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Default Daughter's Distraction - SSBBW, XXWG

They say you tend to gain weight after having children, and it did happen to me. But not in the usual way...

In fact, after I had my daughter Abella I kept any gains to a minimum. The same thing a little later when I had my son, Boy. And now, after years of raising them, I had still managed to find time to eat healthy and get to the gym.

I was fit, toned, and motivated when the story begins. Both the kids were old enough to be in this story, though still in high school, possibly because they'd been held back a few years in their youths. Abella was in tenth grade, and had just started learning to bake.

"Abella," I demanded angrily one evening. "Why didn't you clean up after yourself baking?"

I sounded angrier than I meant. I was just annoyed because of work, etc and I didn't mean to take it out of her.

She apologized profusely. "I'm real sorry, Mom. Would you like to see what I baked? It's butterscotch cheesecake, your favorite."

I forgave her of course, and while I only meant to eat a slice of it I couldn't help myself. Abella was a better baker than I realized! I gobbled one slice after another, mesmerized by all the incredible favors in this fattening dish.

Suddenly I realized what I was doing, and by that time I had just eaten an entire cheesecake while my daughter watched! How embarrassing! I groaned, "Oh my god, Abella! That was azaming! Keep this new hobby up!"

Abella smiled widely. At the time I thought she was just very proud. I didn't realize then she had figured out a plan, a new way to get out of trouble.

So she kept baking. More than I even realized! Da and night, relentlessly. But she never ate any; Boy and I were always a little confused where they went.

But they became her stockpile. And from then on, whenever Bella misbehaved, or got on my nerves, or wanted a favor, she knew what to do.

"Bella, what time did you get in last night? You know you have a curfew!"

"Oh I'm sorry Mom. By the way, I baked a couple apple pies if you want them. They are cooling on the sill."

"Hey Abella, have you done your homework yet?"

"Not yet Mom, I was trying out my new donut maker. I accidentally multiplied the recipe though, so there's a few dozen left. Just saying."

"Abella, how could you cut your hair into a Mohawk without asking me?"

"I thought you wouldn't mind. Say, random thought, just occurred to me, there's a few extra sheetcakes in the garage that I put too much frosting on. I'll just throw them away if you don't eat them."

So I ate. And I ate. And I ate. Bella got away with whatever she wanted. And once or twice a day I'd find myself sitting in the dining room in front of a giant pile of crumbs, my ever growing belly stuffed to the max, groaning compliments to my daughter while she looked on smugly.

Within the first month alone I put on ten pounds. Not too much, not enough to worry me. 166lbs wasn't too fat, after all.

But of course my weight didn't stop there, and I barely noticed as October passed into November and Abella's increasingly naughty behavior left me in a state of almost constant fullness. In addition to the fattening treats themselves, my daughter's handiwork had begun to stretch out my stomach. As a result, I was eating more and more at meals, too.

My son, Tyler, began to notice. "That's your 14th slice of pizza," he commented one night, asI crested 185lbs. "Why are you eating so much?"

I burped. "Mommy's just, uh, practicing for Thanksgiving," I explained.

He raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yes," I answered. "Now, who wanted to order just one more pizza to go?"

Another consequence of my new lifestyle was that I rarely had time to work out anymore, since working out it hard to do anymore. My home gym went unused and gathered dust.

"How come you never use that anymore?" Tyler asked of all my equipment one day.

"I have a new hobby now," I explained one night after a burger binge left me pinned to my chair. "I've been, uh, helping your sister with her baking. Yeah, I try the things she makes and give her feedback."

By Christmas morning I had gobbled, slurped, and stuffed my way up to 200lbs and I was starting to feel fat. I woke up early that morning and weighed myself while looking in the mirror at my globular belly, 36DD chest, and fat round ass and wondered how I could have let this happen to me.

As I crept downstairs though, I overheard Bella and Tyler talking.

"Jeez, what are you doing to Mom?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do. Look at her! She's a whale!"

"Yeah, I know she got fat. That's not my fault."

"Isn't it? I've seen the way you've been stuffing her like a prize winning hog!"

"Okay, okay," Bella admitted, and explained her plan to avoid trouble by buying me off with her irresistible baked goods.

I was shocked and embarrassed that her plan had worked so well! From now on I would have to remember to be more determined in my need to punish my daughter. But I knew that would be hard. After all, her treats were so good, and I had grown accustomed to stuffing myself...


"Who will open the first present?" Tyler wondered aloud.

Before I could answer, my stomach began to grumble. "Hey Abella," I stated, seemingly out of nowhere," I just remembered, I'm very disappointed in your math score last semester."

Her face grew pale, but then recolored and she smiled. "You're right, I'll do better. Say, how would you like a tray of danishes?"

Three hours later, the presents were all opened and I had eaten so many pastries that my pajamas had ripped and I felt so full and fat I couldn't get up from the couch. "Oh my god, Bella. Well done. So good. Oh, I'm sweating."

And that feast set the tone for the rest of Bella's vacation. Once I realized I could use her own plan to my advantage, I started finding fault in everything she did.

"Hey Bella, why did you drop that pencil? You make me so mad!"

"What pencil? I mean, uh, my chocolate pies are almost done!"

"Great! And you might want to put a few more in..."

I spent that entire week either too painfully stuffed to possibly eat anymore or eating. Poor Bella never got a moment's rest. Most nights I just slept on the sofa, weighed down by my growing gluttony.

I wouldn't have thought it was possible to gain 15lbs in one week, but I rang in the new year at 215.

Things slowed down once she went back down to school, of course, Plus I started to realize that my weight was exploding out of control. I'd have to reign it in a little.

But I couldn't stop it altogether. Bella was still a rebellious child, and I was unable to ever resist what she offered me. Nor could I resist making up the occasional reason to berate her and get another big belly full of fattening foods.

So I ate my way from winter to summer, paying lip service to the idea of going back to my workout routine while only keeping up with my eating routine. At once point in February I set a goal to get back down to 170, at the absolute highest by bathing suit season in June, when I had booked a cruise for the three of us, and I wanted to look at least a little in shape for it.

Of course, by the night before the cruise I found myself barely able to squeeze into my thong bikini. At 267lbs, I was quite a sight stuffed into that thing! But a different sight awaited me... a SHOCKING sight


Tyler brought to my attention a video that he had found, "Anal Bum Slut 17," which ordinarily would be inappropriate except in this case he needed to tell me that Abella was in it.

Bella was a porn star! I couldn't believe it! I was so angry, but I didn't have time to do anything about it... we were off to the cruise!

Once on board though, I confronted my daughter. In the TV in my cabin I had the movie playing as I lay on my bed in my bikini when she came in.

Shocked to see her mother watching a series of giant cocks fucking her in her ass, she exclaimed, "Mom! What is this!"

I was so mad I couldn't speak... but Bella knew what to do. The cruise had a bunch of buffet style restaurants with generous policies towards food leaving the restaurant. She came back with a pushcart covered in trays from the first. They were covered in burgers, fries, lasagna, hot dogs, etc.

And I began to eat.

Three hours later my belly stretched up towards the ceiling like a giant globe, covered in condiments and sauce and other messes. The cart was overturned, demolished, and not a scrap of food remained.

My belly was tight as a drum, straining to hold what Bella had coaxed into it. But I was still angry, with the video playing in the background to remind me. So I turned to here and demanded:


And of course, she complied.


The restaurants were open 24 hours, so there was never any reason to stop.

I never left my cabin the whole trip. She would push a loaded cart in front of my bed and then go off to enjoy the many sights and activities of the boat and the sea, making sure to come back after a couple hours with a new cart.

"I'll go on a diet after the cruise," I kept telling myself, even as I slid another taco into my mouth despite the pain in my belly. And then another after that, and more after that...

And I had thought 15lbs in a week was a lot before!

At the end of the cruise, I heard Bella talking to a cruise employee. "We need to take your sheet."

"Why? he asked.

"Our mom got too fat on your cruise to fit into any of her clothes."

It was true.


I waddled my 300lbs body off the cruise embarrassed, covered in a sheet, but convinced my gains were over.

After all, we were done with the cruise. And I had forgiven Bella. After all, I explained to her, I myself had starred in Anal Bum Sluts 4, one of the originals!

We both had a good laugh, and watched the classic film together.

Plus, it was Bella's last summer before leaving home for college. We would miss her, of course, but it would be nice to get away from her tempting influence for a while!


December, six months later,

A postcard from Tyler to Bella:

Hi sis! We miss you so much. We're sorry you won't be able to come back for Christmas this year.

Mom has gone crazy. All she ever does is eat anymore. She even wakes up in the middle of the night to stuff herself.


Postcard from Bella to Tyler,

Haha she was already eating like a pig when I still lived there. Oh sorry I can't come home for spring break.

Postcard from Tyler to Bella

This is worse! Plus she found that bakery up the street where you sold all your old recipes to!

Postcard from Bella to Tyler

Uh oh haha I hoped that would never happen! Still, her weight's gotta level off at some point, right?How fat could she get? Like 350?


I missed my daughter so much; ever since she'd gone away to college she'd made excuses not to visit on vacations. But now, two years later, she was coming home!

I could hear her come in as I waited in my bedroom. I heard the daily donut delivery girl pass her on the stairs on the way up.

"Now, I should warn you..." Tyler started to say.

She ignored him and opened the door. She gasped. "Oh my god! Mom, what did you do?"

I giggled with a mouth full of donuts. "I ate!"

With what little movement I was still capable of, I gestured her closer. I was laying on my back in my bed with my legs spread wide open and my belly taking up all the space between them and then a little more. It stretched closer every day up towards the ceiling. It had been a very long time since I stood.

"Ever since I discovered that bakery with your recipes," I explained, "I've been insatiable. I hired Jynx here..." I nodded at the delivery girl... "to go back and forth and bring me more and more."

With a smile, I added, "I'm glad your back, though. You should go to the kitchen and bake some supplementary pastries. Mommy is very, very hungry.
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Great story
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Originally Posted by thebaadtouchh View Post
Great story
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
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