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PoorP has said some nice things
Default The Excess of Catwoman by PoorP ~BBW, ~XWG

~A weight gain story about Catwoman that I wrote while being stuck in the airport. Comments and criticism is appreciated.

The Excess of Catwoman

By PoorP


“Not again! I don’t have time to deal with these petty thefts!”

Batman slammed his gloved clenched fist on the Batcomputer. The dank, cold air of the batcave hung still in silence. Another robbery after the billion that happened before was going down at the Arkham museum, yet he needs not another distraction from cracking down the chemical formula he confiscated from the Penguin after foiling his heinous scheme.

“Alfred, can you keep trying to cracking the formula? I have something to take care of.”

Alfred adjusted his tie, “Of course, Master Wayne.”

After the fall of Joker, crime didn’t come to a stand still like Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and the rest of the Gotham police force had hoped. Many deranged criminals were out trying their hardest to dethrone the deceased prince of crime. Some were out to become mass murders, others wanted to set the whole city on fire, “Why couldn’t they just aspire to be cops?”

Ever since Batman has been busier than ever.

The butterfly door to the Batmobile raised allowing Batman to swoop right into the driver’s seat, “Oh, Master Wayne, might you need one of these?” Alfred waved a Trojan condom in Bruce’s direction, “Catwoman must be awfully bored to be robbing a museum on a Tuesday night. She must desire to be in your presence.”

Beneath the cowl, Bruce rolled his eyes, “No, Alfred. I have different plans for her…”

The batmobile engine roared to life, controlled fire from the jet ejected from the back, the tires screeched away from their stationary position leaving Alfred to tend to the formula alone.

“Of course you do, Master Wayne.”


Red and blue lights danced along the museum’s brick walls with cops having the building surrounded in all conceivable directions. They were determined to catch the criminal before Batman had the chance to steal their collective thunder.

“We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up and surrender!”
Although, they hadn’t realized that the feline-esque thief was already a few rooftops away.

“Heheh, purrfect”, Selina beheld the crown jewels within her soft hands. Entranced were her concealed green pools by its beauty and demeanor. She bit her lip in pure bliss and thrill from the heist.

It was a tough job Gotham had clearly put its tax money to good use and heavily beefed up museum security. Too bad it didn’t keep the cities number one thief, Catwoman, away. Despite the job being a-plenty tougher than usual, her shapely, well-trained body was able to put up with the challenge.

Beads of sweat dripped from her short black hair, trickled down from her forehead, all of the way to her feet.

“My god what a heist!”

Catwoman perched the crown on her head and smiled gleefully, “It fits perfectly!”

Selina had thought she had gotten the slip from everyone, heck it was such a small crime that Batman would be too busy to care about such a small lift with all of the other crime going on in Gotham.

“Selina, Freeze.“

She was wrong.

“Shit!” Catwoman sprang into action, clutching the crown in her hand, and dashed forward.

A pair bolas glided through the air towards her direction, wrapped itself around both her ankles to restrict any movement. The sudden shift in momentum made her crash to the ground. A familiar, man-bat shadow loomed over Selina; she turned to it with a calm, seductive smile, “Oh, Brucie. Am I tied up just how you want me? What are your plans, big guy? Anything for me?” she pouted and added a wink for good measure. Bruce, as always, didn’t change his attitude.

“I have plans for you alright.” Swiflty he tied Selina’s hand behind her back, she couldn’t help but to giggle like a schoolgirl, there was something a little kinky about being captivated like this.

And there was always something she like about Bruce. Sure a girl liked a man in uniform, however Batman’s uniform was one of a kind. Mysterious, edgy, wrapped in black and as dark as the night sky itself. She just adored, often reminiscing, about those times his costume would lay on the bedside after a passionate one night stand.

“Oh, Brucie! Where are you taking me?”

Batman spoke as stern as usual, “The Batcave. I have to keep you locked up somewhere for your own safety.”

Catwoman giggled, “My own safety? Hahaha, oh, Brucie...”


Within the awe-spiring interior of the Batcave was an empty glass cube large enough to house at least seven banes. This would become Catwoman’s new place of residence for a little while.

“There. That should keep her in there long enough for us to get the research done. Maybe even more.”

Even with both hands cuffed wrist to wrist, Catwoman banged against the glass angrily. She didn’t take to her new housing situation so kindly, “Couldn’t you at least keep me trapped in the manor?”

“Hmph. Truly there is no time for distractions like this, Master Wayne. Good call. You are a man of dedication.”

“Thank you, Alfred.”

“But, you needn’t worry about the research for I have completed it.”

Batman was taken back a bit by surprise, he has to give Alfred credit for being skilled at combat, a detective, a loyal butler, and least likely of all of proficient scientist.

“Good. What did you discover about the formula?”

“I’m glad you asked. Coincidently, it’ll aid you with that CAT-astrophe over there.”

A pouty-faced Selina playfully pawed at the clear glass. The handcuffs Batman had put on her wrists a couple of moments ago lay on the floor next to her. Broken. Both Alfred and Bruce knew it would be mere minutes before she would escape.

“Talk to me, Alfred.”

Alfred cleaned his specs with his handkerchief, “From what I’ve discovered the formula the Penguin engineered was some kind of adipose multiplier.”

“Adipose multiplier? You mean he wanted to INCREASE his own body fat? Why?”

“Well, I suspect it wasn’t to increase his own body fat. Watch.”

Alfred presented a glass of water next to the formula. The act of dripping a small portion of the formula to the water unveiled Penguin’s potential plan. The solution began to multiply, taking over the water itself, thus creating more of it.

“He could’ve made as much as he wanted to…” Bruce spoke in dismay.

“And he could’ve tainted the city’s water supply with that. We need to dispose of it properly. This is where the ‘CAT-astrophe’ part comes in.”

Batman wished Alfred would stop throwing around that pun.

“I say we give the solution to Catwoman over there.”

“Absolutely out of the question, Alfred. That could hurt her!” Batman hissed in a hushed tone.

Bruce spotted Selina doing something rather untrustworthy at one end of the casing. At first sign of being spotted she folded her hands behind her back, retracted the claws, and whistled an innocent tune.

“Bruce, I would never suggest something lethal against one of our more friendlier guests. Take a gander at the test subject.”

Alfred brought out a hamster in its cage that looked like it had plumped up large enough to contain the cage within it. It peeped and nibbled around just like a normal hamster would, “It’s vitals show that it’s perfectly healthy. The only thing is that it has trouble with is moving around. All of the excess body merely fat slows it down.”

Batman tapped his chin, “Slows it down, huh?”

He turned his attention over to Catwoman who was already half way through cutting a whole in the glass wall. She smiled, waved, kicked her legs around in a dancing fashion, “How did she manage to get those cuffs off without the key and passcode? Damnit.”

“Alfred, rig the machine. It’s time to give our guest some hospitality.”

“But of course, Mister Wayne.”


Much to Selina’s surprise, Batman had entered the cage. Still in costume, “Time for a little roleplay, huh?” She threw herself at him, petting his firm chest.


“Finally!” Catwoman brightened while hiding the nearly finished escape route she made in the back, “I’ve been waiting BatBoy.”

Unexpectedly, Alfred followed in behind Batman, wheeling in some kind of strange machine. Selina gave Alfred an unapproved glare, “Hey, I don’t want a third party member joining in. If you’re into that then go with someone else. Young and sexy only.”

“We’re not here for that.” Batman re-administered the handcuffs; “We’re going to make sure you’re going to keep yourself out of trouble while I handle real work. Gotham needs me.”

Offended, Selina shoved herself away from Batman, “What?!? Are you calling me some small-time petty thie-ph.”

Alfred swiftly took his chance and shoved the tube into Catwoman mouth, “Nice going, Alfred. Take it from here.”

“Will do, Master Wayne.”

Selina watched as Bruce walked out, more than likely to attend a ‘real crime’ someone like Catwoman couldn’t pull off. Surely, he has no time for his lover. She looked over at Alfred who pecked at a few buttons on the machine. With a few beeps it had appeared to be functioning.

Selina tried to spit out the tube or at least run, but the hose was lodged to far into her mouth and somehow Batman at re-cuffed her ankles. She sat firm buttocks on high heels, “Damn. He gets smoother every time.”

From one end of the tube flowed a strange pink liquid, “Wait. Are they going to make me drink this? Isn’t that they stuff they’ve been discussing between each other? W-what the hell is it?”

Without a word, Alfred took one last look at Catwoman before exiting the glass container.

She could feel the liquid forcefully making its way into her stomach, “It-it’s just water? Why would they give me pink water?”

The pace was steady enough for her to keep swallowing; she didn’t want to think about what would happen if she fought against the machine’s automated function.

Within a short amount of time liquid began to fill her stomach past the point of capacity as more and more made its way inside, “Ow, this kinda hurts. Like a pinch almost.”

True. Her stomach had become swollen from the surplus of liquid and the distendedness didn’t look too healthy either. It began to press against the confines harder than the leather (latex?) suit had clenched her entire body.

When will it stop? What does it do? Selina didn’t know. She only had to wait seconds to find out.

Alfred kept a close eye from a distance, “And three, two, one.”

At the end of his count, the formula began to fulfill its purpose and take effect on Catwoman’s curvaceous figure. It began with a pressure that started to build up around her entire body.

The washboard stomach she maintained for years started to push the confines of her already skintight suit, becoming a potbelly like on those average girls she saw around Gotham.

Above her breasts already round, perky, and big within their own right began to grow along with her stomach. Selina felt a pleasurable tingling sensation, as they grew more sensitive. They pushed, slid, and brushed along the fabric of her Catsuit. A bit embarrassed to do so outside of her own home, Selina moaned sensually, “Mmmph, Mmmmph. (Why isn’t Batman here? I need someone to-) Mmmmmmmmph.”

She could feel the fat on her back adding up, pushing against the cuffs that kept her meaty arms restrained.

At the same time of her expanding belly and breasts, her lower body began to follow suit in the process. Her gracious hips widened with each pound of fat added to her frame. Catwoman’s bulbous and firm booty became greater with the adipose added to it. Becoming bigger and rounder, forcing every inch of the latex fabric to stretch, to create more room for her ass that was become more succulent with each passing second.

As Selina’s belly, which has steadily become more of a rotund gut that rivaled the size of an overinflated beach ball at this point slowly inched forward; it began to rest on her thighs which too have grown in size, thickened, threatening to rip apart the seams that kept them concealed.

More and more the formula was force fed to Selina and less and less definition showed on her face. Her chiseled looks gave way to a beginners double chin and puffy looking cheeks. She could feel the zipper the rode along the front of her body being forced to run down along the trend. Allowing her stuffed, bloated gut to breath in the cool cave air.


“I’m on my way.”

Batman stuffed the communicator in his yellow utility belt. A major case had busted out in the middle of Gotham. It was up to Batman yet again to save the day. It appears as though he took the sudden absence to prepare himself for the long fight for justice ahead.

He turned over to the glass cage that Selina resided in. The site to put it simply impressed him. Batman saw a new Catwoman, no longer slim, nor flexible in appearance, nor toned as she was, but a much more…bloated version of her.

The first things he noticed was that the machine was wheeled out of the chamber and completely empty, “The whole thing, huh?”

Batman’s gaze scanned over her massive unrestrained breasts that rested on her exposed dome like belly and the flesh alone nearly covered up her lips. He marveled at Selina’s tremendously rotund rear end, which created many rips and tears on the suit along its growth.

Both of her arms looked big, wide, and thick enough to rival Bane’s biceps. If Batman had to guess, he would say in the upper 300’s easy.

Her eyes, once shut from slumber, opened and aimed at Batman taking in her new figure.

“You like what you see, Bruce?” Her double chin that grew unhooked the strap on her cowl and bloated cheeks wobbled slightly with each word spoken. The sudden weight gain would give any stranger the impression that Selina didn’t have a neck.

“It certainly is different. A new look for the better I hope.”

With her hands she caressed her plump breasts, Selina’s full fat face smiled, “She got them off again? I need her to teach me that later.”

“Y’know. At first I thought this was some kind of inhumane experiment…but I guess you could say I grew to like it.” Catwoman adjusted her sitting position, she sat directly on her colossal ass while cradling her belly in her lap consisting of two thunderous thighs.

“You certainly are massive,” Bruce hoped his words didn’t offend, “I have a matter to take care of. You stay put.”

Catwoman smirked at the obvious jeer, “I’ll try not to remain at large.”

“What is it with people today and making puns?”

“When you come back do you wanna, maybe, relieve some of the stress?”

Batman stopped in his tracks and took the last glance of Selina he would see for a few days, “Maybe. Alfred will keep you company and fed in the meantime.”

“Better hope I don’t bled your bank account dry. Now go get ‘em, Bats.”
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Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!
We all laugh in the same language; English.
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One of the best stories I've encountered - purely because of my love of the characters and then thinking "why has no one done this before???" You should totally finish this off with the sex scene it's craving!
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