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Default The Bucket List - by FANedfox (~BBW/BHM, Stuffing, ~MWG)

~BBW/BHM, Stuffing, ~MWG – retiring from the reserves allows a closet big guy and his BBW spouse to achieve his fantasy

The Bucket List
by Fanedfox

[Editor's note: one of two variations by the same author on a similar premise. The other version is here]

I had finally retired from the reserves and could now relax, especially about my weight. Being a reservist I had had to stay in shape and I was weighed and measured twice a year. After nearly twenty five years I was ready to let go.

One afternoon my wife, Katie, and I were hanging out. She asked, "Nat do you have a bucket list?"

I thought for a moment, "Yah honey I do, I want to go sailing in Sydney harbor in Australia, I would like to build a boat and one other thing."

Katie replied, “that sounds pretty good honey, but what is the other thing?" She asked.

I looked over at my gorgeous, one hundred and ninety pound wife, "I really want to gain weight."

She looked at me and asked "Really Nat, you want to gain weight? Well how much do you want to gain?"

I patted my fairly flat belly.

"This is going to sound weird, but I want to get a really huge round belly and a fat butt." I replied.

"Wow, honey I never thought you would want to get fat. You have taken good care of yourself and have run every day since even before we were married."

"Yeah, I know it sounds really weird, but the thought of getting a huge belly and fat rear really turns me on. Not to mention the thought of finally being able to eat whatever I want and how much I want."

Katie looked at me for a minute. "Nat, you really deserve to have your fantasy come true. I know I have been overweight since our first child was born and you never complained. I know you are into heavier women, and you’ve been super supportive of me. I will help you gain weight."

"Really Katie, you don't think I am some sort of freak?"

"No honey I don't. I know you like to stick out your modest little belly, and you wear bikini style briefs. I really think you are programmed to want a big belly and be fat!"

"So you won't mind if I get a huge belly and get really fat and lazy?" I asked.

"No Nat I won't mind at all, you can get as big a belly as you want and get as fat as you want and I will support your decision!"

Katie never told me she was shrieking to herself "Yes, Yes, I can now finally fatten him up! I have been weighting to stuff him like a goose since we got married! I am going to fatten Nat up until he is bigger than my dad was!"

Later that day while I was outside, Katie started calling cruise lines. She remembered her brother and his family went on a cruise and they all gained weight. She called the line her brother went on. They had a cruise leaving for the South Pacific soon and it was for two weeks! Her brother said they were only on a one week cruise!

The next day I stopped running in the mornings. Katie brought me a huge breakfast in bed and I stuffed myself and then slept in. Around ten o'clock in the morning Katie came into our room. I was lying in bed being totally lazy rubbing my stuffed belly. She giggled, "Enjoying yourself, Nat?"

I chuckled, "Yeah Babe I am. You sure know how to stuff a guy! What's up?"

"Nat I have an idea to really jump start your growing a big belly. Let's take one of those cruises. Remember my brother and his family took one. He said they all gained weight, there was so much food all the time. What do you think honey?"

"Katie that's an awesome idea, I could really pack on some serious pounds. Those cruise lines practically feed you twenty-four/seven!"

"Good, because I already booked us. We leave on Tuesday for two weeks!"

We arrived late on Tuesday in Los Angles to meet the ship. We would be cruising the South Pacific. After a shuttle ride from the airport we boarded the ship and went to our assigned cabin. The steward showed us all the amenities and mentioned were right next to the passageway to the dining areas. The cabin was already stocked with rich treats. He said those get re-stocked everyday with fresh treats, so be sure to eat as many as we like. I tipped him and he left us to get changed and go up on deck and have dinner.

I had brought my collection of "Speedo" brief swimsuits and Katie insisted that I wear one right now. "Nat I know you really want to wear those and show off your soon to be growing belly, so go ahead and wear a short tight t-shirt too."

I did and they became my uniform for the whole cruise. I hit the treats in our cabin at Katie's insistence, "Nat we are here for you to get fat, so eat up!"

I ate several pastries and chocolates before we left for the casual dining area. We arrived at the dining area, which was adjacent to the pool, which was great because I did not want to wear anything but briefs and t-shirts. An adorable plump little hostess sat us at a table and explained the buffet, "It is of course all you can eat so enjoy your selves, if you need anything, your waitress is Karen."

Katie and I went up to the buffet and loaded our plates, especially mine. We sat back down and Karen came over to our table, "Hi, my name is Karen and I will be your server this evening. It looks like you found the buffet and plates okay, how about something to drink? Oh I almost forgot, do either of you have any goals or concerns about your weight?"

Katie giggled, "Yes Karen, Nat wants to gain weight, especially on his belly and his butt!"

Karen smiled, "Great, you will love this cruise, we specialize in really rich heavy food and our kitchen and dining facilities are open twenty-four hours a day. So back to my first question, what would you like to drink?"

Katie spoke up, "Something nice and fattening for Nat, he wants all the calories he can get! "Nat how about a rich milk shake to drink?"

"Karen, a milk shake would be great." I replied.

Karen brought my shake out. "I will get you two your refills, so eat up!" Katie and Karen kept me eating for nearly an hour. Katie would encourage me to eat and Karen kept the refills of everything coming. I sat back in my chair, my belly swollen with rich heavy food.

Karen came up, "Ready for a dessert cart, Nat?"

"Oh I don't know, Karen, I am really stuffed right now."

Katie poked my belly, "Oh you're not too stuffed for dessert Nat, remember we are on this cruise to fatten you up!"

I patted my engorged belly, "Yes Dear!"

Karen rolled a cart over covered with rich, fattening treats and Katie fed me two slices of pecan pie, two pieces of cheese cake, an ice cream sundae and some chocolate candies. I was totally packed!

We or I should say I, staggered back to our cabin. Katie massaged my swollen, engorged belly until I fell asleep. Katie shook me awake at two AM, "Nat, it's time to eat again! Come on, get up sleepy head!"

"Whoa, Babe, it's two o'clock in the morning!"

Katie giggled, "That's right Nat, time for your night feeding!"

I hoisted myself up, went to the head, still just wearing a "Speedo" brief and t-shirt , we walked down to the dining area.

I another adorable plump waitress met us, "Hi my name is Gail, I will be your server this morning. Karen left a note, that you two, or at least Nat, might be in for a night meal."

She seated us and took our order, no buffet but a huge selection of breakfast treats. I ordered French toast, waffles and pancakes, with extra butter, syrup, bacon and sausages. When the plate came out it was huge fifteen inches in diameter, covering several inches high in the rich food.

Needless to say with Katie's encouragement, I gorged myself for the second time that night. It took me forty minutes to pound down everything, plus another rich milk shake. I struggled to my feet, my belly was bulging, rock hard, I was so stuffed, packed with rich food. Katie helped me back to our cabin, washed off my face and helped me change into a clean t-shirt. I fell asleep almost immediately.

Katie lay in bed watching me sleep. My bloated belly was rising and falling with my breathing. "Nat honey, it is time to get up and have breakfast."

"Oh morning honey." I replied, rolling on to my side to face Katie, my belly splayed out, still bulging from my largess.

Katie poked my belly, "Nat, I want to be sure you really want to get fat."

I patted my bulge, "Katie, I was the one who had getting fat and growing a huge belly on my bucket list. Why do you ask?"

Katie had tears in her eyes, "Nat I have wanted you to gain weight and get fat since we got married. Since you were in the military reserves, I knew you would get in trouble and ruin your career if you put on weight. When you told me about your dream of getting a huge fat belly and huge butt, I thought I was going to explode I was so excited! Nat, I want to stuff you and feed you until you are absolutely enormous! I want your belly to bulge out in front of you and your bottom to be so fat you have to waddle!"

I thought, "Oh my word, this a dream come true! Katie wants to stuff me into oblivion!"

I started to get aroused. Katie put her hands on my groin and giggled, "Not so fast big boy, foreplay first and foreplay for you from now on is to eat! So get that growing belly and fat ass out of bed and let's go stuff you!"

I got out of bed used the head and held Katie's hand as we gleefully sauntered down to the casual dining area.

We were seated immediately, as it was only six thirty in the morning. Karen came over right away. "Good Morning you two, what can I get you to drink?"
Katie piped up, "Nat will have coffee with plenty of cream and sugar, plus a chocolate milk shake, I will have a large glass of orange juice."

Karen left to get our drinks, we looked over the menu, "Nat I really want you to eat as many calories as you can get into yourself, so instead of your usual pancakes or French toast, I want you to have an omelet, with everything especially plenty of bacon, ham and extra cheese."

"Sure honey anything you say, but can I have pancakes and French toast too?"

"That's the spirit Nat! Of course you can dear!" Cooed Katie.

The plates arrived soon after our drinks. Karen kept my coffee cup and milk shake glass refilled. Katie helped me pound down the omelet, then I started in on the pancakes and French toast, I drenched them in syrup and smeared butter all over them too. I gleefully gorged.

"Nat honey, let's get you back to our cabin, you need to get back to bed and digest the awesome breakfast you ate!" Katie had to help me up, I was so stuffed. I staggered/waddled down to our cabin and Katie had me get back in bed.

"Nat I am going up to the pool for a while, you sleep in for an hour or so, then if you want come up and join me. Oh, I want you to eat the snacks and candies on counter, so they will refill them when the stewards clean our cabin."

"Sure Katie, I will eat all of them."

I lay back in bed, my engorged abdomen was bulging up in the air. Katie, gave my belly a kiss, "Nat I am so proud of you! You are doing great, honey!"

I snoozed for an hour. I woke up around nine-thirty, hoisted myself off the bed, used the head (bathroom on ships) and then laid into the snacks and treats in our cabin. I got nice and bloated again. I changed my t-shirt and went up to join Katie by the pool.

"Nat over here honey!" called Katie. She looked on as I made my way to her chaise and the one she saved for me.

She was thinking, "Nat is really bloated, his belly looks fantastic! I can't wait until he gains more weight and gets a really big belly."

I lowered myself onto the chaise. No sooner did I do so than another cute, adorable and plump waitress came over rolling a cart covered in rich pastry treats. "Sir you like some donuts and pastries?"

My belly growled, fortunately she did not hear it or at least was too polite to show it. " I'd love a couple of donuts, please."

Katie piped up, "Nat! You need more than a couple! Miss, please serve him at least six of the cream filled ones."

"Oh and I would like some "bear claws" too." I said.

Katie smiled and poked my belly and winked at me. I happily stuffed morning away, bingeing on rich pastries. I fell asleep again (despite all the sugar!), Katie poked my belly to wake me. "Nat, dearest, it is time for lunch!"

I thought, "Oh my word, is this a dream come true. Katie was not kidding at all about wanting me to gain weight and get really, really fat!"

I patted my belly, "Well let's go, honey I am starved!"

We went into the casual dining room and were immediately seated. It was a buffet again, my favorite! A waitress came over and took our drink order, of course Katie had me get another milk shake, she said, "Please help yourselves to the buffet, there is not a limit, all you can eat!"

She did not have to tell us twice. I loaded my plate again and again and again! I ate macaroni and cheese, linguini and alfredo sauce, lasagna, spaghetti and meat sauce, spaghetti and meat balls, garlic bread smothered in butter and cheese.

After nearly an hour and half, my belly looked like I was going to explode! I slouched back in my chair rubbing my rock hard, engorged belly. "BURP, Oh Katie, honey I am so stuffed, but it feels so good, I am really getting used to all this eating and eating, it is great!"

"Oh Nat, I am so proud of you! You ate so much! Let's get you back to the pool and the chaise. I want you to nap for a while to digest your lunch," she encoursaged me.

I dutifully staggered to my feet and waddled behind Katie back to our chaises. I promptly fell asleep.

Katie tickled my belly. "Nat honey it time to wake up and have some more to eat!"

I blinked my eyes and asked, "What time is it babe?"

"Nat it's three o'clock, lazy bones, you have slept for over two hours," she replied.

A waitress/stewardess brought over a cart covered in rich snacks and drinks. Katie had her serve me several plates of rich snacks and a beer. I lay around the rest of the afternoon nibbling of chips, dips, hot snacks and drinking a really heavy, rich lager.

Katie, poked me in the belly again around five thirty. "Nat, it's time for dinner! What would you like to eat tonight, dearest?"

I patted my bulging orb, "How about pizza, I really feel like gorging on pizza. I have always held myself to just two slices, now that I am really "letting go" I want to totally binge on pizza!"

Katie giggled, "Oh I can't wait to see you stuff yourself too!"

We went back to our cabin, now restocked with more fattening treats, even more than before. We showered, or at least I tried to shower, Katie was playing with my new "bumps and bulges". We got dressed, Katie had bought me a pair of sweat pants with an elastic waist band, which pulled up over my expanding thighs and rounder butt.

The ship had a pizza parlor style dinning room. Katie and I walked in. A hostess seated us right away.

A very pretty and plump waitress came over and introduced herself as Julie. "Hi, I am Julie, I am your waitress tonight, here are our menu's please look them over. The pizza's are very large and made with only the richest and highest quality ingredients . If you do not want to get really, really full, I would get the small, it is still much bigger than what you get at home, but it is our smallest.

"Now if you really want to challenge your appetite, then, get the large, it is huge. If one of you can eat the whole thing you get a picture of yourself, featuring your belly of course, placed on the wall of honor."

Katie giggled, "Oh Nat I would love to see you try to eat all of that pizza!"

I chuckled, patting my expanding belly, "Your wish is my command, babe! Julie, I will have the large peperoni pizza and bring a small extra cheese for Katie."

Julie smiled, "Oh great! You are really going to enjoy yourselves! What would you like to drink?"

I looked up at her, "Julie what would you recommend?"

Julie giggled, "Well sir, since you are going to try to eat the whole large pizza, I would get the house red wine, it is really good and has a relaxing effect on your stomach too!"

Julie left to place our order.

Julie served us our wine and left the bottle. Katie and I drank a glass, then had another. The pizza's arrived in fifteen minutes, but I already had a good "buzz" going and my appetite was raging. Julie served us our first slices and said, "If there is anything you need, I will be close by, just get my attention and will be keeping an eye on you too."

I thanked her and started to eat.

I took the first slice and folded it "east coast" style and pounded it down. I ate another one, then another and another. Four slices gone out of eight huge slices of the large pizza. I could feel my belly beginning to bloat. I knew I had to eat these are fast as I could. I drank another glass of wine and ate three mores slices. By now my belly was really bulging.

Katie was looking at me, I was surprised she had tears in her eyes, "Oh Nat honey I am so proud of you! Please honey keep eating, just one more to go, please dear!"

She poured me another glass of wine. I picked up the last slice, smiled and Katie and started to eat it. I ate half of it, drank nearly the whole glass of wine and sat back, my belly bulging out in front of me, round and hard.

Julie came over.

"How are you doing sir?" she asked.

I looked up at her, my eyes nearly glazed over and of course my belly bulging out.

"Oh my you are almost done! Is there anything I can get you?"

"BURP, Oh excuse me! No, Julie I am fine. Is there a time limit on eating the whole pizza?" "Yes it is one hour from the time I set it on your table. You have about five minutes left! Oh please hurry, I would love to have one of my guests win!"

I smiled at her and then at a crying Katie, tears streaming down her face and ate the last half a slice. I finished with three minutes and forty seconds left to go!

Katie shrieked, "He's done, he's done!" She started clapping.

Julie went and got the restaurant manager. She came over, "Oh sir we only have one or two guests eat this whole pizza during a season, this is great! We have a t-shirt for you and when you are ready we will take your picture, if possible, while you are still nice and bloated!"

About fifteen minutes later we had a little "ceremony" to celebrate my gluttony. The Manager took our picture together with Katie and Julie standing on each side of me pointing at my belly. Then a picture of Katie and I with Katie caressing my belly and then one of me, my hands on the small of my back, arching out my engorged, bulging belly. The Manager told us we could get a discount on this cruise or a discount on a future cruise if the company could use my picture in its promotional material.

I woke up before Katie. I was on my side, my forty-four inch belly was splayed out on the sheets. It had been twelve days since I won the pizza eating contest. I thought that I had gained about twenty five to thirty pounds. We were going to fly home today. I was a little worried about what I would wear home. I had not packed much in the line of clothes, knowing that my goal was gaining weight and growing a belly, I did not think anything I wore before the cruise would fit.

"Nat honey, are you awake dear?" Cooed Katie.

"Yes babe I am."

"Everything okay, dear? Are you hungry? You must be starving!"

"Babe, lately, I am always hungry!" I patted my belly.

Katie called room service and ordered a huge breakfast cart for us. I had become a bit of a celebrity with the pizza eating. The cart arrived in ten minutes. I hoisted myself up and found a t-shirt, pulling it over my head and struggled to pull it down over my belly, vain attempt, it only covered about half.

I opened the door and a giggling, plump waitress rolled the cart in. She was staring at my belly. I figured no other guy on this cruise gained as much weight as I have, or at least it does not show as much. I thanked her and she left, still giggling.

"Nat she was checking you out! You have become so hot, you are really starting to get fat!"

"Speaking of fat, Katie, what am I going to wear home? The sweats you gave me a couple of weeks ago at the pizza parlor, barely fit anymore. You know what else?"

"What?" Katie giggled.

"I think my "tush" is getting really big, I have trouble getting my bikini briefs and Speedos on."

I sat down on the side of bed pulling the cart full of breakfast treats closer. Katie reached her hand under my rear and gave my cheeks a squeeze.

"Ouch, hey not so hard!" I shrieked.

Katie laughed, "Oh my word Nat you have grown a huge booty! No wonder that waitress could not keep her eyes off of you!"

"Well that doesn't help my situation, what am I going to wear home. The pants I came down here in definitely won't fit, with this belly, but with this huge ass I have, there is no way I can even get close to pulling them up."

"Nat stop worrying, I brought down a pair of XXL sweat pants for you and some XXL t-shirts too. I knew you would not disappoint me and get really fat!"

"Thanks Katie, I don't know what I would do without you!"

"Oh thanks Nat, honey that was nice. Now back to work, eat honey, I want you to clean off this cart, so we can pack."

We arrived home around ten at night. Katie and I did get some looks at the airports on the way home. It was pretty obvious to even the casual observer that we had both gained weight.

There was a message on my "Blackberry" that I was needed in the office tomorrow morning for a meeting.

"Katie, I have to go in to the office tomorrow morning, early! What am I supposed to wear?"

Katie came over to me, giving my belly a pat and my cheeks a squeeze. "Nat I have a little surprise for you. I bought some clothes at the Big and Tall shop at the Mall. I knew you would need some clothes as soon as we got home."

I tried on some pants, forty six inch waist. A little big in the waist (that would not last long), but my rear end was so big, they actually fit pretty well. Katie also got me some polo's and other shirts. "See Nat, you look good, not bursting out of you clothes."

"No honey you are right, these actually fit pretty well, it makes it look like I have been fat a long time, not just a week or so."

"Nat, are you ready to "face the music" tomorrow?"

"Yes I am, I didn't think it would be so soon, but yes, I really want to be fat and I am confident in my decision to become fat too."

I arrived at the office at my usual time and went in. I did get some serious stares. Several people did double takes as I went by them. The pants and polo I was wearing really accentuated my weight gain. The pants had a high waist and the polo though the correct size, the material clung to "rolls".

I went into the meeting. I heard more than one stifled gasps at my new girth. But most everyone took my weight gain in stride. I did eat several donuts and one of my co-workers even pushed the tray closer for me.

After the meeting I went to my office and sat down. I looked up and one of my co-workers was in the doorway of my office.

"Hi Nat welcome back!" said Mary Ann.

"Thank you Mary Ann, come on in. I am sure you have a question or two!"

She blushed, "Yes Nat I do, uh this is awkward to say the least."

"Huh, Mary Ann is it about how much weight I have gained?"

"Yes Nat it is. What happened to you? You must have gained thirty pounds! What does Katie think about your gaining so much weight so quickly?"

"Mary Ann, please close the door." She closed it and sat down.

"You know I was in the reserves for over twenty five years. I was deployed and all that."

She nodded.

"Did you know that you have to stay in really good shape to stay in the military?"

She nodded again, "Yes I did know that Nat."

"Did you know that you have to be weighed at least twice a year and pass a physical fitness test too. It is very difficult; you have to watch what you eat constantly. Mary Ann after twenty five years, I finally can just let go and really enjoy myself. I have envied fat people for years, being able to eat whatever they want and not have to worry at all about gaining weight or staying in shape. I told Katie a few weeks ago that the first thing on my "bucket list" was to get fat and have a big, round belly!"

Mary Ann had tears in her eyes. "Wow Nat, I never knew! I thought you were just like the fitness Nazis around here, constantly working out. I never even imagined what a sacrifice you were making to serve your country! Nat what did Katie say when you told her?"

"Mary Ann she was ecstatic! She told me she has wanted to fatten me up since we got married, but she knew I would get in trouble if I gained weight. It was her idea to go on the cruise, so you might say that Katie is responsible for a good portion of this!" I patted my belly.

"Nat let me take you to lunch today. I know a great buffet place where you can eat all you want!"

"Mary Ann, that would be awesome!"

Mary Ann really enjoyed watching me eat to my heart's and belly's content. T

he word soon spread around the office, to the people who really mattered, that I was gaining weight, it was deliberate and why. The next day treats began to appear on my desk. Leftover donuts were now routinely left on my desk. By the end of that week, my size forty-six pants had a two inch roll of belly fat sagging over the waist band, not to mention the straining seem through the seat!

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Default The Bucket List - by FANedfox (~BBW/BHM, Stuffing, ~MWG)

That weekend the next test of my resolve to get fat came. The neighbors in our condo building were used to seeing me in my Speedo every so often. I did not wear one all the time, but often enough where it was not a big deal. But that was then, nearly forty pounds ago.

Katie really wanted me to keep wearing them and show off my gain, not hiding it at all. It turned me on just thinking about waddling around with my fat butt and thighs , not to mention my huge round belly jiggling.

On Saturday morning I squeezed my fat thighs and bubble butt into my largest Speedo, I pulled on a t-shirt and went down to the pool. I could feel the eyes staring at my new body. I heard a few gasps, just like at the office and more than one double take. I sat down and pulled off the t-shirt. Fortunately, I am not a hairy guy. In fact the lack of hair on my chest and belly, made Katie tease me that I looked pregnant, rather than just fat.

I got up and went in the pool, swam a bit, I tried to hoist myself out on the edge of the pool like I used too. Not happening! The forty pounds made it impossible for me to lift myself high enough to get out. I went to the stairs and walked out of the pool, being careful that I was not "flashing" any "crack".

I realized that I had forgotten to bring down any sun screen. I just dried off a bit, and wearing only the "Speedo" I went out to the elevator to go up to our unit and get some.

Standing in the lobby in just my tight brief swimsuit, my belly bulging out in front of me, one of my neighbors and casual friend, Ian came up to go up to his unit a floor below ours. Ian was one of the several gay guys who lived in our building. Katie and I got along pretty well with all of them. Ian did a double take, "Nat is that you? Oh my - what has happened to you? Uh you are umh ."

"Yes Ian it's me, and what has happened to me, is I am getting fat!"

Ian looked stunned. "But Nat you were in such good shape, just a few weeks ago, why are you getting fat?"

The elevator doors opened. The couple from the floor above us were in there.

He just said "Hi Nat" she was giggling and averting her eyes, blushing too. They walked out of the lobby. Ian and I got on the elevator, he pushed his floor and then mine.

"So Nat, Why?"

I patted my belly, making it jiggle. "Ian, I want to get fat. I stayed in shape for so long to serve my country and stay in the reserves, now that I am done, I really want to enjoy myself."

Ian looked at me. "Nat I never knew it was such a sacrifice for you. What does Katie think about this?"

He gently poked my belly.

"Ian she loves the thought of me gaining weight. She has been encouraging me to eat as much as I want." The doors opened and Ian got out.

Ian chuckled, "Nice to see you Nat, I am sure I will be seeing "a lot more of you, too."

I knocked on our door, Katie opened it. "Oh Nat, you shouldn't be walking around the building with almost nothing on!"

"I know, I'm sorry, but I forgot some sun screen."

Katie got it for me. "Nat was there anyone in the elevator or lobby who say you?" "

Yes, the couple on twelve were in the elevator when the doors opened in the lobby."

Katie giggled, "Did they say anything?"

"He just said "Hi Nat" and she giggled and blushed. Oh I rode up with Ian from ten. He was stunned when he first saw me, but I explained what we are doing," I replied.

Katie thought, "Uh oh, this may really throw our little gay community for a loop."

I gave Katie a kiss on her cheek (face) and went back down to the pool.

Well it turns out that I made quite an impression on Ian. He virtually ran into his unit to rouse his boyfriend, Alan. "Alan, Alan, wake up! You will not believe it!"

Alan called from the bedroom, "Believe what Ian? Why are you so excited?"

"Alan, you know Nat and Katie from upstairs?"

"Yes Ian I know them he is in pretty good shape and he does wear Speedos, and she is plump, so?"

"Alan, Nat is getting really fat! He must have already gained forty pounds! He was wearing a Speedo in the lobby going up to their condo to get some sun screen. Alan he looks so hot! He looks "preggers" his tummy is so big and smooth and he has a big round booty, too!"

Alan was now fully awake. "Did he go back down to the pool?"

"I am sure he did, he only had on the Speedo, so I'm sure he was going back down."

"Well what are we waiting for, let's get changed and go down, I want to see how fat he is too!"

I was lying on a chaise when Ian and Alan walked, more like ran, into the pool area. I thought Alan's eyes were going to pop out of his head, he looked so surprised. I could tell he was staring at my belly sticking up in the air. They came over and sat on either side of me.

"Hey guys, what's going on?"

They both blushed.

I chuckled, "Coming to see how fat I am getting?"

Now they really were blushing and embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to make you uncomfortable. I am not embarrassed at all by how much weight I have gained, in fact I am proud of how fat I am getting."

Alan, blurted, "Nat you are deliberately gaining weight?"

I patted my belly, making it jiggle, "Yes Alan I am. As I told Ian, I have had to stay in shape for twenty five years, I am tired of denying myself my favorite foods, so I am letting go!"

"Nat what does Katie think about you getting fat?" he asked,

I looked up, Katie was coming toward us with a cooler on wheels rolling behind her.

"Hi guys. How are you?"

Ian and Alan smiled and answered, "Just great Katie. We are fascinated by Nat's gaining weight and why. How do you feel?"

"Alan, try not to pry too much!" Ian nearly shrieked.

Katie giggled, "Guys, I want Nat to get fat! All the men in my family are or were obese, it is just natural to me to have a nice fat husband. Now that Nat is not in the reserves anymore, I am going to have my big fat husband!"

They sat stunned for several minutes. Katie opened the cooler and got my lunch out. Six peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on thick artisan bread, a big jug of sweet tea, a big family size bag of chips and a full package of cookies.

I of course started to eat, pounding down the sandwiches and the sweet tea. Not being shy at all of how much I was enjoying eating. Katie dressed in a tight two piece swim suit, which fit last year, but was straining with her weight gain. She bent down to kiss me, I enjoyed the view of her rolls of tummy fat being compressed between her bra and boobs and the waist band of the swimsuit bottom.

Ian and Alan soon recovered from their shock at our blunt honesty about my weight and gaining more weight. They did not want to intrude any further on my slothful and gluttonous day.

I continued to use the pool nearly everyday, especially weekends and evenings. No one complained about my appearance and choice of swim attire. I did notice that Alan was putting on weight too.

It was now early November. My final test of my resolve to gain weight and get fat was approaching. The holidays with family.

I had been the son in law who was in good shape and took care of himself. One of Katie's sisters was married to a guy who had been obese his entire life. She was quite self-conscious of his weight and hers. Everyone else was fairly normal weight.

By now I had gained over seventy five pounds. My waist was a whopping fifty eight inches around. My fat butt and thighs measure in at fifty-seven inches. I waddled , my ass and thighs were so big.

We got to her parents' home on Wednesday night. When we came in there were some pretty incredulous stares at my appearance. No one said anything directly to me about my huge weight gain, but I knew Katie would be getting the third degree.

My mother in law asked Katie point blank, "Katie how could you let Nat get so fat! He is huge, he must weigh nearly three hundred pounds!"

"Mom! Nat wants to be fat, I want him to get even fatter! I love him like this we have never been so happy!" That was a hard argument for her mother to defeat. Katie's mom and dad were both overweight.

As more family members arrive we spoke to everyone. Since I was the only one in the family who was in the armed forces, it was hard for anyone to defeat our logic in my desire of gaining weight. The only one who made any kind of an issue was her sister Maureen who was married to Carl, who was nearly obese. She confronted Katie about my weight, "Katie, how could you let Nat let himself go so much! He is huge! He must weigh what two hundred seventy five or two eighty-five! How can you sit by and let him gorge himself like that?"

Maureen noticed that Katie too had put on more weight, though nothing in my league. "Maureen, Nat has served his country for over twenty five years. He has worked hard to stay in shape and meet the military's height and weight requirements. When he told me that the most important thing on his "bucket list" was to let himself go and get fat, how could I refuse!"

"Well I see your point Katie, I really do, but Nat is really getting obese! I mean his belly is huge and his butt is enormous! How fat are you going to let him get?"

"Maureen,: Katie explained, "I am going to stuff Nat until he explodes! He has more than encouraged me to remain overweight, now it's my turn to watch him get nice and fat!"

True to her word, Katie made sure I had more than enough to eat that weekend. My father in-law, Carl and I sat at one end of the table and we gorged ourselves. When everyone was done serving themselves, they passed the bowls and platters down to the fat guys to be finished off and finish off we did. We stayed at the table for hours, the three of us finally staggered to our feet and waddled into the living room nearly an hour after everyone else was done.

The girls all went shopping on Friday and Saturday. Katie's dad, Carl and I sat around watching football and eating! When it came time to leave on Sunday, I had added three inches to my belly and fat butt.

A couple of days after Christmas I decided to see how much more weight I had gained. I knew I had to be over three hundred pounds by now, given my ass brushed up against the doorways in the condo. I waddled to the elevator and went down to the pool/fitness/locker room on the first floor.

I went into the locker room and peeled off my sweat pants and t-shirt. I was in my briefs with my massive belly and ass hanging out and stepped onto the scale. The digital read out read, three hundred and seven pounds. I heard someone come in. It was Ian and Alan, they were down doing the same thing I was, checking out how much weight Alan had gained.

"Hey guys, Merry Christmas!"

"Oh hi Nat, I am sorry are we interrupting you?" "Oh no not at all, I was just weighing myself, I wanted to see how big I have become over the holidays."

Ian piped up, "We are doing the same thing. We both want to see how much weight Alan has gained."

Ian blushed, "Nat, can I ask you how heavy are you?"

"Ian, I weigh three hundred and seven glorious pounds of blubber!" I replied shaking my massive belly.

"Oh Nat that is awesome, you look amazing, you are so round now, I can't believe that only a year ago, you were in shape."

I laughed and patted my belly again. I started to get my clothes back on.

Alan stepped onto the scale and it read one hundred ninety pounds. Ian nearly shrieked with glee. "Alan you are amazing, I can't believe you have already gained forty pounds!"

Alan smiled and patted his thirty nine inch belly bulge, "Well I have a long way to go to catch up to Nat!"

Ian turned to me, "Nat can I ask another personal question?"

"Sure Ian, what is it?"

"Nat, now that you are really, really fat, I mean over three hundred pounds is pretty amazing. Do you want to lose weight now or gain even more, or just try to stay at yout current weight?"

I laughed, slapped my fat belly and my big round ass. "Ian, Katie has made it very, very clear, that she is not going to let up feeding me until I weigh more than our car! She says she loves how fat I am and wants to watch me get even fatter!"

"Nat so does that mean you want to keep eating and eating and getting fatter too?"

"Ian I want to be as fat as I can get, I want to be absolutely huge, not that I am not now!"

I started to waddle out. "Guys, have a Happy New Year, if I don't see you again before the first of the year."

"Thanks, Nat, same to you and Katie." replied Ian.

I waddled into our condo. Katie was in the kitchen fixing something to eat. "Nat, I didn't know you went out. Where did you go, honey?"

I patted my belly, "I went down to the exercise area to weigh myself."

"OOH, how much do you weigh?" As Katie asked the question she sank her hands into my belly fat.

"I weigh three hundred and seven pounds."

"Really Nat, that is awesome honey, oh my I am getting turned on just thinking about you being that fat!" I pressed up against her.

"Oh Nat you feel so awesome against, you are so incredibly soft!" I kissed her hard on the lips, while I pressed my huge, soft belly against her even harder!

"Oh Nat, I want you right now! I want to "whale ride" right now!" Katie nearly shrieked.

We both waddled into the bedroom for the only exercise I was allowed. I loved the look of Katie's soft body. She was already pretty big, when I decided to get fat, but being around someone who is constantly eating as much as possible, made it impossible for her to control her appetite. Much to my delight, Katie gained another forty five pounds. The extra pounds went to her round belly and bubble bottom!

Our foreplay (when not getting stuffed) was to play with each other's fat. We squirmed around for awhile and finally made love. I now let Katie on top, I weigh so much I am afraid that I would hurt her.

We snoozed for a while, Katie rolled onto her side, her round belly splayed out on the bed, bulging toward me. She poked my belly, her hand sank in a ways, making her giggle. "Nat, I really have enjoyed feeding you and getting you so fat, and I would just love to keep on feeding you too. But I am worried about your health."

I pushed Katie's hand into my soft belly fat. "Babe, I want you to keep on feeding me all you want, I am not worried about my health at all. Frankly, I would rather be this fat and even fatter, than healthy! I could not even imagine trying to diet off all of this!"

I shook my belly. "But there is one condition though."

Katie, giggled, "What is that condition?"

I poked her round soft belly. "That this continues to grow too!"

Katie giggled, "Of course it will!"

Katie and I enjoyed the rest of the holiday season. We spent New Year's Eve at home, gorging ourselves on pizza and Chinese take-out. We totally loved binging on chocolate at midnight.

I was able to work from home starting just a few months into the new year. Katie and I usually just wore briefs and t-shirts around the condo and the smallest swimsuits we could fit into down to the pool area.

We both continued to gain, though at a much slower pace than the previous year. Our families accepted that fact that we were obese and that we loved our lifestyle. "

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