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Default Stuffing During Sex

Hi all, longtime lurker here, first time poster.

My wife is 5'1" and about 250lbs. She has a beautiful hanging belly, boobs, and soft, big, arms. She's always been insecure about her weight but she's seen how much it turns me on, so I think she's becoming more comfortable in the past six months. I think it turns her on too. Certain foods make her wet or horny -- Five Guys bacon cheeseburgers, Magic Shell ice cream sundaes, cakes with buttercream icing -- and she's been eating them regularly.

Lately, we've discovered that it really takes things to the next level if I stuff her face during sex. We've done it once with whipped cream (from the spray can) and twice with big jumbo marshmallows. I have to restrain myself, though, because it tends to give her a stomachache afterwards if I do too much. It happened once with the whipped cream -- that's why we haven't used it again, it made her very gassy afterward -- and two of the 90-calorie marshmallows are our limit, four last time was too much.

My question is -- what else can I use, that fills her mouth, but is easily swallowable? And, on top of that, what else can I do that's high-calorie, so she truly is "stuffed?" Any tips? We've thought about milkshakes, but she's afraid of brain freeze and I'm not sure I can operate a funnel at the same time as... other things

Any tips are greatly appreciated
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