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stevenbbwlvr does more than just post hot picsstevenbbwlvr does more than just post hot picsstevenbbwlvr does more than just post hot pics

Originally Posted by LillyBBBW View Post
Speaking honestly, I've never been approached by a man and thought it a pleasant experience. I think it's because most of the types of guys who are bold enough to approach a woman they don't know do so with really bad lines and inappropriate touching, etc. When something happens like that happens I nearly wonder aloud why people don't talk to me like a human being, ask to go out for coffee, etc. I think that is the key here. If you're going to approach someone be polite and treat them like a human entity and not a happless woodland creature to be tricked into the back or your van.

As to the fear of rejection, I think rejection is always a possibility - it could go either way. If someone doesn't want to go out with you that should be the end of the story. Don't be mad, you woudln't go out with someone you don't want to go out with. Just move on. If she's rude to you it doesn't mean you're a schmuck. That's a reflection on her. Consider yourself lucky she said no, it saves you a tank of gas. All the same, just move on.
I try to be a gentleman. Though, if you want to 'cut to the chase' I will not object.
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