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Default Wife vs Mom - by FANedfox (~BBW, Eating, Stuffing, ~SWG)

BBW, Eating, Stuffing, ~MWG – Size-conscious wife reacts unexpectedly to pressure from her mom

Wife vs Mom
by FANedFox

My wife and mother in law had been battling over "weight" practically since my wife's birth! My mother in law is quite fat, she is only five foot two and has weighed as much as two hundred and seventy five pounds. She is content with, even claims that she loves her "figure" and so does my father in law.

My wife, who since puberty has been plump, has struggled to keep her weight under control. Since we got married my mother in law has pressured my wife to start gaining to get a nice "married figure", which in her world means getting FAT! I am an FA so my wife can never weigh too much! One of her hang ups, though, is that she does not want us to be an odd couple, with her round and fat and me relatively slim. As a result Sally usually quarreled with her mom whenever the topic came up.

As an example, the last time my wife and I had been to her family's house, Sally and her mom had a battle royal. Her sisters were both pretty fat, so my mother in law felt that Sally was in some way disrespecting her for not gaining weight.

I had not really given the fight/discussion much more thought, but apparently Sally and her mom had. We were scheduled to visit them again for Thanksgiving, coming up in only a few weeks. I got a call early in the afternoon on Friday. I answered, "This is Ned, may I help you?"

"BUUURRRRP! Ned, Urp, it's, urp, me, hic, urp, Sally, Urp! You need to come home as soon as you can! Urp."

"Sally, babe, what's going on are you okay?" I exclaimed

"Urp, just come home honey as soon as you can!" she implored.

I was freaking out, what was wrong with Sally, she sounded like she going to be sick! I unlocked the door and went in, I called, "Sally, I'm home!"

I heard another loud burp, "URP, Ned, I'm in the dining room!"

I came around the corner and almost fainted! Sally was sitting in the arm chair at the head of the table she was an FA's vision. She had on a pair of panty briefs, shiny white nylon, with lacy frills, a matching bra, but it was her belly that stunned me. Her belly was an engorged orb, bulging into her lap. The table was covered with crumbs, empty pizza boxes and coke bottles.

"Babe, what happened, what did you do?" I asked, stunned at the vision before me.

"Ned," Sally started to wail, " I had a huge fight with Mom again, I am so angry at her! She told me that I was a horrible daughter, that I wanted to be some skinny little slut who flaunts her little body around!"

You could never use Sally and skinny in the same sentence, it just goes to show how irrational her mom was about weight and gaining.

"So what are you going to do, Babe?" I asked.

Sally started crying again. "I want, want, you to help me get FAT!" she stammered, choking back tears.

"Honey, you want me to do what?" I asked, secretly hoping I had just heard was true!

"Ned, don't be so dense, I want you to stuff me and help me get really, really fat, I want to get so fat, that I am even fatter than my stupid mother!" Sally declared.

"Sally, baby, are you sure you want to get that fat? Your Mom weighs nearly three hundred pounds!" I asked.
"Ned, stop it, I know you have wanted me to gain weight since the day we met! Now stop being an idiot and start feeding me!" she demanded.

Like it was on cue the door bell rang. Sally had ordered all of her favorite, greasy Chinese food favorites. I paid the driver, nearly fifty dollars worth of food and started unpacking it on the table. I had to brush always the empty pizza boxes, gleefully noting that there were four of them deep dish too!

I started shoveling the rich food into Sally's mouth. She amazed me and ate everything I put in her mouth. By nine o'clock, Sally's belly was an engorged orb swollen up against the table, smeared with greasy food. I wiped her down and helped her stagger to her feet, she was wobbly, she was so stuffed! I got her up stairs to the bathroom and then into bed.

She just wanted to wear her panties and removed her, now tight, bra and put one of my t-shirts on over her head. "Ned, URP, I want you to wake me up a two am and feed me again. Anything you can think of, but bland, I don't want to get heart burn."

"Yes Babe" I replied.

I went back downstairs and prepared for the next assault on my wife's waistline! The alarm went off at one forty five and padded downstairs in just briefs and prepared two boxes of waffles, poured on a whole bottle of syrup and then a pound of butter, got it all nice and hot and took it up to my waiting bride.

I woke, her, "Sally baby, I have your next feeding ready, Honey!"

"Oh Neddie, thanks honey, what did you fix me?" she replied. "

Waffles Hun, here eat up!" I replied.

"Oh Ned, these taste fantastic and so many wonderful calories too!" she giggled. A half an hour later, she was laying back, her belly swollen with the rich feeding. I helped her to the bathroom, and back to bed. I woke her again at five thirty for breakfast number one. I fixed a dozen eggs, scrambled, with ham and cheese, a pound of bacon and two quarts of sweetened orange juice.

"Oh Ned, this is so wonderful, I love all of this food, honey, thanks for doing this for me, it really means a lot to me to get fatter than Mom!" she said appreciatively.

"Your wish is my command, baby, now eat up and go back to sleep to digest." I replied.

Sally fell back asleep, stuffed to the gills! I went out to the mall and got a dozen "Cinnabons" with several tubs of extra frosting. I got her up at ten thirty. "Hey Babe, you ready for more?"

"URP, Oh Ned, yes please, let me use the bathroom first!" I helped up, she swayed, her belly was so bloated. I was in awe of her now distended belly, covered in the white lacy panties. She had to waddle to the bathroom, I helped her back into bed.

"What do you have for me, Ned?" she asked coyly.

I set down the tray as close to her as I could get with her bulging belly. She gasped, "Oh Ned, my favorites! Look how thick the frosting is!"

She laid into her rich, rich treats with gusto, stuffing the rich cinnamon roles into her mouth, smearing herself with frosting in the process. Within a half hour four were gone.

"Umb, Uh, Ned, I am so stuffed, but I want the rest of these, please feed me dearest, please!" she begged. (Who could resist!) I fed her three more. I was worried that she might get sick or truly distend her stomach. I tapped her belly, it felt rock hard! She was so engorged!

"Sally, are you okay babe, you are so stuffed, I don't want to hurt you! Why don't you rest for a while." I suggested.

"No Ned, I have to eat all of these, I want to get so fat! I need all the calories I can get into myself, I will never get as fat as Mom if I don't eat everything I possibly can!" she started to sob.

I started to feed her the rest of the buns, I was stunned, it took over an hour, but Sally managed to eat all of them! She sat in the chair leaning back, her engorged belly bulging forward, filling the brief style panties, stretching out the material to the point it was even shinier than before. Her hands were resting on her huge belly, which was pressing up against her boobs.

"Ned, honey, thank you for feeding me these buns! I am so stuffed, but it feels so nice to be this full and bloated. Look honey, look how big my belly is, I am so huge!" she gurgled.

I wiped her mouth, boobs and the top her awesome belly with a warm wash cloth. "Oh Ned, that feels so good, dearest, thank you for taking such good care of me!"

"Hey, Babe, it is my pleasure!" I answered. Sally remained pinned to the bed by her ballooning belly. She sat propped up with pillows, caressing her engorged belly. I dutifully brought candy, cookies, glasses of chocolate milk and anything else for her to nimble on.
Sally sat in bed eating away the morning.

"Hey baby, how about some lunch, for my little cutie?" I asked.

"Oh Ned please fix me something really fattening and decedent for lunch, please, oh please dearest", begged Sally. I went down to the kitchen and fixed a massive amount of spaghetti and with a super rich sauce, garlic bread smothered in butter and cheese. I staggered into our bedroom with a tray covered in the massive feast.

Sally sat on the bed, her magnificent belly pushing apart her legs, giggling, running her hands over her orb anticipating her next fantastic meal. I shoveled fork full and fork full into Sally's waiting maul. I was in awe of how much she could eat!. It was beyond even my wildest fantasies!

Her belly swelled with the rich food ballooning out, pushing her legs apart. It took us nearly an hour to finish the massive meal. Sally lay back, her eyes glazed over. She finally had enough, as evidenced by a lour d, "BURP!”

SAhe smiled at me, “Ned honey I need to sleep this off, giggle."

She patted her massive orb. I gathered up the debris and left the room. Three hours later I heard my ballooning bride calling. "Ned honey, I am hungry again, can you bring me something, please dear, hurry please!"

I was prepared! I had gone to the bakery during Sally's nap and loaded up on rich, fattening sweets and pastries. I went into our room, Sally lay propped up by pillows, her round belly bulging out onto her legs, she was patting and playing with her belly, giggling.

"Ned, look at how huge I am. I am really going to show up Mom, she will be green with envy when she sees how fat I have become!" I carried in a huge tray covered in decadent treats.

She nearly shrieked, "Oh Ned, those look fantastic, I can't wait to taste them all.”

An hour later, an engorged, bloated, happy and sated Sally lay back in her bed, her glazed over in a sugar high. "BURP, Ned, those were awesome!"

I did deep dish pizzas for supper, gorging Sally again to the point of distending her now awe inspiring belly! This became our routine on the weekends, when I could attend to my growing, ballooning bride.

On week days, I would leave the house after stuffing a massive breakfast into her. She would order in for lunch and I would come home and either take her to a buffet or fix a massive feast.

Thanksgiving finally arrived and we were going to her Mom's. Sally was now nearly eighty pounds heavier. Her belly literally ballooned out in front of her. Her bottom looked like two beach balls stuffed into a pair of panties. I loved to watch her waddle, her bottom bounced up and down and her belly swayed from side to side. She jiggled she was now so fat.

We arrived at her parents' house on Wednesday evening. I helped Sally out of the car, she was dressed in tight, black stretch pants, a white, tight shirt, with a roll of belly fat between the two, she looked awesome! Sally said to me, "I can't wait to see the look on Mom's face when she sees how fat I am now!"

We rang the bell and I could hear the rumble of someone large walking to the door. Sally's sister opened the door and gasped, "Oh Sally, you look fantastic! It is about time you joined us!"

She turned around, "Mom, come and look! Sally is finally FAT! She looks great!"

Sally waddled through the door, I followed her in. Janie, her sister, winked at me and whispered, "Ned did you have anything to do with this?"

She playfully poked Sally's huge round bottom cheeks. Sally answered for me, "Yes he did. He did a fantastic job, too!"

Sally and Janie's mom came around the corner and exclaimed, "Sally darling you look so beautiful!"

She started to cry. "Oh darling, you look so wonderful, how much do you weigh?" she asked tearing up.

"Two hundred and forty two pounds, Mom! Look how FAT I am! I made Ned stuff me like a thanksgiving turkey to get this fat!, she exclaimed. "I wanted to get even fatter than you Mom, I was so mad at you!"

Sally's Mom was really crying now. "Oh honey I am so sorry I lost my temper at you, I just want you to be happy, you know how I feel about being "fat and happy". I didn't mean to be so cruel to you! Oh Sally dearest I am so proud of you and you too Ned."

The next five days was even better than the previous few weeks, one, I did not have to be the cook only the "designated feeder" and two, there were now three big beauties to watch gorging themselves.

Sally's dad ,brother in law and myself were treated to an eating, bingeing, stuffing and gorging display that lasted from Wednesday afternoon, when we arrived until I helped, a now two hundred and seventy pound, dream girl back into our car on Sunday afternoon.

By Sunday morning, Sally, Janie and their Mom were all sporting, massive, round, soft, jiggling bellies. The girls waddled around the house in only panties and t-shirts, displaying their awesome bodies for us. They had become so round and fat, that all three had trouble going through doorways, none could bend over or even see their feet. I have never seen three happier ladies either!

I got Sally home Sunday night. After getting her up to our bedroom and getting her ready for bed. She asked me, "Ned, are you curious why I decided to get so fat, so quickly?"

"Well baby, I am a little, I thought you said you were just mad at your Mom." I answered.

"Well, that was part of if, but I really decided to get huge and fat, when I saw some of your websites!" She giggled.

I blushed.

"Oops, I never meant for you to see those, honey. I hope you aren't mad or hurt. I did not mean to hurt you.” I stammered.

Sally giggled again, now patting her awesome belly, making it jiggle, "No Ned I am not hurt at all. I must say that I always thought you were merely being condescending of me, when you said you really liked fat girls. I thought you were just humoring me. I was so delighted when I found your "history" on your laptop. I realized then how much you really did like fat girls and then and there I decided to take my Mom's advice and get as fat as I could, to become the wife of your dreams!"

"Oh Sally Baby, I love you so much!" We made love that night and of course I fed Sally too, for one of the best nights in our marriage! We have lived FAT and happy ever after!

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A little bump for another newly posted FAnedfox tale
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Good story! Gets to the point pretty quickly and vividly.
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