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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Ann's World - Sarah Barndt/Observer (~BBW (multiple), Eating, Special Drug, Romance)

~BBW (multiple), Eating, Special Drug, Romance. ~MWG - a forced career change leads to a most unusual new business.

Ann's World
Original by Sarah Barndt - major additions by the Observer

[Another remake from the Discard Forum - this story as it originally appeared had Parts 1 and 5 but no clearly deliniated parts 2-4; the transitions were also confusing. Now everything hangs together in what is hopefully an enjoyable tale for all.]


Sarah dressed as the doctor left the room. She couldn't believe it! The bikini shoot in Malaysia had given her a rare tropical disease. At first she was afraid she would die from it, but the doctor said it was easily curable, but when he told her the cure and its side effects, she had wished she could die.

The cure was simple enough. A small incision into her neck and removal of the infected portion of her pituitary gland and she would be almost as good as new. The 'almost' part was the killer. With part of the gland missing, her metabolism would slow down, her appetite would improve and she would gain weight --- A LOT of weight, perhaps 30-40 pounds for someone as thin as her.

This, she knew, wouldn't do for a model. Actually, she was now a former model since the medication had already put 13 pounds on her. She was now carrying 120 pounds on her 5’8” body. She rubbed the already softening belly that had once rippled with muscle. The surgery was tomorrow. Soon her tummy would balloon into what she foresaw as a basketball of pure flab. A tear slid down her cheek.

Sarah came to a groggy consciousness after the surgery. She could feel the bandage on her neck. Oh no! As groggy as she was, just moments after major surgery, she was hungry! RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY! She sighed as she devoured her hospital-prepared food. She sighed resignedly and asked for seconds, which were cheerily brought in a short time.

Sarah stayed in the hospital for only 2 days. As expected her metabolic rate was slowing rapidly. She found she was sleeping more, but there was something else, something she hadn’t anticipated. There was a delightful feeling of peace, and inner calmness she hadn't known since she was 13 and had begun her career as a model.

She stayed on in Malaysia a few days, eating like she hadn’t dared to in years. Her business agent had given confirmation of her career ending disability – she would have a million dollar lump sum and a $100,000 annuity for life. She flew home concerned, but oddly content, financially secure and hopeful of her future. She was glad to be off the medication but arrived back home aware that she had five more pounds in the ten days since the surgery. Her clothes were tight; too tight.

Once home she stopped in a mall to get some new things. Sarah was shocked. The only things that fit were size 6! She had been a petite 4 with a 32-23-33 figure only a month before! Even more surprising was the fact her bra was now too small. She needed a 34B. The off the rack clothes and the added fullness in her hips, chest and face were totally changing her look. She was still pretty, of course, even beautiful, but that 'something special', call it glamour or a spectral gauntness, depending on your view, that makes a top model was gone.

In an instant, she knew what she had to do. She went to a beauty shop and had her hair re-styled and returned to it's natural color. The effect was astonishing.

Gone was Sarah Lane, model. In her place was Ann DeMarco, her real name, a reemergence into adulthood of the teenager who had submerged her identity in pursuit of fame.

It felt good to be Ann again. Her last stop was the supermarket. She filled her kitchen with all of the sights and smells of an Italian kitchen, the type of food that she had known and loved when she was a child. She prepared Veal Picante with pasta she made herself.

The meal was a transitional experience for her. She had no financial worries, she had only had the loss of power that came with leaving modeling. Inside she knew that she would find a new way --- a new life that would be more fulfilling than the old one. She looked around. She owned a big house and she was determined to fill it with love and children.


Sarah called Alan Weller. He was a man she had dated seriously for a time. From a good and wealthy family he was the ideal bachelor. They had fallen in love and discussed marriage, but he wanted her to give up her career to be a fulltime wife and mother. Worse, he had wanted her 'fill out a little and look more like a real woman.' He wasn’t interested in what he called a “trophy wife.”

She had rejected him in favor of a career Now the options he had wanted seemed like her destiny.

Sobbing, she told him about her operation and, sheepishly, asked him if he still wanted her. The happiness and sincerity in his voice when he said 'Yes!!' made Ann know, to the depth of her soul, that she had made a wise decision in calling.

He told her to make him a special meal because he was coming over that night to 'do this right.' She was trembling with excitement as she hung up the phone. She was going to marry Alan. She was going to become a wife and mother.

Feeling silly, she stuffed a pillow under her blouse to see how she would look pregnant. She looked wonderful! Ann put on a sexy dress, though she felt her butt was looking too big to do it justice.

Alan flew through the door and crushed her in his powerful arms. She swooned. Before she knew what was happening, he had placed a diamond ring on her finger and asked her to marry him.

She was blubbering as she said YES! They flew to Las Vegas that night.

Two days and another 4 pounds heavier, Alan carried Mrs. Weller over the threshold.

Time passed happily for them both. Ann loved cooking and keeping house and each evening they made sweet love by the fire. And in not toolong a time it happened on a typical evening. Ann was riding up and down on Alan's stiff penis. It filled her! Her eyes were closed as she ate a banana, her 40C bosom bouncing in unison, her soft, round belly jiggling with each thrust. She was almost ready. He was almost ready. UUUUUUUUUUUUU His penis erupted, filling her with hot, sperm. She arched her back, her pink nipples hard and erect. The climax ebbed, but she knew, she really knew, she had been impregnated.

Ann climbed off her mate and walked into the kitchen, her wide womanly hips rolling seductively. She straightened her shoulders against the weight of her breasts. mmmm This new fullness agreed with her. She returned with some whipped cream and slowly smeared it on her husband's love muscle. It seemed like hours passed as she licked it off, but soon her stud was hot and ready again.

She was in a breeding frenzy and only daily injections of semen would satisfy her. She was ready and eager to bear her children. Ann was on her hands and knees, moaning lustily as Alan pumped into her. Sweat glistened on her forehead, arms and shoulders. It was dripping off her 42D tits as they slapped together in rhythm to her husband's impregnation. His big hands roamed all over her full breasts and the bulge of her pregnant belly.

Now four months along her nipples were fat and brown and her vulva was plump, moist and inviting most of the day. She opened her eyes to glance into the mirror on the wall. mmmmm She looked wonderful; plump, round and well swollen with motherhood. Her ass and thighs were jiggling happily. She was contented.


Today was Ann and Alan's first anniversary. She had just finished nursing Deirdre and had expressed some extra milk into bottles for the sitter. Dressed in her bra, slip and pantyhose, she surveyed her post-baby figure. Her belly was a soft, round ball sticking out from between wide, matronly hips and balanced by a wide bottom. Her shapely legs had thickened with plump thighs and meaty calves. She patted her big tummy comfortably and could feel her upper arms jiggle a bit. Her bra straps indented her fleshy shoulders as they held up her milk-bloated 46DD breasts.

At 154# she had chubby cheeks and the beginnings of a double chin. Alan was taking her to dinner to celebrate and she had to finish dressing. The size 14 cocktail dress was new, but it seemed snugger, especially in the hips, than when she bought it. Her highly developed fashion sense told her that this dress had been designed for a more slender figure. She decided to shop in Plus Size stores from now on. That way the clothes would be better proportioned. The good thing was that Alan liked clothes that showed off her voluptuous curves as much as she liked having them. After dinner, they were going to a hotel to make love in private. She was ready to get pregnant again.

Alan was more cautious. He felt children should be spaced two to three years apart. But he loved his wife and indulging her appetite. He also respected her intelligence, involving her as time allowed in he family businesses. She found that the skills before audiences she had developed in modeling served her well in speaking and dealing with groups. Stage fright was not one of her problems.

She found it easy to become involved in the community, judiciously using their combined financial power to facilitate various worth causes. Most of the women she dealt with were older than her and many were more full figured. They cared about what she could contribute in funds and talent, not her size. She was happy and Alan was proud.

To keep her from fretting too much over not immediately becoming pregnant again Alan encouraged her to practice her innate Italian culinary skills. They entertained guests once or twice a month, usually in the service of promoting some worthy cause. He also took her out to dinner at least once a week, never without an offer of dessert. This was his way of letting her know, without stressing it, that he truly did appreciate her size. He hired a maid, since they could easily afford it, to assist with cleanup on their entertaining and do much of the housework. The maid, whos name was Inez, became an instant babysitter and surrogate nanny when needed for Deidre.

Both Alan and Ann were proactive parents with heir daughter, constantly stimulating her with conversation and educational toys. Television wasn’t allowed to displace their role and the little girl blossomed. By the time she was two and a half she was into preschool and Ann was over 170 pounds. Alan was now ready to move her to her own bedroom and fill the nursery with a new addition.


Dierdre ran from the school into Ann's station wagon. Alan jr. was sitting in a booster seat, while baby Lisa slept in her carseat. Ann couldn't believe how much had changed in the seven years since her illness. None of her old friends would have recognized her now that she weighed 227 pounds. Apple cheeks and a second chin had changed the woman who had once been Sarah Lane. She had spent most of the last seven years either pregnant or nursing, and the doctor had just told her she was pregnant again! They spent a quiet family weekend lounging by the pool and barbecuing.

Alan was grilling some ribs while read on the chaise lounge. To celebrate the new baby, she gave Alan a treat and wore a bikini. She rubbed some suntan lotion on her big thighs. They now had folds at the knees and a bit of cellulite on her hips. Her massive 52G bust covered her torso from just below her collarbone to the top of her huge, stretch marked belly. And they still bulged fatly under her flabby upper arms.

Alan couldn't stand it anymore. He stopped cooking and came over to rub lotion on the vast bulk of his wife. Ann knew the children were taking a nap so she peeled off her overworked bikini bottom. Alan spread the soft blubber of her thighs and gazed on her vagina. After 3 pregnancies and 115# her vulva had become a plump, bulging mound that felt so good as he entered it. Ann moaned contentedly and wrapped her legs around her man. She had to be careful now that she weighed more than him. This was what she wanted; a comfortable home, a good man, and a house full of children. But she wasn't finished yet.

After Alan was through riding his wife, she looked at him tenderly and said, "Alan. I have been your wife for seven years years. I’ve borne you 3 children and am carrying another. I love and adore you, but please, tell me what really happened when I got sick."

He was stunned, but not really surprised. He had long suspected this day would come.

"How did you know?" he asked.

"Alan, silly. There is no disease, tropical or otherwise that turns a skinny, almost flat-chested, woman into the swollen, top heavy baby factory that I have become. You have a large stake in a drug company, don't you? Come on. The truth."

Alan was caught. He explained that the illness and the cure were real – read the medical journals. But he’d been monitoring and helping her career as he could behind the scenes, and when he heard what he had happened he arranged for an addition to the normal treatment. She’d been given a drug that increased 'maternal instincts' and stimulated the entire reproductive system. He had to. He wanted her so badly he just had to.

Anne looked at him devotedly. "It's OK, honey. I have never been happier. I THANK you for doing this to me. The reason I wanted to know is that I suspected it wasn’t just my pituitary. I now have an idea on how we could make other women as happy as I.”

Alan was relieved, and his interest piqued.

“I want to start a dress shop, but a different kind. Ordinary haute couture at good prices in the front. But the secret is high fashion for full figured and pregnant women, plus a social club, in the back. Now; if I could occasionally add that drug to the coffee of selected customers ....."

Alan smiled. His wife wasn't just beautiful. She was a genius.

Anne's World had been open for a month and was already a huge success when Maryann Kahn came in for the first time. The place was amazing. Gorgeous, slinky clothes and accessories at great prices. She wiggled her lithe size 8 body into a spandex cocktail dress.

"Hmm," Maryann liked what she saw in the mirror. Maybe this would get her a new boyfriend. Ed was a decent enough guy, but was starting to bore her again. A salesgirl offered her a cup of cappuchino. "mmmm" It was excellent, but very different. She was invited to join the social group in the back.

Ann chatted with the new arrival and found out about Ed. He was decent, stable and totally devoted. But Maryann was listening to other voices – particularly those of friends at work. They had the depth of a rain puddle and no respect for a man who wasn’t about glamour and trends. Ed didn’t even know who the newest stars were and really didn’t like movies and concerts.

The fact was that Maryann didn’t care that much either. That’s why she and Ed were together. But he was into their church and family, things that her friends disdained. Most had had 2-3 terminated pregnancies and didn’t even ant children. Maryann didn’t respect their lifestyle, but didn’t know if she would make a good mother.

Ann decided saw in Maryann a woman suppressing her natural maternal instincts and femininity. She offered her another Cappuccino, slipping into it the maternal instinct formula.

After that visit Maryann's demeanor began changing. She started thinking of Ed in terms of a potential father, lover and provider than as a stud and found new respect for him. Her appetite, to his delight, also improved. Within a year she would be engaged and six months later married in a size12 wedding dress.

Her old friend Delia marveled at the change. She’d been through five boy friends in as many years and four jobs. Her life was going nowhere. She confided in Masryann, who now saw in her old friend the same lonliness and confusion that had engulfed her. Although she knew nothing of the maternal instincts formula she knew the social club room had somehow changed her life. She suggested to Delia that she drop by.

Delia did, and once again it was Ann who talked with a customer. By now the store had built a sizeable clientele, no doubt aided by the 2-3 customer’s a month whose refreshments Ann was supplementing. Delia indeed was one of those selected. She came out feeling, well, different.

“My life’s a train wreck waiting to happen,” she told Maryann. “I see what you have, but I’m going to wind up in a bad relationship or an old aid – the kind of man you have I just am not likely to find.”

“Ummm. . . maybe not,” Maryann replied. “Come over to dinner a week from Saturday – I have someone you might enjoy. His name is Mike”


The next week was very unusual for Delia. She was hungry every day, stopping at an all-you-can-eat breakfast place. Her lunches were getting long, too, and not just from eating. She wandered the mall looking in maternity shops. Pregnancy still frightened her, but she now had a curiosity about it.

Then she glanced in FREDERICKS OF HOLLYWOOD and wondered if Mike would like her in some sexy outfit. This was strange. She hadn't even met him yet. Friday afternoon she stopped by her favorite store, La Petit Femme, to get a new bikini for the weekend. She took a size four string bikini into the dressing room. It could barely cover her! Strange. Her breasts bulged out of the cups and the bottom kept riding up in her buttocks.

She asked a salesgirl to check her size. Wow! She had added an inch to her waist and hips ... and two inches on her bust! She was up to a size 6 regular. Delia had to try another store. This one only sold petite sizes and she couldn't fit in them anymore.

On the way, she stopped at a 5&10 to check her weight. Oh, dear. She had put on 6 pounds. That was a lot for her 5'1" frame. She went to another store and tried on a more conservative 2 piece suit. It looked good on her.

Suddenly, she felt rather chesty and took a deep breath. It accented her bosom nicely. She didn't look so bony anymore, and her legs seemed shapelier, though her muscles had lost the definition she had worked so hard to achieve. Try as she might, she couldn't suck in the slight pot she had developed. That was, of course, impossible because her pot wasn't flab. Her uterus was enlarging. On the way home, she bought a new bra. It was 34A.

She arrived Saturday evening at Maryann and Ed's house. Maryann had blossomed, with a full belly, since her visit to Anne's world. She caressed her belly at every opportunity and she noticed Delia's more voluptuous form. That's why she'd invited Mike to dinner.

Mike and Delia hit it off right away. Since he was, like Ed, a family man who enjoyed a woman not afraid of her appetite, he really enjoyed the way Delia was eating. They wound up spending the weekend together.

After that Mike started meeting Deliia for lunch every day, along with most evenings. She began to show the effects of all this pampering. Her boyish hips became wide and womanly, while her buttocks grew round and protruding. Her scrawny legs filled out into the kind of shapely gams that you see in old movies, with plump thighs and meaty calves.

Her face filled out, too. The extra fullness softened and rounded it, making her look years younger. The most amazing change was to her bustline. As the weeks passed and the pounds piled on, her breasts grew fuller, rounder and heavier. 34A. 36B. Before she knew it, she was a buxom 38C. She let her hair grow out and wore sexier clothes to better show off her new curves. 40D. Delia stood in front of the mirror looking at the well-filled sweater.

She couldn't believe how BIG she was getting. It was around this time that Delia was fired. The company cited her tardiness and too long lunches, but she’d never been reprimanded for them. The real reason was that she obviously no longer had her primary concern on work. She was crying when she told Mike. He told her not to worry about a thing. He wanted her for himself and gave her a check for her next two month’s rent.

Now that she was a temporary lady of leisure, Delia spent more time with Maryann. By now the latter was in her seventh month and a happier pregnant lady you could not find. They spent their days in the beauty parlor, shopping, or going to lunch. Over he next several months, this life had changed Delia from an independant career woman, into a round, chubby nymphette. She also got to help with the baby and became employed as a nanny..

It had been two years when Mike took her to a black tie dance at the country club. Her strapless gown served up her 42DD boobs like a pair of cantaloupes. mmm She loved being big and chesty. It pleased Mike as well. He took her onto the terrace and gave her a ring. A DIAMOND RING! Delia cried for joy. They were engaged. She delayed the wedding so Maryann could give birth to her second child. Delia wanted her as matron of honor.

Delia looked radiant in her size 16 wedding gown, but she was a tad jealous of Maryann in her size 20.. She thought her friend was the more beautiful with her plump cheeks, second chin and milk-swollen bosom. Unconsciously, Delia ran her hand over her own round belly. 'Soon,' she thought to herself, 'I'll look that good.' She had taken a home pregnancy test this morning. It was positive.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Something new

This story as displayed here is based on an original from the old archives and is hopefully an improvement. Comparison and comments are invited.
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