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Default The Legend of Bellows Farm - by FANedfox (BBW/BHM (Mult), Stuffing, Intrigue, ~MWG)

BBW/BHM (Multiple), Eating, Stuffing, Intrigue, ~MWG – Workaholic FA husband finds out that the housing development where his family resides conceals a strange secret.

The Legend of Bellow Farm
by FANedFox

Chapter One - Dan’s Revelation

I walked into the lunch room at DynaTech where I had been transferred six months before. The office was in a medium size town in Mississippi.

My wife, daughter and I had moved into a new, large development on the outskirts of town. The development was called Bellows Farm, after the former owners. The land had been a large hog operation with feeding sheds and barns. It now had nearly one thousand homes, its own mall/shopping area and two schools.

I had also caught wind of a possibly important secret, which was why I decided to seek out a fellow employee who also lives in Bellows Farm. My name is Matt, by the way. I have a wife Sally and 18 year old daughter Missy.

As I walked in, I saw the guy I wanted to chat with, his name was Dan. He was sitting alone eating a large sandwich, with fries, a shake and an ice cream sundae. Dan had the start of a pretty good sized belly. When I started at the office he must have been thirty pounds lighter just six months ago.

“Hey Dan, do you mind if I join you?” I enquired

“No Matt not at all, please sit down,” he answered.

I sat down, and pulled out my large but still somewhat modest lunch.

Dan asked, “Matt are you and your family settling in?”

“Yeah, Dan, we are,” I repied, “but I have some concerns about the development. May I ask you a question and please don’t be offended and if you don’t want to answer, that it fine with me.”

Dan smiled, he absently patted his growing paunch, “Matt I think I know what your question is. But please ask away.”

“Dan have your wife and daughters gained weight since moving here. I mean not just a pound or two, but really packing it on?” I sasked.

Dan chuckled, patted his belly again. “Yes Matt they have. I take it your daughter and wife are putting on weight now too.”

I nodded. “They are Dan and quite a bit too. I just don’t understand how though.”

Dan shifted his weight and started on his sundae. “Matt let me tell you how things went for Jill, Morgan, Susie and I. I got transferred down here about a year ago. I had been moving up the company ladder fairly quickly and we had been transferred one other time, 15 years ago, but the girls then were really little. Now they’re in junior college.

“This last time, Jill was not happy about moving. In fact Jill was not happy about pretty much everything. Our marriage had cooled, we got along okay, but not much intimacy. We got along well enough and we both wanted to stay together for the girl’s sake if nothing else. I found the house and Jill came later and checked it out. It was in the summer after Morgan graduated and most everyone was indoors so we didn’t meet any neighbors until after we moved in.

“Jill was at first, taken aback by how heavy our next door neighbors were. She commented about it the first day we met them but I ignored it. After all, other peoples size really isn’t any of my business. No sooner did we move in than I had to take a week long trip up to Chicago, for a big sales presentation.

“From Chicago I would call every night and say good night to the Morgan and Susie and chat for a minute or two with Jill. As the week went on, it seemed they all were happier and happier. The girls told me about school and new friends. Jill also seemed pleasant too. But what struck me later, they were all smacking their lips, like they were eating. I thought I called late enough that they would be finished with dinner, but, every night, they were talking to me with their mouths full.
“Then, the day before I was to head home we got word that one of our managers on the west coast had been severely injured in an accident. I was asked to go directly there and take over immediately till a replacement could be found. I protested but the company was desperate and offered to pay me twice my normal salary for what was supposed to be two weeks, so I consented. It wound up being ten.

“Finally, after being away nearly three months, I got back early on Friday evening. I went into the house and I was stunned! Jill, Morgan and Susie were all dressed in panties and t-shirts. Jill had ordered a couple of pizzas and they were really chowing down. And Morgan, who I was used to always being fearful of gaining an ounce, seemed to be the most aggressive. I walked in and just stared at my girls.

“Jill smiled, “Hi honey welcome home! Sit down and have some pizza with us.”

“I couldn’t believe that Jill was even eating pizza! I was stunned. “ “

“Why was that a surprise?” I asked innocently.

“Matt, Jill was a Pilates and yoga instructor. She dieted constantly and was, before we moved here, a vegetarian. Some of the pizzas had ground beef on them, others had pepperoni sausage. But it didn’t stop there.

“I’d already noticed that Jill, Morgan and Susie had all gained weight. Jill’s belly was sticking out, her panties were much tighter around her bottom and thighs. The girls looked bloated, with both of their tummies bulging. I watched as Jill downed three slices of pepperoni, then two slices of sausage, and three slices of extra cheese. Her mouth had a ring of grease around it, there were even grease stains on her t-shirt. She drank a liter of regular coke. The girls were having chocolate milk.

“Before we moved to Bellows Farm, Jill would never eat pizza, much less coke and let the girls have chocolate milk too. But they finished four pizzas, except for the two pieces I had.

“I was stunned, but then Morgan started moping.

“Jill asked “What’s wrong honey, do you have a tummy ache?”

“No Mom, I’m not full yet but its all gone!” she complained.

“Jill seemed really upset, almost apologetic, that Morgan was not full, I thought she should be stuffed to bursting the amount of food she had eaten.

“Jill cooed, “Oh honey let me fix you some ice cream that should fill you up.”

“Morgan just smiled, “Ice cream sounds great Mom.”

“Susie piped up, “Me too, please!”

“Instead of getting upset Jill just smiled and consented, “You too Susie.” “

“Jill then got out a half-gallon container of ice cream and fixed both girls huge bowls, added sprinkles and sauce. They both finished the ice cream in no time. Then to my surprise, Jill asked, “Girls are you sure you are full now? Your Dad us home and I really don’t want to get up tonight for more snacks like last night.” “

“ I was stunned. Jill was eating totally out of character for her. She was stuffing herself with rich, greasy pizza. She was feeding Morgan and Susie pizza and ice cream too. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Jill then told the girls to get ready for bed. She even said she wanted them to get to bed while they were nice and full.

“I watched as Morgan and Susie headed for their rooms. I wasn’t mistaken. They both had gained weight since I left; both girl’s bellies were literally bulging with food. Their t-shirts rode up, their thighs and bottoms were now thick and round.

“When the girls went upstairs Jill came over to me. She pushed her bloated belly up against me. “Dan, honey I have missed you so much! I’m so happy you are finally home.”

“ She kissed me hard on the lips. She said in a low sultry voice, while lifting up her t-shirt, rubbing her belly, “Dan I want you tonight!”

“We made love for the first time in months and it was the best love making since we got married. I decided while lying in bed watching Jill’s belly rise and fall with her breathing, that I wasn’t going to bring up her weight, eating or even the girls eating. Jill had packed on some pounds in the three months I was away. Her belly bulged out past her boobs, her bikini panties were straining to contain her rounder (very soft) bottom cheeks and her thighs now touched together, no more thigh gap!

“The next morning Jill cooked the girls and I a massive breakfast, pancakes, , bacon, eggs, sweetened juices and coffee too. Jill and the girls gorged themselves, it seemed they couldn’t get enough to eat! I just watched as they ate everything in sight! We they were finished, to my surprise , Jill sent the girls to the den to relax either read or watch tv.

“She cleaned up the kitchen still wearing only a bikini brief panty and a t-shirt, now riding up on her bloated belly. “Dan, let’s take the girls over to the pool, it isn’t as hot today as it was yesterday.”

“Fine dear, that sounds good.” I answered, bewildered by it all.

“Jill called Morgan and Susie, “Girls go get your bikini’s on we are going to the pool in a few minutes.”

I started thinking “bikinis?” They used to wear just one piece swimsuits before we moved here.
““Dan I got you a new swim suit too. You are going to look so good in it.” Jill informed me.

“I followed Jill’s now widening bottom to our bedroom. She got out a package and handed it to me. It was a “Speedo” bikini cut brief.

““Jill, you really want me to wear this?” I stammered.

“She giggled, “Yes honey I do. The girls are I are wearing bikinis, I think it is the least you can do to show support for us.”

““Okay dear if you insist.” I replied and pulled it on. It was pretty tight around my waist, but I didn’t want to upset Jill at all. She pulled on a tiny little bikini panty which barely covered her.”

“The girls came out of their bedroom in their bikinis. Both of their bellies were bulging out in front of them, but neither seemed to mind or for that matter notice how bloated they were. We got in the car in Jill’s insistence, Before we moved she would have insisted we walk for more exercise, but apparently not anymore. I felt like I was in an alternate universe,

“We got to the pool in a minute and got outl. The girls started to run and Jill told them not to. A cute, but very plump pool attendant asked us our address, which she Jill gave her. She smiled and checked the computer, “Thank you, enjoy your day. The snack bar is having a special today, everything is two for one.”

“Jill smiled, “Oh that’s wonderful. Dan the snack bar here is awesome, the girls and I have been having lunch here almost every day.”
“From their thunder thighs, ballooning behinds and developing love handles I believed it. I was beginning if they’d done anything since I left except eat. But I couldn’t say much – I was never skinny myself and had probably had gained 10 pounds from stuffing my pie hole with comfort food myself.

“We walked in and found a couple of chaise lounges. Jill and I started to get settled, the girls went and got in the pool. I sat down and started to look around, I was stunned, every woman and girl there had a pot belly and a bubble butt. I couldn’t believe it. Some of guys had pretty good bellies on them and most were overweight, but the were nowhere near as fat and out of shape as the women and girls were. Everyone was wearing a bikini cut brief, even the fattest women and girls. I also noticed that most everyone was eating.” Dan continued.

“Jill and the girls stuffed themselves at the snack bar, which was really more like a buffet and an all you can eat one at that. I indulged too, at Jill’s insistence. We stayed all afternoon and then drove home. Jill wanted to grill out. I asked if she had some of her vegetarian burgers. She giggled, patted her belly and said, “No Dan, I don’t have any, just bratwurst, hamburger, 70% lean, and some hot dogs. Why don’t you get the grill going, dear.”

Jill brought out pounds of meat and had me start cooking all of it.

“Honey, this is too much for just the four of us.” I commented.

Jill giggled and again, patted her belly, “Oh no it isn’t Dan, this is barely enough for the girls and I these days.”

“Jill was right of course, she and girls devoured everything in sight. I too, over ate, not in the same league as Jill, but I got pretty stuffed, still wearing the “Speedo”, my gut lifted up my t-shirt. I looked over at Jill, she was slouched back in her chair, with her belly, bloated and bulging up in the air. She was smiling caressing her belly.

“The girls too, were totally stuffed, but only a few minutes later I heard Jill say, “Girls, it’s time for dessert! Morgan and Susie, go inside and bring out the ice cream and sauces, please.”

“The girls replied, “Yes Mom.” They gleefully went inside and brought out two gallon tubs of ice cream and four bottles of chocolate, butter scotch and strawberry sauces. Jill served huge bowls of ice cream to the girls and herself, all of them getting totally bloated. I was speechless. I just watched as my girls gorged themselves.”

“So Dan, did you do or say anything to Jill about why they were eating so much?” I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“Yeah I did Matt. Later that night after the Morgan and Suzie went to bed, Jill and I were in our room. Jill was feigning waddling around playing to her bulging belly and bottom. So I finally said, “Jill we have to talk.”

Jill smiled at me, patting her belly, “Sure honey, I’m sure I know what you want to talk about too.”

She giggled, hefted her belly and let it fall. “It’s about how fat the Morgan, Suzie and I are getting, isn’t it?”

“I was relieved, I was expecting denial, but she seemed thrilled that she and the girls were gaining weight. “Yes Jill that is it. So why are the three of you eating so much and letting yourselves go?”

“ Jill giggled, “Dan, we just love to eat now. In fact that is pretty much all I can think about is eating. I love to feel full, I just can’t resist stuffing myself with rich food every chance I get. You must have noticed at the pool that all the women and girls here are overweight , obese or rapidly becoming so.

“”The rumor is that the soil and water here was contaminated with growth and weight gain hormones when this was a hog farm. The side effects. in addition to making people gain weight, especially women and girls is the release of endorphins , to the point that you don’t care how fat you are getting, in fact you just want to keep overeating and getting fatter!”

“I sat on the bed dumbfounded. I started to get turned on thinking about Jill getting fatter and fatter. She noticed right away. We made love that night, the best ever.” said Dan.

I looked at Dan, who was still eating. He smiled at me and said, “Matt, I decided that if Jill and the girls want to get fat, than who am I to stand in their way. I even decided, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

With that Dan patted his growing belly. “Dan thanks for sharing this with me. I am relieved by what you told me.”

Dan smiled, “Hey Matt, I’m glad I could help. So have you made a decision?”

“Yeah, Dan, I have.” I replied."There is something I need to do for my family on the way home tonight."

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Default The Legend of Bellows Farm - by FANedfox (~BBW, Eating, Stuffing, ~SWG)

Chapter 2 – Matt’s Reaction

On the way home that night, I knew that my experience had in way paralleled Mike’s. I hadn’t been out of town for three months but 12 hour days, six days a week for nearly six months had let me become somewhat detached from my family. It wasn’t until about a month previous that I’d taken notice, then two weeks later picked up a possible explanation that led me to talk with Mike.

Since moving to my new job when I would get up in the morning ny dsaughter, Missy and my wife, Sally, would usually still be asleep; when I got home they were usually in bed. On the weekends we seemed to eat well to make up for lost time but our clothes were casual and I didn’t pick up on anything. It therefore surprised me when we had time for our first family outing since moving in to notice that my daughter and wife were both seriously in need of a new ward robe.

Their obvious weight gain suddenly explained where food I thought we had and wanted to use as a snack for myself had been disappearing to. But what surprised me was that, despite a hearty breakfast, they plowed into lunch like they were starving – sodas, two burgers with fries and a slice of apple pie (not that I was complaining but it was unusual). Then on the way home we stopped at a family restaurant and they both packed away meals that would make a trucker blush.

Then I began over the next week I began noting their non-stop fixation on food and decided they’d both gained at least twenty pounds. I began sharing this experience with some others – a practice which had led me to hear part of the legend of Bellows Farm that had caused me to seek out Dan.

I now knew what I needed to do. In quick succession en route home I picked up some Cinnabons, a box of Dunkin Donuts and some other pastries, two quarts of Baskin-Robins and two pies from Pizza Hut. I grabbed the stash and went inside.

Sally was standing in the kitchen, dressed only in panties and one of my t-shirts. She looked awesome, her belly was sticking out making her look pregnant, lifting up the t-shirt, revealing her pink, tight panties. Her bottom cheeks were being squeezed out the leg openings and she jiggled with every move she made. She saw me put the ice cream in the freezer, the pizza in the refrigerator and the rest of the stuff in the pantry but said nothing.

Missy was at the dining room table with a huge plate of macaroni and cheese in front her. She was shoveling it into her mouth, the sauce was smeared around her face. She too was only wearing panties and a t-shirt. She smiled as I entered and looked up at me, “Daddy, you’re not going to believe it, but this is my third plateful!”

“Good girl, “I replied, winking at Sally

“Yes you are honey,” my wife agreed, going along and pleased that I wsn’t fussing about our daughter overeating so openly. “Now finish up that macaroni. I noticed that your father brought home some treats for us.”

“Oh really, what?” she asked with intrigue.

Sally’s eyes widened and she shrugged her shoulders as she described my cache. “Pizza, ice cream pastries – a whole stash of fattening treat. It should last through tomorrow.”

Misty’s eyes now widened with anticipation as well. My wife turned to me and said “Oh Matt, thanks for buying in to all this. I’m getting so aroused just thinking about what you’ve done. I can’t wait to just stuff myself silly!”

I smiled at her, still not quite comprehending everything, but replied cheerfully, “OK, but I get to help!”

“Roger will like it too,” Missy interjected

That was a new name to me. I asked “and who is Roger?”

“Missy’s new beau,” Sally replied. “He loves her new curves like I can tell you are enjoying mine. I’ll tell you about him later.”

We let Missy finish her supper, then eat her fill of ice cream until she was nearly too bloated to get up from the table. She went off to bed fell asleep when her head hit the pillow.

Sally meanwhile had taken the donuts and pastries to our bed room and was just starting to gorge when I got there! It seemed like she was cramming them into her mouth as fast a she could chew and swallow. I partook too, but I really was enjoying watching my once slim athletic wife gorge herself. Watching her belly stretch and expand to accommodate all the fattening food she was eating made me excited.

Finally, after nearly eating herself into a food coma Sally slowed down and we made love. Then we got to talk.
It turned out that Sally and Missy heard the legend just after I left for Chicago, Something clicked inside both their psyches. Sally had plunged in first but Missy was afraid until she got involved with Roger, a husky guy whose own parents also live in Bellows Farm. His mom had blimped up four years before and his Dad was ecstatic. He encouraged Missy to follow her instincts.

This all explained what I’d noticed in the previous weeks after returning. Both women were eating more heavily but weren’t wanting to talk about it. But it was obvious. Huge omelets with pancakes at breakfast, a dozen ice cream sandwiches in the freezer gone after two days, discarded fast food containers in the trash – there was no pretense of denial. There couldn’t be. As a closet FA I enjoyed the process and the results, but I still wanted to understand the cause.

It was an accounts counselor at the bank with whom I was discussing an unrelated matter but sharing my experience as well who recounted part of the legend to me and then I’d decided to see out Dan. Whether or not it was true, I wanted to believe it was. I’ve always enjoyed being larger and wished more than once that Sally shared this view. Now we were on the same page.

That night soon became our new routine. Sally, Missy and I would eat a massive dinner. Then Missy would go to bed and we’d fool around eating and making love. The next morning we also had hearty breakfasts. I met Roger and learned that not too surprisingly he was spoiling Missy with food as well.

Of course the three of us rapidly caught up in size with our neighbors, who I suspect had been doing the same thing for months. By the first anniversary of moving into Bellows Farm the three of us were truly rotund! For some reason the increased endorphins (if in fact that was the reason, no one seems to have been willing to spend the money to find out) apparent are self-regulating, Those affected have no significant health issues, certainly not weight related ones, and seem to top off just under 300 pounds

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The original of this story appeared on Deviant Arts and was critiqued as being too rushed and underdeveloped. Here is a 50% larger version that hopefully addresses the complaints.
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