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Default Weaning Gemma Off Rabbit Food

Both, ~XWG, ~Sex

Weaning Gemma Off Rabbit Food
By kingmangoly
Part One

It was a pretty unusual affair for me to go out with all the guys and girls from school, but since we were graduating the big meal out felt compulsory. There were about forty of us descending on this poor restaurant; good for business but pretty traumatic for the staff that had to deal with us. Tables were pushed together to accommodate everyone together, just like when restaurants have children's birthday parties. All the other customers sat around the edge of the room looking disgruntled while our massive group made a ruckus, fighting over who sat where and so on.

I always felt a little uncomfortable on occasions like this. I would usually hang out with my two or three close friends, and it was with them that I sat at one end of the huge long table. In the middle sat the loudest and most popular people who wanted to be the centre of attention. As I looked down the table I saw everyone down there drinking already (the popular kids had some liquor somewhere) and banging fists on the table as they enthralled one another with stories that must have been totally hilarious, I'm sure.

Our quiet end of the table with me and my friends, the outsiders of the group you could say, was a lot more peaceful and I was thankful for that because I was painfully aware of the attention our group was getting from the other patrons. I was also painfully aware of my clothes hugging my bulging figure, as I always was at times like these.

I was far from the biggest of the forty or more of us; some of the popular guys were 300 pound football players, but they were 6'5" or even more and running into them would be a pretty good simulation of running into a brick wall. I was undoubtedly the fattest, as I normally was. I could hardly pass as tough like they could, being on the side of 250 pounds that no 5'8" eighteen year old wants to be. I hadn't weighed myself for a long, long time and I guess I was probably about 270 by then. I could feel my love handles spreading out a little wider than the chair and I was relieved that I was finally sat down so I could stop sucking my gut in.

I had a nervous habit of obsessively stretching my shirt down to make sure it was covering me, as if I forgot for a few minutes I would often be dismayed to find my flab hanging out somewhere. Once I started my job working for Dad, I thought as I sat there, I could finally go out and buy some much needed new clothes. My friends, in front of me and to my right, were talking away while I daydreamed and I was completely unaware of the girl sitting on my left, until it was time to order food. The waitress took her order before mine, working her way down the table to finish with us, and it was only when I heard her speak that I noticed her. She had been sat there very quietly indeed. It seemed like she was in a similar situation to me; sitting in a daydream while her friends chattered away.

She ordered something that I didn't much care for (I don't remember what, but it seemed dominated by salad). It was then my turn to order, and although I looked at the waitress when I spoke, I could feel the girl next to me was looking at me for the first time. I could only see her out of the corner of my eye so I'm not sure what her reaction was to me ordering the two pound burger with fries, but the waitress gave half a smile as if she had guessed that it would be fatty's choice.

I had never spoken to many of these people from my school, but I don't think I'd ever even seen this girl before. As the waitress took orders from my friends, I turned back to face the table and our eyes met for a split second.

"That sounds nice," she said quietly - so quietly it took me half a second to realise it was me she was speaking to. I would have noticed how nervous she sounded, if it wasn't for the fact that I was too.

"Umm... yeah, so does your... thing," I spluttered, failing to remember what horrible thing she had ordered and trying to make up for it with a smile.

"Oh, come on," she said a little louder, with her head facing me but her eyes looking down at the menus. "I'd much rather have had what you're having."

"Well... why didn't you?" I said.

"If I ate stuff like that I'd blow up like a balloon," she replied, blushing a little just at the thought of it.

She was incredibly pretty, and I was certain I had never seen her before; I would've remembered. Her skin was fair, although her cheeks had some color now. Her eyes were bright blue but dark nonetheless; she wore little makeup but she made very alluring use of eyeliner. Long, straight dark hair hung down over her shoulders and she had the kind of adorable nose you would definitely want to squeeze. I was always nervous with girls, but I felt like this was happening so fast I almost didn't have time to think about that stuff.

"Well me too but it doesn't stop me," I said with a wry smile, shaking my head in pretend despair. She looked down at how far I was forced to sit from the table by my bulging, overfed stomach, and struggled to supress a playful giggle. Me acknowledging my size seemed to make her relax a little, as it often did around new people. People like to know you're laid back about that stuff.

"I need to watch my weight though. I don't think you need to worry about that," she said looking me in the eye properly for the first time. I wondered what the hell that meant. Did she mean I didn't need to worry because it was too late and I was already a fat bastard? Or did she mean that I looked fine being fat? The smile she was giving me as she looked into my eyes told me it was the latter. There was just a hint of that feeling when two people forget where they are as they get lost in each others gaze.

"You don't need to watch your weight," I began, deciding not to investigate what she had meant; I would find out eventually anyway and I was desperate not to kill the conversation. I was beginning to feel quite comfortable with her, which had never happened to me with a girl before. "You're thinner than most people nowadays."

One of her friends nudged her and began chirping away in her ear about some nonsense. I was quite annoyed, but I sat patiently waiting for her attention to return to me. She was not fat at all, I thought, as I took the opportunity of her looking the other way to inspect her body. She was slim, her legs looking very slender in tight jeans and her upper arms having no trace of flab at all. Her breasts were probably average size, though they did look very lovely in her tight T-shirt despite being covered over.

The only place where there was even a pound of excess fat on her was in the tiny roll of belly fat that poked out over her jeans, exposed very clearly by the tightness of her shirt. Although it looked soft, it was really small and faded in significance compared with my enormous belly stretching out in front of me. I was well over double her weight with a considerable amount left over, I thought, estimating her to be 125 pounds at the absolute most.

"I'm Gemma," she said, finally turning back to me. "Or Gem, they sometimes call me," she added, gesturing towards her friends who were still mercifully oblivious to her chatting up the fatty who couldn't believe his luck. My friends, in contrast, were quite awestruck by what was happening.

"I'm Joshua. Or Josh," I replied, thrilled to have recovered her attention after five minutes or so. She gave me her beautiful smile again and was about to say something when the food began to arrive. Being the last to order we were pretty much last to receive, but we didn't have to wait very long.

Gemma thanked the waitress for what looked to me like rabbit food. She picked at her plate of vegetation and foliage but didn't take her eyes off of the monstrous burger that awaited me. The fat dripped out of it and the melted cheese ran down the sides collecting in puddles at the bottom of it's huge towering form. The rabble up and down the table fell to a mere murmur as everyone began stuffing their faces. Forty sets of knives and forks began their ceaseless up-and-down ferrying from plate to mouth, or rather thirty-nine did; God gave me hands for a reason.

My mouth could barely fit around this beefy mammoth, even while I compressed it with all my might. It was all I had hoped for and more, the hot and succulent juices dripped down my chins and the relentless swallowing was ecstasy to my stomach, which I had not realized had been so hungry due to the distraction of talking to Gemma.

I was sharply brought back to reality by my friends to the right of me, chuckling at this spectacle. I turned to my left to see Gemma staring at me, bewildered. She was biting her lip in the way I thought women only did in pornos. I felt a drip of the juice trickle down my chin, and with that her erotic façade crumbled as she gave way to hysterical giggling.

"It's nice then?" she asked, watching wide-eyed as I took another bite.

"Uh-huh," I grunted as I chewed.

"It looks it," she said. I swallowed what I had in my mouth and put it back on my plate.

"You want a bit?" I offered. I just knew she wanted it desperately.

"I don't think it would do me any good."

"Look, this thing is huge - I don't need all of it. Are you sure you don't want me to cut you off a bit?" I persisted. Before she could reply I had already attacked it with my knife and fork.

"Oh, okay. But I'm blaming it on you when I get morbidly obese," she conceded quietly, pretending she wasn't thrilled at the prospect of eating some decent food. I dropped a massive slice of it onto her plate and she wasted no time in devouring it. Watching her eat it was even more pleasing than doing so myself.

Half an hour later everybody had cleared their plates and was now sitting back, hands on bellies. People were talking less and laughing more as they got more tired and drunk, too stuffed to be excitable. Gemma tried under the table to conceal the fact that she was unbuttoning her pants but I spotted it easily; it was a manoeuvre I had to perform myself every day. Her bloated little tummy was relieved to be free and I heard many supressed belches from her.

"That was delicious," she announced. "I'm gonna have to diet extra hard next week though." I didn't respond to this. I knew there was very little point trying to talk sense into a girl who's obsessed with dieting. Instead, I would buy her desert.

"I don't think I have any room left," she protested when I offered.

"Please let me get you something, I'd really like to," I continued. I prevailed of course. I was sure she liked me and so felt compelled to accept.

It was pretty late at night by the time we finally left the restaurant, seemingly several pounds heavier and definitely many dollars lighter. I decided to go for it and ask for her number. Just as the crowd of our drunken classmates were getting into their cabs or parent's cars, I caught her just outside the door.

"Gemma! Before you go, I wonder if I might ask you something," I began, feeling nervousness returning for the first time.

"Yeeeees?" she teased, her eyes lighting up.

"I wonder if I could have your number. It's just that I really feel like we..." I began, reciting the speech that I had been thinking up for the last hour while I was talking to her. But she had already grabbed a pen from in her bag.

"I don't have any paper," she said calmly, smiling reassuringly having seen how nervous I suddenly was. She grabbed my hand. "Do you mind?"

"Erm... no, go ahead." She scrawled her number on the back of my hand.

"You're a really nice guy, Josh," she said, and reached out and gave me a brief but tight hug. She smelt nice. "Don't leave it too long," she added, grinning, gesturing towards my hand with the number on it as she walked away.

"Goodnight!" I called out. She waved as she turned the corner, then she was gone.
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Part Two

My parents were asking about my elated mood when I got home but I didn't tell them I met a really great girl and I liked her and she liked me too; they wouldn't believe me anyway. Or at least Dad wouldn't. So I just tried to act grumpy like usual and hurried up to my room. I laid down on my bed. Dad had been some star football player (or so he said) at school and always hassled me about being a "tub of lard". He told me so often that I would never, ever get a girlfriend unless I got rid of my "giant man-tits" that I believed it. Or at least I had.

Mom was always nicer about it. Let's face it, it had been her baking and cooking and feeding me massively oversized portions that had made me so fat already. To her I was a perpetually "growing boy" although to any sane person it was obvious that the only way I was growing was in girth. I had always thought when she said stuff like "grown up women want a big cuddly man to snuggle with at night" and "those silly little girls at school just don't know what they want yet" she had just been trying to make me feel better (usually accompanied by comfort food), but now I was wondering if there was more to it than that. I stared at the ceiling and thought about Gemma with Mom's words rattling around in my head. It wasn't long before I fell asleep...

My nose twitched from the tickly feeling of her hair as her head rested on my chest. She smelt of flowers. The bedroom was bathed in the incandescent light of dawn just beginning to brush the night aside. She briefly stirred slightly and, still asleep, let out a little sigh. I wondered what she was dreaming about and pulled the sheets up over her a little to keep her warm. Her hand felt so small in my own, and I ran my fingers up and down hers. She was so peaceful as she slept. I closed my eyes and slipped away again...

I was awoken abruptly by a pair of car horns outside as two drivers had a disagreement in the street before racing angrily away. I sat up with a jolt, with the instinctive feeling you always get when you know you've overslept. Except I hadn't because this was my first week without school, I remembered.

I stared at the red numbers telling me 08:18 on the clock by my bed with sleepy eyes for thirty seconds, before remembering my dream and being crushed by the fact it was just a dream; a feeling I knew well. Had the whole thing been a dream? I looked down at my still fully clothed body laying on the bed and then saw the messy number scrawled across the back of my hand and felt a smile spread across my face. No, not all a dream.

She had wanted me to call her soon but I wondered how soon I should do it. Half-past eight the morning after would be a bit too soon, I thought as I got undressed. I went to undo the button on my jeans which were alarmingly tight, only to find they already were undone of course. Normally when this happened I would think 'Oh God, I need to lose some weight,' but this time I thought 'Oh God, I need some bigger jeans.'

As I stood before the mirror and pulled my shirt off I was still unsure though: 'could anyone really like this?' I thought as I took a handful of my belly. I stood back to get the whole of me in the mirror. My 5'8" frame did not hide 270-280 pounds very well at all. Most people seeing me naked would've guessed I was more. Thanks to my totally sedentary lifestyle I couldn't even make the excuse of having muscle under there; all this was clearly pure, pale, doughy flab. Every part of me wobbled as I turned around, looking at myself from all angles. That day I could not hold it in any longer, and I finally succumbed to the impatient desire to call Gemma at 1pm.
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Looking good! Can't wait to read more!
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Part Three

The first couple of dates were as you would expect. I was a little shy of course, but it was difficult to be nervous around her for long. She was unlike any girl I had met before in many ways, but the most amazing thing was how she made me feel comfortable around her. She was a very reassuring person to be around. We made a lot of meaningless small talk of course.

The first time I had picked her up from her house, not far from mine. We drove into the city and went to watch a movie. I took what little cash I had and spent every last bit that evening. I bought her the biggest popcorn there was under the pretence that we would share it, so you can imagine the horror she displayed when I got one of my own too.

"Josh, I can't eat all this on my own!" she protested.

"Why ever not? I can easily," I replied, feigning offence at her complaints.

"Well, it's paid for, I guess I better eat it now." I would've felt bad for making her if it wasn't for the mischievous grin she was sporting, followed by surprising enthusiasm as she plowed through the lot of it.

The movie was followed by a visit to a diner I visited regularly. It was a favourite of mine. She seemed apprehensive at first.

"This really isn't a good idea for me," she began, but she was giving up before she even finished the sentence. The smell of the food was enticing and as we sat in a booth by the window we surveyed the menu. 'Ha!' I thought. 'Not a salad in sight here'. Nevertheless, I was surprised when she ordered an 8oz burger with fries. I think she didn't know what 8oz looked like in burger form, and her reaction when it appeared confirmed my suspicions.

"Oh Jesus." She looked up at me, then back down to it again. It was pretty standard for me, but this was not a girl used to eating burgers. Hopefully, in time, I could rectify this. "And I had all that popcorn too..."

"Yeah but popcorn doesn't fill you up. Well maybe it does at first, while you're eating it, but half an hour later you're starving again."

She nodded in resignation and dug into the hearty meal. We didn't talk much for the first time that evening as we were so occupied with the food. She would just let out a small giggle every couple of minutes, as juices dripped down her face or she bit off more than she could chew. I was waiting for her to finish for some time, but to her credit she cleared the whole lot including the fries eventually. After a quick check of the dwindling funds in my wallet, it was dessert time.

With the huge chocolate sundae before her she had the look of a person who has eaten far too much. She sat with an awkward posture and her eyes were glazed over as she sucked the last drop of her milkshake up the straw. Dutifully she clutched the spoon and began to shovel the ice cream. It was easy for me to devour this stuff, but even I was beginning to wonder if this was pushing her a little too much. I really didn't want any accidents in my car on the way home. She continued to surprise me though and finished the lot, and I was relieved when we got back to her house without any of the meal making a second appearance.

"Oh man I feel full." I wondered if I was going to have to carry her to the front door. "I don't even wanna think about what its gonna do to my waistline."

"But admit it, you enjoyed it," I said.

"I did." The playful teasing that was characteristic of her was gone and she spoke with nothing but plain sincerity. "I had a lot of fun tonight. I can't wait until next time." With something of a struggle, she leaned across and pecked me on the cheek, before getting out of the car and walking up the garden to her front door.

For the second date we went bowling. I had the idea when dating the virtual girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto. I worried that it was a bit sad that the only places I could think of to take her were the ones in a video game, but when I suggested it, followed by a meal somewhere, she leapt at the idea.

"This is a great idea," she had said when we arrived. "I'll have earned my meal this time."

"Yeah," I mumbled, before thinking to myself 'I'm sure tossing a twelve pound ball a couple dozen times will counteract the three thousand calorie meal you're gonna eat later.'

I was shit at bowling. I always had been. Gemma found it funny though, so I didn't mind one bit. Every time I got it in the gutter she stood with her hands on her hips and wrinkled her nose up. "Next time," she kept saying, putting her hand on my shoulder as I sat down and she stepped up to show me how it's done. She was really very good at it. I watched all the stereotypical jocks in the other lanes trying to impress their ditzy girlfriends by thrashing them, but I noticed that Gemma was racking up scores higher than all of them.

Feeling quite proud of her and her amazing bowling prowess, we left the bowling alley just as the jocks were starting to notice how silly they were being made to look when their girlfriends pointed across to the score above our lane compared to their own.

Gemma had no qualms about annihilating an even larger meal than the one she had had on the first date. It was pizza this time, and the sheer size of the task we were taking on would have made most people feel queasy just thinking about it. With both our pizzas side by side the table underneath was barely visible. Satisfied by the physical activity of the bowling, she ate every bit as quickly as I did. When the last bite of the last slice was finally swallowed, she was looking at the dessert menu before I was!
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Part Four

It was a good thing that I had started my job now. Delivery and installation of electrical appliances working for Dad's small company was hardly thrilling work, but it meant money. This was important because eating out a couple of times a week with Gemma was bleeding me dry, but now I could afford to really treat her. I decided to step it up with my new money and eventually we were going out three or even four times a week.

She was really a great person to be with. It would be no exaggeration after a month to say we were totally in love, and I felt like the luckiest guy in the world (as much of a cliché as it is).

On the sexual side of things we took it slowly. Partially, this was simply because of our personalities; we both preferred to do so, but it was also somewhat due to the fact that I got a lot of satisfaction from encouraging her to eat anyway. I had never really had this plan; it was impulsive to me. My love of food naturally made me want to share it, and I didn't realize straight away that it was turning me on.

What I did know all along, however, was that I liked full figured women. Gemma's waistline didn't stand much of a chance now that her natural appetite was being unleashed. She still complained about calories and dieting and so on, but it was just like a habit. It took a couple of weeks for our little regime to have a visible effect, but after a month we were seeing progress.

Her little belly roll had become something big enough to actually grab now, although it would not fill your hand (yet). Her upper arms were now noticeably thicker, and her breasts seemed a little fuller, but it was difficult to tell still. Where there was most difference was in her ass and thighs. The tight jeans she had worn when we met soldiered on for the first two weeks, but for the second two they mysteriously disappeared. Her thighs were spreading across a little more of the passenger seat in my car than they had before, and her ass looked quite a lot softer, even if it wasn't massively bigger.

Considering the colossal amount of food she was eating, she had gained very little though; I would've said fifteen pounds or so. I know for a fact she was still on a strict diet when she was at home. She would talk a lot about how fat she was going to get if we kept on like this, but never talked about the gain she had already achieved. Obviously, I never brought it up. Maybe she hadn't noticed? Unlikely, I thought, as she was wearing different pants now.

The truth was I had gained more than her. Much more. I had not weighed myself in many months, so I decided to finally bite the bullet after being forced to buy nothing but XXL T-shirts for the first time.

306 pounds. Holy crap. It had escaped my notice over the last month, but now as I looked in the mirror at my blubbery mass I saw my belly had swelled a hell of a lot. The rolls where it spread around to my sides had beefed up considerably, and I could grab handfuls of belly all the way round to where it met up with my love handles. I couldn't really put my arms down by my sides now because they were separated by protruding under-arm rolls where my moobs where overflowing from my chest and spreading sideways. My moobs had lost the fight against gravity some time ago and now drooped pretty low; I looked in the mirror and was struck by how far apart my nipples were now.

Treating Gemma to good food was clearly having more of an effect on me, which made sense really since I was overeating at home too unlike her.

A week later, on our fifth week of dating, we made love for the first time. I'm not really sure what I had been expecting my first time to be like. I guess an adolescence of Dad putting me down had convinced me it would never happen and I'd almost accepted that, so it was a very odd feeling when I was stood naked in Gemma's bedroom with her cupping the "huge man-tits" that Dad loved to mock me for.

It happened after we had been out one Saturday evening. Gemma's parents were out, and she had been commenting all evening about how lonely she was going to be in that great big house all alone all weekend. I may have been inexperienced, but that was blatant enough for me to get the message.

"You have a very nice house," I told her. I had been inside before when picking her up, but never upstairs.

"Thanks. I can't wait to leave though," she said, flopping on her couch. Her room was massive and had a couch and bed, which I thought was pretty extravagant.

"How come?"

"Well, you know, we're adults. I can't stay here forever, but that's what's gonna happen if I don't find a job. I'd like the freedom of having my own place at last," she said, gazing out of the window.

I would too, I thought as we reflected for a moment.

"Let's watch some TV," she said at last, patting the couch next to her so I would come and sit with her. We sat there for a couple of hours, until it was totally dark outside. I don't even remember whatever the hell it was we watched; obviously I was more interested it the fact that she was cuddling up to me. I put my arm around her and she rested her head on me, and with my free hand I gently stroked her long dark hair. She was soft and warm and there was nowhere in the world I would rather be.

I was beginning to wonder if she had fallen asleep when she finally turned to look up at me, with a slightly sleepy smile. I hoped she wasn't too tired.

"Do you think it might be bedtime?" she whispered.

"I do," I whispered back. Leaving the TV on she stood up and went to the bathroom. I went and sprawled out on the very big bed. The TV gave us a dim light from the corner of the room. A couple of minutes later she returned, minus her pants. Her thighs were now quite shapely indeed, and I was hard instantly when I found myself between them. Laying flat on my back she sat on top of me. She was no longer wearing her bra either, and so my heart raced with anticipation as she reached up and, after a second, whipped her T-shirt off, leaving her increasingly ample breasts jiggling wildly in its wake. They looked larger than ever from below, and I was powerless to resist the urge to reach up and feel their weight in my hands like an exquisite fruit. As I cupped them in my hands she reached back and held her hands behind her head, savouring the feeling of her breasts being tenderly stimulated as I felt her nipples between my fingers. I put my hands under her arms and felt all the way down her sides until I reached her broad and newly softened hips, giving them a squeeze. With that, she bent down and kissed me.

I was really too fat for her to get my pants off while laying down, so she dragged me to my feet. Before they were even all the way off she had already started work on my shirt. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of it an slowly lifted it up and over my head, clearly enjoying the process of unveiling what was underneath. She threw my shirt to the floor and looked up and down my naked figure, bulging, sagging, and wobbling. Her hands were drawn to my belly first, grabbing a handful on each side and giving it a little shake up and down. Next, she gave my moobs a jiggle, judging their size and softness, before planting another kiss on my lips and pushing me back onto the bed.

She jumped back on board and pushed my belly up out of the way so that she could spread herself over my cock. She finally lowered herself onto it and let out a gasp. Every inch of me rippled with the initial pleasure, and I found my hands gripping her hips again, aiding her movement as she rose and fell, over and over. Each time she drove it a little deeper, and I felt her fingers working their way in through the doughy fat into my belly button. Her heavy rack bounced vigorously as she pounded away, but her eyes were unmoving as she held eye contact, building up to the ultimate crescendo of moans and gasps as we gripped each other with all our strength for the few seconds during which she slowed right down and drove my cock into her as hard as she could for the ecstatic last seconds before it was over - the best orgasm I could ever have imagined.

We stopped still and panted exhaustedly. I felt the sweat, cool on my face, and the warm juices of our love making down below. After ten seconds, she let out an elated laugh of intense relief, and I did the same.

She fell asleep long before I did. Her gentle breathing seemed louder in the darkness, and I could've sworn I could feel her heart beating next to mine. As I lay there, spooning her, I thought about the next step.
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cant wait for the next part
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Part Five

On the meagre wage that Dad was paying me it would be very difficult to get a place of my own. He was, however, a little more forthcoming with the money when I told him I wanted it so that I could move out. He made me work more hours for it though.

I think Gemma probably felt a little neglected when I couldn't see her as much. Seeing how her mood had deteriorated, I decided not long after to tell her that I intended for us to get our own place together. She was absolutely thrilled by this, and doubled her efforts to find a job of her own.

Jobs were not plentiful and it took her a while, but after a month she found a job in a clothes store in the city. With both of us working different hours, the amount of time we could spend together decreased further, but our goal of a place of our own kept us going.

Dad was unusually helpful in finding me a place, although he did little to hide the fact that it was just because he wanted to get rid of me. He did not yet know about Gemma, and he envisioned that I would be living in filth and touching myself all day and sleeping on a dirty mattress on the floor - a vision he did not hesitate to share with me whenever he could. I wondered what terrible insecurity he was hiding to be such a dick all the time.

Six months after we met, we finally stepped through the door to our new apartment. It was a relief to have finally gotten here, after all this time. For a little over three months we had only really seen each other on weekends. The break from eating in restaurants was merciful for my waistline, but spending most of my days sat in the van eating lunch from the drive-thru of the nearest fast food place meant I had still grown a little to about 315 pounds.

Gemma's job in the city meant that even without my encouragement she found herself tempted by junk food sometimes, which would've been unthinkable when we first met. Her job involved mainly sitting behind the counter playing with her phone waiting for customers to come in all day, as it was a pretty small store. Another ten pounds had been added to her figure, bringing her to about 150.

We went to bed that night too tired to unpack all our stuff, so we left the boxes on the floor and decided to do it tomorrow. As we lay in the darkness she rolled onto her side to look at me.

"Do you think I'm getting too fat?" she mumbled. I rolled over to face her.

"No," I said, my brain on autopilot. I was too tired for that conversation.

"I weighed myself the other day. I'd been putting it off since we got together because I was enjoying myself..."

"Well then what does it matter," I interrupted.

"...I've gained twenty-five pounds since we met," she persisted. "I'm all squishy."

"And you look better for it," I declared. She said nothing at this and just laid still, considering it. I wondered how she could be attracted to me but still worried about her own size. I guessed confidence could be a funny thing. I took her in my arms and held her as we drifted off to sleep.

I had one hell of a job on my hands trying to convince her in conversation. Instead, I made it my task to tell her as often as possible how beautiful she was. I made a point of putting my arm around her and kissing her when we were in public. I tried to be as passionate as I could when we made love and I cuddled her until she fell asleep every night. If I could make her feel as attractive as I found her then hopefully she would accept it.

I was pretty decent at cooking to a basic level, as I had always made feasts for myself when my parents had been at work and I had the house to myself. I could now put the abilities I had acquired to use. Of course, Gemma felt like she was being pampered when I cooked dinner every day, so she couldn't complain. The tastes that I had perfected over many years of practice, coupled with the extremely fattening ingredients required and the fact that we ate mindlessly in front of the TV and in the dark meant that she had no idea how many calories she was gorging on.

Now that I was with her every day it was hard to tell when she gained because it happened so gradually, but she could not hide the new tightness that the buttons of her white shirt she wore for work were displaying. When she got home from work I only saw for a brief second because she always hurried to the bedroom to get changed as quickly as possible, but she was beginning to resemble a caterpillar as the buttons squeezed into the new flesh around her middle. We had only been living together for two weeks before she had to replace her work clothes.

I no longer needed my car since I had the van, but she resisted my suggestions that she should get her driver's licence and have my car, saying that her half a mile walk to and from work each day was the only thing stopping her weight from exploding, but after I put my hands on her hips and gave her a lengthy kiss she gave in.

"Ok, I'll do it," she said, our noses touching as I held her close to me. "Don't blame me when I'm the size of a house though." I remembered when she had joked about ending up obese the first time we met. The difference now though was that, at 5'4" and 160 pounds, she was a little over ten pounds overweight and showing no signs of slowing down - quite the opposite.
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I enjoy the butterball narrator, and how she seems to find him attractive without making a big deal about it. It is nice to see how they pretty much connect like many couples in that regard.

I have pretty mixed feelings about him pushing the fattening foods on Gemma, though. I suppose that eventually in the story she'll come to like it all more openly, and maybe he's picking up signs of that, but at the same time it feels kind of manipulative? I hope that part gets aired out before the end--would let me feel better about enjoying everything else in the story

(PS -- that is just a note as a reader, not as a moderator)
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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
I enjoy the butterball narrator, and how she seems to find him attractive without making a big deal about it. It is nice to see how they pretty much connect like many couples in that regard.

I have pretty mixed feelings about him pushing the fattening foods on Gemma, though. I suppose that eventually in the story she'll come to like it all more openly, and maybe he's picking up signs of that, but at the same time it feels kind of manipulative? I hope that part gets aired out before the end--would let me feel better about enjoying everything else in the story

(PS -- that is just a note as a reader, not as a moderator)
This is something that I thought about myself, and honestly I am not sure that my narrator is entirely likeable. What I hope is that, even if we do not like him, we can still empathise with him and see some reasons as to why he has these desires, E.g. his own love of eating and wanting to share it and feeling sorry for Gemma because of her being deprived of it, or that he is inexperienced with relationships and equates food with love because of the influence of his mother in contrast with the taunting father.

As for Gemma, I don't want to give away everything that will happen obviously, but you're predictions are of course correct. I wouldn't want to have a character that didn't like it because I think most of us probably agree that it is an unattractive quality anyway, before you even consider the moral side of it.

I'm thrilled that people are taking the time to read it and I really appreciate any comments. I'm only just starting out with this stuff and I've never really had the chance to discuss writing with anyone before (let alone writing of this nature), so I've got a lot of developing to do.
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Part Six

I wasn't looking forward to spending three weeks on my own, but since Gemma's grandma lived almost two thousand miles away and she only saw her a couple of times each year, there wasn't much point in her going all that way if she wasn't going to make a vacation out of it.

It just proved how wonderful my girlfriend was, I thought to myself, that only eight months after meeting her I felt at such a loss to say goodbye to her at the airport. "It's just three weeks," she kept telling me as I squeezed her one last time and planted kisses all over her neck. She held my face between her hands and promised she would call me when she got there before turning and heading towards the plane.

We waved and blew kisses frantically before she disappeared from my view at last. I stood there for a moment, as if I was hoping she would come back, before turning and walking back to the parking lot. A little short-winded from the walk, I opened the door of my van and heaved myself up and in. The steering wheel dug into my belly to the extent now that it was painful, so I had started simply resting it on top of the wheel. Sure, it made steering a little harder, but it was rapidly turning into a choice between steering and breathing. During the drive home I imagined how the conversation would go with Dad if I told him I was too fat to drive the vans now. I then chuckled to myself imagining a different conversation: telling him I had used a saw to hack the bottom half of the steering wheel off to accommodate my huge gut. I imagined his fuming, red, sweaty face and his fists waving wildly.

After just three days on my own, I was bored as hell. I wondered how I had ever managed before I met Gemma. I tried playing video games for six hours straight like I used to but I just found myself wishing she was here to play with me, like she sometimes did. I decided that I would go home to visit my parents (or visit Mom at least, I saw Dad every morning at the shop when he gave me my deliveries list for the day).

Mom hadn't seen me in two months so she was excited as hell when I told her on the phone that I was coming to stay for a while. I heard Dad barking away in the background.

"The boy thinks he can come and go whenever he pleases... I already filled his room with my model soldiers... tell him he's sleeping on the couch..."

"Oh don't be silly John...," Mom called to him, before returning her attention to the phone. "He's just mad because he's gonna have to move his toy soldiers again." I heard him mumbling and grunting incoherently; something about models not being toys. "Ignore him Josh, you know what your father can be like," she said. I pictured in my head the apologetic smile as she spoke; she wore it almost permanently as a result of twenty years living with that man.

"I sure do," I replied.

"Well I'll see you later honey," she said. "My big grown up boy coming home to see his mommy!" she squealed, and with that she put the phone down. Although it used to annoy me when she said things like that when I was younger, I found it quite comforting now that I had left home. I threw a few things into a bag and jumped in the van.

Mom ran from the door all the way to the van when I arrived. She wasn't very elegant when she ran. She was only 5'2", hence my own unimpressive height, but a little over 200 pounds (with the word 'little' in that sentence becoming less and less truthful with each year that passed). Dad stood on the doorstep with his arms folded and a distraught expression on his face. He was utterly and completely obsessed with what the neighbors thought, so his tubby wife sprinting across the street in her pyjamas was traumatic for him, especially since Mr and Mrs Stephenson were passing by walking their dog. The horror on his face made my return home even sweeter.

I stumbled out of the van with a wobble and threw my arms around Mom. She did her best to do the same to me, but at over 335 pounds, she found that she could no longer get her arms all they way around my burgeoning waist. For a split second she fumbled around, searching hurriedly for the thinnest part of me, but even there she had to squeeze with all her strength for her hands to join on the other side. She stepped back, blushing and hoping I wasn't embarrassed by what had happened, but I pretended I hadn't even noticed.

"It's so lovely to see you Josh! Come on in - I'm baking a cake especially for you sweetie," she said excitedly, and wasted no time at all in getting me sat to the table.

I felt every pound of fat jiggle as I shuffled my chair as close to the table as my stomach would allow. She peered into the oven for a few moments before coming and sitting to the table with me.

"It'll be a few minutes yet, honey," she said. We sat in silence for a few seconds.

"Mom...How are you doing? I mean... he's not being too much of a pain is he?" I asked her, leaning forwards and gesturing towards the door, through which we could hear Dad grumbling to the TV.

"No, no, no..." she said, shaking her head. Now that I was free from having to live under his roof I felt sorry for Mom, being stuck with such an asshole. "Look, Joshy..." she began, frowning in a way I had not seen in a long time. "I'm sorry for the way he treated you these last few years..."

"Oh Mom, it's not your fault..." I interrupted.

"He's just never gotten over the fact that his life didn't turn out the way he wanted it to. He really thought he was gonna make it big you know, as a football player... But all the stuff he says about you being alone forever..."

"...yeah... about that," I mumbled.

"...I know you'll find someone eventually sweetie." She reached across the table and squeezed my hand.

"I have."

"What?" her eyes widened a little, a smile creeping onto her face. I hesitated for a couple of seconds before blurting it all out.

"She's called Gemma and she's really great, and I met her eight months ago, when I was still living here. We met at a restaurant and we got talking - it just felt right, and she gave me her number and we went out on dates - all those times I was out in the evening I was with her." Mom looked about ready to cry, and she was squeezing my hand so tight my fingers felt numb. "We've been living together in my new place."

"Oh, Josh..." she said softly. "Why didn't you tell me?!? You should've told me! I told you you would find love eventually. I can't wait to meet her; I hope she knows what an incredibly lucky young lady she is." With that, she got to her feet and went to take the cake out of the oven, kissing me on the forehead as she went past. "Do you hear that John!" she yelled towards the door at the top of her voice. "Our boy has a girlfriend you miserable bastard!"

While I was staying with my parents I decided to go and visit my friend who lived just down the street. Jack had been my friend for as long as I could remember, but I hadn't seen him since the meal we had at the restaurant after our graduation. We used to spend almost every day together. When the day came on which we had arranged to meet, I got out of bed, ate my breakfast (a giant towering stack of Mom's special pancakes with the obvious syrup as well as chocolate, marshmallows and sugar), and went and got in the van. Despite the fact that Jack lived only a few hundred yards down the road, I drove.

I saw his face peering through the window when I parked up outside his house. He looked very confused and mouthed the words 'what the hell?' when he saw that I had driven instead of walk for a single minute down the street. He continued staring through the window, and his jaw dropped when he saw his friend, now nearly seventy pounds heavier, tumble out of the van. I waved at him and saw my own reflection in the window, waddling up the path to the front door. My belly hang was poking out of the bottom of my shirt, and there was a horizontal crease in my shirt where it was being pulled tight between my enormous wobbling moobs.

Jack rushed to open the door, and hadn't been able to get rid of the astonished expression on his face by the time he opened it.

"Josh?" he gasped.

"Hey Jack, it's good to see you!" I exclaimed, getting an odd enjoyment from the amazement that my huge weight gain was causing.

"Erm..." he stuttered, staring at my girth in disbelief. "Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry about it," I assured him, putting a hand on my belly.

"How did it... happen?" he asked.

"Well I guess it's just what a loving relationship does to you. Or does to me anyway," I grinned, fully aware now that I was enjoying this a hell of a lot. I gave the flabbiest part, right at the bottom of my belly hang, a quick slap and made it ripple from bottom to top.

"How much.. uh..." he began, unable to help himself.


"Holy crap." Just as he said this we heard his mom's voice from the kitchen.

"Jack, darling, who's that at the door?" she said in her usual song-like tone.

"It's Josh," he replied. Jack's mom then said something she thought we couldn't hear (she was both slightly deaf and had a habit of saying rude things).

"Jesus, I don't think I have enough food for him in the house today..." This made me laugh. She didn't know the half of it yet. Me and Jack went and sat on the couch and put the TV on, and when Jack's mom came in with a plate of cookies she nearly dropped the plate.

"Hi Clara," I said cheerily.

"My oh my... Josh... You've really turned into a butterball havn't you?" she exclaimed in hushed tones. Jack cringed and buried his head in his hands. I think she intended for me and Jack to share the huge pile of cookies but when she saw me sat there, taking up most of the couch, she walked over and handed me the plate. As she bent down she reached out and placed her other hand on my fattened stomach as it drooped between my legs while I sat, like people sometimes do to pregnant women. "Oh my," she said again, before leaving.

When the time eventually came to pick up Gemma from the airport I was buzzing with excitement. Three weeks alone had me craving everything about her. As I sat on a chair in the airport terminal (with my love handles just fitting between the armrests as I lowered myself onto it) I thought about her sweet smile and how it made me feel safe and warm inside. I thought about how much I missed the cute little noises she made when she talked in her sleep while I cuddled her at night. My eyelids felt heavy as I pictured her blue eyes and adorable little nose and I was falling asleep there and then, imagining the feeling of her long dark hair running through my fingers.....

"Josh!" I woke up with a start, and me getting up out of that chair was the fastest my fat ass had moved in months.

"Gemma!" I ran (or tried to) over to where she was standing with her bags. "I've missed you so much!" I cried, scooping her up in my arms so that only the tips of her toes were touching the floor.

"I've missed you too baby - I havn't stopped thinking about you for three weeks!" came her muffled voice as I embraced her. We let each other go after a full two minute hug and I picked up her bags to carry them to the van. I then saw that she looked a little different from when she had left.

It was only when she took her coat off when we got home that I saw the full effects of three weeks of staying with her grandma. I was sat on the couch, exhausted from carrying her heavy bags, when she saw me watching her take her coat off and hang it up by the door. She blushed, but smiled. She came and stood in front of me by the couch. Her outfit consisted of a short dress with a floral pattern and black tights, and she looked so pretty. While she had been away she had gained at least fifteen pounds. Just a hint of fat had appeared under her chin. She stood there for a couple of seconds before our eyes met and she launched herself on top of me. Laying down, there wasn't room for both of us on the couch, so she just laid on top of me as if I was a human waterbed. We kissed for ages holding each other tightly, before we began to undress.

First, she dragged my shirt off, struggling to get it free from every lump and roll of my fleshy body. She threw it on the floor and set to work, her hands soft and warm as she tenderly massaged each and every excess pound of my decadent form. Her eyes kept looking up to my own and then back down to what she was doing, and she bit her lip as she fondled my oversized nipples, with a cheeky smile to acknowledge how my chest had really fattened up just lately. With the palms of her hands she caressed my overgrown breasts in a circular motion, their flabby feel exaggerated as it always was when I laid flat on my back. Grabbing a swollen nipple in each hand, she pushed the two mountains of flesh together ,with each responding in an almighty ripple, and ran her tongue up the cleavage that was formed and finished with a lustful kiss.

"I've missed this," she whispered.

"Don't go anywhere, ever again," I wheezed, doing everything in my power not to ejaculate already. She moved down to my belly, its giant mass spreading out in all directions as she lifted it and then dropped it again. She slapped it and watched the ripples before sinking the entire length of her fingers into my belly button.

"You're turning into a big, big boy aren't you?" she teased, tickling me around my belly button, going around and around in circles with the tip of her finger.

"I'm just so hungry," I said, now in a trance-like state. She reached over to the coffee table and passed me the cookie jar. Like a pig, I ate them without even thinking, while she began to undress herself too. Her tights came off first, and while I stuffed three, then four cookies in my mouth at once she slowly touched herself, before eating half a dozen cookies as I fed her them. She wriggled free from her dress to reveal how the curves of her figure had been padded by the extra weight. She was now a womanly 175 pounds. She reached back and unfastened her bra, and the cups fell away to reveal plumper breasts that spilled out of my hands. I could now see that most of Grandma's cooking had gone to Gemma's love handles, which were fast beginning to fill my hands as I grasped them, and her hips, which were broadening faster than any other part of her increasingly buxom body. Little rolls of fat were making their first appearance around her middle and her thighs were becoming even more pleasant to be between as their cushioning thickened.

She flopped back onto the couch and held her legs apart, so I got to my feet, took my place, and put my solid cock inside her. I began to pump, my huge weight driving it deep into her. It was tiring - exhausting in fact, but Gemma had the most spectacular view of every pound of me hanging and rippling as I gave it my all, determined to deliver the pleasure the love of my life deserved. Her face screwed up in an expression of intense sensation, until finally, she reached up and grabbed two handfuls of my hanging belly, and we both finished with hysterical moaning.

As we lay in darkness, I reached out under the sheets and stroked her hip gently for a few minutes. Finally, I snuggled as close as I could, and fell asleep. It was good to have her back.

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Very good so far, keep it up.
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Part Seven

The anniversary of our being a couple came around quicker than I ever dreamed it would. My life had been transformed immeasurably over the last year, and I had been totally oblivious to how quickly time was flying by.

In the four months since Gemma returned from her Grandma's house, dieting and weight loss were not mentioned even once. Her weight gain became something of an elephant in the room; I made it very clear during sex that I was enjoying her expanding figure and she liked it when I did, but we didn't mention it at all. I did however catch her her two or three times checking herself out in the mirror when she left the bedroom door ajar while she got dressed. She was biting her lip and grinning appreciatively at her blossoming curves. I was delighted by this sight, but never let her know that I had been peeping through the gap in the door.

Although the fat comments kept coming from Dad, they had been half-hearted and lacking any real venom since he found out about Gemma. Although he never made any apology, it was clear that he felt stupid. Instead of seeking me out to relish mocking me, he now avoided me whenever I visited, skulking away to hide somewhere. Even he couldn't mask what was obviously appreciation when I first took Gemma home to meet my parents. He felt humiliated.

Mom made use of his new vulnerability to get revenge. His days of making the atmosphere cold and hostile around the house were over. Instead of the usual complaining and growling, he could now be heard obediently mumbling "yes, dear" every time Mom wanted something.

On the week before our anniversary we visited my parents. Gemma drove us in her car, and the usual excitement from Mom followed our arrival within seconds. She now expected to see me noticeably larger each time we visited so she didn't act surprised.

"Hello sweetheart," she squealed, her arms reaching less and less of the way around me with each visit.

"Hi Mom," I replied, struggling for breath after heaving my enormous bulk out of the car, but smiling for her nonetheless.

"And hello Gemma honey," she continued, moving onto my bewildered girlfriend who always got hugged just as enthusiastically as me.

"Hey, how are you?" Gemma wheezed, gripped by Mom's powerful hug.

We began to walk towards the house, Mom and Gemma going slowly so I could keep up. I was now pushing 375 pounds, and so my walk had rapidly turned into a waddle. The last forty pound gain had found its way mainly to my gut and love handles. Everything had become softer, wider, and flabbier, and I could feel the rolls on my sides bouncing around like crazy as I waddled towards the front door. Gemma's favourite part of my body was fast becoming my tremendous love handles, and whenever I was stood in the kitchen cooking our meals she could seldom resist surprising me from behind and giving them a quick grab and jiggle.

I was exhausted after the short waddle from the car to the house, and wasted no time in getting myself sat down at the table. Mom and Gemma sat with me and we began talking while snacking on the various treats laid out on the table for us. Mom told us that Dad was finding work increasingly stressful.

"He just comes home, sits in front of the TV, and doesn't say a thing all night. He just falls asleep on the couch. I can't even get him to eat his meals. Says he's stressed out," Mom said, shaking her head.

"He must be working too hard," Gemma suggested, picking at the bowls of candy in the middle of the table.

"Damn right he is," Mom said. "Working twelve hours a day, seven days a week sometimes."

I decided it was time to ask Mom something that had been on my mind for some time.

"Mom," I began, "I wonder if I could ask you to do something for me."

"Of course, honey."

"I wonder if you could have a word with him about work. It's just that, now that we have our own place, I could really use more money." Mom raised her eyebrow. "I wonder, what with all the stress he's under right now, if you might be able to twist his arm into letting me take over some of the managerial stuff."

Twist his arm she did. Apparently it didn't take much twisting. As much as Dad resented the idea of me taking over the business, he couldn't argue. He wasn't short of money and desperately needed a rest, so after Mom suggested he could use the new free time to take up golf like he had always secretly wanted to, it was decided.

On Monday, I sat in my new office and gazed out of the window. Although it wasn't exactly Lower Manhattan, I felt pretty important as I watched the traffic driving by. Gemma knew that money wasn't the only reason I wanted a desk job; I had officially crossed the line where I was simply too fat to drive the van. I sifted through paperwork all morning; there were many kitchen appliances to be delivered. Apart from the twenty or so delivery drivers, there were only five or six employees in the shop during the day, but I still found one to go and fetch me food when I wanted it. The kid was new to the job and looked quite dizzy as I listed all the things I wanted him to fetch me to eat throughout the day, before stuffing a wad of cash in his hand and sending him on his way.

Loving all the new money that was flowing in, I decided the first stop I needed to make was at the car showroom. With 400 pounds just around the corner, Me and Gemma decided that it would be a good investment to look for a car that could carry my immense body comfortably and with room to grow. As we stepped through the door the salesman's eyes lit up as he realized I was clearly someone that was making a purchase out of necessity.

"So what are you looking for today," he asked with the fakest smile you ever saw.

"We need a car with plenty of space," Gemma announced, holding my hand. "My lovely butterball here got a bit too big for ours." Obviously, she didn't have a mean bone in her body; she only teased me playfully about my size because I told her sheepishly that I was very turned on by it.

"Uh, right... I see..." Stuttered Dave (as his name tag proudly proclaimed). "So, uh, you're looking for a vehicle suitable for a larger gentleman?"

"You guessed it," Gemma sang gleefully.

"Well, uh, how do you feel about this one over here?" Dave asked, gesturing in an exaggerated manner as he lead us over to a large truck in the corner. He had to hold the door open for me for longer than he was expecting as I slowly waddled over to it, my arms swinging with each wobbling step. The truck bounced almost as much as me as I dropped into the seat. Gemma joined me and grinned excitedly. I noticed Dave the salesman checking out her ass as she climbed in; something that I noticed more and more men were doing as she filled out.

By now Gemma was an undeniably chubby 200 pounds. Her beauty had only increased now that she had a very pronounced double chin. With the last thirty pounds or so she had edged very slightly towards being pear shaped. Her ass was wide and full, showing the first signs of some dimples appearing in places. She was rapidly developing thunder thighs which stretched her jeans to the limit, and chafed so that what little walking she still did was really becoming a chore. The cute little folds of fat around her middle had morphed and finally evolved into one big belly roll, which sagged a little when she was standing, and as we sat in the truck it spilled out onto her lap.

"Well how do you like it?" she asked me. She reached over to examine how much room I had. As she stretched across I got a nice view of the new fat that had formed on her thickening upper arms. I always thought that chunky upper arms were an especially feminine feature of larger ladies.

"It's good. There really is some room to grow," I mused, looking around. The seats were very wide and even I wasn't spilling over at all. The steering wheel was adjustable to make room for my gut as it grew and there was a big and sturdy step to help me get in and out.

For our anniversary, we took the new truck on its maiden voyage. We went to the most posh restaurant we could find and I spent the most money I have ever spent on a meal, but it didn't matter. I was happy enough not to care as we demolished all three courses in good time. We had passionate sex that night, although in certain positions my size created some logistical problems now. Gemma assured me though, whilst wrestling with my flab, that the struggle was part of the fun for her.

I woke the next morning to see that, unusually, Gemma was already out of bed. She was stood, completely naked, at the end of the bed looking at herself in the mirror. She turned sharply when she realized I was awake.

"You're up early," I yawned, sitting up in bed in my usually ungraceful way.

"Yeah," she replied. She looked thoughtful.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing. I was just looking at myself," she admitted, embarrassed that she had been caught. I smiled.

"I do it all the time," I said, climbing out of bed and joining her in the mirror. Her chubby body looked tiny compared to my great rippling waves of fat. I put my arms around her waist from behind and rested my head on her shoulder. We stared into the mirror for what seemed like forever...

"Do you like it?" I asked at last. The answer was pretty clear by now, but I was relieved nonetheless to hear it at long last. She smiled slowly and turned to kiss my cheek as it rested next to her own.

"Yes." She turned and hugged me, sinking her arms into the rolls around my sides. "It makes me feel... really sexy, I guess. I just never imagined I would be a big girl... I was always a bit afraid of what people would say if I got fat," she said hesitantly, looking at our reflection in the mirror the whole time. She then turned to look up at me. "I feel safe with you," she whispered, and gently kissed me. I brushed her long dark hair aside with my hand and looked into her blue eyes.

"You're so beautiful," I told her, getting lost in the moment.

"One thing though," she said, as if she was snapping out of a trance.

"What's that?" I said, slightly startled.

"When will these fade?" she asked, running her finger along the new, bright red stretch marks on her stomach and sides.

"Not long, some of them already are," I pointed out, looking at her fainter ones from forty or fifty pounds ago, already beginning to turn silver. I remembered how I had been a little scared when my first ones appeared. "Mine didn't take long."

"Mine seem worse," she said.

"I've gained over a hundred pounds in a year, I've got a hell of a lot - even from before that," I laughed. Due to my size I couldn't see the earliest ones directly anymore, but I reached and pointed to the bottom of my belly where I knew they were.

"Oh, yeah. I can hardly see them," she said.

"And all around here," I continued, holding my arms up. The little silver marks poked out from between my rolls of fat, barely even visible. Although I hadn't been fond of them as I piled on weight, I liked the fact that they mapped out my gain. Despite the fact that my dimpled flab made a lot of them harder to see, the new red ones were on my love handles, and other new ones confirmed my suspicions that my moobs were expanding recently, again, as well as the obvious growth spurt my belly was having. My belly hang now reached quite a long way down my thighs, slapping against them with every step I took whilst naked.

We just lazed around the apartment that day and, at Gemma's request, I didn't bother getting dressed.
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Part Eight

I turned the key and the engine of my truck fell silent. I opened the door and with an almighty groan I heaved my legs out, one at a time. I collected all of the junk food wrappers from the passenger seat so that I could put them in the trash on my way past, and paused for a few moments to brace myself. I then tentatively reached out with one foot to find the step on the side of the truck, and then slid slowly out. I closed the door and bundled the wrappers into the trash, before waddling towards the inviting front door of my house.

We had been living in our new home for four months. Much to Dad's surprise I had done a good job at work, and I had helped him nurture and expand the business in a way he could never have managed without me. This, combined with the fact that Gemma had a new job at a larger store in the city in a low-level management position, meant that we were now happily living in a modestly luxurious house in a pleasant suburb.

Winter had really set in now, and the windows of our warm and comfortable home glowed against the darkening evening sky. As always when I worked late, I knew the woman I loved would be waiting for me inside, and even after almost a year and a half together the excitement I felt around her had not diminished. I could see my breath in the cold air as I waddled up the path and fumbled in my pocket for the key to the door.

I shuffled into the warm as quickly as I could and closed the door behind me. It was warm and cosy as ever inside and the smell that greeted my nose told me that Gemma was working wonders in the kitchen again.

"Gem I'm home!" I called, kicking my shoes off and lumbering over to the couch. With a huge sigh I flopped my colossal 430 pound body onto our luxuriously oversized couch, before heaving my feet up onto the coffee table. I searched for the remote and switched the TV on. Just then, I felt tender, familiar hands squeezing my shoulders from behind and working their way down onto my flabby chest.

"Hey, baby," she whispered, before planting a big wet kiss on my cheek. I looked up at her and returned this display of affection. "Tell me what you think of this," she demanded, whipping out a freshly baked cookie and forcing it into my unprepared mouth. It was still warm from the oven; crispy at the edges and soft and squishy in the middle with the chocolate chips in the grey area between melted and solid.

"Fantastic," I replied, chewing vigorously as she prepared a second in her hand before thrusting that in too.

"I think they're my best yet, but I think I need your expert opinion," she teased, stroking my giant belly as it stretched out in front of me while I sat.

"Mhmmm... I agree..." I responded, struggling to swallow while trying to talk. She plodded back to the kitchen, beaming with satisfaction at my verdict. I watched her over my shoulder, admiring the way her broad hips swayed when she walked now, and her very large rear bounced pleasingly with each step. Thanks to our relative wealth, we were enjoying a very comfortable and overindulgent lifestyle that would encourage weight gain in anybody, let alone me and Gemma.

She lovingly handed me my dinner and sat with me on the couch. She had gotten into the habit of bringing me two or three plates of food to save me the trouble of having to move my fat ass to get seconds and thirds. We ate quickly, but appreciating the food nonetheless. Gemma certainly knew how to cook, and it was something I enjoyed doing together when I wasn't so late getting home. With our massively overfed bellies stuffed, we cuddled on the couch, snacking and watching TV all evening as usual.

Snuggling up on the couch gave me the chance to rub Gemma's belly, which often made her aroused and always helped to make room for more food. The more weight she gained, the more she like the effect on her womanly, buxom figure. As she enjoyed these changes, her gain accelerated, and to describe her as chubby was by now an understatement. As she watched the TV and mindlessly nibbled on pieces of chocolate, I stroked the doughy roll of belly fat that was spilling out of her pants. She had overindulged her way past 250 pounds, or even slightly more, and there was no doubt about it now: Gemma was fat.

As her confidence in her womanly curves blossomed she initiated sex more than ever. Although she continued to savour each and every excess pound of fat that I gained with the same sensual lust that she always had, she now appreciated her own body as a manifestation of overindulgence too. She became more turned on than ever when I caressed each expanding curve and fondled her rapidly thickening layers of fat.

We made love most nights, although it was certainly becoming more challenging. As much of a treat as it was for Gemma, I was no longer really capable of any positions that involved standing up, so she went on top almost always. As she became bigger she got more out of breath and a little sweatier in the act, but enjoyed it more than ever. Her massive thunder thighs clapped against me as she rode me, and her huge, flabby stomach bounced wildly. Her bulbous breasts now drooped a little under their own weight and often clapped loudly against each other.

She increasingly employed the reverse cowgirl to change things up, and the view it gave me was just as tremendous. Continuing to hold my belly out of the way, she would turn around and reveal her truly magnificent love handles to me, so plentiful in their size that my hands could not hope to hold them in their entirety. The sexy little rolls on her sides made her back look incredibly beautiful, and I adored the way her huge ass wobbled under her movement, full and jiggling and now lightly decorated with cellulite in the fattest parts. When she reached up to brush her hair out of her face I could see the flab dangling from her chunky upper arms and shaking just like everything else as she moved.

"Oh, Josh!" she moaned to the ceiling thrusting herself onto me with all the strength of her heavy, powerful body. I fondled the squidgy fat on her sides and under her arms.

"Gemma..." I groaned. At that moment, I wondered why any man wouldn't like a big, heavy woman to make love to, and finally succumbed to the impending, phenomenal orgasm.
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l love the way this is going
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Originally Posted by grasso View Post
l love the way this is going
Glad to hear it
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Part Nine

Our neighbors, Robert and Amanda, were a married couple in their early forties. When we first moved to our new house they had introduced themselves to us before we had even finished moving our furniture inside. Despite the age difference (they had a son and a daughter who were older than us) we got along well. Judging by how massive I was, they had been surprised to find out we weren't even twenty yet and even more astonished that we could afford such a house.

After we had made our introductions Gemma and I invited Robert and Amanda to have dinner with us and they returned the gesture the week after. Ever since we had been each other's guests frequently and we had formed an unlikely friendship with the older couple.

Almost all of the residents in our middle-class suburb were middle-aged married couples, living peaceful suburban lives now that their kids had left home, and growing pleasantly plump as they enjoyed the finer things in life. Rob and Amanda were no different. Their waistlines told a story of luxurious dining, and in the four months Gemma and I had lived there, I noticed they always seemed to have a bottle of wine or three on the go.

With all 430 pounds of me spread out as I sat leaning back on my chair with my hands behind my head, I made Rob seem pretty small. He was six feet tall with a receding hairline and sported a pretty big gut, probably putting him at 275 pounds. His wife was in a different league though. After the four of us had stuffed ourselves senseless with an extravagant feast, Gemma and Amanda had gone to sit and watch the TV, while we stayed sat at the table.

Our lengthy conversation had turned to the topic of travel. It often did, because going on exotic vacations was one of Rob and Amanda's favourite things. Rob was dismayed when I admitted the truth to him that I had never even left my home state.

"You've never left the US?" he said.

"Actually... to tell the truth I've never even left the state," I admitted.

"You're kidding! Oh wow..." he said incredulously. "I can't imagine that when I think of all the incredible places me and Amanda have seen. Tell you what, since you're gonna be sat there a while," he nodded towards my enormous distended belly, "why don't I go fetch the photo albums?"

"Uh, sure," I agreed, in too much of an incredible food coma to resist. Rob scuttled away to the other room, and I rubbed my gut and had to let out a belch. I heard Amanda's voice questioning him.

"Honey, why are you getting those out?" I heard her saying.

"I'm gonna show Josh all our photo albums," he replied proudly.

"Honey, I think I nearly stuffed him to death, you tryin' to finish him off by boredom?" she laughed in her usual merry tone, everything jiggling as she chuckled, no doubt.

Rob reappeared, shaking his head. He was clutching four leather bound photo albums, which he promptly laid down on the table. He picked one up enthusiastically and I prepared myself for the endless pictures of hotel rooms and drinking in bars. When he opened one though, I couldn't believe my eyes.

"This is Niagara Falls," he announced, holding it up to me. I suddenly sat upright and examined it closely. Standing in front of the falls, smiling, were a very different couple to the one I knew. Rob's hair was still complete and he looked very different without a beer belly; he was actually pretty skinny. My eyes, however, were drawn to Amanda. In the photo was a very short 170 pound, slightly chubby little blond woman and I wondered for a second if it was even her.

"When was this?" I asked.

"Oooh, Ninety-four? Yes, ninety-four." He smiled a little at my surprised reaction. "We're a bit thinner as you can see." He turned to the next one, taken a couple of months later. He flicked through dozens of photos and time progressed in increments of a few months, and in each the happy couple filled out a little more, slowly but surely.

"Uh, that would be... Miami, ninety-eight," he continued. Rob was yet to change much, but Amanda was getting chunkier with each year. As they stood on the beach, looking out into the sunset, her sleeveless top revealed flabby arms and a double chin was developing. He resumed turning through page after page. Eventually we got to an especially nice one.

"NYC, year 2000," he said. They stood in Times Square. Rob was now beginning to get a paunch, and Amanda was at least 225 pounds now. Her double chin was thick and full and her short frame was getting round. We went through more and more photos.

"Rome, 2006," he said eventually. By now he was pretty fat, but Amanda had swollen considerably. "We were eating a lot of good food around this time," he added with a grin, looking at his 270 pound wife as she stood in front of the Colosseum. A big fat belly was hanging out of her pants and her thighs were like pillows of cellulite. Yet more pictures followed.

"Paris, 2010." Presumably Rob had taken this photo, because he wasn't in it. An enormous Amanda stood in front of the Eiffel Tower. She was at least 320 pounds, and at no more than 5' 1" tall she was clearly uncomfortable on her feet. She was leaning against a fence and looked pretty red in the face. The weather was very sunny so she wore light clothing, revealing a very broad double belly forcing its way outwards and downwards and her increasingly pendulous breasts were spilling out of her bra. "French cuisine, délicieux!" he added, smacking his lips. The progression continued.

"The Grand Canyon, 2011." Just a year later she had shot past the 350 mark. There were some pictures of her walking, and she was clearly struggling. She looked exhausted in fact; her thighs were as thick as tree trunks. "This was around the time we decided to go for the scooter," Rob said. "Amanda was finding it a bit of a struggle to really get around."

The next photos were of the last three years, and in all of them Amanda was sat on a scooter. She looked a hell of a lot happier and more relaxed.

"Aren't you gettin' bored yet, Josh?" said the present day Amanda. As she waddled through the door, her girth literally filled the width of the doorframe. Despite her tiny stature, she had grown to at least my weight, probably pushing 450. She had given up walking (except around the house) four years ago and since then her weight had exploded. She took a huge bag of chips and disappeared again.

Two days later I was laying on my bed with my laptop. Curiosity had gotten the better of me and I had decided to have a little look at how much a scooter would cost. I wasn't exactly serious about it, but when I saw them I couldn't help but to pay more attention. I knew I could easily afford one but I hadn't expected there to be so many to choose from. People were really going to a lot effort to put an end to the chore of walking; there were all kinds of scooters for all sizes of people.

In the end, I decided against it for now. I didn't want to succumb to immobility just yet (which is inevitably what would happen). It scared me a little but I couldn't get the idea out of my head after that...

Gemma was out shopping for clothes with Amanda. I was very happy that she had found a friend. As much as I wished I could, I couldn't give her all the companionship she needed, and she didn't have any girlfriends from school. She told me one night whilst I cuddled her in bed that her school years had been quite a lonely time for her, and the few girls she stuck with at school hadn't even tried to stay in touch with her.

I don't know what the two of them discussed in private, but Amanda was clearly having a positive effect on Gemma. I think her having a friend who was much older, much larger, more sexually experienced, and more comfortable with her obese body is one of the reasons why she started to love herself and her growing body more and more since we lived in the new house.

The sheer amount of calories needed to maintain such a huge weight meant that my gain had slowed quite a bit. By anyone else's standards I was still packing on the pounds, but not at the incredible rate that I had been. After three more months, I broke 450. This meant a gain of just over twenty pounds.

Gemma on the other hand was gaining like never before. When we were in bed she would tell me how much she was overindulging as a kind of foreplay. It turned out she was having fast food binges when she was out with Amanda and then again with me in the evening. Most days, she was eating five meals, not to mention the desserts, treats, and snacks that came between and after, and she would drive in her car no matter how short the journey. She was getting fatter and fatter every day.

I couldn't believe she had gained fifty pounds in such a short time. When she stepped on the scale and the first digit was a three she was obviously pleased with herself. She simply smiled, before turning to the mirror and grabbing the huge thick floppy roll of belly fat that hung over her pants with both hands. She then gave it a good shake and screwed up her nose and gave herself a playful 'Rawr!'
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One of the best stories to come around in quite some time!! Hope it continues through many more great chapters!
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Originally Posted by R.F.Burton View Post
One of the best stories to come around in quite some time!! Hope it continues through many more great chapters!
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Part Ten

I waited by the door like a panther waiting to pounce. The pizzas were on their way and I knew that if I went and sat on the couch it would take me five minutes to get to the door when they did arrive. I stared out through the window impatiently.

On the phone I no longer had to give them my address. The delivery to my house was a regular thing, three or occasionally four times per week. After listing all the things I wanted them to bring me, the reply was usually something along the lines of 'sure thing, it's on its way big man!" Even if this was a little rude to say to a customer, I loved it when he called me that.

The pizza arrived in good time, as always. I wondered if they delivered extra urgently to me since I was such a good customer. I opened the door and stood there, filling its frame, while the delivery guy approached with his precious cargo.

"Hey, Mikey," I said, my mouth watering. I knew all the delivery guys by name.

"Here you go," he said, handing over the four large pizzas. "Those should keep you going," he added with a glance towards my belly, the bottom of which was hanging out of my shirt.

I devoured two of the pizzas in record time. I was sat on the couch, but the TV was off. I had gotten into the habit of eating without the TV and just taking in the sight and smell of the food when I was eating on my own. Although I could quite easily have annihilated the other two pizzas, I saved them for Gemma to have when she got back from her parents' house.

Preparations were under way for our wedding. I had naturally been nervous about asking her to marry me, however much my brain kept telling me she would obviously say yes. In the end I asked her while sitting on the couch. I had opted not to get down on one knee for the fear that I might not get up again, which she understood of course. The question took her breath away and she squeezed me so hard I couldn't breath either while she recited the 'yes, yes, yes, yes!' that I had been longing to hear.

I put her pizzas in the kitchen and took a handful of chocolate bars from the cupboard to finish me off, before hauling myself slowly up the stairs. I sat on our bed and pulled my shirt off over my head, leaving it in a heap on the floor. My shirts were so big now that it looked more like a parachute as it sat on the floor. Huffing and panting from the exertion of climbing the stairs I laid back on the bed with my belly towering up into the sky and my moobs flopping up to almost rest on my shoulders. With two large pizzas sitting in my stomach, washed down with half a dozen chocolate bars, I could almost feel them adding to my huge blobby mass already. I could feel myself becoming aroused as I wondered which part of me would be thickened by this most recent 'snack'.

At over 450 pounds it was getting difficult to tell exactly where new weight was added, because my physique was just layer upon layer of fat already. I loved laying on my back because of the way that all my flab sat on top of me, spreading out across the bed in the same way that pancake dough spreads across the pan. I felt like a great big balloon full of water as my fat swayed from side to side with even the slightest movement. Winded though I was, I had gotten too aroused to fall asleep. I dragged myself to my feet, loving the loud slap that came from one or two of my rolls as they dropped back to the hanging position.

I pulled my pants down and kicked them off next to my immense t-shirt on the floor. The satisfying sound continued as my belly hang clapped against my thighs while I waddled to the mirror.

I looked up and down the reflection of my gargantuan body in the mirror and couldn't stop a huge grin from spreading across my face. I thought back to when I had looked in the mirror when I was 280 pounds and seen a soft, tubby figure with a doughy belly and bulging love handles and moobs.

Now, with more than 170 pounds added, my reflection was an image of overindulgence and gluttony that turned me on like never before. As I surveyed every roll, dimple, and fold in the vast landscape of flesh, I had a thought that really satisfied me: I had already been significantly obese, but I had eaten my way to gaining what was some people's entire body weight on top of that.

Sitting, inches thick, on every part of me was pound after pound of pure excess fat. I loved it.

I heard the front door open and close as Gemma returned home, followed by the sound of her rummaging around with her coat and bags and going into the kitchen. I knew she had found the pizza that I left for her, and her footsteps, slower and heavier than they once were, revealed that she was coming upstairs. I went and flopped onto the bed and waited for her.
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I'm really enjoying this one. Can't wait for more!
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me neiher
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I didn't have hope for this starting out but it's pretty gooPersonally I like xwg on bbw and hope it goes even more in that direction. much further.
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Definitely enjoy where this is heading!
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