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Ch 10

Knail slept amazingly and was more than a little ticked when her alarm began blaring. But she got up belted through a quick work out of sit ups pushups and a few minutes of core position hoping to lessen the damage from last night. Then she started getting ready.

In no time flat she was completely put together and dressed in her stylish outfit of heels a white skirt black shirt and white jacket. Her hair was perfectly gelled into place and the final touch was arranging her dog tags to show on her neckline. Then she grabbed her phone to ask Vic if he was ready and wanted to go over their pitch over breakfast.

The phone rang and rang with no answer. She figured maybe he was in the bathroom and gave him a few minutes then called back again nothing.
Suddenly she remembered Stacy’s warning about travel bothering his war wounds. It then took every ounce of her will power to stop the oh crap she was screaming in her head from becoming audible.

She then started pounding on his door asking what was wrong. Then finally her phone rang and it was him.

She heard him cough several times before saying “I’m so sorry Knail but I can’t do this I feel like absolute crap.”

“What? No we have to do this! Just let me in we’ll give you your medicine and I’ll help you get ready.” Knail replied.

He coughed again and said “I… I just can’t it’ll be ok I’ll take full responsibility you won’t get in trouble I swear.”

“That’s not the problem! I’m on thin ice already I freaking need this to happen without some brownie points or I’m liable to be gone before I know it. And if that happens I’ve got few other options than re-enlist and probably find myself in some hell hole!” Knail barked.

Vic sighed and said “I really don’t want anyone to see me like this.”

“Tough. Let me in we’ll get you ready and looking decent and we’ll get through this together. You do all this veterans benefit crap? Well here’s a vet right freaking in front of you that needs your help now.” Knail barked back remembering the tone she’d take when given leadership roles.

Vic sighed and in little more than whispered “Come in. Its unlocked. “

Knail stepped inside and suddenly realized why he didn’t want anyone to see him like this because he looked like hell. He was shirtless and clothed in only a pair of gym shorts showing off the full damage he’d suffered from years in the arena’s and frontlines.

She’d been right about his off colored eye being a prosthetic as he was currently wearing an eye patch and she could see the prosthetic in a glass next to the bed. That wasn’t all the damage though with his shirt off Knail could see his deeply chiseled and muscular chest.

Distracting from his muscles and tattoos though were a variety of scars some deep and some very faint from cover-up surgeries. She needn’t even ask about those as it was obvious he’d been shot stabbed and everything in between multiple times. What surprised her most was his other damage.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his hands resting on his knees. She now realized that three fingers on his left hand, all but his index and thumb had also been prosthetics, and were currently resting beside his eye. Most gruesome of all though was his left leg it wasn’t there.

Knail hadn’t had the faintest idea of it as he’d always been in pants but from the knee down his left leg was gone and his ultra high tech prosthetic was laying on the floor.

Knail had been prepared to yell at him more but then saw his predicament and her heart sunk.

“Oh my I had no idea.” She gasped.

“Yeah that was the point.” He growled.

She then grabbed his meds from the bathroom and said “Here just take this and let’s get you umm put back together.”

“The pills don’t do crap and I can’t be put back together. My nerves are too freaking shot for that.” He replied.

“What do you mean?” Knail asked.

He sighed and said “This stuffs cutting edge but it’s not perfect. These things give you life like control and feeling but they do it by attaching to your still existing nerve endings. If you leave them attached too long you’re under a lot of stress, or it’s just your unlucky day your nerves get to burnt to attach them without excruciating pain.”

“That’s ok just take two of these to reduce the pain enough for us to go out and I’ll have the hotel employees get us some crutches. I’ll help you get around we’ll make it to the meeting and everything will be fine.” Knail said trying to sound reassuring.

“No. Even if the pills numb the pain enough for that I’m not going anywhere?” Vic said strongly.

“What why!” Knail suddenly barked back her frustration returning.

“Because I’m a damn cripple without this stuff. I’m not letting anyone see me this way.” Vic barked.

“Wait that’s it? That’s why we aren’t going?” Knail asked almost laughing.

“I don’t see what’s so damn funny.” Vic replied.

“Why you of course.” Knail said laughing a bit more.

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” Vic asked now sounding pissed off.

“It means that’s all that’s the problem. All the crap you’ve be through fights you’ve won, battles you’ve fought in, and people you’ve saved and this, this is what you’re afraid of? You’re embarrassed of some injuries and are afraid of how people will look at you? Tough tiyy! Now get up!” Knail barked at him like she was talking to a raw recruit.

Vic looked hurt as hell for a second then grinned ever so slightly and said “You know I could have you fired for talking to me like that.”

“So what? I’m fired anyway if you don’t grow a pair and get ready. Or what you those on the fritz too?” She said slightly angrily.

“Fine just give me those useless pills and get me some damn crutches.” Vic barked back.

He took his pills then Knail’s voice warmed back up and she asked if he needed help making it to the bathroom?

“No! I’m not that freaking useless.” He barked then got up bracing one arm on either the furniture or the wall as he hopped and wobbled to the bathroom.

Knail waited until the door shut behind him then rushed down to the lobby to ask the desk attendant if they had crutches or could get them some for the right price. Luckily the attendant only had to fetch some from the supply closet.

By the time she made it back to Vic’s room she was happy to see he had gone a long way toward making himself presentable. He’d bathed, shaved, and had his long hair looking fairly professional in a ponytail and was currently sitting on the edge of the bed buttoning his black shirt.

“Good, you’re about ready.” Knail said feeling relieved.

“Yeah just help me with these damn buttons please.” He asked sounding a bit puny.

She bent down and realized his hands were trembling from the pain leading to his difficulty. After she got that done she handed him the crutches to brace himself with and she helped him put on his tie and pin stripe jacket.

“Feeling better?” Knail asked sweetly.

“Starting to.” He answered rubbing the synapse plugs on his left hand where his prosthetics went.

“So we ready to do this? Knail asked.

“I guess but look at me? Like they're even going to take us seriously.” He said looking at his eye patch in the mirror.

“Oh hush don’t be a dumbass. This all but guarantees they take the deal?” Knail said.

“What, how so?” Vic asked.

“Like they’re going to have the heart to say no to a wounded war hero who went through hell to make it to the meeting.” Knail answered.

That put a smile on Vic’s face “Good point.”

“Damn right it is.” Knail replied with a smirk.

“Thank you so much.” Vic said to her sweetly.

“What for?” Knail asked.

“You were right I was just feeling sorry for myself and that would have hurt your career which would have been horrible of me.” Vic answered.

“You can thank me after they sign the deal. If that doesn’t happen you still wasted my time.” Knail replied jokingly.

Vic smiled “And you said I was the asshole.”

“Eh takes one to know one I suppose. Now lets’ get going.” Knail replied.

Making it there took a little doing but once there Knial’s prediction proved right though. No way were they going to shot down a wounded vet who had been forced to show up minus his prosthetics. Not to mention his having such a pretty albeit thin and well read personal assistant was a major help.

Come Monday Knail reported straight to Stacy’s office.

“So Vic tells me you two dodged a bullet on this one?” Stacy asked.

“Yeah umm his injures acted up like you warned but I think everything turned out alright.” Knail said a tad nervously.

“That it did.” Stacy said with a warm smile. “And Victor gave you full credit too.”

“So where’s that put me as far as job security goes?” Knail asked.

“Well with no screw ups and a little luck that just secured your place here. Or worse case the higher ups are off your back a few more months.” Stacy said.

“Thank goodness. That’s reassuring to hear.” Knail said relaxing a bit.

“Oh and one more thing. You’re getting a bonus out of this, with Vic’s compliments.” Then Stacy handed Knail an extremely fat check and her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

Maybe she hadn’t won her war for corporate job security but she’d certainly won an important and lucrative battle.

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Just re-read your latest and I can honestly say this is fine work. Not false praise at all - I love how you develop Vic and Knail's character and I absolutely love how Knail gets Vic back up and running. It also shows your a first class writer. Lots of us can write basic weight gain stuff but the real trick is building in characters with real motivations, flaws, personalities and the rest. My rule is it has to be a decent plot and interesting characters even if you took the weight element out. You really have done that with Knail and her support characters and this is a great story!
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Originally Posted by samster View Post
Just re-read your latest and I can honestly say this is fine work. Not false praise at all - I love how you develop Vic and Knail's character and I absolutely love how Knail gets Vic back up and running. It also shows your a first class writer. Lots of us can write basic weight gain stuff but the real trick is building in characters with real motivations, flaws, personalities and the rest. My rule is it has to be a decent plot and interesting characters even if you took the weight element out. You really have done that with Knail and her support characters and this is a great story!
As always much higher praise then I deserve
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Ch 11

The following two months were rather amazing ones for Knail. Her numbers had perked up a bit and she was starting to feel at ease with her job especially now that the higher ups had her almost solely to thank for Vic’s sale. As far as she was concerned this was exactly what she hoped returning to civilian life would be like. Her job was a bit demanding but no longer feeling unbearable. Plus she was growing use to the corporate environment and office setting. She was on friendly terms with most everyone there and was feeling like a real part of the team.

She was becoming fast friends with Becky as well as enjoying Allison’s company quite a bit. Not to mention the number of friendly acquaintances she had amassed at the local veteran friendly gym and bars. Perhaps best of all though was the killing she was making. She couldn’t believe how well this place paid even at an entry level post like hers. Hell she was even looking at taking her first vacation since she was a teenager.

If not for two things bugging her she’d have been completely happy. The first and less important of the two was Vic. She’d rather enjoyed her weekend with him in spite of their near disaster. Truth be told she rather wished she could do something like that with him again especially if he could be persuaded as she thought she almost had before of making it a more intimate experience. To her annoyance she’d seen very little of him since the trip though. Despite being a skinny woman in a big woman’s world here she wasn’t exactly lacking in male attention but she half wished she could have another shot at him.

More important though was that her weight had been bothering her. With her feeling less stress from her job she hadn’t gained any more or at least not more than a pound or two. What had her worried though was how stubbornly these new pounds had stuck. She thought she was doing well she’d managed to rein in her eating despite Allison and the others constant attempts at sabotage and she was working out about as much as she could hope to yet still the new pounds were sticking.

She could just hardly believe it no matter how she mixed things up at the gym the number on the scale just would not budge an inch. As things were now it wasn’t a huge issue to most the handful of pounds were hardly noticeable and she wasn’t hating her slightly rounder butt and perkier breasts but it was a somewhat scary precedent. If something didn’t give then this meant that anything she put on wasn’t going away. If she wasn’t careful she could lose the tough as nails body she’d worked so hard for. And if she let her muscles go to soft then well what was the point of even trying? She may as well just let herself blow up like Allison in that case.

But even as she was putting on a pair of pants that had gone from loose to unnaturally snug over the past few months she fought to bury the worry. Things were looking up now and she was happy why ruin it for herself.

Then without warning her calm and enjoyment of her job security came crashing down. One day after beginning work her and those around her were called into a meeting room with Stacy and Leslie. Knail cheerful demeanor sank as she caught the looks on their grave faces. It was then that they dropped a bomb shell. Someone in the department had screwed up and screwed up big time. Worse said screw up had gone unnoticed for far too long allowing a number of dominos to come crashing down.

Their department was looking like a laughing stock compared to the others only the higher ups weren’t laughing. As Stacy and Leslie launched into a tirade she fully expected to be weighing her options between reenlistment and the ISS by week’s end but she wasn’t quite that unfortunate at least not quite. By week’s end virtually everyone behind her on the totem pole was gone along with a few of the older works not known to for their productivity.

She however was spared or at least that’s what she hopped as she sweated it out in Stacy’s office. Finally Stacy sat down infront of her and Knail said.

“Just level with me am I going to find myself thrown out on my ass now or very soon as well?”

“To be honest its still a bit up in the air at the moment hun.” Stacy replied sounding a touch reassuring.

“So may making that sale with Vic not count for much any more?” Knail asked.

“To be honest that’s the only reason your still here.” Stacy responded.

“Oh, so where do I go from here?” Knail asked.

“Do you know director Sinclair?” Stacy asked.

“I don’t know him but I know who your referring to.” She answered.

“Well I managed to convience him to let you do some work for him. If he stays satisfied with you your safe you let him down your gone its as simple as that at this point.” Stacy answered.

“Whats he expect me to do for him?” Knail asked praying it wasn’t anything outside of her capabilities.

“Nothing to challenging. One of his personal assistants just got promoted and I convinced him to give you the spot. He’ll be doing a variety of projects this quarter and just needs another pair of hands a few days a week. It shouldn’t be anything to over your head. Your going to be fine I'm betting hun.” Stacy replied.

“Let me guess theres a but though right?” Knail asked.

“Umm yes unfortunately. I’ll level with you he’s less interested in a hard worker and more interested in replacing lost eye candy.” Stacy informed her.

“Then why does he want my skinny ass?” Knail asked.

“And that’s the but I hope you can deal with. He thinks you’re a very attractive young lady “

“But?” Knail said interrupting her.

“But he thinks you’d be much more attractive with some meat on your bones.” Stacy said.

Knail’s heart sank

“And if I don’t gain any?” Knail asked.

“It’s anyone’s guess maybe he’ll warm up to you and not care. I wouldn’t bet anything I didn’t want to lose on it though. Stacy answered.

“Great so I have to gain weight to amuse some sexiest asshole or find myself unemployed.” Knail sighed.

“Well it’s not that cut and dry but that’s kind of what it amounts to. Look at it as an opportunity though it comes with a bit of a raise and working under him will mostly be easier then what you’re doing now.” Stacy said trying to cheer her up.

“I guess I don’t have much damn choice.” Knail grumbled.

“Well I’m not trying to insult you but I told you before you started her when push comes to shove you’d have to get by on either your brains or looks and well…. Besides it’s just some weight if you don’t like it you can always lose it later.” Stacy said.

“Yeah like it’ll just be that easy.” Knail sighed.

“Well it’ll be easer then reenlisting wouldn’t it?” Stacy said

“Yeah you’ve got me there.” Knail said unenthusiastically.

“Good then we don’t have an issue do we?” Stacy said.

“No ma’am.” Knail said.

Then Stacy said “For what it’s worth I didn’t want it to come to this for you but you’ve just got to play the shitty hand your dealt now.”

“Yeah I understand.” Knail said.

After leaving her office Knail went to the bathroom drove her powerful arm into the hand dryer denting it and mumbled “Yeah it is a shitty hand alright.”

Then Knail thought back a few years to when she had enlisted. She’d made a conscious effort then to transform herself from a scrawny teenager to the badass marine she was now. Weather she liked it or not she supposed she could transform herself again. She didn’t like it a damn bit though.

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“Seriously you’re going to start working for Sinclair a few days a week?” Allison inquired.

“Yeah and Stacy told me keeping him happy was basically the only way I’d get to working here too.” Knail added.

“Damn I’m so sorry hun I hate that this damn mix up hurt you as well. If not for it you’d be well on your way to a cushy promotion.” Allison replied.

“Yeah it’s a bunch of bull shit.” She huffed. “So have you ever worked with him I don’t really know anything about him?” Knail inquired.

“Working under him was actually my first job here.” Allison answered.

“Seriously? What’s he like?” Knail asked.

“Oh you know typical high ranking old corporate fart tall skinny clean cut and enough cosmetic surgeries that he looks a couple decades younger then he really is. He’s a bit of an ass and a bit of a perv but he’s really not that bad to work under. If you can ignore a few vulgar comments here and there he’s actually kind of nice pays well and he isn’t terribly demanding with his work.” Allison answered.

“That doesn’t sound so bad. Stacy told me he’s a lot more interested in replacing lost eye candy then in a hard worker though.” Knail lamented.

“Yeah that sounds like him. God I gained so much weight working under him!” Allison exclaimed with a laugh.

“God don’t tell me that shit.” Knail sighed.

“Sorry hun just being honest. Yeah he likes to get the thinner new hires and encourage them to gain. He treats his assistants and secretaries to lunch all the time and when he does he expects them to eat, he leaves food around the work place for them, and he makes it pretty clear which ones are up for bonuses and whose not. I probably packed on fifty pounds working under him before my promotion.” Allison said.

“God damn it so I really have to do this to myself to amuse some old asshole.” Knail huffed.

“Well you don’t exactly have to but if you want to guarantee your spot here, well it’s recommended.” Allison said.

“What a bunch of bullshit.” Knail mumbled.

“Sorry hun I know you don’t like it but come on its just a little weight you really hate it so much you can lose it later. I mean you’re a badass ex marine right sure you can.” Allison said reassuringly.

“Yeah I guess. Doesn’t mean I like it a damn bit though.”Knail agreed grudgingly.

The talk of weight made Knail look Allison over a bit. She wasn’t struggling to hold 300 anymore that was obvious. A while back she’d mentioned that once she platitude there she’d be done trying to gain further but it seemed her body had decided it wasn’t done after all because she was clearly inching her way past her former goal. Knail would never say Allison wasn’t a stunning woman but at the same time it was just goodness! The tough curvy marine Knail had served with had been replaced by a totally pampered corporate cream puff. And while Knail wasn’t about to say it she figured Allison better get a handle on herself because if she kept this up or ever got pregnant or something she’d be in pretty dire need of some mobile assist implants. Knail could just hardly believe it in just what three years give or take her friend had gone from badass to fatass and fate seemed to be nudging her to follow in Allisons footsteps. What complete and utter bullshit she thought for not the first or last time.

Then in a few short days she was seated before Director Sinclair learning about her new jobs. As he yapped away Knail remembered how uncomfortable she felt around these types. Being around these rich old bastards was just so weird. They made so much money they could keep their bodies going for a ridiculously long time without quite looking their age. As a result Sinclair was built like most corporate types tall and thin perhaps athletic as far as golf, racket ball or whatever not truly strenuous sports these rich bastards were into was. His short hair was slicked back and was snow white. His face though had been through so many cosmetic surgeries that he had the face of more like an early 50s year old than the 90 or was it 100? That he really was.

It was just so weird he looked relatively young but his mannerisms, slang, and the way he carried himself just screamed 90 year old yet he looked maybe 50 years younger if you ignored the white hair and white pencil thin moustache. It just made her skin crawl it was so weird like being seated across from a freaking vampire.

He laid out her responsibilities and she was happy to hear they weren’t too difficult. Then he told her another of his assistants would show her to her office in his section of the building and then before she got up he added “And you’ll find some donuts on your desk treat yourself you look hungry dear.”

With that note she fought the urge to make an audible sigh and barely succeeded in suppressing it. Then a cheery faced and extremely plus sized young lady appeared to escort her to the office. Knail looked her over and what Allison had said about Sinclair’s taste in secretaries was extremely accurate. This young lady was BIG quite likely Allison’s size tipping the scales at the lower 300s.

She was the complete stereotype of an overfed corporate hottie. Even Knail had to admit she was a looker but Christ she was big with uber curves gigantic boobs, hips, butt, and god that belly.

“God and that’s what they want me to turn into.” She thought subtly shaking her head.

The supersized cutie introduced herself as Liz Europa and chatted at her incessantly as she led Knail to her office. Upon reaching it Knail was a tad impressed. It wasn’t big or really even nice but it was in fact an office thus a noticeable step up from her previous cubicle.

Then her amusement subsided when she noticed the damn box of doughnuts Sinclair had mentioned.

“Mmmm bear claw.” Liz said opening the box and letting the delicious aroma fill the office.

“Yeah they smell awesome.” Knail replied.

“And taste even better I trust.” The big gal said a touch longingly.

“It’s too bad though I had a big breakfast why do you take a few then offer the rest to the other ladies?” Knail suggested.

Liz then frowned and said “Sorry honey there yours no pawning them off on us. I can tell you’re a real fitness type but if you want to make it here that involves putting some meat on your scrawny ass. Or at the very least acting like your open to it.”

Knail rolled her eyes and not wanting to actually argue Liz began wiggle waddling her way out the door her gigantic ass attracting all kinds of attention to itself as she did so. Knail then began working as she did the delicious smell of the bear claws kept bugging her. Eventually she sighed and began eating one. Damn these things are good she thought making quick work of it. She then resumed working but it wasn’t long before that damn smell started tempting her again. “May as well just ask Allison to start giving me her old cloths cause if I keep this up I’m going to freaking need them.” Knail thought.

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Note this chapter features characters from Samsters story Bellies of Powerball as well as being co-written by him

Ch 13

Knail stepped into the gym. It wasn’t some fancy fitness suite designed for executives or a candy ass gym for fat, rich Corps but rather a proper workout gym. It was full of the kind of people who pumped the iron hard and knew how to do it. There was a noise of booming music, a constant thud of weights being lifted and dropped, grunts of exertion and a smell of sweat. Most of the gym goers sported tattoos and there was a mix of wiry vets running their old military routines, ISS staff sporting big muscles and even bigger bellies and every kind of sports jock and jockette.

It was a place Knail felt far more at home in than the corporate office where she worked. The former space marine brooded over that point for a moment. Things weren’t working out for her in the corporate world and Stacy had just dropped the bomb shell that at this point her status as eye candy would count more toward her staying employed then her job performance. And their definition of eye candy required she gain some considerable weight. Years of training hard as a marine and Knail just couldn’t face the thought of getting fat and lazy. Hence she’d found herself in the gym that evening. Checking out the joint she walked toward the free weights area.

Her attention soon focused on two chicks pumping some serious iron. They were in amazing shape. Tall, in their early twenties and seriously thick and buffed meaning they had to be Powerball chicks. They were both carrying plenty of extra weight but it wasn’t like they had let themselves get fat. More like they were working to some exact muscle to fat ratio set by their coach. Their form was perfect; slow and steady on the weights downward movement followed by a rapid punch up. Exactly how you would train a Powerball player to explode out of their stance. The girls were big, hefty and carried plenty of extra pork but they looked tough, athletic and kick ass.

Hmm could that be a look she could get behind Knail found herself wondering? It sure beat basic eye candy. Knail watched them punch out perfect squats to shoulder press in a single fluid movement. They moved as an almost exact unit. They even looked similar; the same thick builds and spiky short hair. One had a golden red color and the other was blonde.
Knail continued to admire them. They each boasted massive tree trunk like legs that looked more solid than they did soft. Massive child bearing hips as well as seriously beefy butts. Their over fed bellies poked out beneath their tight tank tops. But Knail had to concede that their bellies while inflated looked firm more like one semi solid muscle then your typical fat chicks belly. Their breasts were large but on their frames they didn’t seem comically so like some of Knail’s coworkers. And most appealing to Knail was their broad powerful shoulders and massive arms that bulged with veiny muscle. Yeah even by Knail’s standards these chicks were 100 percent bad ass.

Then Knail made a half smile “They wanted her bigger maybe if she buddied up with these chicks she’d show them bigger alright.”

After punching out ten reps each they dropped the weights, red head running a hand across the muscle burn in her bicep and blonde parking her massive ass on the bench. Both looked across at Knail. They were sizing her up. Both had cocky, confident smiles on their faces. “Nice moves girls” said Knail “keep it up and you might make the marines yet.”
They both looked a little confused. Smiles fading just slightly. Red head said: “We’re Lady Pioneers.”

“You don’t look like ladies to me” said Knail. That earned her a laugh from the two jockette’s.

The tension eased. They’d sized Knail up and decided she belonged. True, she didn’t have their sheer bulk but she had the stance of an ex-marine and despite softening up some since arriving home still had the wiry, muscular frame.

“Never seen you here before you new to town?” said blondie. “

Yeah, or rather back after touring the galaxy. My names Knail.”

“Kasey” said the redhead.

“ Taylor ” said blonde.

“Awesome to meet ya.” “So you’re like ex marines or something?” said Kasey.

“Yeah, I was Space Marines combat division” said Knail with a hint of satisfaction.

“Wow!! So do you know Vic?” asked Kasey.

“Yeah, he works where I do” said Knail “but we never served together.”

“Vic’s awesome!” declared Taylor. “We hang out loads at Touchdown’s bar and Vic’s like always there telling cool stories and stuff” said Kasey.

“Yeah, and most are true” said Knail.

“Yeah we kinda figured that out when he totally kicked some like totally freaking huge guys ass and never even like broke a sweat…”

On the topic of Vic the two jockette’s exchanged glances. Knail remembered what Stacy had said back at the office. “…he also likes them tough he dates like some of the biggest toughest ISS girls and D line Powerball players the city has to offer. So just another reason for you to
think about kissing that skinny figure of yours good bye and bulking up.”
Maybe Vic had been chasing those two chunks? Heck, if you were into big, tough chicks with some extra meat on their bones Kasey and Taylor were close to total ten’s. Knail was straight and even she thought they were kinda hot. She thought about her gym routine.

Originally she’d planned on punching out her marine training routine of rapid fire cardio mixed in with endurance work. But maybe she should switch routines and copy the two chunks routine? They would be doing high weights, low reps and big breaks between reps. Perfect for bulking but not losing weight. “

You girls okay if I share the bench with ya?”

“Sure” nodded Kasey “but…”

“I’m not gonna try do your weights or anything crazy but I’m kinda thinking more about bulking right now.”

“Lift big, eat big” declared Taylor. “

Hell yeah!” added Kasey.

Knail smiled to herself. These two were the stereotype dumb jockette’s alright but they seemed kind of cool and they sure as hell could lift. They may also make for good role models if Knail was serious about what she had been thinking about before talking to them.

Lifting just shy of half their amounts Knail followed them routine by routine. After four sets of face pulls Kasey and Taylor took bottles of Maxi Gain shake out of their kit bags.

“You got any Maxi gain?” Kasey panted

“No why?” Knail asked.

“Can’t bulk up without Maxi gain stuff does miracles.” Taylor said between breaths.

Then they threw Knail an extra bottle. “Drink this” said a breathless Kasey.

“Ummm…okay, thanks!” Kanil looked down at the Maxi Gain bottle. It was yellow colored, banana flavor and promised: Hard Gainer Extreme! Muscle and Strength – the MOST POWERFUL Shake for the SERIOUS GAINER!!!
Exhausted ,her muscles burning and dripping with sweat Knail didn’t question it. The two massive Powerball jockette’s were gulping the stuff down so she followed suit. “Uuuuggghhh…” It didn’t taste good. A thick, sweet, gooey substance with a slight taste of banana.

“Just neck it real quick” shouted Taylor .

“Yeah.” Knail looked at the Maxi Gainer shake and shrugged. The food in the space marines hadn’t exactly been gourmet standard. She could cope with it no problem. Particularly if it helped with the body was now contemplating building. Shrugging she gulped the drink down and turned back to the weights.

Eventually with the workout over they headed out of the gym into the parking lot. Knail fist pumped the two and said: “Thanks a lot that was bad ass girls”.

“No worries babe, Space Marines are badass.” “

You girls here often?” asked Knail.

Kasey and Taylor laughed, struck a pose and flexed their bulging biceps.
Knail laughed too. “Point taken, I’ll see you around!”

“Sure” nodded Taylor. “Hey, we hang at Touchdown’s so it’d be really cool if you made it there sometimes and we could like…”

“Yeah, totally” nodded Knail “ Here’s my number hit me up some time and I’ll be there!” Knail said handing them a business card then she headed to her car.

As she buckled up she thought about Taylor and Kasey they struck her as your typical jockette’s tough but not exceptionally bright. Then again she’d been told the same thing about herself more than once so she had no room to talk. More importantly they seemed cool and friendly enough. Her new work friends were nice and all but she was missing the company of chicks a little more like herself. Powerball players sure weren’t vets but they often fell within the same personality type.

Not to mention if she decided she was serious about this bulking up business they looked to be perfect role models to have.

She could feel the muscle burn and she could feel her stomach growling for food. She remembered what Taylor said: “lift big, eat big!” There was a Mega Burger on the way home. “Lift big, eat big!” Huh I think I can get behind that she thought. Then she thought about Touchdowns. Kasey and Taylor were fun and Vic may just happen to be there hopefully they would hit her up before long.

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Fantastic story Joel. You can check out and illustration from the last chapter by following this link:

Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.

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weaverof has said some nice things

Well the last chapter has me interested. Looking to see if big things are in development.
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Note this chapter features characters from Samsters story Bellies of Powerball as well as being co-written by him

Ch 14

It was lunchtime and Knail was struggling to stay awake. Every other night she’d been hitting the gyms weight room hard with her new buddies Kasey and Taylor and trying to keep up with their killer weights routine. It was a battle. She couldn’t come close to the weights they were lifting but she followed their routine at about half the two jockette’s weight. Knail could feel herself buffing up and she was starting to eat more and more. She was so ravenous after the hard workouts it was hard not to. (Eat big, Lift Big after all!)

Heading out for lunch and she could feel her skirt suit was fitting tighter and tighter. Her bra too was feeling rather snug. She could also feel herself getting more and more glances. Stepping out of the elevator she walked across the office building foyer, her heels tick tocking on the marble floor and her thighs straining against the material of her skirt. She was getting even more looks. It may not have been so great a change that those that didn’t know her well realized that she had gained but they could tell something was different and they liked it. Despite herself Knail was enjoying the attention.

She slowed down to join the line past the security checkpoint. The office building was one of the largest in Issa Falls and was the regional headquarters for the Corporate Worlds administration. As such it warranted an ISS checkpoint. Two guards were scanning all workers entering and exiting. A smile curled on her lips as she approached. The big, hefty girl with short spiked golden hair in uniform was Kasey Sanchez. Knail knew Kasey’s powerball gig was semi-pro and now she knew how the hefty jockette earned the rest of his living.

“Hey Kasey” said Knail as she approached.

Kasey looked confused for a moment. Her standard ISS Guards blank expression turning into a frown. It was taking her a while to connect the dots. She knew Knail from the gym; not as a corporate office hottie in a designer skirt suit and heels.

“Huh?” said Kasey.

“Kasey, it’s me, Knail!”

The ISS Guard, supposedly trained in security and identification, looked puzzled for a while longer before she connected the dots.

“WOW!!! Yeah, hey Knail. You look like totally different!!!”

“I don’t wear gym stuff to work.” laughed Knail.

“Yeah, I guess not lol. You clean up pretty nice by the way. So ya work here?” asked Kasey.

“Sure do. So how long you been an ISS bitch?”

“Just got my badge” replied Kasey, running a finger across the silver badge on her uniform jacket “Powerball is only semi-pro and they pay me like $20k so I gotta make a livin’ and if I don’t make the MLP draft next year I’m gonna need a career so…”

“I hear ya babe” nodded Knail “Now I don’t usually say this but you look kinda cute as an ISS bitch. It certainly suits you”. She chuckled.

That earned Knail a smile.

“You heading out for lunch?” asked Kasey.

“Got it in one detective” laughed Knail “When’s your break?”

“In, like…ummm…five minutes if you wanna hang around that’d be cool…”

Knail mused over that. That could potentially result in her getting back to the office a little late but she wanted to talk to Kasey more about her weights training and bulking up. So lunch would work. Besides, the big chunk did look kinda hot in her ISS uniform so there were certainly worse ways to spend her break.

Ten minutes later they were both sat opposite each other in the Bar B Cuties downtown restaurant with giant plates overflowing with barbecue. With her corporate friends Knail would have protested but with Kasey she said nothing. Kasey’s mantra was “eat big, lift big” and Knail didn’t want to disappoint her. Digging in she chit chatted with Kasey about their next weights session and a planned night out at Touchdown’s. Eventually Kasey asked the question that offered Knail the opening she’d been looking for:

“So I’ve got to ask you’ve been taking our workouts really seriously. Is that because you’re just looking to bulk up a bit. Or are you seriously aiming to get really big like Taylor and me?”

“Well I can’t believe I’m saying this but the more I think about it the more I’m thinking I want to seriously bulk up like you two. I’ve had some things change lately that had me thinking I’d be better off if I could put a bit of meat on my bones. But then I started hanging out with you guys and that changed. Seeing those badass reps you two are capable of. The way you two get to eat without a care. Not to mention how damn good you two look make all that bulk look has made me start feeling like I want that for myself.”

That put a big smile on Kasey’s face and she said “So really think you want to upgrade that scrawny build of yours and join the big leagues?”

“I really do. So if you and Taylor can train me that would be totally cool!”

“Sure” nodded Kasey

“You came to the right person I’ve got some experience in that department.” She laughed.

“How so?” Knail asked

“Would you believe me if I told I you I use to be a skinny ass myself?” Kasey said with a smile.

“You? No way.” Knail said surprised

“Yeah way. I use to play QB so I was way smaller back then.” Kasey replied.

“What happened?” Knail asked.

“The general consensus which I still disagree with was that I sucked. So I got cut from the team but fortunately there was an opening on D line and I was always a more physical player any way so I asked if I bulked up could I change positions and stay on the team. And as you can tell by these guns and this gut I didn’t have much trouble making the change. In fact I’m actually pretty grateful for it who wants a six pack when you can have a keg right?” Kasey joked.

“Wow that’s amazing! Hard to believe a chunk like you was ever thin.” Knail laughed

“Believe it. Now I was never as small as your skinny ass but I know my fair share about bulking up. So if you’re serious Taylor and I could make a beefy jockette out of you before you know it. That is if you’re serious?” Kasey asked.

“No I’m serious.” Knail said hardly believing the words came out of her mouth so enthusiastically .

“Good! Ya gotta do what you’re told and work freaking hard though.” Kasey said with authority.

“You won’t hear any complaints from me there.” Knail answered.

“Good so you get those maxi gain shakes we told you about?” Kasey asked.

“Yeah those things are freaking effective too. Some of my clothes are already feeling tight.” Knail informed her.

“Get use to it.” Kasey said with a smile. “And ya gotta eat big!!!”

“You don’t call this eating big?” Knail protested with an eye on her plate.

“Yeah, eating big for a skinny chick maybe. But you don’t want to be a skinny chick anymore do you? I mean eat big even for a big girl!” Kasey said with authority.

“Ok ok god I don’t know how you freaking eat like that though?” Knail exclaimed.

“You should try Alphralinex then it’ll help you get over that puny appetite.”Kasey suggested.

“Roids?” asked Knail.

“No its only roids if you’re an athlete taking it during the season. Otherwise it’s just a performance enhancing supplement.” Kasey replied justifying it instinctively.
Don’t worry its safe most of us are on it. It’s awesome shit too builds you up like crazy! It’s kinda expensive but I can give ya a guy who’ll sort ya outs details.”

Knail’s quick agreement got Kasey thinking She’d seen Knail as a cute well toned ex Marine at the gym and now she’d seen her as a total office hottie just starting to add a few pounds to her figure. Wonder how good she’ll look if she really goes through with this and does some serious beefing up?

Her head spinning and her totally stuffed belly aching Knail finished off a huge lunch. She couldn’t believe she’d just asked Kasey help train and beef her up. And not only that but to start taking Alphralinex. That was a big deal!

She knew the basics of Alphralinex and that stuff would pack not only muscles but serious pounds on to who took it. She felt like she was going borderline crazy but it was also so intoxicating. She loved the gym, she loved pumping all that serious iron with her new beautiful and beefy friends, she loved eating like this, and suddenly the way her thicker thighs pushed against her too tight skirt material and the way her slightly fuller chest strained against her bra, not to mention the burning in her arms and legs that signaled the growth of new muscle it all felt so damn hot it was unreal. Knail wanted to feel like this all the time and if that meant having Kasey and Taylor make her over into one of them she was up for it.

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Ch 15

Among Kasey and Taylor’s other suggestions they gave her the card for a dietitian that some of their teammates used in the off season as some of the supplements were borderline on legality for active athletes. They warned it was rather pricey though but Knail figured she best start showing results quickly if she was going to score points with Sinclair.

The office was nice but fairly empty with only one painfully thin chick coming in behind her. After your typically long doctors office type waiting period she finally saw a “Doctor” she supposed was the word. She went into the office which was fairly similar to your typical doctor’s office. The doctors name tag read Zed and he was an attractive guy tall, looked to have a moderately athletic frame, slicked back dark hair, a little well kept soul patch, and a handsome face likely the result of some cosmetic work.

“So what can I do for you?” The “Doctor” asked with a slightly foreign sounding accent.

Then weight no pun intended of the situation suddenly dawned on her. Sure she’d packed on a little weight recently hanging out with the porky Kasey and Taylor(those maxi gain shakes were no joke!) but it was still not too noticeable. If she went through with this however she’d end up big like them little doubt about it.

She then coughed perhaps on purpose to give herself another second to think it over. She then figured she’d come this far no turning back now. It wouldn’t be so bad after all Kasey and Taylor were both beautiful badass chicks only with some meat to go with their muscle becoming like them wouldn’t be so bad. Plus it’s not like she was likely to stay skinny hanging out with the two heifers as much as she had been anyway.

She then cleared her throat to buy another second before saying “Yes I was wondering if you had any suggestions for someone looking to um bulk up some?”

The doctor then half smiled. “I trust your referring to pork as well as muscle? Or just the latter?”

Knail absolutely couldn’t believe she was saying this but “Well yeah I suppose I mean kind of a d line Powerball player type build.”

Zed was smiling now “So you’re thinking of pursuing the thick but still muscular look? Not simply curves?”

“Yeah fitness is pretty important to me so I meant like a Powerball player you know big thick but still very muscular and fit.” Knail answered.

“Well if you don’t mind my asking what has a tight toned little thing like yourself interested in that look?” Zed asked.

Knail decided not to go into her sob story about her job bullshit so instead told a half truth. “Well I was a marine up until this year and this figure was well suited for that but I always kind of thought the big powerful figure like that was appealing. Plus now that I’m out I’ve been hanging around a lot of big beefy Jockette types and I don’t know I guess I’ve gotten a little jealous of all the attention they get with their killer bodies. Not to mention you know how those types are they give me plenty of shit about being so damn skinny so I thought maybe I’d see about getting a little help growing into my new circle of friends.”

“In that case I certainly hope I’m willing to help. So what are your options price wise?” He inquired.

“Well I’m no fancy ass corp exec but I’ve got a steady low level corporate job and plenty put a way from the service so I think I can afford your best or close to it.” Knail said hoping she was right.

Zed then wrote something down on his pad of paper and said “This sound doable for a one year consultation just you know divide it by 12 and cancel anytime.” Then he handed her the paper.

She saw it and twinged it would take a good bite out of her savings but if it earned her the job security she desperately needed as well as a figure she could live with it especially if it was worth it.

“A little step but yeah it’s doable.” Knail replied.

“Excellent I think I know the perfect treatment then. Alprazalinex or as Jockettes often refer to it as big and bad shots. The stuff significantly boasts your appetite while targeting muscle and fat cells for simulating growth. Simply put its perfect for building that big and bad Powerball type body your referring to.” Zed answered.

Knail was nearly shell shocked that she was even having this conversation but said “Sounds like what I’m looking for.”

“My thoughts exactly.” He then opened a cabinet behind him and pulled out a folder. “Here’s you a decent idea of what you have to look forward to. This is our most recent success story with Alprazalinex the lady in these underwent the treatment for a little less then two years with amazing results!”

He then sat down next to her and opened the folder. After a few pages of charts and information he didn’t give her a chance to read he came to a picture. It was of a young lady her age give or take clothed only in short shorts and a tank top that left a good section of her midriff exposed. She was cute pretty face long platinum blonde hair but super skinny! Even from Knail’s point of view the chick either needed to hit the gym or the buffet one cause she was literally nothing but skin and bones no muscle tone let alone meant on her at all.

“Scrawny little thing isn’t she?” Zed remarked.

“Extremely.” Knail replied.

“Hard to believe but the chicks actually an ISS officer. Crazy right I mean a skinny ISS member I didn’t think those existed.” He chuckled jokingly.
He wasn’t far wrong though thin ISS members were few, extremely far between, and if you happened to spot one well it wasn’t likely they’d stay that way for long.

“Even harder to believe is she was a lieutenant and a grade A badass to. She just happened to have one of those weird body chemistries where she couldn’t gain weight nor put on muscle so here she came. Its quite the transformation.” Then he began flipping the pages each picture set one month apart.

First her arms and legs began thickening with new muscle but if you looked closely weight was sticking in other places as well. Her breasts were gradually getting fuller and her waist was looking less and less narrow and her stomach less flat. By the six month mark her looks had changed remarkably her formerly dainty arms and legs had gained a good deal of muscle mass but a good deal of fat had also accumulated onto her. Her hips had spread out her butt grown round her flat stomach being replaced by a small but noticeable gut and her breasts growing rather full.

By the one year mark she was unrecognizable now sporting the looks of your typical ISS chick in the lower 200s. She’d had her long flowing hair hacked off and replaced by a spikey buzz cut much like Kasey’s and tattoos began adorning her thick figure. Her legs had now lost their definition as they were coated in pork and were starting to gain that tree trunk like mass of Kasey or Taylors. Her hips had asserted themselves far and wide with her once nonexistent ass getting nice and beefy. Her gut had become a seriously protruding belly but had gained that unique firm somewhat hard look like Kasey’s. Her boobs had really blown up and her guns just wow! Her shoulders were also looking broader and her neck starting to thicken up.

Knail assumed that would be the end of it or at least close but nope. A few pics later she had outgrown Taylor and Kasey and by the time he’d gotten to the last one she was definitely 300+ and Christ she never wanted to piss this ISS lieutenant off because by the end she looked like she could give what was that new player attracting so much attention? Oh yeah Kali she looked like she could give Kali a run for her money!

“So what do you think?” Zed asked.

“Wow that’s umm one hell of a transformation.” Knail stammered.

“Oh and don’t worry if your that’s a bit more then you had in mind remember she did it for around two years. So this is more like the end goal we’re looking at for the one year.” He then flipped back to about the halfway point.

Knail studied the picture it was still pretty freaking big. Not all that shy of Kasey or Taylors build. Part of Knail wanted to rewind and maybe talk about more like a six month treatment. Another part of her though that Knail hardly even knew existed was intrigued. Becoming a full figured badass like them certainly held some appeal.

She thought about their workouts and how awesome it would be to hang with them doing crazy amounts of weight someone her size could virtually never achieve. She thought about how awesome it would be to eat with the same gusto as them its effects on your waistline being the absolute last thing on your mind. She even found herself thinking about just how damn good they made all that meat and muscle look! It also occurred to her that Vic would surely approve of the change. Suddenly Kasey and Taylor’s mantra was ringing in her head. “EAT BIG, LIFT BIG!, EAT BIG, LIFT BIG!, EAT BIG, LIFT BIG!”

Then Knail smiled and said “I think that’s exactly what I had in mind.”

“Happy to hear it. It’s a badass look alright. So think you’d like to start today or you want to sleep on it?” Zed said withdrawing the syringe from a locked cabinet for emphasis.

Knail had no idea where this new found excitement came from and figured she’d better put it to use now cause if she put it off she was liable to not come back.

“Why wait?” She answered nonchalantly.

“I like that attitude.” He chuckled. Then he produced a pair of shorts and a tank top similar to the ones the lady from the folder had worn and asked her to change for a weigh in a photo op.

A short time later as the camera’s flashed Knail felt a tad grateful for the pictures so she’d have something to remember her hard earned Marine figure by because it was surely going to be but a memory in the coming months.

After the camera flashed Zed gave her a last chance to change her mind but she only smiled and said “Stick me already I don’t have all day.” With a giggle.

Then after removing the needle from her butt check Zed joked “And with that Kane Alpha can kiss another skinny chick goodbye.”

To her surprise Knail merely laughed with him and added “What is it those Powerball jockettes say? EAT BIG, LIFT BIG? Looks like I’ve got plenty of that ahead of me.”

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Nice work! Loved that last chapter
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.

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Ch 16

As Knail drove home from the clinic she still could hardly believe she’d gone through with that. There was little turning back now even if she cancelled her second appointment just going through with that one would leave her five to fifteen pounds heavier by the end of the month not to mention the chemicals would have her appetite and metabolism screwy for the next month or two resulting in more weight. If her mind hadn’t been made up before it certainly was now.

As she neared her apartment her stomach began growling. She looked at the clock and saw it wasn’t exactly a meal time but she figured what the hell. She was building a supersized bod like Kasey’s now so from here on out if she was hungry she could eat to her heart’s content.

“EAT, BIG” immediately rang in her head and a smile involuntarily spread across her face.

She pulled over at a local buffet. Since they were between meal times the place was nearly empty save for the chubby staff and a few supersized corp hotties having either a late lunch or early dinner. As she began to make her plate her stomach growled again even more loudly and she piled her plate higher as a result.

After stacking her plate high and returning to her seat the rest was a food filled haze. She ate and ate and ate. She returned to the buffet line maybe three times or it could have been more as she really wasn’t sure. At some point she was no longer eating because she was hungry instead she was doing so just for the sake of it. It was like she was making up for every time over the past several months that she had cut herself short for the sake of maintaining her figure. Unbelievably though she seemed to be trying to make up for it all in one sitting. Knail was in all but disbelief that she had put away so much food. She’d never eaten like that in her life.

She supposed she’d come close when she’d gone out to eat with Kasey and Taylor after their work outs but that was with them egging her on. She’d just done this all on her own. Her bloated stomach strained uncomfortably against her tight jeans and with the table shielding her she decided what the hell and unbuttoned them and began to lightly massage her overstuffed belly.

She thought about what Kasey had said to her about eating big and she figured if that wasn’t eating big even for a big girl she didn’t know what was. Not to mention she’d done that without the help of the Alphralinex once that stuff kicked in she’d probably be eating like this pretty regularly.
Then as she sat there contemplating two Lady Pioneer beef cakes came waddling past her on the way to the buffet line. She watched intently as they slowly made their way past her. They immediately reminded her more than a bit of Kasey and Taylor as they were roughly the same size perhaps a bit lighter.

Like Kasey and Taylor they were both very attractive with similar builds the only real difference being their hair styles .The slightly bigger of the two having Kasey’s spiky buzz cut style hair cut only blonde instead of redish. The less beefy one was a brunette with slightly shaggy hair for a Powerball player and looked to be in need of a cut or buzz. Like Kasey and Taylor they were both big badass muscle and gut types. Knail estimated blonde as definitely 250+ pounds with the one in need of a hair cut being a little smaller. Knail was mesmerized as they made their way across while their jerseys obscured their figures a bit there tree trunk legs and rock solid arms were on full display as well as their ultra beefy butts not to mention their awesome child bearing hips. The jerseys obscured their guts and boobs quite a bit but it was still obvious they weren’t lacking in either department. Their faces too were more than worth a double take with tan skin, plump lips, pleasant features and of course the perfect smiles they exchanged upon getting their food.

Knail had no idea what had gotten into her but she was seriously enjoying checking out these two beef cakes and even found herself thinking that she sure wouldn’t mind catching these two changing in the gym locker room.

Mmmm she couldn’t believe she’d never realized it before but Powerball chicks like these were pretty freaking easy on the eyes!

Then another startling thought entered her mind if she followed Kasey and Taylors training she’d be that big beautiful and badass herself in the not too distant future. If she could see how big a smile that thought had spread across her face she’d have been shocked.

The next morning Knail sprang from bed a full half hour before her alarm was sat to go off feeling absolutely floored and ready to not just face the day but rip it a new one. Knail had read about this effect of Alphralinex boasting energy levels especially in the week following the treatment but she’d never imagined it would feel like this.

She just couldn’t explain it she felt like she had energy enough for her and another person of equal activity level. If there was a name for how she was feeling she sure didn’t know it because it was just incredible. She immediately launched into her morning workout. To her surprise she accomplished it in roughly half the time it usually took her so she did a second round. After completing it she felt up for a third but figured she’d best jump in the shower and start getting ready. Then that was we’re it happened in the middle of washing her hair her stomach let out a hunger pang that almost sent her to her knees.

It was insane she’d never felt like this before she could only imagine it was what starvation felt like. As quickly as possible she finished her routine and dressed noting virtually every part of her outfit was feeling sexily snug. Then she staggered into the kitchen and came to the conclusion that it was simply not stocked with a now growing lady like her in mind and she took a mental note to correct that. She wiped out the remainder of her low fat breakfast power bars but she still felt ravenously hungry. And hungry for real food not this diet crap!

She then looked at her clock and realized how ahead of schedule she was so she rushed to a local dinner near her work hopping she didn’t simply collapse from hunger. Once sitting down she needn’t even look at the menu she then for the first time in her life not only ordered the jean buster special but she also wondered if it would be enough. A short time later but twice to long according to her poor belly her food arrived. The plump waitress raised an eyebrow at as skinny a chick as Knail was ordering such a thing. Knail though surprised not only the waitress but herself by making the stacks upon stacks of pancakes disappear in no time flat.

As Knail began processing how much food she’d just made disappear though she came to an even more startling conclusion. Though blunted her intense hunger was still there! She had to get to work though and made her way there as quickly as her athletic figure could take her.

Upon reaching her desk and spotting the pastries Sinclair left on her desk almost every day she was for once happy about it. She then cracked upon the box and took in the delicious aroma before munching away as she went about her duties. After polishing off the small box she gained a brief reprieve from her new found hunger that is until half an hour before her lunch break when it came back in full force.

On that particular day it was just her and Allison that got lunch together and when Knail placed her massive order Allison’s eyes went wide.

“Damn what the hell’s gotten into you?” She asked in shock after placing her own order.

“Alphralinex” Knail answered with a smile.

Allison simply could not believe her ears “You on Alphralinex no freaking way!” She said exasperated.

“No I mean it.” Knail said nonchalantly.

“Oh my god I figured you’d finally put on a few hanging out with those two big dumb jockettes but they convinced you to take Alphralinex how?” Allison asked in shock.

“Well it wasn’t just them.” Knail chuckled.

“Then what was it. What convinced Ms skinny and proud to beef up from Alphralinex???” Alison asked.

“Well first I thought I’d try it just to spite you, Sinclair, and everyone else at the office I figured that if all of you wanted me bigger I’d buddy up with those two and get bigger alright just not in the way all of you had in mind.” She chuckled. “The more I hung out with them though the more serious I got about it though. I don’t know they just really won me over. You know I love fitness and working out so being able to lift like them would be incredible. Plus ever since coming back I just can’t seem to help it I suddenly just love eating. I guess I just ruined my taste buds from all those years eating off world crap cause now freaking everything tastes delicious and I’ve barely been able to help myself. If working out didn’t mean so much to me I’d have probably already seriously chubbed up by now. Also call me crazy but I’m seriously digging the whole jockette pork and muscle balance they rock. I can’t believe I’m saying this but after spending so much time with them I’m just finding it so hot. All those badass muscles balanced out by those uber curves I don’t know it just has me thinking slim and toned isn’t so awesome after all. I think I want to build a body like there’s for myself and well thus the Alphralinex.” Knail informed her.

Allison was shell shocked she couldn’t believe her friend had made such a 180 degree turn.

“Well I could have told you slim and toned wasn’t all that awesome after all but wow Alphralinex. Girl you are going to get freaking BIG! You just doing a one month trial or you sign up for a whole plan yet?” Allison asked.

Knail smiled amused by Allison’s shock. “I know I’m going to be so big and badass! And I’ve signed up for a one year program.”

“A full year damn you are going to be freaking big!” Allison exclaimed.

“Don’t worry you’ll still be plenty bigger than me fatass.” Knail joked.

Allison smiled and asked “So how much you think you’ll gain?”

“I don’t know for sure but probably 100 pounds minimum a good bit of it being muscle of course.” Knail replied.

Allison couldn’t picture Knail as being that big but she figured once she started porking up in the coming months it would get easier too. She also did a little mental accounting and said “So plus what you’ve already gained that will make you about double the size you were in your marine days?”
“Yeah that sounds about right. Wow double hard to imagine isn’t it?” Knail chuckled.

“Damn right it is no more skinny ass for you huh.” Allison said.

Then their large lunches were brought to them and just before Knail dug in she said “Not if I keep eating like this that is.”

The two then dug in joked, gossiped, and begged each other to sample the delicious things on their respective plates. As Allison watched her friend eat so heartily she found herself thinking she was going to rather like this new Knail.

Hours later

As Knail seemingly effortlessly power clinged 10 pounds more than her usual reps Taylor noted “Damn babe you’re on fire what’s gotten into you tonight?”

Knail who hadn’t yet told them about her doctors visit the day before figured now was a good time and happily replied “Nothing much just Alphralinex.”

They were both taken a little aback Taylor hadn’t known much about Kasey’s sit down with Knail the day before other than before Knail had arrived at the gym Kasey informed her that Knail was interested in doing some pretty serious beefing up and wanted their help. Taylor had figured the scrawny little thing had only meant helping her buff up 20 or 30 pounds or so. Adding more muscle to her guns maybe some padding around her middle and buns. If she had started taking Alphralinex Knail instead had bulking up like her and Kasey in mind. You didn’t take Alphralinex unless you planned to end up at least in the ball park of 200 pounds.

Kasey too was surprised even after their sit down the other day. She’d realized how serious Knail was but she hadn’t been sure she’d go through with Alphralinex and certainly not so soon.

After the initial shock wore off though the two began congratulating her. They took turns tightly hugging her joking that they wouldn’t be able to manhandle her scrawny ass like that for much longer.

Kasey especially enjoyed the tight embrace as it let her feel just how tight and hard Knail was currently. It also made her curious over weather she’d be more or less enjoyed to feel up like that once her muscles and pork began coming in.

“That’s freaking awesome babe!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Happy to hear it pretty soon we can kiss this scrawny ass of yours good bye!” Kasey exclaimed before giving Knail’s tiny bottom a good slap.

“Hey!” Knail exclaimed in shock but truth be told she hadn’t minded the contact at all.

“God you’re going to look so awesome once that stuff puts some meat and muscle on that skinny frame of yours!” Taylor exclaimed.

“I know I can’t wait!” Knail declared excitedly.

“Yeah won’t be long now until you become a muscle and gut gal like us! Knew you couldn’t hang around supersized hotties like us and keep trying to rock that puny frame.”

Knail still couldn’t picture herself as being Kasey or Taylor’s size but the idea was starting to seriously excite her!

“Well looks like you were right.” Knail chuckled.

“So how long of a program did you sign up for?” Taylor asked.

“One year cancel anytime. Not that I intended to of course.” Knail answered.
It took the non to bright jockeetes a moment of mental accounting to realize that meant Knail had a fairly high chance of ending up just under their size over the next year.

“Wow you’re going to be one beefy badass if you stick with us and see that all the way through.” Kasey said.

“Well that is the plan.” Knail chuckled.

“So how you liking the hunger pangs?” Taylor asked with a giggle.

“Oh my god they’ve been crazy! Please tell me you don’t feel like this the whole time you’re on this stuff?”

“Nah it’ll fade some as the month wears on although it will be a cold day in hell before you go back to eating like you use to. Unless you’re sick or something.” Kasey explained.

“Ok cool cause I don’t know how I could stand feeling like this the whole month. I can’t seem to get full to save my freaking life!” Knail exclaimed.
That got the two supersized jockettes laughing as they’d both been in that same position before.

“So that puny stomach of yours hungry now?” Kasey asked poking Knail’s middle which she noted while still solid now had the tiniest bit of softness spread over it.

“Well I wasn’t until you damn brought it up! Knail said sounding annoyed then as if on cue her stomach let out a rumble loud enough for Kasey and Taylor both to hear.

Taylor then came to the rescue saying “Here babe take an extra maxi gain shake that should help take the edge off of it. Then after gratefully gulping down the shake Knail’s hunger subsided enough for them to continue their workout. As they concluded Knail continued to impress them with her energy level and endurance being noticeably higher and she was doing slightly higher reps than normal during almost every set.

Then after finishing they retired to the locker room Knail had stripped off her damp tank top and athletic shorts and was towel drying her damp hair when she was suddenly surprised by two powerful arms reaching under her armpits and lifting her off her feet.

“What the hell!” She exclaimed in surprise and started to struggle before realizing the culprits were Kasey and Taylor.

Knail then steadied her voice and remarked rather dead pan “And what do you two dumbass jockettes think you’re doing? If you plan to have your way with me or something I suggest you try again somewhere less public.”

“Haha you wish skinny.” Taylor replied.

“Nah not this time we had something else in mind.” Kasey added.

Then the two carried her across the locker room and plopped her down onto the scale.

Knail felt embarrassed for a split second but then noted the pointlessness of that and she looked at the number that flashed before her 135 the most she had ever weighed.

“We better take a picture cause you’re never going to be this skinny again after another dose or two of Alphralinex.” Taylor joked.

“Don’t worry already did.” Knail replied which got them all giggling.

“So we just LIFTED BIG you ready for us to teach you a lesson in EATTING BIG?” Kasey asked.

“Can’t wait I’m freaking STARVING!” Knail whined.

"Then hurry up skinny." Kasey said surprising her with another slap to the bottom.

Again Knail was surprised but unnoticed by all those involved she smiled just a bit.

Knail then jumped in the shower changed and began to blow off her short hair in front of the mirror. Then as she got out her hair gel she observed Taylor and Kasey playing with there’s and spiking it up them on a whim she began to play with hers in a similar way. As hers was touch longer then there’s instead of spiking it up all over or in the front like there’s she tried something a tad different. She parted her choppy fringed bangs in the middle as usual but spiked the middle section of her hair up into a little Mohawk.

As the three finished messing with their hair at the same time they glanced over at Knail’s and smiled.

“Cute” Taylor remarked.

“Nice once you get some more muscles, a gut, and maybe we take you to get some ink you’ll be looking just like a big dumb jockette yourself.” Kasey joked.

“So where we going to eat?” Knail asked.

“Just ride with us we’re going to show you how lady pioneers chow down!” Kasey said with a big smile.

Then in unison the three lovely ladies declared “EAT BIG, LIFT BIG”!
A short time later they arrived at Touch Downs Bar and Grill. Upon steeping through the door the three were immediately greeted by the places manager.

“Hey! Kasey and Taylor my two favorite lady pioneer D line players. The seasons just around the corner you two ready you got a hell of a season ahead of you huh?”

Kasey and Taylor exchanged grins at the attention before Kasey replied “Please we’re always ready and I can’t wait to rip the heads off of those lady panthers at our first game.”

As the two chatted with the manger about Powerball Knail looked him over. His name tag read Slade and had the looks of an ex Powerball player himself. He looked to be in his late forties with a stylish touch of grey in his head full of hair. That was also the only thing aged him though as he was a pretty attractive older guy. Handsome face well kept facial hair and a mostly buffed up body. His shoulders were broad and his arms bulged with muscle and were rather well inked up. His middle though like plenty of male as well as female Powerball players stuck out pretty far in front of him but had that firm semi solid look as well.

Then he finally acknowledged her. “So who’s your petite little friend here? She’s much too small to be a new recruit even an Aurellian receiver new girlfriend Kasey?”

Kasey suddenly looked a tad embarrassed. “No get your mind out the gutter old man! She’s just a friend of ours.”

“A friend who wanted a lesson in how lady pioneers eat big!” Taylor added.

“Oh so I take it you girls were hoping I could let you get the special even though it’s just the three of you instead of the whole team?”

“Yeah you know if you could.” Kasey asked nicely.

“Hmmm that depends does skinny here….”

“Names Knail not skinny.” Knail interrupted with authority.

Recognizing from her tone Knail wasn’t someone to be trifled with he then continued “Sorry I mean depends on if Knail here plans to chow down as well or if she’s just here to admire you two as the pig out?”

“Oh no she’ll be chowing down right along with us right hun?” Kasey answered.

“Yeah I’m in the process of doing some bulking up myself.” Knail replied.

“Really a lady as tight and toned as you is planning on doing some bulking up?” Slade remarked.

“What can I say these two chunks won me over to the fatside.” Knail joked.

“Haha can’t say I blame you there. Alright you three are just lucky I can’t say no to beefy beauties or budding gainers. It may take awhile to whip up though” Slade said with a smile.

The three were then taken to a secluded section and they ordered a couple of beers and chit chatted. As they were warned they were in for decent wait and with each passing moment Knail’s hunger pangs grew a tiny bit stronger until finally Slade came back with a massive platter and said “Eat up ladies.”

“No way.” Knail whispered.

The platter was simply put a small pyramid of food surrounded by a moat of fries. The base was made up of several burgers, the next of ribs, the next of chicken and finally topped off with a sausage ball.

“No way can just the three of us eat all that.” Knail stammered.

“Sure we can I thought you wanted to become a big girl now?” Taylor replied.

“I do but..” Knail began to say before she was interrupted by Kasey “Then no buts just EAT BIG!”

Knail then let her hunger take over and after she began eating she basically went into autopilot. To her surprise they were making pretty quick work of the pyramid and she was absolutely loving this amazing food. Then by the time they made it down to the burger base and the last of the moat of fries Knail began to feel painfully full.

“I … I can’t eat anymore.” She groaned. She leaned back in her seat and exhaled heavily.

A mere second later Taylor elbowed her and said “You can and you will belly up bitch we’re practically done!“

Knail made a feeble effort taking three more bites before saying “I can’t I’ll freaking burst if I have anymore.”

Then Kasey said wait I see the problem your damn jeans are still buttoned.” Then she reached over slid her thumb affectionately into her jeans and unbuttoned her tight jeans for her. Knail’s overstuffed belly then surged forward.

“Feel better?” Kasey asked.

“A little.” Knail groaned.

“Well you best get better cause we’re not eating anymore until you do!” Kasey announced and Taylor then stopped digging in.

After giving her a short breather Kasey smiled and said “Pansy you’re going to have to do better than this next time before I do this again.” She then slid closer to Knail whipped off her hands and reached under the table and began massaging Knail’s tight stomach.

Knail could have practically fallen asleep it felt so heavenly. Then she grabbed her napkin and held it to her mouth to stifle a burp. Then after another moment of massaging. Kasey asked in a somewhat annoyed tone “Well?”

“Ok ok I think I can finish.” Knail said and returned to her food.

Eventually the platter was empty and Knail breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank god we’re done I feel like I could blow at any second.”

The two jockettes then exchanged smiles “Oh we’re not quite done yet.”
Slade then took away the empty platter and replaced it with a portable ice cream machine.

“Oh god what the hell is this?” Knail asked.

“We call it the ice cream bong.” Taylor answered.

“You can’t be serious…” Then before Knail could finish Taylor had placed the dispensing funnel in her mouth flicked the button and began slurping down an insane amount of ice cream. Kasey then did the same slurping down slightly less and then it was placed before Knail.

Knail considered drawing a line here and getting up before they made her sick but she’d asked for their help and this was their idea of helping her after all so she placed the funnel in her mouth.

She flicked the button and took in only a few spoonfuls before having to set it down. As she put it down Taylor and Kasey looked pissed that she had done so little but then they replaced those dirty looks with smiles and said “Damn babe for tiny little thing you can eat just about like a Powerball jockette. “

Then Kasey added “Can’t wait to see how you do when we bring you back next week.”

“This again? Next week?” Knail stammered then she leaned back in her chair and added “ God you two are going to make me so freaking fat.”

“Damn right we are!” They answered together.

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Fantastic updates as ever and here's an illustration that fits into Chapter 14: http://fav.me/d6wsmf2
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Very nice story
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weaverof has said some nice things
Default more excess

But will this story be taken to a more...shall we say...extreme level I wonder....come on xwg!
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gainingdane has said some nice things

Originally Posted by weaverof View Post
But will this story be taken to a more...shall we say...extreme level I wonder....come on xwg!
Hopefully not, let it stay within reason, I personslly like the story more when she trying not to gain. Come on one weight gain story than keeps the gain some what reasonable.
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Default Joel's Stories

I am a Big Fan. And I usually prefer realistic weight gain. Gains that I have observed although infrequently in the real world. Like 15 lbs in a week maybe just one or two times. But still possible.
But my favorite Joel stories like the Harvest and this one have a little magical spin or futuristic science fiction. And that means that I would Love to see Knail gain 100 lbs in 6 months or less. And possibly gain to triple her original weight. The futuristic aspect including the shot she had and the Eat Big girls. That means the Sky is the Limit.
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Originally Posted by gainingdane View Post
Hopefully not, let it stay within reason, I personslly like the story more when she trying not to gain. Come on one weight gain story than keeps the gain some what reasonable.
Hmm why did you enjoy it more before she started gaining?
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Originally Posted by strataadvance View Post
I am a Big Fan. And I usually prefer realistic weight gain. Gains that I have observed although infrequently in the real world. Like 15 lbs in a week maybe just one or two times. But still possible.
But my favorite Joel stories like the Harvest and this one have a little magical spin or futuristic science fiction. And that means that I would Love to see Knail gain 100 lbs in 6 months or less. And possibly gain to triple her original weight. The futuristic aspect including the shot she had and the Eat Big girls. That means the Sky is the Limit.

Happy your enjoying it man and maybe not triple but she'll be going through a big transformation lol
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Ch 17

The next three months were transformative ones for Knail. Over that time thanks to her intense workouts, Kasey and Taylor’s tutoring, and of course the Alphralinex she had added about 30 pounds to her formerly petite figure.

She was still nowhere close to being fat or really even chubby but her figure had been transformed. Her once lean toned look was on its way to becoming a memory as she grew bulkier by the day. Thus far a good portion of the weight gained had been muscle. Her long lanky legs had thickened considerably thanks to all the squats and other lower body work Kasey and Taylor put her through as part of their Powerball work outs. Her arms too were no longer simply toned but on their way to becoming bigger and more noticeable. Her shoulders also seemed a touch broader and her back muscles were starting to get some definition. She wasn’t just gaining muscle though her curves were subtly expanding as well with new softness starting to accumulate in places.

Her hips had spread out a touch, her ass was beginning to round out, and her breasts had benefited from a little additional weight graduating to a more noticeable C-cup. Much of the new fat she had gained though had settled in one area that Knail felt a bit lack luster about her middle. Knail had worked extremely hard to achieve her former washboard abs and she was a little sad to see them go. After just the end of her first month on Alphralinex they had become much less noticeable. When she would sit down she even had a little stomach bulge for the first time in her life. By the end of the second her formerly rock hard stomach had been fully glossed over by new softness. Now at month three she had a small but definite beginner belly developing. While she wasn’t exactly upset over it she was a bit sad to watch something she had worked so hard for disappear before her eyes.

Just the other week Kasey and Taylor had even felt the need to poke fun at her over it while she was changing cloths after their workout. After drying the sweat off her hair and face with a towel and taking off her tank top Knail nearly jumped when felt someone from behind grab the new pudge around her stomach.

“Looks like someone’s finally lost that overrated six pack of theirs.” Kasey said with a giggle as she squeezed her fingers into Knail’s newly developed flab.

“Your one to talk look at all this!” Knail said grabbing a hold of one of Kasey’s thick love handles.

“Oh don’t mind her she’s just going on because of all the fun the team had with her when her six pack went soft.” Taylor laughed before adding “That is one cute beginner belly though” and giving it a quick poke of her own.

Then Kasey returning to her own gut that Knail had drawn attention to said “Damn right look at all this. I worked hard to build it and if you’re lucky you’ll have one just like it before you know it.” Kasey said with a smile.

Knail considered that for a second it was near impossible for her to picture herself like that. Kasey had one hell of a stomach after all. It was just such a semi solid protruding mass built by her mantra of EAT BIG,LIFT BIG. Knail could hardly image carrying something like that around her middle but she was right thanks to the Alphralinex her new pudge could easily blossom into a monster gut like hers in due time.

Any ill ease she felt over the disappearance of her abs and the birth of her new tummy though was easily off set by the changes she was undergoing elsewhere. For instance she was loving the muscle growth in her arms and legs. While having some tone to them her legs had always been such long lanky things but no longer. Her thighs calves and quads had already buffed up so much it was incredible. Between their growth and her expanding waistline she was going through jeans and pants like crazy. Her jeans now frequently had stylish slashes and holes in them to accommodate their growing size. She was also loving the changes in her upper body. She couldn’t be more excited with the new bulk in her biceps and was working hard to keep that growth coming.

A tad despite herself she was also loving the growth of her chest. In her pre marine bean pole days and ultra cut marine time she’d always thought big breast were so freaking overrated. Now that hers chest was filling out though she couldn’t help but enjoy it hypercritical or not. Prior to arriving back home she hadn’t had any breasts to speak of. After the initial weight she had picked up while settling into the corporate environment a precious few pounds had found their way up there giving her just enough to fill out a dress or suit. Now though by corp standards her newly enhanced C- cups were still nothing impressive but she was loving them. For the first time in her life she had a bit of cleavage and had started dressing to show them off a bit.

All in all she was quite happy with the changes she had undergone and it seemed everyone around her was as well. Kasey and Taylor couldn’t be more supportive. Kasey especially if that big dumb chunk had a thing for her she wouldn’t be surprised.

Allison too was loving the new Knail constantly offering to take her out to eat, shop, and go out to show off her blossoming figure. Knail recalled one shopping trip in particular where she stepped out of the changing room for Allison’s opinion.

Allison at first brightly smiled in approval then said “You know it’s almost sad.”

“What is?” Knail asked.

“It’s just about official you’re not skinny anymore. If you keep this up I may have to worry about not being the pretty one anymore when people reference us.” She said with a laugh.

“Oh I’m so sorry I never stopped to consider how this would affect you.” Knail said playing along.

“I know how could you? Give it a year or two and instead of being the pretty one I may just be the richer one.” Allison joked.

“Oh the horror.” Knial chuckled. “Besides I’m not that big yet.”

Allison then made her way over to her saying “I don’t know now you’ve got this little tummy bulge.” She said pinching her stomach. “You’re starting to get a more womanly chest plus all these muscles. You’re sure as hell not a bean pole any more that’s for sure.”

“Yeah those days are definitely over.” Knail said with a satisfied smile.

Sinclair was also in definite approval of her blossoming figure. Stacy had even informed her that she now hand next to zero reason to be concerned for her job between her fine performance and Sinclair’s warming up to her. Knail was very happy for the good news and found herself wondering if this meant she should stop her Alphralinex treatments? She’d started this over job security after all.

Knail quickly thought better of it though. She’d been told she should be safe before and things changed so maintaining Sinclair’s interest until she was promoted would surely be in her best interest. Besides she’d come this far she may as well see where the treatments and Kasey and Taylors tutoring took her. Plus she was enjoying herself to much to stop now. The killer muscles she was building, hanging out so much with Kasey and Taylor and getting to enjoy so much delicious food without worrying over her waistline.

It was hardly a debate she’d be staying this course for some time.
The approval of the changes in Knail also extended far beyond her friends and work associates. Every where she went she could feel more than a few eyes following her and she was loving the attention. More so than at any other point in her life guys were going out of their way to not just hit on her but accommodate her. Not that she was having any trouble finding it if she felt in need of male company before but now it was getting especially easy. There was however one guy in particular whose opinion on the matter she was curious over. She’d seen precious little of Vic both in and outside of the office as of late and she was most interested in what he thought of the new her.

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Ch 18

Much to Knail’s surprise one morning she was greeted to the sound of Vic’s voice coming from outside her office.

After a knock he said “Good morning got time for a stranger bearing gifts?”

“Oh I suppose come in.” Knail had replied nonchalantly

Vic then entered looking as easy on the eyes as ever in his rugged veteran sort of way.

“Why thank you for the time and these are for you by the way.” Vic said sitting a box on her desk.

Knail opened it to see it was full of amazing smelling pastry sticks.

“Mmmm these smell heavenly.” Knail said a tad excitedly she’d had her latest Alphralinex recently so was still feeling that nearly uncontrollable hunger.

“Happy to hear it.” He said shooting her one of his slightly crocked smiles that resulted from his scaring.

“So I take it someone is trying to butter me up with sweets?” Knail said with her own crocked smile.

“Tisk tisk you really think I’m just trying to get something out of you? Just thought I’d give a gift to a lovely lady who’s finally allowed herself to develop an appetite.” Vic said not so subtlety taking in the changes Knail had undergone over the past few months.

“Haha cute. So what else is it that you’re here for?” Knail asked.

“Well I was curious any chance you’d like to make another sells trip with me?” Vic asked.

“Depends why are you offering it to me? Sacred if you ask one of the chubby office hotties they won’t be able to get your pansy ass up your not feeling well?” Knail asked with a smile.

Vic smiled and said “Now that was cute. No its time for the new clients we made last time to decide if they are happy enough with the company to become permanent trading partners or not. So I figured since you made such a good impression last time you’d best come along. Plus it doesn’t hurt that you’re on your way to becoming one of those chubby office hotties yourself now.” Vic chuckled.

“Who you calling chubby? I should take off my jacket so you can see these guns I’m working on I bet I can bench your scrawny ass now.” Knail declared confidently.

“Oh I bet their looking ripped and perhaps we’ll find out some time? But while I’m sure you’ve developed plenty of new muscle hanging out with Kasey and Taylor that new gut your sporting has chubby written all over it.” Vic laughed.

Just a few weeks ago that joke may have made Knail uncomfortable as her growing belly was one place she was a bit uncomfortable about adding pounds. Now though it hardly fazed her. She wasn’t entirely sure what prompted the change but it wasn’t bothering her any more. She was building a big powerful bod like Kasey’s after all and a gut was just part of the package and she had excepted it and was even starting to like her beginner one.

Rather than argue Knail agreed saying “Yeah I’m sure they’d love to see what EATING BIG AND LIFTING BIG did for that scrawny little thing they met last time.”

“I have little doubt that they’ll approve. So can I take it your interested?” Victor asked.

“Depends you clear it with Sinclair?” Knail asked.

“Of course so now I guess it just depends on if you had any weekend plans you can’t miss?”

Knail did have plans actually they were to cheer on Kasey and Taylor at their game Saturday and hopefully celebrate a big win afterwards. Unfortunately scoring some more brownie points with the higher ups would have to take precedent in this case. Plus spending the weekend with Vic certainly held some appeal.

“Oh I suppose not you know since you can’t handle this without me.” Knail said with a wicked grin.

Vic chuckled and replied. “Hold on I never went that far.”

“You don’t have to the way things went down last time says it for you.” Knail giggled.

Vic looked just a tad hurt by the remark and replied “That’s … that’s not something that happens all the time.”

“I know just busting your balls. Yes I’d love to go with you.” Knail replied.

“Happy to hear it. In that case see you in the parking lot in the morning. Oh and be sure to bring that new appetite of yours.” Vic said on his way out.

Knail chuckled and answered “I don’t have much choice there what with the Alphralinex and all.”

Vic then stopped in his tracks and turned back toward her. He looked rather surprised with one eye brow raised he asked “Wait your on Alphralinex seriously?”

“Well yeah can’t EAT BIG and LIFT BIG without it.” She said with a wicked grin enjoying his shock.

“Shit tomorrow you’re going to have to tell me how you went from all skinny and proud to taking Alphralinex.” Vic said sounding a bit excited.

“Sure provided you don’t make any dumb marine jokes this time.” Knail giggled.

“Damn fair enough. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.” He said on his way out the door.

Later that evening after work Knail hit the gym hard with Kasey and Taylor as usual.

As they went through their reps the effects of the Alphralinex continued to amaze Knail. She wasn’t hanging with those two supersized badasses yet but little by little the gaps between their sets were narrowing and today she’d reached yet another all time best. Knail wasn’t the only one who noticed it either after sitting down the bar Taylor and Kasey immediately shot her approving smiles. Which Kasey followed up with a slap to her now fuller ass and said “Damn girl keep that shit up and you’ll be one beefy badass yourself before we know it.”

“Oh I intend to.” Knail replied with a smile.

Then after taking a short break to catch their breath and chug some much needed maxi gain Knail told them the bad news.

“Sorry babes I’m not going to be able to cheer you on Saturday or attended the victory party afterwards.” Knail said trying to put a positive spin on it.

“Aww why not hun?” Taylor answered.

“I’m going to be out on town on work crap.” Knail replied.

“Oh what are they shipping you out for?” Kasey asked.

“Vic’s asked me to help him out with a pitch to get a new client company to renew and extended their contract.” Knail answered.

“Oh Vic that’s slamming!” Taylor replied.

“Eh it’ll be ok.” Knail said trying to let on her excitement.

“So what did he think of the new you?” Kasey asked knowing full well Vic’s preferences in the size department.

“Oh he seemed to approve.” Knail replied.

“I bet aside from crossing paths a time or two at Touchdowns he hasn’t seen much of you since we started making you over into a real woman has he?” Kasey asked.

“Yeah I’ve hardly seen him at all the past few months.” Knail answered.

“Bet he was shocked at the sight of you now in that case.” Taylor chuckled.

“Yeah he didn’t seem to believe me when I told him I was on Alphralinex.” Knail laughed.

“Well where else would you have gotten the beginnings of such a killer body?” Kasey joked.

“Hell if I know?” Knail replied.

“Well if your spending the weekend with him you know what that means right?” Taylor asked.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean?” Knail asked.

“Well it means we’re going to Touchdowns after our work out got to make sure you’re well fed before you see him.” Taylor giggled.

“I’d love to but I really can’t I’ve got to go home and pack after this.” Knail lamented.

“Who said you had a choice?” Kasey joked.

“Oh I don’t do I?” Knail inquired.

“Nope last I checked we’re both still about double your size so you best do what we say you know or else.” Kasey declared before striking a flexing pose.

“Eww scary!” Knail replied sarcastically before adding “Fine I’ll go.”

About an hour later the three had finished lifting and showering off and were stepping into Touchdowns.

As they did so Slade couldn’t help but look them over. If he were a few years younger and unmarried he’d have gladly hooked up with any one of them. As things stood though he’d have to settle for mearly admiring them though. Luckily for him between the three there was plenty to admire. Kasey and Taylor were among the largest of the lady Pioneers players and their skinny little friend Knail wasn’t so skinny anymore.

The first time she’d come in with Kasey and Taylor he had figured they were full of it saying a tight toned little thing like her planned on doing some beefing up. Over the past few months he had greatly enjoyed observing how wrong he’d been though. She wasn’t supersized or anything yet but her skinny days were defiantly over. He figured she was now somewhere between 150 and 175 and his money would have gone with closer to 175. In stark contrast to how she’d look when he first made her acquaintance her legs and arms were starting to seriously bulk up with muscle. Her shoulders had broadened her neck was starting to thicken. Her dainty little waist had lost its curvature and pushed forward into a cute starter belly. Finally her buns and boobs had done some nice expanding as well. And best of all he knew if she stuck with Kasey and Taylor it was only a matter of time before she caught up to them in the size department.

As Kasey and Taylor made their way to him he began talking to them about the upcoming game this weekend and how he had little doubt that they were going to crash some lady bees ass! Especially seeing how that was one of the few teams that still tried to focus on speed keeping much of their team on the smaller end of the spectrum of Powerball players. Sure those chicks may be faster but tanks like Taylor and Kasey would likely plow them down before they could put it to use. The Lady Bees had been a losing franchise for several years now and he figured a good stumping by the Pioneers may go a long way in convincing the coaches the game had changed and they best put their girls on Alphralinex.

He then moved on to Knail “Looking good hun I swear every time you come in you look bigger and badder!”

Knail then beamed with pride as she almost always did when someone complemented the new her.

“Haha thanks what can I say I’ve had great role models.” Knail replied.

“Damn right you do! Although my money saves you’ll be rivaling these two chunks before they know it.”

“Thanks lol I’ve got a ways to go before then though.” Knail answered.

“Well you keep going at this rate and it’s bound to happen. I mean looking at you now it’s hard to believe you’re that same scrawny chick that first came in here.” Slade said

“Oh come on I wasn’t that small.” Knail responded.

“Sorry hun you’ve not met my family in our book gals the size you were are all but malnourished.” Slade replied.

“Well I don’t think I’m at risk of being considered that anymore.” Knail responded patting her jelly belly for emphasis.

“I know thank goodness.” He said which got them all chuckling.

“So I take it you three are here to try to pry the special out of me?” Slade asked.

“Eh you know us.” Kasey answered.

“Well you’re lucky I’m a sucker for athletic heavy weights especially three of them. Well no more like two and a half.” He said giving Knail a wink. “There’s one catch this week though.” He added.

“Oh what’s that?” Taylor inquired.

“You’re going to have a forth join you.” Slade answered.

“And who’s the forth a certain dirty old man?” Kasey asked.

That got a reluctant grin from Slade who responded “No the forth will be a new chick we just hired. She’s a real cutie but WAY to dainty so we’re hoping plenty of free food will do something about that.” Slade answered.

“Sure worked for Knail.” Kasey said giving her tummy a quick pat to Knail’s embarrassment.

“Yeah if she can repeat Knail’s success I trust her tips will improve greatly.” Slade replied which got everyone laughing. Then he added “You three better promise to make sure she eats well though she’s got some Aurellian blood in her so putting on weighs a struggle for her.”

“Aww the poor thing.” Kasey replied.

“How much Aurellian is she? It’s like impossible for full blooded ones to thicken up isn’t it?” Taylor asked.

“I don’t know for sure I think she’s only like third or fourth generation so it’ll be tough but doable for her. And I’m not sure if it’s impossible but I know I’ve sure as hell never seen a full blooded one that’s more than slightly curvy. How about you three?” Slade replied.

The three thought it over for a bit they too had never seen one. Plus two of them being dumb jockettes and Knail being an ex Jarhead meant they were far from experts on modified human biology.

Finally Knail broke the pondering by saying “I don’t know about you two but I’m way too hungry from that workout for much thinking.” That put a smile on everyone’s face.

Then Slade said “Alright I’ll show you three chunks to your table. The new girls name is Grace Shadrax by the way she’ll join you in a few once her shift is done. Be nice to her and try to teach her a thing or two about EATING BIG!”

“I think we can handle that. These two are great teachers if this new gut of mine is any indication.” Knail answered with a laugh.

Then they were shown to their usual table and Slade got them some tall frosty beers. Then fifteen or twenty minutes later a lovely little waitress made her way over and said “Hi I’m Grace I take it you three are who I’m supposed to eat with?”

Before they answered the three quickly looked her over Kasey especially. Slade hadn’t been exaggerating she was a hell of a looker. Grace was tall with dark tan skin, possessed a model quality face big blue eyes, plump kissable lips, and lovely long chocolate brown hair. Figure wise though she definitely had the look of an Aurellian. Save for a touch of fullness in her hips and backside there was hardly an ounce of fat on her. Her legs were long and skinny, her waist was girlishly narrow, her bust rather modest though her uniform showed off a hint of cleavage and her arms were super dainty.

“Yeah that’s us Slade asked us to try and teach your scrawny Aurellian ass a thing or two about EATING BIG!” Kasey answered.

The chick took the jab in stride but said “Hey I’m barely even Aurellian just fourth generation and my ass isn’t scrawny thank you very much.”

That got the three laughing and Taylor replied “Sorry hun compared to supersized jocketts like us it’s awfully scrawny.”

“Well I guess that’s why he sent me to eat with you.” Grace said with a smile.

The three then began exchanging introductions and after a drink or two they were laughing like the best of friends. Once loosened up by a few drinks
Kasey couldn’t resist asking “So fourth generation that mean the hair’s real or is that just one convincing wig?”

Aurellian’s usually hated talking about their hair or lack thereof but Grace was pretty accustomed to the question so it hardly bothered her. “No its real feel free to give it a little tug if you don’t believe me. It grows slow as hell though and requires a lot of maintenance.”

“Well it’s really pretty. If mine was less wild when it’s long I’d love to style it like yours.” Knail said.

“Aww thank you that means a lot.” Grace replied.

“So being part Aurellian I guess putting on weights hard.” Kasey asked.

“Yeah super hard my mom’s a freaking rail. My sister though plumped up pretty nicely after school though so it’s not impossible. Starting to look like it’s not in the cards for me though after like a year of chugging maxi gain all I’ve got to show for it is a little bit of a butt. And I figure if working at a place like this doesn’t put some on me nothing well.” Grace answered.

Then about the time Grace finished speaking their pyramid of food arrived. Much to the threes surprise Grace displayed a more than healthy appetite keeping pace with them until the platter was about half empty. After that though she required quite a bit of coaxing to continue. Knail got quite the kick out of that part now getting a taste of what Kasey and Taylor had experienced in trying to beef her up. Unfortunately all the coaxing and encouragement in the world couldn’t change the fact that a little slip of a thing like her just couldn’t hang with big girls like them and Grace bowed out well before it was time to pass the ice cream bong.

Despite her poor performance at the end the three larger ladies were rather impressed by her effort though. After finishing they all had encouraging remarks for her saying if she kept eating like that she’d certainly be nice and thick before too long.

Then Kasey told her she knew someone who could be of help if she ever felt like spending the money and wrote down Zeds office number and address for her. After that the four had little to say though wanting to do nothing more than digest that gigantic feast.

Knail’s hands instinctively drifted to her overstuffed belly. As she cupped her new pudge she could still hardly believe there was so much there. A mere few months ago a rock hard six pack had been in its place now she was working on a definite gut. She glanced over at the bellies spread out before Kasey and Taylor and thought about how hers would likely reach that point too in the not so very distant future. She then looked over at skinny little Grace. While she had been much more fit and athletic then her, not so long ago their weights hadn’t been all that much different.

Comparing her new figure to Grace’s though she felt awfully big, bad, and sexy. She wasn’t rivaling the likes of Kasey yet but she sure as hell wasn’t the same skinny chick that had accompanied Vic last time. If this transformation wasn’t enough to attract Vic’s attention now she may just have to stop thinking about him.

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Ch 19

With the extra energy boast from the recent Alphralinex treatment Knail had little trouble not just packing but getting in a quick work out the next morning despite last night’s festivities. As Knail went through her morning routine though she noted how it had begun to change since she’d started bulking up. She was doing much less core work and far more weights. Sit ups had started to become a hassle with her emerging belly protruding from her middle. She hadn’t let up to much on doing planks though so she hoped she was still maintaining some muscle beneath her growing chub.
Such concerns were quickly forgotten about though as her tummy began to rumble for breakfast. After a meal easily three times larger than the puny little ones she once started her day off with she admired her blossoming figure in the mirror before changing cloths.

DAMN she was getting BIG! She thought as she admired the vision before her. For the life of her she just could not get use to what she saw in the mirror. It seemed with every passing day she was looking more and more like her friends Kasey and Taylor. She wasn’t Powerball sized yet but she was well on her way. Seeing her current bulky frame one would be hard pressed to believe just how lean and thin she was not so long ago.

Her long legs were now thickly muscled, her hips were pushing out ever wider, and her butt just wow! She turned around then peered over her shoulder to take in just how much it had blown up behind her. During her Marine days she’d had virtually no ass to speak of but now a large round sexy one was blowing up behind her. She was rather enjoying this change too for the first time in her life feeling eyes turn toward her backside as she went about her day.

Her middle had changed immensely since the Alphralinex. Her once narrow waistline and rock hard stomach were becoming a more and more distant memory as new pounds continued to accumulate there. Her middle now boasted a cute little tummy that Knail was only now starting to get use to. Moving her gaze upward she could hardly be happier with what she saw. Her arms were looking killer!

She’d have never been able to build such killer guns before the Alphralinex. While before her arms were merely toned and solid she now had some impressive muscles developing. She extended them and then drew them in for a good flex loving the results. Week by week her maxes at the gym were growing more and more impressive and so too were these guns! They still had a long way to go before matching those of Kasey or Taylor but she was determined to get there.

She was also quite happy with the developments in her chest. Her formerly sporty A cups had done a good bit of expanding and her current C-cups bras had begun to feel snug meaning graduating to a D-cup likely lurked around the corner. With the colossal boobs her coworkers like Allison haled around Ds weren’t anything out of the ordinary in the corporate world but to Knail that seemed gigantic! And she was loving feeling so big and busty for the first time in her life. Those weren’t the only changes though she could tell her shoulders had grown broader as her build had increased and her back had some muscle development going on there as well. Her face had changed a bit too. The changes were far less noticeable but she felt like her neck had thickened slightly and her face was looking a touch fuller.

All in all Knail was very pleased with the new her and rather hoped Vic would be as well. She was now well on the road toward becoming a muscle and gut babe like Kasey and a far cry from the skinny chick that had went with him last time she thought with more than a hint of pride.
She then got dressed putting on a pair of tight jeans that struggled to contain her newly enhanced hips and ass as well as having a series of stylish tears around her expanding thighs. She next slipped on a tank top that had a habit of riding up a little above her growing tummy and showed off her new cleavage well. Then finally she slipped on a leather jacket that had begun to feel a tad tight around the shoulders and upper arms due to her new muscles.

She then styled her lovely short red hair into place and applied just the smallest amount of makeup. She may have been growing more into the corporate chubby mold but she still prided herself on being fairly low maintenance. Now that she was ready she grabbed her bag then took another look in the mirror at the fit yet borderline chubby lady looking back at and said “Damn I’m looking good.”

To Knail’s amusement it seemed Vic was in agreement with that assessment once they met up in the parking lot. He’d been a touch flirty on their previous trip but he hadn’t looked at her like this before.

As she approached his hover car he declared “Pardon me ma’am I don’t suppose you’ve seen my co worker? She looks kind of like you actually same cute hair cut just not as pretty as you of course and god skinny as a rail. Have you seen anyone like that her and I really need to get going?”

Knail couldn’t help but smile a little before retorting “Ass you really going to greet the person that’s going to drive you like that?”

“Eh worse you can do is put me out of my misery.” Hey replied with one of his crocked smiles but sounded just serious enough unsettle her a bit.

“You know it’s no freaking fun arguing with you if you’re always going to use the wounded vet card to win.” Knail replied with a laugh.

“Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t stop to consider how it affects your fun.” Vic chuckled.

“I know right? What an ass!” Knail giggled.

“Yeah your right a thousand pardons ma’am can you ever forgive me?” Vic said putting his big blue eyes to good use in making a pathetic face.

“Cute hope your face gets stuck that way.” Knail joked.

“Eh couldn’t make it look any worse than these scars do.” Vic retorted with a smile.

“Damn it what did I just say about arguing like that! Knail said in mock anger.

“Sorry couldn’t resist your even cuter when your flustered after all.” Vic replied sweetly.

“Oh just get in the damn car.” Knail snapped before allowing herself a smile.

A short time later their things were all loaded and they were on the road.

After a bit Vic broke the silence by saying “So you going to tell me how the skinny little new hire I brought with me last time ended up on Alphralinex?”

“Oh I suppose it’s better than bickering with you at least lol. The simple answer is because I thought it would help me with job security.” Knail answered.

“Really you’re still worried about that? I’d have thought saving my ass last time would have you in the clear. “Vic replied.

“Well it did for a second anyway.” Knail answered.

“Damn what happened?” Vic asked sounding genuinely interested.

“You hear anything about that major screw up in my department?” Knail asked.

“No not really what happened?” Vic replied.

“Hell if I know exactly but the jest of it is someone or ones made a major mistake that embarrassed the department heads. After that they decided to trim some fat the only thing that saved me was our last sales trip. After they cleaned house I was down to the bottom of the totem pole and I’d have probably been on my way out too but Stacy scored me some brownie points doing some work for Sinclair.” Knail said.

Then Vic chimed in “Oh I can see you putting on a few working for that sexist a hole but that can’t be where the Alphralinex comes in.”

“Don’t worry I’m getting to that.” Knail replied before continuing. “So yeah like as you said he likes to encourage his personal assistants to gain so I kind of decided I’d have to bite the bullet or risk losing my job. Then one night at the gym I ended up hanging out with Kasey and Taylor and I decided if I was going to gain I’d much prefer pursuing their muscle and gut look then just getting lazy.” Knail replied.

“Yeah after I saw you with then at Touchdowns that one night I didn’t figure you’d stay so skinny hanging out with chunks like them but still how did they put you up to trying Alphralinex that’s some serious shit.” Vic asked.

“Please that’s just about an understatement! I mean god I’ve packed on like fifty pounds in less than six months.” Knail exclaimed.

“Don’t worry they look amazing on you.” Vic said a touch sweetly.
Knail’s heart may have just skipped a beat upon his saying that but she wasn’t about to let him realize it.

“Don’t worry I know. I’m happy to see that prosthetic doesn’t impair your vision though.” Knail replied with a laugh.

“Ouch good one. So was it hard for them to sell you on the treatments?” Vic asked.

“Surprisingly no.” Knail answered.

“Really?” Vic said not expecting that answer.

“Yeah like I don’t know what changed but almost from the first time I hung out with them something changed for me. The more I was around them and their sexy curves combined with all those badass muscles the more I wanted a body like that for myself. It was like I’d just never paid woman like them any attention before and now that I had I wanted to become one. To be able to eat as much as I wanted, look that good, and still be tough as nails just seemed like the perfect combo. Being around them I even started to fill like I was too skinny and was supposed to be bigger. So I told Kasey I wanted their help to bulk up like them and she gave me the teams Alphralinex contact. At the time I don’t think she realized I was so serious and hell maybe I didn’t either. I was nervous as hell going in for the consultation but the guy showed me how amazing some of his previous patients came out looking and suddenly my nerves just went away. I didn’t even sleep on it and started to treatments that very day. It’s been LIFT BIG, Eat Big for me ever since and I’d say it’s having positive results.” Knail finished.

“I think positive is an understatement.” Vic said rather sweetly.

“Oh so I’m big enough for you to waste your precious time on now?” Knail replied sarcastically.

“Eh getting there at least.” Vic said with a smile before asking “So you really want to bulk up to like Kasey and Taylor’s size?”

“That’s the plan thus far. I can hardly believe it myself but I’m pretty competitive so if I’m going to go big I don’t think I’m going to quit until I’m as big and bad as them.” Knail laughed.

“Now that’s a pleasant mental image.” Vic chuckled which earned him a punch in the arm.

“Mind out of the gutter ass I need help finding the next exit.” Knail said in mock anger.

“You’re going to have to hit me a lot harder than that to break up that fantasy.” Vic retorted.

Knail couldn’t help but giggle and replied “Don’t tempt me.”

“Oh I’m sure I can take it you’re not all that big and bad yet after all.” Vic chuckled.

“Uhh you’re impossible you know that.” Knail replied.

“So I’ve been told. So how have you enjoyed the transition from a lean mean vet to beefy jockette like Kasey?” Vic asked.

“It’s been crazy!” Knail exclaimed. “Even with the Alphralinex I guess I just didn’t expect to bulk up this fast. It only took like a month or so for me to outgrow my entire old wardrobe just keeping up with cloths has been a pain in the ass.”

“You’re happy with it though right?” Vic asked.

“Hell yeah I am.” Knail beamed. “These killer muscles plus these new awesome curves I couldn’t be happier with the results. Plus oh my god that stuff just makes you feel amazing! I’ve just felt so energized. The hunger the first few days can be a real bitch though.” She laughed

“You should be happy you really do look amazing and I’m sure our new clients will enjoy having someone so easy on the eyes as part of the process.” Vic joked.

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Love this latest chapter and the banter between Vic and Knail.
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.

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Ch 20

Almost despite herself Knail very much enjoyed the drive with Vic. Aside from being easy very easy on the eyes in her opinion she found him rather funny and interesting. It also didn’t hurt that if she wasn’t mistaken he seemed much more interested in her then he was during their last trip. For the entire drive the conversation never ceased. They swapped military stories, bitched about their co workers it seemed he also had little love for the shady Sinclair and they strategized over their pitch for the meeting tomorrow.

Upon arriving to their fancy hotel Knail was even a touch disappointed from here on out it would mostly be business. As they got their rooms keys Knail couldn’t help but make the same joke she had last time.

“Two rooms is that really necessary?” She asked with a smile.

“Eh you don’t think so?” Vic replied with his own crocked grin.

“Just seems like a waste of company funds I mean two vets like us are use to cramped quarters right?” Knail replied.

“Nah I’ve had my fill of cramped quarters. However if you find yourself lonely don’t worry these are adjoining rooms.” Vic replied with a smile.

Knail couldn’t help but giggle and replied “You cocky ass you really think I’m that kind of lady?”

“Very funny but we both know your no lady you’re a marine.” Vic retorted with chuckle.

Knail couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that one “Ok I guess you’ve got me there.” She said with a smile.

“Damn right I do.” He chuckled.

“Still don’t go getting your hopes up asshole.” Knail replied with grin.

“Funny I was about to tell you the same thing.” Vic laughed.

That one only earned him a half hearted glare from her.

“Like I said you’re awfully cute when your frustrated lol. Back to business though why don’t you unwind for a bit then go over the files and we’ll meet for dinner later.” Vic said handing her a copy of the company file.

“Sounds good. What’ll you be doing ass?” Knail asked jokingly.

“I’ve got to give my uh joints a rest if I’m going to be at the top of my game tomorrow.” Vic replied.

“Yeah wouldn’t want a repeat of last time.” Knail said busting out laughing.

Vic though looked more pathetic then amused.

“Sorry to far?” Knail asked.

“Nah just the kind of joke I’d expect from a dumb jarhead.” Vic replied a playful smile returning to his lips.

“Hey what did I say about the Marine jokes?” Knail barked after stifling her laughter.

“Gasp you remembered that far back that’s pretty impressive for you guys isn’t it.” Vic asked with heavy sarcasm.

“Ok ok maybe I asked for that but make another crack like that and I may have to show you just how big and tough your skinny little secretary has gotten in the past few months.” Knail said giving her bicep a flex with sexy results.

“Gosh I wouldn’t want that now would I or wait is that what I got the adjoining rooms for?” Vic chuckled.

“Cocky ass.” Knail groaned.

“Right back at you beautiful. Now why don’t you take an hour or two to look that stuff over and then we can grab some dinner?” Vic suggested.

Knail suddenly remembered how incredible the food here was and the Alphralinex in her system caused her to nearly salivate.

“Sounds like an awesome plan, later shorty.” She giggled as she headed into her room but not before turning her head over her shoulder for a playful wink.

After sitting down her bags Knail spun around taking in just how awesome the room was. Just like last time she noted how its luxury put her whole apartment to shame.

Then forgetting her new bulk she tossed herself on to the cloud like bed eagerly anticipating it’s amazing comfort. The sound it made upon her new girth hitting it worried her momentarily but this was a corp resort so the bed was built to accommodate ladies much larger then her and it supported her just fine.

She spread out enjoying just how amazing it felt. If she let herself she could have fallen into a wonderful slumber the second her eyes closed but she had work to do and resisted. She reluctantly got out of the bed fetched her papers and a drink from the mini fridge and started studying the proposal. Eventually she felt she’d absorbed about all of it that she could and began eyeing the massive jacuzzi.

A moment later she was immersed to her neck in steamy hot water and bubbles with the jets on full force. Due to her new bulk the tube was a bit less roomy than last time but she wasn’t complaining it was still plenty large enough and felt amazing. She’d been lifting big all week and the water felt amazing on her sore muscles.

Just as she was drying off she got a text from Vic asking if she was ready for dinner?

Sure just give me twenty minutes or so she texted back.
Knail then proceeded to the mirror to begin drying and styling her hair but not before admiring how sexy she looked with the water glistening off her new bod with its unique not to mention sexy blend of muscles and curves. Knail couldn’t help herself she absolutely loved the new her and the expression seeing her reflection put on her face all but clarified there wasn’t anything left of the old skinny her. As happy as she was with her reflection though in the back of her head she was still looking forward to more though. The image staring back at her was an excellent start but matching Kasey’s epic form in bulk was the goal.

As she dressed she noted it was likely about time to retire this pair of jeans as she felt like they were no longer snug and sexy but just snug. Without her jacket though she was very impressed with how the tank top showed off her new bust and guns though and she hopped Vic felt equally so. Finally she fixed her hair knocked and on Vic’s door.

Due their difference in height as soon as Vic opened the door he was greeted by Knail’s new bust line in his face just as she intended.

“I know it’s tough but my eyes are up here shorty.” Knail giggled upon seeing his reaction.

“Haha cute.” Vic acknowledged.

“So you hungry?” He asked.

Knail’s tummy rumbled vaguely remembering how amazing the food was here.

“Ravished.” She said in a husky voice.

Vic chuckled. “I take it someone’s appetite has improved?”

“Very much so and by the way I can order for myself this time thank you very much. As you can see you were wrong about my” boney ass” disappearing.” She giggled as she bumped him with meatier hip and butt check as they walked down the hall. Then as the unexpected contact made him slow his pace she pulled a little in front of him to give him a full view.

“Yeah I’m happy to say I was mistaken on that front.” He chuckled as he caught back up to her.

“You approve?” She asked with a wink.

“Well of course. Bear in mind though anything would have been improvement over that flat pathetic thing.” He joked.

To her surprise Knail found herself agreeing wholeheartedly. “I know right! Freaking Pathetic compared to this.” She proclaimed with a hint of pride.

“Happy you agree.” Vic chuckled.

“How could I not.” Knail replied nonchalantly.

About that time they’d reached the adjacent restaurant and were promptly seated. Recognizing Vic from previous stays the waiter immediately produced glasses of wine for them.

Being a Marine and a firmly blue collar girl before then Knail much preferred the taste of beer but she figured she’d let Vic indulge his sissy side and not say anything.

“So think you can finish your meal this time now that you’re so quote “big and bad now”?” Vic asked with a chuckle.

“Think so? More like know so.” Knail declared with authority.

“I don’t know even something the size of that platter you didn’t even half finish last time?” Vic asked.

“Please I bet you I can finish ever last bite now.” Knail replied nonchalantly.
That idea rather amused Vic “Alright you’re on.” Vic said with a wicked smile.

“Hope you don’t mind losing.” Knail laughed.

“Well not that it’s likely but let’s say I do lose what do you want?” Vic chuckled.

“Hmmm I’ll get back to you at the end of the night depends on how you behave.” Knail said with a sexy smile and glint in her eye.

“Oh most interesting.” Vic mused.

A short time later the waiter appeared again with some bread sticks and to get their orders. Vic made a poultry little order and Knail scanned the menu trying to find that massive platter she had attempted last time.

Then she spotted it she flipped the menu around for Vic to see and said “That’s the one right?” to which he nodded. She then placed her order hardly being able to wait knowing just how delicious it would be.
After a few minutes of small talk Knail subconsciously began munching on a bread stick she was starving after all.

“I see someone’s not afraid of filling themselves up from appetizers and letting me win.” Vic chuckled.

“Eh I’m starved plus you’ve got no chance of winning anyway.” Knail said with a grin.

“Oh why not?” Vic asked.

“Cause after eating big with Kasey and Taylor all these months this will be nothing.” Knail laughed.

“Eh we shall see. So got your pitch with you lets go over it one last time.” Vic asked.

Over the next twenty or so minutes they discussed and rehearsed their pitch to perfection and Vic was more than sure tomorrow would be a cake walk. He was also surprised by the way Knail had absent mindedly polished off all those breadsticks with almost no help from him.

“Hmmm I guess this is one bet I wouldn’t hate losing.” He thought with a smile.

Then right about that time their food arrived. Knail’s platter was even bigger then he remembered. She didn’t look discouraged at all though in fact she looked practically ecstatic with the smile that spread across her face as she took in its delicious aroma.

“You going to eat it or make love to it?” Vic asked.

“Eh both if I could asshole.” Knail replied with a smirk.

Then she proceeded to dig in. Vic was pretty surprised last time when he’d seen what a healthy appetite she’d had for such a skinny chick. Now though he was absolutely shocked. He’d gone out with plenty of chicks larger then her that didn’t attack a plate with the same gusto she was. The Alphralinex had obviously did a real number on her.

At some point she must have noticed his surprise because she paused to ask “What you never see a girl EAT BIG before? Or you just upset your about to lose your stupid bet?”

“I’ve seen chicks eat big before I’ve just never seen former toothpick like you were suddenly start eating that way. Besides I’ve not lost yet.” Vic replied.

Knail only laughed and said “Sorry hun give me another five minutes and I’ll be thinking about what I want from you.”

“Well I’ll be damned.” Vic thought glancing at his phone six minutes later she hadn’t been off by much. Her plate was now picked clean.

“I must say I’m impressed.” Vic conceded.

Knail only laughed and said “If you’re impressed now give me a few minutes then see what I do to one of those amazing chocolate soufflé’s we had last time.”

“Seriously you’re still hungry?” Vic asked surprised.

“Hungry no, have room for another one of those amazing desserts hell yeah!” Knail exclaimed with a wicked grin.

“Well a soufflé it is then.” Vic replied and a moment later flagged down the waiter.

Once it arrived Knail required hardly any help from him in making it disappear. After she finished Vic said “I hope you haven’t gone and made yourself sick just to win our stupid bet.”

Knail only smiled “Please this is hardly anymore then Kasey and Taylor try to force down my throat. Don’t worry I’m a big gal now I can handle it.”

“Big being a relative term of course.” Vic heckled.

“Exactly I mean I was a big gal compared to your tiny ass last time now I’m an absolute best.” Knail chuckled.

Vic couldn’t help but make a half smile to that crack. “Fine point taken. So what do you want out of the bet?” Vic asked with a sly grin.

“Hmmm how about you pay the bill and we go think it over at the cabana. I need a real drink to wash all this down not your sissy wine.” Knail joked.

“Eh can’t expect a jarhead to appreciate fine wine I suppose.” Vic replied.

“Damn straight.” Knail grunted in response.

Water was something of a scarcity on Kane Alpha and part of what made this place so nice was that it was on some of the precious little beach front property the planet possessed and the little cabana over looked that.
A short while later Vic had gotten Knail a particularly strong drink and they sat watching the water crash to the shore. As they looked out at the lovely water and the stars which were shinning particularly bright their conversation never ceased.

Then finally Vic said “I know you’re not going to let me off with just getting you a few stiff drinks decide on what you want from me yet?”

Knail then knocked back the last of her current drink and replied “I’ve just about made up my mind why don’t we take a little walk on the beach before I decide.

“Sounds nice.” Vic replied.

Once they made it to the shoreline they both took off their boots to get their feet in sand. Knail for one hadn’t been on a beach in years and thought it felt amazing. After making it a little ways from the resort to where they were completely alone under the moon and stars Knail turned to Vic and asked

“So how much do you like the new me?”

Vic actually felt a touch nervous answering she looked quite amazing in the moonlight like this and his pants had grown quite tight as a result.

He smiled though and answered “I like you quite a bit you just happen to look even more amazing this time.”

“Good answer.” She replied with a grin before going in for a kiss.

After breaking contact her hand drifted south and she said “I think I know what we both want. What do you say?”

Vic hadn’t time to say much because they were quickly rushing back to his room. After an intense session of making out he watched in awe as she began to undress. As she did so he said a silent prayer of thanks to Alphralinex and Kasey because had come a long way from the toned but thin and lanky lady he’d spent the weekend with last time.

Her lanky legs had thickened with a good helping of solid muscle. Her boyish hips had spread out. Her boney butt had blossomed into a full round ass. Her flat six pack had been replaced by a cute little beginner belly. Her smallish breasts had ripened into a modest but lovely bust line and her previously only toned arms were bulking up nicely. All in all she was making the change from slim and toned to a bulky muscle and gut babe. His taste tended toward much higher up the scale but her lovely face not to mention killer personality more than made up for it. Plus he couldn’t quite explain it but he could tell that her figure was one that was meant to carry curves and bulk. He had no doubt that if she kept up this growth she’d be betting losers like him off like crazy.

Meanwhile Vic had only removed his pants. Knail now making her way over to him and fully showing off her killer figure noted his flag standing at full attention.

“Impressive. Lose the shirt though.” She said nonchalantly

Vic knew his jigsaw puzzle of a torso with its many scars and cover up surgeries was a bit much for most women and was a bit squeamish about removing it.

“You sure?” He whispered.

“Very I dig the scars.” She said in a husky voice and proceeded to help him take it off.

Then she admired his rock hard frame with its thick muscles especially for his small size and the series of battle wounds he’d suffered from his years of service.

She her fingers over his six pack and purred “Mmmm yeah I think you can handle this.”

“That a challenge?” He asked with a grin.

“Only if you think you’re up to it.” She replied.

“Funny I was going to ask you the same.” He chuckled.

“I guess we’ll find out then.” She replied before using her superior girth to take him into the bed giving the headboard a good slam against the wall.

For the next hour they had some of the best sex either could recall having in quite some time. Since she’d started bulking up Knail had plenty of one night stands here and there but she had to admit none of them had touched her like that. The new meat that had started to accumulate on her had left her open to all kinds of new sensations and Vic had known all the right places to target. After they called it quits from sheer exhaustion they perfectly mirroring each other by both going straight for some smokes.
Vic lit his with Knail’s lighter and said “I didn’t know you smoked?”

She smiled and said “I don’t guess it means someone did a good job. Just don’t let it go to your head.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure you’d never allow that.” Vic said with a smile.

“Damn right.” Knail giggled.

They then leaned in for one last kiss before passing out. As both of them succumbed to much needed rest the last thing on both their minds was what an amazing day it had been.

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Love this update and a very sexy transformation!
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