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Default Marvel´s Agent Carter (BBW WG)

DISCLAIMER: This is a Marvel´s Agent Carter WG story.
Peggy Carter, Captain America, Howard Stark, Angie Martinelli, The Howling Commandoes and the rest of SHIELD and all related properties and characters are copyright Marvel/Disney. No disrespect is meant, nor profit intended.

Authors note/Introduction:
This is an Agent Carter weight gain story, also the story starts off after season 1 of the TV series Agent Carter, the same Peggy Carter who was a big part of the 1st Captain America movie and who also has had a few cameos in other Marvel movies.

When I'm writing this story I picture it being the lovely Hayley Atwell portraying Peggy Carter, so if you wonder who that is, look her up on the net.

Last note, sometimes updates to the story might be on a regular basis , other times not so much, I write when I have the time and the inspiration for it, also English is not my 1st language, tho I try to write the story as smoothly and readable as possible.

Feedback is of course very welcome.

Chapter 1:
Peggy was getting her new desk ready for the day, in her brand new office, which as a matter of fact is located in the new Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division facility, based in Los Angeles, California.

After leaving the S.S.R. (Strategic Scientific Reserve) in New York City, Peggy was a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D along with Howard Stark and Chester Philips in the start of 1947.

Peggy´s main job at the moment was to recruit agents to work at the facility and in the field, while Chester was the Director of SHIELD.


While Peggy was going thru files of possible new agents, she noticed her own file on top of the files for the current SHIELD agents, she noticed some of the numbers on it.

Height 5´7 Weight 112 lbs Hair: Brown, Eye color: Brown.

Peggy thought to herself "hmm, I should update this to 140 lbs, the last time I was 112 lbs was under the war".
Knock on the door, "come in".

Agent Thompson walked in "Carter, we got a lead on those Hydra agents that we suspect are in the San Diego area".

"Ok Agent Thompson, take 4 agents with you to check it out".

"Ok will do Carter."


End of the work day, Agent Sousa knocks on Peggy´s office door.

"Yes come in".

"Oh you're not finished yet Carter".

"Almost Sousa, lots of work to do in such a new organization"

Peggy´s tummy grumbles a little.

"Yes of course, but by the sound of it, you could use some dinner soon".

"Well I guess you are right about that Agent Sousa".

"Thought so, anyway you wanna join me and some of the guys, and find a place to eat?"

"No thanks, I really do have to finish with this first".

"Okay well see you tomorrow Carter".

"Yes, see you tomorrow Agent Sousa".


An hour later.

Peggy was finished up and heading to the nearby L&L Automat Diner in L.A. where her good friend Angie Martinelli works.

The same Angie Martinelli whom she became friends with back in New York.
Angie had struggled to get her footing within the Broadway scene, so when Peggy told her that she was moving to L.A. because she got a promotion in the phone company and was being relocated to L.A. Angie suggested that she wanted to move to L.A. too.

Angie figured that now that Broadway wasn´t looking like it was panning out, maybe she could get her foot inside the Hollywood crowd.

So Angie and Peggy both moved to L.A. and moved in together, from Angie´s perspective it could spare some costs and it would be great to have a close friend nearby, also she had managed to get a job at the local L&L Automat Diner partly due to her fine reference she got from the one in New York, it is a way to make a living until she gets her break thru in Hollywood.

From Peggy´s perspective it would be nice to have a friend from outside of SHIELD be there too, and by living together she was sure to be tasting some of Angie´s wonderful Italian cooking.


At the L&L Automat Diner.

Peggy walks into the Diner and Angie greets her.

"Hi English, l thought you were off earlier".

"Hi Angie and yeah well, I'm new there and there´s lots to do, so I stayed a little longer and tried to catch up"

"Ok, well that means you must be starving Peg".

"Well I must admit, a little bit, I think I'll have today's special".

"Ok Coming right up English".

After eating dinner, Peggy also got a piece of apple pie.

"Angie, could I have some whipped cream with the apple pie, I suppose my craving got the best of me".

"Yes of course Peg, coming right up".

After Peggy had finished with the pie Angie came over.

"So how was it?".

"It was very delicious thank you, do you have the bill? then I'll pay you now".

"Oh of course sure".

Peggy paid the bill and agreed to play some cards at home when Angie was off from work.


Later that night

Angie came home, grabbed a banana and threw it into the garbage can, where she noticed a few candy wrappers laid on top, she walked around the apartment.

"Peggy where are you?".

Angie noticed a light sobbing coming from the couch area.

"Oh Peggy what's wrong honey?".
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Chapter 2:

"Oh its nothing Angie, (sob sob), I just got a little sentimental that's all".

"About what?".

"An old flame, he had a big emotional impact in the company that I work at now, so they are going to honor him tomorrow at work, I thought I had let all those feelings go once and for all back in New York, but it all just came crashing back tonight".

"Oh Sweetie, just think of the good times ok".

"Oh I will, it's just, you think you have left something in the past and you are moving on with your life, and you put that line in the sand and all".

"I understand Peg, also you will get thru this, you're the strongest person I know".

"Oh and Angie I don't feel like playing cards right now".

"Of course Peg, come on lets go out, find a place with some ice cream and take a walk in a nearby park".

"Great idea Angie".


The Next Day at the LA SHIELD Facility

Director Chester Philips held a speech about how the statue of Captain America, is made to be a monument that should inspire all SHIELD employees to be proud of serving their country and thrive after Caps impressive work ethics.

Peggy was not one of those to speak at the unveiling of the statue, but she was emotional even though she tried to not show emotion.

Agent Sousa walked over to Peggy when the speeches were over.

"You okay Carter?".

"Yes why wouldn't I be?".

"Well you knew him very well, and I thought maybe all this focus on Captain America might have brought some memories back and such".

"Yes, but that was some time ago".

"Peg you don't have to keep a brave mask on!".

"Of course I do, just look at the grief I was given in New York for being Captain America´s "Liasion" as chief Dooley once called me, and besides now is not a time to talk about this, we got work to do Agent Sousa!".

"Ok and yes of course Carter".

Peggy walks in to her office again, and agent Johnson walked over to Agent Sousa, while looking at Peggy walking away.

"She´s looking a little rounder, especially at the hips area huh Sousa? if she keeps filling out like that she´s gonna get fat".

"You better watch your language Johnson, or else you're gonna end up with a fat lip!".

"Geez Sousa, lighten up".

Meanwhile in Peggy´s office the telephone rang, it was Agent Thompson calling from San Diego.

"Hello, Agent Peggy Carter speaking".

"Hello Carter, its Agent Thompson".

"Oh hi Agent Thompson, any news from San Diego?".

"Yes, our tip did not pan out, the location that we got the tip for was squeaky clean, no sign of Hydra, almost seems like a wild goose chase right now".

"Ok Agent Thompson, come back to headquarters today and of course still be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior".

Sure thing Carter, see you late bye bye".

Later that afternoon at the SHIELD facility

Agent Thompson came into Peggy´s office to debrief on what they found, or rather didn't find in San Diego.

"So you're saying it was clean".

"Yes Carter that's what I'm telling you".

"Ok, but did u have the feeling that somebody had been there and just swiped the place after use, or do you think nothing fishy ever happened there?".

"I have to admit, I didn't get a sense of it being swiped".

"Okay, we gotta look at other leads then".

Knocking on the door, and before Peggy could say come in, Howard Stark barged in and exclaimed.

"Finish up what you're doing here Peg and pack up, I need you to travel to London, England with me, apparently the English have some questions about one of my more dangerous devices going off and leveling a couple of houses in the southern part of London, So I need you to be a witness, that some of my creations got stolen last year".

"Geez where are your manors Mr. Stark, barging in here before I had the chance to say come in!".

"You just gotta be able to keep up Peg".

"And why would I help you out with the English government Howard?".

"Because I'm paying all expenses, including meals".

"Ok that's better Howard, when do we leave?".

"Wheels up at 10 pm tonight".

"Ok, fine I'll have to pack first and tell my roommate Angie that I'm going abroad for about a week or 2".

"Ok sure, see you tonight".

"Yes see you later Howard".

After Howard left the office Agent Thompson was still sitting in the chair in Peggy´s office.

"So if you're traveling abroad Carter, who´s gonna be in charge here in LA?".

"Good question Agent Thompson,".

Peggy opens the door .

"Agent Sousa, do you have a minute?".

"Yes of course Carter".

"Agent Sousa, I'm going to London for a week or 2 with Howard Stark, Agent Thompson can inform you more about that part, so while I'm gone, you're in charge here in LA.

"Ok, thanks Carter, and safe travels".
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This 3rd chapter is somewhat slow paced but the 4th chapter wil pick up the pace somewhat.

Chapter 3:

Later that evening at 6:30 pm at the L&L Automat Diner.

Peggy orders her usual, but gets 2 pieces of pie instead of her usual 1.

"I have to ask you English, why order more than you usually do? Are you extra hungry?".

"No Angie, not at all actually, I just thought that an extra piece would be good because it's a long travel, the thing is Angie, my boss wanted me, to join him for some business in England, so I'll be gone for about a week or 2 depending on how things go".

"Oh Peggy, joining the boss are we".

"Yes but it's not what I think you're thinking Angie, strictly business, besides my boss thinks it's a good idea to have an English woman at the table to negotiate".

"Ok that seems logical, I believe you, when are you leaving".

"Tonight at 10 pm.".

"Ok, well then, do you have extra space in your tummy? because the next piece is on the house then".

"Oh Angie I don't think I should, to be honest some of my new skirts I bought when we moved to LA are beginning to feel a little snug, I think I better begin to manage my food intake more carefully".

"Oh but it's on the house English, besides you look absolutely perfect, you figure is to die for".

"Well ok then hehe, I think ill dig in to one last piece of pie.


Somewhere over the Atlantic ocean:

Peggy and Howard Stark were on their way to England, but Peggy was not enjoying the plane ride at the moment which Howard noticed.

"Are you ok Peggy? you don't look so well".

"I think I had too big a dinner and over did it, but I think it will pass soon, or rather I hope so, and thanks for the concern Howard".

An hour later:

"Howard, now I know you said you would pay all expenses, but I wanted to hear if we for maybe just one night could visit my parents and have dinner and dessert there, I promise my mom's cooking is fantastic".

"Sure Peg, where do your parents live?".

"They live about an hour outside of London, if the traffic is bad, 1˝ hours, but it's worth the trip".

"Ok, call them tomorrow and hear them out when a good day and time would be for them".

"Sure thing Howard".

2 days later

Peggy and Howard attended the meeting with Scotland Yard to clarify that the weapon that leveled a couple of houses in London was not an artifact that was sold from Stark to who ever used it in London, but that Stark had been robbed, and that some of his artifacts and weapons have been recovered, but that not all had been recovered, furthermore Howard and Peggy informed Scotland Yard that a group called Leviathan had used some of Howards inventions at a cinema in New York in 1946 shortly after it being stolen from Howards safe.

Scotland Yard believed Howard and Peggy and had seen some of the documents the SSR had made after what went down in New York, and they wanted help from them to track and catch the bombers of London.

Howard said he could only stay for 2 more days but said Peggy could stay for 2 weeks at max, a week to catch the culprits, and if that happened, Stark would give Peggy an weeks full vacation in London, but if she wasn't able to catch the bombers, she was to return home to LA after that week.

Later that night at the Carters:

Peggy rung the bell at her parents' house, her father Henry Carter answered the door.

"Well hello Margaret" Henry hugged his daughter.

"You must be the rich fella Stark right?".

"Yes that is correct, nice to meet you Mr. Carter".

"Likewise, now come on in".

"Honey, Margaret and Mr. Stark are here now".

"Ok I'll be right there".

Walking thru the door came Peggy´s mom Alice Carter, she was not quite as tall as her daughter being roughly 5´4 and about 210 lbs, with rather large breasts and a belly that hung a good 5 cm over her uncharacteristic for the time jeans that also emphasized her big round butt.

Peggy and her mom walked into her parents' bedroom where her mom had found a few boxes of old clothes Peggy used to wear while she lived in England before the 2nd world war.

"I think there might be some of your old clothes that are still fashionable"

"Yes I think you're right about that mom, but unless there are some of it that are really stretchy, I don't think I can fit into them anymore".

"Nonsense Margaret, you are still tall and strong and slim".

"Maybe tall and strong, but not slim, more like curvaceous maybe, or more than that, because mom". Peggy grabbed hold of her lover belly where there was a love handle developing.

"This is not slim or skinny, and it won't fit in those tiny skirts anymore".

Meanwhile in the living room Howard was looking at some of the pictures of Peggy from before the war and also old pictures of Henry and Alice Carter when they were young.

"When is this picture from Mr. Carter?".

It's from the winter of 1919/1920, me and Alice meet during that winter, it was a few years after I had served in World War 1, and before Margaret was born on April 9th 1921, Alice sure was a lot smaller then, she once told me she was about 110 lbs when we met".

"And you still remain about the same size as you where then as I see by the looks of it Mr. Carter".

"Well yes I try and also in the same shape, properly all those years in the military that has kept me in this shape".

"Ok, not to be blunt, but do you think your daughter will follow your example or well your wife's example".

"Honestly it's a little tough to say, She´s an Agent I know that, but she also has a sweet tooth and a good appetite, why do you ask".

"Well again not to be blunt Mr. Carter, I was just wondering because to me she´s been looking a little heavier lately, tho still whooping Hydra ass if I do say so myself".

About an hour later

The Sunday Roast that Ms. Carter had been cooking was done and the dessert they where going to have afterwards was The almond and jam flavoured Bakewell pudding.

Peggy loved her mother's cooking and baking so much and it had been such a long time since she had eaten is last time she cherished every bite and also wolfed as much down as she could, she ate more than anyone other at the table and that made Howard ask.

"Peggy be careful you don't get a stomach ache as you did on the plane ride over here".

"You are right Howard, that would be a bad thing, but I just have to at least have one more piece of this wonderful pudding, I really missed your great desserts mother".

"I'm glad you liked it Margaret".
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