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Red face The Fat Girl Strip Club (BBWs, Force Feed, XWG, Sex)

BBWs, Force Feeding, Sex, ~XWG - a visitor stumbles into an incredible orgy

The Fat Girl Strip Club
by b_lachance06

I walk into the strip club and it's like nothing I've ever seen. The strippers are all over on huge bean bags being stuffed by much skinnier women, desperate to feed them and make them even fatter. They all range is different shapes and sizes, some at a meager 150 and some tilting the scales at over 500 pounds.

I see one with an enormous ass bent over like a fat pig and being fed pizza by one girl and Twinkies by another. She begs them to feed her and make her even bigger so she can be apart of "The Big Finale". The fat strippers are begging me to take them to the back rooms so they can be tied down and force fed with a funnel. They want to become so fat they can't even move so they can all have the luxuries of becoming apart of The Big Finale. But i wait until they finally announce the beginning of the show...

First the curtains roll up and two very large women roll out a chocolate cake that is the biggest I've ever seen. A huge sheet of cake that looks like an actual bed is brought to the front of the stage. And that's when my mouth dropped... it takes eight feeder women to roll out these two beds and at first I have no idea whats on the bed but then I see it... It's two completely immobile women.. fatter than anything I've ever seen and assuming they were at least 1,000 pounds each. The one was a brunette that you could tell all of her fat went to her enormous belly and breasts. The massive belly hung down to her ankles and completely took over her stretched out thighs. Her breasts lay to each side and almost overflowing off the side.

The other had a mix of blonde and brunette and most of her fat was in her ass and thighs... Huge mountains of fat that kept begging to be fed by the women. The girls rolled the two immobile women over on to their stomachs so their faces were near the cake.. it was such a sight to see as these two massive women tried to roll over.. their fat just waving back and forth and giggling like the ground was shaking. Rolls were forming and shaping and moving as they finally got to their resting place. Then the feeder girls shoved their faces into the cake and forced them to eat it.

The immobile girls have such a ravenous appetite they just keep eating and eating and eating... almost growing fatter right before my eyes and they keep eating mouthful after mouthful.. They finally start to slow down after eating almost half of it and that's when the feeders help... Some start taking handfuls and bringing it to their mouth while other help spread their massive thighs and ass so they can start to pleasure them. The feeders bring them to an orgasmic state and the two women really start to feast. The feeders can't get the cake to them fast enough and they keep begging "Please I NEED to eat MORE! PLEASE FEED me more!"

The brunette says "Oh my god I love when you eat my pussy like that! I get SO Hungry when you pleasure me! PLEASE stuff me and make me the new fat QUEEN!"

I hear her say that and I haven't seen or heard anything about a "Queen"... I see and overstuffed women laying on a bean bag needing a belly rub so I start to massage and ask her. Her belly is so tight but her breasts are so huge and soft I can't help myself. I start to rub both as I beg her to tell me more about the queen.. She tells me that she's never seen her but she stays in the basement. Story goes that she became so addicted to food and sex that she go so fat she couldn't come up the elevator. I immediately have to go find her and see if the tale is true. I sneak through the club and head towards the kitchen where I see a stairway down to the basement....

Immediately after taking a few steps I can hear a certain "whirring" sound and some moans... I get more and more turned on as I continue to hear these pleasurable moans.. I finally reach the basement and head towards the shut door. The suspense is killing me so I open the door and that's when my jaw hits the floor... At first I see a woman tied to a bed with two feeders next to her. I see a digital scale over her head that reads "457" I can hear her begging for the girls to stop feeding her.

"Please no more I BEG YOU... I don't want to be immobile! Please I'll do anything you ask please just stop feeding me!"

Tears stream down her face as the girls continue to pour weight gain shake down the funnel and into her mouth... They finger her and rub her enormous belly and call her a fat piggy.

"Shut up and eat you fat cow! We're going to feed you as much as the Queen says! And she wants to see you get so fat you can't even move! We want to see you orgasm baby.. we love watching your huge fat belly shake and move while you climax"

I can't believe what I'm seeing and that's when the lights come on over the Queen...

A completely immobile sea of flesh... Two king size beds put together and she is still overflowing off the bed.. I see women all around her.. some rubbing her gigantic belly and thighs and the others feeding her... Others waving massive fans to keep the queen cool.. She lay on her throne while being fed enormous amounts of food. The scale about her says "2256" and she looks every pound of it. Her belly is past her feet and her thighs swell out so far that they look like massive tree trunks. I see a machine next to her with wires that go underneath her belly.. I see a girl operating the machine and persuading her to eat more...

"Oh you like being such a massive piggy for me don't you? All i have to do is turn this nob and I can control the speed of your vibrator. Eat like my huge fat queen and I'll make you orgasm over and over again."

The Queen finally speaks and says "I want you to keep feeding me and fucking me until I can't move at all!" I NEED FOOD, Please I want cake and pizza and pancakes and chocolate and EVERYTHING! I want every single thing on every fast food menu around here! PLEASE STUFF YOUR FAT PIG.. Make me orgasm baby.. I want to be completely IMMOBILE! Make me your fat queen and don't forget about my fat princess over there. I want you to feed her until she can't move either! I don't care how much she begs you to stop I want to see her over 1000 POUNDS! OH my pussy is so wet please turn the nob to the max! YOUR FAT QUEEN NEEDS MY PRINCESS BIGGER! I want to cover her with my fat and force feed her myself! I want us to be the fattest women this world has ever seen!"

Her enormous belly is moving and rocking back and forth and her whole body is giggling... the feeders continue to rub her body with lotion and oils to make her look like a goddess. She can't hold it in anymore and begins screaming in pleasure... The feeders take handfuls of cake and shove it into her ever-chewing mouth and she continues to moan... The other feeders by the princess begin to do the same to her. The princess cries even more but can't help but orgasm either because they shove a vibrator into her pussy.. The queen and the princess climax at the same time and the whole room shakes...

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fatlilboy can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesfatlilboy can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Holy PIG (or is that cow)

This is beginning to be sensational!! I'm loving the story - please continue. I hope there is an entire line up of princesses.
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