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Default Tracey - the Non-Gym Person - by Cylon Bob (~BBW, Imagery, ~SWG )

~BBW, Imagery, ~SWG - a snapshot into a day in the life of a blossoming BBW

Tracey - the Non-Gym Person
by Cylon Bob

Tracey was never much of a gym-goer.

THIS though? This was more than just a leisurely visit, THIS. Was an emergency. Sort of. The story was, she’d been going to college all of nine weeks, NOT EVEN A FULL SEMESTER, and ALREADY she’d had that moment. The big wake-up call that every female college freshman ever can relate to, can vividly remember, the exact, horrifying moment they discovered that the freshman fifteen was more than just a myth, but a stark reality.

It was just this morning it happened for Tracey. She felt good at first, decided to wear her favorite jeans! Her FAVORITE jeans, her ABSOLUTE, FAVORITE jeans, and learned that those late-night bowls of ice cream were affecting her. Her FAVORITE jeans were, at last, too small for her to compact herself into. She just could not possibly wriggle up them over her recently widened hips. Or over her swollen thighs, really.

Actually, no, they DID make it over her thighs, but it was only barely, and she had to fight an epic, ten minute battle against the unforgiving denim to get them up. After that, she didn’t even attempt at getting them up past her hips. She was smart enough to know if she couldn’t even get them over her THIGHS, no WAY would they get any further.

So she had no choice but to walk around in sweatpants all day, while every sophomore and junior girl she saw smirked at her, knowingly. They’d all, every one of them, been through the exact same experience freshman year.

Usually that moment came later in the year than Tracey, at the least nearer the end of the first semester, but all the same, they knew the feeling, they could relate. Many of them were still packing around some of that weight, and it showed, rolls of fat bulging out around their middles, thunderous thighs stressing the seams of overly-tight pants, straining against badly fitting bras, too small for their chesty cargo.

Tracey misread their smirks, their ‘relating’ to her situation felt to her more like judgment and laughing behind her back at the girl who was already, not even halfway through the semester, too fat for anything but sweatpants.

Honestly, Tracey felt kind of stupid for letting this happen to her. It’s not like it wasn’t like this never happened to anyone, I mean, for years she’d been WARNED this was going to happen. Then, DESPITE ALL THAT, she goes and, stuffs herself at the cafeteria three times, then orders an extra-large pizza for a midnight snack, on a DAILY BASIS!

The more she thought about it, the more she thought she should have seen this coming. Or at LEAST should have noticed it happening sooner. Hindsight is 20-20, and all that. Looking back, the signs were all there, glaringly obvious. For one, all her classes were pretty close together, her furthest was like, three blocks away, but lately, that had been feeling more like three miles.

She’d actually been thinking about maybe getting an electric scooter or something, so she wouldn’t have to do all that walking. And then those uncomfortable benches they had in that lecture hall were definitely feeling softer. Only now it was obvious that what she’d been thinking it was, was wrong, she wasn’t just getting used to it, she was just building her own very thick, very soft layer of flabby padding.

Tracey was a relaxed, laid back kind of person, but she took a certain pride in how she looked, and this. . . This was the line. She was supposed to be the lazy girl who ate like a heifer but somehow stayed skinny, not the lazy girl who ate like a heifer and had the ass to show for it!

But now, standing outside the gym, she was ALMOST starting to doubt her resolve. I mean all the people in there were so like, crazy fit! All of the women there, ALL OF THEM. PERFECT bodies! She nervously pinched at her side, testing something. Yep, just like she thought, definitely got more than an inch there. She’d never been really SKINNY, but there was definitely a bit more there now. Quite a bit more. Her boobs were growing, so. . . at least there was that? She had probably the biggest boobs in the place. That’s gotta be SOMETHING, I guess. . . If only her ass hadn’t grown twice as much, she’d be great with this! Thinking of her ass, she was reminded of that morning’s trauma, and her resolve suddenly returned.

Her ass already felt like it was at least as wide as the hood of a small car, she didn’t want it to KEEP GROWING to the size of a city bus, and she knew, without a doubt, it would unless she did this. She thought about last night, with that impulse buy she’d had at the gas station, those tasty, tasty Reese’s Cups. . . NO, THAT WAS WHY SHE WAS HERE! With that thought, she walked in apprehensively.

“HI! Welcome to Jared’s Gym! Are you a member already?” Tracey halfway felt like she was being assaulted by a peppy blonde girl wearing a bright pink leotard, but she managed to pull herself together and shake her head no, hoping to get rid of the girl, unsuccessfully, “Well would you like to join? We’re cheap, and we have trainers to help all of our members with whatever they need!”

Again, Tracey shook her head. She was here only for now, only until she lost a little weight. Or, she , a lot of weight, squeezing her chubby stomach slightly, trying to get a feel for how much she’d gained, feeling her hands digging deep into her newfound fat rolls. She’d never had like, a hard body, flat stomach, six pack, none of that, and she knew it, but this was more, like two, three inches of more squish.

She wasn’t sure how much EXACTLY she’d gained, though. To be honest, she was kind of afraid to weigh herself. The number isn’t important, right, it’s how BIG you are that’s what matters. And Tracey was feeling way too big. This fat HAD to go, but once it was gone, she was never going to never show her face here again. A gym is no place for a dedicated, lifelong couch-potato, after all.

She looked back at the welcoming girl, whom she decided in her mind to call Terri, looking her up and down. Her own stomach was never that flat, not even before all this, that she was sure of, even at her lightest, she still had a tiny little ring of fat bubbling up over the top of her pants, right? Just, like, a coating of softness surrounding her on all sides.

She felt jealous of Terri for a split second, then decided to just focus in on how, even before she started college, she had bigger tits than this skinny chick, by like, two cup sizes probably. And hey, everybody knows that guys appreciate a girl who actually HAS an ass, right? That still applies even if that ass IS a good bit bigger than normal and attached to a flabby belly pooching out a few inches, right?

She kept this to herself, though. She had nothing to say to this woman, really, so she walked away from Terri into the gym area, where she wandered around for a few minutes, feeling completely lost. Then she saw something that gave her a bit of hope. Walking on one of the treadmills was a large woman, bigger than Tracey by what had to be 75 pounds.

She hesitated before just getting on, but remembering those late night Ben & Jerry’s binges she and her roommate had after her roommate’s boyfriend left her, she really didn’t have a choice, now did she? If this is the sacrifice she would have to make for Cherry Garcias, she would make it! Okay, not every time she ate some, she’d never get OUT OF HERE if THAT was the deal, but dang it, this one time should cover like two pints, right?

With that, she walked over to the treadmills and hopped up on one, starting slow. It wasn’t so much a choice to walk slow; she’d just gotten used to it, this was a normal walk! She was feeling a tiny bit embarrassed to be going so slow, since the fat woman beside her was actually jogging, her feet pounding on the tread every step, making loud *THUNKS.*

Tracey was really kind of amazed at how this woman was keeping pace. This was a BIG woman after all, gotta be 200+ pounds, and from the size of her gut and the way it was wriggling, that wasn’t pure muscle either! Every step she took, the thud it made was accompanied by a huge wave of jiggling fat, rippling across her entire flabby body. You knew from the way she was breathing that this wasn’t exactly an everyday thing for this woman but she wasn’t stopping, wasn’t slowing down.

Tracey, on the other hand, who wasn’t as big, started out AFTER her, and walked much SLOWER than her, only lasted about seven minutes before she gave up because the chafing of her thighs had become too much for her to bear. She sat down off to the side and just watched the woman, whom she decided in her head, was named Beth.

Beth was struggling, that was obvious, but not stopping. Tracey was impressed, here was a woman one and a half times her size, a fat gut swelling out in front of her, bouncing all over the place, and she seemed not to care even slightly. Beth’s shirt wasn’t huge and baggy like her own, it was tight around her modest but slightly saggy breasts, not to mention how the bottom of her prodigious belly was poking out underneath the bottom of her shirt. She was wearing a pair of skin-tight yoga pants that Tracey feared would split at any moment. THIS, she thought, was a confident woman! Possibly over-confident, looking at just how much those seams were straining. . . Who knew how much more they could take?

Tracey sat there, watching Beth, thinking of excuses for her stopping so quickly when this woman kept on going.

Well her thighs don’t rub together so much, there’s not that kind of chafing!’ but one glance at Beth’s backside proved that one wrong, at her size, even though her belly was her biggest part, her thighs rubbed at least as much as Tracey’s.

Well her boobs aren’t as big, so there’s not all that bouncing! this one was true, but Tracey had to admit to herself, she didn’t stop because her back was hurting, she had proper support for the twins. Finally she ran out of rationalizations, and just accepted that she’d just quit because she didn’t have the will-power of a woman almost a hundred pounds bigger than she was. Beth stopped, standing still for a minute, catching her breath, her chunky overfed belly quivering for a few seconds over her waistband.

She walked over to the mat, her slower pace making the way her belly jiggled like jello with every step much clearer. Tracey was reminded, seeing that, of her own tubby tummy. She felt kinda lucky, I mean, that was the one place the weight wasn’t collecting. Well scratch that, she thought, she was definitely getting a chubby tummy, but not like the rest of her!

Her tits were growing, and her ass was growing, but her gut, not so much! It seemed content with just curving out and pooching over her belt, and she was A-okay with that! I mean, no other girl in the room had as fine an ass as hers, with that special kind of bounce and jiggle, but then again, the way she’d been heading, it really wouldn’t be long before that beautiful bit of bounce and jiggle accompanied thighs the size of tree trunks covered with more dimples than a golf ball! She’d noticed a few dimples already popping up! Her waist seemed pretty skinny, though, why not work on THAT? I mean, there wasn’t much new fat there; she could do sit-ups just fine. Probably. Maybe.

So she followed Beth to the mat, and laid down on her back, her feet under a convenient bar. And promptly failed to do a sit-up. What? Sit-ups are supposed to be EASY! So she tried one more time, putting all of herself into it, her face turning red as she struggled against the flabby folds of the belly she hadn’t realized was so far developed, her breasts heaving with every breath as she slowly. . .slowly. . . sloowwllyyyy. . . aannd YES! ONE! She fell back, sweating like the pig she felt like and feeling accomplished until she realized it really wasn’t a GOOD thing how much she had to struggle to do ONE sit-up. Wow, that dug it in that much more; she’d really just turned into jelly in the last few weeks, hadn’t she?

She started rationalizing. Maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, I mean, she’d never been one for exercises in general. You could probably count the number of sit-ups she’d done in the last ten years on one hand! Considering that, it wasn’t that much of a change most likely. She put her hands on each side of her belly and gave it a shake, disproving that theory. In the past, there was enough to squeeze maybe, but jiggle? No, that wasn’t a thing back then. Now, she could sink her hands into the doughy flab, shake her tummy and watch the ripples spread across the pudgy platform.

With that, she was inspired to get moving again. She glanced over at Beth, who was doing squats. Tracey saw that and thought, yeah, she could do that! I mean, it’s not like the muscles are that different from walking, right? She could TOTALLY do those! And this time, she was right, though very nervous the whole time. She was fully aware, and worried about the back seams of her shorts, pulling tight against her swollen buns, testing the seams. She’d just gotten the shorts that day; it wasn’t that she had outgrown them, not yet anyway. But she had her pride, and they WERE stretchy, so there really was no need to get the next size up, right? That would make the day so much worse than it already was, admitting she needed the next size up.

Squats, she found, yes, she could do them, but oh my GOD they were so BORING! After about her tenth, she had to remind herself about that morning, and tell herself she had to work off that soft-serve ice cream cone she’d been unable to resist at lunch, not to even MENTION that Snickers she’d had at four when her caffeine wore off and she crashed. No, she had to keep going! Even after she hit 20, and her thighs were killing her, she HAD. TO. KEEP. GOING.

For the sake of her figure, she couldn’t stop. At least not until she hit 25, after which she collapsed with a loud *plop* onto the mat. Now what? This was all new to Tracey. She’d ever done anything like this before in her life.

All through high school, she’d tell people she was PROUD TO BE LAZY, and somehow, even though all she did was lay around at home and eat Oreos, she was somehow keeping her figure! Only now, nine weeks and obviouly more than ten pounds into her freshman year of college, there were several new inches building up behind her, making sure she couldn’t say that.

And the only solution to this, horrible though it was, was right here in this confusing hellhole called the gym. Where she had no idea of what kinds of exercises she could do or how to use any of the equipment, She’d been mostly using Beth as an example for exercises, but by now, Beth was looking more than a little wore out and was recovering over by the water fountain. Speaking of the water fountain, Tracey’s throat was more than a tiny bit dry, so that sounds like a good idea!

She walked over to the fountain, and went to get water, only, just before she leaned over, she noticed something. There was a vending machine right there. Right next to the water fountain. And DANG would she love to have a Coke right now! Without thinking, she put her money in and pulled out a Coke, and undid all the exercise she’d just done, plus adding in another hundred calories. And she didn’t even realize it.

If she had, she wouldn’t have done what she did next.

In Tracey’s mind, she’d finished for the day, she’d served her sentence, she’d spent her hour and a half working out in the gym, and that was plenty, thank you so very much! Even IF most of that time was spent gasping for breath while sitting down. Or drinking a Coke slowly, enjoying every second NOT spent burning calories. One last thing maybe, she realized she hadn’t done before she walked out. She’d worked her pathetic abs and her thick and gorgeous legs, but hadn’t done anything to work on her chest. . . Maybe she could do some pushups, or try that machine over there, or. . . Ah never mind, she’d done enough exercise for the day, it was time for a reward. She totally deserved one, right?

Hey, wasn’t there a Dairy Queen on the drive home?

The End

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