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Default Chapter 32

I hesitated at the door to the lab. I could see my bloated huge body reflected in the shiny surface of the door. I felt so different about things now that my fat flesh was real and not mostly a fat suit. This body seemed so huge now, even though it was only somewhat larger than my body was when I last went through this door.

Dr. Morgan probably already knew I was here, there are lots of security cameras and sensors leading up to her lab. I punched in the security code and opened the door. I took a few waddling steps and then shuffled my wide body around to close and secure the door. I heard rapid footsteps approach but my bulky body prevented a fast enough reaction to turn around to face them. Susan’s arms wrapped around my torso from behind. “I missed you so much, I am so glad that you didn’t lose any weight! You even look a little bigger and more perfect. I can’t wait to explore you more!” She let go so I could pivot to face her. She embraced me again. Due to my size, her feet were far from mine and she had to lean over to hug me so that her head rested between my flabby breasts. Her hands explored my sides—at least as far as she could reach—grabbing and caressing my flesh.

“I missed you so much too!” was all I could say before she grabbed my arm to pull me down the hallway.

“You must be starving and tired after that long walk.” She had no idea. “Let’s get you seated and fed. Come on! Here, I brought the wheelchair.”

The wheelchair looked so small, even though I could clearly see that it was the industrial size one that Susan had wheeled me around in before. As she brought the chair up to me I rotated my back to her and then we negotiated me sitting down into it. “Wow, your ass seems almost too large for the chair, I want to find out how much more you weigh now!” She was in for a surprise. I didn’t know if she would be happy to know that this was all me, that I was now super obese in real life and it was unlikely that I would ever be not-fat. I could hear her breath strain as she slowly got my bulk rolling.

She brought me to the kitchen and parked me at the table. “I’ll go get you something to eat.” She ran off quickly into the kitchen. She was wearing her usual lab coat, but in her march out the door her coat lifted and I could see her body outlined clearly. She had obviously lost the weight she had gained when I was here getting fat and ready for the mission. She looked like she was back to her almost too skinny body that she had when we had first met. She came back with a cart piled high with food and rapidly set it out in front of me and then she sat beside me and fed me most of it. We didn’t talk. I was exhausted and she seemed to be in another world. She had a blissful smile on her face. Eventually I began nodding off a little. She stopped feeding me and then wheeled me down the hall to my bedroom. She and I had to really work to get me out of the chair and into bed. Susan insisted that she help me get undressed. She tucked me in and told me to get some rest.

I woke up some time later. I was able to get up and use the bathroom with no problem and then I took a shower. When I came out of the bathroom wearing a very wide towel, Susan was sitting on my bed waiting. “I would like to get you in the lab and do measurements and then we can have some fun.” She winked. She stood up and walked over to me, “You won’t need the towel in the lab.” A gentle tug from her and it was on the floor. I was naked, all of my real fat exposed to her. She didn’t wince; instead she smiled and took a step backwards to see more of me. I swiveled around for her, lifting my heavy arms. Each swivel step jiggled my flesh a little. I could feel ripples work their way across my body. When I finished rotating she was smiling even more. She gestured for me to lead; she obviously wanted to watch from behind as I waddled to the lab. I walked out of the room rapidly—rapidly for a super-obese man with quivering enormous thighs, flabby belly and a huge shelf butt. I was breathing heavily by the time I got to the lab. I went over and sat on the big steel table to rest. Susan went over to read my weight.

“Seven hundred and four pounds! I trained you too well! You were 657 when you left.” I was sure she was thinking about my real body under that 350 pound fat suit. It weighed 307 pounds when I left and she would be imagining that body weighing 357 pounds and it would now be heavier than the suit. She was in for a big surprise.

“Now the to the scanner, I want to see where this 50 pounds went.” She helped me to standing and helped me raise my huge arms to grab the handles. Susan went over to the controls and the scan started. Afterwards, I went over to Susan and sat in the other chair next to her. Susan brought up my scan on her screen. A 3-D model of my body appeared on the screen and slowly rotated.

“This is odd, look at this comparison of your scans. Here are some color-coded nodes to show the differences. Parts of you are larger as expected but other parts smaller, your fat distribution seems slightly different now.” She was not looking at me, but instead peering intently at her screen and typing commands into her computer to try different analyses.

“Uhmmm, about that…” I stammered. I felt bad deceiving her, but I also was so ashamed of my now huge real body. “The suit failed in the Utopia. This is my real body. I’m sorry that I got so fat. I am so ashamed.”

Susan didn’t seem to hear me at first, but then she typed other commands and brought up different views and comparisons and measurements on the screen. She stared at these and then turned toward me. She stared at me and then smiled as she said “Of course, how obvious. Look how your butt is larger and your belly flabbier. Your arms wider and you torso narrower. This is wonderful in so many ways. You are so much more beautiful now than you were with the suit I made you.” She reached out to touch my belly. “Don’t be sad, I love you still. You are so perfect. You have nothing to be ashamed of.” She stood up and hugged my obese real body. Her hug was firm for a few minutes and then her hands started roving my body and caressing my abundant curves.

“Can you tell me how the suit failed and how you gained this weight.”

I told her everything. I told her of the weight loss and the theory that the suit failed during sex with a 700 pound woman. That I thought the suit might have decoupled from my skin when I lost weight. She agreed and came up with some questions about the suit and what activities I had done. My answers confirmed to her that my theory of the suit failure seemed to be valid. She said she would have to look into this. She told me she was so proud of me finishing this assignment. She said she loved my body as it is. She loves my body being so large and soft and liquid.

At some point she began kissing me and we ended up having sex on the big steel table in the lab, with her on top of me. She was all smiles for me and if anything she seemed more attracted to me. I lay back after our intercourse and she went and came back with another cart of food. She was still naked standing next to my also naked body. She leaned into my fat body and fed me bite after bite for a long time. The monitors along the computer bank showed different views of us. Her firm and lithe body next to my soft and round body. From a distance my body didn’t look human. I could watch her strong, long arms reach a spoon to my lips and see my bloated round arms that more resembled bags of water than human arms. Her belly was flat with faint washboard muscles showing. My huge belly spilled far outwards from my body taking up all of the space between my spread wide legs. The flesh of my sides spilling downward and outward. There were numerous rolls of flesh everywhere. Susan’s free hand would roam my body, over and under each of my rolls and bulges of fat.
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I like that Susan appears again in the story. I hope she will gradually gain the lost weight back.
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that would be a great continuation of the story
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Default Chapter 33

We spent the rest of the day with each other. We alternated between exploring my body and eating. After she stuffed me full of food, she had me then stuff her now tiny body. It was just like the times in the lab before I left for the Utopia, except now all of my fat was real. Susan appeared even thinner than when we first met. Her body was so tight and fit compared to my massive, round and flabby body. Susan really liked the vast amount of food I could eat without feeling full. I had just gained over 300 pounds in the last few months by being overfed with food by other gluttons, so I was not surprised. I thought that Susan would get tired of feeding me before I was full. She didn’t and soon I was so stuffed. As I took a break from feeding, Susan started in on the food left on the plates. She still was able eat a lot of volume of food—she admitted to daily bingeing—in between her workouts to lose the weight she had gained with me earlier.

It was late in the day. We had just recovered from our latest feedings by taking a nap and then exploring our bodies, which then led to sex. Susan was sitting in cowgirl position with my huge belly pressing against her torso. She had to push my belly out of the way to mount me and the fat had to go somewhere, so most of it piled up in-between us up the level of her breasts. She was straddling my thighs and grabbing my belly fat pressed up against her chest for leverage.

A voice from behind her in the doorway said “Jesus, that’s hot!”

Another, more authoritative voice said “Shut up Lacey.”

Susan tried to move off of me to react to the intruders but she was hampered by my enormous belly, which trapped her legs as it pressed heavily on her thighs. Two sets of strong arms grabbed Susan and pulled her off of me and then two plump but very muscular women came up to me on the bed. They dragged me to a more upright sitting position. I could the thin and naked Susan struggling with two very large women. These women looked tough, they were tall, muscular and fat, but the fat was certainly overpowered by the amount of muscle they had. Susan had no chance with them. They quickly hobbled her feet with a set of chains.

A fifth woman, slightly older and much fatter and with a more commanding presence stepped up. “It took us forever to track you this last bit to your lab! You almost lost us, but there is no way we could lose the track of someone who weighs 700 pounds. You can probably guess who we are, or at least on whose side we are. I am Captain Halley of The Utopia Intelligence Agency and these ladies are my squad. You are under arrest for espionage. We will take you back to The Utopia for legal proceedings. Things will be easier if you just cooperate. Especially our very fat friend here” she poked my naked belly “he’s way too fat to ever blend in with the thin society. That’s for sure.” Her squad laughed and she grabbed and lifted one of my blubbery moobs with her hand and let it drop loudly.

They had us go into the lab. Susan tried to fight them, but they simply picked her up and carried her. I was too fat to do much resistance and actually needed their help getting to my feet. We were both still naked. Halley sat Susan down in the lab and explained that she wanted our fat suit technology. If Susan could bring that technology to The Utopia, some of the charges against my espionage would be reconsidered. Susan agreed to Halley’s demands. I think Susan infatuation with The Utopia was more than just professional. I think she wanted to be there and wanted this huge version of me there and safe with her. She probably even wanted me fatter and figured The Utopia would be the place to do it.

Susan sat down naked at the computer console and started copying her data into portable digital storage devices. She looked so tiny compared to the goons and the captain. She was at least half their size and maybe a quarter of the captain’s weight. She was naked and even with a remnant of a food baby belly from our earlier stuffings her waist was still toned and firm as she sat in the chair. Her small breasts with their pink aureoles contrasted with the watermelon-sized breasts of Captain Halley who stood next to her. Halley’s breasts hung down so that her nipples were at the same height as Susan’s, even though she was standing. Halley requested that Susan back up all of her data on a portable drive and to make a fat suit for herself. She explained that the fat suit would prevent her from running off and it would enable us to bring an example of the fat suit technology with us. Susan asked “What weight should the suit be?”

“400 pounds would be fine.”

Susan turned back to the computer and began typing in commands and calculations for the fat suit creation program. I could see a slight smile on her face when the captain said “400 pounds”. I was getting exhausted standing and the women guided me over to the stainless steel table and helped me sit. Susan worked for another half an hour at the computer console. She stood up and said “I now have to work in that pool to create and wear the fat suit. Since I have to do the work on myself, it will take several hours so maybe you can feed my fatty for me.” The squad perked up at this, but the captain ordered them to stay and guard Susan and that she would gladly feed me. One of the guards unshackled Susan’s legs so she could work in the pool.

Captain Halley began walking toward me. The captain was big, she had an enormous belly that hung down to her knees and breasts that sat as low as where her elbows should have been but of course her breasts also stuck out a great distance from her body. She was fat enough to have a waddle and when she got going her body rhythmically swayed and gently bounced around. She grabbed my arm and began pulling me up off the table. “Better yet, why don’t just have him sit here and we’ll fatten him up while the little doctor puts on her fat suit. Lacey, go get some food for our captive!” The captain pushed me back to the steel weighing table and plopped down next to me.

Oddly, I felt exposed here. Sure I was naked, but my belly fat undoubtedly hid all of my private parts. So why did I feel so vulnerable? Maybe it is the thin spy in me who feels threatened and unable to defend myself or Susan from these people. The reality is that I need these people. I weigh as much as 5 or 6 people in the thin society and weight loss at this point seems impossible. I think a part of Susan wanted this outcome: a chance to be around fat people and not have to hide her true feelings about fatness and food. My thoughts are interrupted by Lacey bringing in a cart loaded with food, way too much even for me. As she brings it over all of them come over to eat and they take turns feeding me and themselves. This passes the time while Susan works in the pool.

I was still not full when the pool elevator began moving upward. I wondered what sort of fat body Susan would choose for herself: huge-bellied, large-chested, or big pear? Her head emerged from the pool with a cute double chin. She looked over at me and smiled. Next came her shoulders and then large pillow-like arms and big floating breasts. Her breasts stayed with the water level, eventually hanging downward and resting on top of her belly somewhere near where her belly button should have been. The boobs and belly were big but not big enough for the extra 400 pounds. Her sides expanded as her body lifted upwards out of the water to reveal luscious wide hips. Her belly pooched downward just covering the junction of her enormous thighs with her body. Her thighs were mashed together tightly and barely tapered downward to large rolls at her knees then wide fat calves and a roll at her ankle. The elevator stopped.

We all stared at her. I was used to this, but it still caught my breath. Susan’s fat suits were truly miracles. She appeared to simply transform from one woman to another just by submerging in the pool. She took a few slow, ponderous steps, turned so we could see the sheer vastness of her ass and then sat down heavily on the bench near the pool. Her hips and ass greatly expanding over the bench as her weight lowered to the bench. “Can someone fetch me clothes from that drawer over there? It’s marked: 400 wide.”

Nobody moved, we all just stared at her. We were all used to seeing fat women, but somehow Susan’s fat suit body was a masterpiece of art. Her body made my mind wander, I felt myself grow excited under my belly. I wondered how the others felt. One of the goons broke away from staring and walked over to the drawer Susan had indicated. She opened it and pulled out a package of clothes, which she then delivered to Susan. Susan opened it and stood. Everyone else simply stared and watched her body as she slowly bent over at the waist and gently stepped into a very large pair of underwear. Bent over like this, made her rear look spherical. When she pulled the panties on they looked so tiny on her massive hips and ass, covering only a miniscule fraction of her ass. She then ponderously stepped into a pair of white pants. She slowly tugged and wiggled them up her thighs and had to really yank on them to get them over her hips. She then pushed and prodded the ample flesh of her butt into the back and sides and then attempted to zip them up over her belly. The vast amount of butt, hip and upper thigh fat kept the sides of the waistband very far apart. She then pulled the waistband sides under her belly, gently lifting the belly flesh and straining to make the sides meet. She finished with a quick buttoning and an upward pull on the zipper. The white sheer pants accentuated her many curves and showed all of her folds and cellulite. She bent over to get the rest of the clothes off the bench as her belly and love handles spilled out more over the waistband. A white shirt and bra. Back to standing, she placed her large breasts in the bra cups and then hoisted them upwards to quickly snap the bra clasps together—fortunately these were in the front, she would never be able to reach her back with her pillow-like upper arms and back fat rolls. Next a quick move to slip the shirt on over her head and round flabby arms. The shirt was loose but of thin material so it also accentuated the luscious fat body beneath.

The squad of women and I had stared dumbly at Susan while she dressed. When she finished it took us a few moments to regain our thoughts. Susan’s body in motion had seemingly hypnotized us all. She smiled sweetly, sat down gracefully and said “I’m ready when you are”.

“That you are, that you are.” was all that Captain Halley could mutter. “Squad! Lacey and Margey stay and clean up. Set the charges to blow this place and make sure the computer gets wiped. The rest of us will take the prisoners out to the truck. Snap to it.” The other two women gestured to Susan to stand and follow and went over to help me back to standing.

One of the goons helping me looked me over and said “This one needs some clothes too, although I am sure we all would love him to parade around like this.” One of them retrieved my clothes from the bedroom and then they helped me get dressed. Their hands lingering on my flesh as they worked to put my many rolls and bulges into the clothes.

“Let’s get going!” Halley marched down the hall to the exit. Susan was prodded forward and then I was next in line followed by the two other women. I loved the view of Susan’s mesmerizing body as her hips and ass undulated with each footstep. Her round upper arms swinging as counterpoint to her wide waddling thighs and buttocks. She peered back at me and winked with a smile to me. We marched for an hour as I became more and more exhausted. I was sweating profusely at this point. We took a different route from my previous journeys and it was appreciably longer. Finally, as I felt like I could barely take another step we went through a door into a darkened garage with a large truck parked in it. We were herded around to the back to some steps leading into the truck. I loved watching Susan carefully step upward, straining to lift up each of her super heavy legs just a few inches, leaning into each upward movement. I loved the view of her ass in the tight white pants as she briefly rested at the top of the stairs. The two guards muscled me up the steps and sat me down on a very large bench in the back of the truck. When all five of us were in the engine started and the truck began moving.

An hour later we stopped and the door opened. I could tell from the view outside that we were in The Utopia because everything I could see was made for very large people. We were ushered out and marched into a building, down several hallways with many obese office workers in business suits and then into an elevator and taken into a room that resembled a hotel room, except that everything was built for obese people. I plopped down on the sofa and Susan sat—and filled—the loveseat. Halley told us to wait here for few days while our case was processed.
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Default Chapter 34

Susan and I quickly figured there was nothing we could do about leaving, the door was locked and solid. There were no other exits, only a large window that overlooked a park. Susan loved the park view, as she could watch hundreds of obese men and women of all sizes and shapes lumber by. We spent time talking with each other and exploring each other’s bodies. We had to carefully work out how to fit our fat bodies together for everything from kissing to sex. She told me that she picked the big pear body because it would fit better with my enormous stomach, “No sense in having two big bellies in the way”. We didn’t bother getting dressed as there was nowhere to go and no one to see. As we waited for the next several days we tried every intercourse position we could think of that had any chance of working. A favorite was her bending over leaning her huge breasts and substantial belly onto the bed while I reached down and lifted my bellies and heaved ithem up onto her ass and back. This was nice for me as it unloaded the hundreds of pounds of fat in my belly from my poor knees. It took a while to get into because Susan’s hips were too wide for her to reach around to help me. It was also slow going for me because I had to reach around and under my belly and then under my pubic roll—what’s the male equivalent to a FUPA?—and then find my erection, which is buried in additional masses of pubic fat. Then I had to find her between her two enormous butt cheeks. Some of these positions worked better than others, but all were fun to try. The room featured a floor to ceiling mirror next to the bed, making for some amazing views of 1200 pounds of fatness. The reflected sight of us was astounding, each of us so hugely fat with complicated masses of bulges, curves, folds and rolls. Our flesh oozed and flopped around as our bodies pressed together, rippling and jiggling as we moved. I couldn’t immediately recognize myself in the image in the mirror. Our level of obesity seemed impossible. I would actually try to avoid eye contact with myself as if it was someone else and I was eavesdropping on them. But sure enough the very obese person would look away in just the way I did, so I would recognize that this unfamiliar obese body was indeed mine.

We indulged in the voluminous food that was brought to us six times a day (four main meals and two large snacks). Susan tried and failed to keep up with my eating. We watched Utopia TV, featuring shows filled with fat to massively obese people.

Eventually, the door opened without notice. We were in the midst of intercourse with me riding her, my belly overlapping her up to her chin. At the sound of the door I was able to roll off of her onto my back on the huge bed. An obese man and woman stood in the doorway smiling. “We’ll give you a few minutes to freshen up and get dressed for your hearing.”

We wore the formal wear provided to us. We had to assist each other to get the clothes on over our various large bulges and curves. Susan looked stunning in a tight black dress with a low-cut top. Susan said I looked good in my suit but I felt so otherworldly fat.

We followed the woman’s broad swaying hips down a hallway and into an elevator while the man followed. Susan was not used to her extra 400 pounds and so she was breathing loudly at the short walk. The elevator had a huge bench seat, which groaned as Susan rapidly sat down. The elevator was huge but our four bodies filled the space and required us to stand with our fat bodies pressing into on another. My belly pressed into the man’s squishy side and I could feel the woman’s huge breasts press into my lower side rolls.

A long ride downward and then we exited, the man helping Susan to her feet. A long walk down another hallway left me panting and Susan red-faced and sweaty. Two big doors opened and we were ushered into a box with two huge chairs. We sat. Our escort left and then the lights brightened in the room to reveal a high desk with three very serious-looking judges. All three seemed at least as fat as I was, but it was difficult to tell since they were sitting and wearing robes. The female escort stood nearby and read our names out. The Two female and one male judges shuffled papers around and then looked at each other sternly.

“We are here to sentence you for espionage, a very serious threat to the Utopia. One of you has already escaped once—with a little help from our agents. The judge nodded off to the left where Sarah stood smiling in a tight business suit showing off her big curves. She winked at me. The judges went on, reciting our various offences and their illegality. “…and finally to sentencing. We must impose a severe sentence for these crimes, but the body suit technology of…”the judge looked down to read her paper “…of Dr. Morgan represents a significant bartering tool for mitigation of harsh sentences. We are requesting Dr. Morgan’s assistance and cooperation for her amnesty and for reduction of this man’s sentence.”

Susan struggled with her obese, bottom-heavy body to stand up and address the judges, “Why of course I would love to cooperate and assist, would this allow me to continue my work on this technology in the Utopia? I feel my place is with the Utopia and certainly my companion has no place in the thin society anymore now that he is so huge.” Susan emphasized her point by poking my belly. When I looked over at Sarah, I saw her giggle a little at Susan’s comment.
“We shall set a full laboratory at our new research institute and you will continue your work there. This man still is a flight risk and so we insist that he must be restrained in some way. We have discussed this greatly and we have unanimously agreed that he shall be sentenced to immobility. He shall be fattened to such an extent that walking is impossible. Dr. Morgan will show her new allegiance and cooperation by being charge of the fattening and care of this man. You have six months to fatten him up so he is unable to stand with assistance. You may utilize the full resources of our research activities at our institute.” She raised her gavel and slammed it down.

Everyone stood except me. I was in shock. Immobile? It was bad enough to be so hugely fat, but to get so fat that I was helplessly trapped by my own fat? Conflicting thoughts coursed through my brain. One thought was excitement at gaining additional weight; there was a stirring in my groin thinking about Susan feeding me huge quantities of food and seeing me grow larger. But immobility? How much more weight would that be? A couple hundred or several hundred pounds? I trust Susan to keep me healthy but this is extreme. How much bigger could I get? I felt a hand on my shoulder that broke me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see Susan looking lovingly at me. She smiled sweetly and said “I love you, I will always take of you.”

The next few hours were a blur as my mind wrestled with my sentencing. We were led out of the room and given more detailed instructions and signed official papers. Then we were taken to a train station and escorted into a private cabin. The train went to a distant city, where a research institute was being built. Susan would have a lab there and it would have an adjoining living space for both of us. Susan spent much of trip discussing with our escort what her new lab would need.

At the end of the day after the train, dinner and a brief tour of the research campus we were dropped off at our temporary apartment. It was very late and we both were exhausted. We immediately plopped down on the couches in the living room. We fell asleep there. I awoke with a start in the early morning after a bad dream in which I was immobile and trapped by my own body. I looked at my huge body spread out below me, with my wide belly that covered my lap and oozed sideways to cascade off my hips. I felt trapped feeling the weight of my belly on my legs, the pressure of my large breasts perched on top of my belly, feeling how my arms were horizontal resting on my side blubber. I reacted by standing up quickly. I was instantly relieved, knowing it was just a bad dream and I was only super-obese and not immobile.

I looked over at Susan while she continued sleeping on the other couch. Her wide hips pushed outward from her weight, her belly pushing outward onto her rounded thighs and hanging down over huge inner thigh rolls. Her legs seemed wider than they were long with numerous rolls and bulges. Her neck was covered by a huge double chin. Her cheeks bulged out to make her eyes recessed. Her head was wide and round, her fat shoulders rose to meet her round head. Everything was rounded and heavy, every part of her sagged downward. But it was all fake, unlike my much larger body. My huge body that would soon seem tiny compared to what it will become.

My stomach rumbled its growing hunger. I sighed then waddled to the kitchen, stopping in the bathroom to pee. I had to sit, there is too much flab down there to even touch myself let alone aim. I took my clothes off to make it easier. I ponderously walked to the kitchen naked. I picked through the fridge and pantry grazing on food for two hours as Susan slept. I ate without thinking about it, my mind in a haze of confusion. I was standing, leaning my upper body onto a counter and devouring a cake when Susan walked in. She hugged me and then took the fork out of my mouth and put it into hers.
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Wonderful addition!!!
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I like your story a lot. Each addition is a good read. Especially fascinating is this cliffhanger ending. I hope that Susan will get fat too, really fat, without a suit. That would be awesome!
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Default Chapter 35

We spent a month in the apartment. Susan and I grew closer. Our days consisted of mutual feedings and touring around and learning our new town. Susan often had meetings about her lab construction so I had free time to wander town or simply stay home and eat. I could eat an amazing amount of food, but it was difficult to even get to a point where I felt full. Susan made sure I was well stocked with things to eat. Susan kept her 400 pound suit on. She seemed to revel in her obese body and its obvious growth. She grew stronger and most agile with time as she adjusted to a tripling of her weight. Who knows how much either of us were gaining while we waited for the lab to be done. I felt heavier, but it seemed like even this rate of weight gain would certainly not be enough to fulfill my sentence in time.

After a month the lab was ready. Susan took me there and showed me everything, including our adjoining living suite. We used the equipment in the lab to weigh and scan ourselves. Susan stood proudly in her new lab and took off her clothes in order to weigh and scan herself. She was so stunning, every time I saw her I was surprised at her size and sexy curves. “I weighed 116 when you came back from here. I had been dieting and exercising like crazy to lose what I had gained. When you had left for the Utopia, I was at my highest weight; a huge 216 pounds. It was so sad to lose that weight and those curves, but I had to do it for my job in the thin society. But ever since you waddled back into my life I have been eating, trying to—and failing—to keep up with your appetite. This fat suit costume hides my true curves, but I definitely feel how this monumental eating has really inflated me.” She pats her belly, setting off a series of ripples and jiggles of her body. “All of those fat cells from our earlier fattening were probably just waiting for this chance to expand again. Shall we see how our month of gorging has affected me?” She steps onto the large area platform scale.

The scales number whirled and stopped at 559 pounds. “Wow! 44 pounds in 5 weeks! I thought this felt heavier!” She uses both arms to heft her round belly and breasts upwards. She walks over to the scanner. “Let’s see where this fat went! We can compare it to the model I made for this suit.” After scanning and analysis at her computer console—still naked—she states “Yes, there it is. Look, fat accumulation in my belly, but also a lot of fat in my ass and thighs.” See looks over at me, giving me a predatory smile. “Your turn cutie.”

She undresses me and stands back to examine my body. She has me turn in a circle to see all of my sides. I feel so huge, I realize it is a lot of effort just to turn in a circle. “Yep. Definitely fatter. Step on the scale so I can see how much fat I have helped you add to your beautiful body.” She stands close to me, pressing her large breasts and hips into my protruding belly rolls. Her hands roam my body. She gives me a small slap on my ass to get me moving.

I waddle over to the scale. Luckily the scale is flush with the floor because my belly and breasts block any possible view of my feet. I wait for her to read the scale. “Seven hundred…and fifty… two pounds. Wow. I love it. I knew you were eating well. That puts your BMI—body mass index—at over 100 kg per meter squared! Getting you to gain to your goal will be no problem. You get sexier and sexier.” She comes up to me and caresses my curves and jiggles my fat rolls. I think to myself, my goal? I don’t want to be that fat. I have already gained almost six hundred pounds since I had met Dr. Morgan. Ho much more would it take? But what are the consequences? Banishment to the Thins without Susan and end up in a circus? Worse punishments by the Utopia? Hard labor?

Susan distracts me from my worried thoughts by pulling me toward the large steel lab table and then kissing and exploring me. One thing leads to another. Today I really noted how difficult it was becoming to have these romantic interludes. Our bodies are so huge. My body has so many large rolls and folds that get in the way and shift alarming when we move. Everything jiggled on us. Nothing is firm, but everything is heavy.

Afterwards, as we lay sweating on the table, Susan tells me that she had been having discussions with other researchers and scientists on how best to fatten me up in the five remaining months and keep me healthy. She has assembled a team of experts to help. “We will get everything started tomorrow my love.” She wouldn’t say anything else about, simply “Tomorrow.”

The next day, Susan woke up early, got dressed and went to get her team ready. “We’ll call you when we are ready.” She kissed me waddled out of the room in her bottom-heavy body. Her tight-fitting white dress was even tighter than before and showed every roll, bulge and cellulite bump. She was super sexy, but then I thought about it being mostly fake and in contrast my much bigger body of rolls, bulges and cellulite was all real and soon to be much, much larger.

I got dressed, thinking about how difficult it was to do things at my size already. I seemed to take forever to get the clothes on and properly situated on my body. The clothes looked huge on the dresser, but seemed to be too small and revealing when I was wearing them. I went to the kitchen to eat the breakfast that Susan had left out for me. I sat there nervously. For once I wasn’t hungry.

Eventually a cute woman walked into the kitchen. “Hi! I’m Melanie, Doc. Morgan sent me to fetch you. Do you need a hand up?” I didn’t. When I got to standing, breathing heavily, I looked over and saw this cute fat woman smile positively at my body. That made me feel a little better. As did her appraising looks at my body as I set my body in motion. She was a beautiful woman. She was fat of course, but much smaller than Susan. Her body was the opposite of Susan’s in that her fat was concentrated in a large hanging belly. Her legs, hips and butt seemed the size of a normal-sized woman in the thin society, but overlapped by this big blubbery bag of a belly. Her belly hung down nearly to her knees. Without her belly, you wouldn’t consider her fat, maybe plump, but that belly was huge on her. She maybe weighed 380 pounds or so. She was wearing tight jeans that somehow buttoned up under her belly and wore a long shirt tucked in that showcased just how fat her belly was.
It was a short walk to the lab. About ten people were sitting at the conference table when we walked in. The room hushed as I sat down heavily. “Ah here he is, thanks Melanie.”

I looked around. Her/our team was mostly female, with only 3 males. Everyone was obese of course, varying from Susan-sized to Melanie-sized. They introduced themselves to me, most were research professors and their graduate students. I was the biggest one here though.
“We are ready to begin if you are.” Susan addressed me. We have been in negotiations with Utopia officials about how heavy you need to be. Immobile is a bit vague of a goal to work toward. We were able to settle on a number, I really worked them down. Their first numbers were astounding. I think this number may be an overshoot, but we have to cover ourselves. We don’t know how much weight equals immobility, especially with someone strong enough to haul 750 pounds around with not much effort.”

I thought that that was an easy thing for her to say.

“Do you want to know how much you need to gain, or should we just proceed?”

I didn’t want to know.

“We will be doing everything for you, to give you a chance to really absorb calories and reach our goal. There will be someone with you at all times. Most of the work will be done with the graduate students: Melanie, Amanda, Liz, Karen and Mike. Okay team, we will have weekly meeting on our progress. Let’s get started.” The professors and researchers stood up ponderously and left. A nice collection of obese bodies, fat rolls, bellies, and hips. Each of them seemed as heavy as Susan, but it was hard to be sure. The rest of us followed Dr. Morgan out to the lab.

I was led over to the giant table. “You can remove your clothes now and we’ll proceed with preliminary measurements.” The two nearest people assisted me. I ended up sitting there like some enormous fat lump as Susan explained things and demonstrated procedures. I was used to my body being totally exposed so at least I wasn’t nervous about it. Not that I could have covered much of my body with my hands anyway. I looked down and saw how my hip and ass spread out and how my belly flowed out and down between my spread thighs as I sat there waiting. I used this time to check out the new assistants. Melanie I had already met and gotten a good look at. Amanda was a lot heavier and taller than Melanie with an over all fat body, no part seemed to be fatter than another. She wore a tight short skirt and low-cut blouse. Liz also had a very large belly, but instead of a huge hanging sack like Melanie’s body she had a wide, wrap-around belly that divided into two horizontal rolls and had two large breasts perched on top of them. Liz’s body was very obese in contrast to the otherwise thinner body of Melanie. She wore a tight blue shirt that clung to her huge belly roll that poured over the waistband of her jeans. Karen had and extreme hourglass shape with wide hips, relatively narrow waist and enormous breasts. Karen’s butt was large and it stuck out like a shelf on her lower back. Karen wore a tight red blouse that accentuated her relatively narrow waist and a short black skirt that seemed to always be on the verge of showing her ass cheeks, but somehow never did. The fattest of these four women was obviously Amanda, who probably weighed more than Susan did. Mike was also very fat with a large belly and huge moobs. His most notable feature was a giant double chin that hung down from his face and onto his chest. The chin seemed as large as the rest of his head, which was also considerably fat and wide with big flabby jowls. He wore a tight T-shirt that left a several inches of his flabby belly showing and jeans. Each of them donned white lab coats, it was interesting to see how the lab coats fit the various body shapes. I had a lot of time to do this inspection as Susan droned on to the student assistants. None of them buttoned their coats and so their bellies and breasts projected outward.

Dr. Morgan had them each take sets of measurements of my body using tape measures and calipers. Then she instructed them on how to use the scanner and 3-D software. I enjoyed just sitting there and occasionally shifting my body around. I liked the feel of this group of the obese people pressing their flab against my flab. Touching, pressing and sometimes heaving at my uncountable rolls of fat. My stomach was really starting to growl loudly, which would lead to giggles from them.

After an eternity they were done. Susan calls out “Who wants the first feeding?”

“Me!” was shouted out by Melanie before anyone else. Melanie led me across the room to a wide set of doors. Inside were my new accommodations, a huge bed and table and an enormous pool. She sat me down at the table and pulled up a cart laden with food. “For now we will stick to a somewhat normal food stuffing process. Open up!” I opened up and she put a lot of delicious food in my mouth. I groaned in an almost sexual way at the ecstasy of finally getting food after being in the lab such a long time. The double doors to the room began closing, but before they closed completely I heard Susan talking with the team.

“Let’s hurry up and get everything ready, we only have 147 days to double his weight!”
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Default Chapter 36

I passed out with exhaustion after Melanie’s feeding of me. She was really good at it, pushing me past my otherwise insatiable hunger. I woke up in bed with my enormous belly splayed up in front of me filling the space between my thighs. My vision was partially blocked by the dome of my expansive belly.

“Oh hi, you’re awake.” It was the hourglass-shaped one with the huge thighs and ass named Karen. “I have some food for you before we start the real part of our weight gain program.” With that she smiled and shoved a forkful of cake into my mouth. An eternity of food later I was almost full. I could really understand the need for some new method of weight gain, because I was usually not able to get full eating anymore and I needed to really increase my intake to fulfill my sentence for The Utopia.

Then it came back to me. I had heard Susan say my weight needed to be doubled. Doubled? 1500 pounds. 750 more pounds on this body. 750 pounds of fat to gain. 750 pounds to go into my expanding belly, my hips, butt, thighs, moobs, arms, chins. How big around would I be, my waist was already near 100 inches? How would I do anything? I guess that was the point; my punishment was to gain to the point of immobility.

“Hi!” Susan startled me out of my worried thoughts. “We are ready for you now.” She nodded to the far side of the room where her group of researchers stood next to the pool. “We will be installing you in your new home in the pool. The pool will allow us to get the pounds on you quicker and make your life much more comfortable. The water will help support your weight and not stress your body as much. We can control its temperature so that you don’t spend precious calories on thermal regulation. The water will also keep you clean and allow you to even mover around without constant assistance. I can see how worried you are about this much bigger future, so I want you to know I will be with. I love you and will do anything you need or ask for. You are not alone, I will be here and they will be also. None of them is here against their will, they are all volunteers, here to help us. Come on, the sooner we start the sooner we can get through this.” She leaned over and hugged me, wrapping her arms as far as she could around my supine form.

She helped me to my feet and led me over to the pool. I was naked and my fat rolls shifted and jiggled with each ponderous step. Mythigh roll inward and outward with each short step. My arms out for counterbalance. My upper body leaning back to help lift my heavy low-hanging belly. My body swaying alarmingly with each shift of body weight. I thought about how these heavy, laborious steps may be the last steps I ever take. It takes a long time to get to the pool. Susan leads me to an elevator platform that can be lowered into the pool. I lean heavily on the guard rails to catch my breath. Dr. Morgan unbuttons her lab coat and removes it. Strangely, she is naked underneath. The other do the same are similarly unclothed. The really obese woman, Amanda, along with Karen and Melanie waddle over to me. Amanda is carrying a jar of something. She opens it and the two coat my skin in a thick oily lotion. She slowly bends her round body over and laboriously gets down to on her knees. Then these three rub the lotion into my acres of soft skin. Dr. Morgan and two of the researchers climb down the ladder and get in the pool; the guy Mike and Liz. Watching their naked obese bodies ponderously navigating the ladder seems funny until I think about how much larger I am now and that in 147 days I will weigh a thousand pounds more than each of them. I still feel myself grow a little excited down under my heavy underbelly while I watch them.

The lower the platform into the pool. I feel the water take up the weight of my 600 pounds of fat. I feel so free and light in the pool. My so-fat body really floats. My legs can move me around easily since the pool is a perfect depth to support my flabby body and still keep my head above water when standing. The water level is such that my chin ends up about 6 inches above the water. My fat belly and breast float upwards. The load eases from my thighs and my back relaxes. I look so much bigger from my perspective now with my belly floating perpendicular from body instead of hanging down to my knees. I can’t even reach my arms that far out in front of me. Will 1500 pounds make that twice as big? Yikes.
They situate me in a net-like seat. It is comfier than any couch. I am essentially floating here, with my legs and arms horizontal. My belly a largish rounded dome of an island rising out of the pool. The three hook up monitoring equipment all over my body. They hook me up to a set of equipment to collect my body wastes. This process is a little awkward, but not really that bad. They show me how operate everything including the entertainment features, TV, movies, etc. The final part was the feeding tube. This was lowered from above via remote control I could use. I would bring it to my mouth and put my lips around it. A button on the remote turned it on and a toggle controlled the speed. It was automated and had safety features to protect me. The experience was at first really strange, the fluid was body temperature and seemed to subtly change flavor over different time periods so that it was never monotonous. I found myself enjoying how fast I started feeling full and then I pressed it faster and within minutes felt full for the first time in a long time. I was really enjoying this feeling but I still thought about what such a powerful thing this feeding tube was and how this tube would end up adding many hundreds of pounds to my already inconceivably large body. I was past any turning around; there really was no choice at this point, just a last bit of melancholy from my old thin body. With that thought out of my mind I thumbed the tube once more becoming even fuller and slipped into a sleepy oblivion.

They must have drugged me with the feeding tube. Maybe I was just in a nearly constant food-coma with the automated feeding tube. I don’t recall much of those 5 months. Bits of waking up to seeing a great domed, smooth island that must have been my fat floating belly. Glimpses of the smiling faces of Susan, Amanda, Liz, Karen, Melanie and Mike next to me. Fullness. Gentle waves.
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