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Default Slight Progress?

Hey Everyone,

So my husband was at a conference yesterday, and we seriously had *no food* in the house. Normally he goes to the store for cheese, eggs and tomatoes and makes these scrumptious omelettes on weekend mornings, but he had to be out the door at 8am. I had some nutritional shakes left over from when my cat tried to kill me, so I had a couple of those, but by 2pm I was *starving!* So I went to our cornershop and got two pieces of chicken with fried rice. The fried rice was dreadful, not even Siracha could save it (who the hell puts potatoes in fried rice?!) but I devoured the chicken and as much of the rice and other veggies as I could, had a couple glasses of wine, then went to a friend's art opening. After, I met my husband at a bar for more wine and cheap tacos…but the strange thing was, as I walked to the conershop and my friend's gallery opening, I swear I felt my belly and hips kinda jiggling a little bit with each step, which I've never felt before. I kinda liked it. It honestly felt really nice.

Today was another friend's birthday. I made some rice to bring to her party and nibbled at it while I waited for it to cool. Hubby suggested we go to a nearby popup restaurant for breakfast, but it was closed. So was the cornershop, that also does breakfast. So I heated up the rest of the fried rice and potatoes when we got home. Then my friends came. At the party I kept grazing on chips, popcorn, chips, etc. When my friends were ready to leave I suggested we go to a nearby restaurant. I was full, but needed real food, not snacks. So did they. My husband agreed to meet us there. I had a sesame tuna salad with greens and honey mustard dressing, and nibbled off everyone's plate. Then we went home and watched some Walking Dead. I'd changed into another friend's size large sweatpants, and could see where my thighs ended and the sweatpants began, and just got so turned on at the idea of me filling them out. My husband has a side client that's a restaurant. He talked to the chef tonight, sampled some of his new appetizers, and suggested we have a date night where we get all dressed up and have a nice dinner there . . . I don't know how to end this without totally sounding all Penthouse Forum, but honestly, I can't wait! I've been dying to try this restaurant for forever!BTW, this was totally me this morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lrjt3xKg4I
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