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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!
Default Encounter - Part 1: First Contact - by Dee Jortiz (~BBW, Romance, Explicit Sex)

~BBW, Romance, Explicit Sex - Eros, filios and agape join in an exposion of sudden ecstasy to be forever remembered

Encounter - Part 1: First Contact
by Dee Jortiz

Movies always have the settings for chance encounters. The main theme of most is man meets woman. You see the ordinary guy meeting the super model while on vacation or a business trip. The two people find a mutual connection, then you never see them again. The fantasy we all dream of. When it is all said and done you are left with the vivid memories of an intimate encounter etched in your mind forever. The chances of FA and a BBW making that connection, if there were statistics, is likely to be even slimmer. In this case, the paths of an FA and a BBW did cross, and it left a lasting impression for both Andre and Carol.


Andre: As a college assistant for the University's choir director, I was picked to go with him to Six Flags. Actually, no one else could go. He was one of the judges for a high school choir competition. I had to help out (drive, paper work, errands etc.) The park had made arrangement to have park employees fill the role that year, unlike the times before. So, there was more help than needed. I ended up just standing around that morning. We were told the park was days from opening for the summer season, and it would be open for the students from 25 schools after the competition. (It was going to be a long day.)

Carol: Some of my friends thought it is juvenile of me to work at the amusement park. It's good money and they were flexible with my hours. I tried to get some of my friends to get jobs there because I didn't feel comfortable with some of the other female employees. They were nice but very superficial. They invited me out to their activities, but they did only because they knew I would say no. Being a BBW I didn't feel like going with them and listening to them complain about how they needed to lose 5 or 10 pounds. The park was letting the students from a choir competition enjoy a day of fun before the scheduled opening to the public. I hoped they would give me a specific assignment because I hated just standing around. (It was going to be a long day.) I was waiting for my team leader when I saw him. He was looking at me and I turned around to make sure he wasn't looking at someone else.

It was still early. I told the director I would meet him back at the theater after his scheduled break that after noon and then I would used the opportunity to wander around the park. After wandering around the area and I came across a nice female employee. (nice, meaning an FA's Dream). She was in her mid 20's about 5'3”, gray eyes, (guessing) about 250+lbs, a little top heavy, very tanned from working in the park, but not burned. Her shiny brown hair was cut short (nery nice BBW). True to form, the park uniform was not designed to accommodate the abundant curves, and her clothes hugged every soft round curve she had. I hoped she would be receptive to a little small talk. I would rather be in her presence more than any of the wafer-thin females I saw on the way to the competition area.

Carol: I smiled as he started to approach me. He was about 5'9 or 5'10. (I like guys who are taller than me.) He was very attractive, the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome! I didn't want him to notice my excitement as he approached me. He began talking to me and informed me that he was with one of the judges. I was apprehensive at first as my first thought is that he was looking for someone in the park. I felt as ease as he began talking to me and I felt myself hoping to talk to him. (Ok, when is he going to ask me about one of the other females?)

Andre: I admit I was very taken with her, but I didn't want her to catch me staring at her. She seemed very intelligent and kind hearted, but seemed somewhat self-conscious. She laughed at my silly comments about the students, but didn't fully engage me either. I could not figure out why. That thought keep getting over powered, in my mind, by the curves of her hips and thighs. The view was enough to make me forget what I was talking about. Good thing she was looking around, I'm sure she would have noticed how embarrassed I was with how tight the front of my pants were getting just looking at her. (Any minute, she is going to see my pants and tell me she has somewhere else to be.)

Carol: I offered him a tour of the part that most people never see. He said OK. (Yes!) I reluctantly told him I drove a school bus and had gone back to school to get a teaching degree and worked in the park during the summer.

Andre: A little shocked all I could get out was, “ok”. She took me to a golf cart (Yes!) and showed me all over the park. A number other employees that we saw were busy putting the final touches on things before the students were let loose in the park. This golf cart tour was great, not because we pretty much had the run of the place, but because being around this amazing BBW was like a dream come true. I didn't want her to see how attracted I found her. So, I ask her about the park and how long she worked here. It seemed asking her about herself made her feel uncomfortable, so I stayed away from the personal stuff. She seemed to get more comfortable the more I asked question about the park. (I wish I lived nearby so I would have more time with her.) The icing on the cake was sitting next to her with the feel of her big soft thigh press against me on the small seat of the cart. The nice part of the tour was when she pointed to stuff to her left and I could gaze at her with ease and not let her see me looking at her cleavage at the top of the shirt she was stuffed into.

Together in the cart we slowly made our way toward the northern end of the part. Strangely, it was very calm. Only the sound of the cart and her voice pleasantly chatting away about the history of some of the rides penetrated my mind. I was very captivated. Not with what was being said, but with who was saying it. At each stop along the way she had some pretty entertaining stories to tell. And all I did was look, listen and dream about her, like a kid at his first magic show. I could not tell you a single thing about what she had said, but I could tell you in every detail how she said them. She spoke like an English teacher. She was engaging like a talk show host, and modest like a child in her first recital, all in a body of a real woman, with real curves. (Thank god we were sitting in the cart.)

Carol: I was talking like the typical tour guide. It was good that I was tanned, otherwise he would have seen me blushing. I was just blabbing about the park, but what I really wanted to say was how hot I thought he was! We were sitting close to each other in the cart and I could smell his cologne. I really don't even know what I was saying to him…my mind was concentrating on his good looks and charming personality. As we made our way around the park, he seemed like he was genuinely interested in what I was saying.

Andre: After making our way around the park, we ended up back near the competition for the last stop on the tour. It was behind one of the Areas where they put on stage shows. We got out and she asked me if I had to get back to the competition. (Thankfully no.) I told her I had plenty of time, and I was all hers. (In more ways that she can imagine.) She said she could show me the inside of one of the park attractions. I told her that would be cool.

Carol: I was hoping he could sense my attraction to him, but he made no indication. We finished the tour of the park but I wanted to keep talking to him. Sounding like a fool I told him I could show him inside one of the park attractions. My heart started pounding when he said ok! I showed him places that the public doesn't usually see. He must have been bored but I was enjoying his company. I was just blabbing on and I asked him if he was sick of hearing me talk. He said not at all and I hoped that he meant it!

Andre: We walked through some double doors down a long hall. As we walked along, she explained that these hallways were why the public didn't see the workers, supplies, trash etc. moving through the park. She took me to a back staircase and up into a mock clock tower where you could see the choir group rehearsing. The area looked like everyone except the maintenance crew had forgot it. When we go to the top landing it resembled a lost break area lit by the light coming through the colored glass of the large clock faces on all sides. (It would make a great hangout anyplace else.) She told me the managers had the excess furniture brought up here and planned to use it as a hub/break room for the maintenance crew, but then they got radios. That resulted in the area pretty much going unused, then forgotten. Up until that point we had not talked much about our personal lives (relationship etc). She just said I must be sick of hearing her talk. I said not at all, I am enjoying the company of a nice person, as opposed to being a glorified gofer.

Carol: We had a good laugh about him being a glorified gofer and continue looking out the glass face of the clock, but then the “nice person” hit me. I was ready to blow up. So I decided not to let him get away with that comment. I said. “so you are another one of those, “you're a nice person, but ” types. He just looked at me with a blank look on his face. (Typical)

Andre: After recovering from the attack, I asked her why she said that. She said she got that typical grief about being a nice person, if she would just lose some weight she could get a man from the other female that worked with, among others.

Carol: After the awkward silence standing in front of the glass clock face, I finally told him…about how every guy I liked told me basically that I had a nice face but that I was too fat. “Nice to be friends with, but not date.” I heard myself telling him and at first I felt embarrassed, but then I felt comfortable letting him know my feelings.

Andre: I listened to her story and felt bad that I had said it. (I blew it) All I could think to say was that she was a nice person…no “buts” (weak recovery), and that she should have her own goals and not let anyone tear her down. She told me that was a nice thing to say, but I was just another one of them. (crash and burn) A little hurt, I asked why she would say that to me, that I hadn't done anything to deserve that and if I did, I apologize.

Carol: I turned and looked at him. He looked at me. I told him I said that because that's what guys always say. If they say, “you're nice” it really means that they don't find you attractive.

Andre: (Game over) I stood waiting for other shoe to drop.

Carol: I decided that I was just going to tell him how I felt. I told him that I had brought him to a secluded place to see if he was attracted to me the same as I was attracted to him, and that he didn't even try anything. And I told him that all he did was say something nice like he cared. After just spilling my guts, I had to get out of there so I just turned and headed for the stairs.

Andre: I was caught completely off guard. All I could do was stand there with my mouth open (idiot). She turned and started toward the stairs. I stopped her, after regaining my senses. "Ok" I said. "The truth is I find you very attractive. I disagree with anyone who would call you anything other than an attractive (Big Beautiful) female." I explained to her how I kept my attraction the females like her to myself and I didn't want any other males to know. (Coward! I really need to stop hiding.) She pulled me close, put my hands around her ample hips and kissed me deeply with her luscious full lips. I offered no resistance, because I was hoping for this invitation during the entire time we were in the clock tower. (maybe I hadn't completely blown it)

Carol: He also told me how he was attracted to big beautiful women and that he felt he had to keep that attraction hidden. I felt such a connection at that moment that I found myself pulling him close and guiding his hands around my hips. He did not resist and I definitely did not want him to. I kissed him deeply on the lips and felt my heart pounding at the feeling of his lips on mine. After that kiss we looked at each other and with our eyes we both said we wanted more.

Andre: Time seemed to stand still with every kiss. My heart filled the warmth of her compassion. My mind grappled to understand why we connected on so many levels as I welcomed the feel of her soft embrace. Even if I wanted to, I did not have the strength to worry whether or not she could feel my erection pressed against her. All my effort was spent trying not to be completely over whelmed by her affection. All I knew was that right then and there everything fit, so I held her sensuous form as close as I could.

Carol: He pulled me close to him. Our kisses were becoming longer and deeper as the attraction for each other was getting hotter. He was holding me so close that I could feel his hardness against me. I could feel myself getting wet and I was longing for him to feel how excited he was making me. (I hope this is what he really wants.)

Andre: She paused and looked into my sees as if to say, “is this the way you want to go with this?” I returned her gaze afraid she was having second thoughts; I nodded my head without my ears hearing a question pass her luscious lips.

Carol: His eyes meet mine as if to reassure me that I was not way off base and to tell me without a word that he shared my desire. This put my mind at ease and the outside world faded.

Andre: She pressed her body into me as if to say she understood, even though I hadn't said a word. I felt her voluptuous chest heave a deep sigh. The delight was unleashed as our mutual attraction turned to passion. Even though we just met, the connection was undeniable. My insecurity about my desire for her rotund frame was exposed and all I wanted was to share that desire with her.

Carol: I no longer felt the need to hide how I felt. I wanted to show him the yearnings I have wanted to share for so long. He made me feel comfortable with my body and comfortable that he was not judging me, but desiring me. I wanted to let him know that I desired him as well.

Andre: Without a word, she guided me backward to a couch and pushed me on to it and started unbuttoning her shirt, exposing her bountiful cleavage. I was not expecting it, but my unspoken connection to her made me trust her without question. She tossed her top into a chair shucked her shorts to the floor and thrust herself before my lap. I felt the softness of her voluptuous form against me and all I wanted was to explore her every curve.

Carol: He found himself face to face with my lace-covered breasts. I could feel his hands glide across my body. Every touch of his gentle fingertips made my entire body tingle with erotic pleasure. He removed my left breast from the lace and began to trace the outline with his fingertip. His fingertip was replaced with his tongue and he gently flicked my nipple back and forth. With each flick an erotic sensation ran through me. I heard myself let out a quiet moan as he kisses and licked my breast. He uttered a little “uuuummmm” sound and I smiled. (It felt good being an object of desire).

Andre: There was no hesitation from her and for this I was delighted, for I could sense she was as excited as I was. I gently took her erect nipple in and out of my mouth and I could hear myself letting her know, without words, how turned-on by her I was. I wanted her to touch me through my pants and feel how hard I was.

Carol: The erotic sensations were even stronger now and I could feel my pussy dripping. I wanted him to feel how aroused he was making me and how much I wanted him inside of me. I took his hand and led it to the moist mound beneath my panties. While he was still devouring my breast, he began to rub through the lace. One touch sent jolts all through me. He moaned as he barely slipped his finger in-between my pussy lips and felt the ocean that was forming. I could feel how hard he was. I began rubbing him through his pants. I traced the outline of his bulge with my fingers and made my way to his zipper.

Andre: With her hands on my zipper, it was all I could do to control my excitement. This situation played out like a dream. I was lost in the moment. My focus could not comprehend anything but this voluptuous female I held in my embrace. Her nipple, full soft and inviting was something few in my circle of friends could appreciate. Her wide hips, pressed into my lap with each caress.

Carol: The way he took my nipple into his mouth, let me know he was filled with as much anticipation as was I. I loved the way he touched me. I loved feeling sexy and desired. I wanted to please him…to satisfy him. My mind was racing with erotic thoughts.

Andre: The sensation was one I had longed for far longer than I could understand. I could not help but stroke her every curve. I wanted to explore every rounded expanse of her alluring anatomy, from the firmness of her large caves to the welcoming gaze of her gray eyes and every wondrous fold and crease in between.

Carol: I led his hands between my legs. I shuddered at the thought of his touch. I was certain he could feel the heat rise from between my legs. I helped him find the desired spot and I loved the reaction he made when he arrived there. He had a skilled hand and he knew just how to set off every sensation in my body.

Andre: The anticipation of farther discovering her moist vagina made my head swim with delight. The warmth of her body seemed to be concentrated in one spot and she guided my hands as I explored. Her body responded in kind to my every advance into her abundant mound. It hid the drenched object of my wildest dreams. I caressed it deeply with one hand as I continued to lap at her erect nipple in earnest.

Carol: His hand had found that spot aroused and sensitive. His touch sent shivers through my body. In the midst of my own pleasure I longed to feel him. I slowly pulled at his zipper. It slid down with some effort because his huge bulge stretched his pants tight. This served only to intensify my desire for him. I could tell by the way he way touching me that he wanted to explore me in every way (explore at will). I began to gently rub him through the cloth. He seemed to grow even larger at my touch. I could wait no longer and I pushed the fabric aside exposing him. He let out a sigh and my heart skipped a beat.

Andre: The relief I felt when she allowed my manhood the freedom from the confines of my pants was almost overwhelming, as I heard myself let out a sigh of delight. I was almost frightened at how in tuned to my desires she was. My only thought was to meet her every desire, as gladly as she had met mine.

Carol: My heart began to pound faster as my fingertip barely touched his shaft. The skin was smooth and hot and rock hard. The tingling between my legs turned into a bolt of excitement. I moved my fingers slowly up the long hard shaft. I traced the outline of the head with my fingertip. I moved back down the shaft and clasped my hand around it. I began to slide my hand slowly up and down the shaft.

Andre: Backing off of me, she stood and slipped her bra off her ample tits. Unfettered, they hung halfway down her paunch. They swayed wildly as she backed onto the desktop scattering old newspapers and magazines in the process. I stood and moved closer to her. She hefted her right mammary with both hands. Her aureole was as light as a new tan; her puckered nipple as wide as a dime. As she caressed her captive breast, the freed one sagged within an inch of her hefty thigh. I went for it.

Carol: He started suckling on my nipple, while I nibbled on his right ear. Then he did the same service to its twin. His hands stroking on my fulsome thigh, I felt my nipple harden between his tongue and teeth. He traced the stretchmarks on the length of my breast. Moaning loudly, I pushed against him. With my breast smashing into his face, he nearly fell backward.

Andre: As she pressed forward, all I could do to avoid falling over was grab the desk, to save the embarrassment. I discarded both my pants and shorts. She leaned forward and immediately captured my erection between both globes. The feel of her pliant avoirdupois got me growing even larger as she rubbed her breast flesh together. She'd managed to shuck her lace panties by now, and I felt the top of her cool, blubbery belly push against my balls and all without a word.

Carol: He gently pushed me back until I was lying across the breadth of the desk. He climbed onto the desktop and straddled my torso. Pulling my hands away, he grabbed my mams and mashed them all over his manhood. With all my inhabitation gone I fondled my clit happily, legs dangling to the floor. The warmth I found between my legs made me shudder.

Andre: As her moaning came to a crescendo, I could no longer hide my excitement. I shot between her, sending liquid heat through her cleavage to her chins. When I had calmed down enough to get off the desk safely, I pulled a chair up to the desk and sat down. (I wanted more of her.)

Carol: Before I could recover, he bent down toward my open twat and proceeded to attack it with his tongue. It didn't take me long to come again. I lifted my breast to my mouth, it was all I could do to keep from screaming and bring every employee in earshot running up the stairs to the break room.

Andre: Her plump body quivering all over. I felt her meaty thighs tighten. Then, as if the water was let out of a waterbed, they relaxed. The feeling of fulfillment washed over me, as I sensed her satisfaction.

Carol: He brought me to orgasm again and again my body was quivering with pleasure. I wanted more of him…I want to give him more. I got off the desk and motioned for him to switch places with me. My pleasurable moans and groans had sent him into a new erection. He sat on the edge of the desk with his huge growing member protruding in front of my face as I sat on the chair in front of him sliding from my cream. He took my face in his hands as I touched the tip of his penis with my tongue. I slowly explored the head with the tip of my tongue. Feeling him growing larger with each touch. I begin licking all over the head enjoying the taste and reeling from the excitement.

Andre: I couldn't help but watch, as she moved her tongue down the shaft gently sucking as she went. I was stroking her hair showing my unbridled approval as she came to the bottom of the shaft, where her tongue found my ball sac. She played with them with her tongue and mouth.

Carol: The way he was touching my face let me know I was satisfying him. I wanted to satisfy him even more as I moved up the shaft once again and took his massive dick into my mouth. My mouth was hot and I was tight around him. I loved how I took him in and out of my mouth sucking him, licking him. I began to suck him faster and faster and harder and harder as if sucking the juice out of a popsicle. His pleasure was definitely causing me great pleasure.

Andre: After a long interlude of her mouth busily pleasing my member, I pushed her away to ensure our encounter did not end to quickly. Looking at me with the clear understanding of my actions she smiled then rose from a place in the chair in front of me. She climbed up my body like a big cat on a hunt. Meeting my gaze with her own she pushed me backward onto the desk. Looking into my eyes she paused, as if reading the wonder in my eyes.

Carol: I delighted in his pleasure and as he pushed me away I knew exactly his reasons. I too did not want him to climax as I had other plans for him. My eyes never left his as I made my way up his body. The invisible heat that was rising from our bodies filled the air with a sweet aroma of animal magnetism. My entire being was aching for him. I almost reached climax at the anticipation of our bodies becoming one.

Andre: I welcomed each touch of her hand. Every physical touch seemed to touch my being. It was as if, her touch was as familiar to me as my own skin. (How?) All questions aside, I wanted to continue to indulge in her, for as long as she would let me. I feel reassured that this will not end anytime some, as she positioned her eager pussy on my shaft and settled onto my lap.

Carol: My body trembled with desire and excitement as I mounted him as if riding a prized stallion. My moisture made him slide easily inside me and my entire body filled with pleasure. Caught up in the rapture of the experience, I just held my breath for a moment. He could see in my face how much pleasure he was giving me. I wanted him deeper inside me. I wanted him to know how good he was making me feel. I wanted him to give me every inch he had to offer. I began to move slowly up and down and he went deeper and deeper with each thrust. At first I was not aware that I was moaning and when I caught myself, I gave a little smile.

Andre: (Sweet ****, what a vision) Her breasts swaying to the motion as she arched backwards, and then forward over me. Her breasts now moving just inches from my tongue's full attention. I managed to get one into my mouth where I gently sucked. She started moaning, louder and deeper until, as I bit her nipple, she gasped, her whole body convulsed. We continued moving in unison until the point of our mutual ecstasy.

Carol: As our bodies moved back and forth in a raging sea of lust, he once again took my breast into his mouth. This sent another shivering bolt throughout my body. I could not get enough of him and with each thrust I was sent closer and closer to climax. I was ready to climax, but at once the sensation over took me and together it happened. My body was at the brink of ecstasy and I saw in his eyes the same prelude to an eruption. We enjoyed the pulsation of one another's orgasm as the juices flowed through our bodies. We held each other close.

Andre: Our embrace lingered long after the trembles of our bodies subsided. (I wish I could have lived always suspended in that moment.) Surrounded by the caress of longing for one another, engulfed by feelings of our mutual pleasure, I was in a state of bliss I had no desire to end.

Carol: As the world around us slowly came back into focus. I found myself in the arm of someone alien to my everyday world, but yet a kindred spirit.

Andre: The warmth of her smile comforted me to no end. Her spirit embraced me. Still without a spoken word, there was a sharing of each other. Most would be terrified by the silence, but we both knew words could not do justice to the moment.

Carol: I dared not speak, for I did not want the memory to be cluttered with idle small talk.

Andre: She slowly gathered up our clothes and led me to a locker room where we silently cleaned the remains of encounter form one another's body. We dressed and lovingly made our way back the way we had come.

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Default Encounter I - pt 2

Carol: I started to open the door so we could rejoin the oblivious world outside. He stopped me, turned me to him with a hug that caused the air to leave my lungs. I lost time again in his arms. In that embrace I knew that whatever we found on the other side of those double doors, our encounter would be etched in our minds forever.

Andre: I saw a tear roll down her cheek, but it was not of sadness. It was of love. The love we would forever share. I held her and shared her sentiment as I backed the door open and into the sun. I took a deep breath to break the long-standing silence, and prepared to express what I was feeling.

Carol: His grip on my hand relaxed as I watched him take a deep breath. As the outside world came into focus I saw the sea of students behind him. Before I could utter a warning he was swiped out of reach by the surge of rushing kids.

Andre: At the cusp of confessing my love to her, I was over run by students very unaware that they had forcibly removed me from my personal heaven. When I was able to wrestle my way out of the chaotic whirl of kids, I could not find her. Frantic, I made my way to the Competition area hoping to find her there. All I found was the choir director impatiently waiting for my return. I was met with a verbal assault, but could not hear a single word, for my mind was clearly somewhere else.

Carol: Frantic, I tried to make my way back to the Competition area and was intercepted by my team leader. I was hit by her verbal assault. Unlike other times, her onslot was punctuated with “FAT ASS”. A new fire was lit in me…a new respect for whom I was burning in me, and I was not going to let her extinguish it. Needless to say, she needed an very large ice pack, and I needed a new job, but the new power I gained from a chance encounter showed me I deserved happiness just as much as the next person. (I am not sad about losing him, strangely enough.) It is like he helped me remember my own passion by sharing his. This passion will be my light from now on. I will not accept anything less.

Andre: After I apologized profusely, yet hollowly, for my irresponsibility, I was able to get away long enough to approach a group of female employees. They were huddled around another with a very swollen face. I asked if they could tell me where I could find an employee named Carol. The female with the swollen face promptly said through her ice pack she didn't work there any longer. Stumped and out of time, I sadly rejoined the director in route to the car for the long trip home. (It is strange that I'm not as sad as I though I should be.) If I never find her again, the fleeting moments in heavens embrace will last me a lifetime. For that I am forever grateful.)

I thought it was the end. So much so that I gradually put aside my memories of this encounter and went on to eventually become a married man; although my relationship hardly compared to the bliss I had shared with Carol I settled for the contentment of what seemed, at the time, the only available option.

The end? Perhaps, whispered always a voice in the back of my mind, but maybe not. Destiny has its ways. But years would intervene before that question was resolved.

Click here for the sequel

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Wonderful story. Wonderfully erotic and beautifully passionate. Thank you for sharing this with us. I can't wait to read the sequels. Keep up the great work.
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