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Default Corporate Worlds: Knail's Expanding Horizons - by Joel (~BBW, Eating, ~MWG)

~BBW, Eating, ~MWG - a lean retired Marine meets the Corp World's culinary machine

(Author's note: This is meant to be an officially blessed tie in to Samster's Corporate Worlds Universe (which for any that don't know deals with a future Sci Fi universe where among other things big women are, if not quite the norm, the standard of beauty for a large portion of the population.)

Corporate Worlds:
Knail's Expanding Horizons

by Joel

Part 1

Knail breathed a completely audible sigh of relief as she departed the shuttle craft and set foot on to Kane Alpha soil completely and utterly free. Knail had spent the past six years of her life abroad serving in the Corporate Marine forces and was practically ecstatic to be home.

By Knail’s reasoning she had left the service at exactly the right time. Joining up straight out of high school at 18 she had done three two years tours of duty and was not going to risk another if she could help it. It wasn’t that Knial truly hated or regretted the service. Quite the opposite, she was as tough as her name suggested and the discipline and commitment of the service suited her well.

However, there was an issue. Knail was something of a pacifist by nature. At the target range she was quite the terror and in training exercises she could be quite cunning and ruthless when it came to pointing a weapon set to kill at a living thing. But she felt awful about actually doing it to her core..

Luckily for her this inner conflict never really came into play throughout her service career. She had done several peace keeping details, even acting as a squad leader at times but they had all been very quiet posts. Knail had managed to go her entire career without seriously harming, let alone killing a soul. Knial feared if she reenlisted for another tour though that would change.

Aside from her minor leadership abilities she had shown no real technical skills to date and she felt very confident that her superiors would reason it was now time to send her to a hot spot while she was still in her prime.

Knail very much looked the part of the "killing is my business and business is good" Marine with her impressive stature, lean, extremely toned build and her closely cropped hair. She had also gone out of her way to make a reputation for herself as taking no crap or insubordination when placed in a leadership role. Deep down though, while she got some kick out of the physical challenges of her job, the barking of orders and bullying conquered peoples was just not her.

Now that she was back in civilization she planned to leave all that behind. As a veteran she expected it shouldn’t be too hard to land a nice lower level corporate job, something clerical probably and enjoy the wonders of being a free financially stable citizen.

As she made her way through customs she eyed the Corp ISS guards bullying and antagonizing most who crossed their path with disgust. She knew with her service record she could land a comfy job among their ranks in a heartbeat, but had already made up her mind to do so only as a last resort.

Lacking skills outside of soldering or athletics many service men and women found posts among the ISS and with few exceptions they would turn into porky bullies in no time. The two ISS service women she spied now hassling her fellow departing passengers certainly fit that bill. Like her they were tall and walked with the stiff attentiveness of a veteran. Unlike her though, their muscles had been coated by layer upon layer of pork if the two weren’t pushing 300 pounds each she’d be surprised.

She had to admit though the look suited them as they both sported epic bustlines colossal butts and wide swaying hips. They also to their credit obviously hit the gym enough to give their pork quite a bit of firmness giving them a sexy but strong and powerful look rather than fat and flabby. As little regard as Knial had for them she had to admit they were lookers.

On Corp worlds big was always unmistakably in and they were among the largest and loveliest ladies she’d seen in person in some time. Knial was far from jealous though like many thin Corp world women were of ladies with such awesome measurements.

While the service was rarely strenuous enough to make a naturally large woman slim it wasn’t exactly conducive to making a slim woman thicker either. The women in Knials immediate family had also never really been ones to get big her mother for instance hadn’t even entered chubby territory until Knial and her sister were in their teens. As such she’d always saw the supersized look as a fine one but one she was never likely to develop nor one she felt particularly motivated to pursue.

In Knial’s experience, as much as guys publically drooled over large Corp ladies like the ones before her, left to their own devices men had little trouble settling for a strong outgoing bombshell like herself. As she left the customs terminal she was thankfully not hassled by the ISS guards and was happy to set foot outside and breathe the fresh air. Well as fresh as air could be considering how industrialized and populated the city was anyway.

She then looked at her watch and wondered where her friend Allison was. She hadn’t seen Allison in person in two years and couldn’t wait to see her again.

Allison had been her best friend in school and they had joined the service and even served together at various times. Allison though was an even less dedicated solider than Knial though and had left the service two years ago to return to home and to civilian life.

After standing up against the wall for ten minutes or so smoking a cigarette she heard a voice announce “Knial over here it’s so awesome to see you!”

Knial recognized Allison’s voice right away her body though was another matter, but before she could contemplate it further she was being squeezed tightly in Allison’s thick strong arms.

After exchanging pleasantries though Knial was more than a bit taken aback by the changes Allison had undergone in the past two years.

In high school Allison had been a skinny chick just like her. Unlike her however she was always desperate to fill out always trying one new diet or another to pack on some womanly pounds. Knial still chuckled about how it wasn’t until right before they left for basic that the pounds began sticking to her.

After basic Allison continued to do all she could to gain a more womanly figure and while it took some doing she actually cultivated a fairly voluptuous figure for herself despite her far from lax training regiments.

Seeing her now though Allison wasn’t just curvy or voluptuous anymore she was downright supersized! She seriously couldn’t have been too far away from giving the two ISS porkers she had just seen a run for their money in the size department.

Allison’s thighs had thickened to the point that she had rushed over to her in something of a waddle. Her hips had spread out far and wide with her butt having simply exploded behind her. Her middle which had previously been pudgy had now become a full bulging belly.

Her breasts, which had been quite voluptuous the last time Knial had seen her, had swollen and ballooned out to quite epic propitiations. Finally her face which while still familiar had also changed quite a bit. Even after reaching her former voluptuous status Allison’s face had remained very slim and angular.

Now that was far from the case. Her cheeks had rounded, dimpled, and bulged out not to mention the slight double chin she now sported.

Allison’s hair to was vastly different after boot camp she had grown hers back longer than Knial had but still kept it rather short and professional looking.

Now in sharp contrast her hair now cascaded down her full shoulders and its perfect texture and blonde color screamed salon quality.

Her attire also threw Knail off quite a bit. While serving together Allison had cared more about dressing up then she had on their reprieve days. Still, seeing her dressed to kill like she was now in her professional but still rather sexy office attire was quite the new experience.

Allison then noticed her staring and asked “So what do you think of the new me? I’ve really gone corporate chubby haven’t?”

She giggled and made a little spin for emphasis which drew the eyes of more than a few passing male's attention.

“Chubby? I think you mean supersized.” Knial replied with a laugh.

“Well you know I always wanted to be a big gal.” Allison said with a smile.

“Well you look amazing hun. It’s just, WOW, you’ve gotten BIG! And with you being all dressed up and all I hardly even recognize you.” Knial exclaimed.

“Haha, I know, quite the transformation right?” Allison replied.

“A striking one. So just how big have you gotten anyway?” Knial asked.

“Oh I’m struggling a bit to maintain it but right about 300 pounds.” Allison declared with a big smile.

“300 POUNDS! Man you really are a fat ass now.” Knial exclaimed.

“Watch it hun. You're back into Corp Civilization now. You’ll be plumping up yourself before you know it.” Allison giggled.

Knial smiled amused by the thought but said “Me plumping up? Don’t count on it.”

“And why ever not?” Allison mused.

“Cause I like being fit and in shape. Its one part of soldiering that I didn’t mind in the least. You may catch me slack off and put on a few but I certainly won’t be “Plumping Up”.” Knial retorted.

“Whatever you say hun. I still don’t see what appeal you find in being so skinny though, plus you know a lot of guys HATE it.” Allison replied.

“It has plenty of appeal. Remember that thing called running? It comes in handy sometimes and I know you’re not capable of that any more lol. And as for men sure they drool over you fat chicks in public. In bed though they're much less picky.” Knial said with a sly knowing grin.

“Hey I can still run…. a little. And as for guys you're right about guys in the service and in the outer worlds at least. But now that you're back in civilization here they can afford to be pretty picky. A thousand credits says in a year or three you’ll be just as big as me. Maybe bigger. When you skinny girls finally decide to go big you go really BIG. Its to compensate for lost time I guess, haha, You hear about Tamara?” Allison asked.

Tamara had been a recruit with them and left the service the same time Allison had. She’d also been just as thin and fit as Knial, maybe even a little more so. “No what about her?”

She found herself a rich guy and she turned into a fat trophy wife. And I mean FAT. She blew up like crazy. Last I heard from her she had just gotten mobile assist implants.” Allison replied with a smile.

Knial was shocked Tamara’s skinny ass now needed mobile assist implants? That was just crazy she’d only left the service about two years ago and she’d already become that fat! Knail realized she'd better watch it. If she wasn’t careful she may eat those words about staying slim.

Allison watched Knial mulll that over with a wicked grin and said “See you might be next skinny.”

Then her cell phone timer went off.

“What’s that for?” Knial asked.

“Just a reminder to eat one of these.” Allison answered producing a calorie bomb bar from her very expensive hand bag.

“What are you eating that for?” Knial asked.

“Cause this last twenty or so pounds just does not want to stick so I’m pooping these things about every two hours to keep from losing the weight.” Allison said after making the bar disappear in a flash.

Then after she waddled her way over to a recycling unit Allison said “Now let’s grab some lunch I’m sure after some delicious home world food you’ll rethink that silly staying skinny stuff.”

“Lunch? But didn’t you just eat?” Knial asked.

“Eat? That barely qualified as a snack! By the time we get seated I’ll most likely be starving again anyway.” Allison replied.

(Continued in post four of this thread)

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i like this so far, can't wait to see Knail eat her words... and a lot more besides
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WOW!!! Really love this and flattered that you've set it in the Corporate Worlds setting. Knail is a great character (very fun name!) and I can't wait for more
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Default Part 2

Part 2

In short order they had made it to Allison’s vehicle and Knail placed her two measly bags into the trunk. Looking at Allison’s car she had to admit she was quite impressed. Allison had obviously done quite well for herself over the past two years as this was one nice and expensive sports car.

“Sweet ride huh?” Allison asked noticing Knail’s reaction to it.

“Sweet is an understatement. How did you afford this? It must have cost like everything you pocketed from the service.” Kail said.

“Nah, I had to dip into it a bit but mostly just paid for it with my current salary.” Allison replied.

“Seriously, you make that much?” Knail asked in surprise.

“Well not at first of course but I’m good at what I do and plus I have most of my bosses eating out of the palm of my hand. Why do you think I packed on all this sexy weight?” she asked with a giggle.

“Wow I just never realized that job had so many opportunities. I can’t thank you enough for getting me that interview next week.” Knail replied sincerely.

“Oh it’s not just an interview hun. You’re all but promised the job.” Allison replied.

“Really?” Knail asked.

“Yeah the firm makes a big deal about giving veterans hiring preference. We just have to clean you up a little and as long as you don’t say anything dumb the job is yours.” Allison said with a smile.

“Oh my that’s amazing!” Knail exclaimed.

“I know right. Here’s the thing though in order for them to show such hiring preference they let people go fairly easily. So you’re going to have to work your ass off until you find a niche for yourself.” Allison replied.

“Well you know I’m not afraid of hard work.” Knail replied.

“Of course. I know that hun. I’m sure you’re going to do awesome here. Now come on. I can’t wait to show you what this car is capable of. Allison chuckled.

What followed left Knail almost as stressed out as leading a patrol. Allison got them to a restaurant in one piece but she went about it like a madwoman. Had that car been even just a tad slower she was sure they surely would have wrecked.

“Fun huh?” Allison asked as they exited the car.

“Uh, yeah, fun.” Knail said sarcastically.

“Aww the badass muscular ex marine rattled by a little rush hour traffic?” Allison chuckled, which earned her an icy stare from Knail.

“Don’t worry I’ll slow down a little on the drive back just having some fun. Now come on let’s eat I’m sure after your reminded just how delicious home world food is you’ll forget all about this staying skinny carp and embrace a thicker you lol.” Allison joked.

“I guess we’ll see. Just don’t hold your breath fat ass.” Knail retorted.

“Good one but I’ll take fatass over flatass any day, skinny.” Allison giggled.

After the two finished trading friendly jabs they entered the restaurant. It wasn’t a particularly fancy place, just a mid scale sit down joint but Knail could already tell Allison was right about her forgetting how good home world food was. The aromas alone had her practically salivating. They made their way to a table and after a few minutes of eyeing the menus a chubby young waitress came over to take their orders.

Upon seeing the young woman Allison’s face lit up.

“Wow! Mia I guess I really haven’t been by in awhile. You're looking amazing. I swear keep this up and I won’t believe you’re the same skinny little thing that started working here last year.” Allison said to the girl.

“Haha, thanks! I was such a freaking twig then. Don’t even remind me. But look at you! You hit your goal didn’t you? I can tell you look absolutely amazing!” Mia replied.

“Your right hun I did. Thanks so much for noticing. I won’t lie though it’s been a real pain trying to maintain it though.” Allison answered.

“Oh I believe you I know I thought I’d never stop seeing a skeleton every time I looked in the mirror. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve been able to fill out this much. Looking as good as you do now would be near impossible for me.” Mia said.

Allison laughed and replied “Trust me hun, I was skinny once too. It’s getting started that’s the hardest part. Plus you're young. I’m sure by the time you’re my age or so you’ll be right about my size and sometimes even you’ll forget that you use to be so scrawny. I know I do.”

“Thanks I really hope you're right. So who's your solider friend?” Mia asked looking at Knail clothed in her skinny jeans, black tank top, fatigue jacket and dog tags.

“Marine actually.” Knail chimed in.

“Ex Marine she means. Mia Knial, Knial Mia. She just left the service and I decided here would be the best place to reintroduce her to some delicious civilian food. So be sure to make sure the kitchen treats us right lol” Allison said.

“Oh wow! So this will be your first real corp meal in a long time huh? I’m so excited for you hun! You’re going to just love it. No one stays skinny for long eating here that’s for sure.” Mia said with a smile.

“Guess I won’t be hanging out with you here any after this then.” Knail said with a cold grin.

“Don’t worry Ms. skinny badass. We’re not trying to fatten you up or anything it’s just a good restaurant lol. Mia how about you just get us two of my usuals only make Knail’s a half size and a bottle of wine please.” Allison said.

“Of course be right back ma’am.” Mia replied.

After Mia departed Allison and Knail spent the next little while chatting and catching up until Knial suddenly found it very hard to concentrate. The table beside them had just been served and the odor alone had Knial salivating and having trouble concentrating. She could hardly believe the effect it was having on her either. She’d spent much of her service on fairly civilized planets so she figured she was use to good food. But it looked like she’d simply forgotten how good it was back home.

Allison suddenly noticed her distraction smiled and said “If you think it smells good just wait until you eat it lol”

A few minutes later Mia returned with a huge platter and a bus boy with a slightly smaller one and they sat it down before each of them.

“Wha? You're really going to eat all that? And is mine seriously half size?” Knail asked.

“Oh I’m not just going to eat all of this, I’m also going to have dessert with it and yeah that’s a half size alright. Dig in skinny!” Allison replied.

For a moment Knail couldn’t even eat as she was just mystified watching Allison attack her platter in a slow yet deliberate fashion. As the feast before her disappeared without Allison showing a trace of slowing down it became quite obvious how Allison had grown so large.

At last Knail took the first bite of her food and that was it. She wasn’t’ even sure what had happened next because the next thing she knew her plate was empty, she felt more full and content then she could ever remember, and she was still running her tongue across her teeth taking in the last traces of orgasmic deliciousness.

“Hey hey Kane Alpha to Knial you there? Told you you’d love it.” Allison said with a jolly laugh.

“What? Oh yeah it was delicious! Gracious, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten how good home world food could be.” Knail exclaimed.

“So that amazing deliciousness make you rethink staying skinny cause you just ate like a woman with a big future ahead of her.” Allison laughed.

Knail shot her a glare and said “No, just a momentary lapse in control. I just forgot how good corp food can be.”

“Whatever you say hun. I’m betting you’ll find yourself embracing the thick side before you know it though. Now come on. Hopefully we can find a store with cloths teeny tiny enough for you to wear to your job interview.”

(Continued in post 7 of this thread)

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I'm really starting to love your stories Joel. I can't wait to see where this one goes. Let's hope she gets bigger than Nikki in the harvest.
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Originally Posted by Coop View Post
I'm really starting to love your stories Joel. I can't wait to see where this one goes. Let's hope she gets bigger than Nikki in the harvest.
Thanks for the kind words but don't give me to much credit I'm a rip off artist at best. And we shall see its certainly possible
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Part 3

“I feel ridiculous.” Knail huffed from the dressing room.

“Oh just let me see. I’m sure you look fine. Besides you can’t exactly show up to the interview in your old fatigues.” Allison chuckled.

“I know I know. It’s just doesn’t feel natural to be dressed up like this. And I really don’t think this look suits me at all.” Knail replied.

“Oh just come on out already.” Allison said.

Then the dressing room door opened and Knail stepped out.

“Man Knail you look good.” Allison gasped.

“Yeah, right.” Knail retorted.

“No seriously you look good you know for a skinny chick.” Allison said admiring her.

Knail was dressed in heels, black dress pants, a form fitting black jacket which was closed and a white blouse.

Allison truly was surprised she’d never seen Knail look better since high school. She had an awesome sexy secretary meets badass army chick thing going with her trendy office attire coupled with her dog tags on prominent display as well as her badass more or less marine crew cut which was feminized by some fringed bangs gelled to the side of her face.

“Whatever.” Knail replied nonchalantly

“No seriously I’ll prove it.” Allison said and scanned the store quickly and saw a semi attractive guy alone in the men’s department. She then wiggle waddled over as quickly as she could with her impressive girth and got his attention.

“Excuse me sir, can I get your opinion on something?” Allison asked.

The guy turned around and halfway subtly looked her over and said “Oh of course what’s up ma’am?”

“My friend would like an impartial opinion on how she looks in something. Care to help?” Allison asked sweetly.

The guy smiled and said “Of course and if your friend is as pretty as you I’m sure it will be quite the pleasure.”

Allison smiled and said “Well we’re pretty different in the looks department but I doubt you’ll feel like you wasted your time.”

Then they made their way over to Knail.

"So sir you mind telling Knail how nice she looks? Allison prompted.

“Umm wow um I’m not normally into skinny chicks but I have to say ma’am you look pretty amazing.” The guy stammered.

“See he agrees.” Allison added in.

“Oh alright I guess I believe you. Just help me pick out a few more like this and a few semi formal ones and we can head out.” Knail replied.

“So umm hope I’m not being rude but I don’t suppose either of you ladies are single?” The guy asked.

Allison flashed him a somewhat seductive smile but said “Sorry hun but you’re awful scrawny for my taste.”

Then Knail replied. “And thanks for the help but here’s some advice next time you hit on a skinny lady don’t use the phrase “I’m not normally into skinny chicks but…”.

Knail chuckled.

“Fair enough. Happy to be of service at least.” The guy retorted before returning to his shopping.

“Eh he was dumb but kind of cute.” Knail said after he got out of ear shot.

“I mean he wasn’t rough on the eyes but eww he was skinny.” Allison replied.

“Oh wow” Knail sighed. rolling her eyeballs.

“What?” Allison asked.

“Have you really become such a fat corp stereotype that you’re into fat guys now?” Knail asked.

“What? You don’t like big guys at all?” Allison asked.

“Uh, no.” Knail replied.

“Whatever hun don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Besides once you start filling out you’ll see after getting past the 200 mark or so it can get a little awkard in the bedroom with skinny guys. Heck, even really muscular ones don’t usually cut it anymore. A big beautiful lady like me needs a big handsome man.” Allison said with a chuckle.

“I told you already that’s not going to happen to me.” Knail huffed.

“Maybe not hun. But Tamara said the same thing. Then after dropping her guard a little and putting on that first ten pounds she changed her mind.” Allison replied with a wicked grin.

The conversation left Knail feeling a touch uncomfortable so she dropped it and she returned to her shopping. Then after checking out Allison dropped her off at her new apartment and she crashed in front of the holo screen she had installed in advance of her arrival.

From that point on she enjoyed two of the most relaxing weeks she had ever had. She binged on holo TV and movies trying to catch up on the huge amount of pop culture she’d missed out on during her service. She worked out both at home and at a nearby gym and she went out a lot.

She’d tried a local club or two and rather enjoyed bringing a guy home to enjoy some sex as a civilian but where she found herself hanging out the most was at a nearby veterans bar. With how fast culture evolved on prosperous corp worlds veterans would often have more than a little trouble re assimilating to civilian life. Even a short two year stint could leave one returning to a home with music, fashion, pop culture, and slang totally alien to you. Thus vets would often carve out their own little niches in communities.

Said bar was frequented almost exclusively by vets, troops currently stationed at a nearby base and the various ISS and other services that tended to have heavy veteran staffs. Knail hated to admit it but as much as she sometimes hated soldiering she did find herself feeling very at home there knocking back beers with the boys and hardened female vets like herself, shooting pool, listening to the old rock and metal music vets almost universally enjoyed and arguing about powerball and other sports.

Knail also loathed to admit something else to herself. Just how much she had been eating. What had occurred at the restaurant with Allison hadn’t just been a momentary lapse in self control. She wasn’t eating like a typical corp porker or anything but every time she found herself with more than a snack in front of her she found it hard to control herself. And Allison wasn’t doing anything to discourage it if they happened to be hanging out.

Knail just couldn’t believe it. She was normally so disciplined but it seemed she had just been away from good food for so long that she was having trouble getting reacclimated to it. With the way she was still working out she was far from in danger from blimping up but if she didn’t watch it a few new pounds could find their way on to her.

And what was it Allison had said about Tamara? After slipping up and gaining the first ten or so she was on her way to becoming a full fledged BBW.

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flaminghades14 has said some nice things

Really great stuff! Clean and simple plot and obvious hints towards the future, really a big fan of the story. Keep it up.
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Just checked in on this one for the latest and its really awesome! Love how Knail is developing and really like where this is all headed.

You also have developed into a first class writer, not a rip off artist at all. I think the really cool thing about the Dimensions Forums and Devianart is that writers with a similar interest all share ideas and you really have gotten better and better. The Harvest is a classic and this one has the same potential.

Can't wait for more
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you sir are far to generous in your praise
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Part 4

After enjoying two weeks totally free of any responsibility Knial was a little sorry to begin work but even though she had enough saved up from her service days to last her awhile she knew she didn’t need to have too big a gap on her resume. Plus the job had been a big break for Allison so maybe it would be for her as well.

After rolling out of bed and straight into her morning pushups and light workout she began getting ready. Once dressed she looked herself over in the mirror. Her formal business attire still felt uncomfortable but she had to admit she looked pretty good in it. Just the right mix of cute secretary and badass veteran or at least she hoped. Knail did a little turn eyeing her cute well toned figure in the pant and jacket combo then gelled her hair into place and figured she looked as good as she could hope and headed out.

If the army had drilled anything into her it was punctuality and her interviewer found Knail waiting patiently outside of her office fifteen minutes early.

“Please come on in.” The lady said to Knail through the doorway.

Knail then came in and sat down in front of the woman. Knial was a bit surprised upon seeing Stacy Zao according to the name plate on the desk. Ms. Zao was a very attractive woman but not exactly by the typical corp standard of beauty. In fact she was very thin. As she lacked the athletic muscle tone that Knail sported she was in fact even thinner than her.

Being so small made Knail wonder if she was an Aurellian but Knail was betting no. Maybe it was that her small dark red pony tail appeared too real or something else but she was fairly confident that the lady in front of her was a regular human.

She certainly didn’t fit the mold of the typical high ranking corp business woman though. Despite being seated behind her desk Knail could tell she was a tall lady perhaps even a bit taller than her. And as Knail had noted before in dramatic contrast to the typical Corp business woman she was super skinny.

The lady was literally little more than skin and bones; it looked like with the only hint of fat on her being her maybe B cup breasts. Her face was also very striking with picture perfect features and pale perfect skin but at the same time her thick librarian style glasses gave her a very intelligent and bookish look.

Ms. Zao glanced down at her note book and said “Oh you must be Knail. Allison has spoken very highly of you. The two of you served together correct?”

“Yes Ms. Zao. We enlisted at the same time, went through basic together and most of her two tours of duty were in the same sectors I was stationed in as well.” Knail replied.

“Please just call me Stacy. We don’t get to formal here. And that’s very excellent. Your time together most have left a real impression with how highly she regards you. Now we have your service duties on record of course but those can only tell us so much. How would you describe your military career?” Stacy asked.

“Well if I’m being perfectly honest I was never really anything more than a grunt. You’ll find some leadership accommodations in my record but I can’t honestly say I deserved them. Forces were stretched thin in my sector and a few nearby ones so on several occasions I was put in temporary command of a squadron or two.

"I like to think I ran a tight ship and nothing went wrong while the squads were under my command but basically the only reason I got the commondations is because high command is always blown away when someone that didn’t go to one of their fancy officer schools leads a squad and they don’t all end up dead.” Knail answered.

Stacy smiled and said “Yeah I’ve heard stories like that before. Awfully arrogant of them huh. So in your own words is there anything in particular that you would bring to the table if we hired you?”

Knail thought for a moment having little idea what to say as her soldering had given her few skills transferable to an office environment. “Well I’m a hard worker all my recommendations should make that clear. I can’t think of anything more important I can bring to the table than that.” Knail answered.

Stacy scribbled a little on her note pad and said “Duly noted Knail but I was thinking a little more specific. You did briefly do some clerical work while on occupation duty didn’t you?”

“Yes for three maybe four months Allison and I both held a low level bureaucratic jobs at a security check point filing records and the like. We were decent at it maybe good but due to lack of manpower and our less than stellar performances we were transferred back to the field. “ Knail answered.

“Happy to hear you have at least a bit of office experience then. Makes hiring you a lot simpler.” Stacy said with a smile.

“Wait so you mean I’m getting the job?” Knail asked.

“Of course. It’s very rare we turn down a veteran experienced or not. However there’s one thing you need to know in order to continue our policy of giving vets like yourself good first civilian jobs. We have a fairly high turnover rate. “ Stacy said.

“How so?” Knail inquired.

“Well to put it simply you have to be here a year sometimes more to have any real job security. Until then you don’t even have to really screw up to be let go. Every month or two months if there isn’t a new or old hire that deserves to be let go the higher ups trim the dead weight from the new hires that are the least productive.” Stacy said.

“So in other words if I don’t excel I could get fired pretty quickly?” Knail asked.

“Well fired is too harsh a word that implies you did something wrong. Simply let go is more accurate. But yes that’s more or less how it works.” Stacy answered.

“Well I know I may have something of a steep learning curve due to my lack of experience but I swear I’ll work my ass off until I’m up to par.” Knail replied.

“I don’t doubt it Knail I don’t doubt it. One last personal question though. Now that your back in civilian life have you given any thought to adopting a more conventional corp citizen look and, well, shall we say filling out?” Stacy asked.

The peculiar question caught Knail rather off guard and she asked. “I’m sorry I don’t see how my weight or future weight has any bearing on the job?”

“Well it doesn’t directly but it is liable to influence it. If the question doesn’t make you uncomfortable please just answer it. I swear I’m only trying to help you out.” Stacy replied

“Well I suppose I may inadvertently gain a few pounds now that I’m back into civilian life but no I have zero intentions on becoming an average corp heavy weight.” Knail answered.

“That’s perfectly admirable I know thin has always suited me better I just don’t seem to carry weight well at all if I let myself gain it. But here’s how it’s liable to affect your position. In work environments like this one a lady gets by either one of two ways with her brains or looks. Well I suppose a blessed few have both. Regardless though when the higher ups trim the fat around here it’s rarely the plus size ladies that actually get trimmed.

"If the higher ups find you easy on the eyes they’ll keep you around longer despite average to poor work stats and it should go without saying that their interest is women with much larger dress sizes than us. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence but if you feel you may struggle with getting the hang of this change in career it may be to your advantage to bulk up a little. Or as your friend Allison learned a lot.” Stacy informed her.

“Oh wow really?” Knail said not shocked but a tad surprised that such a reputable business based so much of their hiring on looks.

“Yes it’s sad I suppose but true. If I inform you that you’re looking rather low on the totem pole it may be in your best interest to start hitting the buffet harder than you hit the gym. Well unless you’d rather find yourself in a lower paying job more suited for returning vets like the ISS.” Stacy answered.

“No that’s something I’d really like to avoid. Thanks for the heads up. If it comes to that I’ll certainly keep it in mind.” Knail answered.

“Now hopefully it won’t come to that. Work hard, keep your productivity up and it won’t become an issue. I just think it’s fair that you know there’s a backup plan if your position looks insecure and as you’ll see when you get started there’s certainly a high percentage of gals here who took that route and have become very large pieces of eye candy. Now, enough unpleasant talk like that. I’ll show you to your cubicle.

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Love the phrase "very large pieces of eye candy"
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Ch 5

As Stacy led her to her new cubicle she also was kind enough to give her a brief tour of the building. Then as they rounded a corner Knail bumped right into a short guy coming around the corner at a fast pace as well. Virtually before she could even react the guy was already picking up the paper work Knail had just been given and her two notebooks she had dropped.

“Damn it I’m so sorry. I guess I was just in a hurry and not paying attention.” The guy said handing Knail back her stuff.

“Oh no don’t think anything of it shit happens its fine.” Knail answered.

Then the guy studied her for a brief instant and said “I’m sorry I’m not sure I’ve made your acquaintance?”

“You haven’t my name is Knail I’m a new hire fresh on the way to my cubicle.” Knail said in a friendly voice.

“Oh a pleasure to met you ma’am and are those dog tags? I was in the army myself how about you?” The guy asked.

“Space marines up until just a few weeks ago.” Knail replied happy the guy had taken note of her tags.

“Wow impressive guess it goes without saying that your tough as your name implies then. A pleasure to meet you and I like to try and make sure any vets that start here get a fair shake so anyone gives you any problems tell them Vic said for them to cut you some slack you’ve earned it.” The guy said with a friendly smile.

“Well do a pleasure to meet you as well.” Knail said looking the guy over he seemed vaguely familiar. He had longish hair for a Corp gentleman pulled back in a short ponytail and a slightly shaggy moustache and goatee combo. He was also a small guy with her nearly six foot height towering over his five foot six or seven. She could tell even under his black suit though that he was sporting some serious muscle tone. And while his face was rather handsome it was also clearly one of a vet that had seen a lot of action. One eye was a piercing pale blue while the other didn’t quite match up. She’d seen this plenty with vet’s especially high ranking ones so she highly suspected the one that didn’t match up was a prosthetic.

His face was also sporting a number of deep and light scars. The side with the off eye color had a very deep one running from a bit above his eyebrow to about his top lip. That side of his face also sported a number of lighter fainter ones that to her suggested a half successful cover up surgery or that they were bad enough that synth skin and maybe a touch of makeup couldn’t quite cover them. Wounds and all though she did find him quite handsome with a friendly smile he also looked oddly familiar and something about that name?

After they had left him behind in the hall Stacy said “Glad to see you didn’t fawn all over our resident celebrity.”

“Celebrity?” Knail asked.

Stacy laughed and said I forgot you have been out of this system for awhile. I’ll give you a hint highly decorated soldier.”

Knail had no clue then she thought about that name Vic and I highly decorated soldier? Then it clicked “Wait seriously? No way does Sergeant Vic Slaughter work here.”

“The one and only.” Stacy answered with a smile.

Knail couldn’t believe it. Victor christened Sergeant Vic Slaughter by the media was an absolute legend for two reasons. One he was legitimately one of the two dozen or so most highly decorated combat troops in the past decade. What he was most famous for though was his former status as a “God of the Arena”. On backwater worlds under Corp influence/control/ or occupation having an abundance of troops on hand with no one to fight often led to trouble. At some point some enterprising Army staff member or local government official decided a good way to keep the troops occupied was encouraging good natured competition between them.

The typical sports though held little interest for fine tuned killing machines though and UFC, Boxing, Mixed Marital Arts competitions and the like soon became sanctioned on some worlds. Eventually some general decided to incorporate this system into training for elite troops and a sort of Gladiator system arose on a handful of worlds. These matches could include anything from unarmed combat between troops, to using weapons set to stun, to very rarely matches against criminals or captured rebels using live rounds.

Where these matches were held also could vary from Ancient Roman style Coliseums to miles wide simulated battle fields filled with cameras. This system was far too violent and dangerous to take root in civilized Corp Worlds but on backwater ones with plenty of troops with little to do it was huge business. It was a good system to for creating jobs for locals selling food and what not to spectators and maintaining the grounds. It helped keep elite troops in battle ready shape as well as adding some money to their personal accounts. And best of all it was huge business not just because of the huge local crowds but because of the millions or billions that would pay for matches to be broadcasted to the civilized corp worlds. Victor or Vic as he preferred was among one of the best pseudo Gladiators. With the large army the various corp worlds supported it was quite hard for a fighter to make much of a name for himself more than regionally. But a select few like Vic proved such talented combatants that their matches were downloaded across every corporate world.

“Oh my god I can’t believe he just works here. Shouldn’t he be like a retired playboy or something?” Knail asked completely surprised.

“Yeah you’d think but he says he likes to stay active. Plus the CEO that started this company actual served himself before becoming a stock market genius thus the company’s veteran friendly image. So that lets Vic do a lot of charity for wounded veterans and such. Plus it doesn’t hurt that we pay him a small fortune for being a sometimes representative and sales person and mostly just a celebrity endorsement.” Stacy replied.

“Oh I gotcha. So wow he’s so short in person. I’ve heard that gossiped about a few times but I never realized just how true it was until now.” Knail giggled.

That got Stacy giggling as well “I know it’s kind of sad huh he’s got this crazy badass reputation but as soon as he shows up anywhere he’s like the smallest guy in the room. Most be like five foot five, five foot six? Still pretty damn hot though right?” Stacy replied with a wicked grin.

“Yeah crazy hot can’t believe how much those muscles were showing even under his suit. Plus call me weird but I kind of dig scars like that.” Knail giggled.

“I wouldn’t go that far but they certainly aren’t unappealing.” Stacy chuckled. “It’s not just the scars though he got really banged up on his last mission.”

“Yeah that’s what I’ve heard. I mean whatever it was has stopped him from doing anymore matches I know that much.” Nail replied.

“Yeah I’m not going to gossip about him regarding that but let’s just say it’s a miracle he still looks as good as he does.” Stacy said.

“Understandable. So is he single?” Knail asked shooting Stacy her own wicked grin.

“You know it’s too bad you’re both his type and not his type at all.” Stacy giggled.

“How so?” Knail asked her curiosity peaked.

“Well as much as I woops I mean others have tried to persuade him he’s not to big on us high ranking corporate types he likes tough strong women like yourself we see him with a lot of veterans, ISS and other security types as well as Powerball players and other such athletes.” Stacy answered.

“So how am I not his type?” Knail asked.

“Sorry hun you’re just way to freaking skinny for him lol. He likes his women BIG and I mean BIG like your friend Allison is just now getting into his size range. You should see the chicks we spot him at the bars with. Since he also likes them tough he dates like some of the biggest toughest ISS girls and D line Powerball players the city has to offer. So just another reason for you to think about kissing that skinny figure of yours good bye and bulking up.” Stacy laughed.

“Thanks for letting me know but I think I’ll pass lol. And you know the way you keep bringing it up its starting to sound like you want me to bulk up.” Knail said.

“Eh just cause I’m not meant to carry extra weight doesn’t mean I don’t think supersized isn’t a sexy look lol but enough girl talk your cubicle is the second one on the row in front of us. Here’s you some paper work to get started on and when she finishes up Allison has volunteered to help get you into the swing of things around here. Best of luck hun hope you cut it you seem like someone I’d like to stick around.” Stacy said with a very friendly smile before returning to her office.

Knail thought she was going to like Stacy she seemed nice funny and super friendly. Almost too friendly with that smile she had just shot her. Knail had seen a few smiles like that come her way before leading to the sneaking suspicion that Stacy may have been bi. Being out right gay on the various corp worlds still ruffled a feather or two in some circles but bisexuality especially among wealthy corp ladies was not only accepted but just short of encouraged. If that was the case though Knail felt Stacy was going to be out of luck as the feeling wasn’t mutual. Well unless she got her drunk off her ass on some outer rim shine that stuff did bring out a hell of a wild side in her she thought with a grin.

Then she sat down to her cubicle and made short work of her paper work. After finishing she followed the instructions on logging into the company’s server and beginning her filing and report analyzing. At first she clicked and computed away totally at ease but eventually she began to encounter some snags and her progress slowed to a limp. Fortunately it was about that time that she overheard the two gentlemen in the cubicle next to her gossip.

“Here comes Allison. Damn she’s a big and beautiful one huh?”

“Damn right man. It’s almost too bad you haven’t worked here as long as I have. She was never skinny or anything but goodness she’s gone from like plump to supersized since she started here.” The second guy said.

“God what I wouldn’t do to be with a chick with an ass that huge.” The first guy fantasized.

That got the second one chuckling “Be patent man looked to me like your chick is finally starting to put on a few judging by the last time you two came over.”

“Yeah she’s finally putting on a few thanks to those maxi gain shakes but she’s still a skinny little thing.” The first guy lamented.

“Have faith man believe it or not when we first met my wife was about as skinny as your chick, now look at her.” The second guy said reassuringly.

“Lucky bastard.” The first guy muttered.

Then Knail looked up and saw Allison standing in front of her. Knail had to admit she saw why the two were drooling over her as Allison looked quite delicious in a figure hugging dress she had probably out grown by a size or

“So hit a snag in your work yet?” Allison asked with a sly grin.

“If you must know yes just a few minutes ago.” Knail answered.

“Oh only a few minutes ago you’re doing better than I figured then.” Allison giggled.

“Yeah yeah you can rub it in my dumb jarhead ass later just get me going again.” Knail sighed.

“Sorry hun don’t worry you’ll get it.” Allison said reassuringly.

Then she proceeded to walk her through an hour or so of her filing, analyzing reports, and a little speculation on the company’s competitors.

Before Allison got out of seeing distance Knail figured she now surely understood at least the basics of her job. Then less than half an hour later she hit a new sang and then another before her work was progressing at little more than a slow slow jog.

Knail then tilted her chair back stared at the ceiling and muttered “Damnit I’m a marine can I really not handle a little office work.”

Then she went back to chipping away on her work. She progressed little by grudging little until she was suddenly interrupted by Allison.

“Hey hey Kane Alpha to Knail. Shifts over come on lets grab some dinner.”

Knail sighed knowing she should have gotten a lot more done before clocking out but then as soon as her brain processed that Allison had said food she was absolutely starving and prayed Allison wouldn’t trick her into shoving too much fattening food into herself.

(Continued in post 18 of this thread)

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Ilegalpat has said some nice things

Are you done?
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Originally Posted by Ilegalpat View Post
Are you done?
Let's hope not.
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I'm pretty sure there is more to come....which is a very good thing
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I'm just taking my time with updates you can probably expect a chapter a week
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Ch 6

Over the next several weeks Knail warmed up to her new routine. Wake up, work out, go to the office, try her best to be productive, then get dragged to an obscenely fattening lunch by Allison or one of her countless chubby co workers. Get back try her best to make up for lost time then several hours later try and often fail to weasel her way out of yet another highly fattening meal with Allison or her coworkers.

Then she would get home and hopefully get in a longer work out. It was an attempt, but far to often Allison and or the others would have her so stuffed or work have her so stressed that she could do nothing but crash in front of the holo tv. Then on weekends she would make up for her lack of working out by hanging out at the gym most of the afternoon. After cleaning up she would hit either one of the local veterans bars or maybe Allison would sucker her into going to one of the more upscale dance clubs with her. Either way for a skinny woman in corp fat loving territory she wasn’t lacking too much in male attention.

It still surprised her though how many guys would just look straight through her because of her lack of curves and by just how few slim non Aurellian ladies her age there were. At the veterans bars there would be a small number of vets like herself that hadn’t fattened up upon returning home but not a ton. And at Allison’s dance clubs it was like you had to be a minimum of 200 pounds just to get in. She’d be virtually the only slim woman there and everyone would be convinced that her short hair was a wig and she was an Aurellian that should go to one of the establishments ran by them.

Knail was more than bit worried though. Despite her best efforts people might not be asking her questions like that forever. As the weeks ticked by she became more and more concerned that she could one day be one of those plump ladies herself. In the 2 months since reentering civilian life she had gained 6 pounds; hardly noticeable really but to her it was a huge number. When she inspected herself in the morning after her shower she was already worrying that her abs were looking less defined. Her pants to were feeling noticeably tighter especially around the butt. Looking at herself now she couldn’t help but be reminded of Allison’s many snide remarks about her odds of plumping up in the not too distant future.

Stuff like “Oh those jeans are looking a little tight hun congrats! That’s how it starts for all of us you notice a few clothes feeling tighter but think little of it. But then before you even know it they aren’t tight anymore because you’ve out grown them!”

Or if they were eating she would subtly sneak more food in front of her or try her best salesmenship to entice her to try something else. Then after she’d forced Knail into suffering herself she’d say something like “ Happy to see your starting to come around cause there’s no way you can stay skinny eating like that.”

Then she would laugh.

Knail had trouble resenting her for instances like that though cause she was right. She sure wasn’t eating like she wanted to stay skinny. She just couldn’t help it though and she couldn’t wrap her head around why not. She’d always prided herself on having iron clad will power. Cigarettes booze and quite a few worse poisons you can only find on the outer worlds she could pick up and put down no problem. For instance it had been a week since her last smoke and she was totally fine with that. But for some reason her will power just didn’t extend to home world food .

She hadn’t thought much of it at first. She hadn’t had real home world food in ages so she figured it would lose its impressive taste and become routine in a matter of time. This was looking less and less likely though as it was still just as orgasmicly good as when she’d first gotten here.

It was common knowledge that places here could get away with some additives to make their food more enticing but still she didn’t feel like that explained it. If she was one for pop psychology she’d say this problem was due to the fact that she subconsciously wanted to be bigger or something but that was a load of crap right?

She thought so at least. If she was being honest with herself she really didn’t hate the concept of getting bigger. It was just short of the norm after all and she doubted she’d have much trouble pulling off the look. It was just she’d never expected it to happen. The women in her family had just never seemed to have the genes for it. Plus she truly loved fitness and body building; she’d worked her ass off to develop the rock hard tough as nails body that had gotten her through her soldiering. It would be just such a waste to throw that hard work away, wouldn’t it?

Consciously she thought this was true, so she just hoped her subconscious didn’t have other plans in store for her. She sighed, did another set of sit ups and figured she couldn’t waste any more time worrying or exercising dressed gelled her short light blondie hair into place and headed into work.
Her day went about as usual at first. She checked her emails and task assignments filled her reports. Then, as she too often let them, Allison and the score of other plus sized beauties she worked with lured her to the break room for coffee and doughnuts.

“What am I doing?” She asked herself.

She spent all that time stressing out this morning and now here she was putting away doughnuts and gossiping away like one of the other fat chicks.
To top it off she looked over at the logo on the various doughnut boxes it didn’t surprise her but it did make her more disappointed in herself. They were from “Big Belly Doughnuts” a home world doughnut and pastry chain whose marketing gimmick was that they were super fattening and proud of it.

Each of the three boxes had a different fat positive slogan stamped under this month’s logo a pretty young and VERY supersized model in and an office sitting munching away on their products.

They respectively read “Say goodbye to skinny secretaries”, “A Chubby Lady is a Happy Lady”, and “Kiss those skinny bones good bye!”

Yeah that is just what she deserved for eating like this she said cursing to herself. She had to admit she was enjoying herself though the other laides were sweet and amusing enough to enjoy hanging out with and she couldn’t deny that she was hungry. She hated that she’d let it happen but she’d allowed a snack break like this to become part of her daily routine and every time she tried to break from it she would find herself grumpy and hungry until lunch.

After finishing her second doughnut she just stood their sipping away on her coffee and enjoying the latest gossip. Then unfortunately Leslie noticed her just standing there. Leslie was the manager of Knail’s sector and very likely the biggest of the big office ladies. Knail had to admit she was also quite the supersized beauty.

Leslie had been a college Powerball player defensive line player and a good one to from the holo video or two that she’d looked up out of curiosity. As a power ball player Leslie had one of those crazy figures of theirs that was literally half pork and half rock hard muscle. She’d been quite the sight then even to Knails eyes.

After her Powerball playing petered out though she’d joined the corporate workforce and eventually worked her way up to her current position. In those intervening years she’d also married had two children and kept packing away the food minus the intense Powerball workouts thus she’d lost that powerful athletic build. She still hit the gym more than any other lady in the room save Knail but a minimum of a hundred pounds of pork and curves had left her former muscles buried forever. She was now for lack of a better term completely SUPERSIZED having even Allison beat by at least fifty pounds. Her curves were positively insane. Knail doubted she had ever seen such epic breasts and booty in person.

Had Leslie been a little younger and a bit lovelier in the face she could easily be gracing the doughnut boxes and the other advertisements that made use of such supersized models. Knail had to also give her that she still obviously hit the gym enough to keep that bulk looking firm and shapely rather than gelatinous though.

For the most part Knail rather liked Leslie she had a wicked sense of humor was an easy going manager and due to her Powerball playing had something approaching Knails discipline and toughness leading to some mutual respect. However there was one thing about her that rather annoyed Knail she had a very strong tendency to push food on those around her. Leslie may have respected her as a veteran but she was still a skinny chick and it seemed to be her personal goal to change that for her and the two or three other slim ladies that worked there.

She knew for instance that Becky Astro the chubby chick next to her had been merely curvy rather than plus size upon starting here. After a year and a half of working under Leslie though her curves had grown like crazy and her formerly skinny middle was a distant memory.

“Aww only two Knail? You may be a bonyass but I’m sure you can have one more.” Leslie said to her with a wicked grin.

“No I’m pretty full.” Knail answered.

“Well then you know the rules if you’re not eating you best get back to
work.” Leslie said her smile growing wider.

“Can’t I at least finish my coffee first?” Knail sighed.

“Nope, you know the rules no beverages at your cubicle so pour it out and get back to work or have yourself another doughnut.” Leslie said.

This now had all the chubby ladies around her giggling as they knew she was trapped. The giggling was followed by a moment of dead silence as they wondered what Knail would say. Then to Knail’s surprise Becky came to her rescue.

“Here Knai just have half of mine another bite or two won’t hurt.” Becky said breaking her doughnut. Had Leslie been paying very close attention she would have seen it was more like a third than a half but if she did take note of it it didn’t mater as she’d made her point and got her laughs.

“Thanks hun.” Knail said then Leslie resumed telling her story.

After Knail finished her coffee Becky followed behind her as their cubicles were nearby.

“Thanks for the save Becky.” Knail said.

“No problem hun I’ve been there myself. I know Leslie can be a real pain in the ass about stuff like that.” Becky replied.

“Yeah it’s frustrating as hell.” Knail said.

“Oh don’t even get me started you know I was actually kind of skinny before I started working here.” Becky said.

“Yeah that’s what I’ve heard.” Knail replied.

“Hard to believe huh?” Becky said with a bit of a chuckle. Then she pulled a picture out of her purse.

“Never going to look like that again that’s for sure.” She said and handed it to Knail.

Knail studied the picture it was definitely Becky same pretty face with her bright green eyes behind sexy glasses and same long dirty blonde hair. Her body though as she had been told before was very different. This Becky wasn’t really skinny but much smaller than she was today she was rather hippy with quite the big butt behind her Knail suspected. Her breasts to were also quite large very likely D cups. Her middle though was a different story all together she was rocking quite the hourglass shape with a trim and narrow waist her arms appeared solid and her legs on display in her short shorts supported some modest muscle tone probably from fairly consistent running.

Knail handed her back the picture and quickly scanned over today’s Becky she was still a beautiful young lady but now quite firmly in the chubby camp by Knail’s estimate she was probably at or pushing 200. Her previously child bearing hips had further spread out, her already impressive booty and further inflated and her already large chest had simply inflated due to her new weight. She’d lost that narrow little waist though now sporting a plump well fed tummy. Her legs had also buffed up and lost their modest tone her thick thighs now meeting in the middle. Her formerly solid arms had been glossed over with pudge and her face had slightly rounded out. In Knail’s mind she looked better in the picture but she knew by most Corp standards Becky was more of a knock out now.

“It’s ok you can say it. I’ve gotten chubby right?” Becky giggled.

“Well if you don’t mind me saying it.” Knail chuckled. “I wouldn’t sweat it anyway you look great it really suits you.”

“Thanks hun I appreciate it. Now that you paid me the mandatory compliment your welcome to ask me how it happened.” Becky giggled.

“Well as you guessed I was thinking about it.” Knail chuckled. “So Leslie have something to do with it?” She asked.

“Oh she played a role alright that wasn’t the whole reason though. Believe it or not I use to be a cross country runner. I know with those big boobs and hips that’s hard to believe but while I wasn’t really built for speed. I had some strong lungs and could do long distance with the best of them. That’s how I met my husband in college he was a powerball receiver so in the off season he did track and cross country. So the two of us naturally cozyed up to each other. After college we got engaged and it also become pretty clear that he should have taken his classes as serioustly as he had taken athletics cause he could just not seem to find a job suited for him. After being shot down or let go quickly by most of the local bussiness that involved his degree he decided to give the ISS a shot. And he took to it well maybe too well in my opioion. I bet you see where this is going huh ?” Becky asked.

“Let me guess he turned into a regular ISS hog right?” Knail giggled.

“Yeah like freaking over night too!” I swear one night I went to bed snuggled up to his lean runners body and woke up the next morning with his pot belly in my face. “ Becky exclaimed.

“Oh wow.” Knail replied.

“Don’t get me wrong he’s still cute and all its just wow these days he barely even looks like the guy I first met. He’s practically traded his receivers build in for a more pudgy than muscular defensive line build. He started putting food away like crazy and it was all going to his new gut. After two years or so on the force he had totally transformed into your generic ISS porker. He had started hitting the weights harder and built up some broad strong shoulders and some pretty impressive guns but everything else had turned to pudge.

"His beer gut now sticks out into an entirely different zip code, his ass is bigger than mine and even his face got all pudgy. Not to mention he also started buzzing his head and grew a handle bar moustache. And he was just utterly content blowing up the way he was. If I ever said anything about it he would just reply “That skinny cops got too much shit for him to want to stay that way.” Or “That he wasn’t going to be taken seriously by anyone being as skinny as he use to be.”

“I think the partner they gave him is mostly to blame for it though. They paired him up with a veteran named Latasha. And she was a big one. She’d been a regional name in the ladies Powerball circuit until a knee injury left her unable to play and she joined the ISS. As far as I knew Dave wasn’t even that into bigger women until he got partnered up with her. Whenever I’d see them together I just knew he was nursing a crush on her and for all I know with all the time their together he’s done more than that. But we all have our little secrets right?” Becky winked.

“So I bet his changing had everything to do with her suggesting he bulk up or buzz off that shaggy hair. So now on top of having Leslie trying to make me eat here I had him at home making a constant pig of himself. And oh when he would have his ISS buddies over they just couldn’t believe he let his wife be so skinny. They’d say things like “Dave I’m going to tell the chief you need to get some overtime cause obviously you’re not making enough to feed your wife properly.” Or “Dave I’m happy you’re starting to get some bulk on you but you’re going to have to save some for your skinny wife she obviously needs it more.”

And their wives were rarely any better mostly catty supersized housewives that couldn’t believe I hadn’t become a proper wife by plumping up and having at least one kid yet. Latasha though was the worst every time I’d see her it would be “Whaa girl don’t you ever eat?” Or “You need to start eatting better honey you know a hardworking ISS trooper needs a real woman to come home to.”

“So after enduring all that for awhile I figured it was time I got with the program and started eating. God you should have seen how excited Dave was the first time I outgrew a pair of pants haha. Then once I started filling out you wouldn’t believe the change in all of them his friends would fill me with compliments and their wives began warming up to me. Last month he got an accommodation and at the ceremony he was showing off his now chubby wife like he had just upgraded from a clunker to a sportscar lol.”

“Wow that’s a story.” Knial exclaimed.

“Yeah so word of advice hun. Enjoy that skinny athletic body of yours all you can cause you won’t believe how people around here seem to equate getting fat with growing up and becoming successful.”

Then before Knail could reply she spotted Stacy making her way to her and she said “Knail, please see me in my office after lunch.”

“Is something the mater Ms. Zao?” She asked a tad nervously.

“No not exactly. Just something important we need to discuss. I’ll explain later.” Then she returned to her office.

“Wow hope nothings the matter, hun. When she wants to see someone its rarely anything good.” Becky said.

“Yeah I know.” Knail gulped.

(Continued in post 20 of this thread)

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Really loving this and looking forward to Knail submitting to the inevitable
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Ch 7

Knail spent the last few hours of work before lunch worrying herself sick. Her friends hardly made anything better by paying for her lunch like it was her last meal or something. To top it off she was so out of it that she failed to even notice they had been nudging her to eat more and more since they were paying after all. And it wasn’t until her stomach realized how close to bursting it was that she realized it.

“UH! to top it off this has me stress eating - just what I freaking need.” Knail lamented to herself.

Then another thought crossed her mind. If this had to do with her standing getting too low that might be the exact kind of advise Stacy was going to give her. If it was would she really go through with it? She honestly didn’t know but if she couldn’t cut it here long enough for it to look good on her résumé she’d be forced to go apply at the ISS and they were all but guaranteed to turn her into a porker too. Maybe corporate chubby was better than ISS porker if nothing else? Then as her friends began to leave the table she clicked back to reality and pushed her worries to the back of her mind.

“Don’t worry hun you’ve been doing fine; I’m sure its nothing.” Becky said reassuringly.

“I hope your right.” Knail responded worryingly.

Then in short order she was seated outside of Stacy Zao’s office preparing for the worse. As long as she wasn’t getting fired she could handle anything else, she at last told herself before Stacy invited her in to sit down.

After taking her seat Stacy smiled and said “Take a breath hun you’re not being let go or anything relax. I thought you were a badass marine. Why does this have you so stressed for?”

That did make Knail breathe easier. She wasn’t getting fired; anything else she could handle. “Well in fairness this is all pretty new to me. I mean leading patrols I’ve done. Corporate office jockeying for job security I haven’t.”

“Well don’t sweat it too much. It’s just a different kind of chess, haha.” Stacy said jokingly.

“So just break it to me so I can stop wondering.” Knial asked feeling a tad bit better.

“Well I don’t mean this as critically as it sounds your doing good Knail Its just that good isn’t quite good enough it looks like. Your not doing a thing wrong. Its just that this batch of new hires was a particualrly good one and now that we’ve let two or three of the least productive of the bunch go your position is starting to look like its in danger. “ Stacy answered.

“So my heads about to be on the chopping block?” Knail asked.

“Well not yet but it may not be far in the future. If I’m being candid, if they don’t turn things around Fin and Morgan will be gone in the coming months which will put you in the back of the pack if nothing changes.” Stacy said.

“Wait. What about Gwen you can’t mean her ditsy ass is ahead of me?” Knail asked surprised.

“Yes Gwen.” Stacy’s voice then took a more serious tone and she said “You breathe a word of any of this and you’re fired of course. But she’s rather safe for the time being. If you haven’t noticed she makes for a fine piece of plus size office eye candy and she’s currently screwing around with one of the higher-ups. So that means she’s safe until things either go south there or her performance hits free fall levels.” Stacy answered.

“So did you call me in to tell me I may need to consider - umm changing my appearance?” Knail asked nervously.

“No I’m not saying that….. yet. Although to be honest you may need to start making peace with that potential prospect. I called you in here because you’re a vet and its part of our company mandate to give you a fair shake or maybe even a more than fair one. Plus if not skilled you are at least a hard worker. You’ve fit in well here and might I add I’m a bit fond of you.” Stacy said with a subtle wink.

“Because of that I was going to offer you an upcoming way to score a few brownie points.” Stacy continued.

“What is it? I’ll do just about anything?” Knail asked.

“Well Vic has a sales trip coming with some potintial clients. If its not too demeaning, do you want to be his personal assistant if the sale goes through? It should keep the higher ups off your back for awhile.” Stacy said.

“Sign me up anything to stay on the higher ups good side. So what exactly will my duties be?” Knail asked.

“Basically just assisting Vic with anything he needs, Same goes for the potintial clients he’s meeting. “ Stacy replied.

“So basically just kissing ass and taking orders?” Knail asked with a sly grin.

“More or less. Just make sure to be friendly about it.” Stacy answered.

“I think I can manage. Kissing ass to CO’s was a pretty big part of my last job.” Knail replied.

“Of that I have no doubt lol. Oh and one more thing you have to do your best to make sure Vic makes it there as per scheduel and in high spirts.” Stacy added.

“Why do you say that like it could be a problem? He’s not going to be foucsed more on chasing tail then working is he?” Knail asekd concered.

“No not that at all and it shouldn’t even be an issue, Just every now and then it is.” Stacy said.

“Why is it sometimes an issue?” Knail asked wondering why Stacy didn’t just come out and say it.

“Well Vic would kill me if he knew I told you but sometimes travel either takes a lot out of him or stresses him out or somethig and his war injuries act up making him pretty useless.” Stacy answered.

“So what do I do if that happens?” Knail asked.

“Well not a ton you can do as famous as he is if he says he can’t do it he can’t do it. But that will look really bad on you if it were to happen. So about all you can do is try to push him, gentely mind you, and make sure he takes his pain meds which is a bit of a hassle. His father got addicted to the things so he takes them as little as possible which sometimes bites us in the ass when he travels.” Stacy elaborated.

“So basically if I get him there and back the higher ups will be off my back awhile and if I don’t I’ll have pissed away all the good will I’ve earned right?” Knail asked wearily.

“Your words not mine but that’s probably about right.” Stacy conceded.

“So will he even be up for me taking the assignment? You already told me I’m not his type. Wouldn’t he prefer some chubby office eye candy going with him instead of me?” Knail asked.

“Well we think if he requires some pushing he’ll take it better from a fellow vet and he didn’t voice any compliants so I assume he agrees.” Stacy said reassuringly.

“Alright I’m up for it. I just hope this doesn’t end up blowing up in my face.” Knail said.

“Makes you feel any better I’m hoping the same thing hun. Besides hey look at it this way you’re going to have that hottie all to yourself for a few days. I sure wouldn’t hate that prospect.” Stacy said trying to be positive.

“True. As cute as he is though I’d be looking forward to this more if I didn’t have to worry about failure costing me my job.” Knail sighed.

Then after a few more minutes of chatting Knail returned to her cubicle.

“So how’d it go hun?” Becky asked as soon as she sat down.

“Well not as bad as I feared. Stacy just wanted to inform me my performance numbers were looking a little low and she had a way to score some extra brownie points if I was up for it.” Knail informed her.

“Oh that’s not bad at all and wow you lucked out. Stacy’s skinny ass can be quite the bitch when she wants to be. You're lucky she’s warmed up to you.” Becky replied.

“Oh I think she’s done more than warm up to me.” Knail chuckled.

“Oh? Do tell?” Stacy responded.

“Well I mean she is into chicks or at least plays for both teams doesn’t she? I mean the way I’ve caught her looking at me and a few jokes she’s made has certainly implied it.” Kanil replied.

“Oh I don’t know anything about that. She doesn’t associate with us lower on the food chain then her much but it wouldn’t surprise me. You are quite the cutie after all lol” Becky replied playfully.

“Haha. thanks hun. I’m not into big gals though so save it.” Knail replied jokingly.

“Skinny bitch.” Becky playfully jabbed before asking “So like what’s your extra credit assignment?”

“I’m going to be Vic’s personal assistant on his next sales trip.” Knail replied.

“Oh wow! You’re so freaking lucky you’re going to have that hottie all to yourself for a weekend.” Becky exclaimed.

“Well I’m not really going to have him to myself. I mean we’ll be working.” Knail replied unenthused.

“Hush don’t ruin my fantasy haha.” Becky said with a wide smile and a far off look in her eyes.

“Sorry I’ll leave you to your fantasy then.” Knail replied dryly.

“Aww come on hun I don’t see why you aren’t more enthusiastic about this I mean as far as overtime work goes that’s pretty sweet.” Becky asked.

“Because I’d rather be doing so well that I didn’t need to beg for extra work like this plus if anything goes wrong I’ll have pissed away any good will I had here and I’ll be out the door before I know it.” Knail said sounding a touch distressed.

“Calm down hun I mean what could go wrong? Plus it’s just a job I mean it would suck if you lost it but it won’t be the end of the world. It’s not money your worried about is it? Surely you worked up a good nest egg in all that time soldiering in the badlands.” Becky replied.

“What could go wrong? Well aside from me incompetently screwing things up several things. Sometimes travel make’s Vic’s war injuries act up and he has to bail on assignments like this at the zero hour. Being who he is it won’t be a big deal for him but I’ll have failed and it may lead to my being let go. And no, it’s not money I’m worried about. I’ve got enough put back. It’s that this isn’t just a job for me. This is likely my one shot to do anything better than soldiering. I don’t have any higher education and I know I’m not book smart enough to give college a try so this is it for me. If I don’t cut it here for like a year minimum I’ll never be qualified for anything corporate level. If I get let go my options are basically reenlist or go to the ISS and have to become a Fat Fascist bitch.” Knail vented letting it all out.

“So you’d rather become a Corporate Chubby then.” Becky joked.

“Not funny! But yeah it would be preferable.” Knail said allowing herself a slight smile.

“Sorry hun just kidding. Now calm down its going to be alright. The trip will go fine and I know you’re going to cut it here. You’re a hard worker and if this means this much to you it can’t not pan out. “ Becky said reassuringly.

“Hope you're right.” Knail replied.

“Of course I’m right. Now what's this about ISS being Fat Fascist’s? I’d tell my fat husband so you’d find yourself getting hassled but I suppose that would only prove your point.” Becky laughed.

“Sorry I know they're not all like that.” Knail replied.

“No you’re pretty well right. I know when he’s in uniform that husband of mine is one fat jerk lol but I love him. Now I’m going to get back to work and spread the word about your trip with Vic. Everyone’s going to be so disappointed that a skinny little thing like you going instead of them.” Becky laughed her big booming laugh.

The thought of the offices big pieces of eye candy being jealous of her managed to cheer Knail up more than a bit.

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Another really sweet update...as ever I love where this is going for Knail. Really well written as well and I love how the characters are all developing.
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Ch 8

The day of Knail's trip with Vic was there before she knew it. She was getting Friday off off work to make the drive to Vic’s business conference a few cities over. They were to get to a hotel before dark, prepare their notes and sales pitch, then arrive at the meeting Saturday afternoon.

Knail couldn’t help but be a little nervous about the trip. If all went well she’d have the higher-ups off her back hopefully long enough to get her numbers and productivity up to par. But if things went poorly she was liable to be out of the job before she knew it. Which would leave her weighing the unpleasant options of reenlisting, joining the ISS, or best case scoring a cushy national guard posting. Knail really didn’t want to go that route though ISS assholes had always rubbed her the wrong way and she figured she’d done her share of serving and should be in a comfy civilian job by this point.

Then Knail cursed to herself for letting this crap get to her and half heartedly started her morning workout. After finishing she made her way over to the mirror clothed only in her bra and panties for an inspection. To anyone else’s eyes she’d be described as one sexy albeit skinny lady with a pretty face striking eyes and a killer toned and athletic figure. To Knail though she saw a stressed out wreck that was in danger of kissing that rock hard body good bye. Knail was up maybe ten pounds and while no one else could, she could definitely see it in her perkier breasts rounder butt and muscles that just didn’t quite have the definition they did three short months ago.

It was all Knail could do to stop herself from driving her powerful arm into something. This was not at all how she had pictured returning to civilian life would be. Instead of racking in money at a moderately demanding but largely cushy job and enjoying the freedom to do whatever she choose she was stressed out. All over a job she’d be able to do in her sleep if only she was a little more book smart. To top it off her stress had her gaining weight.

If she didn’t fear they’d give her a minor promotion and send her straight to a hot spot Knail had half a mind to say screw it and reenlist. At least in the marines she knew what she was doing. But she’d already told herself that particular option wasn’t up for debate so she took a deep breath dug in and sucked it up.

Knowing she’d be spending all day in a car she nearly just throw on some jeans, boots, a tank top and her fatigue jacket. Then she figured she best dress up just in case and in a short while she was looking extremely sharp rocking her new sexy military secretary look to perfection.

When she got to the parking lot and met Vic she regretted dressing up though because he hadn’t. And she was happy for it to cause wow he looked HOT!

He was dressed much as she had planned to boots, tight jeans and a skin tight t-shirt with some mildly disturbing logo probably belonging to a metal band. Unlike she feared she was starting to he hadn’t let his workouts slip an inch since leaving the service. His heavily tattooed arms bulged with viney muscle and she swore she could recognize the outline of a six pack under his shirt. His longish hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail and he had trimmed up his facial hair in anticipation for the meeting. Wheather this trip went good or bad she could at least take solace in having some serious eye candy on standby she noted.

As she made her way over to Victor who was loading the car he lowered his sunglasses from his eyes to his nose and gave her a quick once over.

“I must say Knail you look lovely today.” Victor declared as they chatted while loading their things in the company issued hover car.

That got Knail blushing immediately but fortunately she was looking down at the moment so he couldn’t see her face.

“Yeah for a skinny chick you mean.” Knail retorted with a laugh.

“Hey that’s not what I said.” Vic replied using his not quite matching deep blue eyes to good effect with to make a sad puppy dog eyes.

“But it’s what you meant.” Knail said now laughing even harder at his face.

“True, but what kind of an ass would I be if I said it.” Vic chuckled.

“Apparently not much of one cause I’ve heard crap like that plenty since coming back.” Knail replied.

“Really? What assholes.” Vic chuckled.

“Of course if it really bothers you maybe you should think about gaining some weight skinny.” Vic replied jokingly.

“I’ll pass I prefer slim and athletic to fat and lazy any day.” Knail laughed.

“Oh be fair. You can be both. I’m sure your served with some tough big girls and if not just look at powerball players.” Vic replied.

“Ok a valid point. Still I don’t think I’m interested.” Knail answered.

“Suit yourself skinny. Your call.” Vic laughed.

“So you disappointed you got stuck doing this with a skinny little thing like me?” Knail

“Oh no of course not.” Vic replied.

“No need for sarcasm.” Knail replied with a grin.

“Oh no I mean it. I’m more than happy to have a hardworking vet working with me then some cute but airheaded intern or new hire.” Vic replied.

“Aww that’s actually rather sweet of you.” Knail said a bit surprised.

“Well you didn’t let me finish. I was going to add and plus I won’t have to worry about getting distracted like I would if say Becky were with me.” Vic said with a sly grin.

“Haha asshole.” Knial replied hardly believing she was trading jabs with a genuine war hero and something of a celebrity.

“Well you’re the one signed up to work for said asshole so don’t blame me.” Vic retorted.

“Sorry guess I didn’t know what I was getting into. Sigh.” Knail said.

“So that everything?” Vic asked changing the subject.

“Yes sir as far as I can tell.” Knail replied.

“Hey I’m not in the service anymore and neither are you so save the sir crap for the meeting.” Vic said.

“Sorry force of habit.” Knail responded.

“Eh don’t sweat it. Now we need to get going and you're driving skinny.” Vic said.

“Wait I’m driving why?” Knial asked surprised.

“Because I said so and plus heavy traffic makes me nervous and I start driving as slow as a 150 year old. We’ll get there faster if you do it.” Vic replied.

“Um alright.” Knail said more than a tad nervous as she got behind the wheel. She’d purchased a hover car since leaving the service but she hadn’t exactly gotten readjusted to crazy home world traffic. She took public transport more often than not.

“What the badass Marine intimidated by a little traffic?” Vic chuckled.

“No just finding my bearings.” Knail snapped back.

“I’ve just never driven anything like this and I don’t want anything happening to it.” Knail replied.

“Understandable just don’t take too long finding them cause you’ll be totally bored if I have to swap places with you.” Vic replied.

“I’ll manage!” Knail snapped confidently.

“Good to hear.”Then Vic leaned his seat back and pulled a paper back novel from his satchel and started reading.

They drove in silence for twenty minutes or so before Knail decided to break it and asked.

“So whats with the paper back grandpa?” Knail said with a dry laugh.

“E readers strain my.. eyes. What that a problem?” Vic responded with a very slight grin.

“Just curious can’t remember the last time I read from one of those.” Knail said with a slight chuckle.

“Of course not. Jar heads like you are never big readers or thinkers for that mater.” Vic retorted with a smile.

Knail knew there was little arguing that one. It was a streotype sure but a fairly accurate one.

“Oh like you army boys are any more highbrow?” Knail replied sarcastically.

“Yes as a matter of fact we are. You call the Marines in for all of two things shooting and guarding. The army on the other is trained for construction, disaster relief and so on. In other words jarheads just destroy crap where as the army destroys, rebuilds, and saves lives. Plus you know I was Special Forces as right?” Vic retorted with a smug grin knowing there was little arguing with that.

“That was a low blow, ass.” Knail replied rolling her eyes.

“Low blows were my specialty. Did you expect any better?” Vic retorted with a smile referring to how he won many of his gladiator style exhibitions.

That got a smile out her as well and Knail asked “So Mr. Slaughter they really going to make a holo film based on your book?”

“Uh you know I really never liked that stupid name the billing people stuck me with. Sounds like an ancient wrestler or something. But last I heard they pulled the plug on it.” Vic answered.

“Oh really? That’s too bad. Sorry.” Knail responded.

“Eh just as well. They probably would have had some tall pretty boy cast as me and turn it into a propaganda piece.” Vic responded with a half smile.

“Well it would throw off audiences a bit to see what a little guy you are.” Knail said with a laugh.

“Oh really I’d have never guessed.” Vic replied sarcastically.

“Just saying.” Knail replied with a smile.

“Well I’m sure if you have to entertain our potential clients any they’ll be “thrown off” that you’re a scrawny little thing instead of a curvy office hottie.” Vic said returning the jab.

“Hey shorty, who you calling scrawny! Just feel this?” Knail exclaimed now gripping the wheel with one hand and giving her other bicep a flex.

“At ease marine I believe you. I suppose I should have said skinny then.” Vic chuckled.

“That’s better. If you're going to insult me at least do it properly. By the way you should watch those propaganda remarks. If I was an ISS suck up I could get you in trouble after a few more remarks like that.” Knial replied.

“Well I’m sure your not a suck up to what did I hear you call them one day at the office ”porky bullies?” Besides you know what I mean.” Vic retorted.

“No I’m not sure I do. I mean we were the good guys right?” Knail said interested to hear the opinion of someone that was there during some of the Corp Worlds bloodiest campaigns of the past decade.

“Well yeah of course we were. It’s just that’s the thing about war is both sides always think that and it’s for the history books to decide if you read my book it wasn’t hateful just told it how it was. Any film version would surely be some one sided propaganda piece that did a disservice to everyone that was there.” Vic replied.

“Yeah that does make sense.” Knail said in total agreement.

“Yep plus I may yet get another five minutes of fame.” Vic replied.

“How so?” Knial inquired.

“Theree in serious talks about making a film about the battle of Sullust and if they do I’m going to be hired as a consultant and maybe play a very small role.” Vic said.

“WOW that’s freaking awesome!” Knial exclaimed.

“Yeah hopefully. To be honest though I wouldn’t hate never having to think about that one again.” Vic sighed.

“Yeah that was umm a hard one wasn’t it.” Knial replied.

“They're all hard ones.” Vic sighed before asking “So you ever see any action?”

“No I did some occupation duty which was mostly quiet. Worse I ever did was break up a few protests and help apprehend a few rebels and criminals in hiding. Never had to fire at or get fired on fortunately. If I’m being honest that was a big part of why I left the service. I know there was a big chance of my next tour being in a hot zone.” Knial explained.

“Smart and lucky really. Wish I could have gone that route.” Vic said starkly.

“Come on don’t talk like that. You’ve got that badass rep as a God of the Arena and terror of rebel systems to maintain.” Knail said trying to be cheerful.

Vic let out a dry laugh and said “You know if I’d have never done so well in those stupid arena exhibitions I’d never have even had to be a so called war hero.”

“What do you mean?” Knail asked afraid she’d stumbled into a subject that she shouldn’t have but really interested in what he had to say.

“You can’t perform that well in the arena then expect other soldiers to go out there and do it for real. That’s why there are so few arena “champions” still around. The more wins they accumulate the more real action you're expected to see by your fellow troops. If I’d have never tried to make a name for myself there I could have just done my tour, likely a quiet one, then done something else with my life.” Vic replied.

Crap, I better change the subject quick before he gets upset Knail thought to herself being unable to even imagine the horrors he had probably seen and was dwelling on thanks to this turn in the conversation.

“Sorry I really shouldn’t have brought this up. I’m sure it just brings up a bunch of crap you’d rather not think about. Let’s just talk about something else.” Knail sweetly.

“No its fine don’t think anything of it … just how about we talk about you for a bit ok?” Vic said with a smile but looking very uncomfortable.

“Sure” Knial replied as reassuringly as she could.

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Another awesome chapter...really love the character development and can't wait for more
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Ch 9

Finally they arrived at their hotel a little while later. As they started to make their way to the front desk with their things Knail was very impressed. The place wasn’t quite five star corp executive accommodations but it was light years closer than she ever expected to get to that.

After making it up to their side by side rooms Vic gave her the key to hers and Knail couldn’t help but reply with a wicked grin “Seems like such a waste to get two rooms sure you don’t want to go back and take mine off the company account and we just room toghether?”

The prospect put a big smile on Vic’s face and he seemed to contemplate it but said “Considering your such a skinny thing that’s a pretty damn tempting offer but I like my privacy and the company can afford it.”

“Hump your loss.” Knail said slightly sedictively

“Don’t worry if I get lonely I know where you are.” Vic answered with a grin.

“Asshole.” Knail replied with a laugh.

“So I’m told anyway I’ve got a dossier for you to go over so get settled in unwind for a bit start looking it over then we can grad dinner in a few hours or so.” Vic answered handing her the files.

“Aww your no fun.” Knail said jokingly before heading into her room.
Once inside she let out and almost audible wow upon realizing the suite was just short of the size of her apartment. She plopped down on the bed spread out and got comfortable. She laid their utterly content until she rolled over and spied the jacuzzi. God that looks heavenly she thought and in a short while she was up to her neck in hot water and bubbles with the jets on full force while periodically uses a dry hand to finger through the files. All she needed was a few drinks and she’d have been content to stay there all night but to her annoyance Vic texted her about an hour and a half later asking if she was ready for dinner. She sighed and replied she could be shortly and started draining the water.

It was times like this that she was more glad then usual that she kept her hair short as it was dry in short order and she was ready to head out with him in no time flat.

“So like your room?” He asked upon meeting her in the hallway.

“Like I LOVE it I’ve been in the jacuzzi like this whole time.” She giggled.

“Nice hope you found time to go through those papers during your relaxation though.” Vic said with an amused smile.

“Don’t worry I did. Knail said reassuringly.

“Happy to hear it. Now I hope your scrawny ass has a decent appetite cause the food here’s amazing and the company’s paying.” Vic chuckled.
To Knail’s surprise her tummy let out a rumble upon hearing that which she hoped Vic didn’t notice.

“Eh I could eat.” She replied nonchalantly.

Then they made it to the hotel’s restaurant and Knail immediately felt out of place and underdressed. The place was literally the classiest she had ever sat in and she couldn’t believe Vic hadn’t dressed up for dinner.
Upon sitting down she immediately excused herself to the restroom to freshen up and reassure herself that no one was paying them any attention despite their sticking out like sore thumbs. After finishing she took a deep breath told herself no one was judging them and she should enjoy herself and returned to the table. After sitting down she started to pick up her menu but realized it was no longer there.

Vic grinned and said “Sorry already ordered for you.”

“What why?” Knail exclaimed.

“Cause the company’s paying if you don’t like it we’ll just send it back.

That’s not going to happen though cause the food is amazing.” Vic replied.

“You better be right I’ll be embarrassed as hell if I have to do that.” Knail said far from amused by what he had done.

“Trust me you’ll love it besides seeing as we’re on the companies dime I figured I’d ensure you ate well skinny.” Vic chuckled.

“Ass ever consider, I didn’t want to end up looking like some corporate candyass?” Knail lamented.

“Oh calm down you’ll thank me once you try it. Plus you can afford to indulge a little that bonyass of yours isn’t going anywhere.” He chuckled.

Knail was going to keep arguing but the waiter returned with their wine forcing her to bite her tongue. Instead she decided to jab at him another way.

“Oh wine this is starting to feel like a date. What would your porky lady friends think if they saw this?” She giggled.

“Date? You wish.” Vic chuckled.

“Actually it’s time for us to do some work you got your files I gave you?” Vic asked.

“Yeah in my purse.” Knail answered.

“Good we have some stuff to go over.” Vic said.

Then for the next half hour they discussed the sales pitch their possible client’s profiles and history and so on while sipping their wine. Then their food arrived. Vic’s was a simple order a smallish steak no trimmings. Then it was followed by a huge platter.

“Shit that’s not mine is it?” Knail said to herself.

And of course it was they placed the pile of food before Knail and as soon as it’s delicious aroma entered her nose much of her anger slipped away.
“There is no way I can eat all this!” Knail exclaimed.

Vic just shrugged “It's not my money so I don’t really care one way or another. But I bet after you get started you’ll change your mind.” He grinned.

Seeing little point in arguing further Knail just sighed and took the first bite. From the moment she took her first bite the orgasmic flavors exploded in her mouth and she was in absolute heaven. After what only felt like a few seconds but must have been much longer she looked down and realized she had made more than half of her gigantic platter disappear. Upon making the realization her stomach went from ravenous to feeling as though it would burst. She dropped her silverware on the plate and her hands instinctively began rubbing her now stuffed stomach.

Oh my god she couldn’t believe she had eaten so much her brain screamed but it had felt so good that she had trouble regretting it. She just hopped she didn’t go busting or ripping her pants as they now felt painted on around the waist.

“Wow I must say for a skinny thing you can really put it away.” Vic laughed.

“Damn it you were right about that being amazing uh I really didn’t want to make a pig out of myself like that.” Knail sighed.

“Aww don’t go complaining about it now you looked happy as hell while you were eating it.” Vic chuckled.

“Yeah I was happy until I realized what you made me do to myself Christ my stomach feels like it’s going to burst!” Knail lamented.

“I hope it doesn’t cause dessert will be here shortly.” Vic said with a wicked grin.

“Dessert? Hell no that’s where I draw the line. I can’t eat another bite even if I wanted to.” Knail declared.

“Eh wonder if you’ll say that after you see it.” Vic said.

“No I mean it I’m done.” Knail huffed.

“We shall see.” Vic replied.

Then right on cue the server placed a beautiful chocolate soufflé between them. Knail took one look not to mention smell of it and her mouth was all but watering.

“I suggest you try it hun. Unless you get a promotion or two I don’t see you being able to afford food like this again for quite some time. Plus you should see yourself right now I can tell you want it bad.” Vic said to her.
Suddenly Knail felt like her stomach could hold a little more.

“God you’re absolutely evil you know that?” Knail answered.

“Haha I’ve lived with doing worse.” He replied more than a tad morbidly.

Half an hour later every last bit of the soufflé was gone and Knail had never
felt more stuffed in her entire life.

“You know I think you may have missed your calling.” Vic said before taking another sip of his drink.

“What do you mean?” Knail asked.

“Well your tough enjoy working out and you’ve got a hell of an appetite I bet you could have made a solid Powerball player. “ He chuckled.

Being a little drunk Knail pondered that for a second he had a point there a small one anyway. She tried to picture herself as one of those supersized but tough as nails chicks grinding it out in that brutal yet exhilarating sport. The image didn’t come easy but being one of those large but still badass chicks held far more appeal than ending up a lazy candy ass like say Allison.

“Haha think so huh?” Knail asked.

“Sure if you handled marine pt you could handle Powerball no sweat. Of course I’d feel sorry for the trainer and nutritionist who got tasked with bulking you up though they’d have quite the project ahead of them.” Vic laughed.

“Yeah I’m like a third of the size of those ladies.” Knail giggled.

“Yeah seriously.” Vic chuckled.

“Oh course god if I keep eating like this that gap is sure to narrow.” Knail replied.

“Aww don’t tease me.” Vic answered.

“Right back at you.” Knail answered.

That put a big smile on his face but then he glanced at his phone.
“Shit it’s getting late lets finish these last drinks and get to bed. We’ve got to be up early and rehearse are pitch at least one more time before the meeting.” Vic answered.

“Boo sure you don’t want to come back to my room for a bit or vice versa?” Knail said a tad surprised she was being so forward must have been the strong drinks.

“As tempted as I am to break a precedent we really shouldn’t plus your drunk wouldn’t want to take advantage of you.” He joked.

Knail snorted “Good excuse ass you’re just not very interested.”

“Your words not mine.” He chuckled.

A bit later they finished their drinks and made their way to their rooms. Vic surprised her a bit by initiating a hug and rather sweetly telling her to sleep good and that he knew she’d kickass with him tomorrow.

Maybe he really did just think they had not time kill this evening? She found herself wondering briefly followed by screw him his lose anyway. Then she skimmed over the files one last time then crashed in literally the most comfortable bed she’d ever touched.

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