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cherrygarcia has said some nice things
Default shirtless scenes?

Though one supposes it's not exactly mysterious why there aren't a whole lot of shirtless scenes for big men in tv and film... it is a crying shame. Which makes the few gems even more precious. Like seeing a double rainbow. So bright, so beautiful. Since I didn't find a thread like this, I thought we could start a little list? Sharing some favorite barechested bhm moments? I know at least all the ladies here have gotta have one they can think of.

I'll start off with Hot Fuzz: though it's quick and you don't get to see that much, it's still Nick Frost with no shirt on. If you're viewing wide screen, you can see his tattoo.

And did I dream this, or is there some shirtless Gabriel Iglesias floating out there somewhere? Anyone else remember something? Damn I'm gonna google this.
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