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Default What You Want (~BHM, WG, BDSM, bondage, forcefeeding, fem-dom, male sub, explicit,

(NOTE: A submissive feedee's adoring declaration to his dominating mistress. Written for someone special...)

I’ll give you what you want – what you really, really want.

Only what you wish for me matters now.

You want me beneath you, my belly domed toward the ceiling, you riding it expertly, your legs spread wide apart to encompass my growing girth. I am here for your pleasure, dear. Wrap those thighs about my gluttonous belly, and let your knees sink into my soft flab.

You desire that I be bruised and moaning, and so I am – bruised by your prodding me with your whip to more and more consumption of calories – excessive fattening foods which you push into me without ceasing. I am here to meet your desires, and I moan in pain and pleasure, the two now intertwined and no longer divisible by me. What you want is all I want.

You only wish that I bring to life your every fantasy, and I am here, willing to meet that challenge. Even stuffed until I hurt, I still open my mouth and allow your slender fingers to push cakes and chocolates into me. I am here to fulfill your fantasies. Just let me know what they are, and I will make them all come to reality.

That you want to do the same for me – to fulfill my every fantasy – is sweet but unnecessary. Only in the fulfillment of your dreams will I be satisfied. Not that my satisfaction even matters to me now, my Enchantress. I am a slave to you and your fantasies. Use me, and abuse me for your own pleasures.

You want me to eat eat eat like a little piggy! Too soon, that will be impossible because you are putting a belly on me that is rapidly growing massive. I don’t wish to disappoint, but there is nothing “little” about the piggy you are turning me into. I submit to your whims, and I eat all that you bring to me – all that you force into me. I will oink and grunt and groan for every crumb of food you give me. I will consume all of it willingly, tempted by your fantasies for me.

You will enjoy every ounce, every pound, every kilogram of weight I gain, forcing me into a life of morbid obesity. You wish for my belly to burst the buttons from every one of my shirts. This I will do for you, the fabric is stretching across my bloated tummy, the buttons strain to contain it until “ping – ping – ping” the threads give way, and buttons pop. My belly will meet your desires, flopping out of its constraints, full and rounded – a huge ball of blubber for your enjoyment.

You desire then that we buy me a whole new wardrobe and start the process over again. I will submit to whatever humiliation you have in mind, shopping at store after store, trying on clothes too small, clothes which are snug, and clothes which are very loose – allowing room for future growth and future pleasures for you. I will come out of the dressing rooms and model for you any outfit you desire me to put on – speedo swimsuits and three-piece suits with vests which I cannot button up over my belly. I will allow you back in the dressing room with me, letting you me more and more fattening food as you observe my feeding in three mirrors.

You wish that I grow hard as a rock beneath all that softness which I am growing for you. And I have no way to say no to this. It is as you wish because you have so lovingly made me a partner in your desires. As your fingers slide beneath my soft fat belly, they feel how hard I have become for you. I cannot help myself. I am yours to take whenever you wish – and only then. My desires matter naught.

I do not find it cruel at all that you wish me to whimper. Others might think so, but seeing me whimpering and begging for your touch is what will bring you pleasure. And that is what I am all about – delivering pleasure to you, Mistress. I long for your touch, but my longing does not matter. I will get down on my knees, I will bow before you, I will plead with you for hours, just for the honor of being touched by your fine fingers, rubbed by the palms of your sweet hands – those same hands which lovingly feed me. That you find joy in feeding and feeling me is what this is all about.

With every bite of food you give me, I will become more and more aroused. I will sweat and shiver with longing for you. I will shake, and my fat will quiver with desires. But my desires matter not. That you wish me to be in this shape – round and aroused – is all that matters to me. My desire is only to fulfill your wishes and bring your fantasies to life.

You want me to want you, and I do. But I know to wait for you. You make the moves. I may beg and plead for you, but you are the only one I adore. I await whatever pain or pleasure you wish to bring to me. I submit to your desires. I may crave your touch, but I know to be patient, that what you wish to do and when you wish to do it is paramount.

I submit to you, and you bind me beneath you, tied to the bed. I give up my freedom, my movement, my will for you, Mistress. You tempt me into gluttonies and pleasures unknown to most men. Atop me, you ride in glory, your long legs on each side of my now-huge belly. For now, you bind me with ties, but soon enough, I will bound to this bed with all the fat you will force me to grow – bound by the pain of not being able to sit up or stand – buried beneath hundreds of pounds of fat rolls which you have created upon my body. This is what you want, and I submit to you my freedom to move and any desire I have to leave this bed. Beneath you, I feel your loving body pushing into mine.

You force upon me the pain of overeating, the pain of being so stuffed I can’t imagine eating one more thing, and then the pain of eating more and more on top of that. You force upon me your vision for me – a fat round ball of masculinity gone soft, my abs now gone, my muscles now atrophied and buried beneath thick juicy fat. You force me into the emotional pain of knowing that I will never be able to leave – that the smallest attempt to leave you will only bring more pain to me. My body will ache and shiver in pain from gaining all the weight of your fantasies. My excesses will enslave me as my body grows nearly immobile.

The consequence of all this forced fattening is what you really dream of. You climb atop me again. I am bound and fattened beneath you. Your beautiful curvy body sinks into my fat as you play with my chestnut curls. I submit my all to you. That’s all you want, isn’t it? It’s all I have to give – I surrender my slender muscular body, letting you shape it as you will. I give you my body, my health, my appetites, my soul and my sensual desires – my very life, I give to you.

I’ll give you what you want – what you really, really want – all of it.

Only what you wish for me matters now.
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