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Default Making it Big in Modeling - By Runningsoft (Stuffing, WG, BBW)

Author’s Note: Four young women from across the US have found themselves living in a flat in Manhattan. Together, they are all aspiring to become models of the highest caliber, looking to have it all. But as with many things in life, you don’t always get what you want. This story contains collaborative efforts with Narbicon, and contains sexual themes, imagery, BBW, slight and medium weight gain.

(Also, be sure to check out past works: The Great Eatscapade, Cruseliner/Waistliner, and Chocolatefinger)

Chapter 1 - Kate

Kathryn shivered and turned up the collar of her jacket as she stood on the platform waiting for the train. It was late May, and even though the previous week was incredibly warm, today felt like winter was back for another round of misery.

She nudged her luggage with a foot and reached deep into her pocket, fishing out her mobile to check the time, when a voice from behind made her jump.


She turned around to see the familiar profile of her talent agent, Brian. He was a tall, and today, seasonably-dressed with thick overcoat and a scarf. His brown eyes and sandy brown hair shone with health and excitement. “So, are you ready to move to the Big Apple?” he said with a winning smile, placing a brotherly, reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“Y-yeah. I mean, I went there once. But I was little…so, I think so.” She said, almost answering his question with a question.

Brian laughed and checked his own mobile. “It’s nearly time. We should sit nearer the front of the train – it’s quieter at this time of the day.”

Moments later, the MTA train boarding out of Poughkeepsie rumbled in, blasting all the platform’s occupants with a chilly blast of air and hissed to a stop. Kathryn couldn’t help but admire the efficiency of the people exiting the train. Everyone seemed to know where they were going and their movements were economical and efficient with no one running into another person.

She smiled up to Brian who ushered her forward with a hand and helped her with her luggage. As promised, they had a roomier carriage in the front. Of course, Brian had told her that as the train neared the city, it would be making stops at Beacon, Cold Spring and the like, so that by the time they were nearest to the city, they would be packed in like sardines.

She took the aisle seat, as he insisted she should, and looked out as the train chugged lazily out of the station and headed for New York City.

Brian excused himself and placed a phone call as Kate peered out the window, watching the trees and buildings pass her by. She took notice of her reflection in the mirror and tucked one loose strand of ash blonde, shoulder-length hair back behind her right ear. Kate was a pretty girl of 21. She was 5’9’’ and a trim 105 lbs. Her bright blue eyes, C-cupped breast, toned body and country-girl smile were what had caused her to career to take a sudden turn for the better.

Just a few weeks prior, Kate had graduated from the University of Binghamton in New York State with a degree in commerce. She hadn’t found a job in her field, despite responding to many numerous applications, so she went back to her student-job of busing at a café that mainly catered to the university crowd.

One sunny day a young man had come in and ordered coffee. Kate was serving an elderly couple in the booth opposite. When another waitress had brought the man his coffee, she had tripped on the cane the elderly man had next to his booth and spilled the contents of the coffee all over the young man’s papers, shirt and exposed forearms. Kate saw the whole thing go down and was there in an instant. Her family had brought her up well, so lending a hand and helping out was second nature and made Kate a real asset to the waitressing staff. She began offering extra napkins and apologizing – even though it wasn’t her who committed the infraction.

Quickly, the man saw that it was a mistake and waived off apology after apology from the other waitress. Then he spotted Kate.

“I am SO, SO sorry sir. I’m completely to blame. Here, let me help—“ placated the other waitress.

“No really miss. It was an accident. I am alright, just a little startled. It landed on my papers mostly.” He had said, taking the last of the napkins the woman had handed him to mop up his now-soaking documents.

“Here,” said Kate offering him a fresh stack, “Those ones look done to me.”

“Yes, thanks.” He said with a laugh.

Shrugging her shoulders indifferently, she placed a few more napkins in the table and turned to go when he put a hand over hers, stopping her.

“Uh, Miss?” he said, taking his hand away and gazing up at her. “This might seem a little forward, but you are very pretty. Have you ever done any modeling?”

Kate put a hand to her throat and laughed, “Who, me?” and thought, ‘Jeez, this guy probably uses that line all the time to try and pick up girls.’

He gazed at her for a few more seconds. No, gaze wasn’t the right word. More like examine. Much like one would look over a prize horse. But for some reason Kate didn’t feel creeped out. He looked away for a second and dabbed at a few more papers. Kate watched as the young man picked up the less-sodden sheets to one side and began to sop up the other sheets. Reading the paper up-side down, she saw the headline, ‘Talent Agency – Modeling - Upstate NY’.

‘Oh’, she thought, ‘he’s a talent scout.’

She heard the tinkle from a bell that hung over the door and looked up. New diners had just come in and were being seated in her zone. The server had handed the new couple a pair of menus and gestured in Kate’s direction. Kate read her mouth say ‘your server for today will be Kathryn.’

“Well, thanks for the extra napkins. And here—“, he offered her a business card, “just in case you change your mind. We’re doing a casting interview just up the road over the next 2 days for a local commercial. Think about it.” He paid and tipped modestly and, with hand outstretched with the papers, he dabbed them with finality and stuffed them back into a folder and left. Kate looked down at the card. His name was Brian Stern, Associate Scouting for Modeling talent for all of New York.

Kate put the card in her front pocket and put the whole matter out of her mind as she approached the new table. “Hi, I’m Kathryn and I’ll be your server. Today, our specials are—“


Putting the key into the lock of her student apartment, Kate went to the fridge to grab a bottle of water and an apple. She plunked down on the sofa and, with mild disgust, picked up a wet towel which belonged to her roommate and with a flick of the wrist, propelled it to the edge of the couch, far away from her and turned on the television.

“Hey stranger,” came a voice from behind her.

“Hi Steph. I moved your towel.” She said, her eyes flicking through the channels, nothing seemed appealing, not even the majesty of the Discovery Channel, one of her favorites.

“Oh! Thanks! I forgot where I put it.” Said Steph, coming around to the side of the couch, picking up the towel. Kate looked out of the corner of her eye and saw that Steph only had a towel around her head, the rest of her body was naked temporarily as she re-wrapped herself in the towel.

Three years ago, when Kate had moved out of the dorms and to an off-campus housing, she had met Steph. A girl who was also in Commerce. The two had hit it off immediately and signed up for a double to cut down on rent. It was about 2 seconds after they had moved in together for the start of the second year that Kate had found out that her roommate happened to have an exhibitionist streak about her. The first occurrence was when Kate was in the bathroom on the toilet. Steph just opened the door, naked with toothbrush in hand.

“Morning.” She said in the monotone voice of the recently-awoken person as she drew the water and hopped into the bathtub shower with semi-transparent shower curtain. Kate was so shocked that she was speechless and remained on the toilet until her roommate had finished showering, toweled off and left the room. From then on, it could only get better. Kate had voiced her concern and it sorted itself out for the most part.

Kate wasn’t afraid of seeing another woman naked. After all, she had played lacrosse all her life and had been in locker rooms where being naked was just another thing to get used to. Still, she just didn’t like to be surprised every 10 seconds.

“So big plans for you this evening?” said Steph, tightening the towel around her chest.

“I don’t know yet – some television to start, I guess.” Said Kate, who still flipped absent-mindedly through the channels. Lazily, her phone burred in her pocket. A text. She fished it out, and as she did so, a small white card tumbled out onto her lap.

Instantly, she remembered the man from earlier in the day, the spill, the mess. And the modeling offer. She looked at the text, which was from her sister asking if she was free this weekend. Sending back a hasty reply, Kate got up off the couch and went into her room, tossing the remote to Steph who caught it and sat down to ESPN.

Closing the door, Kate thumbed the card in her hand then began pacing her room. ‘Me, a model. Yeah right. I thought models needed to be strung out on coke and live on nothing but competition and adrenaline.’ Every time she paused to look down at the card, the less and less impressed she became.

She sat down on the edge of her bed and put her head in her hands, thinking. After a while she sat up, and noted a smudge of makeup on her palms. She went over to her full-length mirror and began to right herself. Then she began surveying her face more closely.

She always thought she was good looking, but not drop-dead gorgeous or anything like that. Kate turned in the mirror and sucked in her tummy, pushed out her backside and stuck out her chest and made a kissy face. The whole concept made her laugh at herself and of models in general, but her opinion softened a bit.

She picked up the card off her bed, reached for her phone and began to dial his number.

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Really nice start!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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Chapter 2 - Brianna

“Ommph, right there!” the girl screamed as she wriggled free and mounted him once again, repositioning herself so that she was in the reverse cowgirl – her favorite position.

The man eagerly complied, laying at full attention, holding onto the young woman’s firm wrists for balance as she rose and fell down over his respectable member.

Forcefully she sank deeper onto him, feeling him fill her body, targeting all her right places. She contracted her labia, gripping him. Unexpectedly he grunted with pleasure at the delightful surprise and she smiled inwardly, continuing to conquer him.

Marco, a fellow-model of 25 was fit as could be. Tall, firm abs, perfect chest and that wavy Italian hair she’d loved so much on men. Then of course there what he contained behind his Polo boxer briefs, of which he was soon going to be famous for.

As she rode him, Brianna fantasized about how they had met, barely 24 hours ago on the set of an underwear shoot. He was just wrapping up a shoot and she was about to begin hers. They passed each other and she smiled at him. He smiled back. She disrobed and waited for the cameraman to rifle off his instructions. Professionally, she hit all her poses in only a few takes, did some hurried re-shoots and was putting on her bathrobe when she spotted him, off to one side of her shooting stage and admiring her appreciatively.

“You do that very well,” he said now dressed in denim jeans, with a rip in one knee, and a faded cotton t-shirt and sandals.

“Thanks. It comes natural.” She said, booming with the confidence she had had since childhood.

He grinned and shifted his weight, striking a modeling pose unconsciously. She mirrored him automatically, “So, you’re the new guy.”

“I am, hand-picked from Milan.” He said, now folding his arms across his powerful chest.

“That’s original, an Italian from Milan modeling underwear.” Brianna said; her tone a little icy.

He waived an arm in the air, as if dismissing her sarcasm, “Well, we must all make our living somewhere.”

She put her hands on her hips, combatively, irritated by his dismissal of her obvious jab, her robe coming undone as she did so. Marco’s eyes followed the exposed skin, from the deepened swell of her C-cupped cleavage, down along the flat curve of her toned stomach, to her lingerie and the mysteries they held.

He raised one appraising eyebrow and looked her full in the face, saying nothing.

Raising one lip in a snarl, she quipped, “You’re a dime a dozen pal. Here today, gone tomorrow,” she ended by snapping her fingers right under his nose.
Marco did not flinch. “Somehow, I don’t think so.” He said, inclining his head and showing off two rows of bright white teeth.

“Ah Marco, there you are.” An equally tall, though older man had joined them. Marco’s North American agent.

“Your agent from Milan is on the phone. He wants to renegotiate your deal for working abroad in the States. He says $3,000,000 is acceptable; but I told him two-point-five with international bonuses. Please talk with him, won’t you. The contract is already drafted.”

Marco smiled, took the agent’s mobile and turned his back to Brianna and began to speak in his native tongue.

Brianna and the agent stood there, making small talk, which she hated. He got the point straight away and strode off several paces nearer to Marco. Brianna smiled inwardly to herself.

For some reason, Brianna had always gotten things to go her way. Perhaps she’d learned a few things from her father, a brilliant and powerful Chicago lawyer; or from her mother, chief medical director of a very prominent private hospital. She’d never met anyone she couldn’t handle and wasn’t ever afraid of letting someone know where they stood.

Marco turned and nodded to the agent, who grinned and returned to collect his phone. Before he rung off, Marco laughed at something and replied back in Italian.

“It’s all taken care of, Simon.” Said Marco, “you’re papers are in order, just leave them for me to sign—“


Brianna strode over in 3 quick paces and raised a hand, cuffing Marco across the cheek.

He raised a hand defensively and caught her wrist before she could land another blow. The agent stood there, his face turning from shock to horror to anger faster than a set of traffic lights.

“You f**king punk! Call me a cheap tramp again!” she barked, shaking her wrist free and glaring at him.

Marco raised a hand to his cheek and felt the warmth. If they got ice on it quickly it shouldn’t bruise.

“Miss I-don’t-care-what-your-name-is, do you have any—ANY—idea how much shit you are in, huh? You’ve just hit a three-million-dollar face right there!” screamed the agent.

The commotion had roused some of the light and camera techs still working in the area, wrapping up for the day and changing around a few sets.

Still fuming, Brianna retorted, “Your little pal here just called me a loose-legged cheap tramp to his f**k buddy over in Italy, that’s what!” her fists still balled.

Unacceptable! You’ll never work in this—“, began the agent, pointing a finger threatening at her like a rapier.

Marco laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, “Simon. Please. Let’s me handle this, huh? Here now, go and get those papers, and I would like some ice.”

The pressure seemed to let out a little steam from the agent, who glared at the young girl once more before turning on his heel.

Looking at the girl with slight admiration, “Tell me,” he said in English, then, switching to Italian, “Did you hear all of my conversation?”

ogni parola – every word.” She replied biting off each word like a carrot stick.
“You’re not the only Italian on this set.”

He waited for her to continue.

“Your agent on the phone told you the deal was a bluff – that you were being underpaid here, but that your international bonuses would dwarf the deal. You’ll make 10 times more than that 2.5 garbage he offered you. Then you basically called me a whore. Nobody does that to me.” she ended, her snarl returning.

He folded his arms and said, “Why don’t you get angry at me tomorrow – after dinner.”

It took her a moment to process this, as the agent came back, note book and ice bag in hand. Marco took the pack, and the agent turned around while he handed the folder to Marco to sign, using his back like a table. Marco signed the sheets of paper and winked at the Brianna, who, despite herself, allowed herself a knowing half-smile. The agent collected the papers and left; but not before shooting yet another glowering look at her.

“You think you can get me that easy, huh?” said Brianna, taking a step closer toward him, twisting a lock of her chestnut brown hair and pronouncing her words so that her tongue rolled around her mouth seductively.

“I think you owe it to my face, at least,” he said adjusting the ice pack.
Brianna, the consummate negotiator deliberated, “I don’t think you know what you’ve just bought yourself.”


Brianna returned to the present, the late night dinner with Marco, and how he marveled at how much food she had eaten in the tiny Italian restaurant he had selected for them. She felt only mildly uncomfortable as they made love the previous evening; but this morning, she felt full of energy.

She slowed down her rhythm and began grinding her sex against his with lustful gyrations from her perfect hips. She released her hands from his and allowed herself to explore her smooth contoured sides, her taught stomach – now only slightly distended from gorging the night before – up to her ample C-cupped breasts where she fondled them so that her nipples hardened and peaked with desire.

She felt Marco’s hands grab onto her sizeable buttocks. Large for a woman of her height and weight of 5’7’’ and 110, but her body held untold strength and power under the skin. She could tell he was close and would not disappoint. She didn’t know how to disappoint.

Suddenly, she rocked her hips in a circular motion while contracting her labia. She felt her own body shudder, sending a wave of pleasure down to her sex. Instantly, she felt him release inside the condom, filling her up, pulsing.
Dripping with sweat, she hoisted herself off him, and with a backwards half-smile, she gazed at him with her fierce honey-brown eyes. He returned the half-smile and wiped a lock of black hair out of his eyes. She stood up and walked towards his kitchen, which was in the room opposite and opened his fridge.

God, he eats like a rabbit. There’s friggin’ nothing in here to eat that’s actually any good.’ She thought as she pushed containers of what she knew to be pre-pared meals out of the way, hoping to run into something that actually appealed to her.

“I can make you a smoothie if you want,” he called over to her, getting up from the bed and disposing of the condom, “but I feel that you’d say ‘no’.”

“You got that right.” She said as she closed the fridge door and began rooting through his cupboards.

Marco had to hand it to this girl. He’d only known her for less than a day, but could tell that she was no girlfriend material. She was rude, mean, racist, and very stubborn and controlling. She was also dynamic in bed. He felt it would be best to let this one down easy. You could never tell with crazy, and this one had it coming off her in waves like a cheap perfume.

He walked into the bathroom to clean himself off and also to examine his face. In the mirror, there was only a hint of bruising, but his stubble would hide most of it. He grinned and shook his head with a smile and rubbed his cheek.

She sat down on his white sofa, naked, and eating out of the jar of almond butter with a spoon. No, eating was not the right word. More like shoveling. He wondered how she didn’t choke, she was consuming the spoonfuls so quickly.

Still naked, he went to the fridge, poured himself a glass of mineral water from a carafe and carried it over to a low table next to an elliptical machine. He bend down, slipped on the pair of training shoes next to it and started into the routine he did every day to keep himself fit and trim.

Brianna gazed lazily over to him, the spoon halfway to her mouth. She rolled her eyes, taking in the naked form of him on the machine, and of his member dangling proudly.

“Man, I never exercise like that. I don’t believe in it.”

Marco called over to her, “Perhaps. But then how do you stay so thin? You eat so much. Much more than a man.”

She smiled knowingly at his gibe, “I believe in genetics. Both my parents are rail-thin and we’ve never watched what we ate – ever. And at 24, if my metabolism hasn’t slowed down yet; it won’t. ”

He smiled back at her, and raised the intensity level up another level and felt his pores open and begin to sweat. ‘It would be a pity for a girl with a body so lovely to get fat.’

She returned to the television and ate steadily. She looked down at the jar, which had nearly been full before she started. It was almost empty. She looked down at her naked form and smiled. Nope, nothing. Not even a food baby bump. With effort, she exhaled to make her stomach balloon forward. Even then it was hardly noticeable. She grinned.


She entered the key code to the estate where her parents lived from the back window of the town car Marco had called for her. The intercom let out a tinny buzz, the gate opened, and the luxury car headed up the gravel drive. The gardeners were out cleaning this and brushing away that as she exited the car. She had thanked Marco before leaving his flat with a post-workout blowjob, but didn’t let him finish in her mouth. She was too much of a lady for that.

Unlocking the door of the house, she greeted her father, who was at the dining table, briefcase open and notes scattered all around.

“Hey bunny.” He said glancing up briefly from his papers.

“Hey dad. Busy case?”

He grunted, which meant yes. It always did.

Walking up the balustrade, she took a left and followed the doglegged hallway to her room. She plugged in her phone, which had died during her stay with Marco (she had the iPhone 5, whereas he had the 4s, with incompatible chargers), and went into her private room to draw a bath. The water was bubbling and warm as she slid into it. She tapped the lever adjacent to the water spout with a well-manicured toe and felt a tingle of excitement as the jets whirled around her. Shifting in the tub, she let one particular nozzle focus on her sex. The turbulence of the water against her made her nipples harden beneath the water and she let out a gasp of excitement.

Brianna let her thoughts get away from her for a time, when she felt a slight chill. The water had lost some of its warmth and as if to confirm she had been soaking long enough, she lifted one hand out of the water and noted pale, wrinkled fingers. She scrunched up her nose at the thought of the wrinkles and of getting old in general and stood up.

Grabbing two towels, one for her perfect body and one for her soaking hair, she sauntered lazily over to her phone. The screen was filled with missed calls and text message alerts. Nonchalantly, she thumbed through them until she got a series of texts and a voicemail alert. It was from her own agent.

“Bree, it’s Tanya. We’ve got a problem. Plz call.” Read the first.

“Gurl, what haave you done? Call MEE!” Read the second, written hastily.

Furrowing her brow, Brianna thumbed to the voicemail button and hit play.

“Bree. Tanya. I, uh—I don’t know how to say this. But you’ve been dropped by our agency. I just got all the information from another agent, Simon. He works with one of our highest-level talents. A guy named Marco. Well, I didn’t believe it myself, but you HIT HIM? Jesus, Bree. How often are you going to let your temper get the best of you?...<sigh>…Well, I don’t know how much more I can do for you at this point. They will be using your last images, but they have reduced your pay. I’ll keep in touch…”

“Shit.” Brianna said flatly. Then again, “Shit.”

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The quality of your writing is superb!

I love the suspenseful build-up too! It's leaving me on the edge of my seat.

Many thanks...

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Watching her balloon is gonna be fun.
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Chapter 3 – Anna Lee

Anna felt good about the next serve. Real good. Her team was up and this was the final point that would put her team over the edge and make conference finals.

Raising her left arm with a slight running start, she elevated the ball over her head and arched her back. Her feet left the ground and with as much force as she could muster, she swung her right arm down. Her hand made direct contact where she wanted it to. The volleyball sailed over the net, past the blockers, and landed just inside the edge of the court. Her ace-serve had found its mark. She, and her team had just won the game.

Anna’s feet had barely hit the ground before she was jumping up and down again, celebrating with her D3 volleyball team. They had just punched their ticket to the big match. The state meet that, only a few weeks earlier, seemed like a far-reaching dream had just come true.

“Anna, that was unbelievable!” cried one of her teammates, clapping her on the back.

“Way to be, Anna Lee!” exclaimed one of her blockers, Cynthia, giving her a friendly pat on the rear.

“Number one! Number one!” shouted a tall blocker, her muscular arms pumping in the air.

The cheers and celebrations continued with the coaches of both teams shaking hands, and Anna’s own coach running over to hug them all.

“Girls, that was a fantastic game. We came from behind and dug deep, exactly when we needed to. Practice tomorrow though.” The team as a whole sighed, but they knew they couldn’t ease off the throttle now.

Now it was time for the two teams to shake hands. Everyone began to line up under the net. Anna was dipping under the net when she caught a scent that she had come to know very well. Cynthia, the girl who congratulated her earlier was behind her.

Anna smiled her sweet smile. She was a senior studying environmental engineering. Her father was Chinese, her mother American. The combination together gave her a near-faultless appearance – and superior work ethic and subsequent intelligence. She was very short at 5’4’’ and an athletic 98 pounds. Her modest B-cup breasts, strong thighs, glutes and muscular upper body were deceptive and she was often overlooked by her opponents when she played against them – until they hit the ball her way. She had a pixie cut that worked wonderfully with her facial features, and when she smiled it was pretty, and not the stereotype one often associates with the Asian culture.
Anna slapped hands with the last member of the defeated school and turned to hit the showers. The coach gave them a final concluding pep-talk in the locker room and the girls began to undress.

“All set for finals then?” said Cynthia, a space away from where Anna was.
“Nah. Going to wing it this year. You know.” She said, smiling.

Cynthia rolled her eyes. Anna studied her ass off; she just liked to pretend she didn’t. She was graduating in civil engineering to Anna’s environmental. They had been in freshman classes together, both were volleyball players and became firm friends after their first week of school.

Cynthia raised her arms and took off her soaked top. She had on a sports bra that she quickly removed. Anna, under the guise of taking off one of her shoes, turned her body so that she could get a glimpse. There were red marks around her sides from where the bra sat, and her areolas were large and red from exertion. Momentarily transfixed, she watched as Cynthia turned her head to one side, exposing her long neck, her ash-blonde hair playing across her face. Was that a hint of a smile she shot in Anna’s direction? She bent forward and slowly, but not too seductively removed her shorts and panties in one fell swoop. She had grown out her landing strip again. Delicious, thought Anna, simply divine, as she watched Cynthia lilt her way, towel in hand, to the showers.


She and Cynthia were romantically involved and had been since their second year at school. The two didn’t ‘discover each other’ until one evening when they were studying Advanced Mathematics 202. It was late and they were in the engineering building: the one place on campus that never really seemed to ever close. It stank with the sweat, fear and procrastination and occasional genius. The two girls were studying away, among several others in one of the vacant rooms. A table pulled close to one of the large sofas that they both shared.

“Oh, f**k. I’m so screwed.” Said Cynthia, putting a hand on her cheek, her elbow landing heavily on the table.

“Where are you stuck now?” said Anna politely, gazing up from her own stack of notes and peering over to her study mate.

She fingered to problem 23B.

“Ah,” said Anna thoughtfully, “yeah, that’s a bitch of a question.”

The two girls huddled together, Anna showing Cynthia where she had gone wrong. Cynthia thanked her friend and they continued working through the night.

Anna felt her eyelids getting heavy as she neared the last few questions of her practice exam. She had scored well and was naturally gifted with numbers. But she couldn’t keep her eyes open much longer.

She yawned silently and arched her back, hearing some vertebrae crack in her mid spine. It felt good. She wiped her teary eyelids with one hand and put her hand across her mouth with the other as she stifled yet another yawn.

“Looks like you’ve hit your limit, Anna,” said Cynthia, who looked no better herself. Her hair stuck out at odd angles on her left side, from all the times she had leant her head on her hand.

Anna smiled at her, leaned back and sleepily reached down to tug her shirt down. Her stomach was on display. A tiny little belly that got bigger only during finals. It was the only time she allowed herself to eat more, especially carbohydrates, so as to fuel her brain more efficiently.

She caught Cynthia’s eye and they both giggled. No doubt burnt out by the lack of sleep and lateness of the hour. Anna sat back on the sofa and leaned against one of the arms, tucking her feet up under her, bending her knees. She set her iPhone to wake her up in 30 minutes. Then she would power through the last few problems and walk back home.

She looked over at Cynthia who was obviously struggling with another problem.

“Hey, <yawn>, you should take a power nap. I’ll help you when we wake up.”

Cynthia inclined her head and set her own iPhone’s alarm function. Then she did something unexpected. She scooted herself up against Anna’s flank and laid down next to her, clumsily spooning next to her. Almost instantly she fell asleep. Anna was momentarily startled, but then felt herself become more at ease. She even readjusted herself so they were both more comfortable. She felt Cynthia sleepily place one hand against her upper thigh and Anna felt compelled to hold it. She reached down and placed her hand on top of Cynthia’s. Sleepily, the hand turned over and clasped the offered one. Anna smiled and she too, fell asleep.


Anna felt her cheeks flush with warmth at their early memories. She shook her head and began to undress. She received another slap on the back from another girl on the team as she made her way to the showers.


The following morning, Anna rolled over and nuzzled up against Cynthia’s warm body. They had been up for about 30 minutes, but it was one of those lazy mornings. All they felt like doing was cuddling.

“So, are you worried about what you will be doing after school? Once we graduate?” said Cynthia softly, her hand running itself through her own ash-blonde hair, straightening out some of the kinks Anna had made from their nighttime activities.

“Nah, not really. My uncle works for a large facility in the Mid-West and has a placement for me already. The location is alright, but it’s hardly like campus here in Colorado.” She smiled.

“Me, I’m just worried about passing. I’ve been putting out a few applications, but you never know who wants you until the final marks come in.” said Cynthia, a little sadness in her voice.

Both girls were analytically-minded. They had spent two lovely years getting to know each other. It had been a marvelous time. But now, they were graduating in a few weeks. There were maybe a handful more volleyball practices, the final game; finals sandwiched in between, and then – what, graduation already?

Anna had kissed Cynthia in the cheek making her smile and got up to get dressed; heading back to her apartment. Her brother was in town and her family had always been big on punctuality.

Pulling up her denims and thumbing the catch, she could feel Cynthia watching her. She turned to look at the beautiful face, half-smiling, half sad.

“Do-do you think we’ll still be together after we graduate? I mean—“

Anna felt a pang of guilt. They had talked about this before, but she thought she wouldn’t have to deal with it for a little while longer. It seemed childish; the way Cynthia had asked the youthful, school-girl crush of a question, but it still affected her.

“You know I’ll always love you, Cynth. Truly I do. I just don’t know what’s going to happen after we graduate. I mean, I already have a firm position at my uncle’s company…” Anna left the question unanswered, as she always did.

Cynthia sat up in bed, the sheet slipping slightly so her ample bosom peaked out nervously from behind the sheet. She was tough, but she really, really did love Anna. Then Cynthia’s demeanor changed, her face suddenly looked brighter, like someone slowly bringing up the house lights.

“Well, I have been getting some more interesting job replies from the Northeast, including a few from New York City – nothing firm yet – but if I do get a solid placement…flying-wise it wouldn’t be much of a problem to visit you.” She smiled brightly again.

Anna returned the smile with equal warmth and finished getting dressed. She went over the dressing table and began touching up her face with the makeup kit from her purse. ‘Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as she thought, trying out a longer distance relationship.’

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Chapter 4 – Parvati

“Okay, now puff that cigarette.” Called the second-unit director, feet away from where the model was positioned, high above the magnificent horse.

Parvati Shannon, 24, and pride of Texas, raised her auburn eyebrows and readied her face.

She tilted her head, closed her eyes, and imagined that the cigarette was her last bit of freedom. The sinewy muscles of her neck tightened as she tilted her head away from the camera. She hitched a knowing smile across her face, at the same time she touched the brim of her cowgirl’s hat. The shot couldn’t have turned out any more perfect.

“Okay, cut!” said the director, as the crew advanced on the exterior set, a timeless ranch outside Houston.

“Wind’s kicking up.” Said Hefe, the owner of the ranch and the horse that Parvati was sitting on.

He patted his horse, Blanco, on its massive neck and said again, “wind’s picking up.” Then he offered a hand up to Parvati who took it as she dismounted.

She was shooting a commercial for a local tobacco company. The advertisement was targeted at boosting sales among the younger demographic. Parvati, who wasn’t a smoker herself, was puffing on an herbal cigarette, refused to take the smoke deep into her lungs.

Hefe took the reins of the horse from her after she dismounted. She raised a hand to her brow and searched for where the second-unit director had gone. He was looking through an eyepiece of one of the cameras and listening intently to the tech, when he looked up, spotted Parvati and waived a hand for her to come over.

“Just look at this shot. Wonderful. We’re going to slow it down a few frames and it’ really going to stand out.” He beamed, and she nodded.

Being in television ads were slightly different than photo shoots, for Parvati had done both already in her young life. For one, there were many re-takes, especially when working with animals, as she had come to find out. But she did not mind. It was something new and exciting to try. Parvati was hand-picked among many other by the local cigarette company for this shoot. Partly because of her demeanor – she had always been pretty in that wholesome sort of way; the-girl-next-door, but with that unique edge and quality that didn’t come off as haughty. Also, it didn’t hurt that she was incredibly photogenic.

She had been in front of the camera since she was 5 when she was first discovered by a fellow patient in her family dentist’s office.

“Now smile. No cavities.” Said Dr. Cathers as his secretary snapped the Polaroid at the beaming face.

A local man, in advertising had brought his daughter in the week after for a checkup and his daughter’s photo was placed next to Parvati’s. He had said that he worked for a youth talent agency and asked for the girl’s parent’s contact information. Being that he dentist knew the man very well, he said he would contact them himself; not wanting to violate patient-doctor confidentiality.

Parvati’s parents considered and eventually met with the man. The man explained who he was, and that he even had his own daughter featured. He showed them his daughter’s portfolio and they were astonished that they were seeing a ‘celebrity’ for they had many times seen her face in various advertisements. The answer was a resounding yes from Parvati’s parents and from there she appeared in school catalogues, local magazine and department ads and the occasional commercial.

It was indeed getting windier and Parvati put a hand to her face to block her eyes as a particularly unexpected gust kicked up.

“I’ll be glad to be finished with this shoot. The wind’s been a real pain in my ass for the last two days.”

Parvati smiled and stood by while the technicians and sound guys reset the scene, brought back in Blanco and relit her herbal cigarette, preparing her for the next sequence of the commercial. She took her place atop the steed was led into place by Hefe, who patted the horse and scurried offset away from the camera.

“Aaaaaaaand action!” bellowed the director.


“How was the shoot, Hun?” said Parvati’s mother, from behind the wheel of their pick-up.

The shoot was delayed a further 2 hours due to wind and set problems – dust mainly getting into cracks in the electronic equipment, and once when Blanco decided to relieve himself during a live take.

“It was good. I just hope they make a blooper reel,” she joked to her mother, filling her in about the incident.

Parvati’s was her mother in miniature. Chestnut hair that was thick and fell in curtains; full lips, slight freckling on her cheeks and kind, inviting eyes. She was thin, though not athletic and had a modest B-cupped chest that worked with her lanky frame, being 5’11’’ and 115 pounds.

Her mother smiled and she smiled back. The two were close and always had been. Her mother had had her when she was in her early 20’s, and her mother had kept herself active, so they really looked like sisters more than mother-daughter. She had even done some advertising with her daughter even though she was a full-time homebody. The patriarch of the family owned and operated a ranch, as well as held stock in some of the neighboring oil companies, so they were relatively well-off. Parvati’s father was a hard-working man, but always made time for his girls, and was protective of his family-life.

“Will Dad be home for dinner tonight?” she inquired, peering out the passenger-side window, seeing everything and yet nothing.

“He says he’ll be home early today.” Said her mother, checking her speed as she took the off-ramp.

It was several more minutes before they were home. The two women talked happily about the goings on around town, local politics and whether they thought the Dallas Cowboys would be playoff contenders this up-coming season.

They pulled into the driveway behind a red Dodge Durango that belonged to her father. Parvati helped her mother carry in a few grocery bags, her mother having run errands before collecting her from the set of her latest shoot.

“How are my angels?” cried her father from the kitchen, a glass of milk in his hand.

Parvati put down her bag on the island in the middle of the kitchen and hugged her father. Her mother beamed and began unloading the bags.

“I can help with dinner tonight if you ladies like.” He offered, downing the last gulp of milk and placing a few boxes on the shelf in the pantry with his free hand.

“Just setting the table will be nice,” said his wife, with the hint of a smile.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, making them all laugh. It was well-known that their father was a terrible cook at best, but made up for it by clearing and washing the dishes – even though it was really the dishwasher that did the heavy cleaning.

“Boy, let me tell you about the day we had,” said her husband as he placed the last item in the fridge and closed the door.

“Save it for dinner, hon.” Said his wife.

Since all the work was complete, Parvati excused herself and went up to her room and shut the door. Normally, she left it open, but today was different. Her best friend since kindergarten got her first tattoo. Parvati had never dreamed of getting one. For one, none of her parents had one and two – they looked very painful.

She fired up her Macbook Air and opened Skype. In seconds, she heard the ping and clicked answer.

The screen was momentarily garbled and pixilated when the confident face of Kim appeared. She was a slightly chubby girl with red hair tinted with blonde highlights.

“Well hello there,” said Parvati, resting chin on her hands, preparing herself for what should be quite a good show.

“Hello yourself, lady.” Kim replied. She had her head tilted to one side, one eyebrow raised, a sardonic grin hitched on her face.

“Soooo….” Said Parvati, leaning forward, almost as if wishing to jump through the screen into Kim’s room to see for herself the secret she held somewhere on her body.

“Okay. Oh my god. So we get there right, and Adam and Amanda are all like scared. But me, I can’t hop into the chair soon enough,“ blurted Kim, her voice so enthusiastic that Parvati lowered the volume of her computer speakers.

“Shh, you’re too loud.” She giggled, waiting for her friend to continue.

“—Right, so then I’ve got my design all picked out and the dude goes ‘no problem, we can do that for sure, yeah’, and so then I sign all the paperwork, blah, blah and – tada!”

Kim, still smiling stood up out of her computer chair and adjusted the screen. She walked over to her door and closed it softly and then locked it. Parvati, nervous with excitement, tilted her computer screen away from her own door and for good measure, lowered the volume another level.

Kim began unbuttoning her top hurriedly and tossed the cloth on her bed. Parvati was momentarily startled because she had no bra on. Her breasts hung with the health of a chubby girl and she turned to the side to reveal a bandage taped to her flank, just alongside her ribcage, where a bra would normally rest. Gently, she pulled the cloth away to reveal a dolphin leaping out of water, with two stars and a crescent moon. It was tastefully done, though the colors were muted and the skin very red from the needlework.

“Oh wow, Kim! That looks amazing!” she hissed softly but enthusiastically.

“I know, right!” she said cheerily, shaking her hips and upper shoulders so as to give the appearance the dolphin was dancing.

Parvati continued to stare, her mouth slightly slackened, a smile still on her face. Kim sat down again and got close to the computer so that only her eyes were visible. Parvati grinned as she watched her friend raise then lower them conspiratorially, “then I got this.”

She abruptly stood up and sat down on her bed, a small roll of belly fat protruded over the waistband of her tasteful jeans. Digging in a thumb, she loosed the catch and unzipped her pants. Then she stood, and shimmied the pants down, kicked them off and waggled up to the camera screen again. She then hooked a finger on either side of her panties and slowly lowered them.

Parvati’s face was one of shock, bewilderment and excitement. She craned her neck still closer to the screen that she was nearly nose to screen. Kim had gotten a second tattoo, one that even Parvati didn’t know about. It wasn’t fresh, but maybe a few days old. The redness had gone, but she could see the image quite clearly.

It was a small tattoo, perhaps a little bigger than a silver dollar. It was a silhouette of a girl on a rearing mustang, hair flowing and hat in her hand. Around it was the state of Texas, unmistakable and inked in red, white and blue and with a prominent Lone Star.

Parvati felt her spine tingle as she put a fist in her mouth to keep from nervously giggling. Kim waggled her body again and giggled too. But Parvati’s excitement wasn’t solely about the second tattoo, rather its location. It sat proudly to the left of Kimberly’s crotch, which was on prominent display…

“Pretty cool, huh? I know Tyson will love it.” She said, adjusting her panties and sitting down again. She tilted up the screen and Parvati quickly noticed her mouth was wide open and quickly closed it.

“Y-yeah…Oh my God, Kim” she said a little out of breath, her face feeling flushed. Kim, who didn’t seem to notice, began to jabber on about how she got it as a surprise birthday present for her boyfriend Tyson. Parvati went to school with him too. He was a nice enough guy and had been dating Kim since the 10th grade. He had already proposed to her once, to which she sweetly declined saying that they were too young and she wasn’t ready. Tyson’s grandmother was diagnosed with a rare and untreatable disease shortly thereafter and when Kim had gone away to college, he stayed behind, abandoning school to be with her. After his grandmother died, he had paid his way through community college and got a steady job managing a local shopping center. Kim had stayed faithful to him, and found his newfound maturity more endearing. When she graduated, he surprised her by proposing on stage at the ceremony after she had received her diploma and began walking off the stage. She had said yes.

<knock, knock, knock>

It was all Parvati could do from having a heart attack on the spot, as she heard the door of her bedroom knock. It sounded more like cannon fire to her, due to its abrupt suddenness.

“Hey Honey, it’s time to eat. Everything alright?” said her mother.

“N- <cough> -No, I’m good. I’ll be out in a second. I was just sleeping.”

She looked nervously at the door, but heard the stair on the landing creaking. Her mother was heading back downstairs.

Kim was sniggering. Parvati stuck out her tongue and Kim reciprocated. “Okay, gotta go! Lovely tattoos, lady!”
Parvati blew a kiss (a ritual from their childhood) and she shut the lid of her computer. She checked herself in the mirror, ran her hands through her hair to straighten it out, made sure she wasn’t red like a tomato any longer and headed down stairs for dinner.


“That was a lovely meal,” said her father, pushing his plate away and beaming at his wife.

It was certainly a feast: oven-roasted potatoes with rosemary and herb dusting, steak grilled to perfection, and blanched green beans and carrots with a chipotle aioli sauce on the side.

He had told them over the course of dinner about his day, making them laugh to the point of tears. Her father, apart from being a very successful businessman, was also a family comedian.

After the table was cleared, the family retired to the den. Parvati’s father eased himself into his recliner and twisted the top off a Budweiser. Her mother had poured each of them a glass of after-dinner wine and they sat down together watching a sitcom.

After an hour, Parvati felt her eyelids flicker open and closed. The early rise that morning, the long day’s shoot, mostly in sunlight and now the lateness of the hour had caught up with her. She was tired.

“Mom, I’m so sleepy.” She yawned, picking up her empty glass of wine and heading into the kitchen.

She heard her mother’s voice from around the corner, “You know where to go to fix that. Night honey.”

“Night mom. Night dad.” She said, and with shuffling steps headed to her room.

Parvati logged onto her computer, sat down heavily and read through emails. One which was CC’d to her parents was from her agent. It explained that there was opportunity for growth for her and that a New York City agency had seen her work and would like to talk to her.

‘Boy, New York City. The city that never sleeps.’ She thought.

She would mention it tomorrow to her parents and see what they thought and about what sort of work she might have to do. It was a routine sort of email: a week here for a shoot; a week there for a commercial; and a small break in between.

She closed her internet browser and stood up and yawned yet again, hands outstretched, reaching for the ceiling. She arched her back and began to undress tossing her clothes in her hamper and putting on a pair of shorts and a faded t-shirt. She dug out her phone from her jeans pocket, plugged it into the charger which was on a night table, set her alarm and turned out the lights.

At the foot of her bed, there was a soft blue glow from her computer. Parvati wasn’t scared of complete darkness, but she did find comfort in having any room she slept in have a little luminescence. She sighed contentedly, pulled her covers up to her chin, nuzzled into her pillow and was instantly asleep.


Parvati was normally a heavy sleeper, but tonight she was having stirring dreams. Sexual dreams. Twice during the night, she had awoken, her heart pounding and her forehead wet with perspiration. During the second dream, she was laying on a bed, naked while a handsome man was having his way with her. He was kind and gentle and satisfied all her womanly urges. In this dream, she and her companion were moaning…moaning…moaning.

She lay in her bed panting slightly from the mental exertion of her dream. Then she heard it. At first, she thought it was the television downstairs. Sometimes her father fell asleep during sports games, and the after-game commentary often ran late into the night. But this was different. It stirred something within her, igniting a small fire that begged for kindling.

Her ears straining, she searched for the origin of this noise. Her senses told her it was coming from her computer. ‘Pop-Up Add’ she thought, rolling out of bed and shuffling her feet towards her computer. But as she approached, the sound became slightly louder and clearer. It was the same moaning she thought she had imagined from her dream.

Focusing more, she looked at iTunes, maybe a running song– nothing. Then she checked her internet browser – still nothing. Then she clicked on her Skype icon.

It was dark, but she knew instantly what she was looking at. There, on her screen, was Kim and her fiancé screwing on the bed. As she watched, she saw Kim crawl from underneath her companion, as she moved the sheet, Parvati saw her fiancé, member erect his face a mask of ecstasy. She mounted him, reverse-cowgirl and began grinding against him – the moaning began again.

Parvati, part-torn, part-transfixed continued to stare. Her own breathing began coming in shorter and shallower. Was she panting? Unconsciously, her left hand found its way towards her shorts. Sliding her hand towards her sex, she felt the warm dampness and felt small electric tingles surge though her lower body and she gasped, almost startled by her own body. It felt good. Again, she felt indecision creep into her consciousness.

‘No, this was wrong – you’re watching your best friend having sex and she doesn’t even know she left her Skype window open’.

‘But then again, should you be denying yourself pleasure? After all, you’ve already had a wet dream already this evening.’

She shook her head, trying to process the conflict within, when she glanced up at the screen. Tyson was holding Kim’s arms back to steady her while she arched back and moaned in ecstasy. She could see the outline softer body bouncing up and down, and see the shaft of Tyson rhythmically entering her womanhood. Parvati felt her body shudder and a fresh wave of pleasure take her.

With trembling fingers, she opened one of the drawers of her computer desk. Pulling it out as far as she could, she reached in and extracted the only secret she had ever kept from her parents.

Then, biting her lower lip, she removed her electric vibrator and switched it on…

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Borghen has said some nice things

Very well!
You have portraied four different and interesting protagonists so far, along with a score of equally intriguing side characters.
I cannot wait for the next part!
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Nice work!
Meat is for the man. Bone is for the dog.

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This is quality fiction. I like the realism.
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Thanks everyone for commenting - the opening of the story has been set, and if there is anything that this audience would like more / less of for the remainder of the story, I am entertaining some fresh ideas. You can write this thread, or message me privately for story content ideas.
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Chapter 5 – Stories over Lunch

“Hello, anybody here?” said Brian cheerily as he wheeled Kate’s luggage past her and put it next to the wall and out of the way.

“Brian!” Came a voice from around the corner.

Kate watched, excited, as a smaller girl with a pixie cut came into view. She was wearing black and white spotted glasses that tastefully fit her face and accentuated a ‘Hello Kitty’ stereotype and wore a lose fitting faded shirt that hung low on one shoulder and a pair of slim fitting denim jeans.

“Hey, I’m Anna Lee, You’re Kate!” she said with a giant welcoming smile, hugging Kate. Instantly, she felt a connection with the new girl, who had to stand up on tip-toes to hug her.

Kate noticed, and Anna laughed, “Sorry, I seem to do that a lot. Everyone here is so tall!” She skipped over to Brian and gave him a similar warming hug and Kate took notice of the fact the girl was very muscular and light on her feet. ‘Was she a dancer or something?

Feeling a little self-conscious, Kate tried to stand a little taller and tightened all the muscles of her glutes and core and tried to put a more winning smile on her face. Brian and Anna Lee were discussing their train ride in, the traffic and the blockades being put up on near Rockafellar Center because of some news show that had featured a famous musical guest earlier that morning had decided to put on an impromptu concert for her fans. Kate would come to know that although Anna Lee seemed like a resident who grew up in the city, she had only been there 2 weeks longer than Kate. This thought made her hopeful; that she wouldn’t be thought of as the cliché ‘girl from the country, trying to make it big’.

Brian looked around the house, then at his watch, “Where are the rest of the girls?”

“Out for the afternoon, I think. Brianna, Bree – well, she’s on her own schedule. Parv is coming back from the yoga studio, maybe 45 minutes?” Anna tended to inflect the last few words whenever she was answering a question with a question. She also raised her eyebrows a fraction and scrunched up her face – it was nerdy but very cute.

“Oh, I can’t wait that long. I’ve got a meeting across down. I just wanted to make sure someone was here to help Kate settle in, else I would have taken her with me and dropped her off later.”

Anna Lee smiled, “Got it covered!”

They did a double-kiss good-bye with Anna Lee skipping on light feet to see him out. Kate took the opportunity survey they main floor. It was spacious, much larger than she would have thought judging from the outside hallway. She would come to learn that the apartment they were in was actually two apartments joined. The modeling company she was now a part of had done this in part to reduce costs, but also to accommodate several girls at one time so they could bond and help each other out as new ones moved in and out, depending on their work schedule.

“So, how are you? What do you think of the Big Apple?” said Anna Lee, waiving her arms expansively, a smile on her face.

“Um, well, it’s huge.” Said Kate flatly, taken aback by the question. ‘This Anna Lee seemed very nice – was she too nice? ’ Kate had read about models living together who could get catty and mean, especially if they were working similar lines of work or – even worse – competing for the same advertisement.

Anna Lee laughed at the remark, and Kate, who couldn’t help herself laughed too.

“Oh, and by the way, you can just all me Anna. Like Banana. Not Anna, like sauna. Everyone here pronounces things so lah-dee-dah, that I went by my full name, which for some reason, they pronounce properly every time. Go figure.” She ended with a shrug.

“And I’m just plain Kate. And, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, shoot."

Kate winced slightly as she spoke, almost afraid of offending someone she just met, "I don't want to sound rude, but are you always this happy?"

Anna smiled, "Actually, I was kind of low key and very serious. I think in part it was due to schooling and from our championship volleyball run with school. But, now that I've been here for a bit, I actually feel more myself, so I guess, yeah, I am."

Kate returned the warm smile and hoped that some of that good cheer would enter her and help to siphon off some of her trepidation.

Anna smiled and took her around the apartment. The lounge area was complete with a wall-mounted television and several couches and chairs that looked quite comfortable. There was a small balcony that was narrow and held two lounge chairs and a small table. Off to the left of the lounge was the kitchen and dining area. Off to the right were the bedrooms and bathroom.

“Oh, don’t worry, we have a half-bathroom – very little wait-time for a place full of girls.” Said Anna, noting Kate’s trepidation at seeing only a single bathroom.

Anna continued, “We have a fifth bedroom. It’s sometimes used for a model to crash for a few days, especially if she is only in town for a quick shoot. I’ve never seen anyone using it since I’ve been here. Oh, and here’s your bedroom. I’ll give you a few minutes to unpack – then we can grab lunch?”

Kate thanked her and Anna disappeared into her own room, which was right across from her own. The room was simple, yet spacious. To the left was a low, long dresser. Next to it, also along the left wall was a clothes hanger. ‘No doubt for clothes we get after the shoots or something’ she thought as she slid a finger along its metal frame. Opposite the dresser was a cozy double bed with nightstand and side-drawer. On the wall next to her door there was a modest closet with shelves and a tiny computer desk with fold-down chair. Kate walked around the room twice and finally sat down on the edge of the bed.

‘I don’t think it’s going to be so bad after all.’ She said out loud. Then with a wide smile, she let her body fall back onto the softness of the bed and hugged herself.


Kate was unpacking the last few items from her suitcase when she heard a soft rapping against her open door. It was Anna.

“Knock, knock. May I come in?” she said waiting at the door.

“Oh, sure – of course.” Kate said warmly.

Anna took a seat on the edge of her bed and gazed around the room, surveying it. “I think we all have the same design, just different room orientation.”

Kate shrugged and turned to face Anna, “So, what’s for lunch? I’m kinda hungry now.”

Anna bounced up off the bed and sauntered down the hall, Kate followed. “We’re only going a block. Oh, and I hope you like Chinese.” Said Anna, as the two of them entered the elevator.

“Totally, it’s really good. This one time, I—“ she began.

“I’m totally kidding. C’mon. Could I stereotype myself any more today?”

Kate’s eyes wandered to Anna’s glasses, which were now perched atop her head. Anna’s eyes followed Kate’s and she felt around for them. “Oh, duh.”

She crammed them on her face and squinted her eyes and accentuated her front teeth, making Kate burst out laughing with Anna joining in. The whole elevator ride down, Anna kept Kate in tears of laughter. She became more and more comfortable and felt that Anna would be a great friend.

After a few minutes of brisk walking (Kate would have to remember that New Yorkers walked like their lives depended on it all the time), they came upon a little restaurant whose specialty was sandwiches.

The door chimed as they entered and Anna ordered first, politely giving Kate time to look at the menu. Everything looked good to eat.

“Hi. Um, I’ll have a half-sandwich of the chipotle chicken and your Mediterranean salad? Oh, and with just a bottled water, thanks.” She paid the cashier, a polite but heavyset woman whose nametag read ‘Beverly’.

She and Anna moved down the line while those who had come in after them began placing similar orders. While they were waiting, Kate told Anna of how she had gotten ‘discovered’ and that she had only done a single interview with Brian. The camera crew did her make-up, took some profile photos and he said he would give her a call if they liked what they saw.

“And then they said that ‘there was potential, and wouldn’t I mind doing some work in modeling in Manhattan?’” finished Kate as she took the tray loaded with her meal. The two of them found a cozy booth that faced the street.

“So you’ve never had a full shoot before then?” said Anna, who took a bite of her chicken salad wrap.

“No. Just the one time a few weeks ago. Now you go, how did you enter this business?”

Anna laughed aloud.

“Well, my story is quite different. I recently finished my undergrad in Colorado with a major in environmental engineering. But I was actually discovered when I was playing volleyball for my school in the championship game - which we won by a close score. There were scouts everywhere and cameramen and photographers – the works. I’d never seen such a media circus in my life. Our school stunk for the last 3 years; up until this last year, when we picked up some good rookies. Anyway—somewhere along the way, my photos made it across the table of someone in the sports media advertising department and they offered me a small contract to wear their logo and promote volleyball. So I told them so long as it wouldn’t interfere with my career—my uncle has a company in the Mid-West and point-blank had a job waiting for me after I graduated.”

She paused to take another bite of her wrap before continuing.

“—Then they said that the gig was in New York, so I told them that it wouldn’t work and thanked them for their interest. But then,” she emphasized, pointing her wrap at Kate like a rapier, “—only a week into working for my uncle, he tells me that they have an opening branch in the NorthEast, and that he’d like me to work there instead,”

“So what did you do then?” said Kate, who was nearly half-way through her salad.

Anna sat back and laughed, putting on a poor impression of a thickly accented Asian, “I told my uncle, ‘Hey! You trying to get rid of your favorite niece or what?!”

“Haha, that’s great!” cried Kate, who nearly choked on her forkful of salad.

“So, I was transferred here and on a whim, called the sports company to see if they remembered who I was and if they were still interested in me. They said that they had already found someone, but would I be interested in modeling clothing for other sports. Running, soccer and stuff like that.”

She raised her hands and mock-searched around, “and so here I am.”

“Well, it sounds like it worked out for you decently then.” Said Kate, who finished her salad and had moved onto her half-sandwich.

“It’s been pretty good. My uncle allowed me to do this job on the side, but gave me a work schedule that is remote-access through my computer, so I don’t necessarily need to be at his head office in New Jersey. And if I do, it’s only a train-ride away.”

The two girls talked some more about the city and how it differed from where they had moved from. Kate had also found out about Anna’s orientation and her partner, Cynthia, who hadn’t found work yet and had moved back home. The long-distance was a strain on their relationship, but Anna talked warmly about the subject.

Anna wiped her mouth with a napkin and reached into her hip pocket. “Hey.” She said, then “OH, HEY – No, She’s just gotten in—Yes, we’ve eaten already <sigh> No, only if you want to—hang on, I’ll ask her.”

She pulled the phone away from her ear and put a hand over the receiver, “It’s Brianna—Bri—one of the other girls we’ll be living with. She’s in SoHo right now, but wanted to know if you wanted to order pizza?”

“Well, we’ve just eaten. Does she mean like for dinner later on?” said Kate puzzled.

“No, Bree is always eating. Well, you’ll learn about her soon enough.” Anna laughed, but it seemed a little forced.

Taking her hand away from the receiver, and noting Kate’s shrug of indifference she replied, “No Bree, I think you’re on your own for pizza—yes, get two then—someone will eat them. Yeah. Okay, bye!”

Anna rolled her eyes sarcastically and Kate was desperate to know the reason why. However, just then, Anna’s phone chirped – she had received a text. She thumbed through her phone and opened the message.

‘Hey, where r u? Has Kate arrived?’

Anna held her phone out to Kate who read it, “That’s Parvati—Parv. Our other roomie. She’s awesome. She just getting into the apartment.” Anna thumbed out a reply message and put the phone back in her pocket.

“Should we head back then?” asked Kate.

“We can, it’s beginning to get dark – we can go out tonight if you want, or just stay in.”

“I think I’d like to get to know you all better, so if we can stay in, I’d like that.”

“Totally,” said Anna, who took both their trays and got up out of the booth.

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greinskyn has said some nice things

Brianna's gonna get those girls in trouble...

I imagine a similarity to the FAT dorm room partner here. What an amazing effect that has on the slimmer girls.

Nice energy so far, not a "two dimensional" WG story.
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Chapter 6 – First Impressions

The two girls carried on their conversation as they rode the elevator back to room 818.

“—and then the cabdriver honks his horn at me—flips me the bird— then yells out his window – ‘Welcome to New York!’” finished Anna, a fresh wave of laughter outpouring from Kate.

They opened the door and Kate became aware of a new smell in the air. It wasn’t unpleasant by any means. In fact, she felt a serene calm come over her.

“Parv? You home yet?” cried Anna as she put her house keys on a shelf next to the door and kicked off her shoes.

“Mmm hmm,” came a garbled voice from somewhere in the kitchen.

Kate and Anna entered and saw the tasteful form of Parvati, her head tilted back to accommodate a tall water bottle, which bubbled as she consumed the last few mouthfuls. Her body had a slight athletic sheen, no doubt from her yoga session; and Kate determined that the pleasant aroma she had just encountered when she entered the apartment was from Parvati. She was very tall and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, an athletic headband present to keep the strands out of her pretty face. Her athletic top was a bit too short for her long torso so that her flat, athletic stomach displayed itself.

When she saw that Anna was with Kate, she choked on her water, so that a little dribbled down the side of her mouth and down her neck. This made Anna laugh, as, it seemed, most anything did and Kate joined in.

Slightly embarrassed, Parvati reached down to the gym back beside her, extracted a towel to wipe her mouth, dried her hand and shook Kate’s. “Hey there, welcome to the house. I’d give you a hug, but I’m all sweaty and gross.”

Once again, Kate got that momentary sense of a lack of confidence. Here was yet another girl who was stunningly pretty, tall and seemed very friendly. Would her new perception of Parvati be similar to Anna? Would she find another friend who she could get along with? Was her perception of modeling outdated and completely wrong – they both seemed so…so normal.


She heard her name a second time, “Kate?”

“Hmm?” she said, coming out of her reverie.

“I was just asking if there was anything I could do for you.” Said Parvati, who absent-mindedly began dabbing sweat off her neck with the towel from her gym bag.

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you. Um, well I’ve only just unpacked and Anna’s just taken me out for a bite of lunch.”

Parvati beamed, “Isn’t she the greatest? She arrived only a day before I got here, but I thought that she had lived here her entire life—she knows everything about everything. She even found me a place that fixed my old boots. An old-fashioned cobbler in New York!”

Anna cupped her hands and began to pivot on one of her feet, like a child would do when trying to be cute, making them both laugh. “I know, I know, it’s a blessing and a curse.”

The girls retreated to the lounge and sat down on couches. Kate retold her story about how she had been discovered by Brian and how she was going to do her first official modeling shoot here in New York. Both girls were very encouraging and Kate was pleased to note that Parvati, who had had the most modeling experience out of all of them didn’t butt in every 3 seconds with tip after tip about how she should try this, or do that for her first shoot.

“…and then I ran into Anna, grabbed lunch and now I’ve gotten to meet you.” Said Kate, ending her narrative.

“Wow, that’s so cool. I’d have been nervous, but you seem so confident. I know you’ll do just fine, and we’re all here to help one another. This is going to be a fun few months.” Said Parvati.

“So Parvati, how did you find yourself in New York?” asked Kate, feeling more at ease around her two new companions.

“Well, basically, I got an email from my talent agency saying that the cigarette company I was working for down there wanted me to do some more work in the NorthEast. My parents approved and made travel arrangements for me and that’s about it.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you were a smoker.” Said Kate, surveying that that must he how Parvati stayed so slim.

“Haha, well they do try to get you hooked though. But I don’t like it at all. The ones they give me are herbal and are safe. Well, safer than regular cigarettes, I guess.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” Said Kate, now chalking up Parvati’s physique to hard exercise and diet.

“So do you know what area of modeling and marketing you might be doing while you are here?” said Parvati.

“Yeah,” said Anna, “I know that I’ll be doing a lot with sports and Parv is going to do a lot of advertising with basically one company. What’s your niche?”

‘Niche? What’s a niche?’ Kate suddenly felt stupid as the two girls politely stared at her, waiting for her reply. Why was she there? She didn’t even know what role she would be filling while she was here. Brian said everything would be handled, but what exactly did that mean?

But before she could reply, she heard someone shouting outside their front door. Followed by that, she heard the jangle of keys being roughly thrust into a door, a bang, followed by another bang and then the front door literally burst open.

“NO! I don’t CARE what you said. Your COMPANY said it was going to here ON MY FRONT STEP by noon….NO! I don’t want to hear that shit!”

The imposing figure of Brianna entered the hallway of the apartment. In one hand she balanced two large boxes of pizza. On the crook of her other arm was a very large purse and in her hand was a combination of her house keys and her iPhone. A set of Bose headphones protruded from one ear while the other dangled helplessly. Even though she was talking to someone through her headset, she was yelling at them as if they were at the end of a football field.

‘Geez, the person at the other end is probably deaf now,’ thought a concerned Kate, who watched as this tornado of a woman continued her swirl of discourse and mayhem.

“And another thing – if you want my business ever again, you’ll clean up your crap and deliver on your f**king promises!

The girl threw down her purse with a louder than expected *thud* and tore her remaining ear bud from her head and tossed that upon her purse.

Unceremoniously, she unloaded the boxes of pizza onto a table and grabbed at one of the lids and tore out a slice. She folded it and in a few large bites consumed the enter piece, all the while muttering to herself – apparently still fuming about the phone call she had just got off of and the ill-news she received.

Kate who could only stare at this explosive outburst found herself in the crosshairs of Brianna.

“What are you staring at?” she said point-blank, looking directly at Kate; a hand on one hip and a freshly folded slice of pizza in the other. Kate became very aware of herself and noticed her mouth was agape, staring. She abruptly closed it.

Before Kate could answer, Brianna had cut her off. “Nevermind, newgirl.” She turned her gaze to Anna and Parvati thrusting her chin at each of them,

“Hey bitches.”

She turned on her heel, grabbed her iPhone, jammed it into her back pocket; picked up the top box of pizza and powerfully left the room.

Kate jumped slightly as she heard the forceful slam of a door being shut and turned, looking concernedly at the other two.

“What the heck just happened; what did I do?” she said.

Parvati had gone quiet and turned her gaze lazily to the ceiling and let out a sigh. Anna’s gaze was downturned, her face losing some of its usual brilliance.

“That,” said Anna, “was Hurricane Bree.”

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Sulla has said some nice things

Bree's horror at losing her figure is going to be awesome to watch.
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Default really interesting and complex and very well....

described dep cahracters for sucha weight gain story :-)

i really loved the display of all the girls and now am very very curious about what happens next ;-)

please i would love to
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Chapter 7 – Just This Once

The girls sat in silence for a while before anyone spoke. From somewhere down the hall, they could hear the steady blare of trendy club music coming from Brianna’s room.

Parvati was the first to speak, “Well, I guess I’d better shower. We’ll pick up our conversation in a little bit.” She put her hands on her knees and hoisted herself up and headed towards her own room.

Kate looked at Anna, who had a slight ‘sorry about that’ look on her face. “I think I’m ready for a nap.” She said and got up shortly after Parvati.

Letting out a slight sigh, Kate got up too and walked back to her room.
She logged onto her computer and surfed the web and began bookmarking pages about New York City that she thought might come in handy. Even though her door was slightly ajar, the abrupt knock on her door startled her.

Hey newgirl.” Came the confident voice from the doorway.

Brianna walked in without waiting to be invited and sat down on the edge of Kate’s bed and looked lazily around, tossing her hair every few seconds.

Kate took the brief instant to look this girl up and down. Already, she knew the two of them were going to have a rocky relationship at best. Brianna was very pretty – and probably already knew that and, wouldn’t let anyone forget it. She had a slight smirk on her face that was peppered with superiority and condescension.

“So,” she began, spinning her body, so that she was facing Kate. Kate turned on her swivel chair so the two women were now facing each other. “I wanted to welcome you to my place and to apologize about earlier.”

She stuck out her hand. Hesitatingly, Kate took it.

Kate mulled over the words ‘my place’ that Brianna had just used. And this new gesture of forgiveness? The girl looked like she had never forgiven anyone for anything in her life. Kate was going to have to really feel her out over the next few months and hopefully just ride out the storm with as few quarrels as possible.

“There! Friends now.” Said Brianna, a veiled smile played across her face; the handshake felt cheap to Kate and about as genuine as a $3 bill.

Brianna just smiled sickly-sweet at Kate, saying nothing but gently observing her. It made her feel uncomfortable so after a while she broke the silence.

“So, I’m Kate.”

“Pleasure.” She replied, still staring at her.

“Thanks. Um, well I was just about to send out a few emails, so—“, began Kate, but Brianna cut across her.

“Ugh, so boring. Let’s hang out and talk.”

She folded her legs up on the bed and leaned forward, immediately blurting into superficial babble that Kate was not interested in. She let Brianna continue telling her stories all the while gesturing wildly with her facial expressions and hand gestures. Kate took the opportunity to examine Brianna more closely. Brianna was wearing lounge clothing now, having apparently changed from when she had first met her. She observed that they were similar in height, though Kate was a bit larger in the chest. She also observed that Brianna was very, very pretty. Her face was angled, but held a nurturing softness, her hair shone with health and her face was perfectly – and expensively – maintained, no doubt by the finest creams and moisturizers.

“—So what do you think about that?” said Brianna, staring at Kate.

Kate shook herself mentally. She hadn’t taken in a single word the other girl had said. Quickly, she matched the look Brianna was giving her – one of stern, brow-furrowed disapproval. This seemed to mollify Brianna.

“Exactly. Which is why I think donating to cancer is a waste of everyone’s money. If you’re old, pull that plug.” She ended.

Kate hid her shock, but it went unnoticed by Brianna. She leaned back on Kate’s bed and propped herself up on her elbows, “So tell me – what’s your deal? What kind of shoots are you signed up for?”

Briefly, Kate brought Brianna up to speed. She could tell the girl opposite her was processing the information like a supercomputer – did she feel that Kate was a competitor or not? And if she did, would she turn nastier than she had done to that person on the phone – Kate didn’t want to find out.

Brianna laughed as Kate concluded, telling her how overwhelming she found New York City. This little tidbit of insecurity seemed to fuel her already overinflated opinion of herself.

“And what do you think of Brian? Pretty cute huh. I wouldn’t mind seeing what he’s hiding under those pants of his.” She said with a twinkle of conspiracy in her eye.

Kate didn’t take the bait. In fact, she hadn’t thought of him in that way at all. He was nice, polite and had been very helpful with her. Was this all Brianna seemed to think about? Sex, sex, sex?

Brianna’s stomach gurgled at that moment and she put a hand to her belly. Kate could see the even under her shirt, that she had formed a little domed tummy. No doubt from the pizza she had consumed. She caught Kate’s eye and coyly lifted up her shirt to reveal a little food baby. Brianna patted her stomach and it made little smacking sounds.

“Don’t worry about this little guy. It’ll be burned off by tonight. I can eat like a racehorse – got the metabolism of a thoroughbred.” She smiled and looked in Kate’s direction.

This girl was a model?’ thought Kate as she looked down at the exposed bit of flesh.

“That’s gotta be pretty lucky for you then, right?” said Kate aloud. Kate’s own stomach gurgled slightly, despite the fact that she had eaten not one hour earlier with Anna.

“Hey, I’ve got some extra pizza if you want. You look like you’ve got a fast metabolism like me anyway.”

“No, I really shouldn’t—“, Kate began, but Brianna waived her protest off with a hand and motioned for Kate to get up and follow her. As they made their way to the lounge, Kate noted that both Parvati and Anna’s doors were closed.

Kate took the same chair she had earlier and Brianna flopped down on the sofa and hooked the coffee table with a foot and opened the second box. It smelled delicious.

“This is the shit right here,” she said, tearing into a slice.

Kate looked for the smallest one she could find, thanked Brianna, who ignored the compliment and began taking small, calculated bites.

Brianna reached forward for the remote control and switched on the television. She channel surfed, commenting crudely with each passing one.

“Biggest Loser – look at those cows, how do they even live? … Ugh, the Today Show – Matt Lauer, he’s so f**king old now! … Ah, The Real Housewives of New York – now this is a great show.” She turned to look at Kate who smiled weakly and nodded.

Kate, who wasn’t a huge fan of television, or reality television for that matter, began to enjoy the show in spite of herself. The sheer theatrics of the women yelling at each other, throwing items and threats to kill each other every other scene were so far-fetched that it was bad, but the kind of bad that you find humor in.

Brianna laughed raucously as she reached for another slice of pizza. ‘How many was that now?’ thought Kate, who was now down to the crust of her own slice.

She looked down at her crust and then at her stomach. It still held its lean form, innocent of the lunch she had consumed with Anna – but she couldn’t get into the habit of snacking like Brianna seemed to do. True, her mother was relatively thin, but she did work to maintain her body; and Kate was no stranger to genetics – she remembered her biology professor telling her that your metabolism comes from your mother, from the egg, and that genetically, the male sperm was responsible for complimenting the other half of the genetic coding.

Still, she didn’t want to begin to get into bad habits. Then again, she was entering the modeling world – certainly someone would be monitoring what they ate and put them on some sort of dietary regimen, right? Perhaps…Yes, perhaps just one more slice wouldn’t hurt – especially, if this was a way to connect with Brianna. Maybe she was so crabby because she was used to getting her own way all the time. Surely playing into that a little bit wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe she would mellow out.

Confidently, Kate nibbled at the remainder of her pizza crust and reached forward and took the largest slice remaining in the box. ‘Just this once,’ she told herself, as she folded the slice in half and took a regular bite.

Finally! Someone else who isn’t afraid of food!” said Brianna, who leaned forward to fist-bump Kate.

She smiled and completed the ritual, although her eyes did not miss that when Brianna had leant forward to perform the gesture, her shirt shifted so that her prominent food belly pooched forward and over the waistband of her lounge pants.

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greinskyn has said some nice things

How many slippery slopes started with "Just this once" or "Just one more..."

I was a fool not to save a collection of college photos once posted on Dimensions. This young woman was very slender as a H.S. senior... and through Freshman and Sophomore years in college. Then in her junior year she got a sexy roommate well over a hundred pounds heavier. Apparently they hit it off as there were tons of pics of the two hanging out with friends.

So began a gradual, and astounding gain.

Once the seeds were planted...

Have fun Kate.
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Sulla has said some nice things

Now to see whether Bri merely corrupts the other three while staying thin or if her own metabolism crumbles. I really hope its the later and want to see her horror as the sleek features she valued so much drown in a sea of pudge and she becomes one of the fatties she dislikes so much.
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Chapter 8 – Rocky First Impressions

“Well, I guess I’d better shower. We’ll pick up our conversation in a little bit.” Said Parvati, breaking the silence that followed in Brianna’s wake. She put her hands on her knees and hoisted herself up and headed towards her own room.

Anna waited a few seconds until she saw Parvati disappear out of the lounge and off to her room. Kate looked at her with a slight bit of confusion on her face. Anna returned the look with a slight ‘sorry about that’ expression of her own. She raised her arms in the air and forced a yawn, “I think I’m ready for a nap.” She said and got up shortly after Parvati.

She walked quickly towards Parvati’s door, which was closed and knocked softly, but loudly enough over Brianna’s racket she called music, blaring from a stereo she wasn't even in the same room with.


“It’s me.” she said, and opened the door a crack.

“It’s okay, come on in.” replied Parvati, noticing who it was.

Anna closed the door with a soft click as she heard Kate, who was now alone in the lounge sigh heavily and walk along the carpeted floor towards her own room.

Parvati sat down on her bed, one leg tucked under her body, her hands folded in her lap. Anna took the computer chair.

“Ugh, why does Bree have to do that all the time – cause drama. Why?”

Parvati shrugged, “I have no idea. I’ve been around crazy before. But I usually only have to work with them on a shoot, then I get to go home and never think about it again.”

Anna nodded in agreement. “Do you think she’s going to get any worse? I mean, remember when you accidentally knocked a glass of water on her magazine? Girl flipped shit. And it was water, water!”

“Don’t remind me of that disaster,” replied Parvati, shaking her head as if to rid herself the memory.

Anna remembered her first experience with Brianna. She had moved in the same day as Brianna, but the two never saw each other. It was around 10:30pm their first night when Anna was on the phone, wrapping up with her parents. She heard the snap of the front door being roughly thrust open. There was a loud giggle from what sounded like a male voice and the distinct sucking sound of a couple kissing passionately.

Tentatively, she stuck her head out of her room. Peering down the hallway, she saw the silhouette of a couple glued together. The woman was pinned to the wall, her shirt pulled up so that one magnificent breast was clasped in the man’s eager hand as he roughly massaged it. Her hand was digging at his belt, reaching for his member. That was enough for her, and she shut the door and put her earphones in to muffle the noise of the noisy coitus going on across the hall.

All she could remember from that night was that at one point being freaked out when the man, naked clumsily attempted to crawl into her bed. When she screamed and turned on the light, he recognized his mistake, mumbled an apology, giggled, and stumbled back to Bree’s room.

And of course, there was the incident the following morning, when Anna was going out for her morning jog. She had slept horribly through the remainder of the night and even took precautions by putting her computer chair behind her door and stacking a bunch of coins on the edge, so if the chair moved, she would be wide awake from the noise and be ready. Changing into her jogging gear, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and gasped with shock as she exited her room and walked into the main hallway.

There was the new girl, whose name she did not even know, sprawled naked on the couch, passed out with the male who scared her, also naked. Around them was late night take-out food boxes, several crushed cans of beer and what looked like a used condom thrown unceremoniously – on her running shoes!

Anna, who was never one for making a scene felt her disgust and anger rise at the indignation and lack of disrespect from this complete stranger.

“HEY!” she yelled, her little hands balled into fists as she marched forward towards the sleeping couple. She raised her voice again and the man began to stir first. Wiping his face with one hand and scratching himself, he looked around with squinted eyes to the source that was Anna.

With a cheeky grin, he cocked an eyebrow at her, “hey babe.”

Then she lost it.

Anna rushed at him, her hand outstretched like a rapier and jabbed him in the chest, “Just who the f**k do you think you are! You break into my room and try to get into my bed, then you leave a fucking mess in the living room and now your f**king leave a soiled condom just wherever you bloody-well please. Get out – GET OUT!”

The man, startled, clearly did not expect this reaction and scrambled to his feet and began snatching at clothes. A sock here. A shirt there. He mumbled apologies as he dressed, shooting the occasional scornful look at Anna, who stood, arms folded, chest out with her face set in a mask of fury.

The girl, who also woke up at the second bellow from Anna stirred more slowly. She arched her back and squirmed on the couch, wriggling into it like a cat trying to get more comfy. She brushed hair out of her eyes and rubbed her belly, which was mildly swollen from her evening binge.

“Umm, you don’t get to talk to him like that.” She said, her eyes focusing on Anna like gun muzzles.

Anna unfolded her hands and placed them defiantly on her hips, staring at the girl who simply stared back with equal defiance. Suddenly, she got up and tossed her hair back. “So, I guess you’re one of the girls I’ll be bunking with for the next little while – so let’s handle this right here, right now.”

She stood toe to toe with Anna, who faltered slightly and took a slight step back. That was all Brianna needed to know. She could own this girl now.
Still naked, Brianna craned her head forward so that she was almost nose to nose with Anna. She winced, smelling a bad combination of take-out, alcohol and sex emanating from the girl who stood before her.

“Look here, Hello Kitty. We’re not going to be friends, alright. Nobody – nobody – gives me the business.” She pushed finger into Anna’s chest and held it there.

Both women stood there, Anna disbelieving what the heck was going on while this woman – this crazy woman – held her ground, finger pressed into Anna, just looking at her, staring and waiting for her to make a move.

Finally, Anna broke. “Hey, whatever. I just don’t appreciate being woken up by someone trying to hop in my bed, nor seeing a used condom lying across my sneakers, would you? She said, breaking the silence.

Brianna laughed. It was high and cold.

The man, who had been dressed for a few minutes and had been eyeing the encounter was looking at Brianna with a new respect.

Anna shook her head, and turned to grab her shoes. She tipped the condom off the mesh webbing and tried not to think of whether any of the man’s fluids had penetrated the mesh toes of her shoes.

The mystery couple had watched her dress, Anna could feel their eyes on her back. It gave her the creeps. She grabbed her keys, tucked them into the elasticated waistband of her athletic bottoms and turned, “Hey, I don’t even know your—“

“It’s Bree. And I’m sure you won’t be forgetting it.”

Disgusted, Anna opened and closed the door with a snap.

Brianna smiled and rolled her eyes as if to rid herself of the memory of this girl.
The man, who had shrugged and made to pick up the used condom was stopped by Brianna.

“Leave it. Besides, I’m not quite finished with you yet, Mike.”

Mark.” he muttered, as she beckoned him over with a crooked finger.

“Whatever.” She said with a smirk as she grabbed the loop of his belt and lead him, her still naked, into her bedroom.


Anna heard laughter coming from down the hallway and opened Parvatis’ door a crack and tip-toed down the hallway. Brianna and Kate were in the lounge and it looked like they were munching away on pizza, the television turned out louder than was necessary.

Anna sighed and came back into Parvati’s room.

“What do you think of the new girl?”

“Kate? She seems really nice, why do you ask?” said Parvati after a moment. True, she had only known her for a little while.

Anna shrugged her shoulders, “No reason. I haven’t heard Bree laugh like that since either of us came here. I just—I just hope that she’s not closet Bree in disguise. You know…”

Parvati nodded darkly, “I guess we shall have to wait and see.”

Anna nodded in return, her face equally grave as she turned, wondering, looking back towards the lounge.

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Chapter 9 – Choices, Choices, Choices

Anna and Parvati shared several more concerns about Bree and hoped against hope that Kate wouldn’t be pulled in by Brianna’s wiley ways.

“Hey, It’s getting kinda late. We’ve got orientation tomorrow, now that Kate has arrived and I’ve still got to shower.” Said Parvati, raising one arm as is to confirm that she was ripened enough for her to hit the water.

Anna giggled and excused herself, heading to her own room and closing the door.


Kate was beginning to warm up to Brianna softly, slowly. She was very vulgar and was clearly not afraid to speak her mind. But some of her jokes and comments were pretty amazing and she could not help herself but laugh aloud to many of them.

“What does Santa Clause tell Mrs. Clause he got for Christmas?” said Bree, shoveling the last bit of pizza into her mouth, chewing loudly.

“No idea,” said Kate as she leaned in closer to hear the finale to the joke.

“Fat. I got fat for Christmas!”

They both howled with laughter.

“Oh, wait – I’ve got one more.” Said Bree, twisting to look at Kate. Her shirt riding up slightly so that a little swollen underbelly showed proudly.


“Okay – what does YOLO mean for fat people?”

“Ummm, you…only…live…oink?” said Kate pondering. She looked at Bree, whose face was read with laughter and of eating the rich food.

“Close – It’s You Obviously Love Oreos!” She made to high-five Kate, who reluctantly leaned forward to meet the open palm. As she did so, she saw Parvati and Anna dressed like they were headed out. Had they not passed at that second to distract her, she may have noticed that leaning forward towards Bree was a little uncomfortable, more so than earlier in the evening.

“Uh, we were heading out for a quick bite of dinner. It’s already 8.” Said Parvati flatly, looking down at the empty pizza boxes in front of the two girls. Bree had that ‘well, what are you waiting for – just go then’ look about her face and quickly returned to look at the television.

Kate felt her cheeks flush red with embarrassment. “Um, wow. I didn’t know the time passed so quickly.”

“Did you want to come with us Kate, see more of the neighborhood before tomorrow’s orientation?” said Parvati, throwing her a verbal lifeline.

“Yeah-yeah, that sounds pretty good, I’ll just—“

“Nonsense! We were just getting to know each other, Red. Let us two gals be. Isn’t that right, Kate?”

Kate deliberated in her head for what felt like an age. Go with the girls – they are so nice, what do I have to gain by sticking around Brianna? Besides, I can’t keep eating like this – I’ll get huge. But then again, if I befriend her a bit, perhaps I can bridge a gap between her and the other two girls…Gosh, why is this so hard, I just want to make everyone happy.

She looked up at Anna and Parvati with a pained ‘help me choose’ look, her forehead wrinkled, eyes winced, eyebrows raised and teeth clinched together.

“No. She’s good with me. You two head on out. Bye.” Said Bree still staring at the television.

Kate felt the room drop a few degrees as Parvati stood there. She looked down at her hands, which were now resting in her lap, not daring to look up.

“Okay, we’ll see you in a bit.” Said Parvati tonelessly.

Kate heard the shuffle of feet and took that moment to look up. There was Anna, trailing behind Parvati, shaking her head from side to side as if in disappointment.

“Ugh, finally.” Said Brianna as she stifled a belch upon hearing the door close with a soft snap.

Kate sighed inwardly and wondered if she had made the right decision.

Almost in answer, Bree got up off the couch and went to the fridge and returned with two cans of beer.

“Here. Drink.” She said, thrusting the can of Budweiser into Kate’s hand.
Before Kate could answer, Bree clinked her can against Kate’s, pulled the tab and took a long pull and flopped back on the couch.

Kate looked down at her unopened brew. Her stomach gurgled contentedly and she placed a hand on top and the gurgling ceased.

Yes—tonight I think I made the right choice.’ She thought as she opened her own beer and took a small sip.

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Sulla has said some nice things

Sad to see Kate will blow up first. Hope Bree expands with her.
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