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Default The Utopia

~BHM, ~FFA, Feeding, Stuffing. Mild ~Sex, ~MWG, ~XWG

A spy is prepared for an eventual mission to a closed, all-fat community with diet changes and a fat-suit disguise.

The Utopia

by gignv


I paused on my way through the doors toward my new assignment. My career had been solid without praise or fault. Mostly because my job and what I did for my job were not topics anyone was allowed to discuss. Was this a promotion or demotion? Only time would tell. Since I thought I had a good record I preferred to think it was a promotion. The secrecy level on this one was beyond anything I had experienced before, I was permanently assigned to this and this would be the end or the rest of my career. Maybe. One never knows about these things.

I had keys and pass-codes to many doors and went through many security checkpoints. Eventually the guards were gone and the checkpoints were electronic or even hardened steel locks. After the final door I entered a complex of well-lit rooms, bright after the long journey through little used, dimly lit passageways.

“Welcome to the project.” said a very controlled and emotionless voice to my left. I knew she was there, since this is definitely a skill I needed to survive my job. I trusted this assignment so I took no evasive or defensive action. I looked over at a tall, but thin woman dressed in what looked like a doctor’s white coat. Glasses, clipboard, hair neatly pulled back. I knew this type. These people were the backbone of our organization. They tweaked our bodies to fit each mission and often put us back together after many of our missions. I expected to see a cadre of other people as part of the rest of the project. This was my only surprise. She may have sensed this or at least predicted my reaction, “It is just us. I am Dr. Morgan.” No jewelry, just slacks and a button-up shirt.

“OK, you know who I am. When do we get started?”

“We are already started. Today is half gone but we can get much of the background data done.” Still calm, relaxed. I swear there was a slight quirk of a smile behind her mask of professionalism.

“Follow me.”

We went down a hall and entered a largish doctor’s office. It actually looked a little more like a mad scientist’s lab than your usual suburban family doctor’s office. Oh, well. I was much more familiar with this version.

“Please remove your clothes and we will get started with the baseline data.”

I was used to this, but usually there were 5 to 10 other people with me. I did what I was asked to do. The room was just the right temperature at least. Dr. Morgan directed me to an examination table that dominated the room. Dominated is the correct description; the table was enormous, near the size of a queen-sized bed. I followed her lead and sat on the table. The usual tests and blood work were done. I had to stand and she weighed me and measured my height. She kept madly scribbling notes and measurements. She got out a tape measure and began measuring everything. Ankle circumference, calf, knee, lower thigh, upper thigh. The other leg. My waist. Circumference across my butt, just below my butt where my legs start. Around my ribs, chest, shoulders. Arms: circumference at arm pit, above elbow at elbow, below elbow, wrist. Other arm. Neck. Around my head at my jaw, then nose, then forehead. Around my head up-down, below my chin to the top of my head. Then over my shoulder and around my torso up-down through my groin-to the side of my testicles, and back up. She put down the tape measure and picked a thinner, more graduated tape measure. She measured each of my fingers, diameters at three spots on each. I assumed all of this was necessary; I helped or shifted when I was asked. I watched her eyes as she did each task. She seemed robotic in her detachment and concentration, as if I was a machine to be tuned or changed to her specifications.

This took a long time. Then she led me over to an area with markings on the floor and a set of tracks and metal struts above. She told me where to stand on two ‘X’s, widely spaced apart, maybe about 2.5 feet between. She traced the outline of each of my feet with a marker. “Stand there with your hands in these rungs and your feet in the outlines and close your eyes. Keep them closed until I say it is clear.” She stepped back and I could hear her hit a few keys. I could hear a scanner circle around me on the track. I could see the intense light even through my closed eyes.

When I could open my eyes, she was across the room at a set of large monitors with a 3-D image of my body in sub-millimeter detail. Pretty cool. I was tired and bored of just standing there, but she only took a few keystrokes to store the data and then she turned around in her chair. “I need to crunch these numbers and run your blood work, but we have plenty of research for you to pour over. The case file is in your room, along with a terminal. I think you will be surprised at this project. Those boxer shorts are for you.” With that she smiled and turned back to her monitor.

I put on the boxer shorts, they were a very large and loose, but fit just well enough not to fall off my slim waist. I walked out to the hall and walked farther down. This ended and there were doors on both sides of the hallway. One was labeled “Morgan” the other had my name, well my code name for this project at least. I opened it and entered.

A thick manila envelope sat on the desk, labeled “Top Secret: clearance level 5 required for opening”. I ripped it open and looked at the dossier for this project. Undercover. No surprise there, I had done well with these types of assignments before. The target was the surprise. I had expected terrorists or insurgents or even high-level banking or securities exchanges. I did not expect the Fats.

They don’t call themselves that of course. Everybody else does though. These were several growing enclaves whose stated mission was to support and be a haven for overweight or obese humans. The modern human society had finally become a tolerant and pluralistic society in all respects except for towards the overweight. These people were still picked on and harassed, with the end result being that they were driven to create these separate societies of safety. These enclaves were closed to everyone except the overweight. They called themselves the Utopia. They had been around for a long time, and they had evolved a whole separate set of mores and culture. No one outside really knew what went on in the enclaves. There were rumors that ranged from absurd to bad jokes, but no one knew. Few overweight people ever left, and those that did, did not talk about the Utopia.

My mission was to infiltrate the Fats … the Utopia. I was to learn their mores and their culture, lifestyle, taboos and trends. My mission depended on Dr. Morgan who was to build a disguise for me to wear. I would have to wear this for months if not longer. It would have to function in every situation. I could not take this disguise off while I infiltrated the Utopia. I was used to deep-cover, but I was to become what my society despised, fat. No weight for the disguise was noted, but I knew that the people in the Utopia were not just a little overweight.


I read the project summary and began to tackle the summaries of the Utopia. Everything we knew. It did not seem like the envelope was thick enough to summarize a culture. It didn’t. Much of it was conjecture. A strong food and eating culture was assumed. Some analysts went with a full-on hedonistic society where all pleasures were fulfilled: food, drugs, sex, … what else is there? In the end no one knew. I was to learn all we knew and then I was to think beyond it to get a working model. I would know enough to enter the Utopia and the rest would have to be adjusted on the fly. I didn’t like to operate like this, but I knew this was all there was.

After a few hours the doctor walked into the room. I had been absorbing the data in the reports and was deep in concentration. Her coat was open, I could see a little more of her figure. Definitely thin and somewhat athletic, but her clothes are loose-fitting. Small chest, obvious hips, but thin overall. Nice eyes. I had liked them during the seemingly endless exam. “Were you surprised?” Again the slight smile.

“Sure. I didn’t expect this but the mission is right up my alley as far as the skills needed. Except the weight.”

“We can fix that. That, and your absorption of the Utopia background data are to be our tasks for the next two months. Do you have an idea of the average weight of someone in the Utopia?”


“Neither do we. We do know the average weight of people who have joined the Utopia.”

“Am I supposed to guess? 300 pounds?”

“No, for males 400 pounds is the average. Actually that is the median weight, there were a few outliers.”

“So we will be making a costume that weighs 250 pounds that I will wear?”

“We will not be making it. I will. The ‘we’ comes into the picture in that your body will need to be prepared to bear that load and your body will have to be prepared for the expected much larger diet of the Utopians. To get to the point of designing your fat suit we will have to run a few longer-term tests with your body. I am ready to begin the next step if you are ready.”

She took me down the hall to a room across from the doctor’s lab. The open door revealed a mess hall with a large table and two chairs. A smaller door led to what looked like an automated kitchen. “Sit down and we shall begin. We need to get an idea of how your body distributes fat if you ingest extra calories. This is important so that the proportions of the fat suit will match your body if you were of that size. Each person puts fat on their body in different ways, you have probably heard of the terms apple and pear to describe fat distribution, but it is actually much more complicated and each individual has their own unique pattern. We need to determine your pattern to model the suit on. Additionally, you need to get your body adjusted to a larger intake of food than what you normally eat. If you were to go in there and just eat a small salad and a glass of water at every meal your cover would not last very long. The Fats are fat for a reason: consuming extra calories. Also as a person’s body becomes larger it takes more calories to sustain it. More to heat and move around, basically. We will go slow and gradually build you up to reasonable levels of food intake. I am sure that your stomach could not currently handle the amount of food the average Utopian eats at one time. Tonight just eat until you are full.”

She hurried into the kitchen while I sat down. I heard dishes clattering, then she stepped out carrying a large tray of food. She smiled and said “This is for both of us”. I almost verbally let out a sigh of relief. The amount of food seemed enormous. It smelled good though. The food seemed like what you would find any reasonably good restaurant. She unloaded the tray in front of me and then grabbed the smallest plate, a small salad without dressing and put it on the table in front of another chair and then sat down.

I grimaced a little at the joke she had with me. I picked up a fork. She poured some wine into two glasses for us. She toasted to our project and we dug in. I dug in. She slowly picked through the salad while I tried to get through an entree and a half. When she was done she looked up at my progress and frowned a little. “This might be more difficult than I thought.”

“I am trying. It was really good and this is also, but I really am not used to this volume of food. If anything I am used to getting by on a minimum of food, especially on some of my more difficult missions.”
“I know. I read your complete dossier.” This surprised me. I thought I had no paper trail, or at least a very short one. She must have very high-level clearance.

She got up and came over to where I was sitting. She picked up fork, put a mouthful of food on it and brought it up to my mouth. I opened automatically and chewed and swallowed. “Let’s just finish this entree and then wait a little and then have you eat dessert.” She feed me the rest of the entree. She set a rigid pace and the entree was quickly inside me. I felt extremely full. I looked down and saw that my belly was very distended. She gestured for me to stand. She led me across the hall to the lab. She weighed me. “3 pounds. Of course this is not fat, but I wanted to see how much you could ingest. We will see tomorrow how efficient your body is. I will meet you in your room in one hour with dessert.” At that she walked over to her computer and got to work typing.

I went to my room and sat on my bed with my relatively distended belly softly aching. I propped the reports on my belly and started reading. I was really absorbed in the data when the doctor finally entered my room. I looked up and saw that she had a large container of ice cream in her hands. “Two pints. That should be in your range.”

She sat down on the edge of the bed facing me and spooned the ice cream and began feeding me the ice cream. Again she set a fast pace but it wasn’t enough give me a cold-headache. The two pints disappeared quickly. “Room for more?” I was feeling really stuffed now. I had never seen or felt my belly this distended. The skin was tight and it seemed as solid as a bowling ball. Before I answered she put her hand on my belly and gently prodded. “I don’t think it is dangerous yet. But it is up to you.”

I am not sure why I said “One more.” Maybe I wanted to please her by eating so much or maybe I felt like this was a challenge to overcome. My reading of the reports on the Utopia might have had an influence; maybe this was curiosity to feel what a person in the Utopia feels. I do need to assume my mission target’s personality.

She got up and ran out of the room and returned quickly. “OK, one more.” she said with a definite smile. It didn’t last, she replaced it with her bland detached doctor’s face. She again fed the ice cream to me. She seemed happy to be feeding this ice cream to me. Maybe it was her eyes or something, but somehow I felt this was somehow more than just a science experiment.


I woke up the next morning to an artificial sunrise of fluorescent lights. My belly was still slightly distended, but I also felt hungry. Strange. It almost seemed like some weird dream/nightmare. Maybe in the vein of Hansel and Gretel and the witch who fattened them up. As I woke up more this feeling went away and I got up to go to the bathroom. I noticed that everything in the bathroom was wider and that there were lots of extra handrails. The toilet seat was huge. I might be in danger of falling in if I were to sit down on it. It was definitely much wider than my hips.

When I walked out of the bathroom she was standing there. “We will have a normal routine everyday. I heard you accomplish the first step. Next we will go to the lab and do a simpler set of measurements, weigh you and do a scan.” We walked down the hall to the lab. She measured my waist and chest and my left upper arm and my left, upper thigh, and around my left ankle and wrist, finally my neck. She didn’t tell me any of the measurements or comment on changes in them.

“Now breakfast.” I thought I heard a slight slip of excitement in her voice. She was looking away from me when she said this so I could not read her eyes. I always have felt that the eyes don’t lie, that most people can’t control their emotions enough to damp the reactions from showing in their eyes.

Breakfast was not surprisingly, very large. It really seemed like a lot of food. It was a lot of food. She once again contrasted her very small portion with mine. She had half a slice of toast and a few berries on her plate. “You know the drill, by the end of the week you need to be able to eat this whole breakfast. Today eat as much as you can. I will feed you if that helps or if you need it.” With that I did dive in, I almost started before she finished talking. I was a little suspicious that she must have slipped me an appetite stimulant at some point. I never felt this strong of a compulsion to eat. Not even when I was subsisting on starvation rations.

Breakfast was like last night’s dinner. I ate until I was stuffed, then Dr. Morgan feed me some more to make me even more stuffed. My belly was again very distended by the end of breakfast. I got up and went to my room to lie down and read my reports. Around 10 a.m. she walked in with a tray of food. I was still full from breakfast. My belly was still visibly very distended and I really didn’t think I had any room left. She predicted these thoughts “You have been digesting for 3 hours, of course you have room. You don’t want to spoil your appetite for lunch,” she said this with a smile, “but we need to eat something during mid-morning snack time. We think this is very typical of the way things are in the Utopia.”

I sighed and sat up and started eating. She stood by the bed staring at me for a few mouthfuls, nodded her head and left. The snack was really not that much food. Once I started it was easy to finish it. As soon as I finished she walked in and picked up the tray. She put a candy bar to replace it and left in swoosh of her lab coat.

I ate the candy bar and got back to work. On some level my situation was bizarre. I was nearly naked with a drum-tight distended belly, being stuffed by a slim female doctor/mad scientist with the socializing skills of a robot and I was reading highly classified documents.

Lunchtime rolled around with predictable consequences. Then afternoon snack. Then dinner. Then dessert. The rest of the week passed in a blur of days of a similar schedule of eating. I gradually ate more and more of the meals. I kept up with the snacks, but they kept growing. My belly seemed to be almost always distended, beginning at breakfast and staying that way until I went to bed. After breakfast I could not see my penis when I was standing because of my belly. Everyday it seemed bigger, I am not sure if it was because I was adding fat to my body or it was because I was eating more food at each meal. This must be how it feels, in part, to be pregnant. My belly was rock hard and moved as a solid coherent unit. It stuck out and led me around when I walked. It is very strange feeling.

One dinner she announced “Tonight marks our first week of the project and tomorrow we will do a full measurement. We are making good progress getting you ready but we are slightly behind schedule. It is my fault due to a few miscalculations. I am asking for you to push a little harder tonight. Let me know if I can assist in any way.” I ate everything on the table. I even ate her salad. It was amazing, I could not believe I did it. Dr. Morgan helped by feeding the last two entrees to me. When I was done I was still hungry but I did not think I could eat anything else, which was a strange feeling of two opposites. With her hand on my tight, bulging, pregnant-like belly she said “Very impressive, good work, we might be right on track now.”

I closed my eyes and leaned back in the chair. I could feel my distended belly lightly touching my thighs even when I leaned back. It touched just a little, but I had never had a belly before and it was definitely a new sensation having part of my body stick out so much. Her hand was still on my belly. She was pressing lightly and almost caressing it. She seemed to be measuring its size and shape with her hands.

She helped me sit up and walk me to my room. I lay down on the bed and tried to read the reports, but I nodded off to sleep. She woke me later for dessert. She was slightly smiling, not looking at my face but instead staring at my belly. “I waited an extra two hours for you do some digesting of dinner. Ready for dessert?” She stepped aside to reveal a one-gallon ice cream container. It looked huge. My stomach still felt tight and full.

I stammered “How can I possibly eat that?”

“Let’s see what you can do, I bet you will be surprised.” Without waiting for my reply see put a spoonful of ice cream in my mouth. It was good. My body seemed to wake up to demand more. I thought for a second how unusual that was and that she must be using strong appetite inducer drugs on me. My thoughts shifted to the ice cream and my stomach took over my thought processes and opened my mouth for the next spoonful. The ice cream quickly disappeared. I let out a huge sigh afterward. The last few bites were the toughest. My abdomen seemed like it was not part of me. It was huge. I really looked pregnant now. I couldn’t see my feet or my legs for that matter. I laid back and closed my eyes. My belly was blissfully full and ached with pain/pleasure. Her hands lightly massaged my belly which eased the painful feelings considerably.

…To be continued…
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Default Great story

Can't wait for more!
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Default chapters 4 & 5

Chapter 4
I woke to her sitting in the chair beside my bed. I groaned when I tried to move, like I had had a physically exhausting day before. I hadn’t had one, but I had a day that was very different from my usual exertions. I did eat enough food to have fed me very well for a week, all in one day. She helped me to a sitting position. My belly still stuck out, but the skin was not as tight. It seemed to sag downward a little, but not in a way to make a crease below it. She helped me to stand. As we slowly walked to the bathroom I had a feeling of a slight jiggle movement of my belly and chest with each step. She was gone when I finished in the bathroom so I walked down the hall to the lab. My stomach was grumbling with hunger, as if it knew we would have to wait to eat after the lab session.

Dr. Morgan was ready when I walked in. She was sitting at the controls to the 3-D imager. I took off my boxers and stood with my feet in the outlines of my feet while the machine scanned me. Afterward she gestured me to the examination table. “How to you feel? Was yesterday’s eating too much for you?”

My answer surprised me. “Strangely enough I enjoyed it. I know it sounds weird. Our cultural norms say that overeating is bad and that extra fat is gross and unattractive. I don’t know about the gaining weight part but the eating part can be pleasurable. Or have you been giving me appetite inducers?”

“No. I thought about it but I decided not to use them unless we really need them. That was all you. Well, I pushed you a little and helped when I could.” A quick slight smile appeared on her face. “Now let’s check our progress.” I was sitting on the table, which had a scale built in. I couldn’t see the readout since its data was relayed to her electronic clipboard. “Five pounds net gain. Very good. You body is becoming very efficient at processing food, but it is still not used to this food volume. We need to see how your body has distributed those pounds across your body. Despite how large your stomach is, it is not all in there.” At this she tapped my belly with her stylus, while still staring at her tablet. We will have to do some modeling to work around your fullness.” She brought out her tape measure and re-measured my body in detail.

When she finished, I said “Can you tell yet?”

“No, we need a few more weeks to be sure. I can make some inferences based on the data so far, but a fat distribution model would be a guess at this point. We have to let your body adjust to this new regimen. Are you hungry?” At that she turned and walked out of the lab toward the galley.

The details of the rest of the next week are blur. All I can recall is my eating of countless meals and my belly feeling very full. Dr. Morgan seemed to relax a little more and talked more with me, but she was still aloof. She seemed to almost be open to me when she cajoled me to finish eating a meal: talking me into it, feeding me, massaging my belly.

I was able to work more between the meals than I had the week before. I think my body had made the adjustment to this new lifestyle and I didn’t feel so tired or need to use all my energy just to digest the massive amount of food. Part of my study of the Utopia was to be immersed in their media. We had many films and television programs we had intercepted from their satellites. At first it was shocking to watch sitcoms and movies starring very obese people. It was most disturbing to watch how much they ate, even though I knew I was learning to eat similar proportions.

Dr. Morgan would even watch some of the Utopia movies with me. She would bring a large tray of snacks for each one and almost absent-mindedly feed them to me. Several of the movie stars were spectacularly obese. One actress in particular was in several of these films. She was the largest human I had ever seen and she waddled with a slow swinging of her arms. She was what Dr. Morgan described as pear-shaped, with an enormous rear end counter-weighted by a huge sagging belly propped up on massive fat-ringed legs. Her face was beautiful with gorgeous hair. Her skin was smooth and flawless, except for the countless rolls of fat that covered her body. She was beautiful, but at first glance I perceived the image of her massive body as gross and unattractive. In our society such a hugely obese woman would be a minor character, definitely a villain or the butt of jokes, but in the Utopian society she had the status of a goddess. She would appear scantily clad at a cocktail party, open bloused in a romantic scene, wearing a bikini on a public beach, or even naked in bedroom scenes. My first view of her was a shock, but with time I began to enjoy her performances and her figure seemed less off-putting.

Dr. Morgan seemed to like this actress the most. Every time I watched a movie with this actress Dr. Morgan would show up to watch it with me. “She weighs 800 pounds! Can you believe that? She is pretty amazing, I am surprised at the ease which she can walk. She must be amazingly strong, I am sure she has many personal trainers.”

Dr. Morgan insisted we watch her favorite movie with this actress. “This is her most recent, I really like this one. By now I had seen her in five or six movies and I was used to the large size of her and the other actors in the movies. I was no longer so repulsed at the sight of people so large and so much of their fat exposed to view. In one scene this actress enters the scene in a diaphanous gown that seems to show everything.

I was watching the actress while Dr. Morgan talked, I was enraptured. Her body was unbelievable. I felt my body respond positively for the first time to the sight of an extremely obese woman. Dr. Morgan probably noted this reaction since I was only wearing boxer shorts, and my boxer shorts were getting a little tight and were pushed downward by my protruding belly. My boxer shorts no longer could be pulled up over my belly.

In a totally dispassionate voice, Dr. Morgan said “I told you she was amazing. I am glad you have surmounted our culture’s mores to appreciate her beauty. You could not go to the Utopia with our society’s negative view of fat and beauty. Tomorrow we will watch a movie of the male counterpart to this actress. I had my first positive reaction to an obese man’s body with tomorrow’s movie.” At that she left.

The next day was the two-week mark. Dr. Morgan had promised/threatened extra food for today, but I had no idea how much she was envisioning. I woke to the smell of breakfast. She was smiling, standing over me with a very full tray of food. “Today is important. We need you to go beyond what you have done before. Tomorrow will be a difficult day because you will not eat anything tomorrow. We will do a full-body scan the next day: we need to see your body when your stomach is not so grossly distended with food.” She poked my already round and protruding belly with her finger to illustrate her point, “So think of today as eating for two days. I know you are already eating several times more than what you would eat in a single day.”

It seemed like the only thing I did was eat, by lunchtime my jaw hurt from chewing so much. “We really need to stuff your body with calories today just to stay on schedule.” When she served dinner I was incredulous. I really didn’t think it was possible for a human to eat this amount of food in one meal. It looked like we were expecting a lot more people for dinner. Somehow I ate everything. Dr. Morgan had to almost stuff the last few things into me. She pleaded for me to eat everything. She insisted. She didn’t take no for an answer.

With Dr. Morgan’s help I stood up and slowly waddled down the hall to my room. She had her hands around my arm to steady me and support me. It felt like such a long walk. My belly was the most swollen that it had ever been. I looked downward and it took up a significant portion of my view. My genitals, legs and feet were obscured. My boxers seemed to be riding really low, with the waistband right at the top of my penis. I could feel the waistband in the back slipping downward a little with each step as the movement of my belly tended to make the boxers slide down off my butt. My chest seemed larger and with each step I felt various parts of me jiggle. No parts of me had ever jiggled before, but now I could feel vibrations across my chest, on my hips, thighs, butt and even my back? Dr. Morgan seemed to be looking at the same thing. Her eyes rested on my belly. Her expression seemed one of interest, as if she were analyzing everything I just ate by examining my belly roundness.

I lay down and slept for 2 hours. Dr. Morgan was there with dessert and a tray of snacks. “Dessert time!” She loaded a fork with a large helping of blueberry pie topped with abundant whip cream. The other pies looked like key lime and cherry. She coaxed me into eating two and a half of the pies before my stomach was so painful that I was sweating and panting. Dr. Morgan tapped and touched my belly and decided that that was all I could hold after such a large meal. She started the promised movie with the obese male actor. I was mostly asleep, but I saw a few of the scenes. She was right, the lead actor was handsome and attractive even though he was even fatter than Dr. Morgan’s favorite female actress.

I woke later in the movie to a soft, barely discernable sound. I looked up to see Dr. Morgan sitting near the bed in her chair. She was staring at the screen with her mouth slightly open. She was breathing heavily and her usual mask of bland detachment was gone. She was fixated on the movie. I looked up at the screen to see the very obese actor as he was being fed massive amounts of food by the same large and beautiful actress in the previous films. In the background were numerous dishes that told of a feast or a large party, but there were chairs for only the two. The chairs of course were more like couches than chairs to people not in the Utopia. At each mouthful of food the actor ate Dr. Morgan gasped just slightly. I could barely hear it. The actor’s only words were “More, more” between bites. I felt bad as an eavesdropper on Dr. Morgan. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, but I listened to the movie and to Dr. Morgan’s reactions to it. I ended up falling asleep again.

Dr. Morgan woke me later by her hand gently pressing my stomach. “You missed the best parts. Are you ready to finish dessert?” I have cake and ice cream ready to celebrate our work so far. Remember, this is your last chance to eat for a whole day!”

I started to say that I was still full when she put a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. I changed the answer I was about to give to “More.”

She fed me for a long time, all I did was sit there and open my mouth chew and swallow. We didn’t talk. She seemed to be lost or concentrating. Maybe she was still in the movie. Maybe she was dreaming she was the fat actress in the movie and I was the huge man eating everything. Eventually the pain of my tight stomach was too much and I conceded to not being able to finish it. She looked sad to that, but she still had a slight smile. “We can’t have it go to waste, can we?”

She gave me the fork and she put the cake in front of me. I didn’t move for a few seconds. I was surprised, analyzing the changes in her. “This is only fair don’t you think? Plus it’s a little solidarity with you. Also that cake really looks good after two hours of watching people eat and stuff themselves silly on the screen and watching you do the same all day.” She made a sound almost like a giggle, then seemed to think better of that, then a louder laugh as she thought how silly it is to giggle and then stifle it. She sat down on the bed next me. I tried to sit up a little more, which caused my belly to project out onto my thighs a little, but it also relieved pressure on my insides a little. Dr. Morgan set the cake lightly onto my belly with the edge against my chest and then she opened her mouth expectantly.

I had to concentrate to load the fork and then reach upward and put it in her mouth. I had been eating so much the last two weeks that my natural instinct was to put the food into my mouth even though I felt like I would burst with any more food. She smiled at the first forkful and opened her mouth after she swallowed. I fed the remaining third of a cake to her. The cake was pretty spongy, but still this was impressive to me for such a skinny woman to be able to do. Her eyes had been closed while I fed her and when I stopped after the cake was consumed she said “More, more.” in a slightly husky voice between deep breathes.

I interrupted her by saying, “We ate the whole thing between us.”

“I’ll go get more. Aren’t you even a little hungry yet? Last chance!” She was back quickly with another cake. Her lab coat was off and I could see she was wearing a tight blouse for once. I could see her stomach was slightly distended outward. The waistband of her pants looked painfully tight. She set the new cake precariously onto me and opened her mouth and closed her eyes.

I fed her about a third of the cake before she started to complain that she was full. I used the same tactics on her that she used on me to get her to eat a few more bites. I began sneaking my own forkfuls of cake between her bites and we quickly finished it. We were both breathing heavily. My belly was beyond full, again. I looked like I had swallowed a basketball or a whole watermelon. Dr. Morgan’s belly was definitely sticking out from her otherwise almost two-dimensional body. Her shirt had ridden up a little to expose an inch of her taut lower belly with her pant’s waistband cutting into it. She reached down and undid the button on her pants and her taut belly pushed a little outward unzipping her pants and filling the gap. She let out a long deep breath. “Thank you. Now I know how you have felt every hour for the last two weeks.” She laughed as she looked between our distended stomachs. “I guess it is not much compared to yours. Goodnight.” She slowly and carefully stood up and looking downward stared momentarily at her belly sticking out of her shirt and pants. She slowly walked out of the room as if her small little meal and resulting belly could affect her balance.

Chapter 5
I woke up hungry. That part was the same. I remember the warning that I would not be eating today. She could not be serious about that could she? Was she just saying that to make me eat more?

Dr. Morgan strode into the room in her usual lab coat. Her bulge of a belly was not apparent but it was hard to tell. My bulging belly was very apparent. It was sticking up and out. Even laying down it blocked my view of my genitals. I could feel it gently pressing on them. My stomach was still tight, not surprising when I considered the amount of food I had ingested the day before.

She helped me sit up and then stand up. My very distended stomach distorted my balance pulling me forward. It was so large and stuck out so much that I had to lean back to counteract its force. It was tight, It did not hang down in a roll like the fat stars of the Utopia movies. It stuck out unnaturally. I kept thinking of the pregnant analogy, the proportions were the same. It did not look like I was fat, just pregnant. “It is still very full. Your body needs time to process it. We will go through the measurement routine anyway. This is really good data for a side project I am working on.”

When we finally reached the lab after Dr. Morgan helped me walk to the bathroom and then escorted me down the hallway. She pulled my boxers down off my belly and removed them. I sat on the table with my swollen belly while Dr. Morgan took notes and measurements and then she had me stand for the 3-D scanner. After scanning me she helped me put on my boxers and then led me over to her workstation and sat me down on a chair. My belly pressed onto the tops of my thighs. She tapped keys and a 3-D image of my body came up on the screen. It was my body from the first day. It was thin and you could see most of my muscles and tendons. She tapped some more keys to call up the subsequent body scans. I watched as my belly grew suddenly as the first few days of stuffing kept me full. Each day my belly seemed larger, I didn’t notice much else.

“You are actually gaining weight all over your body, but the stuffing of your stomach distorts our view. If I run it again faster you can see the other changes to your body. Here are some markers on your body that the program uses to calculate your changes.“ A set of a few hundred colored dots appears on my image. She played it in a loop, which rocked back and forth in time. “Your chest: if deflates from being tight and erect muscle to less defined, settling a little lower and then subsequently a little more outward. Your arms become less defined. Your thighs, less defined, a little wider. Your butt: wider, it hangs a little lower.” I could see these changes. They were very small but a few looped views and the colored reference dots left no doubt about my body expanding from the caloric onslaught we were subjecting it to.

She stopped the loop and brought up the final image of today. “Here you are now. See these marks on your sides? They are the beginnings of stretch marks from overstuffing your belly. I should have caught these sooner. We need to apply lotion so your skin stays healthy since you are ingesting so much food at such an unnaturally high rate and your skin has to stretch to accommodate the food and fat. See this texture on the back of your thigh? That is the beginnings of cellulite. It is amazing how fast your body lost its muscular tone due to the new fat created from the extra influx of calories. We don’t know how your body is really distributing the fat since your stomach is so full. We will have to wait for tomorrow’s scans. I can do a forward model of what your costume would look like if your distended belly really was representative of the fat distribution. Would you like to see it?”

“Sure, I am curious about how big I will be even I won’t know the exact shape.”

Dr. Morgan hit a few keys and the image went back to my first image. Then my body grew to my current weight and then kept going. My belly became even larger and slowly sank lower and lower onto and then down my thighs. My breasts grew outwards and sideways expanding across my chest and falling outward due to the displacement from my huge belly. My thighs grew, my arms, my face, everything. I even developed a double chin. “Wow! Again I want to stress that you will not look like this, such a large belly of fat is not what I am expecting for you from my data so far. That model is to 450 pounds. How about if you were to weigh twice that?”

Without waiting for an answer she tapped some keys and my image expanded. We were both quiet while my image expanded and rotated on the display. My belly was down well past my knees at this point. My breasts were down where my belly button used to be, but out sideways where my elbows would have been. My arms are horizontal for the scans, so I could see how the fat on my arms would hang downward. As my body on the screen expanded, the arms and torso grew together to touch for most of the length of my arm. It was obesity far beyond my little experience. “Twice again? Actually a few people have weighed that much, but they couldn’t stand up. But still. Here it goes.” The figure on the screen became less identifiable as being me or even as human. It became a large round blob of fat. The belly quickly reached the floor and spread sideways. The legs were lost under my belly up front and the fat from the butt hung down revealing enormous legs of abundantly rolled fat. My arms were similarly lost in the fat of my torso and my breasts. My chin was enormous and hung down a foot or so in a huge fold across my chest.

“Wow.” We both whispered.

This time in the lab was getting long. My stomach was rumbling, I was ready for breakfast. Dr. Morgan heard my stomach rumble. “I know I said before that you would have no food day. I admit it was an exaggeration to get you to eat more. I can see evidence that it worked.” Her hand lightly traced the tight curve of my belly. “I think you will find the portions today a little disappointing.” We went out of the lab into the dining galley. I sat down while Dr. Morgan got the plates. She brought out a tray with two plates: one had 4 pieces of toast, 2 eggs, maybe 3 cups worth of hash browns and 4 doughnuts; the other had one piece of toast, one egg, and 3 strawberries. It was disappointing; I could eat a lot more than a few eggs, toast and doughnuts, but it was still food. I reached for my plate, but Dr. Morgan laughed “Wrong plate, today you get the small plate.” She sat down with a smile and wolfed down her plate of food. I sullenly ate my meager meal that didn’t even dent my hunger.

There was no mid-morning snack. Lunch was tiny. I couldn’t bear to watch the Utopia TV shows or movies since they often featured people eating abundantly. No afternoon snack. Dinner was tiny. Dr. Morgan’s lunch and dinner were so tempting. My belly was so small. It did not stick out like before, it was not rock hard when I sat or lay down. Instead it was soft and it jiggled when I moved. Standing, it did stick out a little, but it only partially obscured my view of my boxers. Dr. Morgan arrived for the nightly movie with the same movie from last night. “I know you slept through most of it and I really like this one. It has both of my favorite actors in it.”

I asked “Are we going to have snacks?”

“We aren’t.” My stomach rumbled loudly. “I am very sorry about this, but it is very important that you aren’t stuffed for tomorrow’s measurements. The way we have been feeding you is to gorge you, which fills your gut and then body takes time to process it. But having your belly distended will mask any fat that has accumulated there for the scanner. Please bear with me.”

We watched the movie silently until the part where the actor is being fed by the actress. As this scene started Dr. Morgan paused the movie and then turned to me and said. “I don’t mean this as torture, but would you feed me dessert again like we did last night? This should distract you from this scene which is basically what we have been doing to you all week, except the guy weighs so much more than you and I weigh almost ten times less than the actress.”

She left and came back with the dessert cart piled with pies and cake and ice cream. “Feed me as much as you can.”

“What are you doing?”

“I am gathering data. I have been working on the utopia for many years and working on studies of fat and obesity all my adult life but I have never experienced overeating or even an ounce of fat on my body. I am really in need of direct observations so that I can fully understand it.” She stood up and removed her lab coat. Underneath she was wearing tight pants and a tight shirt, which just barely covered her belly. She was very thin. You didn’t have to imagine very much to visualize her bones and muscles. “You can see that I have quite a lot of leeway to gain a little weight. Watching you eat for the last two weeks has been exciting and this scene in this movie is also, I want to experience a little of that!”

She sat down on my bed near me, pressed the remote to resume the movie and opened her mouth. I fed her. When this scene ended she rewound it and played again, and again and again a fourth time. This was about an hour of constant feeding of her. She was very full. Her shirt was riding up her belly. Her pants were digging into it. She reached down to release them. Her belly popped a little outward. She looked pregnant, like I had when I was being gorged. “One more time. Cram as much in as you can.” At that she laid down on the bed and opened her mouth. She was watching the screen intently over her little belly with her mouth open.

I did. In the end she put a large dent in the cart's contents but there was a lot left. I snuck a few tastes, but I kept my promise to not eat very much of it. She lay there while I shoveled food into her. She was slowing down and several mouthfuls had spilled out and over her face and ice cream had dripped down into her V-neck blouse. Her cheeks were full of food and she was sweating. I stopped at the end of the scene and she closed her eyes and massaged her belly. A few inches of it were visible as her shirt rode upward and her pants rode downward. I could just see the waistband of her low-cut pink underwear.

After a few minutes she tried to sit up accompanied by a painful gasp. I hurried to go around the bed to help her stand. She was fully leaning into me as we slowly walked out the door and across the hall into her room. It was usually closed and I had not seen much of it before, nothing about it really seemed very personal. She lay down on the bed with her eyes closed. “Help. These pants are cutting into me, I need to get them off.” I was able to get them off pretty easily since her belly had pushed them downward. Her underwear was noticeably pushed downward by her impressively full belly. Everything else looked very thin. She could not weigh more than 110 pounds. She has a nice figure. Nice proportions of thighs, hips and waist. Her distended stomach seemed anomalous. I covered her with the blanket and walked out.

...to be continued...
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Good setup; well written opening.
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Excellent plot; very well written! I'd love to see more of this story!
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Loving this story so far! What a wonderful, slow build, with lots of hints to the future!

Keep up the great work!
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Default Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6

I woke up hungry. This time I mean it. I really felt like I was dying, that I needed food or else. Preferably, something buttery and sweet. I would have broken laws to obtain food. I tiptoed out of my room and down the hall to the galley. Everything was locked. I heard a noise and saw Dr. Morgan running in. She smiled, her hair was messed up and see had creases from the pillow across her cheek, obviously she had just gotten up in a hurry. Usually she got up way before me and worked. She was wearing the same T-shirt as the night before and still had no pants on. “I ran here when I heard you, just wanted to make sure you know you can’t eat yet. As soon as we weigh and measure you I will personally feed you so much food that you will beg me stop. I will meet you in the lab in two minutes. I need to clean up.” She looked down at her still distended belly pressing her underwear down and her shirt riding up on top of it, “I should put some pants on too.” She turned and walked quickly out the door. I got a view of her ass as she left. Very firm, nicely toned.

I was sitting on the table when she walked in. I had been contemplating my body. As I sat there, my belly still bulged outward onto my thighs. Instead of being rock hard it was soft. It felt a little like the flesh of a woman’s breast. Soft and yielding, but with a certain amount of firmness. My breasts were much softer than they had been and larger also. The flesh of my thighs spread sideways a little on the table where they touched. My legs were softer and had smooth outlines, different from the well toned, almost angular thighs of a few weeks ago. My arms are softer. I could feel how the flesh of my butt squished outward from the pressure of sitting.

Dr. Morgan startled me out of my body inspection. She was back in her doctor’s uniform. It mostly hid her tiny potbelly, but I still caught a few glimpses of its shape. I removed my shorts and stood for the 3-D scan. I went over to the table and she did her measurements. She asked me if I wanted to know how much I weighed (the table was a scale also). “Yes.”

“185. You have gained 25 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Pretty amazing. You now officially classify as overweight based on your body mass index. I think you noticed that I have been steadily increasing your diet every day. I was adding an extra 2000 calories a day. You ate 30,000 calories two days ago, 15 times what you normally would have eaten. Of course, yesterday was only 2000. That rate of increasing amounts of food is not sustainable for too much longer. You would end up eating every minute of the day if we kept that up. If we kept that up, by the end of the month you would weigh 270 and be eating almost 60,000 calories a day.” She looked into my eyes at that and a felt a strange tingle of electricity between us at that moment. “I am amazed you have kept up with the steadily increasing food intake. I thought you would fill up way before this. We need to adjust your calories because we are near what the average Utopian is projected to intake daily. We don’t want you to be too fat to wear the costume. We need to have you somewhat fit for the emergency situation of having to remove the suit to escape. We will need to reduce you down to maybe to 16,000 calories a day. Since you were eating so much, you probably won’t even notice the reduced amount. Ready for breakfast?”

I stood up and walked with her across the hall. A huge breakfast met my eyes. “You don’t have to eat all of it. You probably shouldn’t stretch your stomach out any more.” I sat down and forgot about her. Food. Food. Food. I ate and ate and eventually there was nothing left. I sat panting afterward. My belly, which had been soft and loose and slightly pouched down, was now erect and straining at my skin to expand. I was not full. I was still hungry.

Dr. Morgan walked by a few minutes later while I was sitting there still breathing heavily. “Is it mid-morning snack time yet?” I asked her.

She stared at me with her mouth agape for a few moments and then shifted her eyes to the table and then my belly. “How can you still be hungry? My plans worked a little too well. I really did not do this intentionally. If I kept feeding you this much you would be too huge in no time. I’ll bring the snack in a few minutes.”

I was still sitting there when she returned. My stomach was loudly rumbling and I reached out and took a doughnut off the tray before she even set it down. She nervously looked me in the eyes, then at my belly and then she left. I was still hungry after every meal that week. She did not hang out with me. It pained me to watch Utopia TV and movies, but I still watched them and found myself salivating during most of them. Even though I was still less than half the size of the average Utopian, I was beginning to identify with them and think their bodies were beautiful and attractive. I suppose this was good since this would be my cover for the foreseeable future. One TV commercial was my favorite. A relatively thin woman, much fatter than me but still thin compared to the rest of Utopia lamented “I hate my body, it is so thin, why can’t I be huge and soft?” The commercial cut in and talked about a weight gain diet and had images of very fat people endorsing it and even an animation of her getting very obese.

At the end of the first day Dr. Morgan could see how hungry I was and she relented to not cutting back so fast. She then treated me to extra desert to even out my calorie intake.

Eventually the next week rolled around. My weight was over 200 pounds, 203 actually. She smiled a little as she told me my weight and that that weight put me in the obese category. She offered to reduce the calories more, but I refused. She did her scan and measurements. She told me that she wouldn’t be showing me an image of the fat costume I will be wearing because she wanted it to be a surprise.

Chapter 7
Another week of cramming, both food and data into my body. My body now felt soft all over and much of it jiggled. There were not many spots left on my body that were firm, except my belly. There were no mirrors so I didn’t know what I looked like and she would not show me my scans. I was still eating a lot of food everyday and still feeling hungry. My belly was constantly tight even despite the reduced food. I asked Dr. Morgan about this. She said “Well you are gaining weight rapidly enough in your abdomen to counteract the reduced bloating causing the tightness. No more six pack abs for you!” She laughed with the last part.

My stomach stuck out hugely, at least it seemed to me. I could not see my feet without bending over. My belly sagged a little more each day and I had the beginnings of a roll where the large mass of it sagged down. Not quite yet, but a start. I could not see my penis without hefting my belly upward and sideways. When I sat it pressed on my thighs and on my genitalia. I waddled a little when I walked. My legs were growing fatter so that they touched more and interfered with my walking. Dr. Morgan took a few hours off from building the suit to instruct me on how to walk better carrying this extra weight and to prepare me for the suit’s 250 pounds of extra weight.

My last day before the suit was uneventful. The reduced rations were making me irritable. I felt extremely hungry all day. I would try to eat fast to make myself feel full for a few minutes. I didn’t see Dr. Morgan very much all week, even less than last week. Dr. Morgan had admitted that my food intake was down to its proper level of 16,000 calories today, half of what I was eating 2 weeks ago. My weight was 221 pounds, 61 pounds gained in one month. No wonder my belly felt so huge! My boxer shorts were very tight on me. I had been having an increasingly difficult time pulling them up over my larger thighs and over my butt for the past few days. Today I was just barely able to pull them up to cover most of my butt. Dr. Morgan commented about it.

“I don’t have a larger size for you except for the huge sizes for when you are wearing your fat suit. I didn’t project that your actual body would get so big. I don’t think those can be comfortable and they look like they are starting to cut into your flesh. There has been a tear in the side for 2 days that I have not told you about. I think you will have to forgo them until we get your suit installed. I am sorry, you have gotten bigger than I projected, bigger than I imagined.” She walked over to her lab bench and picked up a pair of scissors. She used her hand to protect my flesh as she pulled the boxers outward and snipped the fabric twice and then they fell off of me. I was instantly relieved from the tight binding of the waistband. I had been naked in front of her before but this felt different somehow. My belly was getting really fat and it had begun to sag downward but it didn’t cover my genitals. So she could see my genitals but I couldn’t see my genitals. I felt embarrassed by my fat body. I knew that the tiny, tight boxer shorts were probably just as revealing of my swollen body and growing fatness as me standing here without them.

I was still hungry after dinner and bedtime snack and I was wandering around looking for food when I noticed that Dr. Morgan’s lab door was open just a small crack. It had been closed all week. Light shown outward through the crack. I walked up to it and peered in. Dr. Morgan was sitting at her workstation hitting keys and looking at her displays. An image appeared on the screen. It was my first 3-D scan and then there was an animation of my daily gain to today. It stopped and Dr. Morgan typed a lot more and then she hit a key with a flourish. The image reset to my thin self. Then it began morphing into each consecutive day. Each day a little larger. The images sped up and kept going past my scan from this morning. Different viewpoints of my body were shown on the different screens. The image finally stopped with a weight of 471. The figure in the image was huge. I was not close enough to see details but overall my body transformed from an elongate pencil-like shape to a sphere. The animation rocked backward with me losing weight and then forward gaining weight. Back and forth, back and forth.

Dr. Morgan’s hands were not on the keyboard anymore. Her breathing was heavy and slow, but getting faster. A few very faint moans escaped her lips. I saw the sleeve of her lap coat shiver slightly in response to movements of her hand. Her hands appeared to be in the area of her lap. Her whole body was quivering and moving when the image finished and stopped at the projected 471 pound me. A slight spasm shook her and she slumped backward in the chair breathing fast.

I had just seen the generally aloof doctor masturbate to an image of me getting fat. Not just fat, but very obese. I had thought that lately my body and my eating had grossed her out since she was so thin and our society was so open about hating fat. I was thinking that my state of growing obesity and my gluttony was grossing her out. I had thought she had been avoiding me because of it. I had thought these same thoughts about my body but my hunger would not let me stop those levels of eating. I fled the door before she discovered me and lay in bed reading with a folder propped up on my belly.

Half an hour later she walked into my room. I looked up and saw the normal very composed doctor. She asked me if I needed anything with a sly smile and I replied the same way that I had all week. “I would like some more food. Anything.” I was going to continue when I remembered the feeding scene from her favorite Utopia movie. I said “More, more.” A big smile crossed her face and see stepped out onto the hall and brought in a cake and a gallon of ice cream that must have been on a cart just outside the door, like she had planned this.

“Let’s split this!” It was very one sided split. She ended up feeding most of it to me. I was not even close to full but the feeling gave a pleasant heaviness to my body and I had thoughts of her being excited by my body and my eating performance.

I was sad when she left. My hunger came back to me quickly and somehow I fell asleep.
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Default Chapters 8 & 9

Chapter 8
Dr. Morgan woke me up earlier than usual with a tray of breakfast. “You need to eat this now so we can get to work on putting the suit on you.” I need to finish getting ready, I’ll meet you in the lab.

I ate very quickly and was disappointed in the amount. When I walked in she had moved the lap examination table to reveal a large sunken pool. She had a bikini on under her open lab coat. “The suit is put on in the water. It is a special chemistry and it is very warm, that’s why I have the skimpy swimsuit. We will spend much of day in there. There is snack on the bench next to the pool for you to eat.” There were only 10 candy bars there. I almost ran over there to eat them. I was hampered by the unfamiliar size and heaviness of my body. I definitely jiggled. My butt, belly, thighs, breasts (much bigger than hers), my arms, and even my chin. I think I saw her watching me run to the candy bars, with an open-mouthed stare. I was naked and I was beyond officially obese. The candy bars disappeared quickly. When I was done I looked up to Dr. Morgan staring at me.

She took off her lab coat and walked over to me in her bikini. “Before we start we need to remove all your hair from your body. I will apply this gel to your body and then we will shower it off you.” She briskly applied the cool gel everywhere. I mean everywhere. My penis stiffened a little when she touched it and my testicles. Of course I couldn’t see this reaction because of my relatively large and sagging gut but I felt it. I also couldn’t see her reaction because she was bent over under my belly working on the gel. After a few moments she hosed the gel off and examined me to make sure the hair was gone.

She touched a button and a platform elevated out of the water. It had railings to grab onto. “Step out onto it and hold on. I will lower you into the tank.” The platform sank slowly and stopped when my head was still above the water. She looked down on me and then climbed a small ladder down into the tank. She walked over to me with some equipment. “You will need to wear this mask to breath to breathe underwater, I have one too. You shouldn’t be too uncomfortable but it will be a slow process. Plan on being here most of the day. Follow my instructions to move different parts of your body.

Hours later she finally poked me and pointed upward. All day I couldn’t see much of her work, but I had felt her hands and tools working on my skin and around me. I shook my head yes. She gave me the OK sign. I felt the platform rise. It stopped when my head just came out of the water. She took off our breathing gear and from just a few inches away looking into my eyes she said “I will be raising this slowly, remember I have encased you in a fat suit. It weighs 250 pounds. You weighed 221 yesterday, so I have more than doubled your weight this morning. And you know how awkward it is to move that 221 pounds of flesh around so imagine 471. I will be here helping you. No sudden movements. We will get you over to that bench and sit you down there to rest. OK?”

“OK, I want to see the new body you have given me.”

“I do too. Hold on.” She stood close to me, pressing into the back of my body with hers, supporting me. Through the suit I could actually feel her hard, thin body indented into my soft and fat body. Slowly the platform rose. I felt heavier and heavier as it rose, as more of my new very buoyant body came out of the supporting water. I tried to look down briefly at my body but all I saw was the huge expanse of my chest with two large breasts sagging outwards. The breasts slowly dropped as they rose from the water. My chin didn’t move as much I had wanted and as I forced my chin down a roll of flesh oozed upward to partially block my vision: it was a double chin, or maybe a higher numbered chin. I was gripping tightly and leaning forward on the support bars when the platform stopped.

“OK. I am going to take the front support bar away so hold onto the side bars.” She guided my hands to them. “Now take one small step off the platform, slowly. Remember everything about you is over twice as big as you were this morning and almost three times larger than when you started this project!” I moved my head to look down and saw my huge chest and chin. Stretching a little I saw a slice of my belly. “There is no way you can see your feet while you are standing up. You are way too fat for that. Let’s go!”

I started my muscles moving and felt how much I weighed. My leg, my foot, everything heavy. My huge thigh pressed into my overlapping belly. I saw my massive belly rise and shift a little to the side with the movement of my thigh. Dr. Morgan was bending over using her hands to help me place my feet. A few of these shuffle steps got me to where I could not use the support bars anymore. It was only a few meters to the bench but it seemed impossible. The strain of supporting my weight was huge. I felt her hands on my body helping to hold me up. We slowly walked to the bench. I actually waddled with my arms out and doing more of a rotation of my body than a step. She helped me turn and then came around to my front to grab my hands. “Lower your butt to the bench. Your rear is very large and will definitely make contact way before you will expect it to. Don’t stop then, because it is very soft and it will squish down and out significantly as you load your weight onto it.”

I bent my body at the hips and began to lean my upper body forward and my butt backward. I could feel all of the flesh along my front hang down more strongly without my thighs supporting it. I could feel my large breasts swing freely off my chest. My butt touched the bench almost right away but it kept giving way as I lowered myself. I could feel it pushing and oozing outward across the bench. Finally I felt that my body could not sink any lower “Am I down yet?”

“Yes!” She let go of my hands and placed them on my belly. I was already out of breath. I was shocked at how fat I was. I was huge! I was sitting down and I could not see my legs or feet. Just a lot of belly fat that merged into the fat of my hips and butt. My breasts were huge. My belly rolled out into two main thick horizontal rolls. I also had a deep roll at the inside of each elbow and a small roll at each wrist. I could feel how the fat on the back of my upper arm sagged down over the outside of my elbows. It was so strange to not only feel how much this weighed but also to feel sensations from my skin. I could feel how my folds of skin were hotter and moister than the exposed skin. I could feel how the skin covering my rolls of fat shifted as rolls expanded or contracted based on changing positions of my body.

Dr. Morgan stepped back to see all of me. “Perfect!” I could not tell if she was complimenting me or her work. “Wow. Gorgeous. You are so fat. It’s fantastic! Can you feel? Do you feel me touch your skin?”

I tried to say yes but I was breathing so heavily from the exertions of walking about 10 feet. I nodded and smiled at her. “Rest and catch your breath for a few moments. Then we will do a scan and then you can go eat.” While I was resting she dried me with a large towel and then she got out a digital camera and started taking photos of me and my new body. After a few minutes she came over. “OK. We need to get you standing. I will pull your upper body up. You push with your legs to get your feet under you.” Our first attempt resulted in me almost making it but then falling back onto the bench taking Dr. Morgan with me. She was looking dazed as she got up from the face plant she had made into my belly and breasts. “Second try. At least you didn’t fall ON me” she laughed. I got to standing. I was still breathing heavy, she seemed to be also.

“We need to walk to the scanner.” It seemed to take a long time to get to the other side of the room. Dr. Morgan placed my feet in the outlines since I could not see my feet. I realized why she had had me stand with my feet spread so wide when I first stood here a few weeks ago. My thighs were so large around that they pressed into one another and limited how close I could place my feet together. She then helped me lift my arms horizontal so that I could grab the handles. My arms were so heavy, it was like trying to lift and then hold fifty-pound dumbbells horizontal. The fat on my upper arms hung down from my arm by about a foot. I held still while she went and typed in the commands. The machinery whirled and imaged me. Dr. Morgan pulled up a very large wheelchair. I quickly sat in it without much control of my mass and almost knocked the chair over. My butt touched both sides even though it was obviously a huge wheelchair. It looked like four or five Dr. Morgan’s could have sat in it.

She wheeled me over to the displays. I could hear her breathing hard as she really had to really push to get the chair to roll. She brought up a cart filled with food near to me. I reached out and ate the first thing I touched. Dr. Morgan typed commands and then started a video. “Watch us walk across the room.” The displays showed a very thin (I could easily count her ribs) bikini clad Dr. Morgan next to a huge round fat person. The fat of the huge person was intricate, with many rolls, bulges and cellulite textures. The fat jiggled with each movement, sending out ripples across the person’s body. Rolls of fat formed and disappeared as the very fat person slowly and awkwardly walked across the room. The person’s body was so fat that made it difficult to tell if they were male or female. The head was hairless, but that didn’t help with identification.

I knew the fat person was me but I just couldn’t fathom it. The camera circled and I saw all of my new body. I was not the huge bellied man of Dr. Morgan’s earlier computer model that was based on my distended belly from overeating not based on how my body distributed fat. I was just fat. Fat everywhere. Fat arms, fat legs, fat ass…the size of my butt was impressive…fat belly, fat underbelly, fat breasts, fat chin…it hung down several inches and it was twice as wide as my head. I had a big shelf of fat on top of my butt and there was a deep fold where the fat of my back rested on my butt. The images cycled through and the 3-D computer image of my full body scan also looped on the screen. I was so very hungry after the previous fasting that I rapidly stuffing food into my mouth as I stared at the obese person on the screens. I was starting to slow down as my arms began to be tired. My arms were so fat that it was a lot of work just to hold them up. I tried to put more of the load of my heavy upper arms onto the fat of my torso, but even just lifting my lower arms was strenuous. “Here, let me help you, you aren’t used to lifting such fat arms.” Dr. Morgan took over and began feeding me.

She was somewhat distracted in her feeding of me. She reached out and pressed her hand into my belly and then slightly lifted my upper belly roll and then my breast. “So much fat. So real. I did not think it would turn out so well. Do you feel fat, does it seem real?”

I paused between mouthfuls, “It feels so real that I feel trapped in it.”

“We will build up your strength and soon you will running around the lab. Then we will get you ready for the next suit of 350 pounds.” She smiled inwardly as she said this. I shuddered a little at the thought of adding 100 more pounds to my grossly overstuffed and burdened body. She fed me for a long time until I began to slow my pace and grow weary. She wheeled me to my room to rest. It took us 15 minutes to get me out of the chair and onto the bed. Dr. Morgan had to push and lift my limbs and fat rolls onto the bed. It was a lot of skin contact and the suit somehow transmitted everything so that it felt real. “I will clean up and do some work. I’ll be back with dessert.” She definitely was smiling. She took one last look at my obese bloated self and left.

Chapter 9
Later that evening Dr. Morgan came in with the dessert cart. I was still very hungry of course, but I was also in shock at how fat I was. I was appalled by my constant eating and my impossibly fat body of real fat and now even more so with this suit of additional fat. But I could not deny that I was also very hungry: my body grossed me out but it was also was arousing. “It’s OK. You really are beautiful, you’ll be a big hit in the Utopia. You have the perfect fat distribution.” With that she put a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. She fed me for a long time, maybe an hour when I started to actually feel my hunger ease. She was wearing her lab coat buttoned up which seemed strange. “Are you finished? Just a few more bites.”

“Ahhhhh. I love ice cream.”

She stood up. “I know you are sick of my endless tests and measurements, but there is one last test for you and for this fat suit. It is really an important one but I have never done it before. Would you consent to this last test?”

“Yes, of course.”

“As you know by now, the Utopians are promiscuous and you will undoubtedly have intercourse there if this disguise is convincing enough to potential lovers. We need to see if this suit feels real and performs adequately during intercourse. I would like to have sex with you now to test this.”

How can a man who went from 160 to 470 pounds in one month, in a society of thin, fat-hating people and who has developed an addiction to massively stuffing himself with food, refuse a beautiful woman a quarter his size who also seems to enjoy stuffing him? Even if her delivery is bit on the robotic side. “Yes!”

She opened her lab coat to reveal her naked body. She pulled back the sheets from my body and climbed into the huge bed with me. Her hands were everywhere on my body and my hands on hers. Her hands had a lot more to cover. I found that my hands also seemed to be caressing and exploring this new body of mine. Somehow the suit of fat felt real. I don’t know how she built it, but I could feel her touch on my skin, her kisses, her tiny warm body pressed into my soft flesh. My fat suit felt warm and soft and alive. It felt real and it was huge. I was very erect somewhere under my belly. I could feel her warm wetness on my leg that she was straddling. How can we possibly fit together? I had seen numerous sex scenes in the Utopia movies, but I had never really imagined the details of how two fat people could have intercourse. I couldn’t even imagine a thin female having sex with my hugely fat body.

“Dr. Morgan?”

“Susan. I think we can figure this out. If two obese people can have sex, we should have no problem since only half of us is super fat.” She moved her legs to straddle both of my thighs. She pushed my belly upward and then grabbed underneath to lift it a little. Her hand explored under my belly to find an underbelly fold of fat I didn’t even know about and then she shifted several creases of fat where my thighs pressed into my bellies. She lifted my underbelly and her hand grabbed my penis, which was completely covered by all of this fat.

“There it is, I knew it had to be here somewhere! Your body is amazing, most fat men just have a big round belly but yours sags and is complicated by your huge thighs and ass. I was very excited when I first calculated your fat distribution. You will be sought after in the Utopia, you have the body of a star.” She squeezed me. She pushed my belly up toward my chin, which pressed my breasts up and outwards and into my double chin. I could feel the added burden of fat on my torso and the extra effort it took to breath. She shifted her body to lay on top of mine, with my belly between us, caressing my curves. She kissed me all over as she climbed up onto my belly and then kissed my breasts, my chins and then she was kissing my mouth exploring it with her tongue. I could touch her with my hands again, caressing her tiny body. Her tight butt and slightly flaring hips and her small firm breasts. We kissed and explored each other. She slid down me and lifted an armful of my belly upwards. She wriggled her body under my belly, my fat pressing against her torso, with her small breasts just setting on top of my upwardly lifted belly roll. I felt her moistness as she guided me into her. She gasped. I gasped. We moved together, I had to go easy because my body seemed to want to ripple out of control with sudden motions that would almost cause her to be thrown off.

We had sex several times that night. We tried different positions, her on top, her underneath, on our sides, her on her hands and knees with my belly loaded onto her back. I grew tired with these exertions of my now huge body. She fed me more dessert between and even during sex. It was an amazing night.

…To be continued…
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I woke up alone, naked, hugely fat. I had to use a lot of force to sit up and then I was just barely able to stand. I caught my breath and balance and then very slowly waddled to the bathroom. I experimented with standing up to pee. My legs and back quickly grew tired as I fumbled with lifting and shifting the fat of my belly rolls and inside thigh fat to try and fail to grab myself and aim. Aiming would be tough because I could not see what I was doing. I ended up sitting down and realizing that I couldn’t grab my penis because my belly fat covered it and my thighs were pressed together. I spread my thighs apart by moving my feet out. My belly oozed downward to fill the void. My thighs still touched even though I couldn’t part my legs any farther. I reached out around and under my upper thighs and grabbed handfuls of fat and rotated the fat outward and around away from the opposite thigh. This created lots of space which caused my belly to pour downward more. I was then able to snake my hand under my belly to aim myself downward to pee.

I took several minutes to get back to standing. Luckily there were a lot of handrails on the walls. I was breathing heavily as I walked back into my room. Dr. Morgan was sitting on my bed writing on her tablet when I entered. She looked up startled and then smiled as she stared at my body. Her gaze finally rose to my face. “You are beautiful! This morning when I woke up, I thought it was a dream. But here you are, with this gorgeously fat body. I think you are already adapting well to carrying an extra 250 pounds around. Do you need a rest before we go measure and scan you and then have breakfast?”

I was about to say yes. But my stomach heard the word breakfast and so there was to be no delay. “Let’s go, I am famished!”

The measurement and scanning process seemed to take a long time. I think that it was because there was so much more of me to measure. My hips were 74 inches, bigger than my arm span. My waist was 62 inches when I was standing, but 85 when I was sitting. My chest was 50.

The days seemed to fly by as I became used to dealing with my large body during the day and Susan and I explored my body at night. Susan worked during the day on the next suit, which she promised to make even better. I couldn’t find any flaws, but my life was depending on it being perfect. In the evenings, Susan would join me for dessert and then we would be together.

Susan started me on an exercise program to build up muscle for moving my new larger body around. I spent a good percentage of the time on this. I slowly learned the ergonomics of being very fat and moving my body around the lab. I would catch Susan watching me exercise sometimes. She would give me a big smile and then go back to work.

I was still eating a lot of food. Susan was not regulating me and neither was I. I was hungry for many reasons. One, I had been stuffing myself for the previous month and my stomach was stretched out; I was getting a huge workout just from moving my body; the exertions of Susan and I at night were also physically demanding; and I was undergoing an exercise program to build strength. I was also starting to get bored a little as Susan tweaked her programs to perfect the fat suit and to get ready for the next one. I seemed to be constantly eating. I would even eat while I used the treadmill.

After three weeks of growing tediousness, “Tomorrow we will remove your old suit and then the next day put you in the new one. Are you ready with your strength training? You seem to be moving naturally and you even have a certain amount finesse now when you move; as if you go now with your flesh as opposed to fighting it.”

Susan was in my room the next morning when I woke up. She was wearing her bikini, evidently she was ready to begin. “Good morning darling! I can’t wait to make you fatter!”

I groaned “How much fat is enough? I already weigh more than what we planned on my final weight being. Will I be too fat with an extra 100 pounds added on top of it?”
“No. What do you think from watching all those TV shows and films? How fat are the popular actors? Do you think you are fatter or thinner than they are? By they way, you have gained a lot more than you think. You weighed 522 yesterday, that’s fifty more pounds. You would now be officially obese without the suit.”

“Great. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to make you upset.”

“OK. It makes sense based on how much I have been eating. But how much weight can I handle? You are right, I am not as heavy as those actors. I agree that I probably weigh less than most of the people in the videos. But are they representative? Our TV and media tends to show the most beautiful people, wouldn’t theirs also?”

“Yes, that’s the point. We want you to be noticed and liked easily. Any doubts about your past or other questions will be easier to address if your audience likes you or is attracted to you. So with the Utopia, the fatter we can make you the better. Our earlier estimate was a guess, based on not much information and then it had to be approved by government people who have no real knowledge of obesity.”

“620 pounds?”

“Yes, that is a lot. Way beyond what I thought we could attain.”

“So you wanted this?”

“Yes and no. I have always believed that this mission would be more likely to succeed the fatter we got you. I never planned on making you actually fat. My original plan was to try to tweak the fat suit to larger sizes. I have figured out how to it, but we don’t need it now that you have gained an extra 110 pounds. You have gained an amount exceeding my body weight. I am sorry that your real body has grown so much. I will do whatever it takes to get you back to normal after the mission. Before you reply, I want you to know that my feelings for you were not false feelings to fatten you up. I am not the evil witch in Hansel and Gretel. But I do love your body, I do love to watch you eat, I do love to feed you.”

“I never thought otherwise. I need to accept responsibility for my actions and I (and you) know that on my mission to the Utopia my likelihood of weight gain was very likely, it is hard to foresee being in their society and not gaining huge amounts of weight.”

“True. I do think you are beautiful and in a way I am excited to see your real fat body under the fat suit.”
“I am too, let’s go. I have to admit I am getting very hungry!”

After a moderate breakfast (relative to what I could have eaten) we started. Again we went in the pool. A much shorter period of time elapsed and then she took off our breathing tubes and raised the platform to talk to me.

“Ready, remember that your center of gravity is different. It is not where it was at 520, nor is it where it was at 220. OK? I have you.”

As the platform rose I felt lighter, I looked down and saw a lot less of me. No double-triple chin got in the way, there were no massive breasts sloping down to either side of a pendulous belly. Instead there were much smaller breasts perched on top of a still sizeable belly. I could feel how it sagged downward and rolled just onto my upper thighs. My first steps were crazy as I overcompensated for my missing huge thighs and knees, which had previously been pressed far apart by my flab and for my huge belly which had pressed heavily onto my thighs almost as far as my knees. Susan stabilized me. I adjusted much quicker than when I had the 250 added. I felt so strong, moving my body was so easy. I wanted to run and jump around, but my balance was still a little off.

Susan’s arms wrapped around my body from behind. She whispered in my ear “I can reach around you now.” She hugged me and then caressed my soft belly and upward to my breasts and back down to trace out the roll of my so much smaller belly (or much larger belly from a different perspective). Her hands went down my thighs and back up to lightly grab my ample buttocks and then back under my belly roll. “You have a wonderful body at any weight. Let’s get the measuring over if you feel OK.”

I stood for the scanning. It was so much easier to hold my arms out for the handles at shoulder-height. The day before Susan had to use both her arms to help me lift mine. I noticed I did not have the enormous bat-wings arms flab that I had yesterday. I could see my large belly and breasts when I looked down, but they did not take up a significant portion of my peripheral vision like my body of yesterday did. Looking down I could see my feet if I bent a little, something impossible to do yesterday. My ass and thighs were big but I didn’t have a huge shelf behind me.

Susan seemed to really enjoy the measuring and she seemed to be going slowly. My stomach rumbled loudly. I was very hungry. “We can stop here. Sorry, but I was indulging a little. I have never touched someone so fat before. Well, yesterday and the last three weeks, but I knew that wasn’t real. This is.”

We walked across the hall. She gestured me to sit down and then she went to get our dinner. While I waited, I noticed how my belly looked so much fatter and bigger when I sat. It completely covered up my genitals and flowed out to cover half of my thighs. My thighs were large and so they held up the belly and prevented it from sagging outward. My breasts were pushed upward and outward as well.

Susan came back quickly with a cart laden with food. She smiled “This is for both of us. I feel bad that you have gained so much due to our being together. I also really like the results and have enjoyed the feeding and sex getting to this point. I want to experience it from your perspective. I want you to feed me this week, starting now. I measured myself this morning and I am ready. Will you feed me my fat darling?”

“Sure, it only seems fair to get a chance to fatten you up, but I am hungry as well. I have to keep to my Utopia regime. How about you eat the same amount as me. That should be a good start for now. Later in the week maybe you could eat more. Here.” I put a forkful in her mouth. She smiled and chewed. I took a bite, then fed her, and so on. After 20 minutes of this she was chewing slower and slower. I was still very hungry, but I was trying to control my runaway appetite. Her usually flat belly, was visibly distended. It was not tight, but it was poking out, pushing down her bikini bottoms and pushing up her size A breasts.

“How about we stop here and save you room for some dessert later.”

“Yes. Can you help me to my bedroom?”

I carried her there. Even when carrying her, my weight was less than it was yesterday. I could have easily carried two of her.

Three hours later I walked into her room with a gallon of ice cream and a cake. She was sleeping on her side without covers. Her belly was still sticking out, but it was not so hard and sagged a little (not from fat, but fullness).

“Ready for dessert?”

I heard a groggy “Yes.” She rolled to her back and with her eyes still closed, she opened her mouth. I alternatively fed her pieces of cake and ice cream. I set a rapid pace and she kept up well. I knew these were her favorite foods. I massaged her expanding belly like she had done to me so long ago. Halfway through she said “I don’t think I can make it through this.”

“I didn’t think you could, so it’s a good thing I am hungry. She rested, breathing heavily, while I ploughed into the cake and ice cream. When I was done, she was asleep. I got in bed with her and held her in my arms, feeling her rock hard belly.

Chapter 11
When we awoke, Susan said to me “Can you feed me breakfast in bed? I won’t do any scanning or measuring of myself until the end of the week. I’ll just take photos. I want my gain to be a surprise.”

I got breakfast and brought it back and repeated what we had done last night. This time she was excited. Sexually excited. She started massaging her belly half way through and then opened her eyes to look at me. I was naked since we had no clothes except very large and very small. Her eyes roamed by obese body. She reached out and touched my belly and continued touching me as I fed her. Eventually she got around to my under belly and my thighs and she grasped me there. “Feed me.”

She pulled my body toward her as a sign of what she also wanted. I got in bed with her and then she got me to lie down and she straddled my legs and guided me into her. I continued to feed her. Her swollen stomach looked a few months pregnant and pressed into my soft, much larger belly. As she moved, her body seemed to jiggle more, it had to be an illusion, there was no way she could be gaining that much so fast. When she came I fed her the last forkful of pancakes and she convulsed into another orgasm. She collapsed onto my body, sweating and moaning, breathing very heavily. “Wow, I don’t think I have ever been that excited.”

She took a nap while I cleaned up. I woke her and we took a shower together. Afterward she was back to normal “Back to work. We have 350 pounds to add to you today.”

She toweled off and put a clean bikini on. It looked a little tight with the bottom of her belly pushing outward horizontally causing the bikini bottom to ride low.

We walked to the lab, where she said she was all set up already. She kissed me. And we went back into the pool. It was long day. The process seemed to take forever. Finally she lifted the platform so we could take off our breathing tubes and talk. “How are you doing?”

“Bored, but fine otherwise.”

“Me, I’m hungry.” She winked.

“Today is the same as before except for an extra 100 pounds. Hopefully the strength training has helped, so this won’t be so bad. I don’t need to remind you of how different 100 pounds can be. You now weigh 620 pounds. That’s huge. Remember how your thighs touched and were constantly pressing each other? How much your belly stuck out and wanted to topple you forward? Or how much your ass swayed with each step? Go when you are ready.”

The platform raised up ward. My body swelled up into view as we began to move. My breasts were huge, my chin rolled outward where it hit my chest. My belly was a vast area beyond that. As we raised upward, my whole body kept sinking as the buoyancy of the water held less and less of my fat. My belly didn’t seemed to stick out farther, at least from my viewpoint, but I could feel how much lower it hung down. Down to my knees, maybe lower. I went back to the waddle and twist method of walking that I was so good at. I rested my upper arms on my body and only moved my lower arms for balance. My upper arms were very massive and the fat around my torso pushed them up and out a lot. When I looked at my upper arms, all I saw was a large pillow or sack shape, not an arm shape at all, it was much wider than long. With large cellulite bumps and ripples and folds of fat crossing them. “I don’t need to rest just yet. Scanner?”

I went slowly over to the scanner. If I got much fatter, I wouldn’t need to lift my arms up because the fat of my torso would do it for me. But for now I couldn’t physically lift my upper arms at all. Susan tried to help, but my arms were so big and the flesh was such loose fat in several rolls that she had nothing to get a hold off. “Luckily I have planned for this.” She went over to the machine and pressed a button and the handles lower via a power winch. “Grab hold and I’ll pull them up!” Susan helped me grab them and then ran to the machine winched them up and then scanned me.

She looked at the read out “Everything seems fine, actually it seems perfect, including you. Wow, wow, wow.” She said looking at me. Susan turned on the video to show me what I looked like. I could see a large round body. My belly was enormous; it flowed outward and downward and was very wide. My butt was a huge counterweight to my belly. My butt-shelf was larger and my ass checks pressed upwards up my back and hung down unto my thighs. My thighs were hidden from the front view, but huge with many fat rolls from behind. It was so exciting, I could feel myself becoming erect watching the video feed as Susan walked over to me and prodded and massaged my beach-ball body.

Susan pressed herself into my fat grabbing as much of my torso as possible (about half-way around) and leaned in to try to kiss me. We kissed when I leaned dangerously forward. I could feel my belly pressing into her legs and torso. My breasts framed her head. “Feed me.” Is all she said. She took off for the kitchen and I very slowly began waddling. She stopped and turned to wait, smiling. I could see she was very excited also.

I finally made it to the kitchen and sat. I took up a large amount of space. I couldn’t sit and directly face the table with my belly, even with my legs spread as wide as possible. Susan sat beside me leaning into my very fat body. My fat oozed around her and she sank into me. She had already set the table with a huge banquet of food. I fed her. It was difficult for me because my upper arm was too fat to lift and my lower arm was very heavy. Eventually I said, “I can’t lift my arm anymore, it’s just too heavy.” She smiled and patted me and took over the fork. She ate more quickly than when I had been feeding her. In the end she surpassed the volume she had done yesterday.

I grew tried of moving my huge body and ended up pulling the trays up to my belly and just using my forearms, resting my pillowy upper arms on several rolls of my belly that circled around my torso. She rested on me, with her head on one of my large breasts; just one of them was bigger than her entire head. Soon her stomach was round and hard again. From my angle her belly stuck out and completely hid her bikini bottoms. She began to slow in her eating, and eventually she fell asleep on me and I kept eating, never quite reaching full and then I too fell asleep sitting in the kitchen.

...to be continued...
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Chapter 12
When I woke up Susan was sitting at the other side of the table eating. She had not changed her clothes and her hair was in disarray. She had a very serious look on her face while she ate. I watched her for a few moments, seeing how she seemed to really enjoy the eating. I couldn’t see her stomach clearly from my position, but every few moments she would put one of her hands on her belly and her smile would grow a little. I could see she had been up for awhile eating; there were numerous new plates that were empty. At some point I shifted my body a little, which sent large waves of fat in motion and Susan looked up at me. With a smile she stood up and showed me her stuffed belly and she put a forkful of food into her mouth and filled her cheek to accentuate it.

“I am beginning to like this. Though it would be better if you were feeding me. Maybe in a few days you will have acclimated to the extra 350 pounds. Would you like some help standing up and going down the hall?”

“Yes, I thought you would never ask! I feel like I would be stuck here without some help. Even after all that strength training. My body was already coping with the extra 100 pounds I personally put on it and your fat suit of 350 more pounds has pushed me over the edge. I still can’t believe I am this fat.”

“You look marvelous too. Why do you think I am eating this way? I have to admit this and you really turn me on. I am just as amazed as you. Give me your arms and we’ll try to get you standing.”

She braced herself and tensed her body to pull me up. She looked so small compared to me. Her arms looked like little twigs next to my arms. My arms were of course almost unrecognizable, being thicker than elongate. Each movement sent ripples through my body. When she leaned over I could see how large her belly actually was, it stuck out 4 or 5 inches from her otherwise flat torso. We heaved together. I went upward, but my butt never left the seat. Susan prodded my belly and leaned over to shift where my feet were and we tried again. I went up and lost my balance, traveling forward. I was able to keep from falling by going forward in a few crazy, belly fat-flopping steps. Susan was caught up in my frenzy and I ended up smashing her into a wall. My body completely enveloped hers for a few seconds and then I caught my balance and was able to stand. When I looked at her, she looked flustered. Maybe excited and in pain?

“I am so sorry, are you OK?”

“Yes. I was just surprised. I also just got a lot of skin contact with you. Wow. It is pretty amazing. It seems so real, I have to think about it to realize it is a suit that I made.”

The rest of the week was uneventful; we both had tasks that we needed to get done for these last two weeks before my deployment. We saw each other in the evenings and we explored each other’s body every night. We had huge stuffing sessions of Susan. She wore loose clothing all week and kept the lights dim in our bedroom to hide her progress from me and from herself.

I practiced putting on, wearing and taking off my clothing. It was good to finally have clothes that fit my body, but even these sail-sized pants and shirts were getting alarmingly tight. My first tries to dress myself were long and frustrating efforts. I had to find how to manipulate my flesh and contort my body to fit my various lumps, bulges, protrusions and rolls into clothes. I did feel more normal with clothes on. Susan liked undressing me. I loved the contrast in the size of my clothes to hers. Susan even dressed up in my clothes to show how much bigger my body was than hers.

The night before Susan’s weigh-in she decided to have a party with extra food and cake. It was hard to tell any difference, since the amount of food we were eating was vast. Susan challenged me to an eating contest. Not of speed but of volume. We had the entire evening to consume as much as possible. The winner would have the most plates. We went at it. I went fast at first since I was sure I could beat her easily. I had not accounted for my recent tapering off. I even thought that maybe Susan had been secretly training for such an event.

After 5 hours I was exhausted and feeling full, but I kept eating because I thought Susan was gaining on me or had even surpassed me. Susan was steadily eating. I could not understand it. How could she eat so much, so long?

We called it finished at midnight after six solid hours of stuffing food into ourselves. We both just sat back in our chairs for ten or fifteen minutes after finishing. We were both breathing heavily. Our clothes and hands were covered in food and the kitchen was definitely a mess. Susan got up slowly and awkwardly and came over and gave me a kiss. She stood up straight and surveyed the room. I noticed how much her stomach stuck out, even under her lab coat. She looked like she was well advanced in a pregnancy.

In fairness we agreed to count each other’s bin of dishes. I tried to get up to go over to her bin. Susan just laughed at my struggled and handed me her bin. I leaned over and counted out a lot of dishes. I felt like I had lost. How could she do this?

Susan looked up from my dish bin “Well, what’s the damage?”


“You have 70 in here my gluttonous prince. It is so funny that you pushed yourself so hard to make sure you out-ate me! Forty-two! Wow, I am pig. I can’t wait to see what I weigh tomorrow, but right now I am losing steam. I think my body wants me to rest so it can digest all of that. Let’s go to bed.”

After we struggled to get me standing, she slowly walked down the hall with her hands cradling her stuffed belly. I even more slowly waddled after her. She had turned off the light and gotten into bed by the time I reached the bedroom.

Chapter 13
I woke to the smells of breakfast. Susan’s plate—well, plates—were empty by the time I was able to get to the kitchen. I was about to sit down when she grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the door. I almost lost my balance, but I was able to step quickly to follow her. My belly rolls did a loud plop sound, to which Susan giggled. She was really smiling and full of energy. We went to the lab. She spun around for me to see her and undid her lab coat. Underneath was a set of loose drab sweat pants and jacket. She pulled down the pants and pulled off the jacket to reveal her swollen mid-section. She was wearing a bra and panties, but they looked like they were having a hard time with Susan’s expanding body. The panties were riding very low; the waistband in front was much lower than the sides and most of her butt crack was showing above the waistline at the back. Her bra obviously didn’t fit, her breasts lifted it off her chest and each one tried spilling out of the top and bottom.

She turned a few times to show me her silhouette, which was shocking. It looked like she had just eaten a few pillows, even though I knew she had just eaten a lot of food in the last week. Her belly stuck out a good 10 inches from her torso. It stuck straight out. I knew she had gorged last night and I guessed she must have gotten up early to gorge again this morning. She quickly removed her bra and panties. As I took her image in, I realized that she had grown everywhere. Yes, her belly was enormous, but her thighs and arms and breasts and hips and buttocks were all much bigger. I even noticed her face was fuller, she had been wearing collars to hide it.

“What do you think?”

“You look ravishing, beautiful. Your curves are great, and your belly is truly amazing. I thought you were really eating a lot, but this is ridiculous. How did you do this? You went from eating nothing to portions as big as what I am eating and more. It took me weeks to get to that point.”

“I cheated of course. I have always been into feeding and stuffing. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to researching the fats from an early age. I used to train with water and low calorie foods so I would get very full but not get fat. My stomach is used to very large portions, my fat cells are not” With that she turned around to show me the cellulite on the backs of her thighs. She really does have great curves now that she is not just skin and bones. “How much did I gain?” she said as she skipped over to the table. She sat naked on the very large table that I had spent so much time sitting at. She looked tiny compared to that mental picture of me.

I waddled slowly over to the computer console and tried to sit down, but her chair had arms on it. I ended up bent over, leaning on my arms with my belly hanging downward. I pulled up the table-scale view. “You weigh 161 pounds. It says here that your BMI classifies you as just barely overweight. Where did all of this gain come from?”

“I have been sampling the food since you started here. I was very underweight at first and I purposefully wore baggy, loose, unflattering clothing. I didn’t plan on it, but it grew on me. Figuratively! I saw the pleasure you were experiencing and I loved your expanding waistline. I know part of my feeding of you and pressure on you to eat was because I wanted to be the one being fed. I also admit that I have watched a lot of Utopia TV and movies and read their fiction and biographies. I know pleasure when I see it. So, since you have been here, I have gained 40 pounds as of last week. I went from 120 to 160. This last week’s gain is 17 pounds. That’s over 2 pounds a day. I didn’t think I could do it or keep up with it. I really need a break today. I was having to wake up in each night and cram high calorie food into my belly for a few hours. My stomach has been almost painfully full all week.”

“You conniving witch! First you trick me into gaining over 110 pounds of real fat, then you put 250 pounds of artificial fat on me and then notch up it to 350 pounds, so that I have become a bloated whale who has trouble walking 15 feet. I have become addicted to food and sex and general pleasure-seeking and laziness and now you want me to work at feeding you?”

“On a serious note, all of that falls exactly into the requirements of this mission. The obvious danger is you—and now I—may enjoy it too much to be an effective agent. I am sorry we are in this situation, but I want you to know that I am glad I am in it with you and not someone else. I had my doubts as you may have noticed when we first met. How could a lean, athletic machine of a man be an effective agent in Utopia and someone I could open up to about myself? You are beautiful as you are in the suit and without the suit. I don’t care what weight you want to be, I want to be with you somehow at any weight, even if you return to your starting weight. Yes, there it is. I am baring my soul to the world of you. I want you.”

We hugged and kissed and cooed to each other for a while. Eventually, “This metal table is getting cold on my under-insulated rear-end and thighs and you look like you need to rest.” I was sweating from standing up and leaning over her, even though most of my belly rested on the table and on Susan’s legs.
“We should measure you also, you seemed to be eating well this last week.” She helped me take off my clothes and helped me ease my hugeness onto the table. “What is your guess? Gain, same, loss? Amount? I am going to guess you gained some weight.”

“I don’t really feel like I was eating that much. I really never felt full, except for our contest night. I’ll say I gained 3 pounds. I don’t know, it’s hard to tell when you are obese and wearing a super-obese fat-suit.”

“I think you gained a lot more that you think, I felt like I was just trying to keep up with your eating all week. You have perfected the eat-all-the-time lifestyle. I even saw you eat in the shower.”

“That was a drink, it doesn’t count.”

“Ready, here it goes.” She opened the scale window on the computer desktop. She gasped. “20 pounds! Your real body weighs 293 pounds. Well, actually 643 pounds. You gained more than I did. But lugging that extra fat around is a lot of work; you must have eaten quite a bit more than me. I will go through the video logs and see if I can figure out some of your secret eating techniques.”

Susan went to the scanner and did a scan and then she scanned me and then she did a very thorough measuring job on us both. She smiled as she found out how much we had grown. I was pensive the whole time, thinking about how huge I was getting, almost doubling my real weight in just a few months. I had thought I tapered off and was under control but I was obviously way out of control. It didn’t help that I felt smothered in this new, very huge fat suit. I was still having difficulty walking and doing mundane tasks.

Susan noticed my withdrawal, “Oh honey! I love you no matter what. I liked you thin, I liked you plump and I like you round. I will really do everything I can to help you, are you worried you are getting too fat?”

“You read my mind. I have doubled myself since I have met you. You saw my body between fat-suits. That was real. That extra mass, that fat was me. I made that. I gained that, I can’t just get rid of it like the fat-suit if I’m in trouble. My whole life has been about readiness for whatever happens. I have been ready to run, jump, even kill for my life or for a cause. Now I can barely do anything. I seem to be only able to do one thing: eat. Look how fat I am, almost half of this very fat bloated body is me, the real me. Oh! What have I done, what can I do about it?” I admit I was overcome with emotion at this point, tears flowed out of me. Susan held me, she dressed me carefully and herself. She explained how we were caught up in something big and that together we can get through things.

“Come on! We can start on fixing one thing. You need to get in shape so that this body does not weigh you down so much. I know that you were once strong and fit and healthy. You can be healthy at this weight, but we need to get you strong so you can use your body for whatever the circumstances require. Should we consider taking off this fat suit?”

“Yes, I think it is all too much too fast. I need to gain muscle strength when instead I have been just gaining more mass to lug around without the muscle to carry it. I think you should consider training also, since you have put on a lot of weight also. What was it, 60 pounds?”

“Yes, I’ll go set up the lab for de-suiting. See you there in 30 minutes?”

“Yes.” My first inclination was to go to the kitchen to get a snack, but I resisted and went instead to the gym. I was tired just from walking to the gym. I sat down and had to catch my breath for a few minutes. Afterward I did a few arm strengthening exercises, which was good because I could do them sitting down and not have to move all of my 643 pounds.

When I came back in, Susan was in her usual bikini. It was very tight on her. The bottom portion didn’t cover much and was stretched so much that it looked more like a thong and not a bikini bottom that had before covered all of her butt. The top part covered her nipples essentially, but not much else. When we were getting ready, her breasts kept popping out of the top so that she ended up just taking it off. I noted how much her breasts had grown from barely an A cup to more than handfuls.

We are practiced at the suit removal procedure and soon enough I was skinny again, at least relatively. I still looked fat. I looked obese, but I was certainly a lot lighter. My belly hung down onto my thighs, my ass was wide and I had a nice double chin and large breasts perched on top of my abdomen.

“Wow! I am always floored by how beautiful your body is. I can never imagine it fully. You do have a magic fat distribution. You still are very male shaped, but you are not just a big belly. You have such nice thighs, ass, chest. I really love your double chin. Sorry, I hope I am not pressuring you.”

“Not at all. I am glad you like what you see since I think it will be almost impossible to get rid of. I am having a hard time with it. Even as I feel it is alluring and sexy I also feel ashamed and want to hide. I know you accept it and accept me, but I still feel this way. I am relatively new to the Utopia and I have never actually met a really fat person, until now. Unfortunately the first fat person I have met is me. “

“Well, look at me. You said I was officially overweight. I think that classifies me as fat.”

“Sure, you are right. I appreciate your solidarity with me. It does help knowing that you know how I feel.”

Our week was very strenuous. We had long grueling workouts that seemed to never end. I would end up profusely sweating and breathless several times a day. It helped. I could already feel it. My resolve and discipline broke down one day and had a huge multi-hour stuffing feast at night while Susan was asleep. Susan made me work it off the next day. She said that when I felt that way I was to stuff her instead of myself. We tried that out later that same day and it did help me a little. It was also a big turn on watching Susan be such a pig. It almost seemed like I could see her expand in front of my eyes.

“Don’t you worry about expanding and gaining so much?”

“I have set up this lab so I don’t interact with anyone. The secrecy involved really doesn’t allow it, even if I wanted to. It is secret enough that nobody really knows I am here to visit me. I will exercise and work out when you leave. Stuffing and eating so much is really only satisfying with you here. I wouldn’t want to do it when you are gone. So, let’s enjoy this time while we have it. Grab that pie and start shoveling it into my mouth fat-boy.

“We’ll see who calling who fat in a few days.” I fed her rapidly until the pie disappeared. We ate some other things, making sure Susan ate most of it. We made out a little and ended up spooning each other in bed after having a few hours of sex.

I was still hungry. I got up slowly and tiptoed to the kitchen to get something to eat. All of the food was locked up. I couldn’t get anything. She is trying to help. I asked for this. I knew I would to like but I need it.

When I got back, “You are still hungry? The locks are extreme but this is for your own good.” She reached under her pillow. She pulled out a bunch of candy bars. “I will share a few of these if you feed most of them to me.” A few minutes later, the 12 candy bars were gone. I felt a little satisfied and Susan was overstuffed (her term) with an extra 2000 calories.
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Default chapters 14 & 15

Chapter 14
The next weekly weigh-in had me nervous. I was feeling a lot healthier and that translated to me feeling good about my body and my situation. I was feeling a little guilty because part of my cure was to dump my hunger onto Susan who seemed to be inflating rapidly. Susan of course gladly accepted my binges for me and never complained and even would congratulate me on overfeeding her past her limits.

“Time to weigh in fatty!” came from Susan in the lab. Susan had taken to wearing loose clothes all the time now, but today they looked like their usefulness was fleeting. I noticed they were now tight on her. I should have realized how much food I was getting Susan eat. My eating had been huge and I had transferred almost all of this to Susan.

“Who’s first? Step on up!” I sat on the table, feeling nervous. “301. Plus 8 from last week. I bet when we run the scan we will see you have lost fat and gained muscle. I doubt that will be the case for me, since you seem to be pushing me past all eating restraints!” She quickly took off her now tight clothes and sat on the table. Her belly pooched out onto her thighs and her breasts looked huge. Her hips and ass flared out sideways several inches when she sat down. I could see the overstuffed fat cells shift around in her cellulite. “I think you have given me a huge gift this week. I can’t wait for it!”

I read the screen. “Wow! You weigh 182 pounds, this can’t be right. You have gained 21 pounds in one week!”

“Thank you, this is so marvelous!” She came over and hugged me and kissed me profusely. “I have a surprise for you tonight that I need to make sure it is ready. You need to make sure you are ready for the 350 pound suit tomorrow. Go. Go! I’ll see you later. I know you’ll love my surprise.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading the summaries and analyses of the Utopia. The lab was very quiet, but Susan seemed to want to surprise me so I didn’t go snooping. The food was still locked up so I went and did some more exercise in the gym. Near our usual dinner time I heard her down the hall “I am almost ready for your surprise and then I will be very hungry for dinner, I hope you are too!”

I walked to the kitchen and sat down. There was food on the table already so I helped myself to some things. I heard her walking toward the kitchen. She seemed to be breathing hard and walking slow. Slow, deliberate footsteps with deep full breaths. Maybe it was something she made or had delivered and it is heavy or difficult to move. I stayed put.

The entrance of the kitchen was then filled by a large round object and then more of it was visible and then more. I looked up and saw that the large round white object was a belly in stretch pants and that on top of that belly were two enormous breasts straining at a skin-tight shirt of stretchy material, and above that a huge chin and then a round head with Susan’s eyes. Her hips filled the doorway, they literally touched both sides. Her belly hung down to her knees. Her breasts were where a waist might have been on a normal person. She smiled. “Surprise! I need to sit down. This thing is heavy!”

“How did you do this by yourself? How much does it weigh?”

“I took a few shortcuts so it won’t hold up for more than a few weeks, it’s not semi-permanent like yours. The suit weighs 450 pounds and it’s killing me. Excuse me while I sit down.” I wanted to know how you felt last week. True, this is the same weight you had, but you carried part of it on your person and you are taller and a man so the weight is much greater percentage-wise on me. Ten more pounds and my BMI would be over one hundred. What do you think?”

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. You did this for me? You look amazing!” She did. The stretch pants showed everything. Her belly was a huge sack of fat that hung down and outward, like a bag with several beds worth of pillows. It quivered with every movement. Her belly was pressed down and indented by each of her breasts. They were spread out wide and separated by a roll of upper belly fat. Her upper arms were much bigger than her hips had been earlier. They stuck out horizontally from her body, propped up by the fat wringing her torso. Her belly hung down off her gigantic hips, which merged into a larger butt. Her butt stuck out a few feet behind her and hung down to where her knees must be. It also pushed upward up her back and several thick rolls rested on it. She was smothered in fat. She had to slide her feet to walk. She couldn’t pick up her feet: her legs were very heavy and her big belly pressed down on her thighs giving her no room to move them.

“I hate to be a party-crasher, but this was a lot of work and I am famished. You have only one more week to fatten me up, I want to make the most of it.” She shuffled over to the table and tried to slowly sit down on the large bench I usually sat at. She lost her balance and ended up plopping down hard on the bench causing an earthquake of shaking which traveled all over her body. She was panting hard from the effort to move and sit down. “I think we can begin now.”

We had a huge meal, we both ended up stuffed and then we experimented on how to have sex with a greater than quarter ton woman with a huge ass and thighs. It turned out to be simple and great.

Chapter 15
I woke up obese-Susan. The shape of her under the covers was enough to make me erect as soon as I woke up. Susan nuzzled me and found me excited. “If you get me some food I can help you take care of that.”

I was back quickly and I proceeded to stuff a lot of food into her. The morning was off to a great start. Susan couldn’t do much at 630 pounds. She insisted she would keep the suit on all week. She ended the discussion and got back to our work to get me back into my 350 pound costume. I had to help Susan with everything. To walk and sit up. Not only was this a lot of weight, but she didn’t have the muscles developed to deal with it. I had to feed her and wash her and I even had to help her in the bathroom, cleaning up. Susan filled up almost of third of the lab tank, water overflowed when she got in. She worked quickly, since she was very practiced at this process. A few hours later the pool elevator slowly lifted our almost 1300 pounds out of the water. There was very little water in the pool once both of our masses were out, maybe a third was left.

We had a difficult time getting out of the pool lift, since we were both carrying so much extra weight. Susan had to use the bench since she couldn’t go any farther and she feared—rightly so—that if she sat on the floor we would never get her up. When she caught her breath “We weigh over half a ton! Together we weigh what the heaviest human weighed. So, we still have a ways to go.” She finished with a big smile.

We forced ourselves to move. I had to help Susan every step into the kitchen. We both filled the doorway, which made getting in cumbersome. It felt like it took 20 minutes. We both had to sit far from the table because of our huge bellies and Susan’s large breasts.

We ate a gluttonous meal. Susan was the recipient of most of the food however. We made it back to my room and had very awkward sex that night which ended when a part of the huge reinforced steel bed made a loud noise as it broke while we were experimenting. Luckily we were not dumped onto the floor, but we got off the bed quickly. Quickly for two humans weighing over 600 pounds each.

We had to sleep on the weigh-in table, because it was the only thing big or strong enough. Our fat overflowed over the edges of the table. Susan was hungry again and so I fed her more food until she was too tired to chew. Susan liked the lab table as a bed because when I fed her she could see how much she weighed instantly.

I woke up the next morning to grunting noises. I struggled to sit up and saw Susan moving around like she wanted to get off the table but she wasn’t getting anywhere. Susan saw me awake. “I am trapped! I’m too fat to sit up. Too fat to get off the table. I have been hungry for hours, I tried to get up and get some food but I can’t get any leverage and my arms are not strong enough to do anything.”

I concentrated on my own movements and slid to the edge of the table and slid my legs off one at a time and pushed off the table onto my feet. I could feel the huge weight of my belly try to topple me forward, but I was ready for it and recovered to standing. “Wow! You make it look so easy! And so beautiful. Me, I must look like a fish flopping around on a dock.” I waddled over to her side of the table. We slept without covers, since our bodies were well insulated. She was huge. She was fat everywhere. Rolls, bulges, saddlebags, cellulite, breasts, hips, belly. Belly. Huge belly. Her legs… countless rolls of fat instead of smooth limbs of yesterday. Her upper arms were much wider than they were long. Even her fingers were splayed apart by fat. She had much more than a double chin. Her head was round with pudgy cheeks. Her legs were spread wide, with her feet five feet apart, but her legs touched almost the entire way down to mid-calf. She was just lying there doing nothing, but still her breath was labored.

“You are amazing. I can’t believe you did this. I actually can’t believe you could walk yesterday. I am not surprised you can’t get off the table. Despite my love for this gorgeous version of you I think you need to reduce it so you can function.”

Susan shifted her bulk so that she was not on her back but more on her side. Her fat shifted a little even though I could tell she rotated her skeleton a lot. “No! I just put it on. Please! I have had to wait all this time watching and loving your super obese body. I want this experience. Just a few days. I will get stronger and better adapted.”

I countered with “There is no way you can adapt if you can’t even move. How will you do the basic things of life? Do you want me to do everything for you?”

“Yes, that is what I want. I want to be a hugely fat queen with a handsome round man to take care of me. I want to enjoy our last bit of time together. I want to enjoy this time in this body next to your big body. After you go… Well, there is definitely a chance you won’t be able to come back. Besides, you need practice taking care of and making love to a very large woman. If their films are a reflection of their society then there will be plenty of hugely fat women to love. And you want to do it well.”

“I leave next week. I also want to enjoy our time together, but if you are trapped in that body the whole time it will make it difficult to finish up everything. How about I give you two days like this.”
“And you will do everything I ask?” She smiled sweetly, then her smile changed to one more impish. “I am very hungry, would you please bring me breakfasts” Yes, she said it in the plural. “I’ll be waiting for your return.” She flopped back to rest on her back with her belly centered on her thighs and arms and legs spread wide.

“Right away.” I did a slight bow, which was difficult due to the large mass of my belly ready to topple me over. I turned and walked off to the kitchen. That makes it sound easy. It’s a lot of work to move 650 pounds. Especially when your thighs are huge and pressing into each other and they are weighted down by my belly pressing onto them and over them. My arms were out to my sides for balance as I made small steps while pivoting my body on my standing leg. I seemed to be moving so slow, but I was breathing very hard and I could feel sweat forming on my brow.

My progress was noted by a wolf whistle and “Such a pretty ass you have, my prince! Now, hurry up, I waiting!” Then she gave a sweetly silly laugh.

I loaded up the cart with multiple breakfast plates. I was hungry somewhat but I didn’t take time to eat anything. I had learned to control my appetite from last week. Susan has not learned this, but I can’t criticize her because I was the same way and we both have enjoyed this. That thought seems so strange to think. I had lived my life with fitness in a society where fitness was cherished and fat hated and shunned. It has been amazing enjoying gluttony and despite everything, I have enjoyed my expanding body. I felt pride at each inch of expansion and each pound gained. I felt excited by it too. I really liked how Susan has expanded. I loved her curves before and after the extra fat of the suit. I love the feel of our flesh together. It’s heaviness and solidity. It’s weight and softness. It’s malleability. The way it flows and creates new curves. I was deep in thought when I came up to Susan on the table.

When I looked up, I was again astounded by her body. So round. So soft. So heavy. Susan was asleep, snoring lightly. I took time to really view her. I was enjoying this ogling. “You can look all you want while you feed me.” At her speaking, I started, sending a quiver through my fat body. I sidled closer to her and shoved a pancake into her mouth.

Neither one of us said anything for a long time while I fed her and stared at her body. When I looked at her face her eyes were closed and she was chewing vigorously, like she can’t chew fast enough. Underneath all of my fat I was rock hard from viewing her body and her gluttony. I eventually ran out of food. When I stopped she opened her eyes and stared at me. “There’s some candy bars in my desk drawer.”

I waddled over to get them. A box of a dozen. I came back and handed them to her. “I want you and these candy bars so bad.” I moved closer and leaned over her to kiss her. Her flesh yielded under my flesh creating new curves. I caressed her large curves. My hand started at her breast and moved across the arc of her belly. She shifted some and I slid my hand under her belly. I encountered a few rolls of her underbelly and eventually I found her. She was moist and ready. I didn’t think we could actually have intercourse, at least right now but I could give her my hand and fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned and chewed and on and on. She climaxed while finishing the last candy bar. She was breathing loudly and fast, her body was soaked with perspiration. She laid there and eventually I could see she was asleep.
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Default Chapters 16 and 17

Chapter 16
The rest of the day passed with a similar lunch and dinner. Susan slept most of the day, digesting the massive amount of food she was cramming into herself. She seemed to have a bottomless stomach. I was really impressed. We struggled to get her standing to go to the bathroom. I spent my time when she was asleep working out and going over reports. That night, after dinners and desserts we tried to have intercourse but we were too big and awkward. Susan had no strength to move more than a little on her own. We gave up and settled for mutual masturbation. Even that was difficult with our very large bodies, and our limited mobility. We slept again that night on the lab table.

The next day I begged her to reconsider her weight. She stuck to having two days to enjoy this fat suit. I persuaded her to reduce my body so I could take care of her. I won the argument by telling her I also wanted to see what it would be like having sex with her when she was the bigger one. “Ohhhh that does sound wonderful!”

Susan was too big, too weak and now too overstuffed to be mobile enough to get into the pool with me this big. In the end Susan gave me step by step instructions for the emergency bail out procedure to get the suit off of me. It was an important task for me to master so I would be prepared for any emergency in the Utopia. It had to be done in a place with a drain, since the suit liquefied during the procedure. It was messy, but it worked. I felt so much lighter, but when I looked down at myself I still felt huge.

Susan told me how small I looked. I replied by shoving some food into her mouth and began another stuffing session of her. She had just eaten enough for a family of six people, but she didn’t complain. After an hour she pulled me closer and began to reach under my belly for me. I was able to mount her on the lab table. I had to spread her thighs wide and then push her belly sideways over one of her thighs, then push her underbellies upward and then place my belly over hers. I used my hands to spread the flesh of her thighs wider since her legs still touched as far down as her knees. I eased my hips down between her thighs somehow. I had to wriggle and it was work hard. I was definitely sweating by this time. I was able to enter her and then while we moved and jiggled I fed her a box of candy bars and then a lot of donuts.

The rest of the day was similar. Feeding her almost non-stop, a several sessions of sex with a few interludes of struggles to get her onto her feet and to the bathroom. It was somewhat easier with my body being less than half the size I was yesterday, but at the same time it seemed to get harder as Susan consumed more and more food. She couldn’t walk. She could take a tiny step by rotating her leg and sliding her foot. I used the extra-large wheelchair that she had used with me. She filled it. Overflowed it. Her body was much different from mine. Her butt and hips were phenomenally large. Unbelievably large. She insisted this is really what her body would look like based on her calculated fat distribution and her modeling programs. She could only stand for a short time and I would get her to sit on the toilet and then help her arrange her flesh so she could pee. We were able to get into the pool to bath her body. She was more relatively animated in the water because so much of her floated.

We ended up trying several intercourse positions throughout the day. The easiest for me was with Susan bent over the edge of the lab table with her feet on the floor and all of her torso weight on the table with me behind her. I would lift up my belly onto her huge rear end. Her stomach and breasts spread out laterally on the table. Her arms were near her head, she didn’t even pause in her eating. Her body moved like a lake of water in a fierce windstorm. I will never forget the sight of her so large body moving so seductively. We eventually were exhausted, me from helping her move her body, her from eating. We slept, I was curled up against her massive body.

Chapter 17
I woke up to Susan poking me. “Please get up and get me some food.”

I looked at the clock “It’s 2 am!”

“I know but I am hungry and I want to enjoy this body while I have it!” I waddled off and filled a cart with as much food as the fridge held and as much as the food synthesizer could make in a short time. I piled plates on top of each other. I knew that I would have to wake up again if I didn’t fill it up.

“Thanks. You can go back to sleep.”

I did. When I woke up I was shocked that she had eaten everything. I knew she would try and I knew she was good at stuffing herself, but I didn’t think this was possible. She was still sleeping, spending all of her energy digesting all of that. I got up and went to the bathroom. I still felt so fat. The lab bathroom had a mirror and my reflection looked obese. Well, I was obese at over 300 pounds. There were multiple rolls of fat and a lot of cellulite textured flesh. I moved different parts of me and watched how it jiggled and how gravity pulled different parts downward. I really stared at my breasts, which looked larger than most women’s. I had a big belly, but I also had large legs and hips. Not in a feminine way at all when I really looked at my body. I was shocked to think that all of this fat was real. I made this with Susan’s help.

In the end I decided I liked it, despite everything else. Maybe this is why I was chosen for this mission. Maybe this is just an outcome of my ability to really identify with my cover identity when going deep undercover. This level of intensity of belief was needed in these situations. I couldn’t succeed as an operative in the Utopia without seeing very fat bodies as attractive.

When I walked back into the lab the sight of Susan’s body was still a shock. It didn’t seem possible, but I knew from our research on the Utopia that it was possible and that many people had done it and a good number had exceeded Susan’s body size. I thought about my body and the rate of my expansion and what impact my immersion in the actual Utopia culture would have on me. Is that my future? If I made it back after my mission, would that be my body forever? Was it possible to lose that much weight? Would my skin recover? If I couldn’t lose it, I knew I would be an outcast from our society. At least I have Susan, maybe she would stay be with me if that happened.

Susan’s new body was amazing. It was so unreal but so real. I would forget that it was only a costume. Looking at her I would think about it as if it was her real body. So much fat. It was really mind-blowing. So many rolls and folds of fat. It would be difficult to count them all. They were everywhere, even on her fingers, at her wrists, even a huge roll of fat where her legs met her feet. The fat actually touched the floor on both side of her feet when she stood up. Her hips looked like a set of baby whales or dolphins that were attached to her. Everything was round. Her upper arm made a perfect circle of flabby flesh.

I decided to surprise her with a breakfast cart for when she woke up. I went into the kitchen and filled the cart. It was interesting that with my taking care of Susan and feeding Susan I really wasn’t that hungry. I think my feeding of Susan took the place of me stuffing myself. Or maybe I kept thinking about how fat I already was. I left the cart next to bed and went off to workout. After working out I showered. When I came back into the lab Susan was just finishing eating everything off the cart. “Hummphhh!” she said with a smile and a mouth full of food. After finishing her bite “Thank you so much that was a great way to wake up. I need to go to the bathroom, can you give me a hand?”

I groaned a little at the thought of moving Susan around again. I think she heard. “Please, just a little longer? I know you like parts of this.” She ran her hands down her body starting from her breasts to her hips. Of course her hands were comically small compared to her body.

“OK. Since you are so beautiful. But the suit comes off today!” She seemed even heavier, slower and weaker than yesterday. This probably would not be so bad if she was used to this weight but this was a six times heavier a body than she had just a few weeks ago. She didn’t have the musculature to support it. I used the wheelchair again. It was so hard to push with Susan in it. Getting her standing involved a lot of flesh to flesh contact. Each time I felt myself grow hard at the feel of Susan’s great big soft body against my smaller but still large soft body.

After returning her to the lab table, Susan insisted I bring her some lunch. Again I filled the cart and left it with her. I worked out again and spent time reading reports. When I returned Susan was sleeping. I filled the food cart again and walked back into the lab. Susan smiled at me and her eyes locked onto the food cart. I had overfilled it, piling food high. It was a lot of food. I handed her a chocolate bar and kissed her while she was eating it. I caressed her flesh and fed her bites of food. I got up on the table and sat next to her. Susan’s hands roamed my body while I put food into her mouth. I kept up the pace of feeding her. Eventually she closed her eyes and started caressing her body.

After a few minutes she returned to my body and soon found my groin with her hand. I was ready for her. She opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. She eased back to a more supine position that lifted her belly apron upwards. She shifted her legs so her thighs were spread wider they rotated outward to create more space. I moved between her legs and lifted her underbelly and pushed her belly rolls upward toward her head. My hand found her and she began to breath heavier between mouthfuls of food that she was feeding herself. I burrowed my head between her thighs and under her bellies to use my tongue. Soon her whole body was undulating. Of course I couldn’t see anything except her fat underbelly against my face. I couldn’t hear much due to her fat thighs. Her hands couldn’t reach me over her belly so she ended up telling me she wanted me inside. Now I sat up and looked over her belly at her, but her eyes were closed and she was chewing food and feeding herself. I pushed into her belly and adjusted my body, lifting my belly onto her massive belly. I then was able to enter her.

These activities lasted through the evening with me filling the cart twice more. We had another trip to the bathroom. When we returned to the lab bed/table, we tried having her on top of me. She had a hard time supporting her weight, but with help she was able to get situated. She was heavy on me, but much of her weight was in her legs, which were not on top of me. Her large belly did press into me, but it flowed to the sides and was thus partially supported by the table. This was a difficult but we were successful. Susan was nearly breathless when we were done. Afterward we bathed in the lab pool.

I brought up Susan’s need to take off the suit again. She didn’t want to. She insisted on one more night. “Now that we have that cleared up, go get me another cart load of food and feed it to me as fast as you can.”

I did. I was somewhat upset about Susan and I took it out on her by really doing what she asked. I fed her and fed her. She was sweating and breathing heavy as I stuffed food into her mouth and told her to eat it. I felt bad afterward, but it was what she wanted on some level. After many hours “Please! Please, I can’t eat anymore. You are too good at this! I want to eat it all, but my stomach hurts so much!” I stopped. Within minutes she was fast asleep.
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Default chapter 18

Chapter 18
Susan was hungry when we woke up. That was no surprise, even though she had surpassed all previous stuffings the day before. She also needed to use the bathroom. I argued with her that she had kept the suit on long enough “It’s been 6 nights!”

She couldn’t move. Again. We struggled and struggled. We were both breathing very hard. I could hear her stomach growling loudly. We could barely get her shifted around to sit up and my fears were that she would not be able to stand up with the weight of the suit and the weight of her body, which I was certain was much greater than before the suit. We had turned off the scale display for table we were sleeping on because Susan wanted a surprise at the end.

“OK. I should have strength trained my body for this suit. I need to pee and I don’t think I can move like this. Let’s do an emergency suit exit. But first, turn on the scale display! Do you think I have grown?”

Grown? She had six nights and five days of feasting. I can’t even imagine how many calories she had ingested. I walked over to the display control. “Six hundred and sixty one pounds. That is a few more pounds than what I weighed with my suit on. That makes you 211 pounds of Susan inside that suit and the computer classifies you as obese at that weight.”

“Oh thank you so much, I could not have experienced this without you. Let’s get this off me. I am excited to see my expanded real body underneath this suit.”

We deflated the suit and a much smaller yet still fat Susan stepped out from the deliquescing suit. “I have to pee, I’ll be right back.” She ran out the room with her fat thighs and still huge rear jiggling and bouncing. “Ahhhh! I feel so energetic and powerful without that suit. Look at how fat I am? I never thought my real body would be this big. I’m almost twice as large as when I first met you. As you might guess I have always been intrigued by fat bodies. And also eating, which reminds me. I’m hungry!” She turned and waddled rapidly to the kitchen.

I followed her. She was already eating when I walked into the kitchen. “It is my last day of stuffing while you are here. I want to enjoy it. I’ll stop after you leave. Let me eat these breakfasts and then we can start to get you ready for your final suit!” She already had food on her face and crumbs trailing down into her cleavage and onto her belly. I stared at this newly fattened version of Susan. It was difficult to believe she was so skinny when I first met her. Her thighs and butt were even bigger than before. They spread out sideways on the bench she was sitting on and her butt made a wide and deep shelf along her back. Her butt cleavage was vast. Her belly seemed to be catching up with their massive size. Her breasts were several handfuls at this point and were perched on the top of her pillowy belly. Her upper arms were so soft and round, with fat of the upper arm starting to droop down over the back of her elbow. I watched her eat. She had closed her eyes and was absentmindedly rubbing her belly and hip. I walked over to her and took over feeding her. We spent a long time in quiet, she enjoying the food and me enjoying her body.

Eventually I helped her to her room to sleep off her meal and I did more weight-training and read more reports. Susan found me in the lab reading and without a word grabbed my hand and led me over to the lab table-bed. We spent a long time exploring each other’s body and having sex. I went and got Susan lunch but she insisted we had a schedule to keep. We had to get my new suit on.

I was more ready to bear the weight of the suit this time. It was still so heavy, but I was so much stronger. I felt better with it on, somehow I had identified with this vast amount of flesh being my body. Susan helped me better move around making suggestions and commenting how beautiful it was. That evening I fed her. “This is the last stuffing, tomorrow you leave and we have a busy day planned. So don’t stop.” She opened her mouth. I inserted a full forkful of food. We repeated this for several hours. We fell asleep on the lab table.

I woke up to see my obese but not super-obese Susan walking toward me. She smiled at me and then posed her body for me. “I can see you like this! You should, you made it for me. I gained a few more with your feeding, now I’m 215 pounds.” She came up to me and kissed me. “Thank you so much darling.” We kissed some more and that led to other things.

Eventually we got to work and got me into my new 350 pound suit.

Susan spent the day naked because she had no clothes this size.. She couldn’t get her lab coat on. Her arms were too fat for the sleeves. It would not have covered much anyway. She tried to wear her old clothes, but even her stretchiest panties would not go up over her thighs. Her arms and breasts would make a joke of any shirt she had. I loved seeing her cellulite textured thighs and ass. I loved watching as the fat shifted while she walked around the lab. I was wearing clothes; we had huge shirts and pants that fit my vast body. She thoroughly inspected my new 657 pound suit-body, making sure nothing was wrong, she tweaked a few things, but was satisfied. We went over my mission. Infiltrate the Utopia to understand its culture see what else might be going on. I was to stay for 3 months and then leave and come back to the lab, where my newly gathered intelligence would be analyzed by us and then by the other parts of our spy organization. This might lead to another mission to the fats.

We had a heart-rending goodbye. We kissed and hugged. We promised to keep each other in our thoughts and that we would see each other soon.

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Default Chapter 19: Entering the Utopia

Chapter 19
I opened the original door from which I had originally entered the lab. I walked the hallways following the directions Susan gave me. The hallway seemed so narrow this time. My hips would occasionally brush the walls during my waddling. The directions led to door that opened into an old warehouse. The only light on was next to a loading dock with its door open and the open back of a cargo truck. A large bench seat was built into the back. I stepped into the back and felt the truck suspension sink several inches.

I heard a man’s voices up front. “Holy shit, did you feel that? They said he would be big, but who could weigh that much? We might need a bigger truck. How do these people get so fat? Where are they hiding? This is the third fatty we had to deliver this week.”

A woman’s voice responded in a lower tone, “Not so loud. They must feel bad enough being so fat in our society, at least the Utopia will take them in. Remember the poor woman we delivered yesterday?”

“Yeah. She was almost pretty, but so grossly fat. But her chest…whoa.”

“When do men grow up? Let’s go!”

“Yeah, he is probably hungry and will eat us if we stay too long.”

The truck engine started and then a woman appeared at the back door. She reached up to close the door and saw me. She stopped in mid-reach. She stared at me. At my body. Her mouth was open.

“What’s going on back there? Do you need some help?” came from the cab in front.

“No!” She shifted her view away from my huge body, she looked at my face. She was tall with a bulky athletic build, but no fat at all. Kind of a plain face, but cute nonetheless.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. Are you OK?”

“Yes. It’s OK, thanks.”

She winked and then shut the door. I heard her get in front and the truck started driving. My blubbery body quivered and jiggled with each bump we drove over. I was somewhat upset about my body. This was the first person besides Dr. Morgan to see my newly enlarged body. The woman’s glance and reaction stirred up feeling of our society’s shame about my hugely fat body and my gluttony. She was not a mean person, but I could feel her judge me from one glance at my body. I knew her reaction was probably mild relative to other people’s reactions to my super obese body. If only she could have seen me and Susan stuffing so much food into ourselves!

I heard the woman up front, “You should see how big this one is. He must be twice as big as that woman from yesterday. Oh my god. How can he walk? How can he function? He filled the seat in back. He didn’t even look human.”

“I don’t care about the fatties. As long as they have money, I do my job. I just deliver them, I try to not even look at them. The only fatty I usually see is the gate guard. She and her rolls give me nightmares.”

After twenty minutes we stopped and parked. The engine shut off. The door opened. “Hi. Sorry about before. I just want to apologize. Are you ready?” I nodded yes.

She pulled up a ramp to the back of the truck and climbed in. She came toward me. “Let me start again. My name is Amanda, it’s nice to meet you. I am sorry but there is no loading dock, you will have to walk down the ramp. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Amanda. Thanks, I appreciate your apology. But it is OK, before I was fat, I reacted the same way to bodies like this. But now I have new opinion.” I patted my belly.

“Can I help you stand up?”

“No, sorry, but this seat is just too low for me to easily get off of. Can you grab my arms?”

She stood close and we spent a few minutes maneuvering my body to standing. She had to use all of her strength to help me. At some point I pressed a lot of flesh into her hard body. It gave me a thrill to feel that contrast: hard versus soft.

I slowly waddled to the ramp and then with Amanda’s help, I slowly made it down the ramp. She led me over to a wide door into a building. She entered before me and held the door for me to enter. I walked in, turning sideways a little to clear the wide doorframe.

“Welcome to the Utopia!”

I looked over to a new woman’s voice and saw a very round woman wearing a skin-tight official’s uniform with a nametag.

“Hi Cheri! Fresh delivery for you. Please take good care of this one. It’s been a busy week, I’ll see you again tomorrow!” Amanda turned and left after taking one last long look at my body.

“Where have you been hiding darling? You are gorgeous! Lately, we have had a bunch of thin people trying to live with us, but you clearly belong with us. Let’s see your papers. Please sit down. Can I get you anything while I go over these forms? Are you hungry?” See came over with a tray of donuts and set them next to me and then she went into the back room. She was quite wide and had a large drooping belly and cute chubby cheeks. I was in a waiting room. All of the chairs were twice as wide as normal chairs. Even so, my butt nearly overflowed the sides of the chair.

After 30 minutes, a different woman walked in. “Hi, I’m Sarah. I am your immigration mentor. I will help you adjust to your new life here, get you settled in, help you find a job, and assist with acclimatizing and socializing in the Utopia.” Sarah was much larger that the immigration officer. She was wearing very tight yoga pants and a blouse that displayed deep cleavage. The pants accentuated her very large and voluptuous hips, showing every contour. Her shirt and pants did not meet, exposing at least twelve inches of belly fat. Overall, I would say she was my size or larger. Her eyes gave my body a once-over. “I think you will like living here a lot. Are you ready to go? Do you need to rest or use the restroom?” I didn’t. We walked through the building. I saw others working. All were fat, men and women. A few of the women smiled when they looked at and saw me. A few even said complimentary things. Sarah and I got into an open electric cart with wide seats. We both sat in the front seat. My hips were squashed against Sarah’s as she drove.

We went to a dormitory. “Here is the place for you to stay for a while. This is a good place to adjust to life in the Utopia. It will be a bit odd at first. Your society is more private than ours and much less social. These dorms are a good place to learn to be social and make connections with others. Think of it like the friendships you might have made if you were in dorms at college. You have already made the first step into our society…” she prodded my belly “…some people spend time in a special dormitory to gain weight. I’ll take you there later.” We walked down a few corridors. “Here is your place. It is obviously not very private. The group bathrooms and the showers are down the hall. Do you have anything to drop off?” I put my small satchel on the bed. And looked around the bed was a king size and the top was high off the ground. There were only three walls and just a curtain that could be pulled around for the front. The back wall had a window that looked out into a park. “Yes, I know you aren’t used to this, but that is the purpose of this. We have to break you down from all of the inhibitions of your thin society. I hope you have at least made progress in thinking of fat people as attractive?”

“Yes, I think I have. I even think I am attractive. My idea seems to be confirmed from all of the looks and winks I got on our way over here. Even the thin woman that dropped me off.”

“You do have an attractive body and face. Just think what you will look like once we get you out of those thin-styled clothes!” Do you need a few minutes to freshen up?” I said yes, she led me to down the hall to the bathrooms. I went into the men’s side. I went to a stall, which was absolutely huge, and then afterward washed up and splashed some water on my face.

When I walked out, Sarah was waiting. “Let’s go eat and do some shopping! I will tell you all about life here.”

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Default Chapter 20

Chapter 20

We rode in the cart around the border town. It was a small village of sorts. She explained that this was a village that dealt with the outside world, handling cargo and immigrants. Everyone we saw was fat. I was fatter than many people here, but everyone we saw was definitely obese. The people were wearing relatively skimpy clothing that accentuated their curves and there was a lot of flesh on display. We ate a large lunch at a wonderful restaurant. Our server couldn’t keep her eyes off my body. It was strange being surrounded by so many fat bodies. In my entire life in the thin society I had seen very few fat people and almost no obese people. Knowing that I weighed more than many of them made it even stranger. I eventually saw a few spectacularly obese people. People whose bodies stunned even me when I first looked at them.

Sarah talked non-stop about the Utopia. She sat very close to me; she explained that she was intentionally intruding into my thin-world personal space. She explained that the thin society had small bodies but big personal spaces, but here people had big bodies and small personal spaces. She spoke about how everything was more personal and social here. That the large personal space of the thin world was strange but here strangers could relax with each other. After lunch she took me clothes shopping. She had me try on a lot of outfits. Most of them I felt almost naked in, but when I held up the garment on the hanger it seemed so huge. Fashion was certainly different here. Women and men wore much more similar types of clothing. There was much less differentiation between men’s and women’s clothes. Maybe color was still a differentiation factor, but I was not sure. Sarah explained that in part it was due to many fat bodies being shaped similarly between men and women and that there is a large range in body types among men and women. She explained that she was an hourglass figure with a large chest—I thought, yes it sure is—and a large waist—oh my god it is: a wide hourglass. She said my figure was more pear-like, but a manly pear figure, not feminine at all.

She would study my body in each outfit I tried on. I would walk out of the dressing room and model for her. She would make some comments and decide yes or no. When it was a yes, I could tell by the smile she had while she was looking at me. A few of the outfits were challenging to put on, me being unfamiliar with these styles of clothing. After waiting a long time for me, she offered her help. I agreed for her help. She came in and said it was all wrong and had me strip back down to just my underwear (underwear was the first thing I bought). She arranged my fat rolls into the new outfit, which made it feel much more comfortable. Her hands seemed to linger on my body longer than necessary. Maybe this is part of breaking down my big personal space. She decided to continue helping me, and so the rest of the fittings went faster. She had me wear her favorite outfit out of the store: a low-cut light blue shirt and tight white trousers. I thought I looked even more whale-like in this outfit. But the way she and the saleslady looked at me, I knew they thought it was good, maybe a bit too powerful, but definitely alluring. We went back to the dorm and dropped off my new clothes. Tonight was a dinner at the dorms. Sarah would see me tomorrow. She gave me her number to call when I woke in the morning and we could go check out more of the Utopia.

I was tired from moving around so much today. This was so much more exercise than I had been doing in the lab. People were fat here, but they seemed fairly active too. I went to the bathroom and then I showered before dinner. The showers were old-school dorm style. Open, group showers, but at least the bathrooms were sex-segregated. It was a large room with showerheads along the walls. I still felt strange taking a shower in the same room with several other very fat men. Today I was the fattest amongst them. I saw a few surreptitious looks at my huge body. Nothing sexual, but almost jealousy or that they were impressed. Maybe this whole thing has got to my head. I’ll wake up tomorrow and realize everyone is just making fun of me.

I got dressed and then followed everyone down the hall to the lounge to wait for dinner. I met and spoke with many of the others as they waited. I was the newest one here, several of the others had been here a week or two and one person had just graduated from the fattening dorms to get here. I felt that everyone was standing too close together, and then I realized that they had been through more training and adjustment here and had fully accepted the smaller personal space. The personal space was so small that people talking to me commonly would brush or even bump their bellies or hips or even breasts into me. There were about thirty people in the room when we entered. Two-thirds of them seemed to be women. I would have to ask Sarah if there was a sex-bias of immigration. I saw several of the women look up and scan our group and then their eyes returned to my body. I received a lot of smiles. People came up to us to talk and giving us drinks. I introduced myself and people named themselves. We chatted for a while about how it was so great to be here and finally be accepted for ourselves.

A man came in to announce dinner was served. A cute round woman steered me to a chair and then sat down by me and reintroduced herself as Meghan. We chatted between ourselves and to others over the course of the dinner. It was a huge dinner, but nothing compared to what I could eat. After dinner everyone went to the lounge for drinks and to talk. We sat in comfy large chairs and reminisced about awful experiences in the thin world and then we moved onto how great it was here. After a while several pairs of people wandered off talking closely and touching each other. Meghan had stuck with me and was sitting next to me with her leg against my leg. She was one of the prettiest women I had seen in the Utopia. Her body, of course, was very fat, but the fat was distributed in a very sexy feminine way, definitely a pear shape, but she did have a large belly. She was wearing a black dress with a slit up her left hip and with a very low cut back and front displaying acres of chest and butt cleavage.

Eventually it was just the two of us. She said she was still hungry and asked if I would like some dessert? I replied, “I am soooo hungry. I am used to eating a lot more than that for dinner. I guess that is how I got so fat.”

“Oh you are perfect. I guess I am perfect also, because I am fat and hungry. Come on!” She grabbed my hand and helped me to standing. She took off to go to the self-serve kitchen. I watched her massive rear sashay down the hallway. Her dress displayed the top of her butt shelf, which raised and lowered and tilted with each step. The sheer fabric of her dress showed how the cellulite of her ass shifted and bunched up with each step. She turned around and caught me staring. She smile “Come on, hurry up, you can gawk at my ass while we eat!” She took off again. There was no way I could keep up to her.

When I got to the kitchen, she was waiting with an entire cake on a plate and a very large bowl of ice cream. She smiled at me and patted the seat next to her. I sat down and she alternatively fed herself and then me the cake and ice cream. We quickly ate them. She got up without asking and got another cake and bowl of ice cream. We slowed down eating. We chatted more about our recent lives before this (I had a back-story that Dr. Morgan and I had cooked up). She had her hand on my thigh and her hand roamed to my belly and hips and back.

She wanted to know how much I weighed. I told her “As of yesterday, I weighed 657 pounds. And you?”

“Only 425 pounds. But I’m much shorter than you and I’m gaining quickly. Maybe you could help me, since you seem to be good at getting fat!” She smiled at this. She leaned over to kiss me, but I hesitated.

“I’m sorry, this is just so fast. It’s too much change for one day. I just arrived this morning. I went from being the ugly fat guy to the beautiful fat guy in one day.”

“Hey, that’s OK. I realize this is a big adjustment. I have been here a week, but you just got here. Well, things are different here, but you need a few days to get used to it. I… well…. I’m trying to tell you, I like you and I find you very attractive. I’d like to get to know you better in the following days and maybe…we could be more than friends?”

“Yes, I think we will be more than friends. How about we finish this dessert and have another drink. You still haven’t told me about your explorations here so far.”

We stayed up late, we chatted, sitting very close to each other. It was intimate without being overtly sexual. At last I stood up to go to bed. “I’m so tired, I have not walked this much is such a long time, I need to get back in shape.” She stood up and we hugged and then briefly kissed each other. I was going to walk her to her room, but she insisted that I was tired and so it was only right for her to walk me to my room. We kissed again when she left me. “Goodnight, sweet dreams.”

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Default Chapters 21 & 22

Chapter 21
I woke up late and put on my robe and walked (waddled) to the showers. I felt like I was actually getting used to having this huge body. I felt so much stronger than when we had first put on the 350-pound suit. After showering I put on some of the clothes I bought the previous day. I felt strange to wear such revealing clothes and display so much of my fat body, but the looks from many of the women confirmed it was appreciated. I was just getting coffee and breakfast, when Sarah walked in. She was wearing another tight, body displaying outfit. She looked really good. “Sorry, I couldn’t wait for you! Sit and eat, I’ll be right back.” She returned with a full plate.

“We have so much to do today! That is why I came here. I think you are off to a good start, but there is so much to learn. I think you have figured out that the Utopia is more than just a place for fat people to be accepted. We are women-empowering also. There’s no patriarchy here. I am sure I and the other women you meet here will seem aggressive to you. Maybe it is something that comes about from being so big. This large body is power.” She ran her hands over her voluptuous body. “See! I told you so. Anyway, I am not here to make you uncomfortable, but to get you adjusted so you can easily live here. It’s not too late to leave, if you find out you don’t like the Utopia.”

We ate and chatted, I asked her questions and told her my impressions. We walked out to the cart and drove over to the fattening dormitories. She explained that many of the immigrants that came here were too thin for the Utopian society and so they could go to these centers and gain weight. It actually wasn’t required, it was just an option for immigrants and even for any citizens of the Utopia. We went in and visited people in various stages of being fattened. The people here did look really skinny after the last day or so of seeing countless obese people (and also the time spent with my fat body and Susan’s in the lab). When I thought about it, most of the people being fattened were already fat. Most were obese, but only weighed 200 to 350 pounds. Sarah explained that 90% of the Utopia immigrants were already classified as obese when they arrived. About a third took up the option of staying at the fattening clinic. A very few immigrants came here as normal or, even rarer, underweight weight people. We visited a pretty woman named Ally who told us she weighed 110 pounds and was hoping to at least triple her weight at the clinic. She stared at my body.

“You created this on your own? With no help? Can I touch you? Sorry, I know this is rude, but your body is amazing. God, I want this so much.” I assented and watched her rapt expression as she touched and then jiggled and lifted my many rolls of fat. She spent several minutes at this. “Would you care to feed me?”

Sarah winked at me and said she would be back after making some calls. I sat close to Ally, pressing my belly into her leg and torso. She put her hands on my belly and then closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I knew what to do. As Dr. Morgan could attest, I was a really good feeder. I spent an hour with Ally feeding her. By the time I was done, her belly was sticking out and her tight shirt was riding up it. She made me promise to stop by and feed her again.

Sarah was waiting. She smiled and winked at me, “You certainly are fitting in well here. I almost wanted to push little Ally out of the way and make you feed me. That was amazing! Wheew! Ready to go? Or should I just assign you a job here at the fattening house!”

We toured the town and did more shopping and chatted about the Utopia society. We had a great lunch and a good long walk. The walk tired me out, but Sarah insisted. She described how the Utopia was social and although they revered fatness, they did not want a society of recluses who were immobile. We need to be able to walk and move about and so we put a lie to the idea that fat people are lazy and can’t be in shape. “We are fat here because we eat a lot and like food and fat, not because we don’t exercise. I imagine your getting fat in the thin society involved a bit of being the recluse and thus very little exercise. This does not happen here. We are fat and fit. Our next stop is a yoga class. I took the liberty of buying you a yoga workout outfit. I hope you like to sweat” She handed me a very small package. She must have sensed my wariness, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you.” That didn’t ease my apprehension about being so fat and showing so much skin in front of other people.

It turned out to be fun. The word yoga made me think of a room filled with amazing in-shape lithe women, but this room was full of obese women and a few obese men. The women wore the same thing women wore in hot yoga in the thin society: a sports bra and athletic-cut tight shorts. The only difference was the size of the clothing. Men wore very small skintight shorts. My pair was light blue and very small. I thought it would show everything, but my belly hid the front of it. These shorts were tight, I barely got them on and they rode down my butt a little and sort of looked like a thong because they were stretched so much. From the front I looked naked, from the back, there was this thin light blue strip of clothing.

Sarah giggled “Ooops, it looks like I bought a size or two too small. Sorry, it will have to do for today. It’s good practice for your body acceptance.” She winked and poked me in a large roll of hip fat that had escaped over the top of the shorts. “It’s OK. Look at my outfit.” Her chest was spilling out of the too-small sport bar cups and her sport briefs were almost completely hidden in her hip rolls. I noticed most everyone else in the class was also wearing such tight clothing. “We love our fat bodies here and we want to show them off to others! You are too beautiful to not share! So am I, so are they! Come on, let’s get a good spot in the front.”

I was so sweaty during the class. I barely made it through the class. I had done yoga while thin, but this was very different. I was over four times the size of my thin self. I was not used to carrying this weight let alone lifting it in the air and holding that position. Then there were bellies and rolls of my fat in the way and my arms and legs were so very heavy. The class was all new to me as the poses were very modified for these super obese people. The woman instructor spent a lot of hands-on time helping me adjust my poses correctly. Tucking fat rolls in or moving them out of the way, she was not shy about reaching in and grabbing a handful or armful of my fat. I felt better after class and a little less body conscious. I took a shower at the yoga studio and met Sarah outside. “How about some ice cream? I’m starving!” Me too. We ate the world’s largest ice cream sundaes. God, it was good. Sarah dropped me off at the dorm just in time for cocktails before dinner.

Meghan was waiting for me. She had an even more revealing outfit on tonight. White tight pants and a white shirt that only barely covered her breasts. She smiled for me and gave me a drink right away. She introduced me to the others and then we went to dinner. Again Meghan and I talked a long time. We had another late night snack attack, each eating an entire pie in the kitchen. We made out in the kitchen pressing our blubbery bodies into each other. She grabbed my hand and dragged me to a set of actual rooms. “We are allowed a little privacy here, these are rooms for ‘personal encounters’. She closed the door and pushed me over to sit on the bed. We made out more and explored each other’s body. Her body was so hot in these white pants, they showed everything, they were beyond skintight: each dimple of cellulite, each roll, each bulge was showcased. She took off my shirt and explored my chest. We kissed and she pushed me to lying down. She stood up and removed her top. Her large spherical breasts dropped out and down, but kept their shape. She pulled down her pants. She was naked underneath. She touched my legs and then unzipped my pants, then she pulled and heaved to get them off. They wouldn’t budge.

My huge ass was pressing them into the bed. I shifted my bulk to stand up. Meghan helped me stand and then she shimmied the pants off of me and then slipped off my skimpy underwear. She pushed me down onto the bed and climbed up between my legs pushing them apart. She pushed and lifted my belly upwards looking for me. She found me, I was ready for her, she grabbed me and held me and then shifted her body to put me inside her. Wow. She was amazing. She didn’t have the awkwardness of Dr. Morgan. She knew what she was doing. And then she was doing it again. We had a long night. We even snuck out wearing bathrobes to the kitchen for more food. She had me feed her—I had told her about stuffing the skinny woman Ally—she wanted that fantasy.

We slept a little in the special room. We parted in the morning after another long kiss. I went to the showers to clean up but realized it was already time for breakfast so I went there first.

Chapter 22
Susan met me again in the cafeteria. “It looks and smells like you had a long night! As I have said before, you seem to be really adjusting to life in the Utopia. Congratulations, well done. If only all of my cases were this easy. Believe it or not, I have had some immigrants that were so messed up from living in your society that they couldn’t find fat people attractive, they didn’t even think they were attractive. That’s where you are so different.” I got that ravenous leer from her again. “You are attractive and you know it.” She didn’t seem to be judging me by saying that, it was more like it was an observation she had just come up with.

Damn, this Utopia is pretty amazing so far.

“So where to today? What thin-society walls of mine will you breakdown today?”

“We have some great places to see and discuss, but it seems like you have already broken all of the walls down. You can grab a quick shower and then we’ll head out for the day.”

For obvious reasons, being around Sarah seemed to lead to me getting erections. Good thing for this flabby hanging belly of mine. I took a quick shower and Sarah was waiting for me in my open room with an outfit laid out on the bed. “I’ll just turn around while you change.” I didn’t trust her when she said that, but I also didn’t care. I changed right in front of her.

We walked to the tram stop and took a trip to the capital city. She discussed the founding of the Utopia and the riots and protests that had led to it. We visited many of the government building and museums. We went to several monuments. The most prominent founder of the Utopia was a woman and the sculpture of her was indeed monumental. I had seen photos of her in the museum and in my research, but this statue was much much much fatter than ‘The Founder’ or indeed any human I had ever seen. I asked Sarah. “Well it’s obvious. She gained a lot of weight once the Utopia was established. That was the whole point. A place where if you wanted to be ‘monumentally’ fat, you could.” We had lunch at a famous restaurant, supposedly in the very same restaurant where The Founder and her cohorts planned everything out.

We spent some time taking tours in history museum. I found myself doing some serious people watching. We were in a group of 15 people. Everyone stood close together, much closer than the same situation in the thin world, so close that people’s bodies touched. They touched quite a lot. Before today, I had only really spent a lot of time with Sarah and also Meghan, both of whom seemed to have a thing for my hot bod. But I saw that everyone did this. I constantly kept feeling the man and woman behind me. Their bellies would keep tapping or brushing or sometimes even pressing into my body. At first I tried to keep from touching the people in front of me with my big belly and would try to move out of the way when the people behind me touched me. I couldn’t go sideways because Sarah was next to me. We were walking through hallways and exhibition spaces with narrow—for fat people at least—walkways. We were the biggest people on the tour. Sarah’s hips are hugely wide and so are mine, which left little space to escape the flesh ahead and behind me.

When were stopped listening to the tour guide, Sarah wrapped her arm around my back and leaned into me and whispered “Remember the small personal space I told you about. It’s OK to press your belly into these people and to have the people behind you do the same. Moving away is body language for I’m antisocial. So enjoy this interaction. It’s easy, just do like this…” She somehow moved closer to me and ended up placing her breast onto my belly.

I think that was the whole point to taking the long tour. A lesson in physical closeness, repeated for a few hours until it lost its awkwardness. It worked, it did seem less awkward by the end. I actually liked it when Sarah did it, since I had really begun to realize how attractive she was. It was more difficult to accept and be comfortable with people I didn’t know. Especially true with people I wasn’t attracted to.

We ate in the capital city and took a very late train back to the immigration village. I went straight to bed. It was an exhausting day in so many ways. Hours of standing up and walking. Also hours of being uncomfortably close to people.
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Default Chapter 23

Chapter 23
I was to meet Sarah the next day at the tram stop; we were to go to another town for the day. I met her after a long walk there. I stopped a few times to rest. It may have been a whole mile or so. I was carrying a lot of weight around. I can’t even imagine my thin self carrying five hundred pounds around. I was doing it here though and every day it seemed to get easier.

When I met Sarah at the tram station, she was dressed as for the beach. “I have a swimsuit for you too! Don’t worry. Yoga was not that bad was it?” Again I was surprised at the lack of personal space. Most people on the tram sat with their flesh pressing up against their neighbors. Sarah’s hip was of course pressing into mine. Her short skirt showed a lot of her huge thighs and her top barely covered her chest. She talked nonstop about things I needed to know and asked questions about my dorm experiences so far.

When we got the shore, there was a little village there; we had a big lunch looking out over the beach. Huge people roamed around. Many of the women were top-less and some wore the skimpiest bikini bottoms, so that they looked naked from almost all vantage points. We picked out a place on the beach to put our stuff. She opened her bag and gave me my suit. It was tiny. It looked like a pair of underwear I would have worn when I was thin and athletic. “It’s stretchy. There is a changing room over there.” She pointed to large blue and white tent.

I slowly waddled over in the deep sand. I got undressed and then tried to put on the swimsuit, I couldn’t get it on. It was way too small and tight. I got dressed and went back out to Sarah. She looked up. “Do you need help putting it on or are you too shy to wear it?”

“I need to ask for your help to get it on. Do you mind?” She didn’t. I didn’t think she would mind. She actually seemed excited about the prospect of helping me. We went over to the changing tent. Derspite it being a pretty large tent, both of us barely fit inside it. She undressed me quickly and then had me step into the leg holes of the suit. Then she slithered them upwards, carefully tucking my genitals into the small space of the suit and then making sure everything was centered and on correctly. “There! I hope that was not too uncomfortable. Again, we are more used to such things in the Utopia. Even if you weren’t attractive, you could find almost anyone here to help you with things like this. You however are attractive. God, that suit looks great on you!” I couldn’t see how it did, since it was all but invisible under my belly and hip rolls and butt crack. I guess that was the point. I waddled out of the tent in this tiny swimsuit. Nobody cared. No one pointed at me. No one laughed. Sarah did a little whistle. When we got to our place she pulled off her skirt to reveal a bikini bottom as small or smaller than mine and then took off her top to reveal her large luscious breasts. “Wow, does every woman here have such luscious breasts?”

“So you do appreciate an obese woman’s body! You are on your way to being fully assimilated. You are going to be a hit in the utopia that is for sure. Let’s go swim!” She ran off—well walked faster than I could—her bulging ass and wide thighs wobbling. I followed at my fastest waddle. This part of the beach was protected by some rocks offshore, so the ocean was very calm and clear. Sarah swam like a seal. I guess she weighed as much as some species of seal. I felt like an elephant seal, but I had fun swimming. She helped me adjust my swimming style to my obese body. She would hold me steady in the water and help me move my limbs the right way. It was strange having my bodyfloat in the water, my old body would really sink, even in sea water. It was really sensual with this body. Eventually we tired ourselves out. We set up a large umbrella and then Sarah lay down on a large towel in the sand in the umbrella’s shadow. She insisted that I also lay down. She said she was sure she could help me get back to standing and again she said, “Don’t worry!”

I really felt like a beached whale lying on my back in the sand on the beach. But Sarah looked that way also. So did those people over there and those people, well everyone here looked like a beached whale to my thin society eyes. At least I was a beached whale that people thought was attractive. I caught Sarah checking me out. She was putting sunscreen all over her body and then insisted she lather my body up. I have to admit, that got me excited. My tiny little swimsuit struggled to hold me in, but lost out as I grew hard. Luckily I was in this very fat body and no one could see my groin area or see anything bulging out. Sarah spent at least half an hour putting lotion on my body. It should have taken maybe five minutes at the most. She smiled and then lay down next to me with her thighs pressing into my legs and her hand on my hip. We slept through the afternoon.

When I woke up Sarah was gone, but I saw a Sarah shaped blob swimming out in the ocean. I shifted my fat body to sit up and then tried to stand up. I couldn’t. I was too heavy. My arms were too weak to get leverage and the flesh of my belly, my hips, legs, arms, etc. was all in the way. Sarah saw me struggle and came over to help me. Seawater dripped from her large hanging breasts onto me as she bent over.

“Grab my hand. 1, 2, 3, go.” She gave some hints at how to move my body and we shifted me to being on my belly. We got me to all fours and then with her help I was able to stand up. “We need to get you stronger, especially before you gain anymore weight.” She said this as if it was inevitable or as if she was planning on doing this to me. I looked at her. She shrugged and pointed out all of the food wrappers next to my towel. She smiled. “I’m not far behind you in that way. Do you want to swim some more?” Yes. We spent hours swimming. It was such a relief from bearing this extra 500 pounds of fat around. We noticed the sun was going down. “Oh, I’m sorry, I was enjoying this too much. We are late, I think we might have missed the train back to town. Do you mind staying here tonight?”

No, this was the best vacation I had ever had. I think it might be the only vacation the adult me had ever had, but still it was amazing.

We tried to find rooms at local hotels but there was a festival that weekend and so all we could find was one luxury room, we agreed that we could share it. We showered separately and cleaned up and dressed for dinner. It was, not surprisingly, a big dinner. I was almost full afterward. We went to our room and sat around on our porch overlooking the ocean with a perfect breeze blowing off the ocean. It really was idyllic. A good meal, a good drink, a nice beautiful woman and … my extra 500 pounds of combined fat and suit. I was really trying to process this whole experience in my mind. We were on our third round of drinks when Sarah said. “By the way I am off duty now. I have been since the afternoon. I have been having such a lovely time with you. Would you like another drink?” I nodded yes. Was she that hot for me? Was this body so great? Was the Utopia so promiscuous?

When she came back, she gave me a large smile, handed me a drink and sat next to me. She put her arm on my leg and leaned her body into me. We were quiet, watching and listening to the ocean. I could feel her body heat and weight on my body. I could feel her softness. She smelled wonderful. My vantage point looked straight into her very deep cleavage. I could feel stirring in my groin below a hundred or more pounds of my belly fat. She sensed my attention on her and looked in my eyes. Next thing I know we were making out and our hands are roaming freely on each other’s bodies.

“I don’t want to ruin this beautiful moment but I need to know. Is this typical? Does this happen to everyone, all the time? Or there something about me that has garnered all this attention. Don’t get me wrong, this is really truly wonderful and so are you Sarah.”

Sarah smiled “Not typical, no it is not. I have never been like this with any of my initiates before. I find you irresistible. Your body, your face, your personality. You might have noticed me looking at you all the time. Or the extra time I took today putting sunscreen on your luscious body. Or my insisting you buy and wear such sexy clothes. Not only are you beautiful, but you are very intriguing, in some way very powerful and somehow dangerous, but also sensitive and vulnerable at the same time. Maybe other women also pick this up from you. Plus, you really don’t seem to need my adjustment to the Utopia.”

“I am guessing from your question that I’m not the only one here you have been intimate with. It’s OK, this transition our society is so different from where you were. It’s very cathartic. Here you can be yourself. I don’t want to pressure you into something you are uncomfortable about. Our society is much more open about sex and there is a tendency for people to be hedonistic and enjoy the finer pleasures of life when they can. That might mean eating large amounts of wonderful food, enjoying a beautiful evening on the beach or even having lots of sex with beautiful people. Or…all three…”

She looked so sweet and delicious in the moonlight with the sea breeze in her hair. It’s sounds corny, but it was a powerful setting. I kissed her. That led to another night without much sleep. We both agreed it was worth it and we both agreed that sharing a bed not sleeping was much better than one of us sleeping on the couch. It was a large couch, but we were very large people. I suppose I should go into the details of her body and an inventory of her curves, but trust me, they were amazing. I had seen it all during the day, since her swimsuit was even smaller than mine. But it is different when your hand touches those curves or when those curves press into you. Sarah was significantly much heavier than Meghan. I asked her during our night how much she weighed and also if that was an acceptable thing to ask someone in the Utopia. “Of course it is acceptable, we are proud of our weight. I guess the underweight, might be feel ashamed, but not me. I weigh 680 pounds. When I emigrated here I weighed 180 pounds. That was 6 years ago. Five hundred pounds in six years. Well … actually, I gained it all in the first three years. I am amazed that you could gain so much out in the world of the Thins. God, your body is so amazing. Lets do it again.”
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Default Chapter 24 & 25

Chapter 24
Sarah and I rode the train back to town. She said she had to report to her team at immigration but she didn’t think it would be long before I was eligible for citizenship. I would have to study and learn some things and take a test, but she didn’t foresee any problems. She noted that our liaison together had nothing to do with this and that she had submitted a report stating this even before we had visited the beach. She is after all, full-trained and paid to be observant of human nature. I felt bad that I was fooling her about my purpose here and about my weight, since over half of it was fake. I hope that in the end my cover would not be blown and that she would not get into any trouble.

She had several more places she was required to take me to, but we would do that tomorrow. The rest of the day when we got back was free for me to decide what to do. I walked from the train station. I felt like my stamina was improving, but this was a lot of flesh to carry and I had only a less than a weeks of experience with this much weight. I had to pass by the fattening house, I thought of poor skinny Ally. Then I thought of stuffing Ally and helping her get fat. That idea really turned me on, maybe from stuffing myself face and getting to this world with its pleasures or how I felt when I fed Dr. Morgan.

I stopped in the fattening house and inquired after Ally. The lobby secretary called Ally and then motioned me to her hallway. I walked quickly, as quick as an excited obese person could walk. When I got to Ally’s room I was breathing hard. Ally was eating and there were a stack of empty plates in front of her. She saw me right away. I guess it’s hard to sneak up on someone else when one weighs over a quarter of a ton.

Her smile was huge. She first looked at my belly and then met my eyes. “Are you here to feed me?”

“Yes. The other day was just a warm up. Today I will show you what I really can do. Ready?”

“Yes.” She moved over on the couch to make room for me and then she leaned back with her mouth open. I gracelessly sat down, but I made sure to not squash her. As it was, there was not much room and my belly spilled over onto her lap. I fed her for three hours. Attendants had to bring two new carts of food. I was astounded she could eat this much.

“I have been training for this for a long time. I was into this when I lived in the thin society but the stigma of fat kept me from gaining. I would do things like drink huge amounts of water or inflate my stomach with air. I would even eat and throw up. I am so glad I am here. I now live the life I have always wanted.”

She lay back finally, rubbing her very distended belly. She looked like a thin woman in the last weeks of a pregnancy of twins. “Thank you! That was marvelous. My god, if you came by and feed me like that everyday I’d be huge in no time.” She asked an attendant to take a photo of her next me on the couch. She gave me a copy of it. It was really amazing to see the size difference between us. I was a round blob of fat on the couch and she was a tiny narrow string bean shape pressed into my blubber. We talked for a while about our bodies and how much we both liked to eat. I eventually said goodbye when I realized she was getting drowsy. Probably due to the huge meals she had just eaten. Her body needed to shutdown and just digest this food.

I walked to the dorm. I was really starting to take to the Utopia. Part of it was the attention I was getting, also the food and easy life was nice, and there was something else. My body image issues were certainly subsiding. I had seen countless numbers of fat people here. None of them seemed self conscious about being fat. No one made fun of others bodies. This society had a lot of pluses. It was tolerant, it even appeared to have gender equality if not a bias toward powerful women.

As I walked back I watched other people enjoying the nice day in the parks along the pathway I was walking. Most of them were scantily clad, at least to my still slightly thin-prudish eyes. It was odd to see all people having such a round appearance from a distance. I was used to the thin society were most people were elongate in appearance from far away. When you can’t make out any details, all you see is a vertical line. Sometimes the line becomes a pretty woman with shapely thighs or nice breasts. Here, from far away everyone was round. At closer range, one could make out features that would tell you their gender, but it was not as simple as wide hips. Some of the women had large breasts, so that was an easy differentiation. Others had very wide hips and thighs. Some body types were more difficult, some men and women seemed to have the same body shapes, but there was no trouble telling them apart.

The really amazing thing was that everyone had an obviously different body. You could photograph each one and none would have the same body. In the thin world, it seemed that every thin woman basically had the same thin body. I was really pondering this uniqueness when I spotted a unique body that I recognized.


“Oh hi! Come over and met my friends.” I went over and met her three friends. Two were women and there was one man. “We all came in to the Utopia the same day. We saw each other outside walking toward the gate. We even all weigh about the same amount.” She introduced me to her friends, noting that “he weighs over 650 pounds and he gained it all when he was in the thin world!” Their eyes lit up and I saw them all glance at my gigantic belly.

One of the women said “I can’t wait to be that big. My immigration mentor was really talking up the fattening house to me. I really don’t feel right being this skinny.” She was much shorter than Meghan and her friends and therefore her relative fatness was much higher. Her body was already round with a very huge round belly and two bowling ball breasts sitting on top of it.

Meghan mentioned that I had fed someone at the fattening house. I told them I had just returned from there and had fed the same thin woman. I told them details about the feeding and they were all wide eyed about it. They made room on the benches they were sitting on and I sat down. We talked about other things for a while and then made our way to the dorm for dinner.

I hung out with Meghan after dinner again and she seemed to be shy this evening. Eventually she admitted that she had a fling with another dorm resident, both before and then last night, and felt bad about things and she thanked me for last night. She really stressed that I was so gorgeous and irresistible. She kissed me and tweaked my belly rolls. “That was one amazing night that I will never forget. Maybe we can meet another night.” I was a little sad, I kind of liked being the ‘king’ for a change. I felt a little possessive, but then realized I had done the same thing and also felt strongly about other women. It was the end of male fantasy: four nights, three different women. Good thing this was modern medical times and not the archaic period when venereal disease and uncontrolled conception were possible.

Chapter 25
I woke up early to Sarah sitting down on my bed. I felt the bed shift and the corner sink down from her massive weight. “Ready to go? Today is Saturday, I’m off work so I’m not here in my official capacity.”

“Unhnnhnnn. What time is it?”

“It’s time to get you healthy and stronger. A sunrise yoga class!” I would offer you a few minutes of privacy to get changed but your yoga shorts are bigger than your underwear.” She lifted the sheet off and grabbed my hand to pull me.” I wasn’t wearing underwear or anything else, but my rolls of fat covered everything important. Sarah had also already seen all of me, and I she appeared to have really liked it.

“OK, hold on, let me get out of bed.” I managed to flounce around more or less gracefully and get to standing. She was leering at me, but then she saw me noticing her look and gave me a sweet smile. I was having difficulty getting the tiny shorts on. Sarah giggled watching me and then came over to help. Her hands expertly lifted my belly and pulled up the shorts. Even with her help it took some time to get them on.

We rode her cart to the class. I took off my street clothes in the locker room and walked out to the class. I set my mat down next to Sarah. Everywhere around me was flabby flesh. This morning it was all women, except for me. I tried to imagine how many tons of woman there was in this relatively small room. As I looked around I saw lots of skin; rolls and bulges and cellulite. When I looked at my body I saw the same things, but with a little scattering of body hair and smaller breasts relative to my body.

After warming up I was into it. I was still so drained at the end of class. A shower felt so good. Sarah met me outside, she was wearing a short white dress with a plunging neckline. The very tight dress outlined every roll of her body. She wanted to take me to breakfast. When we got there she insisted she order for us—in secret—to surprise me. While we were waiting she brought out photos of her from when she was skinny and of the progression to her hugely obese body of today. I got hard thinking about her eating so much and growing larger and larger. I don’t why it turned me on so, but it had also turned me on when I was the one ingesting all of those calories a few months ago. And again when Susan was doing it.

Our breakfast came at last and it was enormous. So many plates of heaping portions of food. It all looked delicious. I had not eaten this much food during my time in the Utopia. I hadn’t eaten like this in a seemingly long time. I hadn’t even feed Ally this much food in our super-stuffing session yesterday. “I was thinking that you have not been eating that much, so here you go. We want you to keep your gorgeous figure!” For a second I wondered if she was on to me. If she knew that I was not fat and that I was only wearing a fake fat suit to sneak in here. I also realized that my body was now actually fat—officially obese—thanks to Dr. Morgan and my eating. But then I felt Sarah’s hand under the table touching my leg and my suspicions subsided. “Actually, I want to celebrate your official acceptance as a candidate for the Utopia. We unanimously decided yesterday at my meeting. Congratulations.” She toasted me with her coffee. “That also means that I no longer have conflicts of interest in regard to you.” She winked and smiled.

We pounced on the food. I was so hungry. I really had not been completely full since I’d left lab and even then I hadn’t been full. The previous weeks in the lab I had not been eating as much as I had at first because I was transferring all of my gluttony onto the rapidly inflating Susan. Here at breakfast, Sarah seemed to be able to eat as much and as fast as I could. It was exciting. Somehow watching her stuff her already enormously fat body with food was arousing, but watching her do that while I did that was so far beyond any pleasure I had ever encountered. I was so very excited from this scene and the pleasure of the growing fullness of my belly. My excitement of course was not visible under all of my belly rolls, but I did feel like my face was pink with excitement. When I looked at Sarah, she looked a little pink also. Maybe it was from working so hard. She saw me looking at her. I smiled at her. She blew a kiss my way and went back to eating, but looking me in the eyes with a smile on her face and in her eyes. We demolished the meal. It took over one hour, but we did it. I was so full. I was leaning back in my chair, breathing heavily. Sarah was doing the same. We sat there not talking or doing anything else for ten minutes or longer.

Finally we stirred and looked guiltily into each other’s eye. We exchanged bashful smiles and started the long process of standing up. Sarah was up before me and she came over to help me to standing. I felt so stuffed. I had not ever eaten that much food. I felt full, actually more than full. We walked slowly out of the restaurant and got in the cart. Sarah drove us away. We ended up at a park, she grabbed my hand and we waddled to a nearby bench. The bench was nothing like the tiny park benches in the thin world. This one was a major construction. It was wide and deep and solid steel. We sat down heavily and we both groaned. The fat of our sides pushed into to one another. Her hips stuck out farther and pressed into me and my belly rolls overlapped her hips onto her leg. The fat on my outer side, away from Sarah, overflowed the bench and hung down a few inches.

Sarah moved so she could lean her torso against me and we talked quietly for a few minutes and then I heard her fall asleep. I felt drowsy too and so I also slept. I woke up to movements of her flesh jiggling. She was just waking up. “Mmmmm. That was delicious. Morning exercise, a big meal and a nap on a sexy man. I have not eaten like that since my days at the fattening house. Now I understand how you got this beautiful body, you had no trouble eating that. Did you even feel full?”

“Yes, I was so full. I think that was more than I had ever eaten. It was embarrassingly good. I am still used to my old society, where I would be shamed by eating so much in public. At the same time, I was really turned on by my eating and, I have to admit, I was really turned on by your eating. It seems strange that that would be so erotic.”

“Well, nobody there cared. If anything people here would be happy for us. I was also turned on by that eating session. Just thinking back to it gets me shivering. Maybe we should go have some dessert at my place…” The look she gave me when she said that was beyond description. Ravenous, inviting, insistent and so so sexy. How could I resist?

Yes, we went to her place. Yes, we did eat more food. The difference this time was that we fed each other and then we had a lot of intercourse.
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Default 26

Chapter 26
We slept late the next day. We were both full of smiles for each other. I was thinking how the Utopia was really a paradise. But then I saw my naked body in a wide full-length mirror in the bathroom. God I was huge. I know part of this is a costume, but only a part. How huge was my really body getting under this 450 pound fat suit. Would I end up with a real body that looked like this? Sarah walked in and stood next to me looking in the mirror. She was just a bit fatter than as I was, proportionally more so, since she was a few inches shorter. All of her fat was real, it was so much flesh. So huge. But also so lovely, so luscious, so sexy. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom for more intimacy with her obese body.

After our late morning sex, Sarah dragged me to another yoga class. Sarah apologized that she had made plans to see some really good friends of hers, but she would love to see me much more this week. She had a job to do, she had new candidates to look after and so she arranged with me to have a dinner date on Wednesday. She gave me the address of a gym and personal trainer that I was to visit on Monday. She left with the arousing statement, “I want you fitter so I can make you fatter!”

I was feeling so good after my weekend with Sarah. I walked around the city, it was a really beautiful day out. Walking felt better than before, I was feeling stronger already. I spent a long time walking around, every once in while I would take a break and sit on a park bench and people watch. Fat people watch. Every fat woman I would compare to Sarah and they all came up lacking.

I heard a woman calling my name. I looking up from my idle walking and noticed I was near the fattening dormitory and that a very skinny woman was waving at me. It was Ally. She smiled as I walked toward her and then she ran to me. She came up to me and hugged me. “Thank you so much for your feeding the other day that was my biggest gain so far! Are you here to fatten me again?”

“Yes. Well…I was just walking around, but it is good to see you.” She was wearing short shorts and a small tanktop. The shorts and tanktop were slightly too small and her tiny body bulged out of her tiny clothes. She was beautiful, but so skinny. In the outer world she would probably already be considered too fat, but here she was almost two-dimensional. It was interesting to compare her body to other women walking nearby, or when she was closer to me, to compare her to my bloated self.

“I knew it was you from far away! I can’t wait until I’m bigger. I love your shape. I wonder how my fat will distribute. Come on, I was just having an afternoon snack.” We went around to a semi-private courtyard that was part of her suite and sat on a bench. Next to us was a table crammed with food. I fed her as she rested against my belly and chest. She was so stuffed, she had to unzip her shorts and pull up her tank top. Her belly was tiny but it was drum tight. She ended up sleeping on my belly. I was bored but didn’t want to disturb her so I ate all of the food she hadn’t eaten.

When I was done she woke and invited me into her suite. It was near evening time, but too early for dinner. She sat me down on the couch and got us drinks. She excused herself to go the bathroom. When she came back she was wearing a tight white dress, very similar to the one Sarah was wearing yesterday. The contrast in their body types was unbelievable. She sat down next to me and we talked about the Utopia and about the outside world. After a few drinks, her hands started wandering all over my body. After a few minutes she looked up at me. “I am so sorry. I can’t resist. This is so nice. So beautiful. I am also really aroused from your feeding, actually all of my feeding makes me aroused. It’s been two weeks and I feel like I have been horny the entire time. Everyday it gets more intense. I have been learning about the Utopia and watching movies and that just makes it worse. This place is not only fat but it’s sexy. Sex is normal here, it’s common. But I just got here and I’m so thin so nobody thinks I am attractive, I’m way too skinny. Sorry to pour this all out at you, you’ve been so nice to me.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her. She immediately responded back and we kissed passionately. After a few minutes I said, “You are beautiful as you are. You don’t need to gain hundreds of pounds to be beautiful, although I am sure you would still be beautiful if you did. Don’t gain weight for acceptance. Only do this for yourself. If you want to be fat and here in the Utopia, do it. But, promise me that you will stay beautiful no matter what.”

“I have a confession to make. The first time you fed me here, I came as soon as the first bite. The thought of your fat body and my fattening body and the taste of the food, the fullness. If I wasn’t already horny right now, just the thought of it would turn me on.” She stood up and unzipped her dress. As it fell to the floor, she gestured for me to stand up. She really was beautiful. I realized I how fully adjusted I was to the Utopia; it was strange at first to see her pubic area exposed. I was already used to women with huge bellies and thighs that hid their pubic area. She had a luscious figure. It was tiny, but I could see where the feedings had already added to her body at her hips and thighs, her belly a little and her breasts a lot. She pressed me toward the bedroom.

She kissed me and with roving hands she removed my shirt, shorts and underwear. She rubbed her skinny lithe body against my bloated body. She whispered that I weighed six times her weight and that she loved every pound of me. We kissed some more. Then without warning she pushed me off my feet onto the bed. I landed and bounced. The bed made loud noises but held together somehow. She climbed on me before I could recover and she kissed me again. Her hands explored my belly and then they headed south, over the roll and under. Under my belly was another smaller roll and then she grabbed what she was looking for. I was already hard. I had been for some time. But now with her hands moving my flesh, I could point upward, instead of my belly pressing onto me and forcing it to point downward. She experimented with moving my flesh around and then when she was satisfied she put me inside her.

After my recent experiences it was an odd feeling. I had already become accustomed to having a lot of woman flesh on me at the same time and having thigh rolls and other flabby bits pressing onto me and in the way. She looked insubstantial pressed into my enormous belly. She came right away. I swear I wasn’t even inside her yet. She didn’t stop but even intensified her movements. After a few minutes she rolled off onto her back and tried to pull me over on top of her. I moved to get to hands and knees, which is a difficult thing to do when your belly fully presses into the bed even when I was just on my knees. I knee-waddled over her. Her hands found me and guided my body over hers and then guided me inside her. I could barely even see her. My belly flowed onto her and then outward covering all of her body except her head and neck. Her hands caressed my belly. She told me it was not too much and that I could put more of my weight on her. She insisted that I was so fat that my fat flowed around her and rested on the bed anyway. Neither one of us lasted long in this position, we were both so turned on. I rolled back over onto my back breathing heavily and sweating. She rolled over and curled up with her head on my belly and her arm around me. “I want this, I want to be as big as you are. Bigger maybe. Speaking of that, will you feed me my dinner, it starts in half an hour.”

I did feed her. I was so hungry myself, but I fed her. It was reminiscent of my feeding Susan instead of me stuffing my own face. I spent 2 hours stuffing Ally. After an hour she was bloated and round bellied. She insisted I feed her more, she wanted to be beyond stuffed. She had me rub more special stretchy-skin oil on her belly and then more feeding. She fell asleep after dessert. I carried her back to her room and tucked her into bed. I too was exhausted, so I slowly walked to my dorm to go to sleep.

I got to my room and then went for a shower. I was definitely feeling at home in this huge body. I didn’t think twice about stripping off my clothes in the locker room and waddling my huge body naked into the shower room. A few other enormously obese fat men were also showering. I noticed that I was significantly bigger than all of them. Just the idea of my fatness made me aroused. I definitely wasn’t into the other men, but it was the idea that I was so much fatter than them. My brain equated that to being more attractive. I might have something to do with the number of females that were chasing after me while I was here in the Utopia. It will be tough to be in the thin society after the mission. I am getting to like the hedonistic aspects of this place. Of course with my body, even my smaller body under this fake flab, would be too grossly fat for the people in the thin society.

On my way back to my room to go to sleep early a woman grabbed my arm and stopped me. It was Meghan, she was dazzling in a tight dress, she looked enormously fat after my afternoon with skinny Ally. “Where do you think you are going? This is your first Sunday here and it is a night to celebrate. Dinner is this way.” She was insistent. I went with her. She sat me down at the table and we had drinks while we waited for dinner. We and the others talked more about our experiences in the Utopia. One woman even admitted that she was having so much sex here.
“I feel like I have had a lifetime’s worth of sex here already. It’s only been three weeks!” Meghan put her hand on my thigh at this point. After dinner everyone in our cohort (about a dozen people, two-thirds of which were women and all smaller than me) insisted we celebrate my first full week here. They swore this was the tradition. Although usually the celebrant needed help fattening, instead of my obvious overly fattened state.

We were sitting in the lounge and someone brought out a huge cake. Everyone grabbed a slice of it, but instead of eating it they each took turns feeding it to me. I was shocked at first, but then I relaxed, closed my eyes and leaned back on the couch, really enjoying this group feeding. I felt each of them lean their big bodies into me, touch my fat rolls and feed me cake and ice cream. I lasted a long time, it was bliss. I eventually became sleepy and people started to wander off.

Meghan stayed beside me and started kissing me and caressing me. We were on the biggest couch in the lounge area and mostly reclining with her body pressed into mine. Her hands roamed my body. Somehow I was still able to be aroused after my previous bouts of intercourse already this day. Maybe it was the group feeding. Maybe it was Meghan’s huge cleavage and plush ass. Maybe it was the feeling of fullness I had. Maybe it was the Utopia infecting me. I had a half second thinking that I was a secret agent on a mission and I needed to be focused and then that thought evaporated as Meghan lifted my belly to find me. I woke up early on the couch with a blanket pulled over me. I got up slowly, I was sore from all of the physical activity. I started to walk to my room, when I realized I was naked. My clothes were nowhere in sight. I wrapped the blanket around me and slowly waddled to my room. It was a good thing to do, because I ended up seeing several people on my way there. I collapsed on the bed and slept until noon.
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Really enjoying this story!
I like food.
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Default Chapter 28

I walked over to the gym the next morning. I was feeling sore from the walking I did yesterday. I dressed into my skimpy workout outfit and walked into the gym where Coach Rhonda was talking to a relatively short and very round woman dressed in a similar workout outfit as I had on. Her clothes exposed a huge expanse of belly and thighs and this woman had impressively large breasts perched on top of her huge belly. Seeing my reflection in the mirror next to this woman showed I also had a lot of belly and thighs exposed.

“Let me introduce you to your workout partner. This is Lisa, she will be your gym partner for the next three weeks. You both need to lose at least 50 pounds and to gain a lot of strength. Lisa is a graduate of the fattening house and she has been a little too successful in gaining weight recently.”

“Hi. It is good to meet you. It seems a shame that we need to slim down with such lovely bodies as ours, but maybe we can be weight gain partners afterward when we are strong.”

“Alright, we don’t have time to gab. I will guide you through the exercises I want you to do every day and then I will have you both go for a long walk. I partnered you two up because you are both in danger of having limited mobility and you will need serious daily encouragement to achieve good results.”

Coach Rhonda led Lisa and I through three hours’ worth of strenuous weight lifting, calisthenics, and stretching. I was shocked at how weak I was. After the workout, we were allowed a small healthy meal and then we were sent out on a five mile walk together. Lisa and I didn’t talk much on our walk because we were breathing so hard most of the time. Coach Rhonda had given us a time limit for the walk so we had to force a hard pace. We seemed to be equally matched in out-of-shapeness and needed rest breaks at similar benches along our route. Our pace seemed so slow compared to how fast I could have walked a few months ago. I kept in mind that only half of my fat was real and that all of Lisa was actual fat, but still I was carrying 500 pounds of real and artificial fat on my body. When we returned coach Rhonda told us we were not done yet. She instructed us in how to massage each other to ease some of the pain from our new exercise regime. We switched off massaging each other and it really did make my sore muscles feel better.

After this full day of exercise I was exhausted. After I took a shower, all I wanted to do was eat a huge meal with lots of dessert, but coach Rhonda thought we were serious cases and she insisted that we should only eat at the gym cafeteria so that our portions and calories could be controlled. Over dinner Lisa and I talked. She told me how she had emigrated here weighing 220 pounds. She emigrated not because she wanted to be immensely fat, but because her confidence and body image had been destroyed by the Thin society. Once here she adjusted well to the Utopia and eventually decided that she wanted a fatter body. A few month in the fattening dorms added a hundred and fifty pounds to her plump body. She began to love eating and loved the effects it had on her body. She used the term voluptuous. Since then she had continued to gain weight until now. Her weight had skyrocketed in the last year to 620 pounds. She had begun to be less able to do daily things and her boss and friends had sent her here to get healthy.

We both agreed that being in the Utopia was amazing. Lisa thought that it was almost too amazing in that she had somewhat lost control of herself while reveling in the new-found pleasures of the Utopia. She was looking forward to being a little smaller and a lot healthier. I told her my story adding the fictional back story we had cooked up in Dr. Morgan’s lab. I told her my weight was 664 pounds and that I had gained a pound a day since I had emigrated. We said goodbye and I went back to the dorms and slept.

I met Lisa at the gym the next day for breakfast and then we worked out with limited supervision by coach Rhonda. Coach would show up every once in a while and tell us to work harder to increase resistance or to go faster, sometimes both of these. Lisa and I had some good talks at meals when we not out of breath.

The rest of the week, including the weekend was a similar regimen. Lisa and I became good friends and the soreness seemed to get less every day. Our walking pace was faster, we were less out of breath and we were stronger.
The next Monday coach Rhonda examined us to see how we were progressing. She tested our strength and measured our bodies. I had lost 16 pounds and Lisa had lost 17 pounds. This week we had our now normal workout plus coach Rhonda added extra miles to our walking and an afternoon of swimming laps. It felt so good to be in the water. Lisa looked lovely in her one-piece swimsuit. After working out, massages, showers and then dinner, Lisa invited me to her apartment to celebrate our successful first week. We walked over and had some drinks—a slight slip in our calorie discipline. We had been so close together all week and we had had to touch each other’s bodies so much, but we had been exhausted all week. Today we were stronger and could pay attention. I think we both noticed that we were next to someone attractive who felt the same about the other.

We sat next to each other on her porch as the evening dwindled down, quietly talking. We kissed and embraced which led to a night of sex. We woke up late the next day in her bed. We were late for breakfast, which coach Rhonda made us skip. We both had a miserable day at the gym being hungry and sleepy.

Over dinner I had told Lisa about feeding Ally. Lisa was intrigued and said she wanted to meet this skinny woman and see her gorge. She asked if she could feed Ally. I didn’t see why not. After dinner I called Ally up and we agreed to a feeding the next night. I spent the night with Lisa again.

Lisa and I both looked forward all day to meeting Ally that evening. We had both been hungry all week and the exercise only made us more ravenous. I thought about food a lot, I even dreamed about eating great piles of it. Lisa told me she had similar dreams.

We met Ally that evening after our workout. I was shocked when we saw Ally. She met us in the lounge wearing a loose robe and then we went to her room for her dinner. She sat down and took off her robe. Underneath she was wearing a small shirt and shorts that had fit her when I had first met her. Now the short and shorts were way too tight. The shirt rode up revealing several inches of bulging tummy. The shorts were stretched sideways to accommodate her wide butt and the waistband in front was bowed downward by her belly. Compared to me or Lisa she was tiny, but she seemed huge compared to the last time I had seen her.

“Look at the progress I have made! I weigh 145! That’s 35 pounds since I got here. Did you bring Lisa here to help fatten me?”

“Yes, Lisa and I both want to feed you tonight, is that OK?

“Yes, let’s begin, I’m starving. I am sorry you are starving so I’ll try to eat for the three of us.”

It was an amazing night, it did seem like she ate for the three of us. Her shirt and shorts both looked much tighter by the time we were done. Ally was so bloated, her belly round and taught. Ally fell asleep at some point and Lisa and I slyly looked at each other and then grabbed a plate and had a mini stuffing. We didn’t overdo it, but it was so nice to eat a large portion of food. We felt tired and slightly shamed for eating so much and we parted for the evening to our separate dorms.

Our next weigh-in with Coach Rhonda showed more progress. I lost 14 pounds and Lisa lost 19 pounds. I think my overall smaller body within the fat suit accounted for the weight loss difference. Rhonda took me aside and gave me some stern talking to. The next two weeks flew by; we lifted more weights and walked much farther. Lisa and I would meet for trysts about half of the nights each week. The third week weigh-in had Lisa at -21 and me at -16 pounds.
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Default Chapter 29

The last week was by the far the most challenging, as Rhonda had us go farther and faster on the walks and for the swimming. Rhonda threatened to extend our weight loss time extra weeks if we did not perform well. The threats worked, I was so tired every night that I slept at Lisa’s because it was closer to the gym and meant less walking. The final weigh-in put Lisa at -25 pounds for the week for a total of 72 pounds lost and a new weight of 548. My weight loss was less, at -18 pounds for the week for a respectable total of -64 and my new weight of 600 pounds. Underneath my fat suit that meant I was now only 250 pounds! At the rate I was eating before this relatively low weight—but still almost a hundred more pounds than the start of this project—that might not last very long. Rhonda was proud of us and insisted that we have monthly check-ins with her to make sure we stayed healthy.

Lisa invited me to join her for a party at her house. Her friends were insisting on us celebrating. They wanted to feed both of us so much food we would be stuffed for the next week. I thought this was dangerous territory for us, but the hedonist and glutton in me were easy to convince to join her. We went to my dorm to have an early celebration together, since we were sure we would be too stuffed and tired after dinner tonight to have sex. Neither one of our bodies seemed much smaller. Her ass, belly and breasts still seemed gigantic and my belly still was unbelievably huge. We did however feel more energetic and had more stamina and agility in the bedroom.

We showered and got dressed up to go to our party. She wore a skin-tight white dress with a very deep neckline from which her breasts appeared to almost spill out of. I wore a tight set of shorts and a button up dress shirt that was tight but still easily buttoned up.

When we got to her house there was a note to put on blindfolds and then to knock on the door to get escorted in. We did and then the door opened a soft plump hand grabbed my arm and led me into the house, up a few stairs and across a room. A quiet female voice I did not know instructed us to sit down as other helper arms guided my rear onto a comfy chair. We were told to open our mouths. A piece of cake was shoved into my mouth as soon as I did. The blindfold was quickly taken off and a crowd of people cheered us. There were at least 15 people. Most were Lisa’s friends, but here were a few familiar faces to me. I saw Ally and also Sarah. I had not seen Sarah since I was sent to the gym. She smiled at me and winked. She was the fattest person there, but of course everyone was fat, except Ally.

The table we were sitting in front of was piled high with food. It was enough food to really feed this huge crowd of obvious big eaters, but all of it was for the two of us. Champagne was doffed in several sets of cheers and then people took turns stuffing food into Lisa and me. The others were talking and behaving normally for a party, some watched the feeding or patiently waited their turn. Lisa’s friends were mostly male, which was odd to me, since my experiences in the Utopia so far had been with so many women. I still appeared bigger than all of the men there. Every feeder took the opportunity to talk to us—a one-way conversation since our mouths were constantly full. This was an amazing experience, so hedonistic, especially to someone who had been a rut of gluttony and then actually starving for a month.

I could feel my abdomen expanding as the night progressed. I was feeling full but not slowing down at all. Lisa was keeping up, but she seemed like she was near her limits. Her dress seemed much tighter on her body. My shirt was riding up my belly. It seemed like it crept up a smidgeon with every bite. The waistband of my shorts seemed to be on an opposite trajectory, although I could not see below my belly.

Eventually, late into the evening Lisa was too full and too tired to eat anymore. The party had been tapering off and now it was over. Sarah invited Ally and I to her house for more celebration. This nighttime celebration turned into a weekend of feeding of both Ally and me. Sarah knew how to eat and she shared this with Ally and I. Ally and I spent the weekend either eating or sleeping. Over the weekend I gain back 14 precious pounds thanks to Sarah’s efforts to stuff me. Ally stayed with us the whole weekend and she was rewarded with a nine pound gain.

Sarah and I spent the rest of the week getting reacquainted. We had not been together during the month of weight loss; she had been on a long assignment out of town while I had the weight loss and exercise. I really did feel stronger from all of that exercise. I felt skinny and light, despite the blimp-shaped body that looked back at me in the mirror. I could see the effects of the extreme weight loss. My body was definitely not as firm as it was. Before Rhonda’s boot camp I was constantly expanding and this seemed to keep my skin—or the suit’s skin at least—relatively taut. Now my belly did not stick out as far, but it definitely hung down lower. My body now jiggled a lot more. I really noticed it when walking or when Sarah and I were together in bed. Sarah and explored each other’s bodies for hours each night and then in the daytime.

One morning I got up after a long night of eating and intercourse with Sarah and I felt strange somehow. My body did not feel right. I felt lopsided and it felt like I was falling apart physically. I tried to do my usually rolling waddle to get from the bed to the bathroom, but my body seemed to jiggle wrongly. I had to awkwardly stagger and limp to the bathroom. I turned on the lights and looked in the mirror. My body looked distorted. I was not even close to being symmetrical and I noticed a tear along my cheek near the neck. I had been in this suit so long and had grown accustomed to it so much that at first I gasped aloud as if my actually flesh was torn. I realized then that the suit had failed. Maybe Sarah’s 800 pounds exceeded the tolerances of my suit or maybe the suit became decoupled partially from my body due to the extreme weight loss.

It didn’t matter what caused it. I needed to get out of the Utopia right now. Should I calmly walk out and get closer to the exits or the edge of the Utopia? Should I ditch the suit now and sneak out? I wondered what my body looked like under this fake flesh. What to do? I was not prepared for this. It was a good thing I had just been through the exercise program. Maybe I could even run without this suit. I noticed I was leaking fluid. A slow dribble was leaking out the seals near my left foot.

I hear Sarah in the other room, stirring out of sleep. “Hey! Are you OK? What is all this water over here? What’s going on?”

I could hear rustling as Sarah moved out of bed. I only had a few seconds to decide. Should I de-suit and then subdue Sarah. Is there a way to sneak out? I can barely walk with wearing this failed suit.

I delay too long, Sarah barges into the bathroom before I can lock it. The momentum of her 800 pound body hitting the door pushes me backwards. I stagger a few steps and my now lopsided body lurches and pulls me over. I crash to the floor and it sounds and feels like my body is ripping open. I hope that was just the suit ripping and not my actual flesh.

Sarah gapes at me. “Oh my god! I’m sorry sorry! Are you…What is happening to you? Should I call an ambulance?” Sarah rushes over and plops her naked obese body down next to me. She touches the gash near my neck before I have a chance to turn away. “What is this? Why are you not bleeding?” She grabs my throat threateningly, A fierceness I had not previously seen in her face. “Well? You should start talking now.”

I can’t escape. I don’t have the heart to hurt Sarah and I need time to desuit to do anything else. Has this whole assignment ruined me? What kind of spy have I turned into? Do I love Utopia this too much? I have gone too deep into my undercover role. I know there is no way to hide it anymore. I also realize that there is no way to escape without Sarah’s help.

I confess to Sarah. I tell her about my assignment and about the suit. She keeps my in my ruined fat suit so I can’t run away or hurt her. I tell her I can’t hurt her or anyone else in the Utopia. I tell her I want to be here and I have fallen for this life. I also admit that I won’t ever be able to be part of the thin society again. My real body under this suit will never be skinny again. I gained too much. I became my role too much. I am not a spy anymore.

After hours of lying on the floor being interrogated, Sarah is satisfied. She helps me up and then helps me take off the suit. She watches as the suit deliquesces and drains away in the tub. Now I am standing naked in front of Sarah. My real body in full view. I can feel the air on me. I look in the mirror and see my real body. It is still fat. I am sure it would still be classified as obese, but it seems so small. I have a large belly that drops down over a smaller sub-belly. My thighs are relatively thick for a fat man’s body and they touch most of the way down to my knees. My ass is large and seems to counterbalance my gut. I am relatively pear-shaped, but obviously a man, not feminine at all. I feel so light without the suit.

Sarah ties my ties a belt around my feet. It is loose enough so that I can walk but not run. She leads me out to the living room where we can sit more comfortably. We are still both naked. I can still feel my body jiggle as we walk out of the bathroom, but it is not the same as my once large body. Without my fat suit-body, Sarah looks so much larger. We sit down and talk of what to do. She admits that this is the sort of thing she should be guarding against. This is why she was assigned me. She wants me in the Utopia, she is afraid of the thin society and is nervous about releasing me. She also wants to know more of the fat suit technology. The official part of her wants to lock me up and interrogate me more, but personally she likes me and thinks I have become one of the Utopia.

She says I have a choice. I can give up and be arrested and spend my life in jail or I can gain the weight of the fat suit and become a fat man of the Utopia. I many ways this is not a difficult choice. As I sit there thinking of this my stomach rumbles and rumbles. I am so hungry and I feel so strange without my enormous body. I want to put on my fat suit right now and then eat everything. I agree to gain the weight knowing that then I will not have a chance in the thin society ever. My body will belong only to the Utopia or in the lab with Susan. Sarah smiles when I agree to this and hugs me. Her very obese body smoothers me. Her giant belly and breasts weigh on me and push into me.

Sarah drags me to me feet and brings me back to the bathroom. I step on the scale so that we can plan how much I need to gain. My current weight is 264 lbs. “ You will be free when you weigh 614 pounds, but until then…I own you. You will stay in the guest suite and that door and the main door will be locked. You will not leave here until you get to the target weight.” She smiles at me and pokes my belly. “Plus, there are no clothes here that would fit you, you can’t run around outside naked!”

She leads me back to the living room. I study her wide and still naked body as she walk in front of me. Her upper arms are pillow-like and seem to be pushed up to an almost horizontal position from the fat rolls of her torso. Her wide rears undulates in huge elliptical patterns as she waddles. Her torso twists to accommodate the movement of her wide thighs. Her upper thighs seem like they are wider than my waist circumference. She has me sit on the loveseat. She bends over to retie the belt on my feet to hobble me. Her body is so wide and so fat. It takes a lot of effort for her to bend over. I can see her from above. Her double chin sticks out beyond her face as she scrunches over to tie the belt. The disparity of our bodies seems so shocking. I reminds me of when Dr. Morgan wore her fat suit.

As I watch her move around I feel anxiety about becoming so fat. I can’t believe I just agreed this. It was fun eating and growing bigger when I wore a fat suit. It was enjoyable when I knew that most of my fat was fake. But now thinking about becoming so huge scares me. The fat suit was reassuring because in the back of my mind I knew I could take it off.

“We should start right away feeding you. The sooner you gain weight the sooner you can be free.” She walked out into the kitchen. She came back right away with a tray piled with food. “Eat this and then I’ll go get more for you.”

She feeds me like this all week. Eating is not as fun as before. Sarah is a more reserved and serious. I spend my time alone in the guest bedroom sitting on the bed eating and sleeping. Sarah delivers huge amounts of food that I can barely keep up with and she gets upset if I don’t eat everything fast enough. This amount of food and not much exercise equate to good progress. I gain back 35 pounds, putting my weight just shy of 300 lbs. My real body is on its way to being hugely fat. My belly is big from the constant fullness but I can feel how the rest of me is inflating. My arms seem heavier. My legs press into each other more. My breasts seem to get in the way more. My double chin seems to be more visible in my peripheral vision when I am sitting. My butt seems to jiggle more when I walk and oozes out sideways and backwards more when I sit. My body still seems loose and jiggly. Maybe this is because I was so much fatter before Rhonda’s weight loss boot camp. I have only gained back 49 of the 65 pounds I lost. At this rate I’ll be heavier than I have ever been by the end of next week. Maybe my rate of weight gain will slow when I get back to that weight.
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Default Chapter 30

Sarah needs help feeding me, she has some upcoming assignments that will be out of town. She enrolls my friends to help; Ally, Meghan and Lisa are introduced to our great secret. Each of them is upset by my betrayal, but then they see a way to a little revenge in that they can be a part of making me hugely fat. They take turns during the weeks to feeding me. They adjust quickly and we end up the with intimacy we had before. With Meghan and Lisa I am now the small one.

I am kept locked inside, Sarah says she won’t trust me until I’m huge again, plus I would have to explain why I’m so thin all of a sudden to people I would meet. I now weigh only 100 pounds more than Ally, since she has recently gained a lot of weight. I thought she would be the maddest at me but she appears to take it the best of the women. She also happens to be the person who feeds me the most volume of food when she is in charge. Maybe she learned this from my feeding of her. I now weigh much less than Meghan (439 lbs) and Lisa (545 lbs). I miss my beloved 350 pound fat suit. Before this I was so much fatter than them. It is odd to have such a drastic change in size. My body doesn’t look much fatter than Ally’s, since I am taller. Ally tells me that will change soon!

The first couple of weeks I gain an average of 30 pounds a week. They have me eating an average of 20000 calories. I was eating large quantities before the suit failed, but I was using up a lot of calories just lugging the 350 pounds of artificial fat around. Without the fake fat combined with the increase in calories from the unrelenting food and decrease in exercise, my weight increases quickly. I go from 299 to 335 pounds by the end of the next week. My waist balloons with my weight; at 264 pounds my waist circumference is 47” but after two weeks it is an additional foot longer. My belly had a small downward droop at 264 pounds; the amount of belly hang almost doubles in two weeks from 6 to 11 inches of belly apron. This is good because there are no clothes to fit me in the house and with the added hanging belly, my groin is now fully covered from casual view. I am well over 300 pounds and fatter than I was with Dr. Morgan (314 pounds). Oddly enough, I only had a few days to experience this level of fatness in the lab since most of my weight gain has been while encased in the fat suit. I find myself being surprised at the changes. I get very mixed feeling when I discover a new roll of fat or when parts of me are noticeably larger. My first reaction is usually to be excited about this, even aroused, but when the implications hit me I often get anxious. I also continually find myself shocked at seeing how small I am when I see myself in a mirror or in a photo.

Ally loves to feed me well past my comfort level. She is meticulous in measuring my body and her body as we expand. I am expanding much faster than her, but she still enjoys the additional weight on herself. She is gaining steadily at about a pound a day, whereas I am gaining many more pounds a day. I am aghast at my rapid expansion. It is hard to believe it is true. So much weight is being added to my body so fast. I have to believe the results of my obviously expanding body and it makes sense considering the amount of food I am being fed. I can feel the changes each day. Each day it is a little more work to stand up or walk. The women help me getting around and with every other task. I have a feeling I will be very fat and very out of shape by the end of this. Oh wait, I am already very fat and very out of shape. I will be more so with each day. There is no way I could escape right now. I am eating so much food that I spend most of my free time napping in a food coma. My body seems to have shut down everything to concentrate on digesting this volume of food and creating new body fat.

I should go into more detail about this amazing fattening experience. It seems such a blur to me now. It was somewhat confusing to me then. I was revolted at being made so fat. My life’s experiences in the Thin society made me adverse to being so fat. I thought I was over this feeling, since my body was already very fat at 264 pounds, but the thought of doubling that weight made me nervous. Another part of me really enjoyed being pampered so much and being fed so much. With each new pound or inch of flesh I felt both excited and scared. With time I lost my fears and I would be excited and happy to be stuffed with food.

Each woman has their own feeding styles. Sarah feeds me very rapidly in hour-long stuffing sessions and then give me an hour or so to digest and she would stuff me again several times in a row. Meghan feeds me lesser amounts, but more fattening and rich foods so the eating time was much less. Lisa likeds to stretch out my stomach by pushing me to eat large volumes of food at once. Ally has the most time free and so she was responsible for most of my gaining. She feeds me for hours at a moderate pace, some days I ate constantly every minute of the day. She would even have me eat while she gave me a bath or while I went to the bathroom. Ally and I also have a lot of sex; she would also feed me during sex. Meghan and Lisa we not as forgiving of my earlier deceit and so we rarely have sex. Sarah was gone often at work or on work trips, but she appears to have not lost her desires for me. A few times both Sarah and Ally feed me together and after a while they would also feed each other. Eventually all three of us are naked—I am always naked—and they take turns on top of me. The contrast in these two women’s’ bodies is astounding. Ally is already obese and getting fatter, but Sarah is still more than twice as big as Ally.

The days blur by in a haze of fattening food. Every day I feel noticeably bigger and there seems to be no end in sight. I feel like a balloon or one of those cartoon characters that gets blown up like a balloon. My body seems new to me every day. New things to see and heft and examine. Each day it is more difficult to walk. It takes more effort to stand up or shift my body in bed. Each day there is more of me to see, but each day I can see less of my body as my belly and breasts fill my vision when I look down.

I lose track of time, there is no differentiation of days. I am isolated from information so that I could only use a computer tablet to watch entertainment. My weight steadily increases. The women decided to not tell me my weight as I expand. Ally keeps meticulous records of measurements of my blimping body and my weight but she keeps them secret from me. She does tell me about her weight gain progress. Her weight steadily increases, averaging 7 pounds a week. At the time I didn’t know how she had time to eat this much, but it turned out Lisa would spend time feeding Ally when Ally was not on the shift for taking care of me.

Eventually Ally told me she weighed 300 pounds. She takes off her clothes to show me her new expanded body. I knew it already since I had been watching her and touching her and having sex with her all this time. She turned on the video camera to show me images of her standing next to me as I sat with my mouth full of food. I was clearly much bigger than her. I looked twice as large, maybe more. She looked huge in my vision but in the video image I was very much larger than her.

“If you weigh 300 pounds then I must weigh twice your weight based on this image!”

“Oh! Much more! Believe it or not, your fattening time here is over today. That was your final feeding, although I would be glad to continue feeding you. I might even switch places with you and have my turn to gain as much weigh as you did. Are you ready to know how much you weigh?”

She didn’t wait for me. “685 pounds! That over twenty pounds more than your maximum weight with that cheater 350 pound suit. You have gained 407 pounds in a little over four months. I wonder if that is a record weight gain? I will have to look into it. Too bad this whole project is a secret, maybe I could have become a famous feeder! I loved stuffing you, just as I loved your stuffing of me previously. I can’t believe this weight gain on you. Your average weight gain was 3.6 pounds a day! And over 25 pounds a week. Of course you gained faster during the first weeks of stuffing, something like 36 pounds a week. After that your larger body used more and more calories. Last week you only gained 14 pounds. I would really have to step up my feeding program to push you to rapidly gain weight in the near future.”

She changed the video screen to show a set of number to appear. “Here are you weekly weights that I recorded.”

The display read “264, 299, 335, 364, 393, 421, 448, 474, 499, 524, 547, 571, 593, 615, 640, 656, 671, 685”

I admit tears came into my eyes at this point. I was now very fat. I would never be not fat. Somehow before when I weighed 250 to 300 pounds, things seemed reversible. But now, I couldn’t imagine losing 530 pounds anytime soon and I couldn’t imagine how my skin would look afterward. I can’t ever be part of my normal society. I am stuck in the Utopia. I would be so ugly and shamed in the Thin society. Maybe even Dr. Morgan would be disgusted knowing my fat was all so real.
Ally noticed my emotions and hugged me. “We couldn’t let you get away with your deception or report you and then get Sarah in trouble. You look so marvelous now. This huge body of yours makes me so excited. I will admit that I orgasm every time I feed you and I get wet just glimpsing your luscious body. I know Sarah thinks the same thing and I am sure the rest of the women in the Utopia will be all over you. Don’t be sad, you are more beautiful than before somehow. I measured every inch of you and I know your body kept pretty true to the shape of the fat suit you wore, but somehow your body is so much better now. I will have to really compare things—maybe study old video and photos I have of you from before. You wait here and I will get you some clothes and we can go for a walk outside!” Ally walked off, waddling fast with her now voluptuous hips rolling up and down and thighs jiggling.

Alone, thoughts churned around in my head. I had to get away and report to Dr. Morgan somehow. I was past due. The plan before was to take off the suit and sneak out of the Utopia, maybe by hiding in a delivery truck that was going out to the Thins. This is impossible now, a driver would surely notice if their cargo was increased by 700 pounds. Plus this body doesn’t move fast and it would be difficult to sneak anywhere at my current walking/waddling pace and with my large silhouette. I am sure I couldn’t run at all, even if my life depended on it and I was going downhill.

I need help to get out. I can’t see how I can do it otherwise. I also don’t want to burn my bridges. With this real fattened body I need the Utopia. I have no place in the Thin society. My best case for living in the Thin society it to be with Susan in the lab and never meet another human again. No. I want the Utopia, I really can be happy here. I have been, or I was when this was just a challenging mission with an awkward disguise. I know I can be happy here and I know I can be a part of society even with this body.

I looked down at myself. My flesh filled my vision. My flabby chest with its sagging breasts drooping down and sideways off of my astoundingly large belly. My thighs were completely obscured by my belly. I could see my chins and chubby cheeks in the periphery of my vision. I could see my pillow-shaped arms and fat hands and fingers. This is now me. I will never have the thin me again. I need to adapt and make the best of this situation.

Should I ask Sarah and/or Ally to help me. Ally doesn’t really have any connections except me. Sarah, do I trust her? Does she trust me? I looked up from my huge body as Ally came back in with some clothes.

“Here are your old clothes, I have a feeling this will be a little tight on you!” She giggled when she said this. It made me mad and also excited.

Ally and I both had to work hard to get the clothes on. I am fatter and the fat is distributed a little differently than before. Plus, I have no strength after my months of gorging and being sedentary in the house.

Ally helped me stand up. I could feel the clothes try to adjust as my flesh flows downward following gravity. I heard a few stitches creak under the strain. I looked in the mirror to see. My shirt buttons were straining at the buttonholes and the lower hem was several inches above the waistband of my pants. “God, that looks hot!” came from Ally. It did look hot, but it was so large and it was real.
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Default Chapter 31

It was so great to go outside of the Sarah’s house, I had been cooped up too long. The fresh air and the sight of other people were so nice. I was twenty pounds fatter than before but it seemed the same to me. I estimated that 3% difference wouldn’t be noticeable. I did however feel so out of shape. I had to stop at every bench along the way to rest. Fortunately, this being the Utopia, there were lots of heavy-duty benches. As with my fat-suit body, I had lots of looks from women. My stomach rumbled from the few minutes that I had not been eating since the suit failed. Ally had to help me to standing; she seemed to take advantage of every chance to feel my flesh that she had.

Now that I was not so hazy-headed from overeating I noticed how fat Ally really was. When I had first met her she was skinny, I would guess she was underweight then. Now she was obese. Her body was definitely an apple-shape. Her belly was huge and pushed outward sideways and rolled down onto her thighs. Her belly seemed to be one solid mass without having sub-rolls. Her breasts were also huge and they rested on top of her belly. Her belly swayed and jiggled with each step she took and her breasts rode on top wobbling left and right. The rest of her is also fat, her arms and legs and butt, but so much less so than her belly and breasts. When I looked at our reflection in a store window I saw that I was so much larger. I really was over twice as heavy as her. Yikes, I am still anxious about being so huge for real.

The rest of the week I spent on and off with Ally. Ally had other things to do now that I was back to my Utopia weight. She still wanted to gain a lot more weight. She had several feeders lined up and would spend time being stuffed by them. She had me feed her for several nights. I tried to stuff her like before, but she seemed to never get full.

The highlight of the each day of the week was going swimming at a public pool. Once again I had on my skimpy bathing suit tanks—Ally had to help me put them on. Ally wore a tiny bikini that made her look even fatter. I was one of the heavier people at the pool, there were maybe 2 women and one man my weight or slightly heavier. We lazily swam around and floated in the pool and took ample time to sit in the sun people watching and eating. I was amazing to see all of the obese bodies of the Utopia. I really missed this during my feeding confinement. There was so much flesh. Every body was shaped differently; fat arms, legs, bellies, butts, faces, chins, breasts, etc. Everybody wore revealing bathing suits, so that most of them had only a few percent of their flesh covered by cloth. I loved to watch how their bodies would wobble and jiggle as people walked around. This was definitely the only public pool where I never heard a lifeguard—just as fat and everybody else—say “No running!” Our time at the pool allowed my body to readjust to this extra 400 pounds and to slowly get a little stronger.

On Friday Sarah came home for the weekend. We spent all weekend enjoying each other’s company, it was great to see her again. Something seemed different about her body. Her flesh didn’t seem to stick out so much and seemed to sag a little more. She admitted to losing weight, she said she weighed 50 pounds less than me now. Somehow that really excited me, to weigh more than this huge sexy woman. Sex with Sarah was exquisite. It had been great before, but now my real fattened body seemed more responsive. Maybe it was from being larger than Sarah. Sadly, Sarah had to leave town again for an assignment.

The next week was a repeat of the previous week. Ally and I hung out together eating, walking, swimming and of course being intimate. When I wasn’t spending time with Ally, I went for walks to get more exercise. It was tough-going, but I persevered, otherwise I would never be able to escape and return to Dr. Morgan. Each day I could walk farther and would need less rest stops. I tried doing some of the exercises I had done with coach Rhonda. I could only do a few of them the first couple of days, but my strength increased after that.

I started to plan my escape. Things were very difficult. I was hugely fat so I could not sneak anywhere easily and I could not jump fences, scale walls or run. I could now waddle for a few miles, but that is about it. I can’t even tie my own shoes because of so much of my body gets in the way—fat thighs, belly, breasts and arms—luckily I have slip-ons. What kind of escape plan can I do waddling? As I increased my walking distance I would pass near parts of the perimeter fence or near the immigration center. I could watch the delivery trucks entering and leaving at the border complex. Some of the trucks seem to have daily schedules. How could I get through to them? If I was thin and athletic again, I would sneak out at night and simply climb the fence. I obviously can’t do that now.

As I made observations, I noticed that no fat Utopians ever left to enter the thin society. I could see the thin society people enter, either to deliver things or as a trickle of soon-to-be-fat immigrants. The best plan would be to somehow board one of those trucks. I am probably too fat to steal one, since I doubt I could fit behind the steering wheel or even lift my body up the stairs to get in the driver’s cab. I’m going to need help.

I thought about what the Utopia exported. From my preparatory research I knew that food and technology were the main exports. Could I hide this huge and heavy body of mine in a container of food? Neither society was too worried about import-export smuggling, there were no official checks of cargo. Maybe I could stow away. That seemed like the only option. I began to observe the warehouses and factories near the border complex. I saw lots of containers of various sizes; I could get to one of these, but then what? How far would they take me, where would they take me? What would happen when they found such a large stowaway? This plan seemed to be getting me nowhere.

Maybe I could just walk through the immigration center? I could maybe convince the woman who delivered me to help me. She seemed nice and not so close-mined as the make driver was. I tried to see which truck she was in on my walks. My walks had gotten to be very long, since I didn’t want to spend too much time near the border; I had to make it look non-purposeful. My observations eventually paid off, when I saw her; luckily she was pretty distinctive looking with red hair. She seemed to be one the few thin society people to actually enter the immigration complex. I remember from my immigration that she was distraction; the Utopia staff would speak with her. The Thins had no security on their side, so all I had to worry about would be the Utopia immigration office. This would be so much easier if I weighed 550 pounds less. Could I get through the office and sneak into her truck? I had to try. I knew the schedule of the driver, now how to get in?

Maybe I could just walk in. This is something I learned when I first became a spy. If you walk confidently with a purpose, you can go almost anywhere. People read your body language and assume you are in the right place and doing the right thing. Could I do that in this huge body? Well, its size says its in the right place and who would think that someone this fat would want to go into the thin society?

I planned it out for the next day. Sarah was out of town for a few days and Ally was spending less and less time with me as she stepped up her feeding schedule with her new feeders. I was feeling stronger and stronger about walking and my stamina was better. Tomorrow I would get near the border complex when the deliver truck get there.

I found a badge of Sarah’s in her house and brought this with me. I put it on in a haphazard way so that it was turned around backward. To compensate, I wore my tightest and skimpiest clothes. I did notice all of my clothes were tight and skimpy, I had probably gained more weight, but the exercise was ahead of the weight gain so my fitness was good. I sauntered into the immigration office. I strode purposeful toward one of the offices near the exit to the Thins. I saw glances my way. They didn’t seem suspicious, but were instead appreciative and appraising looks from females. I caught a glimpse of the border officer talking with someone. After a set of office doors I could see that it was the redheaded woman. They were in the border officer’s office with a round woman who was being checked in. What luck for me! I sped up my pace and speed-waddled around a desk. Now I am actually running, which is was quite difficult, my flesh bounced out of control and I had to compensate for my fat shifting in unexpected directions.

I am out! My breath is ragged and I feel faint but I have to keep going. The truck is there. The back door is facing away from this door, I go around and it is open. I surged up the ramp with my last energy and collapse on the bench near the front wall. I felt the truck’s shocks heave when I stepped in and then bottom out when I dropped my weight onto the bench seat. The truck stopped rocking a few long seconds later. I could barely hear due to my heavy breathing and my rapid pulse.

I hear footsteps. Not the slow ponderous steps of a Utopian, but quick rapid steps. Around the corner comes the redheaded woman. She reaches up to pull the door shut and saw me. She stops, her mouth open in surprise. After a couple of seconds I can see she recognized me. I smile and motion her to close the door. She stares at me, as I wait nervously. This was the most desperate part of my plan. Would she accept me? She reaches up again and closes the door. I hear her lock it and then put the ramp away. I hear her enter the cab and feel the truck back up and drive away. Every rough spot in the road set my fleshy body jiggling and swaying. After a time period of driving fast and straight, the truck slows and go through a set of turns and then backs up and parks. The engine shuts off. I hear the cab door opens and then the back door opens.

“Well, what is going on? I remember you from a few months ago. How could I forget such a large body? Where are you going? Do you need help?”

“Well, I needed help. But you have already helped me by taking me here. This is the same place you picked me up at isn’t it?”

“Yes. But I want to know what is going on, I don’t want to lose my job or get in trouble.”

“I am a spy, I just spent few months undercover in the Utopia to see what goes on in there and what our society should be doing about it.”

“Undercover? All of that fat? You are huge. How can that be undercover?”

“There are sacrifices spies must make to fulfill their missions.”

“You gained this weight to do a spy mission?”

“Yes, I am not sure I am happy about it, but here it is.”

“Is this illegal?”

“Technically no. There are no official restrictions on Utopians leaving the Utopia. It is just that obvious reason which is why would an obese person want to be in this place, where they are despised.”

“Not everybody hates fat people here. That is why I do this job. I don’t feel that our society is fair to fat people. It feels better to be helping a little.” She is staring at me now. Her eyes rove over my body. “My god, I must admit you are the largest person I have ever seen! You seem fatter than I thought possible. I was so amazed at your body before and you seem even bigger now. How much to you weigh?”

“Last I checked it was 685, but I am probably over 700 pounds by now. Well, can I go?”

“Why would you come back? There is nothing here for you. Only hate and derision. I doubt that there are even chairs here that would fit you.”

“I had to finish my mission. It is a little stupid. I really learned to like the Utopia, it is really nice there. You don’t have to be fat there, you know. It’s just that most people there are.”

“What now?”

“ I have my connections here and then I don’t know. I need to report things. The most important thing is that the Utopia doesn’t care. They are not planning on taking us over or attacking us Thins. Well, at least you Thins. I am not so thin anymore. They just want to live and enjoy life. So do I now.”

“Ok, you should go. I have other people to pick up today.” She walks over to me and reaches out her arms to help me up. When I was standing she hugs me. She lingers and it seemed like she was groping me, feeling how my flesh feels. She withdraws and I walk out of the truck and then across the lot to the door I came out of so long ago. I follow my route, taking the obscure tunnels I had taken before. It seems to toke a lot longer time than before. Finally I am in front of the door to the lab.
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nice chapter
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