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Default Case Study (BBW, WG, Nerd)

Case Study (BBW, WG, Nerd) by Ghostly-Spectre aka Mytransformations

Prologue: Change Prescribed

“Who can tell me what’s so special about the noble gasses?” Ms. Darkin, the frizzy haired science teacher asked her high school class. She gazed around the room, only to meet the familiar sight of glazed over eyes and blank expressions. Finally, and reluctantly, her star pupil raised her hand.

“Yes, once again, Elizabeth?” Ms. Darkin said with a smile.

“Nobel gasses have a full shelf of valence electrons,” Elizabeth started in a soft, quiet voce. “That means that it’s very difficult for them to bond and form molecules with other atoms.”

“Correct, as usual,” Ms. Darkin said. “They are not predisposed to give or to take electrons, so the interaction that causes bonding is all but impossible. Nobel gasses are the outcasts of the atomic table, in that sense.”

The bell rang, and the students could not run fast enough out of the room. Ms. Darkin moved quickly, so that she could have a word with Elizabeth before she left.

“I was hoping,” the teacher started quickly, “that I could get you to sign up for the county science fair again this year.”

“Last year was fun, but…I don’t think so,” Elizabeth said in her usual quiet voice. She hated to disappoint others, but her mind was made up.

“But, why? You are my star pupil. Heck, you’re my only good student! I guess that’s my fault for deciding to be a science teacher in a town like this…” Ms. Darkin’s voice trailed off.

“Some of the other students have given me flack for being, you know, too into science. They say it’s nerdy. And, at my Bible study group, someone quoted Martin Luther by saying ‘Reason is the Devil’s harlot,’” Elizabeth offered. “I think my parents would be happier if I just focused on my cheerleading and left this stuff alone. I’m sorry,” Elizabeth finished, not able to make eye contact. The teacher nodded solemnly, and without saying another word, the thin, blonde, high school senior quietly walked out of the room.

Ms. Darkin let out a long sigh. She knew that this was inevitable in a town like Meadow Falls, Idaho. It was a small town, full of small minds, and in such places science was never appreciated.

Elizabeth, she knew, was a perfect good girl. She was pretty and popular generally, and would be more so if it wasn’t for her association with science geekiness. But what was all that worth? Would the world be better off if she was intellectually shallow, married early, with a bunch of kids? Or, would things be better if the planet had another great scientist to solve the big problems or our time?

It wasn’t a difficult choice for Ms. Darkin to make. And, if Elizabeth couldn’t see the path ahead, she could always have an intervention. With the advances in understanding the human genome, just about anything could be achieved with the right type of DNA cocktail.

She had been working on something new lately. It was untested, but there was no time like the present…

Chapter One: Initial Exposure

The next day, Elizabeth’s routine was quite usual. She woke up early and organized everything in her backpack, made her bed meticulously, and showed and shaved her legs and underarms. She applied a heavy dose of makeup to her already stunning diamond shaped facial features, and ate breakfast. To avoid gaining weight, she measured out exactly seventeen cornflakes, and an eighth of a cup of skim milk.

On the way out the door, she gave her mom and dad a kiss on the cheek, and her two parents smiled as their perfect daughter walked out the door to school.

During P.E., she practiced cheerleading with the other girls. She wasn’t as vivacious as Jillian, the head cheerleader, but she certainly felt comfortable in her crowd. She did notice that while she was slender all around, Jillian had the same body type but inexplicably bigger breasts, and that made her a bit more popular with the boys. There were rumors that her rich dad had paid for her to get implants, but Elizabeth was never the type to believe in rumors. She just figured her friend had more luck with her genetics.

She and Jillian painted each other’s fingernails in the locker room after class, as was their normal custom.

During lunch, she attended her Bible study group. The fact that it was held only during lunch and after school helped skirt rules about religion in public schools. The guest lecturer talked about the evils of the theory of evolution. Elizabeth responded as she typically did, by putting her head down and quietly listening.

When it came time for Ms. Darkin’s science class, Elizabeth made a point of refusing to answer any questions posed to the class. After a few queries went unanswered, the teacher announced that the class would be learning how to create artificial sweeteners as a science experiment. The experiment went uneventfully for Elizabeth, who finished before the rest of the class.

“Don’t drink anything until I check it. I wouldn’t want anything to happen do you if you’ve mixed it wrong. I know it’s tempting to taste, but please wait,” Ms. Darkin warned.

Each of the students had a beaker full of a bubbly green mixture, with various degrees of color and carbonation. Ms. Darkin nodded approvingly at each of them, until she arrived at Elizabeth’s.

“Oh, no no no,” she said. “That one won’t do. But I don’t want you to miss out on tasting the drink. Here, have one that I mixed at my desk,” the teacher said as she replaced Elizabeth’s beaker with her own.

“What did I do wrong? I don’t understand,” Elizabeth asked in a soft voice.

“I can’t go into all of that now,” the teacher answered hastily. “Now everyone” she continued, raising her voice, “bottoms up.”

Elizabeth felt a little ashamed at having made mistake, even though she had no desire to stand out in class. She felt no desire to taste the drink, but everyone else was raising the beaker to her lips, and she didn’t want to be the only one not partaking. With reticence, she lifted the beaker to her lips and swallowed.

To her surprise, it did not taste like the diet soda she often had a lunch. Instead, it was incredibly sweet, so much so that it almost hurt. She considered spitting the drink out, but didn’t want to draw attention to herself by doing something generally perceived as gross and unseemly. As she swallowed it down, she noticed that the cloying sweetness seemed to fade, and was replaced by a warm, pleasant feeling. It started in her stomach and seemed to spread throughout the rest of her body.

Elizabeth swallowed down the rest of the drink, which now tasted completely fine, and went home without giving the experiment another thought.

Chapter Two: Twenty Hours after Exposure

The next day, Elizabeth slept in past her alarm, which was extremely unusual for her. Thrown off from her usual routine, she barely had time to get dressed and toss everything into her backpack. She still managed to slather on some makeup, but skipped her shower. Though her stomach growled with unusual intensity, she skipped her traditional meager breakfast altogether.

“Waking up this late? I don’t deserve to eat,” Elizabeth, ever the perfectionist, thought to herself. She quickly tied her hair back in a ponytail, lacking the time for her elaborate hair curling, and then ran out the door.

She felt distracted throughout P.E., and performed her cheerleading moves only halfheartedly. As she made her way to Bible study during lunch, her stomach growled again, and this time, she felt compelled to acquiesce to its demands. She turned around and headed to the cafeteria. Within a few moments, her orange plastic lunch tray was brimming with generous portions of macaroni and cheese, pizza, and greasy looking breadsticks. She also grabbed a mini carton of whole milk.

Elizabeth was used to being hungry, but she found that it was an impulse that she could ignore fairly easily. Today, though, she felt downright ravenous. She wasn’t sure if it was because she had skipped her minuscule morning meal, but she couldn’t remember the last time she was this starved.

She sat by herself, in the hope that nobody would see her, and then she started eating. Elizabeth eagerly wolfed down her food, barely bothering to chew. Some of the orange cheese from the macaroni smeared on her lips and cheeks as she noisily gulped it down. When she was thirsty, she reached for the milk, tore it open, and started to chug it down, ignoring the straw on her plate. Despite some of the milk splashing out of her mouth, she continued to pour the cold, frothy beverage down her throat until it was empty. After the flow of milk stopped, she opened her mouth wide and shook the carton over her face, hoping to get every last drop. Her stomach felt stretched and bloated, but surprisingly, it felt good to feel so full. She undid the top button of her jeans, and let her ordinarily flat tummy poof out.

She let out a small burp, and noticed a few people had turned around to gawk at the spectacle. Horrifically embarrassed, she stormed out of the cafeteria as fast as she could. On the way out of the hall, she bumped into Ms. Darkin.

“Oh, hello Elizabeth,” the teacher began. “Have you thought anymore about signing up for the science fair?”

“I…I…” Elizabeth hesitated. She no longer felt the resistance she did yesterday, but she knew she’d be too busy for everything. “I think it might conflict with my cheerleading, I’m sorry.”

“No need to apologize, I understand,” Ms. Darkin replied, a knowing smile breaking across her face. “Just let me know if you have second thoughts, alright?”

Elizabeth hastily nodded.

Chapter Three: Thirty Days after Exposure

Three alarms went off simultaneously, rousing a groggy Elizabeth from her deep slumber. She had learned from repeated experience sleeping in that she needed more and more help maintaining a regular sleep schedule. When she did finally pull herself out of bed, she didn’t bother to remake it, leaving her sheets and blankets in a tangled mess. She stuffed whatever papers and books she could find into her messy backpack, and headed to the bathroom.

Elizabeth had started taken pains to avoid looking at herself in the mirror, since what she saw increasingly distressed her. Despite her best efforts to regain control of her dietary regimen, she had continued to fall off of the wagon over the past month. When she didn’t splurge on cafeteria food at school, she’d sneak down into her family’s kitchen at night and stuff herself full of that night’s cold leftovers. The food wasn’t always tasty, but she longed for that sated, full feeling and did whatever she could to get it. A few times, when she was worried her family would notice how much food was missing, she left the refrigerator door open and left discarded food scraps on the floor so she could blame the family dog. Though Sparky wasn’t allowed to sleep inside the house anymore, she was sure her parents doubted her story, for their daughter was clearly gaining weight.

Elizabeth gazed at her reflection reluctantly and surveyed the damage. Her face was clearly puffier and slightly greasier looking. Her trademark diamond shaped cheeks were fading behind a soft layer of fat, and the beginnings of a double chin had begun. Elizabeth’s shoulders were a little rounder and wider, and her upper arms looked a tad huskier.

One bright spot was that her small breasts had finally filled out considerably. Her chest would likely give even Jillian a run for her money now. Sadly, her tummy had grown even more, and soft looking potbelly threatened to stick out even further than her bust. Below that, her hips and thighs had widened, and her butt strained against every pair of pants she owned.

Elizabeth let out a long sigh and stepped into the shower. Her hair seemed to be darker that was usual. She had heard of children’s blonde hair darkening as they got older, but had thought that at 18, she was past that possibility. As she vigorously rubbed the shampoo into her scalp, she noticed her chubbier body jiggle slightly.

She dried herself off, and not feeling the need to put on any makeup, put her hair into a ponytail and dressed in the baggiest clothes she owned. She trudged downstairs, and poured herself some cereal. These days, she used a full bowl of flakes instead of measuring out a tiny handful. When her parents weren’t looking, she’d substitute the skim milk for half & half, with delicious results.

“Honey,” her Mom said with a nervous tenor to her voice. “We need to have a little talk.”

“Not now,” Elizabeth said through a mouthful of breakfast, “I’m running late.”

“Alright,” her Mom replied defensively. “But you can’t put us off forever. We are your parents, and we want to help you with whatever is going on, no matter what it is, ok?”

Elizabeth gave her Mom a long hug, but then ran out the door without saying another word. She herself didn’t know what was going on, or why.

During cheerleading practice, it was increasingly obvious that Elizabeth was no longer keeping up. In addition to being noticeably heavier than she had been just a month ago, she seemed to get winded more easily. Furthermore, her coordination had suffered. On two occasions, she performed a step off rhythm. One of these missteps caused someone to almost fall during an aerial move.

As disturbing as these changes were to Elizabeth, she found herself oddly unmotivated to try to keep up the pace. A short while ago, being on the squad was both fun, and a symbol of her status at school. Now, all the jumping and shouting seemed like such a waste of time. Why do all this hard work just to provide moral support to a bunch of football players, who were in turn wasting their time smashing into each other? Why not put this effort into making education cool? Why were the cheerleaders, and not the kids on the honor roll, the cool kids anyway?

“Elizabeth,” the coach began at the end of the session. “We have to…”

“Yeah, yeah, we have to talk. I’m off the squad, right?” Elizabeth cut the coach off, using a cynical tone that surprised even her. The coach, used to the quiet, go along to get along Elizabeth, blanched with surprise.

“While that was what I was going to say, Elizabeth, I’m surprised by your cavalier attitude about this. I’ll let you back on if you shape up. Please, let me know if anything is going on,” the coach lowered her voice before continuing, “like if these changes are because you’re pregnant.”

“What?” Elizabeth replied with indignation.

“I want to respect the privacy of the other girls, but let me say that you wouldn’t be the first pregnant teenager this year,” the coach said, continuing to whisper.

“Look, being a cheerleader isn’t the end all be all of human existence. I’m fine and I don’t need this,” Elizabeth spat, her ears burning.

“Well, if that’s the way you feel…” the coach said with a sigh. The rest of the girls made their way to the locker room to change.

“What went on with you and the coach back there?” Jillian asked her, once inside. “Were you just pissed because she cut you from the squad?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Elizabeth replied. “I don’t know what came over me. I never act like that. I’m so glad it’s nail painting day, Jillian. I really could use a pick me up.”

“Yeah, about that,” Jillian began as she pealed off her cheerleading outfit, revealing her lithe, flawless physique. “If you want to let yourself go to hell, that’s fine. But don’t expect me to come along for the ride.”

“But, I thought we were best friends,” Elizabeth said, her lip quivering.

“We totally were, you know, past tense,” Jillian replied with a sneering tone, as she gazed at Elizabeth’s pudgy body, which strained against the tight cheerleading uniform. “But come on, you’d do the same thing to me if the situation was reversed. I’ve got an image to maintain.”

“Why?” Elizabeth let the existential question hang in the air for several moments. Jillian, too stunned for an answer, merely muttered “whatever” under her breath and walked away.

Though she had called Jillian her best friend moments ago, this certainly wasn’t their first big fight. In the past, though, Elizabeth had always chased her friend down, begging forgiveness, which she always received. She had always assumed that Jillian was an overly sensitive person, and that she needed to be extra careful of her friends delicate feelings.

Now, though, that sense of understanding and forgiveness that had come so naturally to her was gone. Instead, she felt nothing but suspicion for her friend’s motives. Had she staged her previous tiffs, just as a way to show her who was the boss? And was she really so concerned with appearing cool that she’d cut out her best friend over appearance issues? If so, she certainly wasn’t much of a friend to begin with. Elizabeth slammed her locker shut, feeling angry and betrayed.

Elizabeth opted to head to Bible study during lunch instead of the cafeteria, not wanting to risk running into Jillian. In the past, quietly listening to the words of the Gospel was always a soothing and relaxing activity for her, and she relished the thought of getting a moment’s peace on such a difficult day.

The youth organizer read from Genesis, which was common. She had heard the story many times: God had made everything, a snake tricked Eve into eating an apple, and everything went downhill from there. In the past, Elizabeth had accepted this story without giving it a second though. Now, though, she felt questions forcing themselves into her mind and onto her lips.

“I have a question,” Elizabeth began, trying to be as respectful as possible. “Why did God place the tree in the garden if he didn’t want man to eat from it?” The room fell into an uncomfortable silence. “And,” she added, “God’s all knowing, right? He knew what would happen in the garden before he created Adam and Eve. If he knew they’d disobey and cause the fall of mankind, why was he so mad about it?”

“Those are some good questions, Elizabeth,” the youth leader replied, “But, as Christians, we have to accept what’s in the Bible as a matter of faith. God works in mysterious ways.”

“That’s another thing,” Elizabeth countered. “Why do we have to accept the Bible on faith? I mean, couldn’t I just say, you have to accept the Koran on faith, and if it doesn’t make sense to you, then Allah works in mysterious ways? Or Thor, or Zues, for that matter?”

The silence was gone, replaced with hushed, concerned whispering noises. “In a secular world, we’re just animals. We need the morality of Jesus to help by the guiding light in people’s hearts, Elizabeth,” was the reply.

“I have two problems with that,” Elizabeth said, her increasingly strident tone shocking her and the rest of the girls. “One, you’re presenting a false dichotomy of Christianity vs. no belief in anything. Two, largely secular countries like Japan and Sweden have lower crime rates than the US, and within the US, states that are less religious tend to have lower crime rates. So Bible-based morality isn’t motivating people to be good. The evidence shows the opposite.”

“Elizabeth, if that’s how you feel, you should leave,” was the reply.

“Fine,” she said, and made her way for the door. “By the way, human beings are animals. It’s called the theory of evolution. Look it up. There’s more evidence supporting it than the theory of gravity,” she shouted on the way out.

When the day ended and Elizabeth found herself in Ms. Darkin’s science class, she had no trouble putting her hand up and answering every question, even when the eyes of the rest of the class were trained on her. After the bell rang, the frizzy haired science teacher walked up to Elizabeth.

“Let me guess,” Elizabeth said with a snapping tone of voice. “You’re asking me to sign up for the science fair for the millionth time?”

Flustered, Ms. Darkin stammered for a moment.

“I accept!” Elizabeth exclaimed, and gave her teacher a bear hug.

“You don’t usually tell jokes like that,” Ms. Darkin said, a little startled.

“I’ve been in kind of a funk lately,” Elizabeth began. She was about to apologize, which was her general habit when she did anything that was out of the ordinary, but it occurred to her that she had no reason to do it. If someone had a problem with her, that was their problem, she decided.

Before she arrived home, she decided to stop at a grocery store. She received a modest allowance from her parents, which she was used to spending on makeup. She hadn’t worn that in a while, so she figured she ought to divert those funds to snacks.

“No more raiding the ‘fridge at midnight for me,” she said to herself as she stuffed her cart full of junk food. Red licorice, 2 liters of soda, and mini cinnamon rolls made their way into her cart, along with potato chips and sour gummy bears.

When she arrived home, her parents were waiting for her.

“Elizabeth,” her father began sternly, “your mother and I received some disturbing phone calls.”

“Is it true that you’re off the cheerleading squad, Elizabeth? And did you really raise that big fuss during Bible study?” her mother asked, her voice strained and tight.

“Yeah,” Elizabeth replied, nonchalantly.

“What’s going on? You’re not acting like the daughter I know,” her father growled.

Elizabeth paused. It was a good question – she had changed her behavior pretty radically, and there was no apparent explanation.

“I don’t know,” she said thoughtfully after a long pause. She knew that, had she been warned how her life was going to change a month ago, she would have been as horrified as her parents must feel now, perhaps even more so. From her current perspective, though, she couldn’t bring herself to feel upset about it. What had happened to her today, though it was upsetting, seemed entirely natural for a girl like her. What really perplexed her was why she had ever joined the cheerleading squad and Bible study to begin with. What had she been thinking?

“You’re not going to get off that easy, Elizabeth,” her father said menacingly. “We’re your parents, and we’re not going to just sit by while something awful happens to our only child. We want you to turn out right”

Elizabeth suddenly had an answer to the question she had just posed herself. She had become a cheerleader and a bible study member because her parents had wanted her to. She had been desperate to be a perfect child, to be whatever they need her to be. Now, she only felt resentment that they had asked her in the first place.

“Things are going to be different from now on,” Elizabeth promised, talking with a new determination that was alien to her. “I’m going to my room and I want to be left alone.” Bags of food in hand, she marched upstairs.

Her parents, shocked at this surprising behavior from their daughter, let her be. In her room, Elizabeth started to eat and drink. She chugged down the soda, and chewed potato chips until her jaw was practically numb. Her stomach grew increasingly round and large, but she didn’t mind. She rubbed the softening flesh with one hand as she laid back in bed and relaxed. All that mattered was that she was becoming full and happy, and the heavy feeling in her gut gave her a warm glow.

Hours later, stickiness from the sour gummy bears coated her fingers, and cinnamon sugar from the rolls fell all over. It showered her bed, her carpet, and even her clothes. A few grains landed fell into her growing cleavage. She didn’t notice as she drifted off to sleep.
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Default Case Study Continued

Chapter Four: Four Months after Exposure

Elizabeth rolled out of bed, which took considerable effort. She was on track to be late for school, but P.E. was her first class, so she didn’t mind missing a few minutes. Her old immaculate room was gone, as candy wrappers and wadded up papers covered the carpet. She shoved what she could find into her backpack, and then put on some sweat pants and an ultra baggy T shirt.

In the bathroom, she brushed her teeth, but didn’t bother showering. What had once been a daily ritual could now be postponed to every couple of days. Shaving her body hair was also, her mind, a big waste of time. She wasn’t showing off her body to a man, so why did she need to keep it in tip top condition? And besides, if a man wanted her, why would that make her under obligation to fix herself up? She looked at herself in the mirror and pondered how much she had changed.

Elizabeth’s dismissal from the cheerleading squad was effectively the cessation of all forms of exercise. At the same time, she had massively increased the amount of calories she was taking in every day, from a near anorexic handful of food to a regular junk food binge whenever she got the chance. Her body clearly showed the results of her radically altered habits.

Her face bore almost no resemblance to its formal self. The chubby, apple shaped cheeks obliterated her diamond cheek bones, and she had a doughy, double chin to match it. Her hair had become even darker, and now she didn’t even bother with a ponytail. It simply lay limply on the sides of her face.

Her arms were much meatier, and shook violently when she waved at someone. Her breasts, though much bigger, had started to expand to the point where they had begun to sag a little. Her big potbelly jutted out in front of her, and even her back had a couple of rolls of fat.

“Like the cinnamon rolls I love so much,” Elizabeth thought to herself, feeling no sense of shame about the size of her bigger body. She grabbed her belly, and sunk her hands into it. It felt warm, soft, and pleasant to her fingers. Her butt was much bigger as well, though in her mind, it was just a nice big cushion she took with her to make chairs more comfortable. Her thighs were much thicker and wider, and her hips had expanded too, complete with little love handles.

Her parents, though unhappy with her changes at first, had eventually reached a truce of sorts with their daughter. They stayed out of each others way and didn’t criticize each other. Elizabeth missed the closeness she had once experienced with her family, but figured that it was just taking them a while to get used to the new her.

When she arrived at school, she grudgingly changed into her P.E. uniform. She tried to keep up with the rest of the class, but her added heft made it more difficult. A few of the kids had started to make jokes at her expense. Today, they were even joined by Jillian, who shouted, “Nice going, piggy,” when Elizabeth struck out in softball.

In the locker room, Elizabeth felt determined to get even. She marched her way over to Jillian, who didn’t even acknowledge her presence.

“You think you’re something just because you’re thin and you have big tits,” Elizabeth shouted at her former best friend. “Well, I’ve got you beat in one of those categories,” she said as she removed her top and her bra. Her massive, fat breasts sprang free.

“What are you doing?” Jillian asked, feeling embarrassed.

“Big, aren’t they? And I didn’t have to have my Daddy fly me to Orange County to get them stuffed full of silicone,” Elizabeth said. Jillian, horrified that her secret was out, ran out of the room as fast as her toothpick legs could carry her.

Elizabeth didn’t bother debating the Bible study people anymore. Now, she spent her time hanging out at the school’s anime club, which was largely populated by other nerdy kids.

“Lizzy!” was the shout that greeted her as she walked into the AV building where the club’s lunch meeting was held. She had asked new friends to call her by the nickname, as her full name seemed so feminine and antiquated.

“Hey gang, good news, I brought donut holes,” she said, pulling a big box from her bag. “I thought it would give us energy for writing some good fan fiction. I’ve got an itch for some really unorthodox couples,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

Just then, the door opened, and Ms. Darkin stepped into the room.

“Lizzy,” she began, and Elizabeth smiled. She was the only person who had switched over to her nickname. “I’m so glad I caught up with you. You finished the project for the science fair last night, right? The deadline is today.”

“Actually,” Elizabeth began, as she absentmindedly started munching on a donut hole, “I got a new idea.”

“A new idea! You’ve had six new ideas already for this fair,” the teacher replied. “You’ve got to have the discipline to develop the idea once you get it. You can’t just move on to the next idea.”

“But this one’s so good!” Elizabeth gushed. “Where’s some chalk? I’ll show you.” She picked up a stick, and started writing some chemistry equations on the blackboard behind her. “See, it all started when I thought about Noble gasses, right? Well, what if you could shear off one electron off of each atom? Just alter it a little bit? You’d start a chain reaction. In no time, the behavior of that atom would change radically. It would start bonding that would have been unthinkable for it, so to speak, in its old state. It would end up involved in bigger molecules it never would have otherwise. Think of the applications for, say, fuel cells. Why do we have to be content with Hydrogen’s destiny being plain old water? It can be whatever we want it to be.”

“That’s brilliant,” Ms. Darkin began. “You should start developing that for the fair right away. Why didn’t you do that last night, anyway?”

“I like to get ten hours of sleep these days, I feel more rested. And eating takes a bit longer than it used to. Also, ‘Sailor Moon’ was on,” Elizabeth explained. One anime club member gave her a high five for the mention of one of their favorite shows. “I’m lucky I ran into you. I might have forgotten to write down that equation. Don’t erase that chalkboard,” Elizabeth added with a casual shrug.

“You’re a brilliant scientist, but you’ve got to focus,” Ms. Darkin pleaded. “You need to develop this idea. I can help you, if you need help.”

“Yeah, but what if I would have come up with a better idea, if I hadn’t spent all my time on the grunt work of developing this one?” Elizabeth complained. “I’m more of a conceptual person.”

“Science is all about rigor and the experimental process,” the teacher replied weakly.

“Well, maybe science needs to chance to respond to the needs of people like me. You know, Albert Einstein was so disorganized that he paid people to stand around in his house and write down his ideas if he was suddenly struck with inspiration. Speaking of that,” Elizabeth began, her eyes suddenly widening, “I’ve got a great inspiration for an experiment for your class today.”

“What is that?” Ms. Darkin asked, thinking she might have to get another blackboard.

“The effect of pizza on a high school student’s stomach. Let’s order a dozen for the class!” At her suggestion, the other anime club members got excited. A dozen nerdy kids, most of them overweight and wearing ill fitting clothes, started cheering for pizza. It was about as far removed from her cheerleading days as was possible, but somehow, Lizzy felt like she belonged.

Epilogue: The Formula’s Future

Ms. Darkin remained in her classroom long after the students had left. Lizzy’s idea was based on the chain reactions resulting from the smallest changes. Ironically, nowhere had that been more true than in her experiment with Lizzy’s DNA. She had meant only to gently prod her in the right direction, to give her a gentle nudge into becoming a bit more comfortable with her scientific mind. Unintended social pressures had exacerbated the changes, causing then to go much farther than she had ever intended. She was almost a different person now, one who would forever have difficulty fitting into mainstream society, and especially a small town like Meadow Falls, Idaho.

On the upside, though, she did have proof positive that her DNA concoction worked. And while she might not have a student who would take home the science fair trophy, she knew that Lizzy had the potential for scientific greatness. As much as she wanted to feel guilty for all she had inadvertently done to make Lizzy’s life more difficult, that one fact seemed to overpower everything. If she had it to do all over again, she decided that she would.

Next year’s class, she decided, would be quite interesting.

The End

I hope you enjoyed this story - please leave your feedback below! To read more of my stories, visit My Transformations.
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