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Default Going to gain, not sure what it will be like


I'm a tall, skinny woman who has pretty much always been that way (6'2'', 150lb or so). I've always admired larger women though and for a long time I've wanted to have a bigger body myself. I love the way weight hangs on bigger women and I dislike how bony and skinny I seem. So I've decided to gain weight. My goal would be somewhere around 280lb, maybe a bit smaller, maybe a bit bigger. I'm not sure where the weight will really go as I expand, but my mother and sister are both quite large and they both have large breasts/hips, so I guess I could gain in a similar way.

Is there anyone else on the forum with a similar height to me who has gained roughly this amount of weight? What happened and how did it look? What's the best way of gaining the weight?
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Your going to look a lot sexier then at 6'2 and a body with big curves WOW
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Nothing sexier than a woman going from willowy to amazon.
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