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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics
Default Alice 28 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Stuckage, Sex, ~MWG)

BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Stuckage, Sex, ~MWG – Jen and Laurie go to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Laurie's latest chest expansion

Alice -Chapter 28
(Ch 27 on Deviant Arts)
By Mollycoddles and co
(Click here for prior installment)

After her large meal, Jen barely had the strength to stand up and leave the table. Her gut bulged in front of her so far that she could barely see over it, but it didn’t matter; she was so dizzy that she could barely see straight.

“Need some fresh air,” she mumbled as she waddled heavily toward the sliding glass door that led to the backyard. She ambled outside and flopped down heavily on a plastic lawn chair.

Jen slept fitfully for three days. After a whole weekend of baking in the hot sun, the ditzy diva’s tender skin was baked a golden brown. Her weight bore down the plastic straps of the lawn chair with such force that they were stretched further and further, her hefty badonk-a-donk nearly sagging all the way to the ground as it oozed between them.

Finally, unable to bear the pressure any longer, the plastic straps snapped, dropping Jen the remaining few centimeters to the ground. The slumbering piggy grunted as the slight fall jolted her awake. Her rotund body was covered in a sheen of sweat.

“What happened?” she mumbled, still half asleep. She reached behind herself to rub her tender tush that had absorbed the brunt of her fall.

Jen heard the screen door open and saw her mother bustle into her field of view. “Oh good, you’re awake! It’s time for bed!”

Jen blinked her eyes in dumb, bovine confusion. “Whazzit? Time for bed? What time is it?”

“Well, you’ve been sitting out here all weekend, Jen,” pointed out her mother, poking Jen in her flabby shoulder. “I think it’s about time that you actually went to bed.”

Jen rubbed her eyes and looked around. She was sitting in a collapsed plastic lawnchair in her backyard; she vaguely remembered stumbling out of the house after her enormous Friday night meal and collapsing into this chair, letting the cool evening air blow against her poor, overloaded, tender tummy. At some point in her food drunken stupor, she must have stripped her clothes off, because she was sitting here in her underwear. Thankfully, none of the neighbors could see her over the high backyard fence.

“You’ve been sleeping here for three days, Jen.” Her mother reststed her previous remarks.

Jen gawped. “What??”

“Since Friday. It’s Sunday now. I tried to wake you to eat, but you were out cold. You had me worried! You shouldn’t be skipping meals; it’s not healthy.”

“M’not hungry,” mumbled Jen, struggling to rise from the broken chair.

“Here, honey, let mommy help,” said her mother, grabbing hold of Jen under her armpits and helping her to lurch to her feet. The plastic straps stuck painfully to Jen’s fat, sweaty back and butt but they peeled away as she stood.

Jen finally struggled to her feet and surveyed the damage. Even after two days of digesting, she was still huge. Her month of training combined with one day of sheer unbridled gluttony had combined to transform her into a lumbering behemoth. Her spherical belly hung over the waistband of her stretched panties, an enormous bloated brown globe.

Jen was still too woozy with sleep to really pay much mind to her newly rounded form. All she knew was that her mother was telling her that it was time for bed and she was ready to oblige.

Following her mother’s voice, she waddled into the house, the red lines across her butt – caused by over two days of pressure – were clearly visible as it wobbled and undulated. She paused briefly at the stairs, nearly toppling over backwards as she leaned back to look up the seemingly endless flight to the second floor. There was no way that she would be able to climb upstairs to her room in this condition!

“Come on, Jen, let’s go. Night time for little Jenny,” said her mother soothingly, stepping around behind her. Once again, her mother grabbed Jen under her armpits and hoisted her up. Working in tandem, the two women laboriously managed to get Jen up one step, then another, then another. By the time they reached the landing, Jen was even more exhausted, puffing and panting like a locomotive.

Jen was barely aware of her mother pulling out pajamas for her.

“Come on, Jen, one leg in!” said her mother holding out a pair of pajama pants for Jen to step into. Jen obediently raised one foot and then the other, stepping into the pants. Her mother pulled them up to her waist… or at least as close as she could get.

Jen’s pajamas didn’t fit her after her giant binge. Her bottoms barely stretched around her overloaded blubber butt and her mother grunted with the exertion of trying to cover all of her daughter’s ample ass with the complaining cloth material. After a few minutes, she gave up and stepped back to survey the results.

The pants came up about halfway over Jen’s bulging rear, several inches of panties visible over the hem and several more inches of bare buttocks visible over that. Jen still had about an inch of ass crack visible between her two rounded buns, but her mother didn’t think much of it. It’s not like anyone was going to see her as she slept.

Next, she tried to get Jen into her pajama shirt. This was even more useless. She could only button the first few buttons on the top, leaving most of Jen’s swollen brown middle completely bare.

“Well, that’s close enough. How do you feel, honey?”

“Tired,” muttered Jen. “An’ hot.”

“Well, it is supposed to be a hot night. But you’ll be fine, just lay down and try and get some sleep and you’ll feel better in the morning.”

Jen flopped into bed, gasping like a fish, her exposed tummy bouncing and shaking like a pumped-up air mattress. Her mother smiled, watching her well-fed daughter quickly sink back into oblivious slumber.

She did worry so about Jen getting enough to eat. She didn’t like that Jen had slept through a whole weekend’s worth of meals – she must be starving! – but she was sure to make up for lost time at breakfast.

Jen couldn’t stay asleep for long. It was a hot night and, insulated with so many pounds of soft quivering blubber, it didn’t take long before Jen was gasping and sweating. She was overheating and fast! Annoyed, she kicked off the covers. Then the sheets. It wasn’t enough. Finally, Jen struggled upright in bed and ripped off her pajama top, flinging buttons across the room. Next, she lifted her ample ass in the air so she could wriggle her way out of her pants and throw them to the floor. With a grunt, she crashed back into bed, completely nude, and tried to sleep.

The real reason Jen was too hot, though, had little to do with covers or sheets or pajamas. It had to do with her being a giant fat ass. And there was no way that she would be able to shed all her insulating fat like she’d shed her covers, sheets, and pajamas.

“I, like, need to cool down,” mumbled Jen, tottering to her feet. “I’m roasting!”

She lurched to her feet and shuffled downstairs, her bronzed flesh glistening in the moonlight. Jen opened the fridge and scanned its contents for some cool drink to help her keep her temperature down. Luckily, she had digested enough that she could once again fit something into her stomach.

She grabbed a can of soda off the bottom shelf, popped the top and quickly chugged it down, dropping the empty can in the trash with a loud belch. One hand rubbed her still swollen belly, while the other pulled open the freezer, still looking for something cold. Nothing in there but ice cream and frozen waffles.

The idea of food made her feel slightly ill, but the cool air hitting her face gave her an idea. That carton of ice cream would make a great cold water bottle!

She grabbed the two boxes and ambled to the kitchen table, holding the frigid ice cream carton against her sweltering forehead and the box of frozen waffles against her chest. That was a relief!

With a heavy sigh, Jen lowered her wide load butt into a chair. The chair wobbled and creaked unsteadily, shaking enough below her bulk that Jen started to become alarmed. Acres of butter-soft butt blubber oozed over both sides of the flimsy chair that continued to crunch and groan so loudly that Jen was hesitant to drop her full weight upon it.

Slowly, she stood back up. She grabbed a second chair and positioned it behind her. She gingerly sat down again, this time each voluminous butt cheek had its own chair to support it. The trick seemed to work and Jen was able to sit without busting either chair. She sat for a few minutes, eyes closed, enjoying the coolness of the frozen boxes against her bare skin.

Despite her fullness, Jen’s mind started to wander to the box of waffles. She was, after all, an insatiable glutton and it was difficult for her to be in the presence of food without popping it into her mouth. Her round tummy started growling despite itself.

Curiously, she pried open the box, still holding it against her chest, and peered inside. The golden stacks of waffles inside did look kind of tempting. She reached inside, cracked one off and took a bite. She had never eaten uncooked, frozen waffles before, but tonight she found it was just the thing to cool her down and satisfy her nagging gluttony.

“Hmmm, like, that’s actually not too bad,” said Jen, chewing a mouthful of hard, icy waffle. “Could use something a little, like, sweet, though.”

She spied a squeeze bottle of honey on the table, so she grabbed it and drenched the waffle. The honey puddle up in all the little waffle nooks before soaking through the pastry and dribbling down onto Jen’s naked breasts and stomach. She didn’t notice and happily crunched through the rest of the waffle.

She pulled out a second one and did the same, dribbling even more syrupy honey all over her watermelon-sized gut. She only noticed as she finished swallowing the frozen treat that rivulets of honey were spilling over the arc of her bloated middle, pooling in her cavernous belly button, staining the frozen of her panties with stickiness.

“Oh crap,” she muttered, wiping another waffle across her belly in hopes that it might soak up some of the sticky residue. She had limited success, only smearing the honey over more of her ballooning paunch. She tried again and managed to get more of it. With a grunt, she stuffed yet another frozen waffle into her mouth, lurched to her feet and waddled to the kitchen sink, where she quickly washed off the honey.

“Tired,” she muttered, the waffle still clenched between her teeth. She waddled back to bed, ice cream carton held against her head, waffle carton against her chest, mouth dumbly nibbling on the waffle held between her perfect teeth.

By the time she reached her bedroom, the waffle carton was empty. She dropped it on the floor with an annoyed grunt and peered curiously at the ice cream carton.

“Just, like, a little bit more wouldn’t hurt,” she lied to herself.

The heat radiating off of Jen’s enormous bulk had quickly reduced the ice cream to liquid.

Jen eyed the melted ice cream slurry at the bottom of the box. She couldn’t resist. Licking her lips, she raised the carton to her mouth and began to drink. Delicious! Eyes closed, the swollen sweetie couldn’t keep herself from making little piggy grunts of satisfaction as she swallowed the creamy fluid. With big thick gulps, the ice cream disappeared into Jen’s bulging belly.

When she was finished, she threw aside the empty carton and laid back down into bed. She looked nine months pregnant, but, with a belly packed to the brim with frozen waffles and ice cream, she finally felt herself starting to cool down. She dropped the empty box on the floor with a belch and flopped into bed. Now she was finally able to sleep.

And dream.

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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics
Default Alice 28 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

In her dream …
Jen was wandering through a thick forest. Oddly, she was wearing a small red T-shirt that barely came down over boobs, leaving her full belly to hang out visibly. Even stranger, she was completely naked below the waist, so that her fat pussy and wide rear were on display for anyone to see. Luckily, she seemed to be alone in the woods, but, even if there had been an audience, Jen probably wouldn’t have minded. This was a dream and, in this dream, being exposed like this seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

The tubby teenager noticed a door set into the bank in front of her.

Jen knocked at the door and waited, reaching behind her to absently scratch her bodacious bubble butt. A sudden draft against her naked rear made her shiver, goose bumps popping out of her exposed skin.

Finally, Laurie answered the door. The normally style-conscious fashion diva was also dressed unusually, wearing a single piece pink swimsuit that bulged at her voluptuous curves. She also wore black hose stockings, cufflinks, and a bowtie. On her head, she wore fake rabbit ears and a powder puff tail adorned her curvy bum. All in all, she was dressed like a Playboy bunny.

“Um, what do you want, Jen? And why aren’t you wearing any pants?” Laurie said, her eyes dropping to Jen’s naked bush.

“Cuz, like, this is a dream, duh! It’s totally normal! Can I, like, come in? I’m totally freezing my ass off out here!”

“It would take a while to freeze that ass off,” muttered Laurie under her breath as she stepped aside so Jen could wobble inside.

“So what brings you out here?” asked Laurie as she closed the door.

Jen slowly lowered herself down onto a chair. Her enormous booty spread in all directions as her weight bore down on it, oozing over the sides of the chair and nearly enveloping it. It almost looked like the chair was being swallowed up her deep dark butt crack.

“I was just, like, thinking that I should pay my old friend Laurie a visit,” she said. “I thought I could like, hang out with you. Maybe we could, you know, like, get some honey or something?”

“Honey? Why, I’ve got plenty of honey right here.” Laurie bustled over to her kitchen cabinet, shimmying in her tight bunny outfit. She was so tightly packed that the buxom bunny had to wiggle slowly to avoid bursting her side seams, but she managed to make it to her destination in one piece. She opened the cabinet to reveal pots upon pots of honey.

Jen’s tummy growled at the sight. “Do you think I could get a small smackeral, maybe? Just like a tiny taste of honey?”

“Well, I guess I don’t see the harm,” said Laurie.

Jen squealed and clapped her chubby hands in childlike glee, bouncing up and down in her chair so that the butter-soft flesh of her bodacious booty rippled and shook. She reached out greedily as Laurie pulled down the first honey pot and handed it to her. Jen raised it to her lips and guzzled the golden liquid as fast as she could. When she was finished, she threw the empty pot aside, wiped her sticky lips with her flabby arm, and looked imploringly at Laurie.

“Do you think I could, like, have a little tiny bit more?” Jen inveigled.

Laurie grimaced. “Um, you, like, just ate a whole pot of my honey. You think that’s cheap? You think I’m made of honey?”

Jen didn’t respond, she only pushed out her lower lip in an adorable pout.

“Alright, fine, just one more.”


But it wasn’t just one more. Jen ate and ate and ate and ATE until there wasn’t a drop of honey left in the whole burrow. Finally satiated, the plump cutie wiped a thick arm across her sticky face and patted her bloated tummy. She was so full of honey that she looked like an overstretched water balloon.

Her tiny T-shirt had ridden up even higher, so that the slightest hint of underboob now peeked out from under the stretched hemline. Jen was a big bloated mess, covered in honey from head to toe.

Jen burped softly as Laurie gathered the empty honey pots from the floor. She wiped her sticky hands against her bodacious booty and patted her full, sloshing tummy.

“Thanks for the snack, Laurie,” she huffed, licking some of the sticky residue from her plump lips. “But, like, now I think it’s time that I was off.”

“Are you sure you won’t have any more?” said Laurie, poking Jen’s bulging gut. Her finger sank deeply into the honey-filled paunch. When she pulled her finger out, the indent remained for a few seconds until the thick honey oozed back into place, filling out the indent again.

“Is there any more?” asked Jen hopefully. She brushed absently at some sticky droplets on her undersized shirt, causing her hefty hooters to jiggle and bounce. She tugged on the hem in a vain attempt to get her shirt to cover her large breasts completely, but only succeeded in getting her nipples to pop to attention.

“No, there isn’t.”

“Oh. Oh well.” Jen sighed and pushed her head into the narrow tunnel leading out of the burrow. It wasn’t easy to get her hefty boobs and stuffed tight tummy through the hole but she just managed with a bit of a squeeze. The real trouble came when she tried to fit her wide hips and plush tushie through.

Maybe Jen’s massive honey binge had already added inches to her tubby derriere or maybe it was just something about the angle…either way, there was no denying it. She was stuck. Jen wriggled harder and harder, but only succeeded in wedging herself tighter into the hole.

“Oh bother! I’m, like, stuck!”

Laurie frowned, watching her fat friend’s full naked bottom shaking back and forth in her face.

“Yeah, that’s what comes from eating too much.”

“Rather, I, like, think that’s what comes from not having front doors big enough!”

Jen was getting more and more stuck but the tight squeeze was also turning her on more and more. The bootilicious beauty found herself trapped in small spaces so often these days that she was rapidly developing a sexual fixation on stuckage. And, without any pants on, there was nothing to disguise her gradual arousal. Laurie quickly began to notice the scent of her friend’s musk filling the small burrow. Glancing down, she noted with bemusement that Jen's exposed pudgy pussy was glistening with excitement.

“Well well well, look at that,” said Laurie, “Looks like our fat little piglet has a naughty little secret. Looks like someone likes getting her big soft rear stuck here in my hole.”

She bent down to get close to Jen’s chubby pubic mound.

“Naughty little chubbette, plugging my hole,” said Laurie in a husky voice, her mouth so close to Jen’s privates that the bottom-heavy bunny could feel her warm breath. “You’ve simply eaten waaay too much for your own good and now look what you’ve done. You’ve made yourself too plump to fit through this itty bitty hole. Now what am I going to do with you?”

“Um, you could, like, give me a push?”

“No, I don’t think so. That won’t teach you a lesson at all. I think you need to be punished. That way you’ll learn what happens to fat little girls who can’t stop eating.”

Laurie lightly ran her fingers across the vast expanse of Jen’s pumped up posterior. The butter soft flesh wobbled and shook like gelatin under her touch and Laurie wondered just how many pounds of blubber each rotund cheek held. Her wandering fingers traced a path right down Jen’s ass crack to linger near her honeypot. Jen squirmed and kicked her chubby little legs helplessly.

“Isn’t that cute,” said Laurie, “Looks like this tubby little honeypot thinks she can get away. Why don’t you try kicking a little harder, my fat little friend? You’re just completely, helplessly stuck, aren’t you? You couldn’t get away no matter how much you might struggle. You’re totally at my mercy.”

Jen’s massive rump shivered and quaked as if the portly girl was just now considering the sinister possibilities. What would Laurie do to her?

“Such a fat, fat ass,” said Laurie huskily, one hand still tickling Jen’s lips, the other pinching the sleek, supple flesh of her titanic tush. “Was it this big when you first came in? Did all that honey already make you even more bootilicious? I swear, Jen, anyone else would know better than to try to get out this narrow little tunnel if they had a derriere like this. But not you. You’re such a fat little bimbo that you probably don’t even know how wide this giant ass really is. And now look what you’ve done to yourself.”

Laurie poked out her pink little tongue and lightly touched the lips of Jen’s moist vagina.

Ohh!” Jen’s entire body quivered in surprise, her privates releasing a sudden torrent of juice at the unexpected sensation. Laurie watched in amusement as Jen’s hind-quarters tensed, her pussy twitching, her asshole clenching.

“Ohhh Laurie, stop! My pussy’s going to pop!”

Laurie closed her eyes and kept licking, her tongue darting in expert circles around Jen’s clit, faster, faster, until Jen’s initial complaints started to fade away, replaced with small grunts and whimpers of pleasure that gradually become louder and louder.

Finally, Jen couldn’t take it anymore. She groaned out loud, arching her back as much as she could, so that her fat ass pointed up in the air and her plump tits spilled out of her shirt as Laurie teased her to orgasm. The pear-shaped princess bucked and twitched, her vulva squeezing and spasming, as Laurie stood back to admire her handiwork.

As Jen gradually quieted down, Laurie realized that she was still faced with a big, curvy problem.

“Oh great, I’m totally going to wake up every morning with that fat ass in my face now!” she groaned. “I hope that blimp burns off all that honey quickly! I don’t know how much more butt I can take in my life.”
Jen was jarred out of her dream by a loud call from her mom outside her bedroom door.

Jen awoke with a massive tummyache. Too much ice cream and too many waffles.

Breakfast didn’t help her much: a heavy load of bacon and eggs. Most girls would dash down a simple bowl of cereal or some toast on a weekday morning, but Jen’s mother was determined that her daughter shouldn’t go hungry, especially after having missed a whole weekend’s worth of meals.

She had planned to make a thick stack of waffles for breakfast, but, for some mysterious reason, there didn’t seem to be any in the freezer. Jen slyly avoided answering any questions about the missing waffles by wolfing down her breakfast in a frenzy.

As she shoved the last forkful between her lips, she heard a familiar sound outside: Laurie had arrived to pick her up for school, leaning impatiently on the horn of her SUV. Mumbling an apology, Jen grabbed her bookbag and puffed her way out the front door.

Laurie sat in her SUV, tapping her perfectly manicured fingernails against the steering wheel, an impatient frown on her full lips. That frown deepened as she saw her porcine friend waddle out the front door and bounce her way over to the car.

She knew that Jen had gained a lot of weight during her ridiculous training regiment and she suspected that the big pie eating contest might have added even a few more inches after that. But, not knowing just how much Jen and Alice had stuffed themselves at the fair, she was unprepared for the behemoth that now approached her.

Her bootilicious friend was the size of a baby hippopotomus! She could barely squeeze through the front door with her enormously wide derriere and Jen’s choice of wardrobe – a short belted sundress – clung to her newly exaggerated curves and made her look even wider. The dress was obviously meant to be a bit longer, but Jen’s broad hips and thighs and shelf-like buttocks stretched out the material, making it look almost scandalously short.

Silently, Laurie popped open the door and waited for Jen to clambor in. Jen tried. She grabbed at the seat with her meaty arms and hefted with all her might, but couldn’t raise herself more than an inch off the ground. She tried swinging her tree-trunk-like legs up into the cab, but no dice. Laurie peered down at the red-faced beauty and sighed. She leaned over and grabbed hold of Jen’s belt.

“On three,” she said. “One, two, THREE.”

On that note, Jen pulled and Laurie hoisted and, with a mighty groan, the two girls finally succeeded in pulling Jen into the cab. Laurie grimaced as she felt the whole car settle under the newly added weight. How much could Jen weight now? She looked like an elephant seal, swaddled in hot, heavy blubber!

“Well, you look like you had a good weekend,” said Laurie sourly, looking the plumping princess over. “Did you win your stupid contest?”

“Uhhhh.. kinda?” said Jen, cheerfully oblivious to the bite in Laurie’s voice.

“Whatever.” Laurie rolled her eyes. She didn’t really care about the results of Jen’s dumb contest and the sooner they forgot about the whole thing the better. She was still bitter that she had been forced to spend Friday alone, while Jen and Alice went out to make little piggies of themselves at the fair.

Of course, being alone hadn’t been all bad as her adventures with Frank and the vibrator returned to mind… Laurie felt herself starting to flush, so she quickly changed topics.

“Notice anything different about me?” she said smugly, sitting up straight and thrusting her chest out.

“Um, like, new haircut?”

“No, try again.” Laurie took a deep breath and thrust her bosom out even farther.

Jen scowled in thought. You could almost see the rusty gears turning in the zeppelin-sized bimbo’s head.

Jeez, thought Laurie, Jen can really be an airhead. She better guess soon; if I puff out my chest any further, I’m going to pop a button!

“New… make up?”

“Ugh, no, you ditz! My boobs are bigger! Can’t you tell?”

“They are?”

“Yeah, airhead, I had to buy a bigger bra. Isn’t it great?” Laurie was beaming with pride. Maybe, subconsciously, she still remembered the horrible dream where her friends had teased her for being flat. Or maybe it was the vague memories of the days before she’d started developing, when other kids actually HAD teased her for her non-existent chest.

Whatever the reason, Laurie felt nothing but excitement and pride whenever she thought about her comically enormous mammaries. Her ballooning weight was adding inches to her bustline, so many that her over-the-shoulder boulder holders could barely keep up.

Most girls would be alarmed at this rapid growth, worrying about finding clothes that fit right or avoiding back problems, but Laurie was a girl obsessed. Her big soft melons were her pride and joy.

“Um, yeah, that’s totally super,” said Jen, smiling. Jen thought Laurie was already plenty big enough, but she didn’t want to rain on her friend’s parade.

“So, I was thinking, after school, we should celebrate, right?” Laurie turned the key and revved the engine. The SUV groaned to life and Laurie drove out into the street, her arms spread wide around the curve of her pillowy breasts to reach the steering wheel.

“Celebrate your boobs?”

“Yeah, it’s not everyday that a girl gets to grow more beautiful up top.”

“Well, I guess not. Except with you…”

“I was thinking we should check out that new Cheesecake Factory that just opened,” said Laurie, ignoring Jen’s remarks.

“Ooo!” Jen bounced up and down, clapping her hands. She liked the sound of that! Cake! “Yes, that sounds totally awesome!”

“Alright, it’s a date. Let’s meet after cheer practice, at 4 pm.”

“Oh. Um, I don’t think I can, like, make it to cheer practice. I have to stay after school to make up some work…”

“Make up some work? Jen!”

“It’s totally not fair! Mrs. Jones said my history test was the worst in class! She said I have to stay after and take it again or I’m totally going to fail! What a bitch, right?”

Laurie rolled her eyes. Jen’s grades had never been good, but they had absolutely plummeted while she ignored her school work to “study” for the eating contest. Jen had previously gotten mostly Cs and Ds, but now she was getting Fs. Laurie couldn’t help but sympathize with the teacher a little bit. It was obvious that Jen needed to get whipped back into shape. Maybe this would be the incentive to do it.

Alright, Jen, just meet me on the cheer field when you’re done with your test.”

The two girls drove on to school, both lost in private dreams of delicious cheesecake

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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics
Default Alice 28 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

The day did not go well for poor Jen. Her trouble hoisting herself into Laurie’s car was only foreshadowing for the struggles to come, because her month of gorging – combined with her binge at the pie-eating contest and her restless snacking all weekend – had blown her up like an over-pumped air mattress.

Everything at school seemed too small. Doorways were barely wide enough to accommodate Jen’s ever-widening hips, the broadest points of her thighs brushing against the doorframe every time that she tried to waddle into a classroom.

Desks were absurdly tight, cruelly pinching the bootilicious beauty’s burstingly bloated badonkadonk. There wasn’t enough room between the chair and desk to contain all of her ripe young flesh, so her hefty, jiggling stomach spilled out onto the desk in front of her.

And it wasn’t like the other students didn’t notice. There was a lot of tittering and sniggering everywhere she went. Jen was mostly oblivious to the scene that she was making, too busy trying to wriggle her ample ass into the cramped confines of successively smaller desks to notice the whispers that swirled around her. She even failed to notice when other students whipped out their camera phones to capture her colossal caboose for posterity.

“Oh, this will totally go viral,” sniggered Janine Finnegan, the girl who sat behind Jen in Chemistry, as she angled her camera phone to get as much of Jen’s porky posterior in shot as possible.

Jen was too wide to fit entirely in the shot, so it was inevitable that the photo would cut off the farthest edges of her bottom that hung over each side of her chair. Still, the photo would clearly communicate the unbelievable size of this rotund rump. The fully inflated bubble butt stretched the seat of Jen’s sundress to the hilt when she plumped down in her seat and the high resolution camera image clearly showed every quivering thread in that straining seam.

“Careful, Jan,” whispered Melanie Gonzalez, elbowing her friend in the ribs, “You’re sitting in the danger zone. With an ass like that, if Jen farts, she’ll literally blow you away!”

“Haha, don’t be gross, that’s ridiculous!” giggled Janine, but even so, she scooted her chair slightly back. Just to be safe.

Poor Jen! The only respite came at lunch, when she waddled to a cafeteria full of long benches. No desks to pinch her here! Sighing in relief, she shuffled over to the table where she usually ate lunch with the rest of the cheer squad.

Jen was one of the first to arrive; only Laurie and Alice were already there. No surprise there, the three girls were the biggest gluttons on the cheer squad, if not the whole school, so the only time that they could be bothered to go anywhere quickly was if there would be a food reward at the end.

Jen dropped her lunch tray on the table and plopped her enormous derriere onto the bench. The entire table shook with her weight, almost causing Alice to miss her mouth and drop her Salisbury steak into her lap. Without a word, Jen started shoveling her food into her mouth. Eating was always a solace, especially after a long, hard day…that was only half over!

“Holding up, Jen?” asked Laurie, arching an eyebrow.

“S’okay,” said Jen, her plump cheeks bulging. “It, like, could be better. Dunno what’s wrong with this school today! Like, it’s almost like they shrank all the desks since last week! I am, like, totally bummed. It is soooooo annoying!”

“Hmm, well, I certainly couldn’t imagine why you might be having trouble,” said Laurie sarcastically. She was still having trouble believing just how big Jen’s backside had grown in such a short amount of time.

“I’m gonna be so happy to finish this day! I, like, can’t believe I still have to stay after school to make up that dumb work. But, like, after that, we’ll have a great time at…”

Jen clamped her mouth shut as she noticed Laurie making hand gestures at her to be quiet; she obviously didn’t want to discuss their private dinner plans in front of Alice or the rest of the cheer squad, who were now arriving.

“Hey Jen, scoot over, will ya?” Kristine walked up with her own tray. No surprise, the once lanky black girl was looking more well-fed these days. Her backside was starting to spread, her thighs starting to brush together. Laurie’s special energy bars were definitely adding inches to her figure. Laurie failed to suppress a smirk at the evidence of her plan’s success.

Jen scooted over on the bench, but, with her ample ass spreading wider than a bus tire, there wasn’t much room on the bench. Not that Kristine had any choice other than to sit next to Jen: Alice and Laurie had grown so fat these days that the two of them took up the entirety of their bench.

Theoretically, there was still some room on the bench next to Jen. Barely. The two girls were sitting cheek-to-cheek, but the opposite cheek of Jen’s plump rump now hung slightly over the end of the bench.

Next came Lizzie. The energy bars had affected her slightly differently; she was developing a pudgy overfilled gut. She shuffled up to the table, her eyes locked on the pair of bums that filled the seat up.

“Ahem,’ she said, pointing to the filled-up seating.

“Move on down,” commanded Lizzie, and the two seated plumpers shuffled down the line. This resulted in even MORE of Jen’s enormous booty dangling in mid-air. In fact, by now, nearly one entire cheek was unsupported.

Finally came Denise. Laurie narrowed her eyes in annoyance. Denise alone amongst all the girls on the squad continued to defy all attempts to add any meat to her bones. She was still just as scrawny as ever. This was a girl with an absolutely ridiculous metabolism!

“Could I get in there, please?” asked Denise, prompting Lizzie, Kristine and Jen to scoot over even further. Denise’s tiny butt didn’t take up much room, but it was enough to push Jen’s right butt cheek entirely off of the bench. It flopped out, nearly hanging all the way to the ground, the strong gravitational pull of that monumental moon nearly pulling Jen over the edge to the ground. All four girls still sat cheek-to-cheek, their buns firmly pressed up against each other.

Now that they were all here, Laurie cleared her throat.

“Alright, ladies, I want to remind you all that there’s practice after school today and it’s imperative that you ALL show up. Some of you are looking a little soft and I intend to whip you into shape.”

Kristine, Lizzie and Denise all turned their heads in unison to look at Jen, who was too busy scarfing down her lunch, obliviously making quiet piggy grunts of satisfaction, to notice. She only looked up, sauce on her chin, after Kristine elbowed her in the ribs.

“Practice? But I, like, need to make up that stupid history test!”

“Fine, Jen, you’re excused. But only you!”

The other cheerleaders grumbled quietly under their breaths; Laurie was always going easy on Jen and cutting her breaks. That was the problem when the captain’s best friend was on the team! And with all the special treatment, it was no wonder that Jen was inflating like a round little blimp.

Across the table, Alice stifled a small belch. The other cheerleaders could also tell that Alice, once a pariah, was now another favorite. Laurie was always letting her sit out practices and telling her that she shouldn’t exert herself too much. She’d always been pudgy, but Alice was quickly puffing into a plump porker too rotund for her cheer uniform to contain.

“The rest of you, I want to see on the field at 2:30 pm sharp! Got it?” Laurie pounded the table for emphasis, the shock waves causing her bloated milkbags to wobble and vibrate. “Have you all been eating your nutrient bars? It looks like some of you may be cheating!”

There was a chorus of mumbled denials as the girls tried to deflect the blame. In reality, it made no difference whether or not they were cheating on Laurie’s diet regiment. The so-called nutrient bars were designed to pile on the pounds and that seemed to be exactly what they were doing now. Except for Denise. How annoying! But at least Laurie’s plan seemed to be working for everyone else. It wouldn’t be long until the buxom beauty looked absolutely slim and sensational next to the biggest pack of plodding, plumping porkers that the cheerleading world had ever seen!


“Hello? I’m, like, here for my make-up test?”

“Hello. Welcome, Miss Sarovy. Please take a seat.”

Mrs. Jones was a pinched older woman who had obviously been teaching history for a long time – Jen liked to think that she taught history because she had seen so much of it. Mrs. Jones, in turn, disliked thinking about Jen as much as she could. The bottom-heavy bimbo was a walking indictment of the education system, a girl so ditzy and dumb that she seemed incapable of thinking about anything past her next meal. And judging by how much Jen was blowing up these days, it seemed like that was all she thought about.

Jen waddled into the detention room, briefly pausing to reach behind her and yank her panties out of her ass crack. Her butt was so huge and her waddle so ponderous that she had to be careful or her ass would simply eat not only her underwear but also her dress, giving her a wedgie visible to the whole world. Looking around, Jen noted with despair that the only chairs in the detention room were even smaller and more cramped than the ones in regular classrooms. They also all came with the same built-in writing desk, meaning that it would be quite a squeeze.

She sucked in her gut reflexively and slowly lowered herself into the nearest seat, gingerly sliding behind the narrow desk. When she was situated, she sighed, releasing her gut. It bulged out and over the edge of the desk. Meanwhile, her bum pushed into the seat behind her with an ominous creaking noise and her thighs wedged themselves against the metal struts to the sides of the chair. She was effectively wedged in, but she didn’t notice.

Mrs. Jones kept her poker face, though it was hard not to show her disapproval. Jen looked like a hippopotamus stuffed into a clown car. She was way too fat for this, and the struggle to fit into the desk had accidently hiked her dress up just enough that the crotch of her panties was visible between her blubbery thighs.

What a mess this girl was! Still, Mrs. Jones didn’t have the time or inclination to start a lecture on fashion disasters. She just needed Jen to finish this test quickly so that they could both go home.

“You have an hour, Miss Sarovy,” said the teacher stiffly, placing the test paper on Jen’s desk. Jen flipped it over and squinted at the big words as Mrs. Jones briskly paced back to her own desk.

Jen stared at the paper, struggling to make sense of the questions. They were hard! Why couldn’t they ask her some questions about the best way to form a cheer pyramid or to apply make-up? Or where you could find the best deals in the mall? Those were her style of questions. Whatever!

Slowly, Jen tried her best to answer the questions. But the required essay about “Napoleon’s France” only made her think of Napoleon pastries. Oh, that delicious custard! Her belly, cruelly restricted by the edge of the desk, grumbled. It was loud enough that Mrs. Jones overheard it, but she steadfastly ignored the embarrassing noise. How could Jen be thinking of food at a time like this? Did that girl ever stop eating? She was a walking, er, waddling eating machine!

“Time,” said Mrs. Jones sharply.

Jen looked up, confusion evident in her big cow-like eyes. Had it really been an hour already? She’d been so busy thinking about food – and especially about the delicious meal she was about to share with Laurie after this test was done – that she’d completely lost track of time. She looked down at her paper. She hadn’t finished, but maybe she’d managed to scribble down enough answers to pass just barely.

Mrs. Jones walked up to Jen and snagged the paper off her desk, briskly folding it up and stuffing it into her briefcase. She didn’t have much hope that Jen would do any better on this test than she had on the last one, but, well, no one could accuse her of not having given Jen a chance.

“I have an appointment, you can see yourself out,” said the teacher, squinting at her wristwatch as she made a beeline for the door. She didn’t even give Jen a backwards glance as she left.

Jen was oblivious to her teacher’s disdain, but she soon discovered that she had a much bigger problem in any case. When she tried to rise from her seat, she found that she couldn’t. Her wide rump was wedged too firmly between the armrests.

“Ugh! Oof!” She wriggled her bottom as best she could but only succeeded in sending ripples through her flabby jello buns; the two massive cheeks still stuck firmly in her seat, refusing to budge an inch. Jen grabbed hold of the armrests with her hands and attempted to lift herself up. She squeezed her eyes shut and grit her teeth, grunting with the exertion, pushing with all her might. Veins popped out in her forehead and sweat dripped from her brow, but her rear refused to get in gear.

“Uhhh, Mrs. Jones?” Jen craned her neck to look after her teacher, but Mrs. Jones was long gone. There was no one here to help her. What would she do now?

Oh, of course! Her cellphone was right there in her purse. All she had to do was call Laurie and her friend would come help her! Now where was her purse?

It was right there on the floor. She’d dropped it when she sat down to take the test, but it had fallen slightly out of reach. With a grunt, she bent over as far as her trapped backside would allow and wiggled her fingers out. The purse was just out of reach. She stretched her pudgy sausage fingers out as far as she could, but she could barely even brush it. Her purse was stubbornly beyond the scope of her chubby hand.

What would she do now? No one knew where she was! She was trapped here in the basement, a prisoner of her own plush posterior, a girl whose titanic tushie was so much wider than her chair that she couldn’t rise to her feet.

What would happen to her? She would be stuck here forever! What is she died? Years from now, they would discover a skeleton here, trapped in a chair by its giant butt bone! (Jen, in her panic, forgot that butts didn’t have bones.) But worst of all, she was going to miss that big Cheesecake Factory meal with Laurie!

The very idea nearly made her cry.

Laurie was pissed. She had told Jen to meet her after cheer practice so that the two girls could go to the Cheesecake Factory. And now Jen was late. Laurie wanted to eat NOW! She never liked to be kept waiting and when waiting prevented her from eating, well, that just made her madder.

“Alright, I can’t wait any longer! What is taking that big butt bimbo so long? The test is only supposed to last an hour! I’ll have to go get her myself!”

Although Jen was convinced that no one knew where she was, that wasn’t entirely true. Laurie had been forced to stay after school to make up a few tests in her day, so she knew exactly where the detention room was located. It took her a few minutes to get there, because her extra weight and tight jeans restricted her own movement, but she got there eventually. But she wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted her when she burst through the doors.

“Jen! What’s taking you so—“ The buxom beauty paused at the sight before her. Jen was still trapped in the chair. Her eyes were red and bloodshot, her hair was disheveled and her face was streaked with tears.

“…Jen! What happened to you?”

“I’m stuck!” blubbered Jen, mascara running down her chubby cheeks with her tears.

“You’re what?”

“I’m stuck! My butt won’t come out!” To emphasize the point, she hopped up and down in her seat. Her enormous ass stayed plugged.

Laurie waddled over to her friend, her eyes wide. Was Jen’s badonkadonk actually so bootilicious that she could get stuck? Apparently, it was, because Laurie could see the metal legs of the chair pressing deeply into the soft gelatinous flesh of Jen’s thighs and bum.

“I was soooo scared!” wailed Jen, her eyes tearing up again. She began crying anew, burying her face in her hands. “I thought I was gonna die!”

“There there,” said Laurie tenderly, patting her friend’s forehead and holding her close to her bloated bosom. “You’re not going to die. Why would you think that?”

Jen’s sobs turned to hiccups. “Cuz..cuz…no one knew I was here…hiccup! And I…couldn’t reach my…hiccup!...my phone! I couldn’t…hiccup…call for help!”

“Jen, Jen, Jen,” said Laurie, squeezing her friend tightly, so tightly that Jen was nearly smothered between her mountainous mounds. Jen’s hiccups now caused Laurie’s tremendous titties to jiggle and bounce every time she breathed. “You know that I would never let that happen to you. You’re my best friend, and you know I always take care of you. Listen, who’s the one who always stood up for you when the other kids made fun of your butt?”

Jen mumbled something that was inaudible through the cushion of Laurie’s ponderous pontoons, but the raven-haired diva took it to mean “You.”

“And who’s the one who’s got the plan to make sure no one ever makes fun of your weight again?”

Jen mumbled again.

“So if you’d gone missing, don’t you think I would have found a way to take care of you? You know I would have found you no matter what. Who’s my best friend?”

Laurie stepped away to hear the answer, noticing that Jen’s tears had smeared eyeliner and lipstick on the front of her blouse. Laurie frowned slightly, because she hated to ever look less than her absolute best, but she quickly hid her feelings as she caught Jen’s eye again.

“I am,” said Jen, sniffling. She wiped her eyes with one thick arm.

“That’s right. So let’s see what to do about this giant ass that’s got you trapped. Hmm, I suppose just leaving you here till you lose weight is out of the question. We’d miss our date at the Cheesecake Factory.” She nudged Jen’s exposed rear between the two metal support legs with her foot. Jen had a sudden flashback to her dream, remembering only vaguely something about how dream Laurie wanted to leave her a tight spot to lose weight.

“No, no, Laurie! Don’t leave me!”

“Jeez, Jen, I was just kidding. Of course I’m not going to leave you. Honestly, stop being such a ditz.” Laurie rolled her eyes. “You pull, I’ll push!”

Jen repeated her earlier attempt to pull herself out of the chair by pushing against the armrests, while Laurie shoved her full weight against Jen’s backside. Laurie found herself sinking deep into Jen’s buttersoft buns, so jiggly and flabby that she could barely get a handhold in that ocean of flesh.

She grunted, steeling herself against the behemoth buttocks, and shoved harder. Jen squealed at the sensation of Laurie’s hands grabbing big handfuls of butt blubber and shoving them forward. It was enough. Jen popped forward, launching out of the chair like a watermelon seed squeezed between two fingers. The pear-shaped princess flew across the room, stumbling to her feet and nearly falling face forward.

“See? I told you I would take care of you,” said Laurie, dusting herself off. She walked over to her friend and took her hand in hers. She smiled a devilish smile. “Now let’s see about that Cheesecake Factory, hmm?”

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Default Alice 28 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

The Cheesecake Factory was only a couple blocks from Laurie’s home, and, driving past it, it looked like the parking lot was full.

“I’m just going to park at home and we’ll walk over,” said Laurie, maneuvering around her titanic tits to spin the steering wheel.

“But it’s so far!” whined Jen in response. The porky princess was still touching up her make-up after her crying fit at school, but she was finally presentable again. She was so out of shape that the thought of a short walk sounded way too strenuous. The very idea was making her weak in the knees! Besides, she would get all sweaty and ruin her make-up again! “Couldn’t you just, like, drop me off there?”

Laurie shot her friend a poisonous look. She didn’t like the idea of Jen arriving before her. It didn’t look dignified. Jen got quiet at Laurie’s glare.

Laurie pulled up in her driveway and the two growing girls each spent a few minutes struggling to get out of the car. It wasn’t easy at their size, especially for Jen... her widening hips formed a natural plug that almost trapped her inside the vehicle, but she managed to pull herself out with a little bit of rocking.

“You first,” said Laurie, gesturing. Jen smiled and waddled ahead, while Laurie followed. Jen felt important standing out in front, but the real reason was that the two girls were now too fat to walk side by side on the sidewalk. They would just end up bumping each other constantly with their flabby hips. Laurie preferred walking behind simply because she didn’t feel like turning her head to talk over her shoulder as they walked…er, waddled to the restaurant.

And waddle they did. Jen’s distinctive waddle had grown so thick that she was bobbing back and forth like a punching doll. Her short dress kept riding up over her butt, exposing the lowest quarter of her moon. Laurie’s frown deepened with every new exposed inch of flesh. Eventually the dress crawled up high enough that Laurie could see the beginnings of Jen’s green and white striped panties, wedged between her enormous, sweaty cheeks.

“Oh gawd it’s sooo far,” whined Jen again, reaching behind her to yank her rising dress back down over the soft flabby expanse of her tubby buns. She wiped a fleshy arm across her brow and sighed heavily. “Can’t we, like, rest? Just for a second?”

“Jeez, Jen, we’re almost there, don’t be such a lazy fatass.” Laurie snapped but she was feeling pretty winded too. Her stupendous knockers were heaving like a pair of water balloons with her heavy breathing.

“I’m not a lazy fatass!” pouted Jen, slightly annoyed. To prove her point, she tried to increase her speed but it didn’t have much effect. She was still plodding along at a crawl, huffing and puffing like a locomotive straining up a mountain.

By the time they reached their destination, both girls were drenched with sweat.

The hostess smiled broadly as the two heavy hotties ambled through the door, although her eyes betrayed how stunned she was at their ample size. The hostess was an older girl working her way through college, and who worked hard to keep fit. As such, even though she worked at the Cheesecake Factory, she rarely sampled any of the entrees, knowing as she did what went in them. This restaurant hadn’t earned a reputation as America’s least healthy eating establishment for nothing.

She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pity seeing the two wheezing, flabby girls. They were both younger than she was, probably still in high school. But look at how huge they’d already grown! Was this normal for kids these days? She certainly hoped not.

Even so, she had a job to do. Keeping her smile firmly in place, she approached Laurie and Jen.

“Table for two?” she asked. Laurie held up a finger to signal that the girl needed to wait.

“Yeah, hold that for a second,” snapped Laurie, “I gotta freshen up first, okay, sweetie?”

The hostess was trying hard to be professional, even though she didn’t care for Laurie’s arrogant attitude AT ALL.

Laurie started for the restroom.

“Coming, Jen?” she called over her shoulder.

“Right!” said Jen, waddling after her friend.

In the safety of the bathroom, Laurie examined herself in the mirror. The short walk had left her entirely disheveled. Her perfect hair was messed, her cheeks were flushed and her mascara was running with her sweat.

“Jen, guard the door,” she said as her bottom-heavy friend shuffled inside.

Jen nodded and posted herself at the door, leaning her bulk against it. If any other woman had needed to use the bathroom, they would have found the door mysteriously jammed. Little would they know that the real reason that the door wouldn’t open is that there were several acres of booty blubber pressing against it from the other side.

Laurie quickly unbuttoned her shirt, allowing her swollen belly and bulbous bazongas to bounce out. She frowned as she saw that her enormous rounded teats were completely drenched in perspiration, rivulets of sweats sliding down into the cavernous chasm of her endless cleavage. She grabbed a handful of paper towels and stuffed them between her boobs, quickly mopping up the moisture.

She tossed the towels in the garbage before grabbing a second batch. She grabbed hold of her left breast and lifted it, revealing more puddles of accumulated sweat in her underboob area. Gawd, why was she so sweaty? She mopped it up without a word, before repeating the procedure with her right boob.

“Okay, Jen, that’s good,” said Laurie, quickly buttoning her blouse up again.

The buxom beauty subconsciously sucked in her gut just a tad as she worked the buttons up again. She was pleased to feel how they strained when she fastened them across the swell of her bountiful bosom. The strain they felt when she fastened them across her growing gut was less pleasant, but Laurie barely paid any attention to that.

As usual, she was mesmerized by the sight of her own colossal bustline and any other concerns were secondary. She sat her purse on the counter and pulled out her make-up kit, to give herself just the briefest of touch ups.

“Um, I gotta dry off too,” mumbled Jen, waddling over to the nearest bathroom stall. She didn’t want to say it out loud, but Laurie guessed what Jen was referring to. With her fat mostly concentrated in her voluminous rear end, Jen tended to get extremely sweaty around her backside with just the slightest exertion. Jen’s deep asscrack was swimming in sweat.

“Oof!” Laurie looked up from her colossal cantelopes to see Jen’s predicament reflected in the mirror. Or rather, to see Jen’s enormous ass reflected in the mirror. The bootilicious bunny had managed to almost squeeze into a bathroom stall, except for her monumental buns and thunder thighs.

She could see that fat rump sticking out, the only part of her flabby friend still visible from this angle. The giant quivering rear slammed up against both sides of the narrow stall doorway as Jen tried to force it through.

Laurie paused to watch the ridiculous display, marveling at how thick ripples ran through the butter soft blubber every time that Jen made another futile attempt to pull herself through.

You could just barely see the feeble muscles tensing and straining underneath all that flab; when Jen tensed, you could see the result in the subtle movement of the fabric across her voluptuous curves – the way the dress hem slid up, the way the increasingly exposed panties would slip deeper into her crack. Jen’s butt almost looked like two planets on a collision course, rolling and bouncing like boulders.

“You need some help, Jen?” said Laurie, applying the finishing touches to her lipstick.

There was a pause. For a moment, the butt remained motionless as Jen considered the question.

“Ummm, yeah?” Jen replied, as if to say isn’t that obvious?

Laurie walked over to her friend and placed her hands on Jen’s watermelon-sized butt cheeks. Grunting, the buxom beauty shoved with all her might. Her hands sank deep into Jen’s flesh, accidentally raising the hem of the callipygous kitty’s sundress even higher.

“Jen, your ass is stuck in the doorway,” Lauries exclaimed.

“Umm, these doorways are too narrow! It could happen to anyone!” Jen said, a slight quiver in her voice. She was still a little raw after her trial with the deskchair back at school – that is, she was a little emotionally sensitive about her thunderous rump being too wide, but her butt itself was a little sore from that earlier squeeze. The entire situation seemed strangely familiar, too, as if like something in a dream, but somehow she couldn’t quite put her finger on it…

“Yeah, sure, anyone,” Laurie said. She recognized that quiver in Jen’s voice and didn’t want the poor girl to start crying again. Laurie was just annoyed because this whole incident was cutting into valuable eating time. She wanted to hurry up and get to their table!

“I’m going to push again, okay? Just try to suck in…your butt, I guess.”

“What? How do I do that? I can’t suck in my butt!” Jen protested.

Laurie rolled her eyes. “I was just kidding, Jen. Jeez! Alright, here we go!”

Laurie shoved her shoulder against the wall of butt flesh, hoping to get some more leverage. Inside the stall, Laurie could hear Jen pushing against the wall with her hands. Both girls were grunting and moaning with the exertion and Laurie began to think that it was more likely that the stall would completely collapse before Jen pulled her badonkadonk bum free.

But then it happened! Their combined effort must have been enough, because Jen once again popped free like a cork, stumbling forward and nearly falling over the toilet. Laurie nearly fell over but managed to cram the doorframe to steady herself.

“Finally!” she gasped. Laurie straightened up and adjusted her hair. The effort of pushing on Jen had already undone most of the work she’d done primping. She was already breaking into a fresh sweat, her cheeks and bosom were both flushed and rosy. Well, no matter, she had plenty of time to primp again by the looks of it; Jen was grabbing handfuls of toilet paper to mop her ass crack. With the size of that ass, Laurie reckoned that she had a few minutes to kill.

“Okay, Jen, just remember: when you want to come out of the stall, you need to turn sideways, okay?”

“Yeah, totally, I know!” said Jen, a little annoyed at being lectured.

But it turned out that turning sideways wasn’t much help. When Jen was finished cleaning herself up, she turned sideways and tried to squeeze herself out of the stall. Her large ass wedged up against one side of the doorframe while her soft flabby tummy pushed up against the other.

Once again, Laurie found herself watching Jen’s glacial progress in the reflection of the mirror. Jen’s right buttock scraped against the door, more and more of its expanse slowly coming into view as Jen struggled to pull herself out of her predicament. Finally, it popped free, jiggling and wobbling.

But now the doorframe was wedged deep into her cavernous ass crack, one cheek inside the stall, one cheek outside. The wedge between her cheeks made it difficult for Jen to wiggle around, and, until now, Jen’s squirming was the only thing that had allowed her to gradually pull herself out of the door frame.

“Ohhh, Laurie! Help me! I, like, think I’m stuck again.” Jen whined.

“Crap, Jen, again?” Laurie said with exasperation.

“It’s not my fault! It’s still too small!” rationalized Jen.

“More like your fat ass is too big. Let’s see what we have here.” Laurie replied.

Laurie inspected her friend’s situation.

Jen pouted and fumed, silently mumbling “My ass is NOT too big” under her breath as Laurie poked at her soft, supple body. There had to be someplace on that bovine body where she could get a good grasp without just sinking into Jen’s quicksand-like blubber. Maybe she’d have to crawl under Jen and push her out from the inside? Laurie didn’t like the idea of wallowing around on the bathroom floor, but it might turn out that was the only option.

“Jen, lift up your feet, okay?” Laurie instructed.

“Like, what?” Jen said, totally confused.

“You heard me ,just lift up your feet for a sec?” Laurie said more firmly.

“Um, but, like, I’ll fall down!” protested Jen.

“No, you won’t.. answered Laurie. “I’ll bet your fat ass is wedged in there so tight that it’ll keep you upright even when you don’t have your feet on the ground.”

Jen frowned. She didn’t like to think that Laurie was making fun of her size, but she dutifully bent her knees, lifting her chubby feet off the ground. True to Laurie’s prediction, Jen’s butt and belly were stuck so fast that she remained in place, hovering in the air, suspended by nothing but the pressure her inflated body was placing on the doorframe. But without floor support, the doorframe started to creak and bend.

“Jen! You’re too fat, you’re going to wreck the whole stall! Put your feet down!” Laurie said with alarm.

Jen straightened her legs again, standing firmly on the floor. There was no way that she could stay raised long enough for Laurie to crawl under her, assuming that Laurie would even be able to fit between Jen’s legs with her own corpulence. And, in any case, Laurie didn’t much want to crawl around on the floor anyway. She had to think of another solution.

“Screw i t, just give me your hand.” Laurie commanded.

Jen extended her pudgy little hand and Laurie grasped it.

“Just pulling worked before, so it’ll work again. You push, I’ll pull. On three, okay? One. Two. Three.”

Both girls strained on three. Poor Jen! Laurie was yanking on her arm hard enough that it felt like it she was going to dislocate it. Jen began howling.

“Owwww! Laurie, stop it, that hurts!” Jen cried.

“Shut up, Jen, do you want to get out of there or not? Now shut your yap, suck in that giant gut of yours and push!” Laurie responded.

The second push only resulted in Jen crying and blubbering. “Lauriiiiie! That really hurts!”

Laurie patted Jen on one tubby cheek and rubbed away a tear. “I’m sorry, Jen, I really am, but there’s no other way to get you out. I mean, what do you want me to do? Go to the cook and ask for some butter to grease you down? Hey, that might actually work…if you don’t just lick it all off first.”

“Hey, I, like, wouldn’t lick it off! I don’t just, like, eat butter…Mmm.” Jen seemed to actually be considering the possibility of eating pure butter.

Obviously she needs food, thought Laurie, if she’s thinking about that, she’s been trapped in here too long and she’s probably starving. I know I am, I haven’t eaten since lunch!

“Just one more try, okay?” Laurie said. She really didn’t want to involve the kitchen staff.

“Okay,” whined Jen.

Laurie pulled. Jen pushed. Third time was the charm. The side of the stall began to bend slightly, just enough that Jen’s left butt cheek began to slide out, slowly at first.

“Laurie! It’s working! My butt is moving, I can feel it!” Jen cried ot.

“Great, don’t stop! Keep pushing!” Laurie replied in encouragement.

More pulling. More pushing. Jen’s badonkadonk was shaking and quivering, an ocean of constantly rippling adipose, as it gradually slid out.

“The door’s out of my butt crack!” said Jen gleefully.

“Shut up,” said Laurie between gritted teeth, “We’re not out of the woods yet. Just one more push!”

Both girls strained and it worked. Jen popped free, tumbling on top of her friend. Both girls stumbled around, bumping into the opposite wall. That averted their fall.

“Yaaaay! I’m free! I love you, Laurie, you’re the best!” Jen threw her chubby arms around her best friend and hugged her close in gratitude, her face nearly lost between her taller friend’s bountiful bazongas.

“Yeah, well, we better get out of here before anyone notices what you did to that stall,” said Laurie, eying the damage. The door had been slightly bent off its hinges by the ordeal. Laurie didn’t want to be held responsible for that, especially when, technically, it wasn’t her fault. Blame Jen and her massive tushie for that. “Let’s go eat.”

The waitress led the two plumpers to a booth. She first tried to steer them toward a table, knowing that a booth would be a tight fit for these two bloated bunnies, but Laurie would have none of that.

“We want a booth, sweetie, okay? There’s more privacy.”

As usual when she was being bossy, Laurie straightened up to her full height and puffed out her massive chest, making her appear even bigger than she really was.

“Of course,” said the waitress without missing a beat. She had better things to do besides argue and, besides, if she didn’t do something to make Laurie stop puffing herself out, her monumental bazoombas would blast their way right out of her shirt.

The waitress waited patiently as Jen and Laurie scooted into the booth. It was an even tighter squeeze than they had expected. The two girls were already so plump that they barely fit, their big flabby tummies pressing tightly against the table. With the two hefty hotties on opposite sides, the waitress suspected that they’d be having some real trouble fitting: As one bulging belly struggled to push the table away, it would only press harder into the gut on the other side.

“Our specials today are—“

“We don’t care what your specials are,” said Laurie, “We know what we want.”

“Um, I’d like to hear the special,” said Jen.

“Alright, fine, what are your specials?”

“We have a Smoked Bacon and Melted Cheddar with Crispy Onion Rings and B.B.Q. Ranch Sauce—“

“Oh, I want that!” squealed Jen, clapping her chubby hands together in glee.

“—and a pasta carbonara. That’s Spaghettini with Smoked Bacon, Green Peas, and a Garlic-Parmesan Cream Sauce. Available with Chicken.”

“Ooo, no, I want that,” said Jen.

“Well, which is it?” asked Laurie, annoyed at this delay.

“I dunno…could I just get both?”

“Um, are you sure? They’re kinda big,” said the waitress.

“Don’t question my friend when she orders,” said Laurie, “She’s not an idiot, she knows what she wants.”

The waitress kept her poker face. “Okay. And what can I get for you?”

“Chicken Parmesan Sandwich,” said Laurie. “Oh, but bring us a plate of those mozzarella sticks to start.”

“Okay, mozzarella sticks.”

“Oh, and the loaded potato skins.” Laurie added as an afterthought.

“Can we get some buffalo wings, too?” asked Jen.

Laurie nodded. “Some of those too. We’re celebrating, after all.”

The waitress nodded silently and left.

“Oooo, I’ve never had buffalo wings here before!” said Jen, “This is so exciting!”

“Calm down, wide load, they’re just chicken wings.”

A quizzical look crossed Jen’s face. “But…then how can they call them that if they’re not from real buffalo?”

“It’s cuz they’re in buffalo sauce, Jen. Stop being such an airhead. They were developed by a guy who owned a bar in Buffalo, New Yorkl who ran out of appetizers one night for Monday nite footb
all. ”

“Ohhhh.” Jen shook her head. What a weird concept!

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Default Alice 28 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Sex, ~MWG)

Conversation soon died as the food began to arrive and the two girls turned their full attention to their meals. The only sound was the tinny clink of silverware against plates and the smacking, sputtering noise of desperate chewing.

Once again, for all their pretenses, the truth came out: both girls were helpless, blimping gluttons who were in complete thrall to their ever-growing appetites. When food was in front of them, nothing else mattered.

Jen’s mind was often blank, so it was easy for food to fill it completely, pushing out all worries and fears. For Laurie, this was a more recent phenomenom. The haughty hottie was almost always scheming and planning, worrying about her impeccable looks or high social standing, but now there was nothing in her brain but images of gooey mozzarella sticks, juicy steaks, mouth-watering pies, sweet ice cream, food, food, FOOD.

It was the only thing that existed for her, a world of food, nothing but tasty treats as far as the eye could see, everything begging to be devoured, to be eaten, to pass between her glossy pink lips and fill her expanding tummy, she wanted to eat and eat and EAT until she had her fill, until there was no food anywhere, until the world was empty of everything that could be eaten, until it was all inside her, filling her all tight and snug and burstingly full, all warm inside like it felt when Frank fed her, when Frank filled her up up up.

Under the table, Laurie’s belly was slowly rounding out like a basketball being inflated. She barely noticed. Almost unconsciously, her silky legs were shaking and twitching with growing excitement. Food and sex were intertwined for her now. They were one and the same and there was no going back. Lust and gluttony. Gluttony and lust. Laurie could never get enough.

Oh Frank. If only he was here, helping her eat, feeding her, cutting her steak and poking forkfuls of pie into her mouth, treating her like the pampered queen that she knew she was, oh gawd, Laurie was getting so horny just thinking about it. Between her legs, her fat pussy was getting moist just thinking about how Frank held her, how he fed her, and all this food in front of her right now, all this delicious decadent sinful food and it just kept coming and coming, an endless feast.

AHEM waitress, I need a refill on this soda, I expect better service at a place like this, I can’t believe I’d even have to ask and YES another order of loaded potato skins,

Jen wants extra sour cream and bacon bits. Yes, that sounds good, more of that, more more MORE. Is it enough? Can it ever be enough? Is that even a concept? What could it mean to have enough, to eat enough, to be full enough that you’re not thinking of eating?

She felt so horny, grinding her legs together, her soft growing belly becoming firm, becoming hard and tight. Danger! Danger, it seems to be saying, contents under pressure. The edge of the table is pressing hard into her gut as it grows, it hurts, a warning to stop, to call it off before the pressure of the table makes her full full tummy rupture like a tire.

But she can’t stop, won’t stop, it feels too good to be filled, to be stuffed and sated like a big fat pig. Fill me. Stuff me. More more more. The feast is a blur. What is she eating now? Entrees? Desserts? What does it matter? Her pussy is throbbing with excitement, her enormous hard belly is so big now that it has settled between her legs, its firm smooth bulk rubbing against her clit with every wheezing breath. Her face is flushing a rosy red.

Does Jen notice? Does Jen know why? She probably thought it was just from the effort of eating, she probably has no idea that the feast is having a second effect too, that eating was so entwined with sex now that Laurie could get aroused just by stuffing her face like a pig, a secret that was not helping her rapidly expanding waistline, that would just ensure that she would continue to grow bigger and bigger. Her fork hitting the empty plate, the food all gone. Just in time to save her from herself.

Dessert. The waitress had to ask.

Were they agreeing to get some dessert? Just a slice of pie. A small thing. Laurie could take it. Only just. Maybe a second slice. Then a different flavor. Something new. Jen too. Both girls weren’t done glutting. More food for the swollen sweeties, fill them up up up, fill them till bursting, until they’re packed solid, leaning back, bellies in the air, like a pair of preggo heffers.

That’s not right. This is the Cheesecake Factory. Gotta try the cheesecake. Bring a slice. Two. One for each. No, bring a whole cake. Bring two. Two cheesecakes. One for each girl. The cakes are huge and decadent, but they’re gone soon.

And now they were full. So very, very full.

Laurie dropped her fork onto the table with a loud clatter. She was STUFFED. She was so full that even breathing was difficult, her gasps were shallow and ragged and impaired by the edge of the table which pushed deeply against her tender, overfull tummy. Across the table, Jen was in a similar state. Jen’s chubby cheeks were turning a deep red just with the strain of breathing.

“Oh…that...was...sooooo good,” moaned Jen softly between gasps. Her gut was so overloaded that even talking was difficult. She tried to shift in her seat but she couldn’t get comfortable with the table pressing into her.

“Oof, it was…pretty good, I guess. Cheesecakes seemed…kind of skimpy.” Laurie huffed. She pulled out her pocket mirror and inspected her face. She noticed a few stray crumbs of cheesecake around her glossy pink lips, so she picked them off daintily and popped them in her mouth. Waste not, want not. That’s better.

She scooted her butt back in her seat, trying to get away from the table enough that it wouldn’t press into her belly so badly. It was a futile attempt. Her belly was too big now, too full and flabby. All she managed to do was to push the table out slightly, pressing it into Jen. The sudden pressure was enough to make the bootilicious beauty belch loudly.

“Jen! Excuse yourself!” she exclaimed.

“Sorry! I can’t help it! You, like, pushed the table into me.” Jen answered back.

Laurie shook her head. “Let’s go pay and get out of here.” She leaned to her side and struggled to pull her credit card out of her purse. And that was when both girls made a simultaneous discovery.

They were stuck. Their bloated bellies were wedged so tightly against the table from opposite sides that they simply could not get out of the booth.

“Oh what are we going to do?” said Jen, her lower lip quivering.

“Shut up, Jen, don’t panic. It’s not like YOU haven’t been in this situation before.”

“Yeah. But, like, you haven’t! What are we going to do? We, like, can’t get out of here if we’re stuck! How will we get home?”Jen whined.

“Ugh, why did we walk? I am so not in the mood to walk.” Lauie replied.

“So, like, what do we do?” Jen said, as usual expecting Laurie to do te thinking so she didn’t have to.

Laurie thought for a moment. “That’s easy. I’ll call my mom. She’ll pick us up.”

Laurie tapped some numbers into her cellphone and raised it to her ear. “Hey, Mom? Yeah, Jen and I are at the new Cheesecake Factory and we need you to pick us up. What? Ummm…Because it’s too far. Yes, it is SO too far! Like, I don’t care, we’re tired and we need you to pick us up, okay? Wait one sec, Mom.”

Laurie put her hand over the receiver. “What?”

Jen was shaking her head and waving her hands. “Like, don’t tell her to come now! Tell her to come..like, in a little while? You know, like, for digestion?” For emphasis, Jen once again tried to stand, only to have her swollen middle bump against the table. Her full tummy pushed the table out as she struggled, jostling Laurie’s own bloated belly too much for comfort.

“Hey settle down, Jen! You’re going to make me sick! You’ll make me puke all over the table!”

“Sorry.” Apologized Jen.

“No, Mom, not you. I was talking to Jen. Look, just come in like 30 minutes, okay? Good.” Laurie snapped the phone closed and settled in to wait. It was going to be a long 30 minutes, Laurie knew, listening to the loud pops and gurgles emanating from her overloaded tummy as it began the slow and arduous process of digestion. It was going to be long, because Laurie was horny as could be.

Her stuffing sessions with Frank now meant that she was helplessly turned on by the feeling of a full tummy and this may have been the most full that she’d ever been. She shifted in her seat, struggling to get more comfortable – as comfortable as she could get with this fleshy beachball in front of her.

Jen, too, was squirming in her seat. But the pear-shaped princess wasn’t turned on by overeating. Rather, she was excited to be stuck in this tight space. Craig had lavished so much attention on her bodacious booty, had caressed her so tenderly and pleasured her so fully while her colossal hippo hips were wedged into so many doorways, that Jen now developed a slight tingle at the very idea of being stuck. Granted, she preferred when it was her butt or hips getting her stuck, but a belly was good too.

“Oh I can’t believe how much I ate,” moaned Jen, patting her stomach. “I, like, thought I’d never feel more full than that one time at the fair. But I totally feel even more full right now!”

“Hmm,” said Laurie, “Well, Jen, it’s okay to indulge once in a while. But we do have to be careful not to overdo it. We have to stick to the plan.”

“What plan?” Jen replied.

“ ‘What plan?’ Please, Jen, don’t be such a bimbo. You know, the plan to make sure that Alice always stays fatter than either of us so that we look thin! We have to make sure that we only pig out like this for special occasions or else we’ll turn into big fat porkers too.” Laurie said, still in denial that she was really fat at an eighth of a ton.

“Special occasions like buying a bigger bra?” quizzed ?Jen.

“Yes, exactly.” Laurie replied.

“Well, like, I don’t think the plan is such an important thing.” Jen answreed, expressing one of her rare original opinions.

Laurie froze. She glared at her friend with an icy stare. “What?”

“I mean, does it really matter that much? I don’t think anyone would really, like, care or anything if Alice wasn’t bigger than us…”

“Oh Jen, I forgot that you seem to no longer care about the most important things in life: power, status, and, above all, looks. You do know why we’re the queen bees of this school, right? It’s because we are drop dead gorgeous and smokin’ hot. With my boobs and your ass, we are the girls that every boy wants to date and every girl wants to be. If we turned into a pair of butterballs, we wouldn’t have that anymore!”

“Well, it’s just, like…I kinda like Alice. She’s not so bad. I feel, like, kinda bad for doing this to her.”

Laurie leaned forward as far as her globular gut would allow. “We’re not doing anything to her, Jen. We’re simply providing her with food. No one is forcing her to eat. If Alice can’t control her own appetite, that’s hardly our fault.”

“Yeah, but...” Jen scrunched up her face as she struggled to think. It was not a skill that came to her naturally. Laurie must be right, Laurie was always right, but…still, she couldn’t help but think that maybe Laurie was wrong just this once. “I mean, we don’t need to keep giving her food, do we? She’s already way fatter than you, you know.”

Jen hadn’t weighed herself since before her training for the pie contest, so she suspected that she might outweigh Alice now. Who cares. Jen didn’t really mind all that much. But she could tell that Laurie did mind, so she was careful to phrase her comments to assuage Laurie’s fears that she might outweigh Alice.

“Oh, how do you know that, Jen?” Laurie responded.

“Well, at the fair, Alice went to one of those guess-your-weight booths and the guy said she was 242 pounds.”

“242 pounds! Wow, what a heifer!” Laurie laughed wickedly. Her plan was working after all! No way did she weigh more than that! Alice really was the fattest! Well, fatter than her, at least. Looking at Jen’s wide hips, swollen belly and bubbly bottom, Laurie felt pretty confident that her friend probably weighed even more than that now. She’d have to find out Jen’s current weight once and for all when they got home…

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Another chapter of the Alice saga - another coming next week!
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