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Default Conference in Zurich ~BBW ~BHM ~~WG

Conference in Zurich
By Ssaylleb

Two former colleagues meet up to find that life has treated them both expansively.

Chapter 1

Daniel stood in line patiently, wishing those before him would get a move on. The conference in Zurich had so far been a complete waste of time from a professional perspective, but at least the food was top notch. Usually he tried to control his appetite and would take moderate portions but then invariably found himself making several visits to the buffet. Hoping that his gluttony would pass unnoticed Daniel would make sure to eat in a different spot each time. The food dance was repeated for desserts.

However at this conference in Zurich he had met no-one he knew, no other Americans and was unlikely to see any of these delegates ever again. As a result he decided he couldn't care less if anyone thought him a pig. He decided to do away with his usual pretences and that way avoid waiting in the queue all over again – why pretend that he was going to stop at one small portion he thought, glancing down at his belly.

He was hardly the largest guy there; carrying a robust 220 lbs on a 5'10” frame that reflected a lack of exercise and a penchant for overeating. His weight had crept up gradually but now a distinct belly swelled over his belt, rounding out his shirt and demanding attention. Finally reaching the buffet, Daniel piled his plate high with all the delicacies on offer. The healthy tomatoes and cucumbers were bypassed in favour of foie gras pate, quiche lorraine and potatoes in a cream sauce. His plate towering with food he sought a quiet spot to pig out.

There was no seating, people were expected to stand at cocktail tables – a practice Daniel disliked intensely. How could you properly enjoy your food if you were not comfortably seated? He spotted an empty table almost hidden behind a large potted fern and rested his plate on it. He tucked a napkin over his tie, the serviette wrestling for space with his double chin. Just as he bit into the first mayonnaise-laden potato, with an electric shiver he felt a gentle caress on his belly and a voice from his past breathed “Daniel. I don’t believe it.”

He froze instantly. The voice was undoubtedly Tracy’s – a colleague from several years ago with whom he used to train and compete in marathons. He’d also fancied the pants off her but they were both in relationships so nothing ever happened. How embarrassing for her to find him like this, the hog in the corner and there was no hiding his fat gut, she had clearly noticed it immediately.

Daniel turned with an expression of shocked dismay on his face, that quickly turned to confusion. Tracy’s face was recognisable, just about, but her body was not. He beheld a plump young woman whose soft curves threatened to burst out of her tight business dress. At 5'5” she must have weighed at least 180 lbs, significantly up from the toned 120 he knew her at. She looked great, he thought, with her wide hips and rounded plump butt, fat breasts and a sweet convex curve to her belly. She laughed the pretty peal he remembered so clearly. “Well. You obviously don’t do marathons anymore either!”

Placing her own loaded plate on the table she bounced his side with her soft hip and exclaimed: “Make space, one fatty coming through!”

“Tracy, oh my God! What are you doing here? I mean, how are you? How good to see you!” he rushed out all at once.

“I can’t believe you wound up at this conference either? Are you in this line now or is it as big a waste of time for you as it is for me?” She asked and smiled, her mouth already full of creamed salmon pie.

“Complete and utter waste of time – until now that is! I never see you in the States but bump into you here of all places! I haven’t seen you since we left Pear’s, what was that? Five years ago?” he asked.

“More like seven I think. Well, how did things turn out for you? Did you marry Sandra? Kids?” she interrogated.

“Oh no, never had the chance. Sandra and I broke up soon after as I got an opportunity in Europe and went for it. And you? Married Kurt?”

“Nope, that didn’t happen.” Tracy didn’t elaborate.

They both noticed at the same instant that they were trying to eye up the other. Daniel broke the tension first. “Well, you’re right, I don’t do marathons anymore. Not unless you count a marathon weekend of eating!”

“Hehe, I can tell Daniel. I have to say it suits you. I never imagined you running to fat” she mused, then continued. “I stopped running too obviously, I just turned into your typical office woman who turns 30, gives up the fight and just lets the fat accumulate.”

“Oh nonsense, you look amazing!” said Daniel.

“Hmm...” replied Tracy distantly. “Remember how we used to run?”

“Miles and miles!” replied Daniel. “All that running in the woods behind the office training for those damned marathons! Remember when… we…” he broke off, wondering if he sounded stupid. Tracy probably didn’t even remember, had most likely never even felt anything back then.

“When the air in the forest was electric?” she finished his sentence slowly.

“When our bodies were telling us to dance and make music together but we blocked it off, out of a stupid misguided sense of loyalty towards partners who anyway got left by the wayside of our lives?”

“So you felt it too… thank god, I’ve beaten myself up so many times since then, berating myself for not doing anything, but not knowing whether you felt anything. I know this sounds really bad, but do you know from that period of my life I remember our runs more clearly than all the time I spent with Sandra?”

“Oh me too Daniel, I regretted not acting on it then, and have done so ever since.”

“Ah I can’t believe society’s constraints got the better of us!” lamented Daniel.

“I know, but what were we to do? We were team-mates, and let’s face it both gunning for the same promotion, both in relationships…” she tailed off.

“I wonder if all that running we did, all the personal competition was a way to let off our sexual steam? I know for sure that seeing your hot butt in those tight skirts I was ready to blow my load at any second” said Daniel, feeling strangely relieved at coming clean after so long.

“Well I still do the tight skirts, but back then they were size 4’s which I bought purposely tight to show off my sculpted body. Now these are size 14 and should really be a 16, but I can’t admit to myself I’m that fat yet.” She half turned and stuck out her butt towards Daniel as she said this, allowing him to examine the offending buttocks himself. He was amazed and turned on at how wide and plump her formerly toned butt had grown. “Though when you see the amount of food I put on this plate you can see why I'm not losing any!” she laughed nervously.

“Oh but you are that fat” whispered Daniel, covertly sliding his hand along her belly, feeling the soft flesh underneath her shirt. She gasped and sucked it in instinctively, but he pinched her flab gently. “No hiding anything this time around Tracy. Let it out” he instructed. She exhaled, relaxing her muscles, letting her belly hang out, feeling it push against his warm hand. “I can see from the way you close your eyes at each bite and really savour the taste, you just love eating don’t you?” he whispered. “You sit back and eat, one morsel at a time, one portion then another, always saying this is the last one. You imagine that you have the willpower to jump up and go for a run whenever you feel like. But it doesn’t happen, you’ve become too lazy, so you keep eating and watch your belly get fatter, your butt spreading out under you like honey poured out of a jar. You feel your clothes getting tighter, and you say ‘oh I really must be more careful, I’ll hit the gym tomorrow for sure’ but you don’t, do you? No you gorge yourself on – what’s your sin Tracy? Pasta and pizza or cheese and wine? Chocolates and desserts?”
“All of the above” she breathed huskily, “the more the merrier” her hand on top of Daniel’s, pushing it into her belly, her pussy moist.

“Mmm what a pig” teased Daniel. “Yes, you sit there guzzling your goodies while this sexy body grows fat and one morning your clothes don’t fit anymore. So you head to the store for a larger size and promise yourself you will really lose weight now, this has gone too far… but you don’t, because actually you don’t want to. You enjoy your food too much, you like being greedy and getting fat is just the price to pay, but you can’t admit it because that’s just too weird for society to handle.”

“Oh Daniel” she murmured, “No one has ever read me so clearly before. And it’s all true. After Pear’s bankruptcy I began to question everything in my life. We spent so much time and effort to impress and build up a reputation… for what? The people we spent so long trying to wow were just as redundant as us… what a waste! I got depressed and stopped exercising, started comfort eating all day at home instead of job hunting. After 6 months Kurt had enough of coming home to see me fatter and glummer every day and finally dumped me. It sounds callous but to be honest I don’t blame him, I was doing absolutely nothing to help myself and I must have packed on a good forty pounds in that time. And it was a good thing as it forced me to go out there.

I crashed at Penny’s – remember her? – and she helped me find a job at Circle through her sister. Although I lost a bit of weight I remained up at least twenty pounds but the funny thing was that it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I even got some compliments – of course with the extra weight I was popping my skirt suits even tighter and these puppies got some more swing to them” she said, shaking her breasts slightly. “So that became the new me, doing well enough but less cut-throat, I couldn’t work up the energy to fight as hard as I used to. I got lazier and yes, greedier too. I didn’t stuff my face, well not often, but I wasn’t calorie counting and in that way I guess I added maybe a few pounds each year. Not much at a time but overall – well you see me now, 160 pounds of fun!”

She turned to Daniel. “Now tell me about you: what have you been eating these last few years? For the marathon runner I knew and lusted after to get so soft in the middle you must have spent most of your time eating” she teased.

“Hehe, not far off” laughed Daniel, pushing his hair out of his twinkling brown eyes just as she remembered. “After the redundancy I went wild, and sick with the US of A, I fired my CV all over the world. To my surprise I got a Skype interview with a brokerage in Paris, and they offered me the job a week later. I asked Sandra to join but she wouldn’t risk losing her place on the ladder so we pretended to do the long-distance thing for a couple of months until our emails and phone calls became so far apart that it sort of ended itself.”

“I enjoyed the life there but the work was so different, I had lots to learn and found no time to work out. I soon found myself gaining weight which the other guys found hilarious. They said I was the typical American, going to Europe and getting fat. The funny thing is I really didn’t mind the label – in a way it was my claim to fame, and on the other hand I thought I could control it, you know? Gain a few pounds and then lose them easily. Well, I lived it up, always drinking a bit more, eating a bit more than the others. I gained around 20 pounds that first year but the damage went deeper than that. I tried going for a run but found that my muscles had turned to flab so I couldn't maintain even a slow jog. Well I eased off the pigging out after that but still, a couple of years later I was up around fifty pounds. Then I came back here to open an office for them but the timing was really bad and it didn’t take off. I started working out again then, and dropped about 20 lbs but work soon got too busy.”

“Anyway, I left them and I'm with P-Square now, doing these blasted conferences because no one else wants to. So as I spend more time out of office than in I enjoy all the buffets have to offer, I’ve gorged my way up to around 210 pounds last I checked, but I must be more by now.”

Tracy felt his belly, her probing fingers quickly found his bare flesh between the buttons. “Who's sucking it in now?” she asked. “There’s space in here for dessert” she murmured. “They are really good, even if the portions are tiny.” Then she added “I should know, I took about 10 yesterday.”

“So you’re the pig who finished them for me!” he mocked. “And I had only had 15 of them.”

They wandered over to the dessert table at the buffet. In Swiss style these were heavenly sweets of all sorts, but served in bite-size portions. While most delegates made a show of frugality by taking one or two desserts, Daniel and Tracy happily ignored appearances in favour of appetite, each loading a full-sized plate with desserts, earning disapproving looks from other delegates and the waiters. Back at their table Tracy grabbed a mini raspberry tart and popped it into Daniel’s mouth. He bit into it, savouring the flavours and swallowed it down, then fed Tracy a mini lemon meringue. They continued in this vein until they realised that not only their plates were empty, but the area had cleared as all the delegates had returned to the hall for the next presentation.

“Oh crap, how did we miss the call?” wondered Tracy, “we better get in there.” They walked in and sat together towards the back, far more interested in one another than in the discussion panel Daniel read on the conference program: 'Your clients are using social media to make buying decisions – are you there?'

“Just got to check a few emails” Tracy whispered and took her iPhone out of her bag. Daniel pretended to look ahead at the panel but glanced at her surreptitiously. It was strange to see so much he remembered about her mingled with her new, well-fed look. Whereas the Tracy he remembered used to perch lightly in chairs, too active and wired to sit still for long, this grown up version filled her seat completely, clearly happy to rest at ease. Her butt and hips bulged out sideways under her weight and pushed out slightly over each side of the chair. Her ample thighs spread out, a soft foundation on which rested her plump belly, nicely stuffed from their lunch. Her breasts had filled out from pert little B cups back in the day to a pair of heavy womanly melons.

Her eyes were the same, blue and twinkling, naughty and inviting temptation. Her dark hair was longer and hung in waves over her shoulders. It used to be shorter he recalled, she used to rock the Posh Spice fringe cut at an angle. She had the start of a double chin he noticed, the skin under her chin filled out with a soft layer of flab. Her cheeks, not surprisingly were chubbier, soft pillows that just asked to be kissed softly. Despite her larger size, she still dressed very sexily, in fact he thought she looked rather sexier than she used to. The gym-honed female that typically adorned magazine covers no longer did it for him. As he had given in to his appetite and started to gain weight, he had come to appreciate it in others also; the plump picture that Tracy presented was Daniel's idea of perfection.

He became aware that her fingers had stopped typing at the speed of light and with a guilty start noticed that she had caught him checking her out. He looked fixedly at the panel without seeing anything and felt rather than saw Tracy move towards him. “Do you like what you see?” she breathed into his ear. “'Cos I sure do and I think you do too... unless that's a kayak in your pants.”

Daniel had to work hard not to laugh out loud at that and didn't trust himself to look at her. This gave her time to check out her former team-mate. Given their present location she had to ignore his rather obvious erection that he vainly tried to hide with a conference program. His thick black hair had thinned out slightly but she reckoned he had a while yet till it would change his look. His face was as good looking as always, slightly fuller cheeks of course, and a double chin made more obvious due to his collar and tie. For the rest his body seemed not just plumper but somehow more well-built. She couldn’t really define it but the Daniel she remembered was skinny, a lithe runner’s build. Now his frame seemed more sturdy, wider and more substantial. Trying to work it out her gaze dropped to his chest then took in his gut, pouring out over his belt and filling his shirt completely. Her loins stirred again.

Tracy turned back to pretend to look at the panel on stage. The smile playing on her lips widened as she felt Daniel’s hand brush past her love handles and rest on her thigh. He leaned over towards her and asked in a whisper: “are you following this at all?”

“No!” she smothered a laugh.

He held out the program showing the remaining agenda for the afternoon. “Anything interests you here?”

“No, let’s head!”

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Chapter 2

Leaving the conference hall Daniel asked what she preferred to do. “Well, I think us bumping into each other like this calls for a celebration huh?” she queried.

“Absolutely! What are you thinking? Cake and coffee or strawberries, cream and champagne?”

“OK Daniel, I’ll say this now. We had a nice honest chat in there but you do need to understand that I really have become greedy. I know we just pigged out on those little bite size desserts but all they did is make crave a really humongous slice of cake!”

“My thoughts exactly!” cheered Daniel, then he asked “so what’s your favourite cake? I take you for a black forest or red velvet type of gal.”

“Ooh both, red velvet especially and carrot cake too when it’s done well. You?”

“Apple pie with cream on the side. And on the other side. And on top.”
“Really, you love cream that much?”

Daniel looked at her, as though weighing something up. She sensed it and quickly said “go on, tell me. I guarantee it won’t shock me.”

“OK then, you asked. Been nice knowing you even if you just walk away after this. Thing is, I like taking cakes in cafes, but the problem is no matter how big the portion, I always want more. So what I love more than anything is to stop at the store on my way home from work and buy an apple pie big enough for 12 people, a litre of vanilla ice-cream and three cans of whipped cream. All the way home I see the pie smiling at me and I get turned on thinking about how I’m gonna pig out. Once home I slice the pie and heat it in the oven, drawing out the time; the anticipation makes me drool. Then I take out a slice of pie from the oven, couple of scoops of ice cream, then add the cream. And I mean I spray it all over till you can’t even tell there’s pie underneath. Then I dig in with a fork and guzzle the whole plate down – it’s a race to eat it before all the cream melts. Then I cut another slice and repeat the fun, sometimes I go slow and eat it over a whole evening, other times I’ve just kept going until the pie’s gone to a happy home in my fat gut. And if by mistake there’s any cream left I just spray it straight into my mouth. Then I flop on the sofa, enjoying seeing how fat I look; on a really good day I’ll tear my pants or blow a button off.”

Silence followed. Tracy was breathing hard, her face red. Daniel already regretted having opened his big mouth. Why couldn’t he be normal? Why did he have to go and ruin everything with a woman whose touch was electric now as it was years ago? Suddenly Tracy grabbed him and turned him around so her face was just inches from his. He took in her ravishing beauty, sure that this was to be his last view of it.

“Oh Daniel, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard! No wonder your belly is so fat if you make a habit of this – and I’m so relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who pigs out so intensely and yes, I get off on it too! Just last Sunday I demolished a whole red velvet cake by myself!” They fell into a tight embrace, first enjoying feeling the other’s warmth then letting their hands roam about, discovering the other’s plumped up body.

“Not a habit” mumbled Daniel.

“What’s that?” asked Tracy

“I said I don’t make a habit of such pig outs. I’d love to do it every day but who gets fat on purpose? So I only do it once every month or two.”

“Still, you don’t starve yourself in between do you?” teased Tracy.

“No” he laughed. “That I don’t.”

After enjoying a cake and coffee they agreed to go to their respective hotels to shower and change, then meet again for a few drinks and dinner. They were both early to their rendezvous, a cocktail bar on the lake front. Daniel wore a dark suit with a white shirt, open necked – no tie on tonight. Tracy looked a knockout in a red dress that her curves filled out beautifully. “Wow, you look amazing Tracy” complimented Daniel.

“You’re not too shabby yourself” she smiled.

They ordered cocktails and Daniel asked for a bowl of peanuts. The tall and model-thin waitress sneered at this and stared pointedly at their bellies her whole attitude clearly saying ‘right like you really need them!’. “Yup” stated Daniel loudly, “can’t drink on an empty stomach” and slapped his gut. The waitress looked pained, sucked in her lips as though she had a lemon in her mouth and glided off.

“Rude bitch” said Tracy “I’d love to smother her with my fat arse!”

“Oh I wouldn’t waste the effort” said Daniel languorously. “You can put your delicious rear end to much better use.”

Thanks to the rude waitress they soon moved off to a more relaxed bar and sat outside, absorbing the stunning views and peaceful atmosphere. They shared a bottle of wine and nibbled on a platter of olives and pates. They fully relaxed in one another’s company and felt a sense of belonging that they had not felt in a long time. “Does it ever happen to you?” asked Tracy “you bump into someone you haven’t seen in ages, or find them on facebook. You’re thrilled to see them but when you start speaking you realise you have nothing to say to them? Maybe they’ve changed or I have, but in any case you have to mourn a friendship lost in the threads of time”

“For sure” agreed Daniel.

“Hmm… well I’m really glad that that’s not the case with you Daniel. I know I’ve changed, and in many ways that society if not frowns on, certainly does not hold in the highest esteem. I’m not married with kids but I’ve gained weight and wear tight clothes. I’ve grown jaded with the work world and am less rather than more ambitious and I’ve allowed people to overtake me in the rat race. And these things have been issues with my past guys, I can assure you. And now I bump into you, we were so similar back then and you’ve changed too but somehow we still click like crazy. I feel more comfortable here with you than I have with anyone in a really long time.”

“But you’ve changed in a really positive way Tracy. You seem much calmer and happier than I remember you… we were only 25 then, the world was our oyster. You can’t live with that energy forever. Also, maybe I’ve changed in the same way? I too work less hours than the guys my age who want to make partner, I spend Sundays in the park walking or reading - and that’s novels not reports and anal analyses.”

“And we both found our appetite” smiled Tracy.

“We sure did... speaking of which shall we look for dinner?”


“Have you ever tried a proper Swiss cheese fondue?”

Daniel knew Zurich quite well as he’d been a couple of times when based in Paris and led her to a delightfully charming little restaurant in a narrow side street. When Daniel asked for a fondue the four the waiter asked whether friends would be joining them.

“No, just us” said Daniel.

“But that is an enormous portion!” said the waiter, shocked.

“I know” smiled Daniel. The fondue itself was served in a massive pot over a spirit burner. It was accompanied by a huge wooden board bearing a wide range of fine cuts of ham and naturally a basket of baguette cut into blocks. Daniel showed Tracy how to prong the bread through the crust so it wouldn’t fall off. “The tradition is that if you drop your bread in the pot, you have to kiss everyone round the table” warned Daniel.

“Oh that would be shame” smiled Tracy. “What do I need to do to have to shag everyone at table?”

“Just keep looking so sexy and that won’t be a problem.”

At one point Daniel thought he had exaggerated with the order for four as they slowed down their eating, their bellies stuffed, their faces glistening in a food sweat. Then he swapped places to sit near Tracy rather than opposite her and they helped each other to keep eating.

“Oh you poor thing, your belt is too tight!” said Tracy.

“I know, but it’s on the last notch and the button’s already undone underneath!” admitted Daniel, blushing. Tracy felt with her fingers and undid his belt having to pull it tighter before she could release it. She was rewarded by feeling his belly surge forward, the flab filling her hands and it was a natural instinct for her to knead it softly, whispering into his ear “take some more baby, you have space now, fill this gorgeous gut of yours.” Daniel moaned softly and complied.

After a few minutes of this he put his hands down onto hers, which by now were alternating between massaging his belly and subtly rubbing his erection. He pulled her hands away and said “your turn to eat now babe, you haven’t had much yet.”

“I’m too stuffed, my belly can’t take anymore” she protested. Daniel slid his hands down over her belly. He was surprised to feel something running across her belly, under her breasts, hard to the touch like cardboard. “What’s this?” he asked in surprise. “Do you wear body armour to dinner dates?”

Tracy blushed. Her face, already flushed from over-eating and the wine turned bright red. “Um… actually it’s spanx pants” she mumbled.

“Huh?” asked Daniel, confused. “Those stupid things that restrain your body and hide your beautiful curves?”

Tracy looked down at her plate and nodded mutely. She looked at Daniel sadly.

“But why?” he asked. “I thought I made it clear earlier that I think your curves rock, and in any case I’ve hardly got the body of an underwear model myself.”

“I…” Tracy paused and Daniel saw a fat tear well out of one eye and run down her cheek. “No Trace, don’t cry, please don’t” he rushed, upset at seeing her so unhappy, his sexual heat waning.

“I lied before Dan, I don’t weigh 160, I’ve actually gained sixty pounds, probably more, as it was at least a month ago I last checked. I used to be 120 when we ran together. 60 on 120 Danny, you do the maths! I used the spanx for the conference so you haven’t seen how fat I’ve really gotten.”

“Oh boy you mean you’re even fatter?” asked Dan excitedly, before he could stop himself. As she was still looking down, Tracy literally saw his cock jump up to erection, throbbing against his pants.

“Oh my God” she said startled. “You really… like me… fatter?”

“I thought you liked me fatter too” said Daniel. “Or did I imagine that you just fed me a few thousand calories while rubbing my fat gut and encouraging me?”

“I… yes Dan, I do like you fatter, I just thought… I thought it’s impossible that a man would like me so fat.”

“Let’s get this straight” said Daniel. “I don’t like you Tracy, I love you and everything about you: you listen to me and make me feel valued, I relax with you and you’re funny and smart. You also happen to be extremely sexy, whether you weigh 120 pounds and run like a hare or now with these killer curves. I lost you years ago because I was young and naïve but believe me Tracy, I won’t lose you again.” He gently held her face in his hands and as he’d been dying to for so many years he kissed her full on her plump lips.

Tracy hugged him back then pulled away. “Wait here then, I’ll only be a second. Eat up in the meantime.” Of course as with all women visits to the powder room, it was more than a second but well worth the wait. As Tracy walked back to the table Dan had his back to her so he didn’t know she was approaching.

“Well?” she asked, drawing near to him.

Daniel stopped chewing, his mouth open in awe. He tried to speak but choked on his food and needed to drink some water to calm down. “You are… stunning” he breathed slowly, taking her all in. She stood in the same dress but it looked like she had stuffed a pillow under it. Her belly bulged out under her breasts, perfectly round, her navel outlined, the material ruched over her love handles. Her butt swung out both outwards and sideways, inviting lusty looks from every man in the room. Because of her fat curves, the dress rode up much higher, revealing more expanse of her luscious fleshy thighs.

“Good.” Said Tracy as she sat down, satisfied with his reaction. “Let’s make that a rule then: you can only stop complimenting me to eat.”

Eagerly Daniel fed her the remainder of the fondue, rubbing her fat belly with the other hand. He asked her “so what did you do with that spanx?”

“I stuffed it in the bin” she laughed.

“I thought you wear panties under it, but I don’t see any panty lines” he continued.

“That’s cos I’m not wearing any!” she smiled naughtily at him.

He egged her on, whispering in her ear “oh yeah babe take another bite, you’re wasting away here!”

As the waiter cleared away their empty plates he doubtfully asked whether they wanted dessert.

“What do you have?” asked Daniel.

“The house special is red velvet, and we also have…”

“Four slices please” commanded Daniel.

Tracy looked at him and still in front of the waiter said “Oh but I’m so stuffed, I don’t think I can take two slices!” She patted her bloated belly for emphasis.

“That’s OK” replied Daniel. “Cos you’re taking three, I only want one.”

The waiter stared at them, his eyes bugging out of his head.

“Anything else?” asked Daniel with a frown, sending the waiter scuttling away.

Tracy had planned to feed Daniel a slice, but when she saw the red moist sponge and soft cream she just dived in and gobbled a whole slice in less than a minute. Daniel took his more slowly and by the time he finished she had already eaten her second slice. She pushed the last slice over towards him. “I can’t take this” she puffed, “gonna pop.”

Daniel cut away a small piece with the fork and lifted it to her lips. “I’m sure you can find place for this” he said calmly.

“No” she complained idly, but let him place the fork in her mouth. She didn’t know what happened but a moment later Danny was using one hand to feed her cake and his other hand, hidden by the tablecloth, was up between her legs, fingering her hot pussy. She gasped in surprise, scandalised and titillated at his brazen behaviour.

A short while later they tottered out of the restaurant and tumbled into a taxi. Tracy gave the driver the name of her hotel. “But it’s only two blocks down!” he complained.

“Do we look like we can walk?” asked Tracy, patting her fat belly. Daniel lowered himself gingerly to the seat, trying to avoid sudden movement, feeling the seam down his arse unbelievably tight but Tracy pulled him down. They fell onto each other and started making out. After paying the taxi they stumbled past the lobby, the night receptionist protesting “but you are not allowed guests in the room madam!”

They ignored him and in the elevator Daniel lifted her dress right up and paused for a moment to drink in her beauty. Her belly bulged out round and fat, a soft mound of flab rising out to a ball, sexy proof of her over indulgence not only that evening but in recent years.

The elevator had mirrors on each wall and the half drunk Tracy saw herself reflected back a hundred times. Insecurity came rushing back. See, she thought, he was about to do me but the sheer size of my belly made him stop. Now he’ll realise how fat I am and that’s it. Instead he lowered his head and grabbed her round her middle, burying his face deep into her belly, kissing it, licking it, kneading her love handles.

As the lift reached their floor Tracy tugged her dress down long enough to get her room, and there they resumed, tearing their clothes off in a rush. Tracy’s dress got caught on her heels and she bent over to pull them off. Standing like that, bent over double, Daniel could see her fat belly hang down. It was so stuffed that it didn’t even form rolls, just one big fat orb. He ran behind her and grabbed her belly, hefting her love handles. “I can’t believe how sexy you have grown!” he breathed.

“Fat you mean!” she retorted.

“Oh yeah baby, you’ve got a sexy big fat tummy.” She gasped. No one had seen her naked in quite a while, far less held her so intimately or mentioned her weight gain so directly. Feeling his hands caress and shake her flab made her conscious of how fat she was. Did he really find it sexy? She sure as hell did and hoped he’d jump her bones soon. He didn’t leave her waiting long.

She quickly undid his shirt buttons, pulling the shirt open to reveal his stuffed gut, a huge paunch hanging out over his trousers. She sat on the bed and cradled his belly, licking it, flicking her tongue into his deep navel while kneading his love handles.

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Really nice story!
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Finally got round to completing this one. Hope you enjoyed it

The next morning Tracy woke first. In the first haze before fully waking she just had an irrepressibly feel-good feeling, like a child about to leave on holiday. She also felt physically tired. She became aware of breathing near her. Rolling quietly on to her side she watched Daniel sleeping peacefully. She got up and saw that the sheet had fallen off him, leaving him completely naked. She looked him over a while, drinking in the sight. Lying on his side, his belly spread out before him, round and fat, undoubtedly still full from yesterday's pigout.

Tracy wondered what they would do now. It was one thing for a man to declare his love when overcome with lust... and that certainly had been some vibrant sex – but it was quite something else to see his views in the cold light of morning. She padded off to use the loo then seeing it was already 10 am she set the kettle to boil and prepared coffee.

The smell of the fresh brew woke up Daniel, who looked around with confusion etched on his face until he realised where he was. He sat up with a smile, covered his groin with the sheet and accepted the coffee gratefully, blowing Tracy a kiss. She sat back on her side of the bed, leaning against the headboard. He took her hand in his and cleared his throat. “I really enjoyed last night, how amazing to bump into you here of all places.”
“I had fun too” she smiled.

“So when do you return?” he asked.
“Actually my flight should be leaving right now, via Frankfurt. Guess I forgot to set the alarm.”
“Oh crap, can you try join me, I'm on the 10.00” he replied.
“No you're not” she laughed. “It’s taking off right now.”

Over breakfast they made a few arrangements thanks to the wonders of their tablets. First they got new flights to return to the States on the Monday. Then they emailed work to advise that they'd missed their flight and could only return on Monday. Next they had much more fun selecting a small B&B near Interlaken in the Alps, offering them a spa weekend getaway with a gourmet restaurant. Finally Daniel rented a car and they set off.

As they made their way through the spectacular scenery Tracy left her hand on Daniel's thigh. “You know” he started. “This may sound premature but I was not kidding last night. I'm not going to lose you again Tracy. I want more than just a fun weekend. I knew I loved you years ago and didn't act on it, but I'm not going to make that mistake again. Seeing you yesterday I understood why none of my relationships have worked – I've been waiting for you ever since.”

“I love you too Daniel, but we live at opposite ends of the States. I'm in New York, you're in Seattle. I'd love for this to be more than a weekend fling, but I'm scared Daniel.”
“I'll move to the big Apple baby. Or even better we both get the hell outta the city and find a nice place in a village, start a ... “ he stopped himself quickly.

“Tracy looked at him, her eyes misting over and she finished softly “start a family? I like the sound of that Daniel.”

They stopped for a late lunch in Lucerne, falling in love with the quaint little streets and the unique Chapel Bridge. They finally reached their spa hotel at around 6 pm and immediately knew they'd made the right choice. Driving through a forest they suddenly emerged on a hill and drove up to a warm and friendly looking Swiss cottage, sturdily built of wood and bedecked with flowers. Their room was on the second or top floor, all wooden beams and planks and with a huge double door opening onto a large terrace. This looked over a lake but afforded them privacy as no one could see them. At this off-season time there were no other guests.

Daniel started to strip off to shower. He pulled off his T-shirt and paused for a moment. Tracy beckoned him out onto the terrace. “This is paradise!” she said happily. “Mmmm that's for sure. Cold though without a top.” said Daniel.

“Come here” she moved behind him and slipped her hands round to his bare belly, rubbing it lightly up and down. “Can't have you getting cold now, can we.” Then she paused. “Hang on, are you sucking it in, Mr. Nothing to hide?”

With a laugh he let it out and she relished feeling his gut swell in her hands. “You do realise that you won't be this skinny for long if we stay together?” she asked.
“I’m not skinny!” he protested.
“Maybe not compared to how you were five years ago, but compared to what you'll be in five years time...”
“Are you going to feed me up Tracy?” asked Daniel.
“Oh hell yeah baby. I'm gonna look after my man, feed you up and make you so fat Danny. See how fat you got already and you weren't even trying!” At which his cock sprang to attention. She pushed him to the floor of the terrace and rode him hard, taking him right there on the wooden planks, relishing the feeling of her plush body as her flab pulsated with their sexual movements.
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Wow, this is nice; not sure how I missed it before.
"Eat, Eat! You will gain weight and be more attractive!"
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