtime came around, she was helping herself to her typical lunch of everything fatty. A few slices of pizza with some chocolate milk followed by a chop chip cookie.

''I went running, I deserve a treat.'' she concluded naively.

She sat down with the other girls.

''Mel, you up for some more exercise this arvo?'' asked Christie.

''Not today, ok?'' sighed Mel.

''What's up?'' asked her friend.

Melissa sighed.

''It's Nick, he hasn't talked to me since school broke off.''

''Weren't you two flirting and everything?'' asked Christie.

''Yeah, I dunno what happened.'' said Mel, ''Maybe he thinks I'm too fat.....''

Mel shuffled uncomfortably in her seat. Her bike pants were beginning to slide in between her plump bum cheeks.

''I'm sure it'll be fine if you just talk to him.'' reassured Christie.

''I guess so, I just gotta pull him away from his mates.'' said Mel.

''Yeah, he's been with that nerdy guy, Ben. They've become pretty good friends.'' added Christie.

''Hmm....'' pondered Melissa. Melissa now had alot on her mind. Her bum obviously the most. She was determined to attempt to try and lose weight......well, let's just say she wanted to, but whether or not her willpower was strong enough was another thing.

She had to talk to Nick, the boy she was smitten over, and she also had to try and keep her exercise with the girls. Considering her bum was getting too fat for even her newly purchased pants, she knew she should take action, but could she do it?

[Click here for next installment]

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mmmm very nice, cant wait for more
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very nice, can't wait for the saga to continue
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