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Default The Nursing Robot Mixup - by Leenay (USBBW, Stuffing fantasy, Immobility, XXWG)

USBBW, Stuffing fantasy, Immobility, XXWG - a technocratic error makes for a very fat life indeed.

By Leenay

It was in the year 2045, and humanoid robots were now able to fill inn at almost all types of human labour. Whenever the skills required were not of the most creative, innovative type you could pretty much expect better work to be done by the robots. Thus the economy was booming, productivity increases each year were typically over 10%. As a consequence human beings found themselves having to work less even though their standard of living were becoming ever more luxurious. Powerty was pretty much non-existant.

Daily work hours for the typical human employee would typically be around 4-5 hours. And if one had the slightest headache or small discomfort one could just call inn sick. It wasn’t uncommon for people to call in sick 50% of the time. Most places the absence of human labour wouldn’t cause much noticable trouble, since the productivity contributions from all human empleyee were typically less then 5% of what the robots contributed.

One Monday at 10.30 in the morning the slightly curvy Lisa Hamilton who worked as a sales representative for a toy company was getting ready to go to work. The breakfast was well prepared, her home was tidy and sparkingly clean. Her clothes always neatly organized and fresh. This was not because she was exeptionally dilligent at performing housework but because “Jimmy” her personal buttler-bot was doing it all. These days most people had one of those.

As she was surfing through the morning news she heard the doorbell rang. On the screen she saw both a man in a suit and a robot. She told Jimmy to let them in.

“Welcome in, how can I help you?” Lisa said.

“Hi, my name is Roger Thomson I’m from the municipal health department. Are you Lisa Hamilton?” the man asked.

“Yes that is correct.” Lisa confirmed.

“Strange, I was sent here to deliver this nursing robot to you. According to your latest healt check you have been registered as disabled. Your workplace has been allerted.” Roger told her.

“That’s just weird. I cannot remember anything being wrong at my last helthcheck…” Lisa said.

“Well, whatever happened if I was you I really recommend that you don’t do another check.. because now that you are officially registered as disabled you are entitled to 85% paycheck without going to work. You are actually free to go on hollyday for the rest of you life!” Roger said.

“Seriously? Well I’ll take your nursing robot then!” Lisa said.

“What sort of disability am I supposed to have?” Lisa asked.

“In the files it says you have trouble walking because of an injured knee.” Roger said.

“Ohh right, haha… check this out!” Lisa said and started to limp around infront of Roger.

“Yeah if you keep up that act when you are in public everyone will belive you!” Roger said.

“What would you like to call your nursing robot?” Roger asked.

“Hmm… I think I will call her Maria!” Lisa said.

“Ohh well, I guess I’m all done here then, have a good hollyday!” Roger said and left her appartment leaving her with “Maria”.

“Hi Lisa, I’m Maria your personal nurse, I’m here to take care of your every need, and make you feal comfortable and happy!” Maria said.

“Cool, lets go to the beach!” Lisa said. “Very well but first we ougt to put on your knee support.”

Maria had a suitcase with her opened it and pulled out a knee support that she wrapped around Lisas left kne. Having the support on made the joint stiffer and actually gave her an autentic looking limp. Walking out Maria being a good nurse, held Lisas arm to support her walking over to the maglev cart. Maria even liftet her into the cart so that her “injured” knee wouldn’t get too much stress.

“To the South City Beach!” Lisa instructed the maglev cart.

While sunbathing at the beach she sent messages to her friends about her eternal hollyday and told them she’ll pull a party at South City Beach this afternoon.

Almost everyone showed up making sure not to miss this this hillarious party occation. Lisa had messaged her buttler to arrange with music, food and drinks. The definitive dance move of the evening was the “limp knee walk”. All her friends were very happy for her, altough some had trouble hiding their envy. At the end of the day as the party broke up she was actually exausted after all the drinking and dancing.

“Will you bring me home Maria?” Lisa asked.

“Of course Lisa, I’m always here to help you out!” Maria said.

Maria then gently liftet Lisa and carried her out of the beach to the maglev cart station, where she placed her in the cart and made sure they came to Lisas home. Maria carried her inside and into the bathroom and performed a teth wash on the already sleeping Lisa before gently placing her in bed and pulling the blanket over her.

At around 13.00 the next day Lisa woke up. By her bedside both Maria and Jimmy stod smiling gently at her. “What can we do for you today?” Jimmy asked.

Lisa first not really thinking clear fealt sort of in a parallelle universe. She couldn’t remember having even gone to bed. And she wasn’t used to having two robots standing by her bedside.. But she quickly saw fit to make the most of it.

“Well I’ll have a shower now.. and maybe you can make egg and bacon for breakfast Jimmy.” Lisa said. “Very well” said Jimmy with a smile.

As Lisa started to rise from the bed Maria was there with a helping hand. Although Lisa definitely didn’t need any such help it was very comfortable. Maria followed her into the bathroom where she would hold the shower head, rub in the shampoo and shower gel and everything else. After she was clean Maria took the towel and dried of Lisas cute curvy body. Lisa knew she was perfectly able to do all of this by herself… so she was constantly considering if she would tell Maria to leave the bathroom, but somehow it fealt so comfortable and relaxing to let Maria do her job so Lisa said nothing.

After the shower Maria even offered to put make up on her, wich out of curiousity Lisa accepted. The result was perfect, actually quite a lot better than what she was able to do herself.

Cool she thought as Maria helped her on with the clothes and even the knee support. Lisa knew it was no need for the support but she didn’t bother to tell Maria. Instead she just went along with the “disabled” game, and let Maria help her to the table where Jimmy had prepared a nice breakfast.

She had a nice slow Sunday morning fealing. Surfing around for news, while munching on egg and bacon with Juice. Having such a weekend fealing she let Jimmy make her some brownies and a cup of hot chocolate as well.

After this prolonged breakfast and hot chocolate the time was around 15.00 and she sendt a message to her best friend Jenny, asking if she would like to go out for coffe after she finished work. And so they did, with Maria there by Lisas side. They laughed and talked about the silly mixup giving her payed holliday for the rest of her life. Jenny was really envious when Lisa told her about how much Maria would do for her, and how comfortable it was. Bud she warned Lisa not to get too lazy with Maria around, growing so dependent on her that she forgot how to take care of herself.

Lisa thoght Jenny might be right about that… but for now she knew she just should go along with Marias helping hands just to keep the “act” up.

And so went the days. Lisa would have long breakfast sessions.. meet with friends, sunbathe at the beach. Occationally Simon would drop by. Simon was her lover but nothing more really. He fealt a bit aquard about the knee-act, and the ever present nurse-bot Maria, but addapted to the situation day by day. She just led a life without any worries and without really having to lift a finger to do anything.

Lisa enjoyed herself and didn’t reflect much on her new situation. Until about a couple of months had passed and she noticed a lot of her wardrobe didn’t fit anymore. And those clothes that stil fit were skin tight. Then she realized what a lazy life she was living.. and that she was maybe eating more snacks and stuff.

She went shopping and had to buy clothes that were two sizes bigger if she wanted to feal comfortable in them. Next time she met Simon she asked if he thought she was getting too fat. Simon who always loved the more curvy woman said that he thought she looked beautiful and that he sort of enjoyed the new softness of her.

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Leenay has said some nice things

“What? Have you seen me grow fatter and not told me about it?” Lisa asked angrily.

“Well frankly Lisa, I think you are even more sexy now than before, so why would I warn you about it?” Simon replied.

“You suprice me Simon. So you say you like me better as fat?”

Lise went to the bathroom and pulled out the scale. When she stepped on it she read 205 lbs. Well she used to be a curvy girl at 170 lbs. But now she was a fat girl of over 200 pounds. Lisa got quite worried. But then Simon came over to comfort her.

“You are the most sexy woman I know! Don’t feal bad about your extra curves. In fact I don’t worry about any thing at all because I want to have sex with your right now!”

And sex they had… ….bigtime. Apparantly this talk about her new weight and her extra curves had put Simon in a very aroused state. And this made Lisa feal very sensual about her body. She took great care in notising how her new softness influenced the fealing of having sex. And it was not bad. Not bad at all. The extra jiggeling and softness gave her the most surpricingly erotic fealings.

And after that she decided not to worry about her weight anymore. After another couple of months her friends started to comment on her new size. When her best friend Jenny told her: “You are filling out very fast Lisa, you must have gained more than 30 lbs.” she just replied in a casual tone: “Actually its about 50 lbs.”

“And you don’t worry about it?” Jenny asked her.

“Well, I think I sort of like theese extra curves. And Simon too likes the new me! Not only likes.. he loves my added weight! We never have had such good sex!”

“Wow you are one lucky girl! You are on hollyday for the rest of your life and you have lover who loves it when you gain weight!”

Another couple of months passed and Lisas lifestyle had become ever more lazy. Some days she would just stay in bed all day surfing, chatting and eating. She even payed for an upgrade to Jimmy so that he could make cook and bake all sorts of candy and pastries you could ever think of. With Jimmis extra competance Lisas appetite grew fast. Knowing that Simon loved her fattening body she really let her self go and nibbled on sweets all day long.

She was more than 250 lbs now. And had changed wardrobes a couple of times. She really loved her sedentary lifestyle.. and started fealing that it was more comfortable to stay in the couch or in the bed rather than to go out on cafees or to the beach. So she would rather ask her friends home to her place.

Simon just seemed more and more attracted to her body. He loved the sight of Lisa laying in bed totally stuffed after a binge of sweets.

“You are so totally decadent, so lazy it drives me wild with desire!” He would say before having sex with her. In the old days Lisa used to be quite active during sex. She would frequently go on top and she would be very intence. Nowadays she seemed to prefer to just lay there doing nothing.. just enjoying while Simon did all the action. Simon didn’t seem to mind. Although he sometimes asked her to climb on top of him so he could feel her weight.

One day she stood on the scale and it had passed the 300 lbs mark. She was beginning to become supersized. She started to feal her body becoming really heavy. She was quite pear shaped and her thighs rubbed togeather making her thighs jiggle violently when she walked. Also her lower belly had grown so big and flabby that it sagged below her pubic area. Maybe she should have become allarmed about this.. but instead it made her feal horny and she went to bed and masturbated. The though of her body growing bigger, softer and heavier somehow made her feal really hot.

These days even thoug it was still trendy to be thin it wasn’t a health problem. Everyone had nano bots in the bloodstream and they would prevent people from getting such things as clogged arteries or diabetes. The only real reason for being thin nowadays was to stay fasionable and athletic, or to save the extra expence on food and clothes.

Most of her friends had started to get bored with coming to her place and watch her sit in the couch or in bed stuffing her face. And she didn’t go out much anymore. So it was really just Simon, and Jenny that came over theese days.

Jenny would tell Lisa that she ought to get a grip and start to become more active before its to late. “Ohh come on now! Haven’t you got any sympaty for a disabled woman?” Lisa jokingly would reply. And they would both laugh.

Simon just enjoyed her expanding body and seemed just more affectionate. These days he would not only come over to have sex, but he would sit by her side either in the couch or in the bed and feed her sweets by hand.

Things went on like this for quite a while until one when she was around 420 lbs. She was sitting on the toilet and doing her bussiness, but when she was about to wipe herself she noticed she couldn’t quite reach all the places she needed to clean. Since the nursbot Maria was standing there she noticed that Lisa was struggeling.

“Would you like some help Lisa?” Maria asked softly.

“Uhhm… ok… “ Lisa said a bit reluctantly.

And ever so gently Maria wiped Lisas butt.

After that episode Lisa realized she had actually needed Marias help. Just like Jenny had warned a long time ago it seemed like she was starting to become dependent on the nurse-bots help. Seem like from now on she might often ask Maria to wipe her. She had let herself become so fat that she started to have practical difficulties. When she though about it she really hadn’t walked without the support of Maria since she met her. Lisa asked Maria to let her walk on her self for a couple of steps to feal how it was like to do it on her own.

As she put one fot infront of the other she struggled to stay in balance. But that could of course be the result of the knee support making her left leg stiff she thought. Then she asked Maria to remove the knee support.

“But Lisa, your knee is injured you shuoldn’t walk without those!”

“Maria, do as I say!” Lisa ordered.

The support was finally taken off.. And as Lisa tried to walk she noticed how weak her leg actually had become, because she had been using the support rather than her muscles to stay upright. After a few more steps struggeling to keep her balance her legs were quickly becoming so strained that she couldn’t stay upright much longer. All her jiggeling thigh fat, and her swinging lower belly was working to make her loose balance. Lisa breathed heavily, and fealt her legs becoming weaker with each second. Then it seemed like she was about to tip over and fall, but Maria quickly rushed over and grabbed her arm and thus saved her from falling.

“It is better if we put the support back on Lisa.” Maria said. And in a way she was right, because without it her left knee was now too weak to support her for for a walk longer than a few steps. That sort of scared her. But more than it scared her it exited her. Somehow the thought of actually needing help made her feal more horny than she had ever been. She asked Maria to help her to bed. And Maria followed her to bed and gently layed her down on it.

Lisa masturbated intencely making her fat body shake violently, and pretty soon she came really hard, stronger than she ever had, over and over again.

After another couple of months had passed Lisa was up to 450 lbs. And even with the aid of Maria walking a short distance was taking an awful lot of time. Her belly was sagging halfway down her thighs making a pendulum movement with each step, causing her to have to wait a bit on each step to stay in balance.

One day when Jenny was at her place watching a movie with her. They were both sitting in the couch, when Lisa fealt she needed to go to the bathroom to pee. She called Maria for help and she got her out of the couch. After a couple of steps Lisa knew she was in big hurry, and told Maria so. They tried to move as fast as possible. But at her weight each step had to take its time so that she wouldn’t fall over. With every step the preassure was building up and it was harder and harder to hold it back. And just 5-6 steps away from the toilet she lost controll and peed on herself. There was no way she was able to stop the flow. Knowing it was to late she just stood still while it ran down her legs.

Jenny wondered why Lisa stopped, but soon heard the dripping and she saw the small puddle of water growing under Lisa.

“Christ Lisa! Didn’t you even make it to the toilet?” Jenny said as she got up from the couch.

Lisa blushed from the embarrasment as she stod there unable to stop peeing on herself. She didn’t quite know what to say.

“Uhh… I…ehhm…it….well…” Lisa said searcing for the right words.

“Don’t you think this lazy life has gone a bit too far now? You are loosing controll! You’we been on this holliday for little over a year and you have become so fat that you can’t walk to the toilet in time.“ Jenny said in a strict tone.

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“Maybe you are right, maybe its time I lost some weight” Lisa said with a humble voice.
“I can use those electro-stimulation pads that I used in the old days to stay in shape…” She continued.

Maria asked Lisa if she would like to get a was and get clean clothes on. “Yes please.” Lisa replied.

Jenny watched as Jimmy cleaned the floor and brought a dry set of clothes to the bathroom. She wondered if she had been a bit harsh on her best friend. But still. This thing was starting to go too far she thought.

In the bathroom while washing Lisa, Maria came up with a professional suggestion. “I recommend that you start to use pads in your panties to avoid further accidents. Just as a protection.”“Pads? You mean diapers?” Lisa replied. “Yes, if that is what you like to call them.” Maria replied. “Ohh my… that’s weird… But I sure wouldn’t like to have another embarrasing episode like that infront of someone… so well... ok. It might be best that way.” Lisa said realizing that wearing diapers at her age was a hallmark of physical disability. Maria opened her suitcase and took out a general purpose high absorbancy pad and and said she could use this until she could order some designed for her body. Maybe the “act” was becoming fact. Maria started making a 3d-scan of Lisa so that she could order ergonomically correct pads for her.

“May I also suggest you get a walker? It will help you move with greater ease and reduce the risk of falling.” Maria suggested. Lisa thought the saound of that was a bit scary. Walkers were for old folks. But she knew Maria was right.. if she had a walker she would probably had made it to the toilet just fine. Maria helped lisa get dressed, with an absorbancy pad inside her panties. Then she helped her back to the couch.

Jenny said to Lisa she was sorry that she used such a strict tone on her. She just got so worried after watching what happened.

“Ohh don’t worry I’m fine- Well I will start to get more exersize from tomorrow. I guess it has gone a bit to far.” Lisa said. She was to embarrased to tell her about the pad.

Later that day a package of specially manufactured pads, and a high streanght walker arrived. The walker made walking a lot easier and faster.. altough she wouldn’t be running around. The pad were super comfortable and it didn’t really feal as if she was had the pads in her pants. They would be there just for protection, but with the walker she didn’t think she would really need them.

The next day she put on a bunch of those electro-stimulation pads to give her muscles a workout. The embarrasing episode had sort of scared her, and she was determined to get a grip. She thought she shouldn’t eat a bunch of sweets today either.

Later that day Simon came by. He saw the walker standing by the coach, where Lisa was sitting.

“Hi sweety, you got yourself a walker?” He asked.

“Yeah, it makes it easier for me to move around.” Lisa replied.

“Hey what are those wires? Are you using an electro stimulator?” He said with surprice in his voice.

“Yeah… I thought I ought to get in better shape…” Lisa said.

“Ohh, ok… I love the shape you have now… but if it makes you feal better…” he said.

“I’m cutting down on the sweets too….” Lisa said.

“Hmm whats up? Anything wrong?” he asked.

“Ohh nothing. Just want to get in better shape” Lisa said.

“Well if you are going to loose weight I hope I can have lots of sex with you now that you are so big and soft! I think I’ll miss it if you get thinner…”

Lisa took of her electro-gear. They went to the bedroom. Simon watched with curiosity as Lisa used the walker to move. It sure went a lot faster than it used to. Simon helped Lisa into the bed. He was about to undress her when Lisa suggested she get a last snack before starting her diet. Jimmy was ordered to make a bunch of brownies. Lisa asked if Simon would hand feed them to her. Of course he would.

Jimmy brought both brownies and some vanilla ice that Lisa wanted with them. As she layed there she ate very very slowly savouring each chew. After the feeding session she asked Simon to massage her belly. Of course he didn’t say no to that either. After a while she almost fell a sleep. But she reacted very quickly at the moment Simon was starting to undress her. In a swift move she pulled up her dress and held tight while saying “No not now!”

Simon was very surpriced. “Is something wrong? Don’t you want to make love with me?” he asked.

“Uhh.. nothing is wrong. I just ned to go to the bathroom first.” Lisa said. Then Maria helped her up and Lisa used the walker to get to the bathroom. Once inside she quickly took off her pad so that Simon wouldn’t find out. Then she came back and had sex with him. Simon stayed through the night.

When Simon left the next morning Lisa was very relieved that Simon hadn’t found out. Maria reminded her that she ought to not take off the pads and helped Lisa put on a new one.

This day Lisa did not eat anything but healty low caloric food. And used the electro-stim to work her muscles for many hours. This was the beginning of two weeks of healthy living. Lisa fought back her hunger, and worked her muscles even though they fealt sore.
It was really hard, but the results were showing and it encurraged her. She still had on the pads but never once needed them, and never told either Simon or Jenny about them.

Jenny congratulated her on being so determined and in controll again. They even went to the beach togeather one day. Some of her old friends was there too. Some hadn’t seen her since she was 150 lbs thinner and was really shocked to se how big she was, and how she used a walker to move around. Actually she had managed to loose 20 lbs in a couple of weeks but they didn’t know. She got a lot of comments on how she had become. But Jenny defended her and said that she was working out now and following a healthy diet.

After she had been on this regime for a month and a half she was down to below 400 lbs again. She was definitely moving faster and thought it was time to stop using those pads.
Things looked like they were going really well for Lisa and she started going out again. Meeting old friends, who now instead of making remarks about how fat she had become congratulated her on her successful weightloss.

She should have feal really happy, instead she fealt depressed. Going out to a cafee and seeing her friends eat caces and other sweets was really hard to watch. She fealt starving most of the time, and her muscles were sore. She didn’t really enjoy sex that much anymore either. Simon was doing his thing. But she missed joy they had when Simon used to feed her by hand.

One day when she was at a cafй with Jenny she decided she at least could afford herself to eat one piece of cheesecake. After such a long time without any sweets the taste was awesome. So rich and tasty… so yummy. She realized how much she had missed such pleassures. But she was in controll and didn’t order another one even though she really really wanted to.

Later that day however when she was home alone, she decided she wanted some more sweets. She told Jimmy to make a small carrot cake for her. Jimmy brought it to her. It was warm out of the oven. It was so good, she quickly ate the whole cake. Still she fealt starving, and even though she knew she shouldn’t she asked him to make her a cheesecake too. And with that she totally lost it.. She binged out on a bunch of cakes and lots of sweets that evening getting totally stuffed. It fealt soo good. She masturbated over and over again. Now she fealt better than she had fealt for long long time.

From that day Lisa decided she would not starve herself anymore. She would still work her muscles but would not deny herself the pleassure of eating. She didn’t tell Jenny about it course she didn’t think she would understand how strong the craving for sweets can be for a woman at about 400 lbs. Simon however was told. So whenever Simon was at her place she would let him handfeed her. But when Jenny was around she would only eat healthy food.

So she started gaining again. First it wasn’t so noticable.. I mean 20 lbs extra doesn’t look dramatic on a 400 lbs body. But when she was back to 450 lbs Jenny commented on it. Lisa brushed it off and told her that at least she was in better shape and moved with greater ease because of the muscle exersice. And it was true. She was a lot quicker this time than the last time she was 450 lbs. So Jenny didn’t worry. And Simon was happy. He enjoyed more when he could feed her and she would gain weight than when she would just eat healthy foods and loose weight.

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With this setup it wasn’t long before Lisa passed 500 lbs. And no matter how much she used exersized her muscles she was having more difficulties moving. One day when Simon was there feeding her in bed and she was about 525 lbs, she needed to go to the bathroom. She told Maria so she came and helped her out of bed and they started heading for the toilet as fast as they could.When she was almost at the door she couldn’t hold it back anymore. And this time she pooped in her panties. She didn’t say anything and just went into the bathroom, pulled off her messy panties and sat down on the toilet to finish her business. When she had finished Maria helped clean and shower her. Jimmy got new clothes for her. Without protests from Lisa, Maria put one of her old pads on her and helped put her new clothes on. Maria made a new 3d scan of her body so that she could order new and better fitting pads for her new size.

Then she came out of the bathroom after having been there for ages.

“What have you been up to in there. Showering, changing clothes? Thought you just needed to go number one or numer two.” Simon told her.

“Ohh I just wanted to freshen up a bit” Lisa said.

They didn’t have sex after that like Simon expected, instead Lisa insisted they watch a movie. After that Lisa sent Simon home. Now Lisa was back in the “hiding her sacret”-game again. She would be wearing the pads, but go into the bathroom and remove them just before sex, and put them back on again just after. She never told Jenny either.

Jenny was starting to comment more frequently on her ever increasing weight. “Looks like you are loosing controll again. To me it seems like you have more troubble getting around now than you ever had.” Jenny said one day. “You don’t go out that much anymore either. Are you staying at home eating all the time? You need to get a grip again Lisa!” She continued to say.

Hearing that lecture Lisa begun to cry. “I cant help it… I cannot stop eating… I feal so bad when I go hungry….I was supposed to loose weight but now I am 550 lbs” Lisa sobbed.

“Sorry Lisa, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just get worried. I see your belly hanging down to your knees… it looks as though its very difficult for you to walk around with all that weight.I don’t think you would even be able to rise from the couch without Maria helping you up.” Jenny said.

“I may be slower but I can still get out of the couch on my own.”Lisa said. And then she tried to rise. First time didn’t even begin to get her up. Next try she tried a lot harder and she moved quite a bit.. but she fell back. She was already breathing heavily from the effort. Then she consetrated all her effort and strained her muscles to the maximum. She almost got up but then you heard a loud fart, and she fell back into the couch again. In the following seconds you heard a series of farting noices.

“Whats going on Lisa. Whats happening?” Jenny asked.

Lisa started to cry again. She had was unable to rise from the couch by herself, and she had pooped in the pads while Jenny was there.

“I need to go to the bathroom now Jenny” Lisa sobbed. Maria helped her there. She didn’t tell Jenny anything. This time her pads had protected her clothes. This was actually the first time she had an accident in the pads. She had to get a shower and a new set of pads. But she didn’t have to change clothes.

When she came out Jenny asked what really happened. She wondered if Lisa had another accident.

“Well…uhhm…Yeah… I … “ Lisa said started to cry again, she was so embarrased. Then Jenny who didn’t want to be mean, said she didn’t mean to upset her, and gave her a hug.

“Have you had other accidents lateley?” Jenny asked her.

“Uhh.. yeah… one time.. when Simon was here…” Lisa said.

“Maybe I can help you loose weight again… you did so well the last time…” Jenny said.

“Ohh … I don’t know.. I’m not sure I want to go through that again. Starving myself made me so depressed. I feal a lot better nowadays then back when I was dieting.” Lisa said.

“Well its your life. Seems you have to choose between loosing even more controll and eat less… I won’t tell you what to choose. I will still be your friend.” Jenny said.

From that day on Jenny stopped bugging Lisa about her weight. Lisa fealt releaved that Jenny wasn’t juding her, and fealt free to eat more than she ever had.

As she grew fatter, and slower, Lisa had more accidents. She couldn’t continue the game of going to the bathroom and taking them off ech time. One time when Maria was helping her into bed to have sex with Simon and she wasn’t wearing the pads, she had to return to pee. Of course she didn’t make it and Simon saw what happened.

“Ohh my… seems you are so fat you don’t make it to the toilet in time” He said. Then he continued by saying. “Maybe you shuld consider wearing pads or something…”

“Seriously, would you really make love to someone who wears diapers?” Lisa asked with surprice in her voice.

“I promice you I won’t mind. You seem to get a panic each time you have to go to the bathroom. You get all sweaty and worked up. If you had some pads it wouldn’t be such a disaster if you didn’t make it in time.” Simon said.

And of course from that day Lisa was happy that she didn’t have to hide the pads from him. Eventually she told Jenny about them too. She thought it was freaky but didn’t make a big deal about it.

Soon Lisa was up to 600 lbs. She went to the beach with one day and got totally exausted after moving a short distance with her walker, she was not ready to move another step,and just had to sit down. As usually some of her old friends watched in amazement at their old friend struggeling to move just short distances even while using a walker. Some of them commented on it, but Jenny defended Lisa and told them not to be rude.

After resting for a while she moved a bit further to a place where she could lay down and sunbade. She reflected on how much effort it was for her to move, and how slowly it went, even with her roller. Maria suggested that for moving more easily she should consider using an electric wheelchair. Lisa agreed. It would certainly be more practical and help her get around.

After some hours Lisa needed to do number two. But of course at her speed she might not make it so she headed home. After the first short distance she was both exausted and in a hurry. After a short rest she tried to move a bit faster towards the maglev carts. As had happened a lot of times when she tried to move faster it tended to cause accidents, and this time too. This was the first time she messed up her pads while being in public.

She had to continue to walk for a while until she reached the carts. And when she arrived at her flat she still had quite a few more steps to take.

When she got undressed it was clear that all the walking had caused a leakage outside the pad, and she had to have a change of clothes.

Maria suggested she might start using more protective a panties-shaped diapers. Lisa agreed, because she had already experienced a couple of expisodes of minor leakage.

Later that day Lisa got a heavy duty electric wheelchair and a set of high absorbancy dipaers made to fit her large body.

Next time Jenny came to visit, seing the wheelchair, Jenny had a talk with Lisa about how she was now actually more disabled in reality than what she pretended to be when she started her holliday a couple of years ago. Lisa assured Jenny that although Jenny might not agree with her lifestyle choises she was actually happier now than she ever had been.

She enjoyed being able to be so lazy… She enjoyed the way Maria was taking care of her. She enjoyed being fed sweets by Simon. She enjoyed having sex with Simon fealing fealing how it made her body shake sensually with each move he made. She was also becoming very comfortable with having protective diapers on. When she needed to go to the toilet she didn’t feal she had to hurry she walked in a leasurely pace, and if she didn’t get there in time the diapers would always protect her clothes. Of course it took time for Maria to wash and clean her. But that was really more comfortable than making a huge effort getting there quickly, often without success anyway.

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She even went out more often on cafйs with Jenny, travelling with her electric wheelchair removing the effort. If she was on a cafй and had to do number one or number two she didn’t have to rush home. Instead she just sat put and let it go in her diapers. It wasn’t uncomfortable once she got used to it, since the diapers were fitting her very well absorbed moisture very efficiently and contained the smell. Instead if was the most relaxing lazy fealing. And the thought of being able to secretly do something like this in public was somehow a turn on.

She was probably around 640 lbs one day when she sat at home watching a movie. She had to do both number one and number two. These days she would rarely make it to the bathroom in time and would almost always have to go through the shower and change routine. But she was really into the movie and didn’t want to go take such a long break. Instead she did as she would if she was on a cafй, she just let it go in her diapers while sitting there. This was a new step for her. A new level of lazyness.. and somehow it turned her on.

And in the folloowing months it was clear that she increasingly rather continued what she was doing, than to have a disruptive shower and change. Instead she would let her diapers get messy and have a change only a couple of times a day, or before she would have sex with Simon.

So 95% of the time, if she had to do number one or two, she had no reason to hold it in. Most of the time she didn’t really think much about it if she pooped or peed, she migh feal a small forwarning of what was coming, but normally it was no need for her to stop it. On the contrary she really was starting to enjoy the warm fealing it brought her.

It made her feal quite horny when Simon was feeding her and she was getting so stuffed she could hardly breath, and the preassure in her belly eased as big flow of warm poop entered her diapers.

She would say stuff like. “Ohh good, I pooped so much now that I have room for a whole cheesecake!” Such comment always put a smile on Simons face. It even seemed to make him horny.

He seemed to enjoy the sight of Lisa laying on her back with her legs spreading wide because they were pushed apart by her huge thighs and the weight of her belly. Even her thighs were getting folds. And between her calves and thighs there was only a crease between two folds. When she stood up she had to lean somewhat back to compensate for her growing belly wich now hung below her knees, although that was partly because the fat on her thighs pushed her legs apart . When they had sex they had started using doggy style more and more because it was difficult to push away the fat of her belly to get in from the frontside.

As Lisa was beginning to aproach 700 lbs it was really a struggle for her to get around even inside the house… She would often resort to the wheelchair if she were to move more than just a few steps. On another level it seemed that the long period of using diapers given her a new development. One morning when she woke up she realized that she had gone both number one and number two in it. She always went to bed with a clean diaper. The only conclution was that she messed her diaper while at sleep.

When she thought about it she had sometimes experienced being caught by surpriced by the number one or number two as it was happening and without any warning. In those situations she had been wearing her diapers and not tried to stop it. But she wondered that if it was already happening.. maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to stop more from coming.

Thinking about this gave Lisa a strong fealing of being helpless. Knowing that she actually could start pooping or peing before she was consious of it. It turned her on, and she wanted to masturbate… then and there… but her diapers were messy… anyway she culdnt resist and she put her hands inside. It fealt weird but really good. She came really hard… afterwards she were reluctant to take her hands out knowing they were covered with poop. She asked Maria to help her to the bathroom.

Maria lifted her into the wheelchair while Lisa had her right hand inside the diaper. While in the bathroom Maria saw what she had been dooing. In 2045 even robotic nurses had enough knowledge to know the reason why somone puts their hands down there while lying in bed.

“There are ways to help you accomplish such pleassure withou using your hand.” Maria said. “There are devices you can have inside your pants that you can controll by voice command to do certain tasks. That culd be useful if you should require such pleassure at a time when you rather not use your hand.” She continued.

“Yes Maria.. lets order one of those!” Jenny said. And from that day she had a little friend in diapers at all time… it was even better than her own fingers. Some days it would have it move slowly for hours and hours, occationally telling it to speed up when she was really horny.

Also she now experienced messy diapers in the morning maybe every third or fourth day. She was definitely turning more helpless each day.

A couple of weeks later as Simon was doing her doggy style, he suddenly said “Whoops…ohh my…” and stopped. “Whats going on back there?” Lisa asked.
“Uhhh… it seems like… uhh.. you pooped on me.” Simon said. “What? I didn’t feal anything…” Lisa replied and she strained her muscles so that it wouldn’t come any more.

“Well its not a lot…and its not the hard type…just a little leakage..” Simon said.
But just as he was uttering those words there was a fart and a flow of soft mushy poop. Lisa had consiously tried to hold it back but now she fealt it was a really big flow coming out. Although she tried she was totally unable to make it stop.

Maria brough over some tissues for Simon so he could clean of the most what had hit him. She also used a vacum unit to clean up most of the mess that had come onto the bed.

“I’m soo sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Lisa said on the verge of tears.

“Ohh no problem. I know you didn’t mean to!” Simon said.
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After they had both gotten a shower and changed into new clothes. And Maria had cleaned and changed on the bed. They sat down in the couch.

“Do you think I have let myself grow to fat and lazy? I mean.. I cannot controll even controll my bowels anymore.” Lisa said.

“Well I was a bit surpriced by this episode…. But still you have been wearing those diapers for ages… I have had no problem with that.” Simon said. “Maybe we could prepear for such events by having a water tight covering on the bed before whe have sex.. and maybe even a nose-pincher could come in handy…” he said. “It was really a shame that we had to stop now.. I was about to come…” He continued.

“Seriously… Would you have actually liked to have continued even though I was pooping” Lisa asked.

“Yeah I guess so.. It wouldn’t be a problem for me.

So from that day on they always had a sanitation sheet on the bed and nose-pinchers ready for the occation. About a week later it happened again and they just put on the nose pinchers and continued. Simon actually found the fealing of her warm mushy poop flowing out her during sex quite interesting. If something it just made the sex more pleassureable. Lisa agreed, it was maybe the best sex they ever had.

It wasn’t long before Lisa was about 750 lbs. Theese days it was almost impossible for her to walk more than 3 or 4 steps at a time without having a break and catching her breath, even while using her walker. Her belly hung halfway down her calves. Not far from the floor and would swing back and fourth in a slow slushy movement.

Just the act of standing upright was a strain. She was really started to get fed up by moving this way, so she would rather let Maria lift her into the wheelchair than help her to her feet.

When she was 780 lbs she decided to quit walking all togeather, and let Maria do the moving for her. It was a moment of reflection. Thinking about how far she had come.
It was little over 3 years since she started her hollyday. She got the hollyday because a mixup had registered her as having a problem with an injured knee. It started with an act, and a bit of lazy living. Now she had grown so increadibly fat that she was practically immobile and relied on a robot and an electric wheelchair to get around, she had become incontinent after using diapers for a long time. She was definitely more disabled than most disabled people. Just as Jenny had warned her she had let herself become so dependent on the nursing robot that she was unable to help herself. Did this make her feal bad? Did it scare her?

Maybe it was sort of scary, but it was scary only in way that made her horny. Her lifestyle as it had been developing gave her more pleassure and satisfaction than she could ever have imagined.

After this little moment of reflection over her life she fealt totally happy and satisfied, exept from one thing.

“Jimmy, will you make me 5 punds of brownies with vanilla ice please.”

The End

By FeederFreak

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Sorry, at first posting I have mixed some parts of the strory in wrong order. Now it's correct.
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Wouldn't this (the Nursing Robot story) work better as a separate posting?
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I hope so, but taking into account the risky bath element of the story, I've decided that it would be better for now to concentrate such stories in one thread, not to bother those who would not like this element. If you think it is unnecessary, I'll be only glad to post this story as a separate posting.
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I can't speak as the moderator, but it does seem to me that this'd work better as a separate posting. Otherwise, many Board members have no way of knowing that a second story has even been posted here in this thread.

When you post, just make sure that you label the story at the beginning, so that those readers who might be offended by "bath" themes will know to skip the posting - and you should be okay.
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Well, it may be in the wrong place but I like the total indolence and reliance on machines to lift her fat. I'm not into that much scatology, though.
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Default And a thank you to Luvfanny

Moderator's apologia: Wilson and I never disagreed as to whether this tale (originally appended to Julie 2 but totally unrelated) should have been a separate thread.

Unfortunately at the time we didn't yet have the expertise to split threads and preserve the original poster's name (Julie 2 was posted in October, 2005 and tghis story appended weks later). Now we can do so, and I thank Luvfanny for bringing this problem to the forefront.

Formal editing and formating - and possibly a forum change - will come later.

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"Spell checker".. It's complicated I know.
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