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Default Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Mirror, Mirror, Make Me Fat by dmarsh07 (USSBBWs, XXWG)

Major Kira Nerys dragged herself back to her quarters on Deep Space 9 after a long day of one crisis after another. As she was reaching for the light controls, she heard a surprisingly familiar voice purr, "oh, no. Leave the lights off. It helps the mood."

After a moment, she realized why the voice was so familiar. It was her own. She froze at the recognition of what that meant. Her counterpart from the other universe, the Intendant of Terok Nor, was somehow in her quarters.

"No thanks. I think I'd rather be able to see what you're up to."

Kira could hear the amused pout in her counterpart's reply. "Oh, all right. Lights, 25%!"

The lights came on dimly. Kira whirled to see the Intendant lounging languidly on her couch. The other's black catsuit and matching headband caught what light there was and shimmered in the dimness. As before, she had a slightly predatory but somehow affectionate grin when looking at Kira.

The Intendant's grin widened as she met Kira's gaze. "Well, here we are again," she said with a chuckle. "I just couldn't forget about you."

"What do you want from me?" Kira asked.

"The same thing I've always wanted from you: just you. But maybe with a few new wrinkles."

Wary, Kira backed towards the door. "What do you mean 'new wrinkles'?"
The Intendant laughed joyously. "Why, what else would I mean? We're the same, remember? Or nearly. We have the same kinks."

Kira pointedly ignored the flash of heat she got at that.

The Intendant continued. "Even less than you are, I suspect, am I able to actually fulfill any of my fantasies. If I'm too large to perform my duties on the station, my Garak will probably try to remove me. Again. And I'll be too large to stop him then."

The Intendant threw her head back and continued. "But you. Oh, you've already done so much. That drug you discovered to slow your metabolism and speed up digestion. And the planet you and Jadzia Dax located. I've seen what you've done with the place. An unlimited supply of food, the automated processing and delivery, the steady manufacture and dosing of your drug. It's perfect!"

Kira, still wary, said, "so you want to come here from time to time and I'll feed you? Is that it?"

She saw the Intendant flush and put a hand on her belly, just as she felt herself get hot. Meaning to throw her counterpart off guard (probably), Kira continued. "You can come here, we'll transport down to the planet, and save your pattern. I can blow you up as big as you want, and you'll be back to normal when we beam back. "

As Kira went on, the Intendant stretched indolently, resting one hand behind her head and running the other down her body, ending between her legs.
"You can get as big as you've ever dreamed. Bigger. You said you've seen. There's no limit except time. And we can reset you to the same size you ended the last session. You don't ever have to stop getting bigger and bigger."

The Intendant started rubbing herself through the catsuit, leering at Kira, who kept the patter going. "You've seen our records of our sessions of course." The Intendant nodded lustfully. "You've seen how gigantic you can get. That planet's dense core means you can grow to the size of a small moon and it won't disrupt the planet at all." Now, Kira's voice dropped to a lustful purr, not unlike her counterpart's. She stopped thinking of ways out of the situation, becoming lost in her own fantasy-spinning. The Intendant's head fell back against the couch, eyes closing in pleasure as she kept rubbing herself. Kira continued. "Bigger, fatter, never stopping, just expanding more and more. Every time you start a new session, it's just continuing the last, always swelling up, bigger and bigger, growing to unimaginable sizes, at last becoming a planet, and still inflating..."
Still leering, the Intendant raised her head to stare at Kira. "Oh, yes," she moaned. "It sounds absolutely wonderful. But, I'm far too dominant to allow anyone, even you, that much control over me." She quickly pulled a disruptor from behind her head and fired, stunning Kira before she could react.

As Kira gradually awoke, she stretched out the muscle knots. Or started to. Her eyes flew wide open in panic when she encountered the bonds holding her. The last few conscious minutes returned to her memory, and her head snapped up. She met the Intendant's gaze. "As I said, you're not me, but you're the next best thing. I can fill you up nonstop, and still keep my own mobility. And with the automation you've put in here, I can come and go, keeping Terok Nor running smoothly between our playtimes."

Kira thrashed against the bonds, screaming, "let me out of this! Please!"

The Intendant made herself look puzzled, though her grin ruined the effect. "But what's wrong?" she asked. "You've done this with Jadzia. If you can trust her, surely you can trust yourself." With that, she crossed to the edge of the clearing they were in, and started to set up the tube-and-pump system Jadzia had set up.

"You're not me, you crazy bitch!" yelled Kira, still struggling.

The Intendant chuckled, crossing back to Kira, dragging the tubing. "Maybe not, but I'm going to give you what you've always dreamed of."

Kira snorted scornfully. The Intendant grinned wider. "You can't fool me. I've had the same fantasy. We both know you want this." Her voice dropped to a lewd purr. "Ever since you can remember, you've wanted to satisfy your hunger. Completely satisfy it. No thought of consequences. No worry about repercussions. Just total indulgence, total abandon. Because you love this. You want to grow, to expand, to bloat up. You love getting fat. Being fat. Becoming fatter, and fatter, and fatter. Never stopping. Eating and eating forever. Growing incredibly, unbelievably. Feeling the sensual pleasure of your enlarging body, swelling up beyond your wildest dreams. And we both know how wild those dreams are. A planet? Oh, no, you want to get far far bigger than that. Don't you?"

By this time, the Intendant was standing over Kira's bound form, their faces inches apart. The Intendant whispered, "don't you?"

Kira, her eyes glazed over and her mouth open and panting, whispered back, "yes."

The Intendant leaned back a little, showing Kira the end of the tube for her mouth. "You want this?"

Kira's eyes focused on the tube to the exclusion of everything else. "Yes," she whispered again, "please," and opened her mouth wide.

The Intendant grinned again, and stuffed the tube into Kira's mouth. "All the way down?" she whispered. Kira shook her head. "Leave it in your mouth?" Kira nodded eagerly.

The Intendant quickly adjusted the tube to be just behind Kira's teeth, and secured it with a strap around Kira's head. A tiny whine indicated the breathing tube inserting itself.

The Intendant grinned lavisciously. "Oh, one last thing. I know you've only gone up to 5 pounds a second. This new pump can go much, much faster. And the tube can stretch to match any amount the pump can do." She stopped, holding up the pump control. "How fast should we go, to start?" she teased her helpless, eager counterpart, spinning the speed dial to match her words. "Should it be just 5, what you're used to? Maybe just 1 to start with? Should we max it out, to...oh, but I think I'll leave that as a surprise for now. Let's start at 10 pounds a second, double your record. Your lovely drug is waiting in the pump, just like your usual." With that, the Intendant hit the start button.

Staring excitedly at the tube, Kira could see it stretch visibly to contain the sheer volume of the paste heading inexorably towards her mouth, her belly. As always, she tried to hold her throat closed, to let the paste bulge her cheeks out. Much quicker than before, however, the sheer pressure forced her throat open and the session really began. She relaxed her throat as much as she could to allow the incredible flood into her.

Even so, with double her previous max rate, Kira had some trouble adjusting to the astonishing intake. She nearly gagged before she caught herself and made the extra effort to relax her jaw and throat to accommodate the flow.
Still dressed in her uniform, Kira could feel the cloth tighten as her body expanded. After only seconds, first her bloating belly, then her ballooning tits started to strain against the confining fabric. As the torso of the outfit grew tighter and tighter, she could feel her arms and legs growing against the clothing too. She panted desperately as her normally skin-tight uniform grew tighter still, squeezing her developing fat. A quick, tiny jolt told her that the seams were beginning to give way. As her tube feeding continued, the seams popped faster and faster, releasing her ever-expanding flesh. Finally, the uniform shredded completely as she outgrew it at last. Moments later, the bonds on her wrists and ankles snapped as well. Kira's hands flew to her belly, resting on it and feeling it bulge under her grip.

As before, Kira was laying on a large scale, with the display visible to her. Barely a minute was passed, and she was already up to 700 pounds! She moaned around the tremendous flow, hitting her first of many orgasms she expected from the stuffing.

Dazedly, Kira turned her eyes to the Intendant, who was staring fixedly at Kira's rapidly inflating body. The Intendant was rubbing her own belly with one hand, and playing with herself with the other, moaning softly, as she watched her counterpart swell.

Lost in mutual pleasure, Kira ballooning faster than she'd ever dared before, and the Intendant watching avidly and pretending it was herself, the two only gradually became aware of an insistent beeping. Finally, the Intendant reacted, looking down at her wrist. "Oh, no," she pouted. "I have to leave you. I'll be back as soon as I can. Enjoy your expansion, my dear!"

Kira would often turn to look at the weight read-out. At the first dawn, it showed 864,110. Partway through the second day, she saw 1,080,110. Dazedly, she did the math. 500 tons! In less than two days! She smiled as best she could, her mouth stretched wider than ever before around the tube, thinking ahead to how huge she could get this time. Before long, she lost all track of time passing, caught up in her unimaginable expansion. Each and every moment, she felt full to bursting. Even the hyperdoses of the drug were barely enough to help her digest the vast amounts of food fast enough to keep her swollen, overstuffed belly from popping. But the drug did manage its job, and she blew up astonishingly, wonderfully vast.

After a week, the Intendant returned. By this time, Kira was completely lost in the sensations of her burgeoning fat. The Intendant had to tap Kira's face to get her attention. "Hello, my lovely," she purred. "Can you see how big you are now? You're more than six million pounds! Three thousand tons! Have you ever been this big before?"

Kira's eyes rolled back in her head, and she climaxed immediately on hearing her weight. Early in the week, she'd lost the ability to turn her head, or even her eyes, to see her weight for herself. The Intendant, already near her own orgasm from seeing her counterpart so bloated and still visibly growing even bigger, climbed on Kira's vast body and lay down, so that they were more-or-less face-to-face, and sent herself over the edge along with Kira.

"Mmmm, you're doing so very well, my love. Do you want even more?"

Kira's eyes lit up, and the fat around her face wobbled. The Intendant laughed. "Are you trying to agree? By the Prophets, you're too fat to even nod!" Both Kiras came again from that realization. The Intendant went on, "you want to grow faster, don't you? I know I would if I were there." She slid off her counterpart's immeasurably engorged body and took the remote control.

"Can you handle double this? Twenty pounds a second?" she teased Kira again. Kira responded with a lustful moan around the incredible flow gushing into her body. "I think that'll work fine for now," finished the Intendant, spinning the dial up.

Quickly, the already-immense flow increased even more. Kira tried to relax her throat more, but she felt her cheeks inflate bigger and bigger with the extra that simply couldn't fit down her throat. She moaned in fear as her cheeks blew up, stretching to their limits. The Intendant quickly noticed.

"Oh, no," she sighed disappointedly. "You're not ready for that much. Yet." She played with the control for a few seconds, finally settling on 15 per second. Kira's cheeks weren't swelling past their bursting point anymore, but they weren't able to diminish at all. They were still stretched to their absolute limit, painfully bulging to hold the excess. Even that pain, now that Kira wasn't worried about them popping, became new pleasure at her complete, utter fullness.

The Intendant sighed again. "Oh well, maybe we can get 20 by next time. I'm so sorry; I have to leave immediately. I just had to see you again, if only for a few minutes. I'll be back as soon as I can get away. I can't wait to see how fat you get this time."

As the Intendant turned to go, Kira moaned as loud as she could. The Intendant turned back. "What's wrong, my gigantic, lovely balloon of fat?" But, of course, Kira couldn't speak around the enormous nonstop surge flooding into her.

After staring and thinking a few seconds, the Intendant reached out and moved the weight readout, so that Kira could easily see it. Even through the vast folds of endless fat, she thought she could see her counterpart settle happily.

Another week of nonstop enlarging. Now, Kira could watch as well as feel her body weight soar. Seven million pounds, 8 million, 10 million, bigger and bigger she grew, far fatter than she'd even been, than she'd ever hoped she could actually get. She reveled in her unbelievable intake, downing 15 pounds of fat every second, but she wanted desperately to be able to increase it even more. The 20 they'd tried, maybe even 30 or 50...
Sometime during the timeless expansion, Kira managed to stretch her throat enough to push some of her mouthful down into her bloating body. She hoped that extra stretch could let her take 20, at least.

When the Intendant finally came back again, Kira was over 7500 tons (27,216,110 lb). This time, the Intendant immediately stripped down and jumped onto Kira's gargantuan body immediately, sending delicious waves running all over her oceanic fat. "Oh, my lovely ball of fat," she whispered. "You're so huge, so immense, so incalculably vast. It's wonderful. You're wonderful, and so very gorgeous. But you're still nowhere near planet-sized. You're not even moon-sized yet. You've got so much more to grow. Let's see if you can handle 20 per second yet."

Already holding the control, the Intendant spun it immediately to 20 pounds per second. Kira's cheeks swelled again, but this time stabilized. The Intendant could actually feel her fat-filled mattress growing fuller, fatter, tighter, against her own naked flesh.

This visit, she was able to stay for some time. All during her stay, the Intendant stayed nude, laying on Kira's ever-expanding form, rubbing her own body against the velvety soft flab, sinking deliciously into the immeasurable sea of fattening blubber. Just like the sessions with Dax, the Intendant would tease Kira repeatedly.

"You made it to 20 pound per second. You're growing so fast now, inflating with fat like a blimp. But you're so much bigger than any blimp there ever was. You're more than twice as fat as you've ever managed before. And you're not near done yet. There's so much more you need to eat to get to be a planet. But I promise you'll get there, don't worry."

"Your limbs are completely buried inside your fat body now. Even your hands and feet are covered. Your fat is spreading out everywhere. Let's dig inside your gigantic folds and see... Oh, my wonderful immobile mirror, your hands are bigger around than your whole body was when you started. How huge must your arms be? Let's see if we can find them... Oh, how breathtaking! Remember when you were told your belly was bigger than a shuttle deck? Well, now just your arm is. All your limbs are. And still they're completely buried inside your immeasurable flabby body."

"It's been another whole week, my lovely little blimp. Oh yes, you're still so very small compared to what you'll be when I'm done. Even so, you've already outgrown the huge clearing we're in. Your huge body is easily 50 meters across. And your belly, laying down, is still twice as tall as you ever were. Did you ever think you'd really get this big? And you're still going, still expanding, still swelling, faster and faster."

The only problem was that, even though the Intendant tried to up the speed of the pump, Kira seemed to have reached her physical limit for intake. Every time the pump sped up, Kira's cheeks just blew up with food. And this time Kira couldn't manage to force any extra down her throat, so by the time the Intendant finally gave up and accepted the limit, Kira's cheeks were swollen to 6 or 7 times their normal size, filled to the absolute brim with tightly packed food. No matter how Kira tried, she couldn't force the excess into her belly.

At last, the Intendant took her leave once again. "This week has been so fantastic, my darling dirigible, my amazing monument to indescribable gluttony. I hate to leave you, especially without a solution to our problem of your limit, but I'll find one, I promise. You'll be gorging faster and faster again soon."
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Barely two days later, the Intendant returned again, gleeful. "Oh, look at you! You've reached 30 million pounds! Fifteen thousand tons! You have to be the largest single planet-bound creature there's ever been!" It was difficult to tell, but it seemed that Kira climaxed long and loud at that news, screaming her pleasure through the torrent of food inundating her mouth. The Intendant joined her, peeling off her black catsuit and pleasuring herself against Kira's burgeoning flesh.

Basking in afterglow, the Intendant gently stroked Kira's bloated face, buried in massive chins. Even the tautness of her overstuffed cheeks was masked by the gigantic pouches of soft fat they carried. "My lovely bloated balloon, I haven't told you yet! I discovered how to speed up your inflation! You know, of course, that your magnificent weight-gain drug so improves your digestion that no waste is produced at all? You have 2 holes completely unused! Two more holes we can stuff! And those won't have the limit of your throat! We can slide the tubes all the way to your packed stomach! The food can deposit straight into your system!"

At the understanding that her growth would again increase beyond imagination, Kira moaned in orgasm. The Intendant crossed to the pump and, very quickly, shut it down, added a 3-point junction, and restarted the pump. She fastened two more tubes to the new connections, and dragged one of them towards Kira's immensely overfed body.

Still nude, the Intendant crawled under Kira's soft skin, pulling the tube with her. Kira could feel the motion of the Intendant's progress, and finally, felt the new, huge tube inserted into her pussy. As the tube settled in place, she could feel pressure moving through her intestines as the tube worked its way up to her stomach.

The Intendant re-emerged from under Kira's engorged, enormous body, trembling with pleasure. She grabbed the other tube and repeated the process with Kira's ass.

Finally finished, the Intendant grabbed the control for the pump. "Now, my lovely, do you remember I wanted to surprise you with the maximum feed for the pump? Now, I think, it's time to tell you. This new pump can force 2000 pounds of food through it each second! Imagine it! A whole ton of weight forced into you every second! 60 tons a minute! Over 3000 tons an hour! Can you imagine how fast you'll blow up now? You'll be planet-sized, at least moon-sized, in no time! Do you want that, my mammothly massive mirror?"
Kira, meanwhile, was already lost in one orgasm after another, from hearing the max speed she'd be able to reach now. The Intendant waited, grinning, until Kira could focus on her again. "Do you want that?" she whispered into Kira's ear. She again saw the rippling of fat she chose to interpret as a nod. "Of course you do. Here—it—comes!" With that, the Intendant held up the control so Kira could see it, and immediately spun it to maximum.
Immediately, the food flooding into Kira's mouth packed in tighter, but now, there were 2 more tubes for it to flow through. In moments, Kira could feel her nether regions fill up and stretch as the tubing there swelled with the unimaginable deluge of food.

Her already-gigantic belly blew up much faster, swelling beyond belief, even beyond Kira's imagination. The Intendant whispered, "you realize, of course, that this new flow is 100 times greater than it was?" Between the Intendant's teasing and the new feelings of overwhelming expansion, Kira somehow managed an orgasmic scream around the inundation of food.

There was no way the Intendant would miss this. She stayed for the next week, reveling in Kira's growth. She fell face-first into the bounteous enormity, spreading her legs wide and rubbing both her own breasts and her dripping womanhood against the velvety flab, losing herself in the cosmically vast, and still increasing, expanse of her counterpart.

Between her own sex sessions, the Intendant would lay atop Kira, tracing patterns on the velvety soft skin, running her hands gently over swaths the span of her arms, but still a tiny percentage of Kira's body. She would lay on her own tragically tiny belly on Kira's vastly engorged one, resting her cheek against Kira's skin. Finally, she sighed enviously, slid back to the ground, and put her black catsuit back on.

Suddenly, a new voice rang across the clearing. "Freeze!" The Intendant spun quickly, seeing Jadzia Dax, in civilian clothing, holding a phaser on her.

"Did you really think nobody would notice our Kira missing for over a month, Intendant? Where is she? What have you done with her?"

"I've just given her what she always wanted. Look."

Dax glanced where the Intendant was pointing, only for a second, in case there was some trick waiting. But when her eyes sorted out what she saw before her, her jaw dropped in amazement. "Kira?" she whispered. "Nerys? Is that you?"

The Intendant drew her attention again. "I promise you, this isn't against her will. I wouldn't do that to her. You know her fantasies. Once I presented this to her, she wanted it. Craved it. Needed it."

Jadzia whirled on the Intendant, phaser up. "This?!" she cried shrilly.

Still at ease, the Intendant smiled gently. "Yes. You've given her this fantasy yourself, haven't you? You know how she loves this."

The phaser wavered slightly. "Well, yes," muttered Jadzia to herself, "but this much..."

"You two both contributed to the feeding set-up here. Did you think she'd never want to go as far as she could?"

Instead of responding, Jadzia grabbed the pump control and shut it off. She removed the feeding tube from Kira's mouth, and bent to put her ear next to it. She could hear quiet moans of "no, no, no".

She growled at the Intendant, "it doesn't sound like she wants it." Snapping a glare towards the woman, Jadzia startled; she was right next to her, listening intently.

"Oh, no?" the Intendant chuckled. "Keep listening."

Jadzia leaned back to Kira, still murmuring. "No. Put it back in. I'm so close. I want more. Please..."

Leaning back, the Intendant smirked. "You see? Nothing here is against her will. We've just gone farther than you two dared to go."

While Jadzia dropped down to sit before Kira's vastly ballooned body, trying to understand, the Intendant took the tube and held it up to Kira. Kira smiled, as much as her fattened cheeks could, whispered, "thank you," and opened her mouth again. Gently, lovingly, the Intendant put it back in, secured it, and spun the dial back to maximum.

She turned to see Jadzia, still on the ground, leaning back and watching her. "So," Jadzia sneered. "You did this just for her? You're not getting anything out of it?"

The Intendant sneered back. "You forget; we're the same. She doesn't get the pleasure out of feeding that she gets from being fed. Neither do I. But it's better than nothing."

Jadzia glared at her. "So why don't you?"

"If I managed to get this big, I'd be unable to handle the intrigues back home."

Jadzia smirked. "But you're not back home, are you? How hard is it to leave here, to stop watching and wishing that was you? You're coming here more and more often, aren't you? Starting to leave Terok Nor to your underlings, so you can be here?"

The Intendant started panting slightly, her lust inflaming. Jadzia continued. "Do any of them know you come here? Or even know how to get here? If you stayed here, like that," she continued, gesturing at Kira's cosmically fattened body, "would any of them bother to find you? Or would they just write you off and take over?"

The Intendant startled a bit. Jadzia went on, "you never thought of that, did you? Once you're here, you can stay. You don't need to deny yourself any more. You have no one important back there. Only slaves and conveniences, right? Who there will you miss when you're here as much as you miss this, when you're back there?

"You already know, don't you, about Kira's and my sessions? You know I'm good at this. You know I'll help you grow, help you swell, help you balloon...
"You could be a match for her. You could both get that big. You could even be bigger. I can do for you what you did for her. Just trust me, let me help you, let me feed you, stuff you, blow you up..."

Jadzia looked down at the control dial. "A ton a second?" she muttered. "How did you manage that?" Her eyes went to the actual pump, saw the junction, and the two extra tubes running from it under Kira's immeasurably obese form. "Ah," she whispered, "brilliant."

Jadzia looked back to the Intendant, who seemed bewildered. She continued in a low, sexy growl. "I can hook up the old pump until you get started. Then we can switch you to a mate of this one. Dial up the speed, just like you did. Faster and faster, bigger and bigger, never stopping, just eating and growing fatter for ever and ever... Don't you want that? Wouldn't you rather grow yourself than grow someone else? Even your twin?"

The Intendant turned dazed eyes on Jadzia, caught up in the fantasy. Jadzia's gaze bored into the Intendant's. "You know you want this, just as much as she did," she went on. "More, since you've seen her growing while you couldn't. Don't you want to catch her, even pass her? Maybe you two could race, to see who can gain the fastest. We'll have to fatten you up first, to match her for the start, won't we? You want it, you know you do. Let me give it to you. Lay down here, next to your twin. We can compare the two of you, keep an eye on your progress."

Still staring at Jadzia, the Intendant knelt down next to Kira's head and started to strip off her catsuit. Jadzia crossed to her and gently, but firmly, grabbed her hands. "No," she whispered. "Leave it on so you can burst out of it. I want you to." Still lost in lust, the Intendant nodded absently, lay down, and opened her mouth.

Jadzia leapt across the clearing, quickly replicated a copy of the pump currently operating, including the 3-point junction and extra tubes (for later). Dragging one tube behind her, she returned to the Intendant's prone form, still waiting unmoving with her mouth wide open.

Jadzia knelt over the Intendant, resting her body on the Intendant's (for now) flat and toned belly. She held up the end of the tube. "Do you want this?"

The Intendant nodded. Jadzia grinned cruelly. "What?" she snapped coldly. "Answer me."

The Intendant whispered, "yes, I want it. Please?"

Jadzia's grin got fiercer and she settled back, resting all her weight on the Intendant's belly and holding the tube in front of her face teasingly. "Do you really? Convince me."

"Please, let me have it," the Intendant whined. "Give it to me. I need it. Please!"

"Please what?" growled Jadzia, with a predatory leer.

"Please feed me. Stuff me. Blow me up. I want to be fat. I need to be fat. Fatter than anyone ever. The biggest creature in this or any other universe. Cram that hose in my mouth and pump me so full that I'll burst." Tears ran from her eyes as she screamed the last "please!"

Jadzia rammed the tube deep into the Intendant's mouth with a vicious grin, and strapped it on. "That's better. Much better. Let's get started."

She stood, as the breathing tube set up. "Now, how fast did you start my Kira, hmm? We did 5 pounds a second our last time. I bet you doubled it. Let's double that, shall we?" The Intendant's eyes widened, and she moaned, shaking her head in terror. Jadzia noted that, calculated quickly, and, still in scene, said, "no, I don't think you deserve that much. Not yet. Let's do 15 per second."

She spun the control of the new pump, and the Intendant's eyes rolled back and she started to shudder in excitement as she could feel the flow begin.

Jadzia noted that, just like her own Kira, the Intendant held her throat closed to force her mouth to fill and her cheeks to blow up with food. But after only a few second, the incoming paste forced her throat open, and the fattening started.

The Intendant quickly dropped her hands onto her stomach, waiting trembling for the food to start blowing her up. When she felt her hands moving apart as her belly swelled, she moaned loud and long around the flow.

As with her mirror, the Intendant could feel the cloth tighten round her as her body expanded. After only seconds, first her inflating belly, then her distending breastflesh started to strain against the confining leather. As the catsuit grew tighter and tighter against her increasing body, she could feel her arms and legs growing against the restrictive clothing. She moaned desperately as her normally skin-tight outfit grew tighter still, squeezing her developing fat painfully. Before long, the seams started to pop, one after another. As she continued to blow up, the seams popped faster and faster, releasing more of her fattening body. Finally, the catsuit exploded as her expanding fat overpowered the leather.

The Intendant settled comfortably. This was only the beginning. Soon, she'd join her counterpart in wondrous worlds of unimaginable size and glorious fat...
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