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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics
Default Alice 29 - by Mollycoddles (BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Stuckage, Sex, ~MWG)

BBW (Multiple) Stuffing, Stuckage, Sex, ~MWG – A ballooning Alice throws all pretext of restraint out the window as she sleeps

Alice -Chapter 29
(Ch 28 on Deviant Arts)
By Mollycoddles and co
(Click here for prior installment)

After Valentine’s Day, Alice gave up all pretext of restraint. The growing girl loved to eat and now that she was certain that Tyler liked her plump body, she saw no reason to pretend otherwise.

Actually, to say that Alice liked to eat would be an understatement. She was positively addicted to food. Every waking moment, from the time that she struggled out of bed in the morning with visions of pancakes and waffles in her head to the moment that she drifted off at night to dreams of chocolate ice cream and blueberry pies, Alice was thinking about food. She could barely go five minutes without a snack these days. She ate like a pig at every meal, but she was ready to start nibbling on candy bars and potato chips the moment that she put down her fork.

Her body clearly showed her obsession as she piled on pounds and inches, expanding rounder and rounder. Her buttons were popping faster than ever, her zippers were busting off their tracks, her stitches were squealing and tearing – but still she grew. Alice was so rotund now that waddling to the school cafeteria for lunch was an ordeal that left her panting and red-faced.

It didn’t help that Alice was always surrounded by devilish temptations. After Laurie’s visit, Maggie had stayed true to her word and stopped picking on Alice. Unfortunately, Maggie’s critical eye was one of the only things that had been able to hold Alice’s growing appetite in check. Now unconstrained, the pudgy plumper couldn’t stop herself from sneaking even more tasty morsels at work, popping handfuls of pepperoni and cheese into her greedy little mouth whenever her supervisor’s back was turned.

Worst of all was her weekly sleepover. Although nervous at first, it had turned into a real treat, something that she looked forward to every Friday. Partly because she loved the companionship of her two new friends. She genuinely liked spending time with Jen and Laurie, who seemed much nicer now than they ever had been before. And plus there was all that tasty food to look forward to…

Thursday night. The end of another day of indulgence. And only one more day until the next sleepover! Alice smiled to herself, thinking of the fun she would have. Her tummy growled in spite of itself as Alice dressed herself for bed. She was too fat for these old cotton pajamas. The pants looked like they had been painted on, her broad bum and thick thighs filling them to the max. Meanwhile, the buttons on her top barely closed, leaving wide straining gaps. Of the six buttons, she could still close the top four. The bottom two, right over the largest part of belly could no longer reach their holes. The shirt kept creeping up, leaving the lowest quarter of her gargantuan gut bare.

Alice frowned as she caught sight of her soft, ponderous bulk in the full-length mirror. She arched her back and sucked in, watching her rounded tummy shrink before her eyes. The gaps between her tortured buttons slowly closed and disappeared. But the illusion was short-lived. After a few seconds, Alice released her breath, gasping for air. Her belly proudly swelled back to its full size, almost as if it wanted to show of its mammoth girth. Alice ran a chubby hand over its arc, turning sideways to survey the damage. Her boobs and belly stuck out so far ahead of her these days that she couldn’t see all over herself in the mirror at once. She stepped back slightly. And again. And again. With the third step backwards, the apex of Alice’s bloated stomach finally came into view in her reflection. But now she couldn’t see herself in the mirror; all that was reflected at this angle was belly and breasts.

“That’s okay,” said Alice, mostly to convince herself. “Tyler likes me just the way I am. And besides, I’m not all that big. I mean, Laurie and Jen are almost the same size as I am these days, so it’s all relative, right?”

That much was true. Somehow, Alice’s near constant expansion seemed less threatening as long as Laurie and Jen blew up along side her. Unfortunately, it was a vicious cycle, as, unbeknownst to her, Laurie and Jen had the same mindset. As each of the three girls gained more weight, she subconsciously made it acceptable for the other two to gain more as well. At this rate, when would they ever stop?

But Alice wasn’t thinking about that troubling question. The porky cheerleader settled into bed, ignoring the loud creaking of springs and the low sag of the bed frame under her increasing poundage. Snuggling under the covers, she was soon drifting off to sleep.
When Alice awoke, she was surprised to find that she was not in her own bed. Instead, she was sitting on an unfamiliar bench in front of an unfamiliar house.

She rubbed her eyes and looked about her. “What the? Where am I?”

Alice was completely baffled. She obviously SHOULD have been in bed. She was still wearing her same tight pajamas, so she definitely hadn’t gotten up and somehow fallen asleep in the middle of the day.

Besides that, she knew it must be early morning because she was already feeling the distinctive hunger pains that told her it was breakfast time. Breakfast was really the only time that Alice experienced genuine hunger. Since she snacked constantly throughout the day, she was always teetering just on the edge of satiety. As soon as she felt the tiniest prickle of hunger, she was quick to stifle it with a deluge of snacks and junk food. It was only when she awoke early in the morning, after a good five or six hours of deep slumber, the only time that her mouth wasn’t constantly full of food, that Alice felt really hungry.

“I need to get out of being like this in public quick,” mumbled Alice to herself, “These pajamas don’t leave anything to the imagination. If I knew that I would wake up outside, I wouldn’t have gone to sleep wearing these old things…”

She heaved herself to her feet with a grunt. The most obvious avenue of escape was the house right behind her, so, what the heck, Alice quickly rapped on the door. Maybe there was someone living here who could help her.

The door opened and Alice found herself staring into a giant pair of boobs. She looked up and saw that it was Laurie. The raven-haired bombshell was dressed in an old-fashioned labcoat that barely buttoned up over her mammoth chest and dangerous curves.

“Oh! Hi, Laurie! I’m so glad to see you. I went to bed and I just woke up here and I have no idea why. Can I come inside? I don’t want anyone to see me in my pajamas.”

“Hmm,” said Laurie, eying Alice critically. “So good of you to visit, Alice. You’ve come just in time.”

Laurie stood aside and ushered her chubby blonde friend inside.

“Just in time for what?” Alice answered.

“For our weekly sleepover, of course!” replied Laurie

“I thought that was tomorrow –“ began Alice, but Laurie shushed her.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t be silly. I’ve already got everything prepared for you, just step this way!”

Indeed, Laurie had already set out a table decked with all sorts of delicious treats. Much more, in fact, than Alice was used to seeing at their sleepovers. Usually, they just had potato chips and popcorn and some ice cream. But today, Laurie had steaming trays of rich creamy pasta, an entire baked ham, acres of freshly baked pies, a giant decadent-looking chocolate cake, baskets of sizzling French fries, tall frosty glasses of sorbet and sherbert…Alice was shocked at the vast quantity of food! She blinked in amazement. If she didn’t know better, she would almost say that the food didn’t end, that the table just stretched off into the distance, eternally groaning under the heavy load of this extreme feast.

Alice’s mouth began to water at the sight of the amazing feast, and she started to waddle forward. The greedy girl was already so fat that she had to totter back and forth to move, shuffling and jiggling like a water balloon.

“Now now, what’s this?” Laurie stood between Alice and the feast, poking a finger into the bulging blonde’s exposed belly. “It looks like someone’s already had too much to eat, don’t you think?”

“Oh, but I haven’t eaten since last night!” whined Alice. She rocked back and forth, trying to see over Laurie’s shoulder. She was so close to that delicious food! Waiting was just torture!

“Haven’t eaten since last night? Well then, you must have eaten enough for an army yesterday because look at the size of this gut!” Laurie cruelly pinched the butter soft flesh of Alice’s flabby midsection, prompting the chunky pajama-clad cheerleader to squeak and bounce in place.

“I don’t know If I should let you have any more food,” said Laurie, tapping her cheek in thought. “It would be a shame to let this wonderful feast go to waste, but…well, I did promise that I would help you with your diet, after all. And I don’t think I would be a very good friend if I just let you ruin your figure, would I?”

“Oh no, this is just water weight,” Alice lied desperately. She was afraid that if Laurie knew the truth, that her own greed and gluttony were rapidly causing her to swell up into a big ball of blubber, that she might punish her for her lack of self-control by denying her any of that delicious food. Alice reflexively licked her plump lips and her tummy gurgled in anticipation. Almost on cue, the fourth button on her pajama top popped off, allowing the two halves to part more and revealing even more of Alice’s expansive middle. Alice blushed. That was really the worst possible time for that to happen!

But Laurie didn’t seem to notice, merely smiling a devilish smile and motioning for Alice to continue her trek toward the table.

“In that case, please! Have a seat! Enjoy yourself! Eat all you want; there’s plenty!”

Alice was oblivious to the sinister tone that Laurie’s voice had taken; she was too excited by all that food! She practically pushed Laurie aside in her haste to get to the table, wobbling her way to the table as fast as a tubby titan in her flabby condition could waddle. It was a short trip, but Alice was already winded by the time she got there. She tried to plop herself into the chair, but found that her butt was too broad to fit between the armrests.

“Having a problem, sweeties?” said Laurie unctuously.

“Um…no…I just think..this chair is a little too small. It’s like a baby chair!” Once again, Alice was seized with the dread that Laurie would become suspicious, would realize that the only possible explanation for the width of Alice’s fat rump was that she was an out-of-control glutton, but Laurie didn’t say anything.

“Here, I’ll fix that.” The buxom beauty grabbed hold of a wheel protruding from the back of the chair and turned it. Gears ground to life and Alice saw the chair widen before her eyes. After a few moments, the seat was side enough to comfortably accommodate her massive ass. She settled her plush tush into the chair, her soft flabby love handles overflowing the arm rests and prepared to dig in.
But as Alice tried to scoot the chair closer to the table, something strange happened. Metal restraints popped out of the armrests and locked her wrists in place. A belted strap whipped out of the chair and wrapped itself around her middle, cinching tightly around her wide waist.

“Hey, what’s going on?” said Alice, “I’m locked in! I can’t even reach the food like this!”

“Oh, you’ll get your food,” said Laurie, clucking her tongue as she wiggle waddled over to her restrained friend. “Look, Alice, we all know that you love to eat. But I’m afraid, well, you’re just not eating enough.”

“What? What are you talking about? Laurie, are you feeling okay?” Alice was shocked. She was used to listening to Laurie harp about her weight and eating habits, and now Laurie was telling her to eat more? What was going on?

“Well, see, I like having you around, Alice, because…hmm, how should I put this? You’re fat. Oh, good Lord, you are so fat. You at yourself! You’re as big as a cow.” Laurie grabbed Alice’s hefty gut and gave it a thick shake; her gelatinous flab continued to shake for a good half a minute.

“See, the problem is that I might have put on a couple pounds…Just a couple, but that’s a big deal when you’re as perfect as me. I mean, come on, I need to set a good example as head cheerleader and all.” Laurie struck a pose, her giant breasts bobbling inside her snug lab coat.

“So I need you to be fatter than me. Cuz, you know, then no one will notice that I’ve put on just a teensy tiny little bit of weight. But don’t worry, this will benefit both of us. Cuz I like you to be fat and you --” She patted Alice under her double chin. “—You like to eat!”

Laurie stepped back and pulled a lever on the wall. A mechanism inside the chair lurched to life and a motor started purring. The chair moved forward, bringing Alice closer to the feast that, until a few minutes ago, she had been so eagerly anticipating.

Even a glutton like Alice couldn’t have imagined a feast of this magnitude. The machine lifted food into her mouth with a speed that seemed near impossible and Alice chewed and swallowed as fast as she could, struggling to keep up with the mechanical hands that were so relentlessly stuffing her fuller and fuller. She barely had time to breathe between bites as another warm, gooey pie was shoved into her face, soft flakey crust and chunks of cinnamon apple spilling down her chubby cheeks and pooling under her burgeoning double chin, falling into her growing cleavage.

She was barely aware of what was happening, her mind lost in a swirling vortex of consumption. Another pie was coming at her. Alice quickly licked her lips, grabbing some stray bits of pastry with her tongue, just a quick but futile attempt at clean-up before the next savory treat. Her belly gurgled and grumbled, unhappy that it was being stretched so, but there was nothing it could do except protest as it swelled under the relentless onslaught of food food FOOD.

Her overstuffed stomach was beginning to hurt, a sharp pain borne only of overeating, but Alice’s food-addled brain was still lost in the pleasures of the feast. The greedy girl loved to eat and even now, terrified as she was at her predicament, she could

n’t help but sigh inwardly with contentment at the delightful sensations emanating from her brain’s pleasure circuits. Mmmm, delicious. Even if she wasn’t restrained and forced to eat, there was little doubt that Alice would have still gorged herself to her heart’s content and beyond at this table. Her gut was inflating with every frantic bite, rising higher and higher like a blimp being pumped up for flight. The pajama top creaked and squealed as it fought to contain Alice’s plumping form. Laurie watched Alice’s progress with a wry smile. When she was finished feeding Alice, no one would doubt that Laurie would look like a svelte, sexy bombshell next to her.

Finally, the feast was over. Alice was enormous. She looked like a baby hippopotamus strapped into the chair, her gigantic gut round and swollen like it was about to burst from the pressure. The belt hadn’t loosened as Alice had expanded, so now it was painfully tight on her, the flushed red flesh of her stuffed belly pushing out above and below it, nearly enveloping it. With some difficulty, Laurie unbuckled the belt, allowing Alice’s gut to pop out to its full size. The sudden expansion was too much for the next button in line, and it launched from her top across the room. That left only the top three still intact.

“Had enough, sweetie?” asked Laurie.

“Ohhhh, yes, ma’am.”

“Why, you’re not even half full!” laughed Laurie, poking the overstuffed glutton in her greedy gut. Alice burped in response. Laurie could barely hide her amusement as Alice struggled to rise out of the chair, a movement hampered both by the girl’s extreme fullness and also by the fact that, during her stuffing, her rump had expanded even wider to wedge itself between the armrests of the wider chair. With a few grunts and groans, the round red-faced girl finally popped herself out of the chair, wobbling to her feet and staggering across the floor. Laurie giggled so hard at the sight that it looked like her heaving chest might blow out of her tightly cinched lab coat.

“Leaving so soon? Haha, wait one sec.” Laurie whipped out a smart phone from an unseen pocket and snapped a photo of Alice’s retreating backside. “I totally gotta text this to Jen. She’s laugh that fat ass of hers off!”

Alice had instinctively paused when Laurie told her to wait. Despite how creakingly stuffed the big girl was, she couldn’t help but notice that Laurie had left a tray of donuts and éclairs on the nearest table, right within reach of Alice’s pudgy hands.

“Well, just one more couldn’t hurt,” said Alice to herself.

Without thinking, Alice picked up an éclair from the table. Despite her fullness, the greedy piggy could not resist the tasty treat. Licking her plump lips, she popped it in her mouth, the sweet cream spilling out the far end as she bit down. She swallowed, wiping the cream around her lips away with her fleshy forearm.

“Oh my!” Alice frowned. “I feel funny.”

A strange shiver ran through the stuffed sweetie’s rotund body, ending with a loud hiccup. Simultaneously, her entire body swelled up slightly, puffing out like a balloon receiving a fresh pump of helium.

“Oh dear,” said Alice, unaware of the strange transformation. “I don’t feel very well…” She hiccupped again, and again her body puffed up just a little bit more – enough to blow the next button off her pajama top, which flew across the room and landed with a clatter.

“Hmmm, no surprise there,” said Laurie, walking around her blimp-sized friend and admiring her handiwork. “You did just eat enough to feed an army. I just can’t believe that you have room for any more in there.” She poked Alice’s exposed tummy to gauge its fullness.
“No, it really doesn’t look like you do.”

“Ohhh!” Alice groaned again as she felt her body puff up just a little more. That proved too much for her top and the final button blasted from her shirt. The two halves of her shirt fell apart, allowing Alice’s bloated upper paunch and globular breasts to swing free. A rosy blush started in Alice’s cheeks, embarrassed to be topless in front of her friend.

“I…I need to get out of here,” she huffed, breaking into a quick waddle. As quick as she could in her hyper plumped state.
Alice waddled out the door, wheezing and panting with the effort. She hiccupped again and blinked stupidly as she felt her entire drum-tight body puff up just a teeny tiny tad more.

“What’s happening to me? I’m blowing up every time I hiccup!”

“Just keep waddling your fat ass away,” said Laurie, standing in the doorway. “My machine was calculated perfectly to feed you as much as you could possibly hold. Seriously, one single teeny little bite more and you would have exploded into bits. Unfortunately, I didn’t count on you being such a greedy guts that you’d still keep eating after I released you! You just had to eat that éclair, didn’t you, Tubby?”

“It was just one éclair!” moaned Alice. “Hic! Ohhhh!” She groaned and grit her teeth tightly as she visibly bloated even more. Her plump face was flushing pink with the strain of holding herself together.

“Just one éclair too many is what it was,” said Laurie. “I’m afraid that there’s nothing I can do to help you now. You really shouldn’t be so greedy, Alice. You see what happens to greedy girls who never stop eating?”

By now, Alice was so round that she could barely waddle. If she grew anymore, the only way she’d be able to move would be if someone pushed her over and rolled her away. She was as round as a ripe pumpkin and as tight as a drum.

“Are you finally full, Alice? I hope that, at the very least, you’ve finally learned your lesson about eating too much.”

“I’m sooo full!”

“So you wouldn’t want to eat anything else, hmm? Not even a tiny little cookie?”

“Noooo, I – wait, do you have a cookie?”

About five steps out the door, Alice hiccupped again. Again, her body puffed up just a little more. Just a little too much. Alice was momentarily distracted, thinking about one more cookie, but she never got to taste it. Instead, the overstuffed sweetie exploded in a shower of sweet cream.
“Ugh!” Alice bolted upright in bed, the sudden movement blowing the lowest button of her pajama top. The fat girl was soaked in sweat, breathing heavily, her bosom heaving inside the tight confines of her shirt. Blinking, she looked around her. She was back in her own room, in her own house. It had all just been a weird dream!

“Well, thank goodness for that!” mumbled Alice to herself. “I probably shouldn’t have eaten all that ice cream before bed, it gives me the weirdest dream… I think? Now what was that…” Already the details of Alice’s strange nightmare were fading from her memory. Whatever dire warnings her subconscious was trying to communicate – about Laurie’s underhanded motives, about the consequences of overeating – were lost on the chubby cutie, who could remember nothing more than..something about éclairs? Well, those sounded nice, didn’t they?

Alice’s tummy grumbled. It was the early hours of the morning and it hadn’t been filled in hours. Why, it had shrunk so much that the buttons on Alice’s pajamas were ALMOST not gapping at all. Almost.

I think I’ll go down for an early breakfast, thought Alice. It’s good to get an early start.

Because the sooner she got the day started, the sooner she would be on her way to another yummy sleepover with Laurie and Jen. She could hardly wait.

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Britt Reid
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Britt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBritt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

And with this chapter we are, as promised, caught up on the Alice saga
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ShammyBoy has said some nice things

Why are you giving different chapter numbers?
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Britt Reid
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Britt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBritt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Because we have one chapter that for some reason never made it to Deviant Arts. I don't know the reason why or how.

It could be connected with the age of the series. The original Alice series began on a now defunct website site circa 2000 or so, with earlier chapters being copied to the old Dimensions Weight Room prior to 2005. These were then updated back around 2007 and moved to the Dimensions forums where additional chapters were added. Correlation was also made to synchronize characters in the Heather series and one other. This material was then copied to a third site followed by a further move to Deviant Arts where the most recent chapters have been posted.

I might also note that, although Mollycoddles has sanctioned all the work of those involved, this series has actually had at least four different authors (credited and uncredited) on various chapters.

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Nice homage to Pigs Is Pigs.
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