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Default My Weight Gain

Thought that I should share a story about my weight gain here.

First of all, I am part of a family which can easily gain weight, my dad, aunt and my second eldest cousin have had weight problems at least once in their life, and now I have jumped on board.

In my childhood, weight was never an issue, I was swimming weekly from ages 9-13, participated in interschool sport for two years where I played volleyball, and played soccer for a year.

Throughout my teenhood, I was starting to get quite lazy, I was doing not as much exercise as I used to, and my family genes would start to sneak up on me particularly from September last year. My dad started his diet at the time and left me with plenty of snacks which nobody else would eat. I didn't feel like eating them initally, but I had nothing better to do but eat. I was about 60kgs at the time, and my height was 5'5 which remains the same today. I had a bit of a belly, not much, but I wasn't in athletic shape.

When another school term started in October, being busy with homework kept me away from paying attention to how much I was eating. I was eating more, when then triggered to snacking, emotional eating, and food addiction. As I started gaining weight, it didn't take long to realise that my clothes were getting small, and my parents were quick to notice my slightly more pronounced midriff. My mum threatened to put me on a diet, but I promised to hit the treadmill and go easy on the ice-cream, and I didn't need a go on a diet. I gained about 7kgs in just over two months, due to my short stature, the extra kilos looked quite noticeable to quite a few people at school.

The diet didn't go ahead, and I failed to live up to my promise. I would go on the treadmill once, and never went again. However I was walking many hours a week, to get to and from school, which still did very little to help melt the fat.

During the Christmas holidays, I had a major series of weight fluctuations. During the celebrating weeks, I would a little a put weight on, then lose it every other week. My weight went from as high as 74kgs at the end of my birthday week, to as low as 71kgs at the end of the January.

When school started again in February, my weight started to get out of control again. I was eating my way through stress, and I had ultimately stopped exercising. I went up to 76kgs by Easter and lost a little weight the following week somehow. Approaching exams, my diet became an absolute wreck, and so was my stress problems. It was the weekend before exams when my parents noticing that I was getting fat, and I told them to shut up, and used stress as an excuse. Thankfully they didn't follow up about weight after that, although I had put on 6kgs, causing me to borderline 80kgs by the end of June.

I recently tipped over 81kgs last week, after stuffing myself silly at my cousin's wedding. Looking at the photos from the day made me realise that I have gained so much weight over the past year. In the photos, I was wearing a suit which had displayed a slight double chin, chubby cheeks, a soft round belly that was sticking out in my tucked in shirt and slightly overhanging my trousers, and a noticeably plump bottom. The suit had also hidden my fat rolls, love handles and my main feature of a plumped pair of wide thick thighs.

I return to school tomorrow, and I'm striving to look as fat as I can in my uniform. I'll be wearing my smallest shirt, and my shorts which pronounce my round bottom and my plump thighs. Let's hope I don't survive a day without being teased for my belly.

Message me on here or Curvage (under the same name), if you would like to have a chat, I'll reply to you ASAP. Comment below as you please, I might post pics in the future.
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