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Default In Her Chair by Undine (~BHM, ~FFA, romance)

In Her Chair

by Undine

Khloe sat in the back room of the salon, sipping her water and trying to erase the previous five hours from her memory. She’d dripped color on a client’s expensive new jeans, spilled the twenty volume developer all over the dispensary, and had just finished a three-hour spiral perm on an extremely picky woman whose only comment on her hair was “I guess it’s alright.” She loved being a stylist, but days like this made her wish she could just crawl into a hole.

But she only had two hours until her shift was over, and she intended to take it easy. There were four other stylists at her salon, Synergy, but Khloe had been doing more clients a day than three of the other girls combined, picking up their slack for the six months she’d worked there. After the day she’d had, she felt like she deserved a break.

“Guess what that lady just tipped me,” Sami said, breezing into the break room, her blonde extensions fluttering out behind her. She flopped down into the chair across from Khloe.

“Hmm. You did, what, all-over color, a full head of highlights, and then a razor cut? Three bucks.”

“Two.” Sami groaned and sunk down further in her seat, her slim form lost in the big arm chair. She was the only stylist besides Khloe who really pulled her weight in the salon, and they got along pretty well. “I swear, people tip their waiters more, and the waiters don’t have to put up with them for three hours straight like we do.”

“You have a point.”

“I know.” She sighed. “So are you coming out tonight?”

“I don’t know, Sami, after the crappy day I’ve had, I think I just want to curl up with my cat and a book.”

“Oh, come on, Khlo! That guy…what’s his name…Esteban! Ooh, he was so into you last night. He said he’d be there again tonight, and he’d bring friends. Friends, Khlo. That means that I get to get in on the hot Latin action, too!”

Khloe snorted. “He was in desperate need of a shower and an ego check, Sam. He was so greasy he didn’t walk, he slid.”

“Oh, he did not.”

“Yes, he did. He was totally skeezy. And skeezy is not my type.” She squeezed another lemon slice into her water with decisive force.

“’Not your type.’ You’re just being difficult. I don’t understand you, you have all these incredibly hot men absolutely salivating over you, and you want nothing to do with them. You’re so damn picky,” Sami complained.

Khloe shifted uncomfortably in her seat, tugging on a deep chestnut curl. “I may have high standards, but it saves me from dealing with the whackos.”

“I don’t even know what your standards are…”

“Number one: isn’t the type of guy who goes to bars or clubs to pick up women. Therefore, any guy we meet when we go out is pretty much not a keeper,” Khloe countered.

“Oh, come on, they’re not all disgusting.”

“You’re right, some of them are just plain nuts.”

“Okay, so what are you looking for, then? What’s your type, Miss Picky?”

Dannie, one of the other stylists, saved her from having to answer. She was standing in the doorway of the break room, boredly chomping on a piece of gum. “There’s a haircut up there,” she stated.

“And you can’t take it, why?” Khloe asked somewhat irritably.

Dannie made a face. “Because I’m leaving soon...”

“And by soon you mean three hours,” Sami muttered.

“…And because I think it’s a guy, but he’s got, like, boobs. I’m not going near that with a hazmat suit, and neither will Orla or Jill.”

“What?” Sami said, audibly. “You mean he…she…is a transsexual? You know you can’t refuse to do someone because of something like that, Dannie, we’ll get sued.”

Dannie rolled her eyes. “I mean he’s super-fat.”

Khloe flushed and peered around Dannie to the waiting area at the front of the salon. There sat a young man in his early twenties, like her, looking around anxiously. Even at a distance, she could see that he was very attractive, with an innocent face and shaggy light brown hair. And he was very fat.

“I’ll do him,” Khloe said suddenly.

“Good,” Dannie said. She turned and sauntered back up to her station, where she plopped down and began filing her nails.

“I thought you were exhausted?” Sami asked her, looking weirded out.

Khloe felt her cheeks grow hot as she tied her apron on. “Yeah, well, I need the money.”

“Well good luck,” Sami told her. “I hope he fits in your chair.”

Khloe shot her a look as she left the break room, anxiously cracking her knuckles as she walked to her station and quickly got out her shears, clippers, and combs. Her heart was beating fast, so she slowed down a bit to give herself time to calm down. Just looking at this guy sent shivers down her legs.

When she felt marginally more composed, she went over to the reception desk to check his name. Orla, who was sitting there, said, “Oh, so you’re doing the lard ass?”

“Shut up, Orla,” she hissed.

The redhead rolled her eyes. “Here.” She handed her the clipboard where he’d signed his name. Garron Riese. Here for a wash and cut. And if no one else was here, he’d be getting a lot more than that…she thought.

She turned to the waiting area. He was seated on the edge of the couch with his elbows on his knees, obviously trying to camouflage his size. But he couldn’t hide the fact that he took up more than half of the couch, which could easily fit four people. Khloe felt her thighs tingle, prayed that she’d be able to keep it together.

“Hi, Garron,” she said brightly.

He looked up, and she saw that his eyes were a deep blue grey, encircled and enhanced by brown-framed glasses. He gave a nervous smile as he stood, taking her outstretched hand and shaking it firmly.

“I’m Khloe; it’s nice to meet you,” she gave him her friendly smile, hoping to put him at ease. She saw his smile relax just a fraction, and quickly took note of his clothing. Baggy khaki cargo pants, Converse sneakers, a slightly roomy long-sleeved t-shirt. He dressed to conceal, too. A pity, she thought. But she could still see the silhouette of his rounded frame pushing out of his clothes. The wide slope of his belly, the thickness of his thighs…she even caught a slight jiggle of his midsection as they shook hands. She suppressed a shiver.

“Hi, Khloe, nice to meet you, too,” he replied. Oh, geez, his voice is even sexy…

“Come on back with me, and we’ll talk about what we’re going to do.” She led him back to her station, all the while feeling the heat of his presence at her back like a roaring bonfire. This is crazy…I know he’s hot, but my reactions are just insane. She stopped in front of her chair. “Okay, have a seat right here.”

She saw him hesitate before he began to lower his mass into her hydraulic chair. It was a tight squeeze, she saw his face redden in her mirror as he sat. She regretted not talking to him about what he wanted in the waiting area so he wouldn’t have to stuff himself into her chair yet again after his shampoo, but simultaneously loved watching him do it, even though she knew he was embarrassed.

“Okay, Garron, what are we going to do today?” she asked him, trying to make eye contact in the mirror.

“I need a haircut,” he told her, his eyes lowered. So he was shy. “Not too much off…I like to keep it kind of long, but it’s getting in my eyes a lot.”

“Okay, that’s not a problem.” He was very tall, so she lowered the chair as far as she could to reach the top of his head. She combed out a section of hair and measured out about an inch with her fingers. His hair was soft, thick, silky, poker straight, and had gorgeous natural highlights. People paid her to give them hair like his. “You’ve got very nice hair, Garron. It’s really healthy. About this much?”

“Yeah, that looks good. And thanks.”

She smiled at him again, saw him give her a little smile back. She asked him a few more questions to make sure she had all the specific things he wanted down, then told him she was going to drape him. She put a towel around his neck and wrapped the cape around it, just barely closing it on the very end of the Velcro because his neck was so thick. “Is that okay?” she asked him. “Not too tight?”

He nodded.

“Okay, let’s go over to the shampoo bowl and get you washed.” She led him over to the sinks and told him to sit, all the while taking shameless pleasure in watching the way his fat shifted beneath the cape as he sat and leaned back, wriggling around until his head was in the correct position. “Let me know if the water temperature is alright.” She turned on the hose and gently wet his hair.

“That’s perfect,” he said.

“Good. Now you just close your eyes and relax, Garron.” She shampooed and rinsed, then rubbed conditioner on his scalp, giving him her special massage that she usually reserved for family and friends. As her fingers circled through his hair, she watched the slow rise and fall of his belly with the rhythm of his breath. It had been that very sight ten years ago which had turned on the light bulb in the dark corner of her mind that harbored her secret desire for fat guys.

She’d been away at summer camp, and her friend had become so homesick that her mom came to pick her up early, so Khloe had been left alone in her cabin. She had never been the type who could stand being still for long, so, with no one to talk to or go around with, she began exploring on the boys’ side of camp during free time. She wasn’t exactly looking to “do” anything with anyone – she’d already been kissed by two pretty good-looking guys since she’d turned thirteen that spring and hadn’t particularly enjoyed it – but she’d seen a guy around the camp a few times who intrigued her. He’d had spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and a thick, heavy body with a round pooch of a belly. It wasn’t really clear to her why he interested her so much: he was funny and smart, seemed nice, but…he wasn’t what she or her friends would call hot. So she sought him out, hoping to watch him for a bit, maybe talk to him, figure out what the deal was.

She found him sitting under a tree with a book a little ways off from the boys’ cabins. Khloe was not a shy girl, so she sat down next to him and struck up a conversation. His name was Nick, he was also thirteen, and from the other side of the state. They spent a few hours together before the bedtime whistle blew, and this time only served to confuse Khloe more. She knew that those feelings racing around inside her were of strong like for him, but it just wasn’t making sense. He had a cute face, he was a really nice guy, but he was fat. And she couldn’t like a fat guy. They hung out together every day until camp ended two weeks later, and those strange emotions only grew in intensity.

On the last night, the counselors had organized a dance for the kids. She held Nick’s hand the entire time, and they danced to all the slow songs together. Afterwards, the counselors had a party of their own in the mess hall while the campers lounged back on logs around the campfire and told ghost stories. But Khloe was more interested in watching Nick’s belly rise and fall. She pictured kissing him, putting her hands on his belly under the starlight. She was shocked that she wanted to kiss him, but knew that it was a definite desire.

So she grabbed his hand and led him down to the little stream that ran behind the infirmary, and kissed him. He kissed her right back, and it was far nicer than either of the kisses she’d received thus far in life. She gently placed her hands on his belly, and it was like fireworks exploded in her stomach as her fingers sunk into his softness. She still remembered all the little details from that moment: the damp smell of the forest, the exact color of the starlight, how smooth Nick’s lips had been, and, of course, the way his fat had felt. She remembered thinking, Huh…I guess I like fat guys. That’s strange.

As she grew older, she only wished she could go back to the innocence and simplicity of that realization. Now that she knew what her desires were, she was bombarded with the societal pressures that fat was a horrible thing, that it was only normal to be thin and like thin people. She’d suffered through high school tolerating the muscular jocks who went after her, all the while secretly pining away for a fat outcast who would have never mustered up the courage to ask her out. Khloe knew that she could have asked him out any time she wanted, but she’d been too afraid of the social rejection that would follow. As a girl in her circle of friends had once shown interest in a guy from the Goth crowd, the backlash had been incredible. She’d arrived at her locker the next day to find “freak lover” scrawled across it in permanent marker, people made comments about her wanting to suck blood and all sorts of ridiculous things, all because she’d said that so-and-so was kind of cute. The name-calling had gone on their whole sophomore year, and Khloe could imagine the kinds of things they’d have called her if her “fat thing,” as she referred to it, was revealed. She became ashamed of her preference and tried to quash it, but it just wouldn’t budge.

She decided that when she went to college she would just be herself, and anyone who had a problem with her preference wasn’t worth having in her life. Since then, she’d never made a secret of her fondness for chub, but she never came out and admitted it to anyone, either. She’d dated a few cute big guys in college, but nothing too serious. Most of them couldn’t believe that she was genuinely attracted to them because of their appearance rather than in spite of it, that ended things rather quickly. She knew that her roommates talked about the fact that all the guys she brought home were big, but none of them ever had the courage to say anything to her face, so she ignored them. She was having enough trouble trying to remind herself that she wasn’t a freak, when so many of those guys had told her she was for craving their fat bodies.

Now that she was out of both college and cosmetology school and living on her own, she didn’t have to worry about explaining herself to anyone. The supply of attractive fat men in her area, however, was next to nothing. But you, Garron, have made my day. Hell, you’ve probably made my year, you’re that gorgeous. She looked down at his face, admiring the curve of his cheeks and the soft double chin that padded his jaw. His skin was tanned, which wasn’t surprising, considering they were in a beach town, but he looked like he could have been a surfer, which was surprising, given his size. She again gazed at his belly, wishing that she could have washed his hair without a cape on so her view wouldn’t have been obscured. Come to think of it, if she could have, she’d have asked him to take his shirt off, too. She had a brief fantasy involving her client and a too-tight wetsuit that he needed help getting out of…

Khloe reluctantly rinsed him out and toweled his hair, returning the chair to an upright position. Garron opened his eyes, his face looking a bit dreamy. “Wow,” he said, “that was incredible. Your hands must hurt like crazy at the end of the day, doing that on every client you wash.”

She couldn’t hold back a slightly wicked grin. “Who says I do it for everyone?”
He blushed, making his round cheeks look like apples.

“You can go ahead back over to my chair, I just have to wipe down the sink, and I’ll be right over.” She watched his tubby behind as he made his way back to her station, holding her breath as he squeezed into her chair again. Watching him from this angle afforded her a spectacular view of his love handles spilling over the arms of her chair. He had to be at least 350 pounds. He’s really squished in there, isn’t he? she thought with a silent giggle as she squirted cleaner on the sink and hose. She saw that the redness in his face had deepened, feeling a little ashamed for being so turned on by something that so obviously humiliated him. If he had any idea how incredibly sexy I think he is… I hope he can get the hint.

She finished cleaning off the sink and returned to his side. “Okay, Garron, now we can get started.” She picked up a comb and began to pull it through his hair. “So do you live around here?”

“Yeah, I live over on Ocean Avenue, actually.”

“Wow, you’re really close to the beach that must be nice. You’re not too far away from me, either,” she replied, inwardly thanking her unbelievable luck. “I live on Forget-Me-Not.”

“That’s not too far from the beach, either. There are some really nice places on that street.”

“Yeah, I’m really lucky to live there, I love it. So what do you do for a living?” she asked as she picked up her shears and began to cut. She could have finished his cut in ten minutes, but she took it slow. She wanted plenty of time to chat.

He got a bit of a strange look on his face. “I’m a video game designer.”

Khloe’s eyes widened. “Seriously? What games do you work on?”

“Uh, I’ve done Ancient Enemy I and II, City of Smoke, and right now I’m working on a sequel to it.”

“That is so cool! I’ve only played Ancient Enemy II a few times, but I love City of Smoke; it’s my favorite game.”

He looked incredulous. “You play video games?”

Khloe gave him a grin. “I know, I know, I’m a girl!” She feigned a look of shock.

“I – no, I just…”

“I’m only teasing. I know it’s sort of unusual. None of my friends play. So tell me about your job, what all do you do?”

They chatted for a while about his work, Khloe’s questions gradually drew him out of his shell a bit. He even asked her a few questions: how long she’d been a stylist, what else she liked to do. He was very polite and funny, and so sweet – he even sunk down in the chair a bit without being asked when she was having trouble reaching the top of his head. As she caught him checking her out once, she mentally cheered – that had to mean he wasn’t gay. She hadn’t thought he was, but one could never be too sure. Now, she thought, is he seeing anyone…

“So do you have any kids?” That was usually a much safer question than, “Do you have a girlfriend?” Most younger people would automatically offer their relationship status when asked about their children or lack thereof.

He laughed a bit uneasily. “No, no kids. Definitely not. I’m only twenty-four, I don’t have anybody to have them with.”

Score, she thought. “Ah, well, some people like to start early. I know it’s way too early for me. And I don’t have anybody to have them with, either,” she added, wanting to make sure he knew she was available. “Okay, Garron, your cut’s all finished. How does it feel? Go ahead, run your hands through it, make sure it feels good to you.”

He lifted his hands and combed through his damp locks. Khloe couldn’t resist, she lifted her own hand and “accidentally” brushed his fingers, sending a shock up her arm from the contact. She thought she saw him jump a little bit, too. “It feels really good,” he said. “Much better; it won’t be in my eyes now.”

“Great!” she said, giving him another grin edged with evidence of her attraction. “Is there anything else I can do before I dry it?”

He said no, so she blew it dry on the low setting, taking as long as she possibly could, not wanting him to leave. But soon it was dry, there was nothing left to stall with. At least I get to take the cape off now and stare at his gorgeous body for a few minutes, she tried to console herself. She unwrapped the cape from around his neck and stood back as he pulled his soft bulk out of her chair. Her knees felt wiggly, and her thoughts were wiggling, too.

They walked up to the reception area, Khloe asking him what his plans were for the rest of the day. Orla saw them coming and made a disgusted face, then hopped out of the chair behind the desk, brushing past them on her way to the back of the salon. Khloe got behind the desk and rung him out as he told her that he was planning to just go home and hang out, maybe test the latest level of the game he’d been working on.

She handed his change back to him, “Thank you so much for coming in, Garron, it was really nice to meet you.” She gave him another one of her low-wattage sexy smiles, not wanting to overwhelm him. She could tell that he wasn’t very confident, but if he had been…she would have asked him out right then. Maybe she would.

He looked at her and smiled back shyly. “No, thank you, Khloe. You made this a really good experience. And your massage was fantastic. My head feels amazing. Here,” he said, handing her a twenty dollar bill.

“Oh, no, you don’t have to do that…”

“Yes, I do,” he insisted. “You did a great job, and you were really nice to me.”

“You shouldn’t tip me for being nice to you, Garron; you’re worth being nice to.”

He blushed, obviously at a loss for words. Just then, a snatch of the conversation in the break room floated up to the front of the salon: “…didn’t even fit…so fat!”

Khloe’s stomach lurched, and she saw the shame bloom in Garron’s face. They were both silent for a moment. She was, for once, at a complete loss for words.

He broke the silence. “Well,” he said quietly, “it’s such a rarity that I get kind of shocked when it happens and sometimes try to overcompensate. Although I don’t think this is overcompensating. Please, take it, Khloe. The cut looks great, and I won’t have a headache for a week.”

“Thank you, Garron. Here – here’s one of my cards. It would be really nice to see you again.”

He gave a wry smile as he glanced at her card and pocketed it. “Thanks again, Khloe. Have a good night.”

“You too, Garron. Good luck with your game. You have one definite buyer right here when it comes out.”
He thanked her again and gave a small wave, as she watched his soft body quiver as he walked out the door.

“Shit!” she muttered. “Why didn’t I rebook him? Why the hell didn’t I at least ask him for his number? Ugh!” She quickly typed his name into the computer and hit the search button. Nothing came up – of course Orla hadn’t taken down his information. She wished she would have remembered to do it herself, but she’d been too busy drooling over him like a puppy. And her co-workers had decided to be assholes. That had thrown her completely off balance. She, unshakable Khloe.

She wanted him so badly she couldn’t even see straight as she walked back to her station to clean up. As she disinfected the counter and put her combs in the sanitizer, she replayed all the little details of the past…how long had it been? She looked at the clock and was shocked to see that she’d spent an hour and a half with him. Well, at least I had a good ending to my crappy day, she thought.

Then she heard the other stylists laughing in the back room, and felt her blood begin to sizzle. But thanks to them, I’ll probably never see him again. She tossed her things in her bag and stalked back to the doorway, her teeth clenched. They were all still giggling as she crossed the threshold and stopped, glaring around at them. “What the hell is wrong with all of you?” she demanded.

Their laughter stopped. “What’s your problem?” Jill asked, her lip curled.

“My problem is that I was doing a client out there, you were all back here saying horrible things about him. He heard you. He’ll probably never come back again.”

“Who cares if that disgusting blob never comes back? It’ll save our furniture a lot of stress,” Dannie quipped.

“Yeah, you were doing him, alright,” Orla smirked at the same time.

Khloe felt her stomach drop down to the soles of her feet. “You’re all disgusting.” She turned her stare to Sami: “And I expected better from you. I’m leaving.”

“Khlo, wait!” Sami called after her as she slammed open the front door.


“What is up with you?”

“I just told you. Not only was that completely unprofessional, it was really mean. There is no reason to make fun of someone’s appearance like that.”

“Okay, well, number one, he was really, really huge. Number two, it really looked like you were flirting with him. I saw you giving him your special massage. You won’t even give me your special massage unless I beg you for weeks.”

“So what’s wrong with being nice to people?”

Sami gave her a look. “You definitely passed the line of just ‘nice.’ You were seriously working it.”

“Nothing gives you an excuse to talk about someone you don’t even know like that, especially when he can hear you.” She had reached her car and was digging for her keys in her bag.

Sami was now standing at the passenger side of the car. Khloe had been giving her a ride home for the past week while her car was in the garage. “Why are you completely avoiding what I’m saying? Were you flirting with him, yes or no?”

Khloe ignored her, unlocked her door, and got in.

“Hey! You’re still giving me a ride home, right?” Sami’s muffled voice came through the closed passenger side window.

With a huff, Khloe reached over and unlocked the door. As mad as she was at her friend, she couldn’t leave her there to bum a ride with Dannie, Jill, or Orla.

Sami got in, and was silent as Khloe turned the key in the ignition and pulled out of the lot behind the salon. She didn’t say anything until they turned onto Sami’s street. “Oh…I get it. You were just being nice, right? You figured that no one would probably ever look at a tub like that, so you wanted to spice up his day a little? Give him a little pick-me-up? And you probably got a really good tip, too.”

Khloe gave her a withering look as she stopped in front of Sami’s apartment building. “Why does it matter so much to you?”

Sami crinkled her nose. “Because if you were really flirting with him, that would just be…bizarre. And pretty gross.”

Khloe shook her head. “I’ll see you Monday, Sami.”

“You’re not coming out tonight? What about Esteban?”

“I told you, I think he’s gross. You can go pick up as many slimy men as you want, but I’ll pass, thanks.”

Sami sighed. “Alright, sorry if I pissed you off. If you reconsider, please call me. If not, I’ll see you Monday. Thanks for the ride.”
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Default Parts 2-3

Part 2

Khloe thought about Garron every spare moment she had for the next few weeks. Every time the shop door opened, she looked up anxiously, hoping it was him, and feeling crushed when it wasn’t. The rational part of her mind told her that he had no real reason to come back – no normal person needed a haircut every week, after all – but she couldn’t quash that little ember of hope in her belly. She was still slightly irritated with Sami, but finally succumbed to her requests to go out to the club with her after two weeks of no Garron. So that Friday, Khloe picked Sami up at her apartment and headed over to Edge, the trendiest place in the city.

“I’m so happy you finally decided to come out again!” Sami squeaked as the bouncer waved them through, her sequined top glittering as she gestured. “This place has been jammed with ridiculously hot guys the past few nights; if you can’t find something you like here, well, there’s got to be something wrong with you…”

Khloe thought wryly, Well, if you knew what I actually liked, you’d definitely think there was something wrong with me… But she simply said, “We’ll see. I didn’t come to pick up a guy, Sami. I just came to have a few drinks and blow off some steam.”

“Well, I have a feeling that you’re going to meet a hottie tonight,” Sami insisted. “And I sure as hell hope that I do, too.”

The girls mingled for a while, making small talk with acquaintances and dancing a bit. Khloe felt many pairs of eyes on her as she danced, and did her best to ignore the obnoxious guys trying to hit on her. She knew she was attractive, with her long, shiny chestnut hair, large brown eyes, exotic features, and voluptuous curves, but she’d always considered her looks an annoyance rather than a gift, since they were a magnet for the guys she had no interest in and intimidated the guys she wanted.

Deciding that she needed some water, she pushed past a guy telling her that he swore he’d seen her in a magazine and made her way over to the bar. While she was waiting (it always seemed to take longer to get water than booze here, as if they didn’t keep the non-alcoholic things on hand), she scanned the club. Skinny, skinny, skinny…hey, who’s he? Her attention focused on a huddle of guys in the far corner. Most of them were carbon copies of every other sleaze in the club, with their gelled hair, blindingly white teeth, and hard bodies. They were talking animatedly, probably singling out their prey for the evening. They looked sort of familiar, but these guys all started to blend together after a little while. With them but obviously not part of the discussion was a large young man who looked decidedly out of place. He reminded her of Nick, her first kiss. His hair was a shade or two darker, but the rounded shape of his body was very similar to that of her first fat guy’s. She guessed him to be around 250; not really fat, but definitely fat enough to interest her. I’ll bet he’s their wingman, she thought with a touch of anger. Well he won’t be doing any of that tonight.

The bartender handed her a bottle of water, which she downed half of before she set it at her and Sami’s table. She smoothed her shimmery white top and walked over to the group of guys.

The carbon copies saw her coming from across the club. She caught them elbowing each other, preening and smirking. Khloe felt a small but wicked smile bloom on her face as she focused on the big guy. He didn’t even see her heading towards him. Poor thing probably thought that he’d be sitting by himself all night. He was wearing black pants and a dark-colored button-down; it was hard to tell what color it was in the dim lighting, but she could tell that he had a very nice body underneath it.

“Hey,” she said to him, seeing the guys he was with glaring at her out of the sides of her vision. “Wanna dance?”

He stared at her, blinking as if she were some sort of optical illusion. One of his companions stepped in front of him and replied, “Sure, I’d love to.”

She regarded him with irritation. “I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to him.”

“Me?” the big guy asked.

“Yeah, you.” She grinned. “So you want to?”

“Uh – yeah.” He gave his buddies a confused glance as she grabbed his hand and led him away. She could see their open mouths and wide eyes follow them as they made their way out onto the dance floor.

“I’m Khloe,” she said as she began to sway her hips to the beat. “What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you, Ezra.” She grazed her fingers across his arm as he started to dance a little bit. He moved pretty well for his size, but didn’t get too into it. He still seemed a little shocked.

They danced for a few songs before he told her he needed a drink. After they both got some water, Khloe took him to the table where she and Sami had been coming back to all night. She gave a quick glance around the club and saw Sami on the other side of the dance floor surrounded by a crowd of guys, and shook her head slightly, then turned her attention back to Ezra. “So where are you from, Ezra?” She sat on the stool next to him so she could check out his body while they talked. He had nice thick arms and an adorable round gut that hung over his belt into his lap and strained the buttons of his shirt just a bit.

He told her that he was a lawyer who lived in a city four hours up the coast, and was visiting college buddies for the weekend. He seemed to relax a bit as they talked, so the conversation flowed more easily. Khloe found that he was a really nice guy, though they didn’t have much in common. After about thirty minutes, one of Ezra’s friends came over to their table and interrupted.

“Ezra,” he said, looking at Khloe, “we gotta go. That ass Masterson just puked. Hurry it up.” He continued to gaze at her chest as he walked away.

“Ah, I’m sorry, Khloe…I’m the DD… Rob knows he can’t handle tequila, but every time he goes out someone gets him started on it and he goes nuts.” Ezra looked devastated.

“That’s okay, Ezra, I totally understand. It’s great that you’re responsible enough to take care of your buddies.” She smiled at him. She’d enjoyed his company and was sad to see him go, but knew they had no relationship potential beyond friendship.

“Ha, I try,” he replied. “Hey, um…I don’t want to sound like a prick, but…did one of my friends screw you over or something?”

She wrinkled her brow in confusion. “I actually don’t think I know any of them. Why?”

“Well…” he paused nervously. “It’s just that…most women don’t really even notice that I exist, yet you asked me to dance. I just thought…”

“Ah…that I wanted to screw with one of your buddies by coming on to you?” She was slightly irritated, more so by the fact that he obviously believed that he didn’t deserve her attention than the implication that she was the type of girl who liked to play with guys like that. He made an embarrassed face.

“Well, Ezra, I definitely don’t know any of your friends, so none of them have ever screwed me over. I’m not interested in scrawny pretty-boys.” She lightly brushed her fingers across his belly and smiled. “I like a guy I can sink my teeth into. I thought you were cute, and I wanted to dance with you. So I asked.”

Ezra stared at her for a moment before a grin broke out across his face. “Wow. Seriously?” She gave him a playful nod. “Wow,” he repeated. “You’re pretty cool, Khloe. It was great to meet you. I’ll definitely look for you the next time I come down here.”

She smiled at him. “Sounds good. Good luck taking care of your friend.”

They bid each other goodbye and he disappeared into the crowd. Khloe was relieved that he didn’t ask for her number. Even though he was a decent guy, she had no desire to hook up with anyone right now. Except for Garron, she thought. If I ever see him again…

She sat at the table, sipping her water and daydreaming about Garron, for about twenty minutes before a slightly tipsy Sami stumbled over.“What are you doing?”

“I’m drinking some water. What are you doing?”

Sami rolled her eyes. “I mean why aren’t you out there dancing? I lost you before, I thought you’d finally come to your senses and relented to one of your many suitors.”

Khloe gave a flippant shrug. “I danced with a guy, we talked for a while.”

Sami’s mouth dropped open and she grabbed the stool for balance, teetering on her high heels. “Where is he? Omigosh!”

“He had to go, he was the DD and one of his friends started puking.”

“Ugh! Well what’s his deal?”

“Twenty-six, a lawyer from up the coast a ways. He was just in town visiting for the weekend.”

“A lawyer!” Sami almost whined. “Why do you always get the hot and rich ones? What did he look like? Did I see him? Most importantly, did you get his number?”

Khloe hesitated before she answered. She didn’t think she was exactly ashamed of her preference for fat guys anymore, but she didn’t want to have to deal with Sami’s non-understanding of it. And she knew that Sami could never understand this. “I don’t think you would have seen him; I think his group came in after you were already hamming it up over there in your little circle of adoration. He was average height, spiky dark blonde hair, kinda…big. And no, I didn’t ask for his number. He lives, like, four hours away. And we didn’t have much in common. He was a nice guy, though.”

Sami gave her an incredulous look. “Who cares if you didn’t have much in common? A hot muscle-y lawyer, and you didn’t pounce! Ugh!”

Khloe blinked at her. Muscle-y? She equates the word “big” with muscles. Wow. Guess I don’t have to be quite as careful as I thought. Then she had an idea. “Besides, Sami, there’s already a guy who I’m kind of into.”

Sami plopped onto the stool and narrowed her eyes at her friend. “Details. Now. Who is it?”

“You wouldn’t know him, Sam.”

“Well where is he from? How do you know him?”

“He lives not too far from me. We met a few weeks ago, just during the normal course of the day.” She was making things up on the spot now. “He’s pretty shy, though.”

“Awww!” Sami drawled. “So when are you seeing him?”

“Uh…I don’t know. I don’t want to be too aggressive and scare him off. He’s definitely the type who’d be scared off.”

Her friend wrinkled her nose. “How any guy could be scared off by you, the most gorgeous woman, like, ever, is a mystery to me.”

“Trust me, Sami, he’s really shy. I’m just going to take it slow. I think he’s really worth it.”

She sighed. “Yeah, I guess you’ve already had enough of the game. You’ve probably had men after you since you were twelve, and now you want to settle down with a ‘real relationship.’ I’m so not ready for that.”

Khloe laughed. “That’s an understatement.”

Part 3

Two more weeks passed, but thoughts of Garron were never far from Khloe’s mind. She’d find herself more quiet than usual while cutting a client’s hair, daydreaming that it was his big soft bulk in her chair instead of some anorexic society girl. She’d almost lost hope that she’d ever see him again. He’d be needing another haircut soon, but she seriously doubted he’d ever set foot in her salon again after her co-workers’ rude comments about his size.

Oh, his size. She retreated to her favorite fantasy of him, in which she’d stumbled upon him in the forest, swimming unclothed in a shallow pool fed by a small waterfall. She watched from behind a tree as he ducked under the spray and let the water cascade down his abundant, slightly jiggling rolls, shimmering over his soft skin. He opened his eyes and caught sight of her watching, and, embarrassed, sunk down up to his neck in the water so she couldn’t see his glorious body. She made her way towards him, shedding articles of clothing as she stepped into the pool. “Khloe,” he breathed in his soft, sexy voice. She was inches from him now. One of her hands reached out for his big, blubbery belly, wobbling beneath the surface. She grabbed his fat, and with the other hand –

“Khloe? You already cut my hair. What are you doing?” the blonde in her chair asked. One of those anorexic society girls. She was nice enough, for a party girl, but a complete perfectionist.

Khloe found herself with a comb and her shears back in her hands, even though she’d just finished drying her client’s hair. She masterfully conjured an excuse out of thin air. “Just a little bit of texturizing on your ends, Kennedy. Sometimes I like to go back after it’s dry just so it’s perfect.”

“Oh, wow, that’s great!” the girl said. “That’s why I keep coming back to you, Khloe; you always make my hair look so awesome.”

“Thanks, Kennedy, I’m glad you like it so much.” She spent about thirty seconds notching her ends to make her claim believable, then finished up and got her checked out.

After Kennedy left, carrying her tiny dog in a huge purse slung over her shoulder, Khloe sighed and trudged back to the break room for something to eat. There was only an hour left until they closed, and she’d be shouldering most of the clean-up that night, since the only other stylist there was Jill, who didn’t do much of anything. She peeled the aluminum foil away from her wrap and got to eat about half of it before she heard the faint chime that signaled the front door opening. She grimaced and kept eating. She’d taken the last four clients, in addition to her three previously booked appointments, while Jill had yakked on the phone for an hour and a half; let her take this one.

“Khloe.” Jill was standing on the threshold of the break room, holding her cell phone away from her ear. “You have a client.”

“Jill, I just sat down for the first time in five hours. Why can’t you do it?”

Jill rolled her eyes as she put her cell phone back to her ear. “Hold on, Rick! Just a minute!” Then to Khloe, “He asked for you. It’s that big fat guy. Should I tell him you’re done for the night?”

Khloe dropped her wrap, splattering dressing and lettuce all over the table. “No! No. Just give me two minutes.”

Jill wrinkled her nose. “Whatever,” she said over her shoulder as she put her phone back to her ear and started talking again.

Khloe peered out the door, her heart thumping against her ribcage. There he was, seated on the couch again, taking up even more of it than she remembered. “Oh, gosh,” she breathed as she raced to clean up her food and wash her hands. Oh, I can’t believe he came back! she thought joyously. Alright, this time, nothing is going to throw me off track. I am asking him out. She gave herself a quick once-over in the mirror and fussed with her hair a bit, took a few deep, calming breaths, and went out to meet Garron.

“Hi, Garron!” she greeted him enthusiastically. Was it just her imagination, or did he look a little bigger than the last time she’d seen him? Maybe he was just wearing tighter clothes. He had on another long-sleeved t-shirt, this one navy, and dark grey cargo shorts. She tried to keep her knees steady as she took in the sight of his trunk-like legs and the incredible line that showed through his shirt where his belly hung over the waistband of his shorts.

He gave her a smile that was more than a little nervous as they shook hands. “Hi, Khloe.”

“How’ve you been?”

“Pretty good, you?”

“I’ve been great. I’m so glad you came back; it’s great to see you. Are you here for a trim?”

“Yeah…um…your card said that you should get a haircut every four to six weeks, so, here I am,” he said, blushing, his hands shoved deep in his pockets.

She felt her grin widen. So maybe he wanted to see me, she thought. Maybe he couldn’t wait. Oh, God, I hope so. “Wonderful. Come on back, we’ll get started. Here, you can sit right down at the shampoo bowl; we’re just taking the edges off, right?”

He nodded as he sat. “Yeah, just a little bit off.”

She put a strip around his neck, her eyes lingering on the rolls of flab that graced the sides of his back before she covered him up with the cape. “Okay, you can lie back now…comfy?”

“Yeah,” he told her.

She shampooed him and then began her special massage, all the while thinking of the best way to approach the situation. He obviously had little confidence in his appearance, and she didn’t want to scare him off by being too aggressive. On the other hand, she couldn’t let the chance to ask him out pass her by once again. She’d have to be very careful.

Her massage finished, she dried his hair a bit and sat him up. Once again, he looked very relaxed. “That was even better than I remembered. Did you go to massage school?”

She smiled, happy that he recalled his last visit so well. “Nope. I just came up with that on my own. I sat down one day and thought of what I’d like whoever was shampooing me to do, and I tried it out on my mom, and she loved it.”

“Sort of like the Golden Rule of shampooing?”

Khloe laughed as she wiped down the sink. “Exactly. Okay, let’s go over to my chair…” She led him over to her station, trying to position herself so that she could watch him sit, but not make it obvious.

He looked at the chair for a moment, his brow wrinkled, before trying to sit. It was definitely a tighter squeeze than last time. His softness shook with the effort of trying to enfold itself into a space that was too small for it, so by the time he was seated, his breath had quickened and his face was red. Khloe felt her heart ache for him, that society forced his marvelous size into a world that was too small for it. But she couldn’t deny that the sight of it made her want to grab him and kiss him.

This reaction to his obvious discomfort was something that Khloe had struggled with for a few years. A guy she’d dated in college, Rob, had been almost Garron’s size, had had a terrible time whenever they went anywhere together. She recalled an incident at a movie theater where Rob simply could not fit into the seats. He’d been mortified, but Khloe had found herself so turned on she could barely wait until they drove back to his dorm to jump on him. He’d asked her later, somewhat reluctantly, if his embarrassment had made her hot. Khloe had been shocked, though she’d wondered the same thing herself for a while, but thought long and hard before she answered him.

No, it wasn’t that he was embarrassed, she told him, it was the impression that he was of a different world, one that had no need to force people into tiny chairs, tiny personalities, tiny existences. Yes, she was very attracted to his size in a physical sense, but also on a mental level, for what it signified to her – a refusal to conform. Looking into his sad eyes as she told him this, she could tell he didn’t understand. Their relationship ended soon after, but Khloe had at least sorted that out in her mind.

Khloe decided to act like she hadn’t noticed his struggle, since she certainly didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that he was obviously too big for her chair. She fiddled with her comb case for a few moments before turning back to Garron. “Okay, Garron,” she said, smiling brightly, “let’s get started. So how’s the game coming?”

His expression loosened a bit. “Wow, I’m surprised you remembered. It’s coming really well. The expected release date is October.”

“Of course I remembered,” she told him as she snipped away. “It’s not every day that a girl gets a cute video game designer in her chair.” Damn it, she thought as she watched his face freeze and his cheeks blush even more, he’s worse than I thought. “So,” she continued, “are we going to see more of Mordikai, or is he actually dead?”

Garron sputtered out an answer, and she continued to make conversation about the game and other menial things until he seemed to have relaxed again. It was amazing how much they had in common, and that, living in a relatively small city, they hadn’t run into each other before. They’d both attended a concert the month before at a local venue, but hadn’t even caught a glimpse of each other. She said so, and Garron blushed again.

“Yeah, it is strange.”

“So what else do you like to do for fun, Garron? Do you do the whole bar scene?”

“Uh, once in a while. I like music, concerts, movies…my favorite thing to do is go to the beach, really.” So that explained the tan. “That was half of the reason I applied for the game designer job, so I could justify – and afford – moving to the beach.”

“It really is beautiful here…I was lucky enough to grow up here, even luckier enough to be able to afford to stay here,” she told him. “So how does that feel, Garron?” she said, stepping back a bit.

“Feels great, Khloe. I don’t know what you did, but it laid really nice the last time you cut it. It feels just right.”

She smiled as she began to dry his hair. When it was finished, she discreetly watched him yank himself out of her chair, slowly walked him up to the front of the salon, looking around to see where Jill was. Still at her station on the other side of the salon, talking on her phone, her feet up on the counter. How sanitary, Khloe thought wryly.

She checked Garron out, and again he tried to give her a big tip. Here’s my opportunity… “No, Garron, you don’t have to do that…”

“Please, Khloe, I insist.” He looked up at her through lowered lashes. He is so ridiculously adorable.

“I have a better idea,” she said, trying to keep her grin to a reasonable width. “What are you doing later?”

He gave her a confused look. “Uh, nothing…?”

“How about you go home and get a shower to get those little hairs off your neck, I’ll clean up here , go home, do the same, and you meet me at Finnegan’s for a drink in about, oh, say, an hour?”

He stared at her, his cheeks glowing pink again. “Um…really?”

“Yeah,” she said cheerfully. “I’d like it if we could go out and talk somewhere that’s not work, you know? Relax and just enjoy each other’s company.” She found her stomach fluttering nervously. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been nervous asking a guy out.

He was staring at the floor, his hands were shoved in his pockets again, his arms framing the round pillow of his gut. One…two…three…four…five…six seconds went by, and he looked up at her. “Sure,” he said, a bit hoarsely, “sounds good.”

Khloe almost burst out with a squeal of glee. For a moment she’d been truly afraid he’d say no. “Great! About nine-thirty, then? If you get there first, just get a table, and I’ll do the same.”

“Okay,” he said. He looked terribly bewildered.

“Awesome! I’ll see you soon, Garron. Thanks again.”

He blinked a few times, then said, “Thanks, Khloe. I’ll…I’ll see you in a little bit.” He turned and walked out of the salon, looking back at her twice. She kept her excitement in check until the door had closed behind him and she saw him turn the corner through the window, before she let out an ecstatic shriek.

“What the hell?” Jill called out.

But Khloe was already too busy racing around cleaning up to pay her any attention. She completed all her regular duties in about ten minutes, stated, “I have to get going, Jill, you can lock up,” and was out the door.

She didn’t even remember driving home. The next thing she knew, she was in the shower, lathering up her hair and contemplating what to wear. Finnegan’s was a few blocks away from her, a nicer pub with a casual atmosphere that she much preferred to the nightclubs Sami always dragged her to. Those places were nice once in a while when she wanted to dance, but the clientele made the experience more than a bit stressful at times. She knew that Garron would have never been comfortable at a place like that. And she wanted him focusing on her, not distracted by a hectic, smoky club and its asshole patrons.

She stepped out of the shower, dried herself lightning fast, threw her hair up in a towel, and went to her closet. She picked out a pair of dark bootleg jeans and an aqua off-the-shoulder top, figuring it would be casual but not too casual. She paired it with heeled boots and her favorite aquamarine earrings, and then set to work on her hair and makeup. She went all out with her makeup, giving herself the smoldering bedroom eyes that had caused all the girls in her cosmetology class to beg her to teach them how to do it. Her hair she decided to simply diffuse with her blow drier until it was just a bit damp, counting on the ocean air to enhance her natural curl.

Catching a glimpse of the clock, she saw that it was already twenty after nine. “Ugh, I should have left ten minutes ago to get a table…” She gave herself one more mirror check, grabbed her purse and keys, and locked the door behind her.

She walked quickly down the street in the cool sea air, weaving in and out of the Saturday night partiers dotting the sidewalks. Her town wasn’t huge, but as the weather got warmer, more and more people came in to stay at the hotels, and during the peak of the season the population would almost double. It was only the end of April, but already she was seeing a lot of out-of-towners.
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Default Part 4

Part 4

I hope Finnegan’s isn’t too crowded…she thought anxiously. Khloe was surprised to find that she was nervous about meeting Garron. Excited, certainly, but there was a definite core of nerves to the butterflies in her stomach. What if he turns out like those guys I dated before? What if he can’t believe that I think he’s gorgeous just the way he is? What if I make him uncomfortable? Oh, I would feel so awful… She gave her head a little shake. Calm down, Khloe. You know there’s something different about him. It may take a while to convince him, but the work will be worth it. She’d always taken her intuition very seriously, and it had rarely been wrong. There was a feeling she had about her plump crush that told her that any extra effort she put into making something happen with him would pay off big time.

At 9:41, she walked through the door of the bustling pub, anxiously looking around. A minute later, she caught sight of his wide backside sitting on the chair side of a half booth in the back of the restaurant area. With a little sigh of relief, she made her way back to him.

“Hey,” she greeted Garron happily with a touch on his shoulder.

He started a bit, looking up at her wide-eyed. “Hey,” he said as he stood. “I thought maybe…I thought you’d changed your mind.”

“Of course not! I just have no concept of time,” she laughed. “You look great.” And he did. He was wearing a casual-style white long-sleeve button-down, untucked, over a pair of baggy blue jeans. She marveled that, at his size, his clothing fit him so well. He must have had to go to the next town over, where there was a big and tall store, to do his clothes shopping. There was no way any of the stores in their town, which catered to the typical beach body, would have been able to supply adequate covering for his delicious fatness. His hair fell across his forehead in a sandy sweep, further framing his ocean-colored eyes, which were peering out at her from behind his glasses. She noticed that he had incredibly long eyelashes. And that cute double chin… He looks so damn good… Unable to hold back, she wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

She immediately almost regretted it. The incredible softness of his body pressed into her, she could feel his squishy midsection practically pouring into her – Oh, he’s even bigger than I thought he was – making her inner muscles tense and relax in just the right sequence, so she had to do some serious inner damage control to keep her cool. But at the same time she felt his posture stiffen, though his arms went around her in a loose embrace. The poor guy was terrified. Suck it up, Khloe. You’ll make him understand before the night is over. She let go, gave him a dazzling smile, and sat down in the booth.

Garron’s Adam’s apple bobbed twice as he swallowed, gulping for air like a fish who’d suddenly found himself skydiving. He recovered his composure and sat, shyly saying, “Umm, thanks. You’re the one who looks amazing…”

Khloe felt a happy little blush spread across her cheeks. He was so sincere. “Thank you, Garron. So how are you?” She couldn’t help but let her eyes drift downward to take note of how far his behind spilled over the sides of the chair. His belly was shielded from her view by the table, but that didn’t stop her from imagining how big it must look, pouring out in between his legs, which she could tell were spread to support his size.

“I’m…alright, I guess,” he finally answered, looking up at her. “How are you?”

“I’m great. So, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. Let’s get something to eat, too. They have such good food here.”

She caught a slight blush spread across his cheeks as he agreed with her, and she hoped that she wasn’t pushing her luck. But she truly was hungry; it wasn’t just that she wanted to watch those incredible lips and cheeks move as he ate…

“So do you come here a lot?” he asked her.

“Maybe around once a month…all my friends are more into the club scene. Don’t get me wrong, clubs are great once in a while, but they get old pretty fast. I love this place, though; it’s a very relaxed atmosphere. How about you, do you come here a lot?” she asked him, peering over her menu.

“I’m usually here once every week or two. This is where the guys at work like to come after a tournament to celebrate.”

“That is so weird that we’ve never run into each other before!” she commented. “How long have you been in town?”

“Almost a year now, I moved in at the beginning of last summer.”

They talked about where he had lived before, and what it had been like growing up at the beach for Khloe for a little while. Then their waitress arrived. “Ladies first,” Garron said with a small smile, gesturing to Khloe.

“Hmm…I think I’ll get the chicken Caesar salad, dressing on the side, and a side of mozzarella sticks, please. And whatever beer you have on tap.”

The waitress, a young, thin, attractive blonde, turned to Garron, and wrinkled her nose a bit. Khloe shot her a death glare, but didn’t think the girl noticed. Luckily Garron was oblivious, still staring down at his menu. “Um…I think I’ll just have a garden salad, with the light ranch dressing, please. And I’ll take whatever light beer you have on tap, too.”

Khloe frowned as the waitress walked away. “What’s wrong,” she asked him, “not hungry?”

His face turned bright pink. “I’m, uh…trying to…watch what I eat,” he muttered.

“Oh, come on,” she said lightly. “You can’t come here and not get their wings. I was actually hoping you’d get some and let me share- why don’t we share a plate?”
“Um…okay, sure.”

She flashed him a smile. “Good!” The waitress finally saw Khloe waving her arm in the air, and came back over. “Hi, I’m sorry to be a pain, but we’d like to change our order, if it’s not too late… It’s not? Great, thank you. Just make mine a plain Caesar, no chicken, and we’d like to add three dozen wings…the sampler, yeah. Thank you!”

Garron gaped at her as the waitress walked away again. “Three dozen?”

She grinned back at him. “Yeah, I think we can conquer it, don’t you?”

He stared down at the table again. “It’s that kind of thinking that got me where I am now…”

I’m making a mess of things, aren’t I? she thought woefully. But she went in for the save. “Yeah, an attractive, successful video game designer living at the beach. Sounds like that kind of thinking has gotten you pretty far.” Before he could refute her, she asked, “So, Garron, what’s your family like? Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

He did; two brothers and one sister, and he was the youngest. Now that he was distracted, he loosened up a bit, and they both laughed quite a bit sharing crazy stories about their siblings. Khloe was pleasantly surprised at how intelligent, funny, and sensitive he was. His hot body didn’t hurt, either, but he really was the whole package. Her whole package, anyway.

“Hey, here comes our food,” she commented as the waitress made her way over.

She set the platter of wings in the middle of the table, their salads in front of them, and the mozzarella sticks off to the side, then placed their drinks down on the little metal coasters. “Enjoy,” she told them.

“Thank you,” they both said.

“Alright, let’s dig in,” Khloe said. She watched Garron closely but discreetly as he ate and they talked more, and was disappointed to see that he was holding back. He was taking little forkfuls of his salad, and after ten minutes had only eaten one wing. Not that she should talk; she’d only eaten three, and hadn’t really planned on eating more than five or six. She’d been hoping that she’d get to watch him eat the rest. “Are you okay, Garron? You’re not eating…”

His face colored. “Yeah, I’m okay…I just…” She saw him swallow hard again.

“What is it?” she asked, concerned.

“Nothing,” he told her, and emphasized his point by picking up a wing and devouring it, followed by six more before he stopped for a sip of his beer. It was all Khloe could do to keep from staring at him wolfing down his food…it was making her so hot.

Conversation flowed easily between them, about work, their experiences in school, gaming, music, and many other topics. He’d gone to the state university for graphics and computer programming, while she’d gone to a small private college to study literature and writing.
“So how did you become a stylist if you went to college for writing?” he asked between bites.

“Well, while I love to write, I am way too hard on myself with it…comparing my stuff to other people’s, questioning my ideas, you know. I get stuck in the perfectionism rut and end up freaking out and erasing the whole piece. While I was in my second semester of college, I saw that the cosmetology school nearby was offering night classes, and it seemed like a good backup plan. I’ve always loved doing hair, anyway. So it’s something to keep me going while I work through my writing craziness.”

“Ah, that sounds familiar…I sometimes end up sleeping at the office because I’m so obsessed with trying to get three pixels into the right places,” he laughed.

She giggled, too. “I thought it looked like there was something on Alysea’s nose in the fourth level of City of Smoke…”

He laughed harder, sending the visible portion of his belly into a wave of jiggles. Khloe felt a warmth rise through her body at the sight, and intensify when she noticed that he’d cleaned the plate of wings, his salad, and the mozzarella sticks. She saw him reach to the plate for another, then look down in surprise to find it empty. “Damn,” he muttered. “I’m sorry, Khloe…I didn’t mean…I didn’t realize…”
She tried to brush off his embarrassment. “Oh, don’t worry about it; I wouldn’t have eaten more anyway. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. What do you say we get out of here and go for a walk?”

He nodded mutely, and she waved their waitress over for the check. “Hey, you don’t have to pay,” she told him as he took the little leather folder from the girl.

“I want to – you wouldn’t let me tip you, remember?”

“Just being out with you is way better than any tip you could have given me, Garron,” she told him, smiling. He gave her a slightly baffled look. “At least let me leave the tip for the waitress?”

He laughed. “Okay, I guess that won’t be too offensive to my ideals of manliness.”

She laughed as she counted out a few bills to slip inside the leather folder along with Garron’s money. They left it on the table and got up to leave, weaving through the now-crowded pub. The dining area they’d been sitting in was separate from the bar, and had been sparsely seated, but the bar room was packed. She grabbed Garron’s hand and let him lead her outside so they wouldn’t lose each other, all the while watching how he cutely tried to suck in his belly to avoid bumping into the tipsy patrons. His efforts didn’t particularly help, as his rotund form bounced into almost everyone he passed.

They finally emerged into the cool, breezy ocean air in the light of an almost-full moon, and began to saunter down the street. Khloe kept a light grip on his hand, and caught his nervous glance down at their interlaced fingers. I’ve got to get him into a good position to explain my intentions soon, because the poor guy’s still clueless, she thought. She was almost certain that he was attracted to her, but couldn’t believe that she would be to him, even though she’d been dropping hints like crazy all night. She just hoped he’d believe her…

The meandered around town for about a half hour, getting a little deeper in conversation with each step they took. During a comfortable lull, Khloe found that they were standing outside her favorite ice cream shop, which, luckily, was open late on the weekends. “Oh, Garron, let’s get some ice cream! Have you ever been here? It’s all homemade, and they have the most incredible flavors.”

He eyed the sign wistfully. “Yeah, I’ve been here a few times…but I don’t think I should… I just ate…”

“There’s always room for dessert,” she said grinning, pulled him inside.
They emerged a few minutes later, she with a single scoop of cinnamon swirl, he with a triple scoop of cake batter, double fudge, and strawberry. She kept sneaking glances at the way he was licking the cold creamy custard, fantasizing about other things he could be doing with that tongue. She shook herself a bit to come back to reality.

“Do you want to go down to the beach?” he suggested.

“Sure, I love the beach at night…and it’s still early enough in the season that all the drunken college kids won’t be all over the place.”

“Good point,” he said, and they turned onto the boardwalk and made their way down the wooden plank steps.

She stopped him before they stepped into the sand so she could remove her boots. After they both stowed their shoes under the boardwalk, they strode into the cool sand and down towards the waves, crashing black and silver in the moonlight. Wisps of cloud drifted across the surface of the glowing orb, making the light it gave off all the more surreal in the ocean mist.

“It’s a beautiful night,” he commented as they sat a little ways up from the shoreline, taking the last bites of their ice cream cones.

“It is. Thank you, Garron, I’ve really had a great time.” She scooted a little closer to him gently rested her head on his shoulder, and she felt him tense up almost immediately.

“Y-you’re welcome, Khloe. Thanks for…um…asking.”

“What’s the matter? You’re so tense,” she remarked, moving behind him and beginning to rub his shoulders.

After a moment, he sighed, his eyes searching the stars on the horizon. “I’ve got to be honest, Khloe, I’m awfully confused…”

“About what?” she asked, massaging slow circles into his upper back and neck. She knew damn well what he was confused about, but she didn’t want to misspeak. Better to allow him to vent his feelings first.

“I’m sitting here on the beach with the most incredible woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, she’s here of her own free will. And she seems to have fully functional eyes.”

Khloe blushed a bit, smiling. “I don’t know about the ‘incredible’ part, but you’ve got the rest right. So what’s confusing?”
He turned around and looked at her, his brows flattened in puzzlement. “Why?”

Alright, Khlo, time to stop playing dumb. “Because, Garron. You’re talented, you’re intelligent, funny, sweet, you seem very honest…and I think you’re just about the best looking guy I’ve ever seen.”

He shrank back from her a fraction, out of her peripheral vision she saw the mass of his belly suck in a few inches. She could feel his defenses going up. “Ha ha…funny…” He stared down at the sand, his cheeks darkening with a flow of hot blood.

She sat close to him again, folding her legs away from herself and leaning in. “No,” she told him, lifting her fingers to run them across his warm, pudgy cheek, “I’m not joking.” She tried to keep her eyes on his face not let them drift down, where his belly was resting in his lap like a slightly deflated beach ball.

He closed his eyes, she could see the pain and the yearning in his expression. “No,” he said, shaking his head slightly, “you have to be joking.”

“I’m not. I think you’re really handsome.”

He shook his head harder, not really hearing what she was saying. “No, Khloe… Just…no.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m huge and disgusting,” he spat, grimacing as he turned away from her touch. “Isn’t that obvious?”

She felt a twinge in her chest, her heart thudding in sympathy with his anguish. “I don’t see anything disgusting, Garron,” she said gently.

“Then you’re fooling yourself,” he bitterly retorted. “I’m 372 pounds of blubber. I’m repulsive.”

Three hundred and seventy-two pounds! she thought, feeling faint at the number. “If you were repulsive, do you think I’d be doing this?” Her fingertips guided his round face to hers, and she kissed his soft, sugary-tasting lips, trying to keep her hands away from the temptation of his torso by wrapping them around his neck.

He was stunned for a moment, frozen, before he tentatively placed his hands on her waist and started kissing her back. His lips closed over hers with a tenderness she’d never experienced before. Their smooth, silky texture moving across her mouth left her breathless, and the gentle whispers of his tongue made her blood race through her veins. She could feel his hunger and his fear at war, wanted more than anything to step between them… Her right hand drifted down, hovering over the wide expanse of his belly, and, after a moment’s hesitation, came to rest on the yielding skin. Even with his shirt pulled taught across his abdomen, her hand sunk in to his fat. She shivered.

Garron flinched as their lips parted, a look of terror in his eyes as he gazed down at his own belly. She’d thought that would happen.

“Garron,” she told him, “I am wildly attracted to you. All of you. Every last inch. I don’t like skinny, muscle-head jocks. I couldn’t even pretend to find them attractive. I like big guys.”

He swallowed hard several times, still staring at her hand on his midsection. “I…I’m a lot more than…than just…big,” he muttered.

Khloe grinned. “I know.” She playfully squeezed her fingers into his belly a bit. “And I think you’re the very definition of ‘hot.’”

He stared at her. “You’re…you’re not making any sense,” he told her. “You’re gorgeous…and smart…and you’re telling me that you really like fat guys? You prefer them?”

“Yeah,” she said, smiling, “but right now, there’s only one I like, and he’s sitting in front of me with my hand on his sexy belly.” She giggled.

He looked down at her hand again, then back to her face. “I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming, but I’m going to go along with it because I definitely don’t want to wake up when the girl of my dreams is sitting here telling me she thinks I’m sexy.”

“’Atta boy,” she told him, leaning in to kiss him again. “Go with it.”
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Default Parts 5-6

Part 5

Khloe didn’t want to get out of bed the next day. She’d wake up, look around, and realize that the wakeful world had interrupted her dreams again. So she’d close her eyes, drift off in an attempt to re-enter her fantasies. She did this four times before her cat’s insistent meows forced her out of bed around eleven a.m.

“Silly Marshmallow,” she scolded him as she filled his bowl with dry food. “Don’t you know that your mother was having the most amazing dream, and you had to interrupt it?”

The chubby white cat looked up at her and gave her a curious squeak before happily shoving his nose into his food bowl.

Khloe laughed, leaning back against the counter. Last night stood out in her mind with glittering intensity. He’s so amazing, she thought as she recalled Garron’s kisses. Once she’d explained to him that his size wasn’t a problem for her, he’d calmed down a bit and had focused more on kissing her than being nervous. There was definitely still a lot of tension there, but she’d deal with that. I’ve got all the time in the world, for him.

Oh, but how she wished last night could have gone on forever. They’d parted ways around one a.m., after exchanging phone numbers and promising to meet up later that day. The only thing that kept her from calling him immediately upon arriving home was her incredibly vivid imagination. She’d given that particular skill quite a workout all night.

She sighed happily as she dressed, already with a plan blossoming in her mind. I’ll take him to the market, she thought, and I’ll cook dinner for him. And then we’ll see what happens…

Part 6

Khloe pulled up in front of Garron’s condo an hour and a half later, a few minutes later than she said she’d be due to her ridiculously poor directional skills. Her frustration vanished, however, when she saw him exit his building. I can’t believe he’s real, she thought. He looked bigger in the sunlight, she noticed. Scruffy blue jeans encased his legs with a perfect fit, and a plain black t-shirt skimmed over his big, round curves. His weight bounced as he descended the steps, and Khloe felt her mouth go dry. Alright, Khloe, chill out. Save it for later.

He gave her a shy wave as he approached her car, a half-smile playing across his full lips. Unable to help herself, she gave a wide grin in return. “Hey,” she said as he opened the door.

“Hey, Khloe,” he said. “How are you?”

“I’m great, how about you?”

“Pretty good,” he said. “Still kind of confused, but pretty good. So where are we going?” He squeezed himself into the passenger seat of her coupe with a bit of difficulty.

“There’s still nothing to be confused about, silly,” she told him as they pulled away from the curb. “I figured since you haven’t lived here that long, I’d take you to one of the local secret attractions.”

He gave her a puzzled look. “And what’s that?”

Khloe smiled again. “You’ll see.”

Garron shrugged. “Okay, I trust you.”

He seemed much lighter, emotionally, than he had last night, and Khloe was glad. Maybe I won’t have to do as much convincing as I thought.

They easily filled the forty-five minute drive down the coast with chatter, mostly about music. Khloe had asked if he minded some background music, and when said he didn’t, she popped in one of her favorite cd’s.

“Hey, these guys are great,” he said. “Have you ever seen them live?”

She snuck a glance at him, pleased at the way his bulk filled up her car with its wobbly goodness. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “They’re incredible. Definitely one of the best live shows of all time, I think. Have you?”

“Yeah, I saw them in Seattle when I still lived up around there.”

“Oh my gosh, were you at the concert? The one they recorded? The one the police were called to?”

He laughed a bit, warming Khloe’s insides. “Yeah, that’s the one. It was pretty intense.”

She smiled at the thought of going to a concert with him. He’d be all the protection in a mosh pit I’d ever need. Soon, maybe…

“Well, here we are,” she stated as she pulled into a parking space.

“The Santa Rafael Market,” he read the weathered sign aloud, looking around at the bustle of people pouring in and out of the wide doors.

“The best farmer’s market in the state,” she said proudly. “They’ve got the most amazing stuff here: rare, organic, you name it, you can probably find it here.”

His expression faltered for a minute. “A food market?”

“Yeah, my refrigerator is woefully empty, and we’ll need to pick up some stuff for later.”
“Later?” he echoed, sounding dismayed.

There’s that insecurity again, she thought. “Yup,” she said, trying to keep her voice light. “You didn’t expect me to drag you out here and not cook dinner for you, did you?” Garron was silent as they got out of the car and made their way over to the entrance.

“Hey,” she said, grabbing his hands and turning him to face her. He looked uncomfortable, not quite making eye contact. She raised herself up on the balls of her feet and placed her face inches from his own, her hands resting on his shoulders. “I promise I’m a good cook. I won’t poison you. Girl Scout’s Honor,” she said, grinning, as she held up the first three fingers of her right hand.

He blushed, smiling. “Okay.”

Khloe returned his smile, and, still holding his hand, led him inside. As they made their way through the tight maze of tables and customers, she pointed out the incredible variety of foods to be found there. He seemed impressed, and she could tell by the look on his face that he was hungry. He told her that he dabbled in cooking himself, and she extracted a promise that he would cook for her someday soon.

They browsed through the fresh organic vegetables and fruits, and then made their way over to the meat counter. She wanted to make him her specialty, a whole wheat pasta dish with chicken in a creamy, garlicky cheese sauce, with a big salad and fresh bread, and only had a few more things to pick up.

“Hey, remind me to get bread on the way out, okay?” she asked Garron.

“Um, sure,” he replied, somewhat strangely.

She gave him a look. His face was drawn, and he was staring at the ground.

Khloe glanced around in puzzlement, and as they walked, noticed the reactions of the other customers to their partnership; some staring, some whispering, some even pointing at them.
Anger began to bubble beneath the surface of her skin. What is their freaking problem, she thought irritably. She would never get used to the way people gawked at her and her choice of large companions in public, never be able to accept it as part of her preference.

In college, she’d once lost control of her temper while out with Rob. A guy in the mall had made a very loud, very nasty comment about them, something that, even now, just thinking about it four years later, made her twitch with fury. She’d whirled around and, growling, told him in no uncertain terms to go and suck his own genitalia. Rob, of course, had been embarrassed, but she’d seethed about it for a week.

Now that she was a little older and, she hoped, wiser, she knew that acknowledging it would only serve to make it worse. Maybe a little PDA would be a confidence booster, she thought. And certainly not a chore for me…

“So,” she said, turning to face her date, “let’s play a game.”
“What game?”

“I’m going to ask you a question, and if you get it wrong, you have to give me something.”

“What do I have to give you?” he asked, amused bewilderment playing across his rounded face.
She smiled. “You’ll see.”

“And what if I get it right?”

“If you get it right, I’ll have to give you something.”

“Okay, ask away,” he replied as they moved up in line, Garron nervously shifting his mass.

“I’ll start with an easy one. What is the name of that band’s lead singer?”

He seemed to be warming up to the idea as he answered. “That is an easy one; it’s Matthew Bellamy.”

Khloe grinned. “Good! So, what do I have to give you?”

“Um…I don’t know… Well, you’re already making me dinner, so I’ll just have that count.”

“Oh, you’re no fun. Okay, next question.”

“Don’t I get to ask one?”

“Not until you get one wrong.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Alright. Hmm… Ah, what angle is your hair cut at?”

He blinked at her. “Um…what?”

She grinned at him. “What angle is your hair cut at?”

“I…have absolutely no idea. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Uh…a forty-five degree angle?”

“Wrong!” Khloe exclaimed gleefully.

He looked at her warily. “So what do I have to give you?”

She beckoned him to lean down close to her, acting like she was going to whisper in his ear. When his head was at the right height, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. This was different than their kisses on the beach. Those had been tender, sweet kisses, slightly timid, but certainly enjoyable. This time, she locked her lips onto his with a bit more intensity, trying to convey her desire for him in the movement of her mouth while still keeping it PG-13. It wasn’t hard to show him how she felt that way, considering the fact that his big, soft belly was pressing into her, engulfing her with its vastness, and making her limbs tingle in an extremely pleasant way. He caught on faster this time, and kissed her back with such skill that her knees were shaking when a voice interrupted their embrace.

“Um…can I help you?” the guy behind the counter was saying.
“Oh!” Khloe exclaimed as she untangled her arms from around Garron’s neck, giggling. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem.” The man appeared to be in his late thirties, with short brown hair and a hefty frame. He was gazing jealously between Khloe and Garron with a knowing smirk on his face. “I wouldn’t have interrupted, but there’s a line…”

“Sorry again! Um, I’d like four boneless skinless breasts, please. Yeah, the big ones.” She wrapped her arm around Garron’s waist as the man turned away, content to find that her hand only landed in the center of his back, just above the waistband of his pants. She itched to squeeze those luscious love handles, but restrained herself.

He looked down at her with an expression of wonder on his face. “You’re pretty sneaky, you know that?” he told her.

Khloe pulled an innocent face. “What on earth are you talking about?”

Garron laughed and just shook his head.

The man behind the counter returned with a lump wrapped in white paper. “There ya go.” He smiled as he took Khloe’s money and handed her the cold chicken. “You kids have fun,” he said, winking slyly at Garron, who blushed to the roots of his hair.

The rest of their shopping trip passed mostly uneventfully. Whenever she’d catch Garron noticing the strange stares the couple was getting, she’d grab his hand or reach up and tousle his hair, distracting him. By the time they were walking out the front door and reentering Khloe’s car, they were talking and laughing again as if no one’s rudeness had marred their day.

It didn’t seem very long until they pulled up in front of Khloe’s little blue cottage. She watched him as he gazed around appreciatively, taking in the white fence and tall hydrangea bushes that surrounded her abode. “Your place is really nice, Khloe. Can you see the ocean from the top floor?”

“Only if you climb on the roof,” she confessed.

“You go up on your roof?”

“Yeah, all the time. I like to stargaze up there. We should go up later.”

“I don’t think you want me on your roof,” he muttered.

She took his hand and led him to her porch. “Of course I want you on my roof. I want you just about anywhere,” she replied wickedly, unlocking the door. “Marshmallow!”

The little white cat was sitting in the middle of her living room, staring at the front door. As it opened, he gave a distinctly cranky squeak, and trotted over to weave around her legs. “What, did you think I’d left you for good?” she asked. He meowed plaintively.

“Garron, Marshmallow,” she said, gesturing from her large date to the tiny cat. “Marshmallow, Garron. I hope you don’t mind cats,” she said to Garron. “If he’s annoying you, I can put him upstairs…”

Marshmallow was now alternately sniffing Garron’s pants as if he were trying to suck them up his nose, and rubbing his face against his legs with wild abandon. Then the cat flopped down on top of his sneakers looking up at him expectantly.
Garron laughed as he leaned over to pet him. “No, it’s okay, I love cats. He’s pretty funny. Marshmallow?”

“Yeah, he was just this little pudgy white ball of fluff when I got him. I took one look at him and all I could think of was a marshmallow…” She trailed off, her eyes glued to Garron’s side. The soft fat on the side of his torso had creased as he bent down, displaying the thick rolls that she was having trouble resisting. I could have his shirt off in three seconds, she thought to herself, dazed. I’d just have to drop the bags from the market...

He looked up and caught her salacious expression. “Khloe? You okay?” he asked as he stood back up. He’d obviously misinterpreted her stupor.
Pull yourself together! she shrieked at herself. “Yeah, I’m fine,” she replied aloud, smiling brilliantly. “Want to help me with dinner?”

“Sure,” he replied, taking her bags from her and adding them to his own in his large hands. “Just tell me what to do.”

Garron had vastly understated his abilities when he’d mentioned that he dabbled in cooking. With only a list of ingredients from Khloe, he’d whipped up the homemade salad dressing and grilled the chicken to perfection on her stovetop.

“I’m quite impressed, Garron. You certainly know your way around a kitchen,” she remarked, keeping a careful eye on her sauce.

“Well, my mom is a great cook,” he told her as he ripped up the lettuce for the salad. “And I wasn’t exactly the most, um, athletic kid…so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen…but I guess that’s obvious,” he finished quietly.

“Well, duh! You sliced and diced that chicken like it was your job! I can’t wait to sample one of your specialties,” Khloe said brightly. “Ah, the sauce is finished. Could you take the salad and the plates into the dining room, please? I just have to mix this all together, and then I’ll serve.”

“Khloe, that’s…that’s way too much,” Garron protested a few minutes later when she set his plate in front of him.
“Oh, shush. We didn’t eat lunch, and it’s a late dinner. It’s seven already.”

He acquiesced, taking a forkful of pasta and passing it through his lips. “Wow, Khloe…” he said after he’d swallowed. “This is amazing.”

She smiled demurely as she swirled the noodles around her fork. “Thank you, Garron. It’s wonderful to have somebody enjoy my cooking other than myself. Well, and Marshmallow, when he thieves food when I’m not looking.”

He smiled at her from across the table, a shaft of late sunlight falling on half of his face and illuminating his soft features as he chewed.

This is it, isn’t it, she thought. It’s only the fourth time I’m seeing him, but I know. He’s it.

Garron soon finished his pasta and salad, and Khloe begged him to take seconds. She’d purposely made a lot, but made it seem like she hadn’t meant to. “Please have some more; this stuff will go bad sitting in my fridge all week. I’ll never be able to finish it all.”

Garron frowned slightly, but picked up the serving spoon and piled his plate high with the creamy mixture. “So does your family still live around here?”

“Well, not right in town; they live about fifteen miles south, in Kensington. They moved down there when my dad got promoted because it’s a lot closer to where he works. Is your family still up in Washington?”

“Only one of my brothers still lives up there, the older one, James. My sister moved to Montana, and my parents and my other brother actually live in the northern part of the state now. About two hours away.”

“So your family’s pretty scattered.”

“At the moment, yeah. But they’re embarrassingly good at getting together at every holiday possible. Last year they got together on Arbor Day. We even planted a tree.”

Khloe laughed, pleased that he seemed comfortable enough to stop worrying about eating too much. He was already almost done his second plate. She nudged the platter of buttered bread closer to him, he took a slice and dipped it in the leftover sauce on his plate. “Want some more to drink?” she asked.

“Uh, sure,” he replied, after he’d swallowed. “But I’ll get it. You want more, too?”

“Yes, please,” she said. She gazed after his round behind as he disappeared into the kitchen, and quickly scooped more pasta onto his plate. I’m so horrible, she thought. But I don’t care. He’s so hot.
Garron soon returned with their glasses, filled to the top with water and ice.

“Thanks, Garron.”

“Sure, no problem. It’s the least I can do, I mean you made…” he trailed off as he saw that more food had appeared on his plate. “Um…” He swallowed nervously as he sat, still staring at the pasta.

“Oh! It looked like you needed a refill,” she said breezily, hoping to mask her excitement at the possibility of getting to watch him eat more.

He looked at her strangely. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think…” he muttered.


He shook his head. “Nothing. I…I don’t know if…if I can eat any more.”
Khloe sighed. “Then I guess all this good food will just grow mold in my refrigerator…it won’t even be good to give to Marshmallow. He’s pretty picky about freshness. Well, if you really don’t think you can finish, I guess I’ll just have to throw it away…”

She reached for his plate, and he piped up. “No, no…it’s okay, I can eat it. I don’t want you to waste it.”

Khloe grinned. “Great!”

He gave her another strange look, but began eating. They talked some more as he finished, and Khloe picked at a piece of bread so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable eating alone.

When he’d finished, there was still a serving or two left in the bowl, but Khloe figured she’d better not push her luck. “Let me put this in a container, and start the dishwasher, and then let’s go sit outside. I have a swing out back; we can light some bug candles and enjoy the night.”

He offered to help, so not even ten minutes later they were in her backyard. Khloe lit some bug candles and placed them around the patio, illuminating her postage-stamp yard in a soft yellow glow. Garron was staring at the swing, shifting his weight uneasily.

Khloe took his hand and led him over to it, and sat on the cushioned seat. But Garron remained standing. “Sit,” she said, patting the cushion beside her.

“I…um…” he rubbed the top of his head. “Is it…how…strong…is it?”

Crap, she thought. How could she tell him that it was practically industrial strength without implying that his bulk necessitated it? “It’s pretty strong...it fell off Sami’s brother’s truck when they helped me bring it home from the store and didn’t even get a dent.”

The fear in his face seemed to go down a few notches, but he still lowered his mass very slowly.
Please don’t let it creak, please don’t let it creak, she begged silently.
Thankfully, the joints were quiet as he applied his full weight and settled back, letting out a breath he’d been holding.

Khloe smiled at him and snuggled into his shoulder, sending his muscles into immediate tension. “Relax,” she told him, pulling his arm down over her shoulder. “One of my favorite things about this place is how bright the stars are,” she told him quietly.

“Yeah…you can see the Milky Way. The sky never looked like this up near Seattle. Of course it was cloudy most of the time there, but even when it was clear you couldn’t see anything like this. And it’s so quiet here. No traffic sounds.”

“So you’re really an outdoorsy kind of guy, aren’t you?” she said, running her fingers up and down his arm relishing the feel of his padding pressing into her. It was like laying on a feather bed. A very squishy, warm, handsome feather bed.

“I guess so,” he replied. “I love going camping and swimming and stuff.”

“We should go camping some time; it’s been years since I’ve gone. None of my friends are into the nature thing. Come to think of it, it’s kind of funny that a computer guy likes to be outside.” She smiled and craned her neck to look at his face.

He smirked back at her. “Well, I am a man of many surprises,” he told her softly.

“Yes,” she told him, “you are.” She reached up and gently pulled his head down, and their lips met.

A few minutes later, they parted, only to press their foreheads against each other’s. “You’re really good at that, you know?” she told him playfully.
He chuckled. “You’re not so bad yourself.”
“Why thank you. I think we should try it again. See if we can do better…”

They kissed a while longer, his hands twined through her hair and hers resting on his arms, the heat between them growing in intensity, until suddenly Garron pulled back with a sharp intake of breath.

“What’s wrong?” Khloe asked, concerned.

“Um…” His gaze flicked down to his midsection, where Khloe’s hands were squeezing the sides of his belly through his shirt, and then out into the yard.

She quickly let go. Ugh, Khloe, you’re supposed to be taking this slow.

“I, uh…” he continued. “Can I use your bathroom?”

“Sure,” Khloe said, trying to hide her disappointment. “The first door on the left when you go back in through this door is the half-bath. Light switch is on the right.”

She hugged her knees to her chest as she waited for him, inwardly berating herself for losing control. Now I’ve gone and scared him, she thought woefully, all because I can’t keep my hands to myself. And he has no idea how crazy he’s making me. Maybe I should ask him if I can touch him. Would that be weird? I have to let him know that I genuinely want to touch him, so maybe just asking would be the way to go. But geez, what am I going to say, ‘can I grope your unbelievably sexy gut?’ It was different last night on the beach; he was probably so shocked that I wanted to kiss him that he didn’t even really understand that I like his body.

A few moments later, he returned, still looking a bit shaken.

“Hey,” she said, scooting over so he’d have enough space on the swing. “Have a seat. You okay? My cooking didn’t make you sick, did it?”

“No, no, not at all,” he assured her as he slowly sank back down on the swing. “I was just a little..um..nervous, I guess,” he confessed. “It’s .it’s been a really long time since..since I’ve kissed anybody who’s kissed me back. And never like that.”

She beamed at him. “You’ve got to be kidding me. A stud like you?”

Garron let out a short laugh. “Right.”

“You’re silly. A hot guy like you probably has girls clamoring to get dates.” She immediately regretted saying that.

His expression was pained. “You don’t need to make fun of me.”

Khloe squeezed her eyes shut. I am really screwing up here, she thought, irritated. “I didn’t mean to make fun of you, Garron. It’s just that I think you’re really hot, and that I’m incredibly lucky for snatching you up.”
“You’re really crazy, Khloe,” he whispered into the darkness.

“Well, I don’t deny that I’m a little neurotic. And I fully admit that I’m crazy for you,” she said, running her hand through his hair.

“I’m…I’m pretty crazy for you, too.”

She smiled and squeezed her arms around his neck in an embrace. “That’s awfully good to hear. Hey, do you want to go up on the roof now? The view’s even better from up there.”

Garron made a face. “I think I’ve tempted fate enough for one night with this swing. I don’t want you to end up with a hole in your roof.”

“Oh, don’t be a goon. My roof will be fine. I’ve been up there hundreds of times.”

“Yeah, well you’re…little,” he muttered. “I’d be lucky to fit through the window to get out there, let alone not bring your house crashing down.”

“Garron, don’t talk like that.” He shook his head. “Does…” No, Khloe, don’t go there…not yet.

“Does what?” he asked, turning to face her again.

But she plowed on anyway, the words tumbling out of her mouth. “Does your… size…really bother you that much? So much that you can’t see how amazing you are?” It seemed that he stopped breathing for a few moments. “I told you, Garron, not only do I think you’re a wonderful person, I think you’re gorgeous.”

He frowned, not meeting her eyes.
“This,” she said, trailing her fingers over the wide expanse of his belly, “does not bother me.” His body stiffened with fear, so she cupped his face in her hands.

“Garron. I like you. A lot. I may be shallow about some things, but looks are not one of them. I don’t give a flying squirrel what anyone else thinks about the appearance of the person I’m dating. What matters is what I think. And I think you’re stunning.”

“I told you you were crazy…” he mumbled.

She sighed. “What can I do to convince you?” He just shook his head again.
“I take that as a challenge, you know.”


“You’re on now,” she said, holding up her hands in a helpless gesture. “You started it. It’s now my duty to make you see how awesome you are. And I must warn you…I fight dirty,” she finished with a devilish grin. He stared at her as if she’d grown another head. “And now, for my first attack…” she said grabbing him and kissing him passionately.
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Default Parts 7-8

Part 7

“Okay, who is he, and what did he do to you?” Sami asked as they left work the next day.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh, come on, Khlo, your feet didn’t even touch the floor today. You’re grinning like a psycho. Either you’re on some really amazing uppers, and I want to know where I can get some, or you took the next step with that guy. Now spill,” she insisted as she pulled open the passenger side door of Khloe’s car.

“I don’t kiss and tell, Sami,” Khloe teased.

“So there was kissing?”

She couldn’t help it; her smile widened. “Yeah…”

Sami shrieked, earning stares from the people walking by the salon. “Tell me tell me tell me! What’s his name? What does he do? What does he look like?”

Can I tell her? Well, she wouldn’t know his name, or what he looked like, apart from his size…she was in the break room the first time he was here, and she wasn’t here at all the second time. I can indulge my girly side a bit, I suppose.

“His name is Garron, he’s a video game designer/programmer, and he’s wonderful…” she trailed off, the image of his sweet smile all she could think of.

“Yeeeees? Go on, I want specifics.”

Khloe kept grinning as she pulled out of the parking space. “He’s tall, about 6’3”, with perfect, silky light brown hair, maybe a level seven…tortoise shell glasses, gorgeous grey-blue eyes… He’s gorgeous all over, actually. And he’s so smart and so sweet…”

“So what did you do? Did you go on a date, or what?”

“We went to Finnegan’s Saturday night, then got ice cream at Mae Belle’s and went down to the beach and just sat there talking for hours… Then we went to Santa Rafael yesterday, and I brought him back to my place and cooked dinner.”

“Wow, you took him to your place?” Sami looked stunned.


“In the almost two years that I’ve known you, I don’t think you’ve ever taken a guy back to your place.”

“That’s because I’ve never found one who was worth it.”

“And this Garron guy is worth it?”

“Yes,” she said without hesitation. “Completely worth it.”

“Wow. That’s so sweet. Nauseatingly sweet, in fact,” Sami stated.

Khloe laughed. “Thanks.”

“No prob.” She flipped her extensions over her shoulder. “So I guess this means you’re not coming out with me this weekend, huh.”

“My days of clubbing are over, Sami. Sorry. I’d be up for something else, though. But no more skeeze-fests for me.

“Ugh,” Sami whined. “I need to find a wing-woman.”

“Why don’t you ask Orla or Dannie?” she suggested, trying to maintain an innocent face.

Sami gave her a look. “Oh, shut up. They’d hump the guys right on the dance floor.”

“Ew! I did not need that image, Sam.”

“You’re the one who suggested it,” she replied, pouting. “So when do I get to meet this guy? And more importantly, does he have any hot friends?”

“It’s…I think it’s a little soon to be getting into each other’s social circles,” she reasoned. “I mean, we’ve only had two real dates.”

Sami rolled her eyes. “Fine. But if you meet his friends, and there are any hotties among them, you need to text me asap.”

“Sami, I think you need to find some hobbies…”

She gave an exasperated sigh as Khloe pulled up in front of her apartment building. “Yeah, Khlo, I’ll go break out the knitting needles and make a few sweaters instead of scoring with a hottie. Sounds like a blast.”

“You never know…”

“Oh, I know,” Sami said, opening her door. “So are you seeing him tonight?”

“Not tonight; he has to work late on Mondays. But I’m going over there on Friday for dinner. He even cooks,” she finished dreamily.

“Oh, gosh... Definitely sounds too good to be true. You’re disgustingly lucky. Seriously. Disgusting.”

“Thanks, Sami.”

“Anytime, Khlo. Thanks for the ride. Oh, can you take me to pick up my car on Thursday? The part was supposed to come in today, so my mechanic said it’d be done by then.”

“Sure, we both work the same hours that day, anyway, so we can just head over after we’re done at the salon.”

“Sounds good. See you tomorrow.”

“Yep, see you.”

As she pulled away, she couldn’t help thinking about what Sami had said. What will I do when it comes time to introduce him to everybody? I couldn’t care less what they think about his looks, but I know he’ll care. Should I warn them? Be like, ‘hey, everybody, my boyfriend’s coming over later to meet you all, he’s really fat and doesn’t appreciate having it pointed out, so if you say anything about it I’ll kick your face in?’

Geez, maybe I’ll really have to do that. Not those exact words, duh, but maybe I really will have to warn them so they don’t offend him. I just don’t want him to get hurt…

She sighed. You’re getting a bit ahead of yourself there, Khloe. You’ve got lots of time before you have to introduce him to anybody. Cross that bridge when you can actually see the rushing water, not just imagine it. For now, just enjoy him.

Part 8

“Oh, my gosh, Garron,” Khloe groaned, leaning back from his kitchen table. “I think I’m slipping into a food coma. That was insanely good. You should start a second career as a chef.”

Garron smiled shyly at her from across the table. “Thanks. I don’t think I’d make any money, though. I’d probably just end up eating everything I made myself.”

“Well, if I was as good a cook as you, I’d eat everything I made, too,” she told him. She’d arrived at his condo around six that evening to find him buzzing around his kitchen amidst a forest of pots, pans, and ingredients. He really knew what he was doing in the kitchen, as evidenced by the incredible aromas wafting about his kitchen and living room.

“Flank steak with a mushroom garlic sauce, cheddar smashed potatoes, and buttered asparagus,” he’d announced when she’d asked what was cooking. “Kind of traditional, I guess.”

Khloe had thought it was quite a few notches up from what she’d have called “traditional.” Her mom’s mashed potatoes had never had quite such an array of spices and other goodies in them.

She could tell he was nervous, though. When dinner was finally ready and on the table, he had picked at his food and seemed to have barely eaten anything, much to Khloe’s chagrin. “What, you made all this for me and none for yourself?” she kidded him.

He blushed, and ate a bit more, but she knew that what he consumed was nowhere near what he could have – and should have – put away.

Now she looked at him, sitting across the varnished wooden table, pushing his food around on his plate. He’d definitely gained weight since the first time she’d seen him: she could tell because tonight he was wearing the same khaki cargo pants he’d worn when he came in for his first haircut, they were no longer baggy. She’d shamelessly ogled his ass as he’d been cooking, had noticed that it was wider and decidedly more grab-able than that first time she’d watched him squeeze into her chair. The khakis were definitely tighter in that area, and in his thighs.

There were subtle differences elsewhere, as well. His face was slightly fuller; those adorable cheeks rounded out more, and his double chin was a bit more pronounced. His love handle mounds looked more constrained in the fabric of his clothing, begging to be pinched. And, of course, his massive torso. The grey-blue button-down shirt he wore seemed to be having a bit of trouble containing him, as tiny slivers of his flesh occasionally glimpsed out from between the buttons, and he kept tugging at the hem to reassure himself that the soft overhang of his belly wasn’t visible.

And if I had my way, he’d just be naked, she thought simply. No covering at all… She imagined herself jumping him right here at the table…pulling him to the ground and feeding him what he’d picked at all night, undoing a button after every bite until that squishy ball of blubber was free, heavy between her hands…
Anyway! she thought, pushing those naughty images from her mind. That’s probably why he’s not eating; he knows he’s gained weight. I hope he doesn’t think it bothers me…but that’s probably exactly what he thinks. Ugh. I hate the world for ruining his self-confidence.

“Thank you so much for dinner, Garron, it was really amazing,” she told him sincerely.

“You’re welcome Khloe, I’m really glad you enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, I enjoyed it so much I can barely move,” she confessed, laughing.

“Well, the next part of the evening doesn’t require too much motion, so I think you should be okay,” he told her.

Khloe perked up. “Ooh, the next part of the evening?”

“Come on over to the couch,” he said as he rose, taking her hand. He led her into the living room, which was done in soft greys, tans, and blues in a contemporary style, and guided her to sit on the couch. He left the room for a moment and returned with two laptops. One he handed to her, the other he set in his own lap as he seated his bulk next to her.

“What is this?” she asked, curious.

“Jiggle the mouse; take it off screensaver,” he told her. “It should be loaded.”

She did as he asked, and her mouth fell open. “Oh my gosh, Garron…it’s City of Smoke II…holy crap! Are you allowed to be showing me this?”

His face lit up as he grinned at her. “Sure I am. It’s only the first two levels; they’re the only ones that are completely debugged. But most of the CGI interludes are on here, too, so that’ll give you a lot of the story.”

Khloe squealed, carefully set the laptop she was holding on his coffee table, did the same with his, and threw her arms around him. “This is so cool! And it’s so much more cool now that I know that you made it! You have to show me everything you did, and tell me all about it. I might not understand most of it, but I want to hear it anyway,” she said, squeezing his softness.

Garron was laughing as he returned her embrace. “Geez, what happened to not being able to move?”

“I’ve recovered. Your talent has revived me.”

He blushed. “So…you want to fight me? See who wins?”

“Um, of course!”

They spent the next two hours going through the game, with Garron explaining the basics of what he’d designed, pointing out secrets in the game world, and outlining the new features of the sequel. Then they watched some of the CGI’s and played against each other as the sun set, leaving the couple illuminated solely by the bluish glow of the laptop monitors. Garron, of course, won, but Khloe gave him a run for his money.

“Wow, you could beat some of the guys I work with, I think,” he told her as his character sheathed his sword and walked away from Khloe’s character’s corpse.


“Definitely. I should bring you in to work one day and let you loose on them. It would be incredibly emasculating…quality entertainment, I think. I could even videotape it and put it on YouTube.”

They both laughed as they set aside their laptops. Khloe scooted closer to him and snuggled into his chest, attempting to wrap her arms around his girth.

“Thank you for showing me that, Garron. It was really awesome, and you’re really talented.”

“Um, well, thanks.”

“See? I told you you were amazing,” she said, turning to look up at him and sticking her tongue out.

He made a bit of a face, but said nothing.

“Can I show you just how incredible I think you are?” she asked him quietly.

Garron’s brows wrinkled in confusion. “What?”

“C’mere,” she beckoned, and he leaned down to kiss her. Again, she marveled at just how excellent he was at kissing her; how every single time he did it, her legs felt weak and her pulse quickened. “Do you have any idea how good it feels when you do that?” she whispered. “How shivery you make me feel?”

Garron stayed silent in the darkening room, stroking her hair.

“Just looking at you drives me crazy, Garron…” she told him as she brushed her lips against his, tracing her tongue around the borders of his mouth while her fingers ran down his softened jaw. “And being this close to you…” she trailed off, her lips brushing his ear.

His breathing had quickened, and she could tell that he was walking a very fine edge between lust and panic. Be careful, Khloe, she told herself.

“May I touch you, Garron?” she whispered, shifting her body closer to him. “If you don’t like it, tell me to stop…but I’m having a very hard time resisting you…”

She placed her hand on his bicep and gave a little squeeze as their kisses resumed. “Is that alright?” she asked him. He nodded.

“Mmm…how about…this?” Her hand crept under his arm and around to his back, her fingers pressed deep into the layer of softness coating his shoulder blade.

“That’s…that’s okay…”

She spent a little time there before she worked up the nerve to move on to his chest. She placed her hand near the middle, atop his sternum, so as not to emphasize his roundness there. “You feel awfully good, Garron… You can touch me, too, if you’d like…”
It took him a few moments to react, but then he untangled his hands from her hair and slid them down to her small waist.

I hope he’s too far gone to be thinking about the contrast, she thought, because I am going to explode if I don’t touch his belly soon.

Khloe slowly began to slide her hand down Garron’s torso, keeping the pressure of her fingers very light in hopes of lessening the freak-out factor of what she was doing. So far, it seemed, so good: he appeared quite preoccupied, with one hand around her waist and the other back in her hair, his lips expertly dancing between her mouth and her throat. The oh-so-squishy-looking overhang of his belly called to her, and, inch by inch, her hand drifted down towards it. Finally, she could take it no longer. She sunk her fingers into his flesh – oh, there was so much of it – and shuddered with desire.

Garron bucked away from her as if her hand had been a branding iron, scorching his skin through his shirt, and crammed himself into the corner of the couch.

She let out her breath. “Garron,” she said, laying her hand on his leg in what she hoped was a comforting gesture.

“I’m sorry, Khloe… I didn’t…I mean…it’s okay, I understand, you’re…” he gulped, “you don’t have to touch me if it’s grossing you out.”

All the air left her lungs as if she’d been punched in the chest. “Whoa. Stop right there. Totally not grossed out, here. That wasn’t an ‘ick’ shiver. That was an ‘oh my, woooow, this man is the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid my paws on’ shiver.”

He looked sick, sitting there, with his fists clenched in his lap and his breath shallow. She repeated his name. “I mean it. You’re driving me crazy, here.”

His head swung from side to side. “I don’t understand you at all, Khloe.”

“What’s to understand? I’m sitting here next to a sweet, funny, intelligent, gorgeous man, and I’m finding it more than a little difficult to keep my hands off him. So relax. I wouldn’t be here, doing this, with you, if I didn’t want to be.” She leaned over and kissed him softly. “Okay?”
Garron frowned, but nodded his head slightly.

“Good.” She smiled radiantly, then eagerly moved to resume their embrace. After a few long, deliciously breathless moments, her fingers began to fiddle with the top button of his shirt. She deftly undid it, and moved down to the next one.

“Whoa,” he said, his voice muffled by her lips. “What…”

Khloe pulled away and grinned mischievously at him. “Shh,” she whispered, her finger in front of her mouth.

“Khloe, I…I don’t think…I really don’t think you want to do that,” he mumbled, his expression pained.

“Silly boy, what did I just tell you? I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t want to.” She played with the button, and, having gotten it open, reached in to trace light circles on his soft chest.

Garron was doing his best to continue kissing her as if nothing were wrong, but she could feel his distress.

Should I keep going, or should I give in? she asked herself. I think maybe I should just get it over with; get it out in the open so he can see how absolutely turned on I am by his big, squishy body…if he doesn’t freak out and think that I’m a nut job, of course. Then I’ll just be screwed.

She was at the fourth button now, and the upper curve of his enormous belly was beginning to emerge from the constrictive fabric of his shirt. Her kisses became even more enthusiastic as her fingers continued to uncover his girth. Finally, she released the last button and glanced down at the beautiful, drooping hemisphere of fat sitting in Garron’s lap. In the pale light from the laptops, she could see the faint, silvery traces of stretch marks framing his belly button, deep and dark.

Meanwhile, he seemed to have forgotten how to inhale again.

“Garron,” she breathed in his ear as she brought her touch to the pliant, smooth skin of his torso. “You’re incredibly sexy… I told you I couldn’t keep my hands off you.” Her fingers found their way underneath the softly jiggling overhang and lightly caressed his width.

“Khloe,” he mouthed, staring into her eyes, dread reflected in his own.

“I know you think that this,” she said as she gently rolled his flesh between her fingers, “is going to scare me away, but Garron…that couldn’t be further from the truth.” She kissed him again, sucking on his lower lip before she leaned back a bit. “What I told you the other night on the beach is true – it will always be true. Your body has got to be the most astonishingly hot thing I’ve ever seen.”

“But…but, Khloe…I’m…I’m huge,” he stuttered, uncomprehending.

“I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” she told him matter-of-factly, her hands squeezing gently into his belly. “I love the way you look, Garron…all of you…especially this. A nice, soft, round belly attached to such an awesome guy…well, that’s the perfect recipe for turning this girl’s ‘hot-for’ dial up to eleven.” She leaned down and placed a light kiss on his plump gut, then gazed into his eyes, telepathically begging him to believe her.

His forehead was wrinkled in deep contemplation as he returned her stare. “You…you really…” One of his eyebrows rose, and his features slowly shifted as a realization seemed to emerge. “You like my…my…fat?”

She beamed at him. “Well, Garron, I like all of you…but yeah, I like your fat. Love it, in fact. Soft is superior, in my book, the softer the better. I mean, I’ve basically been dying to feel you up since the first time I saw you.”

He continued to stare at her, blinking occasionally, wonder sweetening his features to the lightest, most innocently joyous expression Khloe had ever seen. Then he pulled her into his bulk and kissed her with renewed passion.
“I don’t know where you came from, Khloe, but you’ve got to be the most strange and wonderful person I’ve ever met.”

“Why, thank you, Garron,” she said, tickling the underside of his belly. “You already know what I think of you, but I’ll keep repeating it forever. You’re amazing…every inch of you.”
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Default Parts 9-11

Part 9


“Khlo? Omigosh, I’m so happy you picked up! It’s Sarah!”

“Sarah! Did you get a new number? I almost didn’t pick up because I didn’t recognize it.” Khloe stood up from the curb, where she’d been sitting, enjoying the weather on her break at work.

“Yeah, remember creepy Frank? Well, Julie, that bitch, gave him my number one night at the bar, and he wouldn’t leave me alone, so I had to get my number changed. Anyway, how are you? I miss you like crazy!”

“Ew, that sucks. I miss you, too! I’m doing really well, actually. How about you? How’s your job?” She began to walk back and forth on the sidewalk.

“It’s pretty great. Who ever thought I’d enjoy working for a hospital? But I really like it. Actually, my job is bringing me to your neck of the woods next week; I was hoping we could get together. I’m going to a conference at Saint John’s in Kensington; that’s close to you, right?”

“Yeah!” Khloe exclaimed. “That’s where my parents live now; it’s about fifteen miles away from me. Oh, it’ll be so great to see you! When will you be in town and where are you staying?”

“I’m staying at the Bell Tower, and I’ll be in town next Thursday through Sunday. I have stuff early on Friday morning, so maybe I could head over to your place either Friday night or Saturday and we can hang out like old times.”

“Sounds good, I can’t wait! I’ll make sure that I have off those days. So how’s Jimmy?”

“Ugh,” her college friend groaned. “Gone, is how Jimmy is. I caught him giving a waitress his number.”

“Wow, what a jerk,” Khloe said. Sarah had never had the best luck with men. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, it’s alright,” she told her breezily. “I figure I’ve gone through about a quarter of the men my age on the west coast, there are only three quarters left to sift through to find a decent one. How about you? How’s your love life?”

“I…” Khloe hesitated. “I’ve actually been seeing someone for a month now.”

Shocked silence emanated from the other end of the phone for a few seconds. “Seriously?”

“Yeah, seriously. He’s…he’s really great,” Khloe said, aware that the grin on her face would be evident in the tone of her voice.

“Aww! I’m so happy for you! I know you hadn’t really been into the whole dating thing since Rob. Tell me about him.”

Khloe went through the rough details about Garron – how they’d met, his job, his looks (though not his size – she didn’t think she needed to get into that), his brains, etc. “I know it sounds crazy, saying this after only a month, but Sarah, he’s really, really special.”

“Like, love special?”

“…yeah,” she replied, beaming.

Sarah squealed. “Aww, honey! That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to meet him! I do get to meet him, right?”

“I guess so…he’s really shy, though…” Khloe trailed off, getting nervous about what Garron would have to say about meeting her friends. Though they’d officially been “together” for almost four weeks now, neither of them had been introduced to the other’s social circles. They had been enjoying their own little bubble of bliss, and she was reluctant to break it, mostly for fear of making her substantial darling uncomfortable.

“Well, I really hope I get to meet him. Aw, crap, this is work on the other line, I have to go. But I’ll give you a call on Wednesday, okay?”

“Alright, Sarah, sounds good. See you soon!”


Part 10

“Where did you say you got this pizza?” Garron asked around a mouthful of food.

It was later that same evening, and the couple was lounging on Khloe’s couch, watching television and eating pizza. She looked up at him, trying to hide a pleased smile. “Rosanna’s,” she told him. “It’s a tiny little place on Rue Street. I grew up eating there. The owners are from Italy.”

“Wow,” he said. “This is the best pizza I’ve had in a long time.” He happily demolished the rest of his slice and grabbed another. “So how was work today?”

“It was pretty good; I made good tips today. Oh, and my friend Sarah, from college, called me. She’s going to be in town next weekend and she wants to hang out.”

“That’s cool. Where does she live?” Garron asked, still munching away.

“She lives about three hours inland. I haven’t seen her in about a year, I think.” She hesitated a bit before continuing, watching his chubby cheeks shake as he chewed. It wasn’t often that she saw him really let loose and enjoy his food lately. Despite her continued assurances that she found him extremely sexy, he still seemed to be trying to lose weight. “She’s really excited to meet you.”

He stopped chewing. “Oh… Don’t…don’t you want to spend time with her, just the two of you?”

“Well, yeah, but I want to show you off, too,” she told him, wrapping her arms around his thick bicep.

“Show me off?” he asked, gazing at her with a combination of sadness and amusement in his blue eyes.

“Yes, show off the brilliant, sexy, sweet man I somehow managed to catch.” She planted a light kiss on his cheek.

His cheeks reddened. He really wasn’t getting any better at accepting compliments. “Khloe, I just…I don’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends,” he confessed, looking away.

That stung. “Garron, there’s no way you could embarrass me in front of my friends. You haven’t even met my friends – believe me, if anyone will be doing any embarrassing, it will be them telling you awful stories about me from college. Why on earth would you think that?”

He simply gestured at his belly.

“Oh, I see,” she said, covering up how hurt she was with sarcasm, “your being hotter than any human being has a right to be could totally be a source of embarrassment to me, since I can’t keep my hands off you. Well, sweetie, I’ll do my best to restrain myself.” She smiled and gave his middle a little pinch.
Garron just gave her a look.

Khloe sighed. “Look, Garron. The guy I dated in college – Rob – was six foot four and weighed about three-forty. All my friends met him, and nothing about the situation ever once caused me any embarrassment.”
He frowned.

She snuggled into his shoulder. “I think you’re gorgeous, Garron, and I don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks. Nothing that anyone else does or says would ever make me think anything different. Okay?”

“Sure,” he mumbled.

“So how was your day?” she changed the subject.

He instantly brightened. “It was really good,” he told her. “We just finished debugging level eight, and a couple of us battled it out.”

“And you won?”

He gave her a lopsided grin. “Yeah, I did.”

I just can’t resist that smile, she thought to herself, and threw her arms around him. “Good for you! So you’re back on track, then? No more release delay?”

“Yeah, if we keep up with the debugging. We only have levels fourteen, nineteen, and twenty-one left, and so far they haven’t been too problematic.”

“That’s awesome. I think we should celebrate…” She brushed her lips against his, and he took the hint and kissed her tenderly, then with more force.

“Mmm…” he sighed. “You’re incredible, Khloe. I’m still not sure how I managed to end up with you, but I’m grateful for my luck.”

“I’m the lucky one, Garron.”

Part 11

The next day, the forecast called for clear skies and temperatures high in the eighties, so the couple decided to go to the beach. Since Khloe’s house was slightly closer, Garron showed up at her door around ten-thirty in the morning, carrying an umbrella and a beach towel and clad in a white t-shirt that looked a bit too tight and navy blue board shorts.

Yummy! she thought excitedly. I’d love to get him out of that. So far, they’d been taking the physical aspect of their relationship fairly slow, since she had a feeling that he was pretty inexperienced. Either that, or he was more of a gentleman than any other guy she’d ever dated.

But she wasn’t sure how much longer she was going to be able to hold back. She’d only managed to get him to take his shirt off – and it hadn’t even been completely off, just unbuttoned – that one time, and it was driving her crazy. After that, he’d caught on and had stopped wearing button-down shirts. Sure, it was fun to squeeze him through his shirts, and to occasionally sneak her hand underneath, but nowhere near as fun as if she’d been able to see his delicious body.

“Hey, sexy,” she greeted him, grinning salaciously.

He blushed and said, “Hey, Khloe. I found my umbrella,” he said, holding it up. His usual method for dealing with compliments on his appearance was to ignore them.

“Good! Mine is broken and I can’t figure out how to fix it.” She beckoned him inside. “I do have beach chairs, though,” she told him, pointing at the two striped chairs leaning against the wall, “and a big cooler.”

She saw discomfort storm across his face. “I…I really don’t need a chair,” he told her. “I don’t want to break your stuff.”

Khloe took a second look at her chairs and realized that he might not even fit in them, let alone have his bulk be supported by them. “I have a big beach blanket, too,” she continued, “so that way we can lay down or sit. I think I like the blanket idea better, anyway.” She reached her arms around Garron, pressing her body into his glorious softness while squeezing handfuls of his behind.

His cheeks turned a bit pink, but he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, his hands timidly finding her own backside.

“Or,” she whispered, “we could just stay in bed all day…”

She felt the hesitation in his posture. She was fairly sure that he wanted to do those things with her, but he was simply too shy to initiate it. Perhaps later this evening I can change that…

“But it’s so beautiful outside, I’d hate to waste the daylight indoors. So, I have the cooler all packed, but now it’s ridiculously heavy. Can you take it, and I’ll get the umbrella and the blanket?”

“Uh, sure,” he agreed.

Ten minutes later, they were setting up their spot on the beach. It was pretty crowded for late May, but they’d managed to find a good spot close to the water. Khloe saw beads of sweat rolling down Garron’s face, and began plotting.

“Geez, what did you put in here, fifty pounds of ice?” he joked.

“No, twenty-five…the other twenty-five is food,” she cracked.

“Ha ha,” he rolled his eyes, grinning.

Ah, he didn’t take that as something to be embarrassed about, she thought deviously. Maybe today I’ll get him out of that shirt. After the umbrella had been put up and the blanket had been spread out, they were both sweating. “Ugh, I’m so hot now. Let’s get in the water,” she suggested.

“Okay,” he answered, amiably enough.

Khloe took her time removing her shorts and t-shirt, hoping that the sight of her near-nakedness would plant some suggestions in her boyfriend’s mind for later. Sure enough, he was gazing at her hungrily by the time she’d stripped down to her black halter bikini, almost licking his lips. She grinned.

“Could you put some sunscreen on my back, please?” she asked him in an innocent tone.

“Uh-huh…” Garron quickly grabbed the bottle out of the beach bag and squirted some on his fingers, then slowly rubbed it all over her back.

Khloe nearly shuddered at how gentle and yet erotic his touch felt, but managed to contain her excitement by telling herself she’d be able to release it later. When he’d finished, she turned around, thanked him, and said, “Okay, your turn.”

He looked at her stupidly. “I don’t need any,” he told her, as if it should have been obvious.

“Yes, you do. You’ll get burnt.”

“Not through my shirt.”

Khloe’s optimism plummeted. “You’re leaving your shirt on?” she almost whined.

“Well…yeah.” His face twisted a bit with confusion. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because a cotton t-shirt only gives you the protection of SPF 15, and none at all once it’s wet...”

“I’ve never gotten burnt before wearing a t-shirt.”

“…and because…because I want you to take your shirt off,” she finished, somewhat desperately.

He squeezed his eyes shut. “There are a lot of people here, Khloe.”

“And do you see anyone you know?”

He gazed around. “Well, no…”

“So then what does it matter?” she asked him gently.

“I…I just can’t.”

“Oh, yes you can,” she corrected, pouting, “you just won’t.”

“Khloe,” he began, looking pained.

She sighed. “It’s alright, Garron. I understand. I just really wish you realized how gorgeous you are.”

“It doesn’t matter what you or I think when everyone else is staring and pointing at me,” he muttered so quietly that Khloe almost didn’t hear.

She reached over and took his hand. “Someday, you’ve got to stop caring what other people think,” she told him tenderly. “Now, shirt or no shirt, let’s get in the water, because I’m starting to think that I’m close to my combustion point.”

They played in the water for a long time, splashing and dunking each other, with Garron picking Khloe up like a feather and tossing her into the surf. It was at least two hours later when Khloe heard her rotund companion’s stomach growling, and suggested that they get out for a while to reapply sunscreen and have lunch. She was also quite anxious to see the way his t-shirt would stick to his body now that it was wet.

She was not disappointed. Even though Garron did his best to pull the clingy fabric away from his undulating flesh, the rolling shape of his torso was quite apparent. She kept glancing over at him as they walked back to their spot, unable to keep her eyes from the jiggles rippling over his surface. He caught her looking, and gave her a smile that was three parts appreciation and one part embarrassment. He had, of course, been checking her out, as well.

When they were wrapped in towels and seated on the beach blanket, Khloe began to unpack the cooler. She’d probably went way overboard with the amount of food she’d prepared, but she hoped Garron would eat most of it.

“I wasn’t sure what we’d be in the mood for, so I brought a few subs, some pasta salad, some fried chicken, fruit salad, and a chocolate raspberry pie, and water and soda to drink. So what do you feel like?”

Garron was gaping at the contents of the cooler. “No wonder it was so heavy,” he said, a split second later cringing at his choice of words. “I don’t know, I’m not too hungry.”

Khloe looked at him, her eyebrows raised. “Don’t be a fibber. Here, start with a sub and some pasta salad.” She handed him a foil-wrapped sub, the entire container of pasta salad, and a fork. “Oh, here, have some water, too.”

She was able to keep him distracted with conversation enough that he didn’t notice her giving him more food. When he finally peered in the cooler twenty minutes later to see nothing but drinks, a few pieces of fruit salad, and half the pie left, he sighed.

“You…you like feeding me, don’t you.” It was more a statement than a question.

Khloe blushed. “I…I like to see you enjoy yourself,” she told him. “Food should be enjoyed, not restricted or hated.”

“But if…” he stopped, sighed, and shook his head. “I enjoy it probably too much for my own good.”

She brushed his cheek with her fingers, and told him, “I enjoy you so much that you’re all I think about, but I don’t think that’s too much for my own good.”

Garron smiled back at her, that sweet crooked grin. “I enjoy you, too, but you’ve been nothing but good for me.”

The couple lounged in a loose embrace under the shade of the blue and yellow umbrella, talking and kissing, for a while. The waves crashing against the shore lulled them into a comfortable half-sleep, Garron on his back with one arm under his head and the other hand stroking Khloe’s hair, and Khloe using his soft chest as a pillow and drifting her fingers across his belly. Khloe had no idea how long they’d been there when a voice interrupted their reverie.

“Dough Boy?” the voice said incredulously.

Garron flinched, quickly sitting up and disrupting Khloe’s comfort. Two guys were standing in front of their blanket. They both appeared to be in their mid-twenties, a skinny one with black hair and a hoop in his lip, and a muscular guy with brown hair and freckles.

“Is that really you, Dough Boy?” the muscle-y guy spoke again.

“Hey, Aidan, Kyan. Yeah, it’s me, Garron.”

“Dude, we didn’t think you went outside!” the one with black hair, Kyan, exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“Um, I’m just here with my girlfriend… Guys, this is Khloe,” he said, gesturing to her. “Khloe, Aidan and Kyan. We work together.”

They both stared at her in shock, then looked back to Garron, then back to Khloe. She looked intently at them, wondering what the cause for surprise was.
“Hi, nice to meet you,” she said.

“This…is your girlfriend?” Aidan asked, sounding as if the words were foreign objects in his mouth.

“Yeah, this is my girlfriend,” Garron answered, a small smirk playing across his lips.

“What’s going on?” Khloe discreetly whispered in Garron’s ear.

“They thought I was making you up,” he replied quietly.

Her anger exploded quietly in her chest, and she instantly decided that she was going to show these guys that there was no doubting the fact that not only was she really and truly Garron’s girlfriend, but also that she found him incredibly hot. She let her fingers squeeze a handful of his belly and gave him a quick but fierce kiss on the lips, letting out a slight moan of pleasure. When she pulled away, she grinned at Garron and gave him a wink, then turned her innocent gaze back to his co-workers.

Their stunned expressions were priceless. “Wow,” Kyan whispered.

“Um…well…good seeing you, Dough Boy. Guess we’ll see you on Monday,” Aidan said as they began walking off.

Garron just shook his head at their backs.

“Wow, they’re jerks,” Khloe stated. “They thought you were making me up? Why on earth would you make me up?”

Garron laid back down in the shade. “Because in the real world, there’s no way a gorgeous girl like you would be caught dead with a fat guy like me. I’m still trying to figure out which alternate reality I’m in.”

“A guy like you got a girl like me, remember? There are no flying pigs and the sky isn’t green or anything, so I’m pretty sure we’re in regular old reality. Why do you let them call you that?” she asked irritably as she snuggled to him again.

He sighed. “It’s not like it’s inaccurate. And it’s just easier. I get less crap from people if I just go along with what they do throw at me like it’s not a big deal. It isn’t a big deal, really.”

“You’re telling me it doesn’t bother you, even a little?”

He was silent for a while. “No, that’s not what I’m telling you.”

She squeezed her arms around him in a hug, wishing that somehow everything didn’t have to be so complicated.
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Default Part 12

Part 12

“Sarah!” Khloe squealed as her friend climbed out of her black sedan.

“Khlo, I missed you so much!” Sarah exclaimed, throwing her arms around Khloe in the parking lot of the bar they’d decided to meet at.

“Oh my gosh, have you grown since I’ve last seen you?” Khloe joked. “I don’t remember being quite this short next to you.”

Sarah giggled and stuck out her foot to display three inch designer heels. “I just came from my meeting, silly. In my world, the taller you are, the more people listen to you, so I can never be too tall.”

“Ugh, well, when you step out of your cutthroat medical society, try to remember your little friends, okay?”

“Aww, poor, itty-bitty Khloe,” Sarah said, patting Khloe’s head and grinning.

“Oh, be quiet. So how’s your trip been so far? How are your meetings going?” she asked as they slowly walked through the damp parking lot to the bar’s entrance. The past few days had been rainy and cold, but the downpours had finally tapered off to a fine mist that glimmered in the streetlights.

“Well, this crappy rain made the drive not very much fun, the hotel room they put me in has a broken thermostat, and the meetings have been incredibly boring and don’t promise to become much more intriguing. But now the rain has stopped, the meetings are over, and I’m here with my best friend and…her boyfriend?” Sarah finished hopefully.

“That really sucks about your room. Geez, you’d think they’d be kissing your ass, with it being such a nice hotel and all.”

“Well, they’ve given me a voucher for a free weekend, and said that they’d have somebody in there fixing it while I was gone today, so, whatever.” She shrugged as they ducked inside. “I’m only going to be there one more night, since I’m staying at your place tonight. But you totally dodged my question. Boyfriend? Is he here?”

“Not yet…” Khloe began hesitantly. “He has some work stuff going on tonight, but he said he’d stop by around ten for a little while. He actually has to go in to work tomorrow to get some stuff ironed out in time for a conference where they’re previewing the game he’s working on, so he won’t be able to stay for long.”

“Aww,” Sarah pouted as they got a table. “Well, I’m still really excited to meet the man who made Khloe settle down and get all mushy,” she teased, grinning mischievously.

“They wanted him to go to the conference, actually…but he didn’t want to. I’m kind of glad, because if he went, he’d be gone for a week…but I think it would have been really cool for him to go.”

“Why didn’t he want to go?”

“Well…he’s really shy...”

Sarah looked surprised. “Wow, I remember you telling me he was shy, but shy enough to not go to one of those conference things? I’ve heard from various boyfriends over the years that they’re really awesome. Not my thing, of course, but still.”

They paused their conversation to order drinks from the waitress, then Khloe responded. “I think he would have had to talk in front of a lot of people, he’s just not equipped to deal with that. If they’d have asked him to do a phone conference or something, he would have done it…but he can’t get up in front of people and give a speech or anything.”

Sarah nodded. “That’s understandable. I still freak out sometimes when I have to be the head of a meeting. Everybody staring at you…ugh, heebie jeebies.”

“Yeah, definitely…” She trailed off, her thoughts drifting to her large boyfriend. Should I tell Sarah how big he is? She’s definitely seen the kind of guys I dated in college…but Garron is definitely bigger… Ugh, but I shouldn’t have to tell her…should I?

“Hey, where’d you go?” Sarah asked, waving her hand in front of Khloe’s face.

“Oh, sorry, my brain just wandered off. All the chemicals, y’know,” she replied, taking a sip of her drink.

“Oh, geez, you’re pining away for him, aren’t you? Tough chick Khloe’s turned into a distressed damsel,” Sarah stated in a breathy voice, throwing her hand across her forehead.

“Oh, shush!” Khloe laughed. “So, tell me what’s been going on with you. Any prospects at your conference?”

They easily fell back into the kind of chatter they’d enjoyed in college, enthusiastically sharing stories about work, family, and mutual friends – who’d gotten jobs, moved away, gotten married, knocked up, or put in rehab. When ten o’clock came and went, Khloe started to get nervous. She knew that Garron was apprehensive about meeting Sarah, and was genuinely starting to worry that he might not even show up.

“So where’s your loverboy? It’s quarter after ten,” Sarah reminded her.

“Yeah…he’s probably on his way. Let me send him a quick text.” Khloe pulled out her phone and punched out, “Hey, are you still coming?” and hit “send.”

A few seconds later, her phone beeped.

“Holy crap, he’s a fast texter,” Sarah noted.

“Well, he does type a lot…” Khloe said as she opened her phone.

The message read, “I’m in the parking lot. Are you sure about this?”

She cringed inwardly. He really was anxious. She typed back, “I’m sure, Garron. Sarah will really like you, I think you’ll like her, too. Come on in, we’re in the back left corner.”

“Oh, no,” she exclaimed, glancing down at the booth they were seated at.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked, looking concerned.

“I just…um…” she looked around the bar for other seating options, but the place was packed – not one empty table.

“Khloe? Is everything alright?”

“It’s just…he’s outside…we’re at a booth…”

Sarah gave her a confused look. “Uh, okay?”

“Look, Sarah…Garron’s a…a pretty…” But just then she saw him duck inside the crowded entrance, his shaggy head down as he tried to squeeze around the groups of people scattered about the bar. Her heart leapt when she saw him – it generally did every time she saw him after being away from him for more than a few minutes – and a grin broke out across her face.

Sarah laughed at her. “Oh, wow, girl, you’ve got it bad. Where is he?” She turned around to scan the crowd.

“In the blue shirt,” Khloe said simply.

Her friend turned back to her, and, to her credit, her expression was only mildly shocked. “The royal blue shirt?”


“Oh,” she replied, then looked down at their seating arrangements. “Oh! Um, we can go stand at the bar…”

But by that time, Garron had spotted them. She saw him stop for a moment as he realized that they were at a booth, his jaw tightening slightly as he started walking again.

She bounded out of the seat and threw her arms around him. “I’m so sorry, Garron, we can get another table or stand at the bar…” she whispered in his ear, squeezing his soft sides.

He gave her a sad little smile. “It’s okay. Nothing else is open. I’ll suck it in.”

“I’m really sorry…”

“It’s alright, Khlo. Not every place in the world is equipped to deal with me.”

They released each other and turned back to Sarah. “Sarah, this is Garron, Garron, this is Sarah.”

Sarah stood and shook Garron’s hand, smiling cheerfully. “So this is the man Khloe can’t stop gushing about. Pleasure to meet you Garron.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Sarah. Khloe’s told me a lot about you,” he replied quietly but seemingly without too much terror.

But her sizeable sweetheart’s smile became noticeably strained as Khloe and Sarah sat back down and he had to consider how to stuff himself into a space that was quite obviously too small for him. He ended up sucking his round belly in and sort of pushing it in with one hand as he scooted into the booth, his face growing more and more red as he worked. Finally he was sitting, but quite uncomfortably: his middle was cut in half by the table, leaving a roll of fat sitting on top of it and a bigger roll hanging down into his lap, and quite a bit of his bottom was hanging off the seat into the aisle. He stared down at the table, Khloe could see him swallowing hard.

“You can move over more,” she whispered, even though only a scant few inches were left for his bulk to fill.

“I’ll crush you,” he said shortly.

“Nonsense. Move over.” She scooted as far into the corner as she possibly could, and he managed to gain a bit more space. But he still looked extremely miserable. She felt horrible for feeling so turned on watching his gut shift and jiggle as he moved, but all she could think about was ripping his shirt off later and kissing every inch of him.

Thankfully, Sarah had been playing oblivious to the whole situation, stirring the ice left in her drink and looking around the bar as they got situated. “Finally!” she exclaimed, flagging down a waitress. “I know I’m ready for another one, how ‘bout you guys?”

“Sounds good,” Garron muttered.

“So tell me, Garron: how did you meet our crazy Khloe here?” Sarah asked.

He seemed to loosen up as the conversation progressed, enough so that he was able to ask Sarah a few questions as well as respond to hers. He even chuckled at some stories Sarah told him about ridiculous things Khloe had done in college, and Khloe was too grateful to her friend for trying to bring Garron out of his shell to even be embarrassed much. But three beers (light beers, she was disappointed to see) and an hour and a half later, he said he needed to go.

“I have to be up around six tomorrow to get everything ready before the guys leave; I’d better get going.”

“Aww, well, I’m sad to see you go, but it was great to meet you, Garron. You most definitely have my approval as an acceptable mate for little Khloe,” she stated, grinning. “I’m glad she’s finally found herself such a great guy.”

Garron blushed. “Uh, thanks. It was nice to meet you Sarah.” He slid himself out of the booth with some effort, wincing painfully as his belly bounced free.

Khloe followed him and stood, enfolding him in a hug again. “Call me when you’re done tomorrow?”

“Sure,” he replied. “I should be out of there by seven.”

“Sounds good; Sarah has to head out by then, so maybe we can do something later. Crashing with takeout and a movie sounds pretty good to me, unless you have any better ideas.”

“Nah, that sounds good to me, too…” He gave her another sad little smile. “Sorry about this, Khlo.”

“Sorry for what?”

“The…the booth.”

“Don’t you dare apologize for that,” she told him sternly. “It’s not your fault.”

“Sure,” he responded, but she could tell he didn’t believe her. “Okay, well, I’ll see you tomorrow, then. Sweet dreams, Khlo.” Then, louder, “Nice to meet you, Sarah.”

“You, too Garron, good luck tomorrow, take good care of Khloe.”

“I will.” He smiled at her, then at Khloe, and turned to make his way out.

Khloe slid back into the seat and took a gulp of her drink, not really looking at her friend. She was upset with herself for not having thought about their seating, and guilty for making him embarrassed because of it.

“You always did like ‘em chubby, didn’t you?” Sarah pondered out loud.

She peered up at her, not sure of what to say.
Sarah shrugged, stirring her drink again. “He’s really cute, Khloe, and seems like a great guy. Definitely shy, like you said, but I guess that’s sort of to be expected …” she trailed off.

“Look, I know –“ she started.

Sarah cut her off, holding up her hand. “Khlo, you don’t have to explain yourself to me,” she said with a smile. “It was kind of obvious that you liked big guys from the time I met that Quinn dude you were seeing freshman year. It’s totally okay. I don’t think you’re weird for it. My mom has a thing for bald men. I apparently have a thing for scumbags. You like fat guys. Everybody’s got to get some lovin’ from somebody. What matters is that he’s a good guy who treats you right, and that you’re happy. And it’s pretty obvious that you’re disgustingly happy, so I’m happy for you.”

Khloe smiled, letting out a sigh of relief she didn’t know she’d been holding. She hadn’t really been worried that Sarah would disapprove of her dating such a large guy, but still…she was her best friend and she valued her opinion. “Thanks, Sarah. And yes, I’m really, really happy.”
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Default Part 13

Part 13

“You’re awfully quiet,” Khloe commented somewhat tentatively as she wiggled her feet in Garron’s lap. It was Saturday night and the pair was seated on Khloe’s couch. She glanced at the food they’d ordered with some disappoint-ment: he’d barely touched his. “Did everything go alright at work today?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, work was fine. We got everything finished. Aiden and Riley are leaving tomorrow for the conference, and everything looks good.” He continued staring at the TV. An annoying actor was preaching the wonders of a hot new diet on an infomercial, detailing how it had helped him drop forty pounds of “disgusting fat” and restart his ailing career.

“That’s good, I’m glad you got everything taken care of. Is…is everything else alright?” She pressed the button on the remote to change the channel.

He glanced over at her with a little smile. “Yeah, Khlo, everything’s fine…I guess I’m just a little nervous about going to see my family tomorrow.”

It was Memorial Day weekend, and the pair were invited to picnics at both Garron’s and Khloe’s parents’ homes. Sunday was the day they’d make the drive up the coast to his parents’ house, and later on Monday they’d head to Khloe’s. She was slightly apprehensive about meeting his parents, which was a sure sign she had totally fallen for him – she really wanted their approval. But Garron seemed more nervous than was necessary, for just going to see his own family.

“Why are you nervous? Should I be more nervous?”

“Oh, no, don’t worry Khlo, they’ll love you. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

He blushed, his gaze falling on Marshmallow over in the corner attempting to capture his own tail. “It’s just been a while since they’ve seen me…I skipped out on a few family gatherings…and…I’ve, uh…I was…smaller…the last time they saw me. The last time they saw me, I probably would have been small enough to fit into that booth last night, at least,” he finished with a trace of bitterness.

“Oh…” she replied. “Do they really…care that much?” He shrugged.

She sat up and snuggled her way under his arm, wrapping her arms around his belly. “Garron, you’re one of the lead designers on a huge video game, you’re making tons of money, you’re living at the beach, you have a girlfriend who is absolutely crazy about you…any parent would be proud to have you as their son. You are an amazing guy.”

He looked down at her, shaking his head as the corners of his mouth turned up. “You…what am I going to do with you?”

She gave him a wicked grin. “You’re going to make out with me.”
He laughed, but complied.


Her distractions only worked so well, however. They left relatively early the next morning so they could arrive by eleven and spend most of the day with his family. As they got closer, Khloe could see Garron’s round face grow heavier with worry. Finally, they arrived, and Garron just sat in the driver’s seat for a few moments, staring out the windshield, after he parked the car.

Khloe grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “It’ll be okay, Garron. I’m excited to meet them.”

He gave her a weak smile, kissed her, and hefted himself out of the car. She followed him to the back of the house, a nice newer home with a driveway and what looked like a big backyard, and saw picnic tables under a tent, a barbeque, and a slip n’ slide. There were a lot more people there than she’d expected.

“Wow, there are a lot of people here,” she remarked.

“Yeah…it’s extended family,” he replied shortly.

Just then, a tall, slender woman in her late forties spotted them. “Oh, Garron’s here!” she exclaimed, and made her way over to them. “Hello, darling,” she said as she embraced him. “Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you! And who is this stunning creature?”

“Hi, Aunt Patty. This is my girlfriend, Khloe. Khloe, this is my Aunt Patty…my mom’s sister.”

“Very nice to meet you, Patty,” Khloe said, extending her hand, but the woman pulled her into a hug.

“My pleasure! I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Garron, when did this happen?”

“Uh, I guess it’s been almost two months now,” he replied.

“Oh, I’m so happy for you, dear!” She smiled brightly. “Well, here I am, keeping you standing here, come on over, everyone will be thrilled to see you both.”

“See? Nothing to worry about,” Khloe reassured him under her breath.

“You haven’t met the rest of them yet,” he retorted.

“Everyone!” Patty called to the crowd milling about. “Garron’s here!”

Then she witnessed what Garron had been worried about. Everyone turned to look at them, while there were smiles, some of the faces held expressions of indifference or even slight disgust. Several people called out greetings as another woman approached them.

“Hi, Mom,” Garron said.

“Hello, Garron.” She was tall like her sister, also slender. She was an attractive woman, with shoulder-length blonde hair and full lips, but that pretty mouth was pursed in disdain. She hugged him stiffly, appearing to be trying her hardest not to sink into her son’s considerable belly.

“Mom, this is Khloe…who I told you about.”

“Ah, yes,” his mother said, giving Khloe the once-over. “You’re quite beautiful, Khloe. Pleasure to meet you.” Unlike her sister, she simply extended her hand, which Khloe shook.

“It’s very nice to meet you, too, Mrs. Riese, and thank you. Thank you for inviting me, also.”

“Oh, no trouble at all. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if he’d actually be bringing someone…but here you are.”

Khloe blinked.

“Well, there’s plenty of food…Garron, the veggie tray and the fat-free pasta salad are down on the second table, on the right. Your father and your brothers and sister are around here somewhere.” She turned and went back to mingling.

“Uh, what was that about?” Khloe asked him. He simply shook his head.

He introduced her to members of his extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins…so many people she couldn’t possibly remember all their names. Most of them were nice enough, though some of them didn’t look very happy to see him. Then they came across his father, playing horseshoes in the back of the yard with a group of men.

“Hey, Dad,” Garron called through the clanging of metal. The man turned around, and Khloe was struck by how much they looked alike…rather, how much they would look alike if Garron dropped about two hundred pounds. They were both tall and had the same fine, silky hair, though Mr. Riese’s was much shorter, the same tanned skin, the same ocean eyes and sweet faces, but he was quite a bit thinner than his son.

“Hey, kiddo,” his dad called, dropping the horseshoes he held in his hand giving Garron a hug and a clap on the back. “Good to see you. A bit more of you than I remember, but what can you do?” he remarked, giving Garron’s middle a light slap, sending jiggles across his torso.

Garron’s face turned bright red, but Khloe certainly didn’t mind seeing her boyfriend’s abundant flesh shake like that. He introduced her, and Mr. Riese greeted her warmly.

“Pleased to meet you, Khloe. I hope my darling family hasn’t been too hard on you.” He gave her a wink.

“Oh, no, not at all,” she said, smiling. Although I’ve been getting some strange looks, she thought.

“Good! Have you introduced her to your siblings yet?”

“Uh, no, I haven’t seen them, actually…”

“Well, Jim is right over there,” Mr. Riese said, pointing down at the other end of the yard. “Laurie’s inside with your cousin Kiki’s baby, and I think Kevin ran to the store for some more hot dog buns. Why don’t you kids get something to eat? I’m sure you’ll find them soon enough.”

“Okay, Dad, sounds good.”

“You’ll have to play a round of horseshoes with me later!” he called after them.

“He’s nice,” Khloe said encouragingly.

“Yeah…” Garron agreed with her.

“Hey, lardass,” a deep voice sounded from behind them. She saw Garron tense up as he stopped and turned around.

“Hey, Jim,” he replied half-heartedly.

Garron’s older brother resembled his mother, with blonde hair, full lips, and a lanky form. He’d only said two words, and already Khloe didn’t like him.
“I see you’re fatter. Big surprise there.”

Garron said nothing.

Jim shook his head. “How much is he paying you?” he asked Khloe.

She blinked at him. “Excuse me?”

“How much is he paying you to come here and pretend to be his girlfriend? We all know how upset he gets when Mom nags him about not being able to find a girl ‘cause he’s so huge. There’s no way you’re actually his girlfriend.”

“As a matter of fact, I am his girlfriend, and he’s definitely not paying me to be here, you’d do well to stop insulting us both,” she retorted, her voice deepening with anger. Jim just laughed and walked away.

Garron sighed. “We should leave.”

“No, Garron, it’s okay…don’t worry about him. He’s an asshole, but the rest of your family seems nice. Your dad is really nice…”

“He is…” Garron shook his head. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I’m famished. Let’s go get something to eat.” She grabbed his hand as they set off toward the food. But Garron followed his mother’s not-so-subtle suggestion. He put some vegetables on his plate, a little bit of pasta salad, and got himself a bottle of water.

“Are you going to have a burger or a hot dog?” she asked him gently.

She didn’t push it.

He did cheer up a bit when his brother Kevin returned. Kevin seemed to be a balance between the looks of both his parents, with his mother’s light hair and his father’s features. He, too, was quite tall and thin, so Khloe was beginning to realize the implications of being the only fat member of such a thin, attractive family. But Kevin seemed genuinely happy to see Garron, the three of them talked for a bit as they ate.

Kevin got up to play a game of football with some of the kids, leaving Garron and Khloe alone. “Things are going much better, Garron. Kevin’s a cool guy.”

He seemed more relaxed as he replied. “Yeah, he and I are pretty close, I guess. He’s a doctor up here.”

“Oh, wow. What do Laurie and Jim do?”

“Well, Jim’s a lawyer, and Laurie’s a college professor.”

“Geez, all of you are so successful. What did they put in your milk when you were kids?” she asked, playfully poking his side. He laughed half-heartedly, flinching a bit when her finger sunk into his fat.

She frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just full, I guess.”

She stared incredulously at his plate. He’d barely eaten any of the little food he’d taken. “Full?”


Something’s coming, she worried. Something not good.

They sat there quietly, mostly by themselves, for the next hour or so. Then a carbon copy of Garron’s mother approached them. “Hi, little-big brother,” she said, smirking a bit.

“Hey, Laurie, how are you?”

“I’m quite well, just got the baby down for his nap. How’ve you been?” She, too, looked him up and down, appraising his round form but saying nothing.

“Uh, good…really good. Laurie, this is my girlfriend, Khloe. Khloe, this is my sister, Laurie.”

They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, then Khloe piped up, “Hey, would you excuse me? I have to use the bathroom…”

“Sure. I’ll show you where it is,” Garron said.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll take her,” Laurie offered.

“Thank you very much,” Khloe said as she followed Laurie through the back door and into the house.

“So how long have you two been together?” Laurie asked her.

“Almost two months now.”

“And how did you meet?”

“I’m actually a hair stylist, and he came into my salon a few times.”

“Ah,” Laurie said thoughtfully, biting her pouty lower lip. “Here’s the bathroom.”

“Thanks again, it’s been a while since I’ve had access to one of these,” Khloe remarked. “It’s a bit of a drive.”

Laurie laughed. “No problem.”

Khloe used the bathroom, washed her hands, and was surprised to see that Laurie was waiting for her when she emerged.

“Look, I’ll be straight,” Laurie said. “What are you doing with my brother?”

“Excuse me?”

“Why on earth is a gorgeous girl like you with a big fat oaf like my brother? He’s a sweet guy, and he’s smart, but let’s face it: he’s not attractive. You could have any guy you wanted, but you’re with Garron. Is this some kind of game for you? String the fat guy along and break his heart? My mom, my brother and the rest of the world are hard enough on him without you adding to it.”

Khloe stood there with her mouth open for a few moments before she was capable of a response. “I…no, that’s not what this is. Not at all. I am genuinely interested in him; I really, really like him a lot. And I think he’s adorable.”

Laurie snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“I mean it. He’s an amazing person. I would never want to hurt him.”

She shook her head. “Right,” she said, and walked away.
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Default Part 14 - 15

Part 14

Khloe exited the house a few moments later, after some attempts at deep breathing to keep her cool. But any semblance of calm disappeared when she saw Jim sitting next to Garron, poking him in the belly and laughing. Just then Garron looked up, saw her gaping at them, and she could see something inside him break. He stood up from the table and came towards her.

“We’re leaving now,” he said.

“Good,” she muttered darkly, following him around the side of the house.

They got into his car and Garron backed out of the driveway a bit faster than he should have, shooting out of the cul de sac. They drove in silence until they were almost home before Garron spoke.

“Khloe…” he said, staring out at the road. “Why…why are you with me?”

She stared at him. “What?”

“Why are you with me?”

“You don’t mean why am I here, with you, in this car right now.”


“You mean why am I your girlfriend.”


“You really need to ask that question?”

He exploded. “Yeah, I do. You’re beautiful and amazing and perfect, you could have anyone you want – anyone – but you hang around with me, a morbidly obese video game designer who’s too scared to even talk half the time, who’s only going to get fatter and never do anything with his life. What are you doing?”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about, because the Garron I know is a sweet, funny, intelligent, talented, caring, incredibly sexy man who treats me better than I’ve ever been treated,” she said hotly, tears collecting in her eyes.

“No, Khloe, just…no. I care about you a lot…I care about you too much to see you waste your time with a loser like me. You can do a lot better.”

“Waste my time? You think I’m wasting my time with you?” she asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I do. My whole family knows it, all my friends do, everyone does. I don’t see how you don’t.”

“For deity’s sake, Garron, stop caring what everyone else thinks! Just stop! I don’t care what anyone else thinks about you, I care what I think about you, and what you think about you. That’s all that matters.”

“That’s pretty easy for you to do, Khloe, because you’re not a freaking whale. You don’t have to worry about fitting into booths in restaurants and about people yelling at you when you walk down the street. You don’t have to starve yourself just to stop gaining weight. You know that’s why I haven’t been eating, right? There’s no hope of me losing weight anymore, all I can do is try to not gain. Would you really want to be stuck with a four hundred pound blob?” He was gripping the steering wheel so tightly she could see dents in the rubber as he pulled up in front of her little house.

“Garron,” she said, “I don’t know how else to explain it to you. I think that you are gorgeous and sexy and just wonderful. I think it’s awesome that you’re a video game designer. You’re incredibly talented and brilliant at everything you do. I think you’re ridiculously attractive –“

“Stop saying that! Stop trying to make me feel better!”

“I’m not trying to make you feel better; I’m telling you the truth! Don’t let everyone else tell you what to think about yourself!”

“But they’re right!” he roared.

“They’re only right if you think they are!” she yelled back. “You only think those things because that’s all you’ve known! You refuse to see anything else! You refuse to see how amazing you are, how amazing I think you are. And for the record, yeah, I would want to be with you if you were four hundred pounds! People might think I’m a freak for it, you might think I’m a freak for it, but I don’t care what anyone else thinks about what I like. Your body drives me crazy, all I want to do is sink into your soft belly and screw you senseless every time I see you. You are gorgeous, Garron, inside and out, I would never, ever lie to you about that. You are the one who’s perfect and beautiful and incredible, but if you can’t accept that that’s the way I feel about you…I don’t know,” she finished quietly, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Garron sat there motionless, his eyes focused on the raindrops that were now splattering across the windshield. She let out a strangled sob, threw open the car door, and ran up the path to her house without looking back.

Part 15

She collapsed facedown onto her couch, sobbing. This was Rob all over again, only magnified hundredfold because she cared for Garron so much more than she’d ever cared for Rob…and she’d cared for Rob a lot. He’d been a good guy, she’d dated him for about seven months before things had completely fallen apart. And, of course, the cause of their relationship’s demise had been his size.

He’d come from an emotionally and physically abusive family, though even his friends never would have guessed. He’d seemed to be confident and well-adjusted, not necessarily happy with his size, but comfortable enough with it to joke about it. They’d met at a party her junior year, and he’d flirted right back when she flirted with him.

His problems didn’t start to come out until about three months later, when he’d started putting on weight and some of his buddies made some snide comments about it. That had unleashed his insecurities, after that he was never comfortable with himself or with Khloe touching him. Added to that were the insults hurled at him by the general public, until it got to the point where he didn’t even want to leave his dorm room.

Khloe had tried to reassure him that his weight didn’t bother her and that she found him attractive, but she could never come right out and say that his being fat turned her on. By the beginning of their senior year he’d finally become so paranoid and miserable that he’d broken off their relationship and moved home to finish his degree online.

She’d been heartbroken about it for almost a year, furious with herself for not telling him that his size appealed to her. But finally, she woke up one day and realized that for Rob, nothing she could have told him would have made a difference; even if it had, they weren't really compatible for anything long-term. But she vowed that for her next relationship, she’d be completely up front about her preferences.

And look where it’s gotten me, she thought gloomily, fresh tears blooming in her eyes. Telling Garron only made him hate himself even more. If he can’t get past this…then I’m done for good. I’ll be a spinster. Or a crazy cat lady.

Just then, a timid squeak sounded from the floor. She turned her face out of the couch cushions and looked down to see Marshmallow staring up at her. “Oh, honey, you’re hungry, aren’t you? I’m sorry, love. Come on, I’ll feed you.” She dragged herself off the couch and out to the kitchen to fill his food bowl.

The memory of the morning after her first date with Garron, how blissful she’d been came back to her, and she started crying again. She dumped the food in the bowl, trudged back to the couch, where she curled up to cry herself to sleep.


It was dark outside when she woke up, but there were lights on. She was confused for a few moments about where she was until she heard the doorbell ringing. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and glanced at the clock. Quarter after eleven. Her throat was sore from crying and she ached all over, but she got up and went over to the door to see who it was.

She pulled back the curtain and saw a wide shadow on her front step, and her heart thudded. With a deep breath, she turned the lock and pulled the door open. There stood Garron, damp from the rain, a somber expression on his face. “Hi,” he said.


“May I come in?”

She nodded and stepped aside to let him pass. He came inside and just stood there, looking at the floor. “Would you like to sit?” she asked him.

“Uh, sure.” He gingerly lowered himself onto her recliner and watched as she settled back on the couch. Marshmallow came to investigate, seeing that it was Garron, happily demanded attention. Garron petted him for a few moments before he spoke.
“I…I just wanted to apologize, Khloe. I shouldn’t have gotten so nasty with you earlier, I’m really sorry for it. My family…they just know how to push my buttons, and I lost it. But it’s no excuse. I’m really, really sorry.” His gaze shifted uncomfortably around the room.


That got his attention. He looked her straight in the eyes, confusion stretched tight across his face. “What?”

“And what about the other things I said?”

His mouth worked soundlessly, unable to eject words.

“I understand that your family upset you, Garron. They really upset me, too. There’s no reason for anyone to treat you like that, especially your own family. So your flipping out is completely understandable. But I need to know if you can be okay with the other things I told you.”

He sighed, shifting his bulk awkwardly. “I…I just…” He stopped and sighed again. “I don’t really think that I’m a complete waste of a life. I know I’m not a bum, I’m reasonably intelligent and good at what I do, even if my family thinks it’s worthless. But I have never in my life met anyone who was even okay with all this,” he said, grabbing a handful of his belly, “let alone anyone who claims to find it attractive. Then you come alone, claiming to find it…sexy.”

He swallowed hard before continuing. “I gain weight really, really easily, especially when I’m stressed. And I’ve been pretty stressed these past couple months with work and everything, so I’ve put on some weight. You may be okay with my size now, but what happens if I get bigger? If I get bigger, you leave, that’s what happens, because that’s the way it works. You’re only going to tolerate so much.”

“But Garron –“

He held up a hand and kept talking. “And then you tell me that you wouldn’t mind…that you would even be okay with it…and it sounded like you might even like it. Can you understand how that’s an awful lot for me to process?”

She nodded. “Yes, Garron, I can definitely understand that.”

“Look, I can’t promise you that I’m going to love being this size, or even like it every day. But you make me feel…really wonderful, Khloe…sometimes when I’m with you I honestly don’t mind being fat at all…I don’t want to lose you because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, not just because you actually like the way I look. You’re amazing.”

He rose from the recliner and moved in front of her, reaching out his hands to help her up. She stood close, his middle almost touching her chest. Garron gently placed her hands on his belly and watched as she shivered.

“Let me remind you that the shivering is a good thing,” she whispered.

He smiled at her. “I know that now.”

She squeezed her fingers into his softness, lifting a bit and feeling the weight of his paunch. He leaned down and pulled her towards him, their lips finding each other and tasting their desire. They kissed for a few minutes, just standing there, her hands on his belly and his around her arms, before he took a step back and slowly lifted his shirt over his head.

Khloe tried to stop herself from gasping, but it was useless. “You’re incredible,” she murmured. His huge, soft, round belly hung over his waistband in a pale, swollen droop, completely hiding the button and fly of his jeans. His hips were wide, with big love handles curving out of his creased sides. His chest was perfect, soft and rounded but strong, like his impossibly thick arms.
She could see that he was blushing, but he kept his eyes on her face. She smiled. “I told you you were hot,” she said.

Garron laughed, sending all of his delicious softness into waves of jiggles.
Khloe’s shocked but pleased expression kept his laughter going as she greedily embraced him, trying to wrap her arms around him and failing. She settled for pinching his love handles instead, working her way around to gently grabbing and shaking big handfuls of his fat belly, occasionally stopping to trace a silvery, faded stretch mark with her fingertip.

“You really think all this is sexy, huh?”

“Yes…but mostly because it’s attached to you.”

She reached down and tugged her own shirt off, encouraging him to touch her as they kissed. They slowly lost various articles of clothing as they got closer and closer to Khloe’s bedroom, and she felt his skin grow hot beneath her touch.

“Are you ready for this?” she murmured, tugging at his boxers.

“Yes. Are you?”


He settled onto her bed as she closed the door behind them and flicked her lamp on. She nimbly climbed over his tree trunk-like legs and seated herself on top of his belly, leaning over to kiss him and squeezing his soft flesh with her fingers and her legs.

“Khloe…” he breathed as she pulled his boxers down.

“Yes, Garron?” She stopped what she was doing and gazed into his eyes.

“I love you.” He gave her a gentle smile as he said it.

“I love you, too, Garron,” she replied, returning his smile.

Out in the hallway, Marshmallow sauntered up to Khloe’s bedroom door, meowing curiously. He scratched at the wood a few times, sniffed underneath, and then, satisfied that all was well, happily curled up next to the closed door.

The End

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