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Default CraVe ~BBW ~~WG ~Feeding

Over time, Amber changes, with her supportive husband, Tom. Expect weight gain and eroticism between two people in love.

NB. I'm a long time reader, first time poster, inspired by this forum to write. Please do feel free to give feedback, and be kind. I will try to add chapters weekly.

Chapter 1

“I do!” whispered Amber, looking upwards at me with her big brown eyes, an extra shine to them thanks to the beginnings of tears of happiness. I leaned in to kiss her, my hands on her slim waist, her arms around my neck, pulling me in to kiss her. Amber and I were now wed, and we must have looked happier than ever together.

After the wedding, the reception went as planned, with the toasts and embarrassing speeches one would come to expect from a modern day wedding. The food the hotel served was suited to everybody’s tastes, but the main event was the cake. A 3 tiered vanilla cream masterpiece, iced to perfection, with a little groom and little bride on top.

“How’s the cake honey?” I asked, as I saw my wife nibbling at a slice.

“Oh, it’s lovely. It’s so good I might even have another slice...” she said, eyeing the nowhere near finished cake.

“No harm in that love, it’s not like you can’t let go and relax a little!”

I wasn’t wrong. Amber was a slim, beautiful woman. She was five foot six inches tall, with a perky bum, slim waist, and blessed with a DD chest, she was perfect to me. I did love curvy women, and it was her chest that caught my attention 2 years ago. What was amazing to me was that she didn’t do an ounce of exercise, apart from her commute to her job where she worked as a medical secretary in the same hospital where I worked as a physiotherapist. I would drive in usually, whereas Amber would wake up early, skip breakfast, and run or cycle in, come rain or shine.

“Alright! You’ve made the sale, fetch me another slice of cake hon’. I guess it’s time to relax now that all the wedding stress is over!” said Amber with a wink, as she drank from her glass of champagne. I smiled, and got up to do my husbandly duties. Looking forward to the long, two week honeymoon I had planned in Las Vegas.

That night, after the reception was over, Amber and I had our first night as married couple. We celebrated the day with a night of passionate sex, though admittedly no different to the vanilla flavoured sex we usually had, just this time as husband and wife.

We woke up (groggily) to a champagne breakfast.

“Thank god the flight is tomorrow, we definitely would’ve missed it if we had to be up early today! I’m feeling a little hungover!” Amber said, as she slowly munched on her warm buttery croissant. “What time is the flight from Austin tomorrow hon’?”

“It leaves at eight in the morning, so we should really be there for seven at the latest. I thought earlier would be best, more time for us to lose our money in Vegas that way.” I replied with a cheeky wink. “And I’m just glad we’ve packed already! You’ve packed your bikinis right?”

“Yep! Don’t worry hon’, you’ll see plenty of my body at the pool...and in bed!” Amber replied.

Another shag, sleep, and flight later...

“Thanks for the ride, and keep the change.” I told the cabbie. We had arrived outside the exclusive boutique hotel just off the Vegas strip, CraVe.

“Let’s go check in and start our honeymoon!” Amber said excitedly. We checked in with Jon, the clerk on reception, and after handing them our honeymoon suite room key, he told us, “and for your information, as honeymoon guests in CraVe, you may both enjoy food and drink on us throughout your stay for the next 7 days, from both the Indulge restaurant buffet and swimming pool bar. May I say our buffet has had great reviews from our guests.”

“Wow, that’s wonderful, thank you very much.” I replied gratefully. “Are you hungry Amber? I could eat…”

“Not really…but if you’re hungry, let’s check it out I suppose.”

Amber and I took a seat in the all-day buffet called, ‘No Limits’.

“The food looks and smells delicious doesn’t it love???”

“Mmmm it really does, I just wish I was hungry. How about you get what you like, but hurry up ok, I want to taste you up in our suite!” Amber said with a wink.
I picked up some pulled pork and chicken sliders, fries, and went back to Amber.

Chapter 2

“They smell good…” Amber said, eyes focused on the sliders.

“They really are! Best sliders I’ve eaten…that or I’m just pretty hungry!” I said with a full mouth. “Help yourself love, have a fry or try a slider.”
“…Ok, what the hell, I’m on vacation right?”

Amber grabbed a slider and took a bite. And another. And another. Her appetite had been unleashed! “This is so good! I’m going to have to grab myself a plate!” Amber said with a mouth full of fries.

She came back to the table with two plates crammed with classic junk food – burgers, fries, sliders, deep pan pizza. Amber crammed her face non-stop.
“This is unbelievable love, I’ve never seen you eat like this before!” I said slightly alarmed.

“I……know!…….I……must’ve…..been……hungry….after…..all ….” Amber said in between chewing and swallowing her meal.

I looked at my love while she was stuffing her slim face with food and making a mess of her white tank top, dropping bits of food between her breasts, dripping grease and mustard from her mouth down onto her top and jean shorts.

“Mmmm. That was really REALLY good…I noticed the beautiful desserts they’ve got here…I think I’m going to have to treat myself to one!” Amber said, with a glint her in eyes.

One?!?!? More like the whole tray! I thought as she returned with two plates full of cake, ice cream, and cream pastries!

Another half an hour later, and Amber finally finished, cream and chocolate all over her face and mouth. She pulled her chair back, and rested her hands on her now distended belly. In the space of an hour, she had made herself a little poochy belly, her tank top riding up ever so slightly, her face a little red after chewing and swallowing so much food in a small amount of time. With that, Amber let out a belch.

“Whew! Excuse me!” Amber giggled.

“That’s ok, you earned that burp!” I said, turned on by my wife’s new greedy appetite and shamelessness.

“So…..shall we…umm…check out the bedroom?” I just wanted to rip those dirty clothes off her and feed her my cock, which had been hard the whole time she was stuffing her face….

“Mmmm. That sounds like the best plan I’ve heard all day.” She said with a wink.
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Chapter 3

“Best…sex….ever!” Amber screamed. And honestly, it was. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her stretched poochy little tummy and big, perky tits. After shagging her just the way she liked from behind, she wanted me to finish by sucking me off like she never had before.

We did it all over again 20 minutes later, after she grabbed me by the hand, pulled me out of our king size hotel bed and fucked me in the shower. I had never seen Amber this horny before…was this because it was our honeymoon? Day one of our two week vacation? Shouldn’t she be tired from the flight from Texas? Tired and full from that meal she stuffed herself with? I had these questions in the back of my mind, but to be honest, right now….I didn’t care.

“Good thing this shower has a stone bench for us to lie on, relax and wash ourselves right love?” I said drowsy with passion.

“Mmmm definitely. I sure could get used to having a shower sat down.” Amber said with closed eyes, washing her little belly for what appeared to be an excessive amount of time.

“Ok, it’s a beautiful day here in Vegas, I brought my new bikini, and we should have some…fun…by the pool and Jacuzzi!” Amber declared. She got out the shower, and left me to it. After drying myself off, and getting changed into my pool gear, I noticed Amber as she stood up from the edge of the bed as she finished tying her bikini.

I looked at Amber standing there in her new canary yellow bikini….her long toned legs leading up to her (now flat) tight stomach, her bikini cupping her beautiful round breasts perfectly, and then her gorgeous neck and shoulders, leading to her face. Her crystal blue eyes, lush lips, nose and cheeks with the smattering of freckles. Her long blonde hair, slightly wavy from being dried in a rush and having that ‘I just had sex’ bed head look. Perfect. But my mind flashed back to the buffet when she was stuffing her gorgeous face full of greasy food, full of cream and chocolate, full of soda and house beer. Why did that thought start to turn me on so much???
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer!” she cheekily told me with a wink, as she turned around and led the way to the pool gifting me a view of her cute little butt.

Chapter 4

We got to the pool, and got ourselves two great poolside loungers, perfect for laying out to enjoy the Las Vegas sun. Looking around the pool, I saw some of the other guests at CraVe. It looked like they were all happy couples like me and Amber. The only difference was, all the other women were huge!

The other women ranged from (at my best guess) anywhere from 200 to 350lbs. I have to admit…I thought they all looked sexy. Their big round stomachs in the way of their faces as they were laying on the loungers. Huge butts swaying from left to right with each step, swallowing the bikini bottoms. Each woman there looked so happy and content. Amber was definitely the smallest woman there. And surprisingly, she couldn’t keep her eyes off the other women too.

“Honey…” Amber said, “…could you grab me something to eat please? I worked up an appetite in bed with you I think, I’m feeling so hungry again.” she pleaded.

“Sure love, no problem. Be right back.” I made my way over to the poolside bar and grill, and ordered two quarter pounders with fries, and two cocktails – an old fashioned bourbon for me, and (after asking the bartender for the girliest cocktail on the menu) a Bailey’s Banana Vanilla Thrilla…it looked creamy as hell.

Amber took off her sunglasses and licked her lips as I placed her food by her side.
“Oh wow! This all looks so good, thank you honey!” And with that, she started at her burger and fries. It looked like each bite was bigger than the last.

“Mmm this cocktail….*gulp* tastes fantastic! *gulp* May I have another please? These are probably addictive!” she laughed. So I brought her over two more. She might drink the second one as quick as the first I reasoned, so a third would save me leaving my lounger again.

“Two more! Thank you honey! If I keep eating and drinking like this though, I might end up like that woman across the pool!” she said pointing at the fat woman in a bikini laying on two loungers with her hands on her stomach.

“I doubt it babe, besides, it’s our honeymoon, time to enjoy yourself!” I replied with a wink. If she did end up like that big, beautiful, 300lb woman, with curves in all the right places, I certainly wouldn’t be upset with that I thought.

Chapter 5

After leaving the pool, shagging for another couple of hours, going back down to the buffet for another huge meal (which this time I encouraged by saying we had to get our money’s worth), we finally slept in our big comfy bed. I was woken up at 7am by Amber with some felattio. One of the best ways I have ever woken up – god I love being married to this woman. She sucked me like I was a lollipop and it seemed like she was drooling throughout, gratefully and greedily trying to get every last drop from me.

“Mmmm good morning gorgeous…” she said, sleepily, as she lay back down. “I’m sooooo hungry…you really work my appetite up.”

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all, and you already had a big breakfast.” I said with a wink.

After cleaning ourselves up, we headed to the No Limits breakfast buffet. We hadn’t even sat down yet and Amber went straight to the buffet, grabbing two plates and cramming them full of pancakes, waffles, bacon, syrup, and ice cream.

“Wow, you must be really hungry!”

“I know *chew* I bet I look like such *chew* such a fat, greedy *chew* pig” she said with a full mouth and a wink.

Little did I know that she was actually turning herself on, getting wet and thinking of how greedy she was being, which was also turning me on…why was this all happening? Why had she become so hungry? I’d been eating the food but I wasn’t as ravenously hungry as my beautiful new wife was. I’d never been attracted to bigger women before either, but my eyes had been opened since arriving at CraVe.

“Could you *chew* grab me a coffee please babe?”

“No problem.” I went to the coffee bar and pondered what to order my love. She normally gets a skinny latte…but we are on our honeymoon vacation…she has been mixing up her food…she enjoyed the creamy cocktails…

“What can I get for you sir?” the barista asked.

“…may I get a large, triple shot, full-fat, double vanilla, double whip, latte please?”

“No problem, name?”

“Amber.” And with that I was directed to the end of the bar, where I collected the largest, creamiest coffee I have ever held. The name on the cup was “ANNBA”. It wouldn’t be a real coffee place if they spelt names right… I thought.

I delivered it back to Amber, where she was now eating from another two plates consisting of a full fried breakfast and French chocolate pastries.

“Mmmm yummy! *chew* thank you honey!” she said while rubbing her (now swollen) tummy.

The next thirteen days followed the same routine as day one. We rarely left the hotel, as the food in CraVe was so delicious and free. Amber had a big breakfast, three other big buffet meals during the day, as well as burgers from the poolside bar, and she drank nothing but creamy cocktails and creamy coffees. The only exercise we had was swimming and sex. This, was the life.
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This is awesome!
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i agree!! cant wait to se more
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Default Extremely Promising

This story looks really good. If you keep the gaining and eating amounts realistic it will be a hit!
Your writing skills and imagery are Great.
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mostly harmless
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Moderators being cruel, cruel, people, we made all the eager readers wait for over a week for the second installment. (OK, it was mostly an oversight on my part, and I apologize).

For those looking for more of this story, go look for post 2, which has now been approved and is showing up.
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loving this hope she gets huge
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Chapter 6

“I’ve definitely put on weight these last two weeks.” Amber moaned as she was squeezing into the jeans she had arrived in. We were flying back home to Texas, rested and even more in love since our wedding day. Amber with a new appetite and a muffin top over her jeans. I held her from behind, my hands stroking her now slightly wider hips, moving round to her swollen stomach, and kissed her neck.

“Mmmm we gotta get to the airport hon’…no time…mmm…to play…” Amber said.

“….damn…when you’re right…you’re right. Let’s check out and get back home.”

“But first we need to get some food - plane food is so bad!” Amber demanded.

After Amber inhaled four plates of breakfast buffet, a trip to the In-N-Out drive-thru, and two venti double whip caramel coffees from Starbucks in McCarran, we were on board heading home.

At home…

“Oh…my…fuck! I'm so disgusting!” I heard Amber yell from the bathroom.

“What’s up love?”

“I weigh 140lbs! I put on 15lbs in two weeks in Vegas! I need to go on a diet…” Amber groaned.

11 months and 3 weeks later…

And a new diet she undertook. Every morning I woke up alone and found her….in the kitchen. She never used to be one for breakfast, but now…well now she was making pancakes with bacon and ice cream almost every morning, not forgetting coffee with a generous helping of cream.

“Morning ‘hon!’ She chirped.

“Good morning beautiful.” I said, as I watched my beautiful wife in her sexy black bra and panties frying up some delicious smelling bacon to go with her stack of syrupy pancakes and waffles. Her panties were starting to look more like a thong these days as her butt had become…well...a lot rounder. She was developing what I thought was a delicious, sexy looking bubble butt. I approached her from behind, and squeezed her butt. This got me hard, obviously.

“Mmmm…horny again? I didn't satisfy you enough last night obviously…” She purred.

Amber pivoted from the cooker, kissed me, pushed me aside and served up her bacon on her plate. Amber took off her little apron (Kiss the Cook of course) and revealed her now porky belly. She had a fat, chubby, little pot belly. As well as her new belly and soft, bubbly butt, her legs looked thicker (her thigh gap had disappeared 6 months ago). Her arms had gotten a little flabby too, but her face looked much the same as it did on our wedding day, apart from fuller cheeks usually full of food. She went on a diet alright…

“Sorry- *chew* - I didn’t - *chew* - make you anything hon’- *swallow*” Amber said with a full mouth.

“Don’t worry love. I’ll just grab breakfast at work like I usually do.” I said, kissing the top of her head as she sat. “Oh, before I go, you know what next week is don’t you?” I asked.

“*chew* Next week?”

“Yep. Next week.” I smiled.

“*chew* Enlighten *chew* me?”

“It’s our first anniversary! So…I’m flying us back to Vegas! A two week break, at CraVe, all inclusive apparently for returning guests!” I couldn’t contain my excitement. I really hoped Amber would be happy with the lack of variety on location, but I just wanted her to stuff and gorge herself for another two weeks…extremely selfish I know, but…

Amber dropped her cutlery and stood up, “CraVe!?!?! Two weeks in Vegas again!?!? Oh my God, honey I love you I love you I love you!” As she dived into my arms and kissed my face with her big, syrupy (and also chocolate-y from the ice cream) lips.

“I’ll take it that you’re happy by that reaction then!”

“I am so happy, and so excited! Geez, I better go on a crash diet though so I can be swimsuit ready…look how big I’ve gotten this last year! I weighed myself last week and I’m 180lbs!” Amber said solemnly while grabbing and shaking her round little belly.

“Babe, don’t worry about it. I love you no matter what. Besides, we can just enjoy ourselves again in Vegas, worry free, and you can diet and exercise or whatever when we get back. Plan?”

“…ok hon’.” She smiled, “You make a lot of sense” she said as she put her head on my shoulder.

I gave her a long kiss.“I gotta run love. Have a good day in the office.” I said as I rushed out the door.

Amber finished her breakfast (for two) and squeezed into her clothes for work thinking I really need some new clothes. She left and got into her new car. Six months ago, Amber got fed up with walking to work like she normally did. So she bought her own big new car to save her going in with me every day. The thing is, what she couldn’t do when sharing the car with me, was go through the What-A-Burger drive-thru every morning, followed by the Starbucks drive-thru. She loved her Starbucks. She must have been entitled to a free coffee/Frappuccino/whatever every three days.

“Hey y’all, good weekend?” Amber chirped to her colleagues as she threw her empty Venti Starbucks cup into the trash. “I got some wonderful news this morning!”

“Oh oh oh! Let me guess…you’re pregnant!” her desk neighbor Sandra said excitedly.

“Haha! No silly! Tom and I are going back to Vegas for our first anniversary next week!”

“Oh geez, sorry for saying you’re pregnant…I didn’t mean to say you looked pregnant or anything…I’ll stop digging! That’s amazing though! You’ll have a great time!” Sandra said embarrassingly.

“Hehe, don’t worry San’. I know I’ve put on a few pounds this year, but I guess it’s just married life right?”

“Yes of course! It just shows how happily married you are!” Sandra agreed.

Amber smiled as she sat down at her desk, her seat making a now familiar creaking sound, and she rubbed her belly for a few moments before focusing on the work she had to do.

Chapter 7

A week of Amber filling herself in anticipation, excited sex, trying on and packing clothes, and a flight from Austin later, and we were back where we were a year ago, at the CrAve check-in desk speaking to our old friend Jon the clerk.

“Mr and of course, the beautiful Mrs Rose, welcome back to CrAve.” Jon said happily as he checked us in and handed us our key.

“Because you’re valued returning guests…”

“Yeah yeah…” Amber said, licking her lips, salivating, “come find me when you’re done hon’, I’m starved, and I can smell the buffet…” and with that Amber quickly trotted off to No Limits wiggling her butt in her (now pretty tight) denim shorts.

“…so because you’re valued returning guests” Jon continued, “all meals are inclusive, and I’m pleased to say you’ve been upgraded to a poolside room, with personal room service ready within 15 minutes for you for the next two weeks.”

“Wow, that’s wonderful. Thank you very much Jon.” I passed him a fifty with the shake of his hand, he winked, and I left my bags to be taken to room 255.

I joined Amber at her table in No Limits, where she had surrounded herself with 5 plates full of breakfast, lunches, and 2 steak dinners.

“Mmmm -*chew*- the food is -*chew*- AMAZING! -*swallow*- Could you -*chew*- grab me some coffee -*chew*- and cake -*swallow* please hon’?” Amber said without taking her eyes of her food.

I brought over a panini for myself, and for Amber a slice of black forest gateaux to go with a large double whip double chocolate Mocha.

“Mmmmm thanks hon’! *chew*- Black forest, my favourite! Only a slice though? *swallow* Are you hinting at something?” Amber winked. “If you want something done right, do it yourself!” and with that, Amber stood up, her tank top already riding up her belly, and waddled over to the cakes, to bring over one whole black forest gateaux. This was going to be a great two weeks I thought, as I felt my dick growing in my shorts.

We kissed in the elevator all the way up to our room. I couldn’t keep my hands off Amber’s round, fleshy ass and now tight, stretched belly. We entered and I pushed her onto our huge hotel bed. I stood over Amber as she lay on the bed looking at her beautiful body. Her tank top only covered her big breasts, cleavage on show, showing off her pot belly. I looked at her shorts and saw that they were unbuttoned, yet still appeared really tight around her waist and thighs.

“I know, I had to unbutton them at the buffet babe, they felt so tight.” Amber said, “I bet I look like such a…fat…greedy…little piggy……don’t I?” She had never said a sentence to me so sexily. She knew I was turned on. So turned on. She wanted me to recognize how fat she was…I think…I hoped…

“Yes…you do love…you are so…fat…and greedy…” I said as I climbed into bed with her and started pulling her shorts down her legs (which wasn’t as easy as it was last year let me tell you), “but I love you…even more now that you’re my fat…little….pig…”. With that I started eating at her deliciously wet pussy.

Amber giggling with pleasure squeaked, “God I love you Tom…but…I’m…still so…huuuungry…”

With that, I stopped, and went to the mini-bar. I heard Amber groaning as she started pleasuring herself while waiting for me. Oddly, the mini-bar had the standard little bottles of alcohol you’d expect…but the snacks…they were something completely different. There were blocks of chocolate, sticks of butter and lard, and cartons of double cream, as well as jars of Nutella and peanut butter. I grabbed two cartons of cream, reasoning that cream would be easier to drink in bed. Little did I know…

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Incredible! Can't wait for more!
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Good job, kid! Please continue!
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Chapter 8

“Still hungry love?”

“YES! Feed me! Please! I’m so hungry and horny right now!” Amber yelled. I got the cream and handed it to her. “No! Feed me! Feed me and fuck me! Pleeeease!” I had never seen her like this before.


“Oh…you’re not done yet mister…” Amber said breathing heavily and licking her plump lips with cream all over her face and neck. “I’m still hungry…”
I stumbled to the fridge and grabbed some sticks of butter and lard. Amber saw and held her chubby arms out.

“Before I feed you these…oink for me, my fat…little…piggy.” I demanded.

“…..*Oink!*…*Snort!* Pleeeease hon’! I’m so *oink!*hungry!” Amber looked like the hottest mess. I unwrapped the lard and shoved it into her greedy open mouth and she chewed calmly. The food brought her to ecstasy again and again, with every stick of butter and lard. She went through all eight sticks that were in the fridge. After an hour of stuffing and bringing my fat, sexy, wife to orgasm, she lay on the bed, her hands on her stomach, fast asleep.

The next day (after a room service breakfast of pancakes, bacon, waffles, eggs, and ice cream with Starbucks double whip coffees all for Amber), Amber decided we should go to the pool. Not to swim of course, but just to get some sun and lay out. After she was done getting ready in the bathroom, she stepped out in front of me.

I looked at her standing there in her canary yellow bikini from last year…her long legs looked even thicker than they did last week at home. Her thighs were kissing each other. Her stomach was hanging over her bikini bottoms, swollen, soft, and wobbly. Her boobs were a beautifully full F cup now, squeezed into her double-D bikini top, with boob fat being squeezed out. Her arms looked chubby, no tone at all anymore. Her beautiful face looked…well…even more beautiful to me. She looked so happy. Her cheeks were round and full (not with food) and she had the cutest little double chin developing, with her long wavy blonde hair cascading down her shoulders.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer!” she cheekily told me with a wink, as she turned around and waddled to the pool gifting me a view of her now wide, butt and hips. Her bikini bottoms now resembled a thong, as her ass swallowed them. I noticed some dimples on her butt and the back of her legs. ‘I guess that’s what happens when you live a life of luxury’ I thought as I watched her butt sway.

At the pool I headed straight to the poolside bar.

“Four burgers, five fries, three onion rings, and three Banana Vanilla Thrilla cocktails please.” I ordered what I knew would satisfy my love.

“The women sure do get hungry quick here don’t they?” the man waiting for his order beside me said.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Sorry, I’m being rude. My name’s Steve” Steve said as he held out his hand.

“Tom, pleasure”

“I’m married to that beautiful woman laying out by the pool just there, Tanya.” Steve said as he gestured over to his wife. She was a beautiful woman alright. A big, beautiful woman. She must have been at least 300lbs, maybe even 350lbs. She was laying, pale belly up, in a red bikini, though I wasn’t quite sure how she managed to fit her huge breasts into a bikini. She must have been a GG.

“She used to be thin as a whip a couple of years ago you know? But after being here for a week, she just got, well, really hungry.”


“Yeah. For everything. Food, drink, even sex. And more food of course. Looks like your mrs has worked up an appetite too going by what you just ordered. Unless that’s all for you of course?” Steve winked.

“Oh, uh. No, it’s all for my little Amber over there. Apart from one of the fries for me of course, that girl works up my appetite.” I said, looking over at Amber.

“Oh they will. Yessiree Bob. There must be something in the food here…or the water? Ah who cares. Whatever makes ‘em happy right? Well, looks like my order’s up! See you in the buffet Tom.” Steve said with a wink, as he collected and carried his huge tray of food to his wife. I watched as he sat beside her and just started to feed her.

Amazing. Did every woman staying here gain weight or something?

Chapter 9

Twelve days later, and Amber and I had hardly left our room. We took advantage of the all-inclusive food and drink and free room service. Our minibar was restocked everyday with fresh cream, butter and lard, and chocolate, since she emptied it every day. We went from the bedroom (where I fed and shagged my greedy piggy Amber for up to two hours at a time) to laying by the pool, where I would massage a whole bottle of sun lotion onto her soft, growing body, whilst she ate. I was sat with my suitcase, packed and ready to catch the flight back home in our room waiting for Amber to finish getting ready in the bathroom.

“Hon’, I didn’t see these scales in here before, did you?” Amber yelled.

“Scales? I didn’t realise we had those in the room…where’d you find those?”

“Under the sink…guess what?”


“I weigh two….hundred….and fifty five pounds now!” Amber said excitedly as she stepped out the bathroom.

“Wow! That’s…that’s amazing baby! You’ve put on so much weight!” I said as I stood up to walk to her and hold her.

“Mmmm I know. I am such a big, fat, greedy pig aren’t I?” Amber said with a wink as she rubbed her belly.

“I love you so much…”

“Oink…Oink.” Amber playfully snorted with a wink.

I kissed Amber for what felt like forever, my hands grabbing her big, fat butt. Amazingly, she was still wearing high heels, although I’m sure her ankles must have swollen up. Her calves were bigger than my biceps now. Thankfully she brought a caftan to wear as a makeshift skirt, seeing as she outgrew all her clothes. Her tanktop rode up her now big round tanned belly, her cleavage looking like it was running for miles. Her face perfectly made up, plump pink lips, and blonde hair up and ready for the flight….I want her again so much….

A shag, a trip to In-N-Out for some secret menu meals, four venti double whip coffees, and a flight from McCarran, and we were finally back home.

“Ahhh!” Amber sighed as she dropped her bags and flopped down onto our shrinking couch, “It’s good to be home!”

“No place like home right love?”

“You said it.” said Amber as she started taking her top and skirt off. She was now just laying there in her bra and thong-like panties.

“God you turn me on so much baby….”

“Mmmm I bet. I turn myself on too just looking at myself in the mirror…” Amber said, closing her eyes, one hand on her belly and one hand touching herself.
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Default Outstanding work...

will there be more? I hope so....maybe a new room #
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grasso has said some nice things

please keep it going
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mp7251 does more than just post hot picsmp7251 does more than just post hot picsmp7251 does more than just post hot pics

Originally Posted by R.F.Burton View Post
will there be more? I hope so....maybe a new room #
A few stories higher
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Kid has said some nice things

Chapter 10

Six months later…

I opened the front door to see Amber laying on the couch in her new black size XXXL underwear, Krispy Kreme donuts on her stomach and next to her on the floor as she had her thick, dimpled, tree trunk legs stretched out, her round double belly pouring in front of her hiding her panties (was she even wearing panties???).

“Mmmm *chew* hey hon’ *swallow*” Amber said with a mouth full of donut. “I had the worst day at work today!”

“Oh? Tell me, what’s up?” I said as I squeezed myself onto the couch as best I could.

“Sandra at work asked me how much I weighed and how I would struggle to get pregnant if I kept gaining.” Amber started to tear up. “I told her I was close to 300lbs, and she told me I should lose weight if I had any chance of keeping you and starting a family! She wouldn’t believe me when I told her you loved me and I had just gotten hungry and had learnt to love food, unlike her, dieting and avoiding food all the time like I used to…”

“Love…you know she doesn’t have a clue…you know what? I think you should call it a day at the office. Quit your job. We’re doing ok.” I suggested as I stroked her thick gold hair. Amber looked into my eyes, then looked at the donuts, then looked back at me. I grabbed a donut and shoved it into her mouth.

“Mmmm *chew*I fucking *chew* love you…*swallow*”

1 month later…

“Mornin’ hon’!” chirped Amber as she was stood over the pan in the kitchen, flipping some pancakes. I watched her make her breakfast, in her now extremely tight looking XXXL underwear. Her two bellies were pushing up against the cooker and were so far in front of her huge breasts. Her big dimpled ass swallowed her underwear so it could barely be seen and was so wide she had to turn to be able to go through doors now, which she rarely did to be fair since she was only going between the kitchen, the couch, and the bedroom these days.

“Morning love. Isn’t that bra a little tight for you now?”

Amber looked like she had grown even bigger in one month of being a housewife. She started to look as big, round, and curvy as Steve’s wife, Tanya, in CraVe. She must have been at least 330lbs now.

“I know I’ve put on a pound or two this month, but my boobs are a GG cup now, which I love!” Amber said as she cupped her hands under her breasts, “I just need some new bras for my new beautifully big, fat, tits, hint hint. Besides, you’re the one who’s been stuffing me silly every night!” Amber said as she approached me for a hug.

“And you’re the one who’s been stuffing yourself silly at home every day wifey!” I smiled as I squeezed her big ass. “If you get any bigger, we won’t be able to fit you on a plane!”

“What are you talking about hon’?”

“Well, because you left your job and have been sat at home alone every day, I thought we could celebrate our third anniversary early…we’re going to Vegas again this weekend!”

“Oh my god! You’re the best! I love you so much! I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait!”

“I love you too piggy.” I said as I kissed Amber on her big pink lips. "So...are you hungry love?"

"Mmmm I'm always hungry for you..." Amber said as she stroked my crotch. "But I've just made my pancakes..."

"How about I get you the cake I picked up last night instead?"

"Ooooh, starting with dessert today are we?" Amber winked. I grabbed the huge triple black forest gateaux from the fridge, and placed it by the kitchen door.

"I think you should get on your hands and knees...and eat like a big...fat...pig....and stuff your face with cake..." I said, turning her on by reminding her how big she was getting to humiliate her.

"Mmmm. Oink! Snort!" Amber said as she went to her hands and knees and slowly crawled to the cake.

When she arrived, she started snorting and eating the cake face first, in her underwear. As I got behind her, I dropped my pants, grabbed her big butt, and pulled her XXXL flimsy thong off and took her from behind (the only way I could these days). I'm pretty sure the cake was pleasuring her more than me. As she finished pigging out on the cake and I finished, Amber rolled onto her back, breathing heavily, whilst I lay next to her.

“Can I tell you something hon’…” Amber sighed, “I could’ve lost weight two years ago…but…I really enjoyed overeating…and feeling stuffed and tight in my belly…once I got to 200lbs, I loved seeing my belly…my boobs…my legs and butt grow…I knew you liked me getting bigger too…your dick getting so hard so quickly for my big fat body.”

“It’s true…I have never been more attracted to you love…but why are you telling me this?”

“I think…I think I want to get so fat, that you need to take care of me…constantly. I want you to feed me and force feed me and fuck me…I want to get so fat that I can’t even pleasure myself…and I have to rely on you to do that for me…”

“…I think…I want that too…” I said, as I moved in to kiss her, “Maybe you’ll get so fat in Vegas…we won’t be able to fly home.”

Amber looked at me and smiled, “Maybe hon’….maybe…”.

A week of feeding and fucking Amber with butter, lard, and pastries, packing her ill-fitting tight clothes, and a flight from Austin later, and we were back at the (in our opinion) best hotel in the world, CraVe.

Chapter 11

Amber slowly waddled through the hotel lobby toward the check-in desk, her butt swaying and shaking with every step in her home-made tight black shorts that she made by cutting her plus size lycra leggings. Her belly was barely covered by her “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” t-shirt which had food stains from the trip already on it.

“Mr and Mrs Rose! Lovely to see you both again, welcome back!” Jon said with a courteous smile.

“It’s great to be back Jon.” I said with a smile.

“You’re looking beautiful, as always, Mrs Rose.”

“Thank you Jon…I’m feeling pretty out of breath right now though, that walk from the cab to here has really taken it out of me…” said Amber as she tried to catch her breath, her face red with effort. “Since being married, I’ve really let myself go!” she giggled as she nudged me.

“Why don’t you head upstairs to your room to rest?” Jon said as he handed her the key to room 999 up on the top floor.

“Ok, room service is probably easier for me right now than the buffet would be. See you up there hon’” Amber waddled to the elevators as I watched her big lardy butt sway.

“Your wife has been gaining an impressive amount of weight Mr. Rose. She barely fits into her clothes.” Jon said to me.

“Well, that’s true…it all started here to be fair, but I love her so much…we have so much fun Jon…but where are you going with this?”

“I’m concerned your wife won’t be able to fit on the flight back to your home town. Our system measures her weight at 350lbs.”

“Your system?” I asked confused.

“Yes, right in front of this desk are hidden scales. The measurement appears on my screen. That’s why we upgrade you, dependent on your wife’s weight. CraVe are advocates for female weight gain and big beautiful women” Jon explained.

“I see…it’s starting to make sense…so that’s why Amber gained weight so fast?”

“Our food and environment is built to stimulate appetite. And all meals have four times the calories you would find outside of CraVe.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“CraVe would like you and Amber to become permanent guests. Amber is special. It would be our honour to host her” Jon proudly proclaimed.

“…..is that why we’re in the penthouse suite?”

“Your wife is close to becoming the biggest guest we’ve had….and we can make her bigger. In your room, you’ll find food cylinders and hoses to help feed her in bed. And as much lard as she can chew.”

“Wow. Well, of course I have to accept your offer Jon….thank you!” I accepted this odd offer graciously.

“You’re welcome…now…feed your hungry wife Tom.” Jon winked.

This was amazing. Our lives had just changed. We had won something, and not by gambling!

As I joined Amber in room 999, she welcomed me by crying out, “This room is sooooo big, there’s a floor to ceiling wall of windows in the bedroom! The bed almost looks small with me in it! look at these canisters and hoses hon’! I bet these are for me to eat! I sure could get used to this.”

“Yep, Jon has upgraded us again love” I said, winking. “And we can stay here as long as we like, no charge!”

“Wow! I like the sound of that…but you have to go back home in a couple weeks to work…don’t you?”

“I think…” I said, grabbing a canister, “I can make arrangements, to stay with you, and feed you, and pleasure you…”

“Mmmmm. Oh my god…wouldn’t that be perfect…” Amber smiled, lying back on the bed, opening her mouth, and massaging her naked belly and scratching her bare inner thigh with one hand. I fed her the hose and turned the valve on the canister. Amber swallowed…and swallowed…and swallowed. After about half an hour, the canister was empty. “That…was the creamiest thing…I have ever eaten…”

“So…what was it?”

“I…I don’t know…but it tasted amazing! Could I have another…please?” Amber said, licking her lips and holding her belly.

“Of course my big fat piggy.” I said as I smiled, going to the huge double fridge area in our suite.

“*Oink!* Oh! And *oink!* could I have some sticks of *snort* lard to cleanse my palate please hon’!”
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Default Room 999 has

a latent potential I hope you realize with one more installment! THIS is good stuff my friend....very good!
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Kid has said some nice things

Chapter 12

A month later…

Amber was sat up in bed, her breasts almost up to her chin, with the special cream canister hose in her mouth. She had already swallowed two canisters that morning, some of the delicious cream spilling onto her mouth all the way down her third chin and bare breasts.

As she pulled the hose out of her mouth, Amber took a few deep breaths.
“I am soooooo big and sexy now aren’t I hon’?” Amber looked at me with her big blue eyes. “I wonder how much I weigh….”

I had spoken to Jon over the phone about scales, worrying that Amber would outgrow the bathroom scales. Jon explained that the bed was in fact, a giant scale, and the reading could be accessed at the foot of the bed. It turns out Amber had gained 50lbs in the last month by gorging on the cream and lard, as well as pastries for dessert. I couldn’t remember the last time she had a cooked meal, but she didn’t ever complain.

“You weigh just over 400lbs now love…you’ve been very, very greedy.” I told Amber lovingly.

“Wow…no wonder my breasts feel so heavy…and my ass spreads out all over this bed. If I keep this up, you won’t be able to fit in here!” Amber chuckled.

She was right. Her breasts had gotten huge. Her veins above her breasts had gotten engorged too, and she complained they were quite sore a lot of the time. As I was thinking this, she started stroking her nipples and moaning.

“Mmmmm…they feel so sensitive…”

I moved to the foot of the bed, and opened up her now huge legs and put my hand underneath her heaving belly to pleasure her. Amber started moaning even more.

“Mmmm ohhhhh….keep goin’ hon’…that makes me feel….soooooooo goooooooood….”

I looked up over her belly, and her fingers were rubbing her nipples…but liquid was coming out of her nipples! She was… lactating! Milk was dripping down her breasts, down her body, dripping onto the bed from her legs…


“Oh wow...I'm starting to feel less sore though…I wonder…” Amber said, “I wonder….what my milk tastes like…”
Well today just got even more interesting. Amber pulled her left nipple up to her mouth and started sucking.

“Mmmmmmm……I feel like…like such…a cow! *MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!*”

Amber was right….she was now a big, fat, cow of a woman.

A week later…

Amber had started to reject the food canisters and was now just drinking her own milk and chewing lard and butter when she wanted to give her boobs a break.

“Hon’…could you wash me today please? I haven’t left the bed all week.” Amber said holding her breasts.

Walking out of bed to the wet room would tire Amber out. She had put on another 30lbs in a week by drinking down her own fatty milk. I tasted it, and it tasted like the most luxurious cream. No wonder her breasts had been so sore and heavy if all the milk was in her.

“Of course love. You’ve been a big, messy cow getting your milk all over yourself haven’t you?”

I leant back holding my arms out, and pulled as hard as I could to help her out of bed. Now that she was up, I could see her 430lbs body.

I looked at her standing there naked…her legs now looked like huge, fat, cones. Her calves were probably as thick as her thighs were two years ago. Speaking of her thighs, they were thick with dimples of cellulite all over, with fat covering her knees. Her two bellies were hanging like aprons, and her upper belly was almost as big as her lower belly. Her boobs were huge and permanently swollen now. They must have been L cups. Her arms were as thick as my legs, so jiggly and soft. Her beautiful face was so fat and jowly now, remnants of food always covering it. She looked so fat and happy.
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer!” she cheekily told me with a wink, before she slowly started to waddle her gigantic cellulite laden ass to the wet room.

As I followed her with a hard on in my pants, I thought maybe it might be time to get some help…
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Keep pushing yourself on this....it is a CLASSIC!! Don't stop yet please!!
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fritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going onfritzi knows EXACTLY what's going on

This is the kind of story that let's me understand why many BBWs hate FAs so much.

Who wants to be depicted as a pig or cow by someone who obviously flunked English essay class way back in junior high?

And it makes me wonder about what motivates FAs: Can you only get your kicks out of degrading women?
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Ilegalpat has said some nice things

Nice story!
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grasso has said some nice things

please continue
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JimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesJimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesJimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Originally Posted by fritzi View Post
This is the kind of story that let's me understand why many BBWs hate FAs so much.

Who wants to be depicted as a pig or cow by someone who obviously flunked English essay class way back in junior high?

And it makes me wonder about what motivates FAs: Can you only get your kicks out of degrading women?
Yeah...speaking as a male reader, and one who's gotten used to the comparatively high quality of stories appearing in "Recent Additions" - especially the big influx of female writers writing about BHMs! - I have to say I find this, here, incredibly off-putting. If not downright creepy.

Whoever penned this mess obviously has no idea how to empathise with the characters with whom he doesn't immediately identify.
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Nice go JIMBOB. What have you written lately, and how about considering that you could have stopped reading whenever you wanted to. Maybe there should be an entire thread for people of your sensibilities and you all can share amongst yourselves. It is downright creepy to me to think about you rolling up on someones' creative work, and laying down your idea of the law. Just skip it after a few paragraphs....Move on. BY THE WAY JIMBOB....EMPATHIZE.....NOT EMPATHISE!
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JimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesJimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesJimBob can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Well, you definitely sound like a teenager.
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agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!agouderia keeps pushing the rep limit!

No need to get personal over diverging reading tastes.

Nonetheless, we have discussed this story on the Library moderator team because we too have some doubts which we also have communicated to the author.

1) This is a library for amateur writers. Nevertheless it is a library - which means there is a certain standard - like what might have some chance of actually being published somewhere else, at least at the level of a college newspaper. Not everything that is written can honestly receive the label 'creative work'.

Regarding language, wording, style and grammar it is highly debatable whether this standard is met (ask any English teacher).

2) On the sensuality and abusive portrayal of protagonists side it contains a number of borderline elements.

That said - we are aware, as responses here show, that there is an audience for this type of BBW fiction.

And a library should keep its readers in mind which can mean offering material that - to be honest - is difficult for the majority of women to even read.

This is a case where we are wobbling on the edge between maintaining a necessary standard to call this a library and a certain reader audience - and the line is very near.
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