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Default Take It All In- BBW, Dining, XWG

[Author's Note: Hello all. While I'm mainly known elsewhere as an expansion writer, this story is something new for me. This is my first story that involves weight gain and eating, and is also my first attempt at a chapter by chapter release. I hope you like it. Special thanks to Blake Isaac Gordon for early feedback.]

Take It All In
by Clovis

Chapter 1

“Why does she always want to meet in the quad?” Lydia wondered while trying to find her little sister amongst the collegiate throng all rushing hither, tither, and yon. There was a storm coming and the wind was whipping. Her frustration peaking, Lydia then caught sight of a banner waving in a familial reddish shade, held atop the shortest of poles.

“Dawn, there you are,” Lydia said looking up at her younger sibling. While not as skinny as a flag pole, Dawn did have the slightest of frames. “Please be careful up there, it’s starting to rain.”

Dawn smiled down, her fantastically long auburn hair flapping wildly about. “You’re the one always complaining about how hard I am to spot in a crowd.”

“I have said that- and I’ve also seen a swift wind knock you down, so if you wouldn’t mind…” Lydia took Dawn’s hand and helped her descend from the polished granite block that bore the word “HEALTH” in two foot letters.

“You don’t have to mother me,” Dawn huffed as her two friends joined them.

“No, but I might sister you to death,” Lydia said as she opened the building’s door and waved them all on in.

Once inside Lydia gave her sister a hug. Dawn loved the hug, but she was not a fan of what inevitably followed.

“I can still reach,” Lydia teased as Dawn felt the annoyingly familiar double-tap behind her back that signaled her big sister was not only able to reach fully round her in the hug, but had enough arm left over that each hand could tap her own elbows. “Still waiting on that last growth spurt I see.”

“Ugh!” Dawn pushed Lydia away. “I’m nearly done my last year of college- can we end that particular running joke please?”

“Of course we can,” Lydia grinned playfully, as she raised a fist with the knuckle of her middle finger cocked and ready. “You know I’ve never actually given a noogie, but I’m willing to try new things if you are.”

“Would you please!” Dawn was exasperated. “I have friend’s here.”

“Yes, yes, I know- I just miss you is all.” In lieu of a noogie, Lydia gave her shorter sister a kiss atop the head. Turning her attention to Dawn’s two- and possibly only- friends Lydia greeted them with the warmest of smiles. “Hello Amber. Hello Holly.”

Amber was Dawn’s free-spirited roommate and she immediately went right in for a hug of her own. She found Lydia fascinating and always wanted to pal around during her visits. Holly on the other hand, was much more reserved- a wallflower by way of a sunflower: tall, yellow haired, country sweet, and bumpkin naive. She simply wilted in Lydia’s somewhat gothic presence.

“Holly… hey Holly,” Lydia repeated as she waved her hand in front of the girl who, while smiling back, was biting those smiling lips.

“Let her be sis,” Dawn intervened.

“She thinks you’re a witch,” Amber joked- but joke or not, Holly’s expression went from politely uncomfortable to downright terrified.

“Oh, sweetie,” Lydia’s heart melted as the poor girl trembled before her. “Don’t mistake a fashion statement with any actual occult belief or practices.” Lydia desperately wanted to give Holly a hug to calm her, but instead, she took a step back- placing her much less threatening sister in between them. “But you know,” Lydia added, “if I could do any spells, I’d get that cat to give your tongue back.” This at least earned her a smile.

Dawn turned back around to face her sister, her own lip bit in anticipation.

Lydia knew what she was waiting for- the last part of their ritualistic greeting- the part Dawn liked best. “Haven’t you outgrown that?” she asked.

“As you and the rest of the world loves to remind me, I haven’t outgrown anything. Humor me.”

“Well, I am curious myself,” Lydia said as she moved to stand toe to toe with her sister. Sliding her hands around to the back of Dawn’s head, she positioned her fingers just beneath the hair-line. In a grand sweeping gesture Lydia then held Dawn’s beautiful long hair out as far as she could to either side.

“Did I do it?” Dawn asked eagerly.

“You finally did! Look-“ Lydia said showing that Dawn’s locks exceeded her span by several inches before letting the glorious auburn tresses rain gracefully back down as they gathered and bobbed.

“I’ve always said a single strand of Dawn’s hair could clog a shower drain,” Amber added while marveling at her roommate’s bountiful coiffure.

Dawn performed a cute little twist to show off the fact that her epic mane now fell to her thighs and fully covered the flat curve-less bottom for which others had given her such grief.

“Just… you know, be extra careful around machinery and flames,” Lydia cautioned.

“Yes sis,” Dawn moaned as her sister sucked the fun out of her accomplishment.

“So,” Lydia clapped her hands together signaling it was time to get down to business, “while it’s lovely to see my darling sister and her darling friends- why exactly have I been summoned?”

Lydia caught only the bullet points as Dawn launched into a thoroughly comprehensive rant detailing the horrible crime being committed against her. Lydia hadn’t experienced such an animated vocal onslaught since the first time her sister realized that boys might not be so gross after all. What Lydia was able to discern was this: there was a professor, she was a monster, and she tried to give Dawn what no other teacher ever dared- a failing grade.

“Ok, ok, ok…” Lydia tried to bring Dawn’s breathless tirade in for a landing. “What’s the class? Is this even a requirement?”

“Nutrition… and no, but…”

“Then just drop the class- aren’t you way over in credits already? You’ll get your degree regardless.” But Lydia knew that wouldn’t fly with Dawn. It wasn’t simply about getting by with her. Dawn was determined to show the world that only saw her as cute and insignificant that she was a force to be reckoned with. Dawn didn’t have much to fight with, but she was a fighter none-the-less- and this was injustice. Unable to overpower or intimidate, Dawn wore her opponents down with mental aptitude and an unflinching persistence which Lydia admired. She had such a bleeding heart that their Senator’s and Congressmen not only knew the name Dawn Morrigan, but winced whenever they heard it or received one of her exhaustive letters pleading for one cause after another. From the woman on the news who’d left a puppy in a hot car to supreme dictators on the other side of the globe, Dawn would spread awareness and fight for the meek, the downtrodden, and anyone else denied their fair share. To Lydia, her seemingly frail sibling was actually an amazon- only one who had been compressed like a diamond into a small, highly volatile- yet adorable- package. That Dawn called in her big sister for help with this seemingly minor problem was a worrying sign.

“…and I don’t even know why she’s failing me! She’s had it out for me since day one. As soon as she heard my name she’s had nothing but utter contempt for me.”

“You’re name?” This detail peaked Lydia’s interest. “Who is this professor?”

“Bitchasaurus,” Dawn spat as Amber nodded in confirmation.

“That isn’t nice,” Lydia’s voice was stern.

“Fine… it’s Miss Vesuvi- Etna Vesuvi.”

Before the name even registered in her brain, Lydia’s subconscious sent a wave of bile burning up her throat. Lydia felt her legs give way and her hand went to her sister’s shoulder for support- support Dawn was neither prepared or built to give, and both girls collapsed to their knees.

“What the hell!?” Dawn started, but then saw the look on her sister’s usually unflappable face.

Lydia gasped as she tried to compose herself. “Et- Etna Vesuvi?” The name tasted toxic on her lips.

“You know her?” Dawn said surprised by this development.

“I knew her,” Lydia regretfully acknowledged, thankful for that past tense. “Do you remember how sometimes when I came home from high school and you’d come skipping up to me wanting to play or chat and I’d slam the door in your face and cry, ‘Not now, I just had the worst day of my life!’”

“Yeah, I remember,” Dawn said rolling her eyes, “I remember that as being pretty much every day.”

“That was her,” Lydia’s eyes went distant. “My… my fucking nemesis. The reason I went and became a…” she caught herself.

“A librarian?” Dawn finished.

“… yes.”

“Well,” Dawn sighed, “now she’s my nemesis.”

In a long sustained silence, Lydia stared at Dawn with a look of utter dismay. Lydia wouldn’t have wished Etna on even her worst enemy. Unfortunately, Etna was her worst enemy and the person who got the unintended wish was her own sweet sister.

“I thought your nemesis was high shelves?” Amber blurted, awkwardly breaking the tension.

Holly covered her own mouth and blushed a deep scarlet as Amber immediately tried to walk the comment back, “a joke- just a stupid joke.” Lydia took note of how the larger roommate seemed genuinely intimidated by the smaller. “I’m sorry Dawn,” Amber continued, “but we do know why you always insist one of us go shopping with you.”

“What’s the plural of nemesis?” Dawn fumed.

“Oh, leave them alone- you know they love you,” Lydia said making peace. She tried to hide the fact that she was shaking. Lydia wanted to run- run from this place and never look back. The air thickened, an acrid smell filled her nose, and even the hallway seemed to dim just in her knowledge that Etna was somewhere nearby. The storm outside only made things more ominous. But she had to be strong. Dawn had asked for help- help from her big sister. Hadn’t she grown so much since she’d crawled out from under Etna’s oppressive shadow? Or was she still the same scared, awkward child she was in High School? “So…” Lydia started with great apprehension in her voice, “where’s her office?”

“We’re not going to her office,” Dawn said leading the group onward, “she’s never there.”

“I don’t think she can fit in her office,” Amber joked.

“Guys don’t be mean,” Lydia chided them, though she found the comment puzzling. “Even with Etna- you know how I feel about bullying.”

“Well, there’s mean and there’s the literal truth,” Dawn said. “You want to see her- well I guarantee she’ll be in here and you’ll see who’s the bully.” Emboldened, Dawn marched in double time- her balled fists swinging as she walked, her auburn mane keeping time behind her as it swished and snapped while she led her odd little group to their goal- the dining hall. Dawn’s frenetic momentum came to a halt however when she grabbed the handles of the hall’s double doors with the clear intent of swinging them open wide and dramatically. This didn’t happen, for as Dawn threw her weight back, the doors merely shook. Her second attempt got them partially open, but the rebound pulled her right back and Dawn’s face met them with a painful slap. The comedy of errors continued and Lydia put her face in her hand. Nothing set her sister off more than when anything dared defy her complete lack of strength. “DAMN… STUPID… STUCK!”

“Ugh! Here, let me,” Lydia grabbed a door and opened it, then gave her little sister a push inside. “While we’re here I’m buying you lunch- you desperately need to put on…” but Lydia didn’t finish. In amongst the commotion and noise of a hundred or more students, she saw Etna. Dawn was right, she could not be missed.
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Clovis has said some nice things

Chapter 1, Part 2

In the back of the crowded dining hall there was an area clearly avoided- a wide berth given to one who needed it. Seated in the distance, her back to them, was the biggest person Lydia had ever seen. Big, heavy, fat, obese- none of these words described what she saw. Lydia rubbed and blinked her eyes as they were in clear disagreement with her brain. Her sense of scale was in dispute- somehow an object in the foreground had made its way to the back. The whole spectrum of human sizes were on display there in the student body- from Dawn’s wispy figure to the biggest-boned, heaviest set student- yet they all still made sense coexisting. But the figure in the back was built to some other scale entirely. The ratios were off. The math didn’t work- someone had clearly forgotten to move a decimal point to the right.

That can’t be her, Lydia thought. Nothing about what loomed in the distance resembled the Etna she had known. Back in high school Etna was the ideal. Etna was the teenage dream. She shamed all the girls and teased all the guys. Over six feet tall and an early bloomer, Etna was well past any awkwardness or shyness associated with the teen years. She’d piloted her spectacular body with skill and confidence. Unfortunately all that confidence and beauty only led to arrogance and cruelty.

While slowly weaving their way though the packed dining hall, Lydia couldn’t take her eyes off the huge rocking mass as it ate and ate. The hair color isn’t even the same, Lydia tried to reassure herself, but she knew Etna dyed it blonde back in High School. That can’t be her- and Lydia had every right to think so, but a deeper part of her knew that it absolutely was. As beautiful, statuesque, and voluptuous as Etna had been, she’d always projected a vast heavy aura that was ugly and vindictive- it seemed she’d simply grown to fill it.

“That’s her,” Lydia stated.

“Yeah,” said Dawn, “though she probably wasn’t that big when you knew her.”

“No… “ Lydia said in awe as sight they were approaching kept appearing larger and larger until it all but dominated their view. “When I knew her she was… stunning.”

“She wasn’t that big the last time I saw her,” Amber said with a hint of fear in her voice.

“And she’s your nutrition teacher?” Lydia suddenly realized.

“Yeah, but I didn’t say she taught good nutrition,” Dawn said.

“We all assume she’s more about hands on experience than book learning,” Amber nervously joked. “She must have gotten her masters in caloric intake.”

As her sister arrived at the great bulging wall that was Etna’s backside, Lydia instinctually grabbed Dawn’s arm as if she were about to step into heavy traffic, and halted her.

Too big for a booth, Lydia noticed that Etna’s outrageously wide ass required a pair of chairs- one for each gargantuan cheek. Slowly the group rounded the hulking behemoth. Etna took no notice of them as she devoured her epic lunch with gusto. Seeming more famished than a castaway at sea, Etna was working quickly through a fully packed tray with another in waiting. Stacks of the already conquered plates, bowls and glasses lay empty off to the side.

Etna was so inhumanly large Lydia wondered if she had in fact cursed her back in High School. But that was impossible. Besides, Etna didn’t behave like a woman cursed. No, Lydia could see it in her eyes. Etna didn’t need more, she wanted more. Judging by the way she ate, if she was unhappy with her size, it was that she wasn’t big enough.

While the others hung back, Dawn moved in and took a stance before the mountainous woman that was six- seven- eight or more times her size. She tried to maintain a consistent glare at her imposing professor, but Dawn had never dared stand this close to her before. As Dawn’s eyes darted about trying to take in all that was Etna, her glare often flickered into wonder with traces of envy.

Etna paused ever so briefly between bites to glance over at Dawn, then promptly went back to her lunch. It wasn’t until Lydia took her place at Dawn’s side that the feasting halted. Etna smiled. She took one of the many napkins before her and delicately wiped her mouth. This had the odd effect of leaving a single clean patch on the splattered mess across her face and many neck rolls. She looked up at Lydia, then down at Dawn. “Not much of a resemblance…” Etna’s chairs creaked at the strain of her shifting bulk as she leaned forward for a better look at the diminutive girl trying to stare her down,. “…not now anyway. But when this dull little twerp came bounding into my classroom, I recognized her immediately. The spitting image of little Lydia Morrigan on her first day of high school. This one’s a bit more mature in the face, but…” she said looking Dawn up and down with disgust, “no where else.”

“If only I could say the same for you,” Lydia said, her voice cracking. “I barely recognized you- I…” Lydia paused as her brain conjured up a dozen cruel remarks, but her conscience overrode them all and she eked out, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in anything but a cheerleader outfit.”

“I didn't wear it to prom did I? Well… you would have know if you were there,” Etna said with a malicious grin. “And is that really it?” she guffawed. “Just my attire?” Her chairs again groaned in protest as Etna leaned back to show Lydia her full expanse. “No other changes you’ve noticed?”

It was as if the Etna Lydia knew had walked into a funhouse hall of mirrors and her warped reflection was the one that walked out. Her once chiseled face had puffed out with chubby cheeks, flabby jowls, and multiple chins that cascaded down upon a series of ever larger rolls around her neck. A light, thinly strapped top barely covered Etna’s upper body and displayed a massive amount of sweaty cleavage. Her boobs, once so proud and high, were like a giant pair of over-laden sacks resting long, fat, and heavy atop he immense girth. A mockery of the once firm and pinched midriff she’d always bared before, the greater bulge of Etna’s immense stomach and the deep crater of her belly button was left exposed. Her blubbery arms were like pairs of over-packed sausage links- their casings ruptured with mottled cellulite spilling out into drapes of flab. Her arms rested on her impossibly wide hips as if they were plump armrests. Etna’s once curvaceous ass whose pendulum swing marked the very time by which her school had been run, had ballooned into something that would have been obscenely large even had she been a centaur. Her immense foundation was encased in a straining skirt composed of yards and yards of taut fabric. Beneath it all, where once the longest and leanest legs had been, now emerged what looked like a series of boulders packed into nylons. As shocked as Lydia was to see her former rival’s proportions blown out to ludicrous dimensions, she was equally shocked that it had not humbled Etna one bit. Many a girl wishes to see the hot queen bitch of their youth turned fat slob in adulthood, but Etna took no shame in it- in fact, having achieved a size that should have made her a sideshow attraction had Etna practically bursting with pride.

“How…” Lydia started, but had no other words.

“How what?” Etna’s eyes begged Lydia to escalate.

“How… how are you even affording to eat like this? Whatever they’re paying you, you must be giving it all back. Did you marry rich like you always said you would?”

“No, I did one better- I inherited a fortune. Just finishing out the year until I can enjoy my retirement.” Smiling down at Dawn she added, “I wanted to stay long enough to see things though with my beloved little students.”

“You mean, make sure she fails,” Lydia seethed.

“Oh,” Etna sighed, “this one was a failure long before she met me. Speaking of which,” Etna turned her gaze back to Lydia with a delicious memory in her eyes, “remember when you tried out for cheerleading? God! That was the saddest thing I’d ever seen. I actually wanted to let you on the squad so you could properly humiliate yourself in front of a crowded stadium, but the rest of the committee never saw the humor in it.”

“I didn’t know you tried out for cheer,” Dawn said genuinely surprised. “I can’t even picture you in one of those outfits.”

“Please don’t,” Lydia cringed at the memory. “Sophomore year my body kicked in and I thought that’s what you were supposed to do when you got boobs and an ass. Instead, it only made me more awkward and drew the attention of the likes of Etna here.”

“Right, right, I remember,” Etna’s eyes were alight with the glories of her past. “You were a late bloomer. Never worth much effort before, but once competition arises, it must be squashed.”

“As I remember,” Lydia frowned, “that was when I took a hard turn from all things cheerful.”

“Yes!” Etna said gleefully, “only you couldn’t afford new clothes so you dyed all yours black- or as black as you could. You were my first big win- the first girl I broke. After that, you crawled into the dark recesses of the school to be with the other freaks. Just in time too- you did fill out nicely. Still, a body can only do so much against…” Etna waved her hand dismissively at Lydia’s wardrobe and makeup, “… all this weirdness. Congratulate yourself Lydia, it was you who emboldened me to take further action against my lesser peers.”

“This isn’t High School Etna,” Lydia grabbed Dawn by the shoulders, “and my sister doesn’t deserve… “ Lydia paused as her conscience granted her permission to say the worse thing in her head, “she doesn’t deserve YOU!”

“Where’s this boldness coming from I wonder? Seems we’ve been apart too long,” Etna said with a sigh. “Now, if I can teach you all one thing, let it be this- everything is high school. And that is why I am exactly what your sister deserves. I mean, what a family of misfits- one late bloomer and one non-bloomer,” Etna laughed as she pointed at Dawn, “Which makes you what exactly- a stem?

Dawn lowered her head, letting her hair do its job and hide her within the thick shroud.

“That’s more like it.” Etna looked to Dawn’s big sister Lydia with utter disdain. “Little brat’s usually hiding behind that great mop of hair she’s always so nervously preening.” Lydia looked down and saw Etna was right- even now, with Lydia by her side, Dawn’s hands had subconsciously begun worrying away at the old security blanket that was her ample tresses. Oddly enough, Amber who stood looming behind Dawn was also nervously fidgeting away with some of Dawn’s long strands in her trembling fingers. Poor Holly just paced about with her head down- wanting to be there for her friend- but only from a safe distance. Lydia elbowed her sister in the shoulder and both Dawn and Amber snapped to and crossed their arms over their chests trying to adopt more threatening poses.

“And who else do we have?” Etna said turning her attention to Dawn’s friends. “You- the lanky one- you look familiar.”

“Am… Amber” Amber said, suddenly self-conscious. “I was in your class this morning.”

“Ah yes- the vegan.” That last word seemed to be the only thing in the world that tasted bad in Etna’s mouth. “The one with the un-ironic penchant for peasant dresses,” she said shaking her head in disapproval before catching sight of the last of their group.

“But you- you I would recognize. My darling, where have you been hiding and why haven’t you taken one of my classes?” Etna asked Holly who immediately stopped her pacing about. “You remind me of myself back in the day… almost.” Etna waved her close and while Holly’s well covered legs obeyed, her face clearly did not wish them to. Etna then twirled a chubby index finger in the air and Holly likewise complied by turning herself around so Etna could try and see what she had to offer. “What a beauty,” she admired. “What a…” Etna reached a huge palm out and gave Holly’s unsuspecting and surprisingly curvaceous rump a SLAP! “perfect specimen.” Holly continued her rotation, tears and humility in her eyes. “Pity about the demeanor and outfit though. Straighten up!” Etna commanded. To her embarrassment, Holly did as instructed and as she rose out of her characteristic slouch, a spectacular bosom rose up though the baggy sweater she wore. Lydia looked away, but the other two couldn’t help but stare. “If you were to bitch up, dress for your figure, and lose your loser friends here you could rule this place,” Etna concluded sounding for once like an actual instructor, albeit a maniacal one. “What’s your name beautiful?”

“Holly, ma’am,” she chocked out though nerves and tears.

“Ma’am!” Etna cheered, “finally some respect today.”

Pleased with how things were going, Etna leaned her bulk back into the table and picked up a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches, downing the whole of it in four big bites. Her first tray finally cleared, she pushed it away and pulled her well-stocked second tray forward. As she ate hungrily and noisily, Etna failed to notice Dawn taking her big sister’s hand in her own.

As Etna reached for a colossal burger, Dawn took her free hand, grabbed the over-burdened tray, and pulled it from Etna’s ravenous grasp.

Etna slammed her fat fists down upon the table. The thundering concussion echoed across the dining hall and everyone within went instantly silent. Amber grabbed Holly about the waist and stepped back. Despite herself, even Lydia backed away, but only as far as her sister’s arm would allow. Dawn hadn’t budged an inch. For a moment, there was only the sound of whipping rain as it pelted against the windows outside. Etna’s big round face went red, then redder. Dawn could see her defiant act had filled Etna more than a dozen trays of food ever could. Rage bubbling up within, Etna seemed to swell as she leaned toward her puny opponent. Dawn faced the mountain of woman head on as she herself leaned forward- placing her delicate features less than an inch from the steaming visage before her. Etna’s eyes went aflame, “HOW DARE YOU! YOU LITTLE…”

“Stop calling me LITTLE!” Dawn barked back angrily as she also pounded her fist upon the table to much lesser effect. But her voice was rising and there was power in that. “EVERYONE is little next to you! EVERYTHING IN THIS ROOM is little next to you: trash barrels, tables, even the booths aren’t as BIG as YOU!”

“Oh you are OUT!” Etna huffed and huffed. “Insubordinate little brat- you are out of my class!”

“Little brat?” Lydia stepped forward to stand up for her sister. Despite having used the term a thousand times herself, it gave no right for anyone outside of family- let alone a supposed professor- to do so. She gave her sister’s hand a squeeze. “Dawn took your class because she wants to help feed the world’s hungry.”

“Then she would do better taking a song writing class instead,” Etna chuckled. “As far as I’m concerned she’s done nothing all term but fill a seat,” Etna glanced down at Dawn’s narrow hips, “and she hasn’t even done that well.”

“My sister’s record here is exemplary,” Lydia said with pride. “Top marks, dean’s list, numerous awards- I find it hard to believe that in four years of success yours is the only class she hasn’t excelled in, let alone passed.”

“Grades aren’t everything- a glowing transcript is the surest sign of a true loser. This…” Etna tried to come up with new adjectives as she pointed at Dawn, “…diminutive nuisance of yours, fails to impress in any way that actually matters.”

“The only thing my sister has ever backed away from has been physical threats. Now that I see you’ve become an even bigger bully, I assume Dawn’s never even been given the chance to impress.” Lydia paused a moment to catch her breath and let things de-escalate a bit. “Etna please, whatever issues we had between us- don’t take it out on her. She’s been through so much and has risen above it all. You only have to look to see it.” Lydia felt Dawn give her hand a squeeze in return. “And I know that you…” Lydia strained to make the words sound believable, “… you are better than this.”

“Ugh…” Etna dismissed Lydia’s plea. She glanced over at her tray, and felt a rumble in her not yet satiated belly. Etna was no longer having any fun, and she decided it best to just end things quickly. “If there was anything- anything at all your insignificant sibling here excelled at then maybe- MAYBE I’d reconsider- but honestly I’m hard pressed to come up with a single thing.”

“Is that a challenge?” Lydia asked.

“A challenge- yes!” Dawn leapt up excited. “You think I’m a stupid little brat who can’t do anything- I think you’re a vindictive over-fed bully who needs to be taught a lesson- so let’s have a competition- you and me, one on one- and we’ll let fate decide who’s right.”

“Are you talking about a test?” Etna asked.

“No, I’ve already aced all your tests.” Dawn replied truthfully. “I’m talking about a real world feat.”

Etna scoffed, “Well, I’m hardly going to run a marathon just to defend failing you if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“You pick,” Dawn replied, her energy now palpable. “Whatever challenge you want- pick your poison. If there’s something on this earth you’re actually good at other than eating and ruining young girl’s lives, then name it and I’ll wipe the floor with you at it.”

“Uh, uh- no restrictions,” Etna said wagging a fat finger at Dawn as her face lit up wth what she’d just heard. “You said ANY challenge, and you’ve just given me the very best one.“

“You want to compete to see who can ruin more girl’s lives?” Holly said confused.

All four girl’s turned to Holly with assorted expressions of bafflement, but it was Etna who clarified. “No you dimwit! I’m talking about an eating contest!”

“Fine,” Dawn agreed without hesitation.

“Fine?” Etna repeated, genuinely flabbergasted by Dawn’s instant and affirmative response. Looking to the girl’s companions she saw them as equally flummoxed. “I’m… I’m just joking. I thought the idea was so absurd that you’d finally just go away. Are you seriously thinking you can eat more than me?”

“Yeah,” Dawn confirmed, not less sure of herself.

“I’m not talking about some brief timed event or some silly game where we see who can stick more marshmallows in their mouth.” Etna strained to make things clear, as clearly they were not. “I’m talking about eating and eating and eating- and I MEAN eat. We’ll make sure the food’s divided equally with no hiding it under the table or feeding it to the dog. There won’t be any bulimic bathroom breaks either or you forfeit. It ALL goes in- got it? A feast without end until one of us gives up or we’ve run out of food.” Etna smiled smugly and added, “And full disclosure, the inheritance has made me very, very rich- so there’s never going to be no more food.”

“Right.” Dawn nodded.

Etna was exasperated by this girl’s apparent utter lack of sense. “There’s a capacity issue you just don’t seem to be comprehending here little miss. I mean… what is the measurement of that tiny waist of yours?”

Dawn took a step back as the question broke her resolve and her face turned pink. Wrapping her arms around her shame she mumbled, “um… twenty… one inches,” Dawn said, then quickly added, “twenty one and a half actually.”

“Good lord,” Etna replied with revulsion. “Well since a true lady never tells, let’s just say that you’ll have to multiply that by a factor of four to get near this.” She said proudly grabbing her gut and giving it a hearty shake, then added, “four and a half times actually.”

“So what?” Dawn tried to sound unimpressed.

“So what?” Etna repeated as she turned to Lydia as if for help, but Lydia simply shrugged. “What holds more, a thimble or a keg?”

“A keg,” Dawn replied, then to her shock Etna reached over and pinched Dawn’s nearest arm.

“Ow!” Dawn cried in real pain. Her skin was not very pliable and Etna had left a mark. “What was that for?”

“I wanted to see if perhaps you were made of rubber because I can conceive of no other way you would think that you- thimble, could hold more than me- keg.”

“Well,” Dawn said regaining her resolve, “It makes perfect sense if the thimble really, really, really hates the keg.”

Etna sighed. This was ludicrous. The confidence of this little fool was eating away at her very core. “So… if by some MIRACLE you succeed in eating more than me- then yes, I will pass you. But WHEN I defeat you, not only will I fail you in my class, I’ll find some way to have not only yourself, but your friends here EXPELLED as well. All records of your classes, grades, activities and any awards you may have swindled your way into getting will be deleted, shredded, and burned from existence.” Etna watched Dawn intently and still saw no hint of change in her demeanor, though her companions were another story she was happy to see- Holly, Amber and Lydia all looked close to passing out. “So, there it is- winner takes all- agreed?” Etna asked extending her huge chunky hand.

“WAIT!” Lydia and Amber cried out.

“Agreed,” Dawn said as she swiftly offered a dainty hand of her own and they shook on it. As waves of blubber undulated up and down Etna’a mammoth arm Dawn confirmed, “I am going to out-eat you…” she said with the utmost confidence, but then she couldn’t help but add, “and that’s the least I’m going to do.”

Lydia winced at that comment. She knew her sister. She knew that look and that tone, and what it meant was coming. Once Dawn put her mind to something, she not only took it to heart, but she also took it to the most illogical extreme.

“What do you mean ‘the least you’re going to do?’” Etna asked with a puzzled look.

“I mean that when I’m done with you…you’re… you’re going…“ Dawn stammered as her mind raced with escalating ambition. “When I’m done you’re not going to be feeling so very big.”

“Oh, there’s no way I’m not ever going to feel big,” Etna laughed as she patted her expansive belly with pride. But as she looked back at Dawn she saw the twisted meaning in her eyes. “You can’t be serious? You… you little PIPSQUEAK… you think YOU can get BIGGER than ME?” Etna’s eyes went wide with genuine shock.

Her face locked in determination, Dawn leaned her pretty little face back up to Etna’s massive bloated one. “When I’m done you’re going to feel like the insignificant little bitch you really are.”

For a moment the two remained staring eye to eye, nose to nose, but Etna broke the silence with an eruption of laughter. With a sweep of an arm she brushed Dawn off of her like a mere crumb. Etna clutched her massive quaking belly as her laughter escalated. “Oh Lydia…” she choked out with tears running down her chubby cheeks. “Lydia, I new you were daft, but your sister here absolutely takes the cake… well, not literally- skinny little thing- but yes, yes- challenge accepted! Dawn not only has to eat more than me, she has to somehow out grow me as well. And all in a single night!” Etna seemed winded as she tried to control her laughing and wipe the tears from her bleary eyes. “This is absurd and you’re positively insane, but I can always use an excuse to have another feast, and I simply can’t turn down the opportunity to put another Morrigan girl to shame.

Too excited to eat, Etna pulled her immense bulk up from the table. Everyone instinctually backed away as they would if a whale had suddenly breeched before them. Everyone but Dawn. Etna glanced down with amusement at the girl who remained defiant before her and laughed again. Etna stood a full foot taller than the little nothing of a girl and was nearly as wide. Shaking her head in disbelief at the bizarre turn of events she stepped away, then thinking better of it, turned back and grabbed her overburdened lunch tray. “My place. I’ll send directions. Just give me a few days to prepare. Let’s say Friday evening?”

“We’ll be there,” replied Dawn with a confident smile.

“Oh, I hope so,” Etna said as she grabbed a triple cheeseburger. “I could use another good laugh,” she added before shoving the entire stack of grease and fat into her mouth.

The silence of the hall broke into excited murmuring as Etna plowed her way through the crowd and on through the dining hall’s double doors- doors that Lydia noticed were pretty much a necessity for Etna.

“Um…” Holly leaned over to Amber, “what was that about us getting expelled?”
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Default Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Oh my gods you are insane!” Lydia shouted at Dawn the moment Amber got them inside the modest dorm room. Dawn took her sister’s bag and coat which Lydia offered up with enough force to nearly knock her over. That spent the last bit of energy Lydia possessed and she collapsed onto Dawn’s bed, exhausted from an exceedingly long and bizarre day. “What, what, WHAT were you thinking?”

Amber, having read the tone of the room, swiftly turned around and went back to the door. “Ah… I’m going to Holly’s to- you know- commiserate. She’s usually got a sunnier take on things.”

“Tell Holly not to worry,” Dawn said with a reassuring smile as she hung up her sister’s dripping coat.

For a moment Amber said nothing- she just looked at her roommate with profound dumfoundedness. Then the moment passed. “Don’t worry! Don’t… What am I supposed to tell Holly exactly- that Miss Vesuvi- a human FOOD TRUCK- is going to be out done by a girl who thinks that a can of soup really is two whole servings?”

“It says so right on the can!” Dawn didn’t hold up well under attack from the her closest confidant. As small as she was she seemed to shrink within herself as she clutched Lydia’s bag like a huge stuffed animal for protection.

“Dammit Dawn, when we go out to eat, you order off the kid’s menu!”

“It’s all I can afford!”

“You NEVER FINISH!” Amber was unrelenting. Stepping forward she emphasized their height difference even more as Dawn cowered. “How is a girl whose freshman fifteen was measured in GRAMS going to out grow that prehistoric beluga?” Like Lydia and Etna before, Amber seemed winded by Dawn’s apparent obliviousness to the whole situation. “Oh… oh man… I can’t… I can’t even deal with this.” Amber went to her dresser and took out a small bag. “Two days… oh man, I am dreading what’s to come.”

“Honestly, just wait and you’ll see there’s nothing to worry about.” Dawn exhaled with relief at the conclusion of Amber’s tirade. “Besides, I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“Then you are insane!” Amber yelled as she slammed the door behind her and marched loudly down the hall.

“Hmm… “ Dawn said looking genuinely surprised, “I’ve never seen her like that.”

“Well, buckle up sis, because it’s about to get a whole lot worse,” Lydia sat up as she regained some focus. “This is serious Dawn. I was going to set up a meeting tomorrow with the Dean, but now I’m thinking I should take you to the psychology building and see if anyone needs a good subject for their thesis. We all love what a spitfire you are, but you’ve crossed EVERY line today including the one that divides reality from fantasy. Do you have any idea what you’ve done? In front everyone! You’ve probably lost your two best friends, not to mention…”

“Lydia…” Dawn said calmly as she stood still hugging her sister’s weekend bag. “Lydia, I know.”

Lydia was a bit thrown by her sister’s rare admission of guilt. “Oh… well good- at least that’s a start.”

“No,” Dawn said staring intently into Lydia’s eyes. “I know.”

Lydia stared back confused by how her sister’s tone had become somber in the middle of what should have been a classic Morrigan sister’s shouting match. “You… you know what?”

“I know,” Dawn repeated, her voice reassuring.

“Again,” Lydia straightened up, concern in her eyes. “You know what exactly?”

“I know about you, sis,” Dawn said. “The only thing I don’t know is where you hide it. I’ve searched your apartment top to bottom, so I can only assume you keep it on you at all times.”

“Keep what? Wait… what?” Lydia’s head was spinning. “Why have you been snooping? Wait…” she then realized Dawn had never put down her bag.

Dawn unzipped Lydia’s luggage and promptly dumped all of its content onto the floor. Not seeing what she was looking for, Dawn began to root around the bottom of the bag. ”No… I’ve looked everywhere… there must be a false bottom to this thing.”

“Dawn… Dawn please stop.” Lydia felt tears welling. “You are really starting to worry me. What could be so important?”

“A book. An old book. I think it’s in Latin- I’ve never gotten a good look at it,” Dawn said tossing the bag away in frustration.

“Why?” Lydia cried, fearing the answer.

“Because it’s your spell book,” Dawn replied.

Lydia felt as if she’d been dropped into a frozen lake. All her senses relented as her brain tried to absorb the shock of Dawn’s reveal of her most secret of secrets. Lucky to already be on a bed, her body went limp and her head fell against the wall with a thump. Her eyes lost focus and went impossibly distant.

Dawn sat down next to her sister and gave her a hug. “I know you’re a witch,” she whispered.

“A… A what?” Lydia whispered back in faint protest from her haze.

Dawn didn’t say anything else. She sat with her arms entwined around her catatonic sister for a good long time, until she passed very nearly into sleep. Eventually she felt Lydia stir back into the present and they both sat up. Lydia looked at Dawn ever so briefly. Sighing, she then turned, and from a spot just outside of Dawn’s view, produced the large and ancient volume in question.

“What?” Dawn said practically going cross-eyed in her confusion. “Wha- where? It can’t possibly have been here the whole time!”

“Well…” Lydia said her voice still thin like gauze, “it’s hard to explain. In a way, the book has been here all along, but it’s also sort of everywhere at all times. I keep it outside the physical realm- whenever I need it, I just pull it from the astral plane.”

“O…k…” Dawn murmured as she reached out to confirm the book as tangible.

“Careful!” Lydia sparked back to life as she pulled the book away. “It’s dangerous.”

“Dangerous huh?” Dawn said. “It says ‘Family Recipes.’ These must be some particularly spicy recipes.”

“Well,” Lydia said, “as I guess you know, they’re a very unique kind of recipe.”

“Sure,” Dawn agreed, “but it does say ‘FAMILY Recipes.’ We are family aren’t we? Why have you been withholding my half of our birthright?”

“Oh- well that’s actually a false cover I put on to disguise the book for when the likes of you are around,” Lydia said, “you know- just in case.”

“So putting it in another dimension didn’t seem like enough?”

“Clearly it wasn’t,” Lydia bemoaned as she peeled away the false front to reveal the faded and time worn original whose ancient script read: INCANTATIONIBUS QUIA DIGNI SUNT, NON ENIM QUI MALEDIXERIT.

With cautious wonder Dawn traced her fingers over the lettering that seemed eerily to have been written in blood. “What does it say?”

“SPELLS FOR THE WORTHY, CURSES FOR THOSE NOT,” Lydia translated in hushed reverence.

“So, you didn’t get this from Nana?”

“No… and never ask me where I did get it.”

Dawn saw from Lydia’s expression that it was well within her interests to comply. Still, she couldn’t leave it there- her whole plan hinged on her sister’s supernatural assistance. “Look, I really need your help. Where there’s a will there’s a way, I know- but the only will I have going up against Etna is my last will and testament. Amber wasn’t exaggerating. I was the only girl who was hoping for her freshman fifteen- and I really put in the effort. Needless to say, the other girls got theirs- Holly most spectacularly- while I ended up dressing in layers just to fit in. I need help- the kind only you can provide. I know you don’t have a mean bone in your body, but you know first hand what a vindictive monster Etna is. Our lives may not be in danger, but our livelihoods certainly are.”

“No,” Lydia said placing the book on the nightstand. “I’m going to fix this like an adult. Tomorrow- first thing- we’re going to talk to the Dean. I’m sure this can be worked out- Etna was way out of line and grossly unprofessional.”

“And she’s rich,” Dawn reminded Lydia. “You heard her- what does a college value more, a rich benefactor, or an overachieving little twerp? But sure, we have two whole days, so why not waste one on bureaucracy first.”

“But that’s your strength Dawn- all your letters and debates, all you’ve gotten done.”

“I’ve saved a tree and got a stop sign put up,” Dawn said dismissively. “Both of which took hundreds of hours of time and effort.” She pointed at Lydia’s book. “But you can do so much more can’t you?”

Lydia, seemed swayed by her sister’s plea, but refused to commit. “Dawn, sweetie, you have no idea how dangerous this stuff is. How even the simplest of spells can have disastrous and unintended results. I can’t take such a risk with you.”

“Oh, but you could for Ally? And Millie and Cass? What about Gwen and Connie?”

“Geez, has it been that many?” Lydia said embarrassed.

“Those are just the one’s I know about. Your exploits haven’t exactly been subtle.”

“Which is why…” Lydia started but Dawn interrupted.

“Which is what I’m in need of. You’ve always been supportive of my causes and you think I’m a bleeding heart, but you’re just as guilty. Any girl who’s been bullied or belittled has had a champion in you. You helped them all in your… well, unique way- and many were girls you had only just met. What greater cause could you support than your own blood?”

“I still don’t think you understand what your asking.”

“Oh, I do,” Dawn smiled sheepishly. “Believe me I do. It was your old dorm-mate who I got to spill the beans. Ally’s story… what you did… the sheer scale of…” Dawn turned away in embarrassment then confided, “it’s been a fantasy of mine ever since.”

“You manipulative deviant!” Lydia said as her brain pieced together the events of the afternoon. “You’ve just been waiting for an opportunity to do this.”

“Yeah, so what if I did,” Dawn said turning back to her sister. “Little brat, pipsqueak, twerp, twiggy, shrimpy- all names you’ve never been called in adulthood. How many times have I endured your jokes about the growth spurt that’s never coming.” Dawn began tearing up, her bottom lip quivering. “I’m a full grown woman but everyone treats me like a child. I’m smart and I’m capable but no one cares. Heck, sometimes I even wonder if we really are sisters. It’s not like we can ever borrow each other’s clothes. When the puberty fairy came for you she must have knocked herself out so hard that she forgot our address.”

Lydia often scolded herself for mistaking Dawn for less than she was because she was small. Dawn was and would always be her kid sister and they were both guilty of acting more childish when together. But Dawn had matured into a wonderful woman if not a woman fully grown. Would her size even bother her if not for Lydia? Surely seeing a flower bloom so fully in her own garden gave Dawn every right to expect the same for herself. Lydia reached out and ran her fingers through her sister’s incredibly long hair- the one thing she could grow, and a clear over-compensation. “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel less than you are,” Lydia said pulling Dawn in for a hug. After a few sobbing minutes and several tissues the girls got themselves composed enough to get down to business.

“Fine, fine, I’ll help you,” Lydia conceded with a final sniffle as she pulled her sister’s hair behind her ears so she could see her red puffy face. “But Etna had one thing right- you really are a brat.”

“And you’re going to make me the biggest brat ever!” Dawn cheered as she grabbed the spell book and plopped in onto her sister’s lap.

They didn’t see Amber at all during the two days leading up the event. Holly came by- polite but brisk- as she gathered some things for her.

“I know you two must be freaking out, but we are going to make this work,” Lydia said.

“Oh… I’m sure,” Holly replied with a wide grin as she nervously maneuvered around Lydia, keeping her at a distance before leaving as swiftly as she came.

It took the full two days of searching, but Lydia was certain she’d found a spell that would get her sister the needed victory, and yet wouldn’t lead to some spectacular disaster in the process.

RIVAL MEA, ME IPSUM- PER SUPRA SICLI. Lydia had Dawn study the line repeatedly so she’d be ready when the time came. “MY RIVAL, MY SELF- OVER BY AN OUNCE.” Lydia translated its meaning. “Once you recite the incantation, you should be able to not only match Etna, but trump her by just a bit.”

“Yeah, by one measly ounce. Hardly impressive,” Dawn sulked. “Who can even tell an ounce from hundreds and hundreds of pounds?”

“It will be enough,” Lydia said exhausted and bleary eyed. “I know Etna, just being her equal will shatter her ego. Besides, pounds could be interpreted as money and stone could mean, well, actual stone. You don’t fancy turning into a statue, do you? An ounce is fine.”


“Dawn, there just aren’t any good spells for what you’re trying to do. Gluttony spells are always curses- and before you ask, no, I’m not going to curse you. Curses lack all the protections of a spell. We don’t want you suffocating under your own weight, having a heart attack, or even rupturing for goodness sake.” Lydia winced at the mental image. “I was able to find a few enchantments made to assist in digestion during the feast of Saturnalia, but nothing to the extent you need. My gods, as it is I still can’t imagine you turing into a giant fat blob like Etna. And keep in mind, even if it all goes to plan I can’t guarantee the effect won’t be permanent- I’ve been extremely lucky with reversal spells, but that’s a whole other can of worms.” Lydia sighed heavily as she asked Dawn for the umpteenth time, “Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“You know I do. But I just think some of these other spells…”


“Yeah, but there’s still other ways of getting big. It doesn’t have to be all gross and sweaty. What about some of those others you mentioned earlier?”

“They’re all too vague. Just the word ‘all’ is too vague. We can’t think about what we’re thinking a word or phrase means, we have to think about what the spell thinks it means- which is always deceptively different. ‘All,’ does that mean food and drink? Does that mean physical possessions? Back in the time these were written there were those who not only laid claim to, but taxed the very air their subjects breathed in. Heck, even the idea of ‘in,’ is dangerous. And does ‘in’ mean no possibility of out. You might not be able to speak. You may never be able to go to the bathroom again. Who knows what kind of control you’ll have- what if you become some kind of endless black hole? Not to mention there’s no cap on most of these spells. Believe me, I am speaking from experience- we need a spell that is simple, specific, and indicates when the spell has done its job or else things get blown all out of proportion.”

“But isn’t that the idea,” Dawn pleaded.

“NO!” Lydia said one final time and slammed the book shut.
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Excellent start! I can't wait to read more!
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This is wonderful! Keep it up!

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LumpD and AndyF150, I appreciate your feedback, and yes, there is much more to come.
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Chapter 3

“They look like clown pants on you.” These were Amber’s first words to Dawn in days.

“I don’t know if seeing you in my clothes makes you look even smaller, or makes me think I need to go on a diet,” Lydia said as she watched her sister make awkward progress from the bus stop.

‘No, the sweatpants are perfect.” Dawn had tied the waist just below her chest to keep from tripping over the long baggy legs.

“Those are my lazy day pants,” Lydia blurted out embarrassed. “They are not indicative of my regular pants- or the size of my ass. I think you’re all making way too much out of the difference between an XS and a medium.”

“But aren’t these a men’s medium?”

“Hush,” Lydia shushed. “But what I don’t understand is why you insisted on wearing a button down shirt. Seems horribly impractical- it’s not so big and has very little stretch. Besides, if everything goes as planned you should have worn a tent.”

“Oh no, a button down shirt is key. This isn’t just about being big- it’s about getting big and I want to enjoy the whole process,” Dawn said. “A button down shirt should be the most fun to outgrow.”

“Well, I’m hoping this spe…” Lydia caught herself, “… PLAN works a bit like Millie’s and your clothes will grow with you.”

“Aw, that’s no fun,” Dawn whined, disappointed by the prospect.

Lydia simply shook her head, content in agreeing to disagree with her sister. Though Lydia was nervous about the spell they were attempting and terrified of whose home they going to attempt it at, Dawn had been buzzing since breakfast (a single packet of oatmeal) and her positive vibes were infectious. Unfortunately, neither Amber or Holly had joined them that morning, and Lydia noticed them dragging unenthusiastically behind them.

“Now girls, I don’t want you to worry. We have it all figured out- no one is getting expelled.” Lydia tried to reassure the downtrodden pair, but she felt the need to warn them as well, “but I do want to caution you… ah… there may be things tonight that may not quite make sense. Things that may well seem… strange.”

“Relax Lyds,” Dawn countered, “Amber was raised on a commune by hippies. She should be used to strange.”

“What does that mean exactly?” Lydia asked.

“What it means,” Amber answered while shooting a sour look at her roommate, “is that I was raised under a belief system centered around the philosophies of Zhuangzi who taught that all reality could just be a dream, and if so- so what. Honestly, I don’t remember the details- there was a lot of pot involved. Which by the way, is the only thing that got me out the door today to join you in this lunacy.”

“And what about Holly?” As soon as Lydia turned her eyes on Holly the girl began looking up at the sky as if a rare bird had suddenly flown by.

“Well, one thing you should know about Holly is…” Amber whispered the secret in Lydia’s ear.

“Oh no she does not!”

“Only they call him Father Christmas, but yeah.”

“See sis, nothing to worry about- we’re not going to break any brains tonight.” But then Dawn stopped right in her tracks and turned to her companions with a look like her mind had at least been slightly cracked.

“Holy moly, she really is rich!” Dawn gawked at the huge mansion in the distance. High on a hill, a palatial Xanadu rose four stories above sculpted gardens and manicured lawns. Tall windows of leaded glass glowed with color beneath dripping gargoyles and were flanked by ivy trellised over brick and stone. What stood before them was bigger than the apartment building Dawn and Lydia had grown up in, yet in the dusky distance faded lights described additional wings off the main house and expanded Etna’s sprawling estate even further. It was a manor old, grand, and charming- a false front for the graceless behemoth they were there to meet.

As the group came to an imposingly large gate of wrought iron, Amber gave a playful nudge to Holly and joked, “What have the got in there, King Kong?”

“Pretty much,” replied Dawn as she pressed the buzzer.

After a long pause came the response, and they were surprised to hear Etna’s out of breath voice and not some snooty butler, “Hello?”

“We’re here.”

“Park around back, I don’t want whatever cheap jalopy you came in parked in front of my home.”

“Umm… we took the bus.”

“… there's a bus? Alright then…”

With a buzz and a squeal the formidable barrier parted itself and admitted them onto the property. “Seems a bit excessive,” Amber said as she grabbed Holly’s wrist and hurried her along as the gates closed ominously behind them.

“Welcome to the land of excess,” Lydia sighed as they headed up the long drive.

At the entryway stood a huge pair of double doors. Seeing no doorbell, Dawn reached up to a brass lion holding a knocker in it’s jaws. Loudly Dawn struck brass against wood and the sound echoed about the portico. As if in response, the house itself seemed to pound back. Through ornate panes of textured glass they watched as a dark shape appeared and made a slow and labored approach. It was a form that seemed too big to be human, and so large that self-locomotion should have been impossible. But it approached them none-the-less. Heavy thudding footsteps sent the antique door knocker rattling- the lion trembling in fear. Etna’s distorted figure looked like a massive boulder slowly rolling towards them. With the click of a lock, Lydia and Dawn simultaneously went for each other’s hand.

As the doors before them opened wide- though quite possibly not wide enough- their collective eyes opened even wider. Lydia could see that their gawking was relished by Etna, so turning to Dawn she gestured to the monstrosity filling the doorway and said, “See, tent.”

“Tent!” Etna scoffed. “This is charmeuse, and a one of a kind from Paris.” Shimmering red silk beyond measure highlighted and poured over every roll of flab and bulge of blubber contained within. Despite Etna’s denial however, Lydia noted that the comically large garment was cut into the style commonly known as a tent dress.

“Cripes!” Amber exclaimed with equal parts astonishment and dread, and no parts decorum, “she looks even bigger than before!”

Etna drummed her fingers upon her huge stomach as she gave them all ample time to decide if what Amber said was true. She nodded and grinned as she saw the confirmation on their faces- not only had Etna grown, she had grown quite considerably since last they met. With bemusement she looked down at Dawn, who due to her oversized clothes, had appeared to have shrunk even smaller. “I see you brought your friends.”

“You were the one who involved them in this.”

“Oh, I was hoping you would, I don’t mind an audience.”

“Yeah, about that…” Amber pushed Dawn aside and tried bargain with Etna, “… about what you said if she loses.”

“Have you no faith in her?” Etna asked. “I mean, I don’t- but I’m not crazy enough to be her friend.” Etna gave her head a definitive shake as she reiterated, “Your fate remains in Dawn’s hands- her feeble little hands.”

As Amber shrugged away in defeat, Holly took her place, smiling warmly at her host as she handed Etna a tin-foil wrapped gift. “Hello,” she said with a perfect curtsy, “thank you for having us.”

Etna brought the item to her nose, sniffed, then smiled. “Banana bread?”

“Yes, ma’m.”

“Ha! Worried we wouldn’t have enough?” Etna laughed as she rotated her bulk around and gestured for them to follow. “You really are a doll- doesn’t mean I’m not going to have you expelled- but you I like.”

Etna escorted the group through a towering atrium where a lot of construction was left in the midst of completion. “Pardon the mess- seems much of the old house was in sudden need restructuring and a bit of widening.” With a coy wink Etna added, “Though I can’t imagine why.” The girls could see a grand staircase being supported with steel in place of wood, and new over-sized door frames being put to the adjoining spaces. “I’m afraid we’ll have to go the long way around,” Etna continued as they were led down a hallway wide enough that the four visitors could walk abreast.

Trailing behind Etna’s lumbering advance, the head of each girl swayed subconsciously in unison with the mesmerizing swing of Etna’s epic posterior. They marveled as each laborious step brought one of Etna’s enormous hips up to its zenith where upon it would make contact with the wall, only to then teeter and pivot as the other hip was sent off to brush against the one on the opposite side.

Arriving at another pair of doors Etna swung them open dramatically. “Hope you’re hungry,” she said as a wafting breeze sent a myriad of tempting smells to greet her guests.

There are great feasts, there are grand banquets, and then there are obscene buffets meant to handle the care-free appetites of an entire passenger list on a cruise ship. That still didn’t equal the scale of what lay before Dawn. Turkeys, ducks, chickens, turduckens, pheasants, swans, roast pigs and more- a menagerie in well-basted repose. Seafoods chilled, boiled, broiled, stuffed and raw. Piles of all possible cuts of meat. Stews, soups and chowders. All shapes of pasta smothered with every known kind of sauce. Fruits and nuts all candied, honeyed and glazed. Rolls, loaves, and pans of bread. Vegetables awash in butter. All that and more, along with variations from every conceivable corner of the globe. Tantalizing smells unknown. There didn’t seem to be any food, flavor, or recipe neglected. And it was all in duplicate- a Noah’s ark of foodstuffs, saving the whole world’s bounty for but two waiting mouths.

The largest single table Dawn had ever seen- so heavily laden with food as it was- still could not hold all that had been prepared. It was flanked by even longer rows of brimming sideboards and surrounded by an armada of well stocked serving carts. Even in a house so large, Etna’s lavish dining room was grossly out of scale. A former ballroom done over and over done as a gastronomical temple held a ceiling eighteen feet high and decorated with frescoes depicting various scenes of plenty. Tall windows lined the outer wall, while from the others hung original oils portraying historical feasts and historical feasters. Sconces in the shape of cornucopias lit the room and all about were motifs of vines and branches hung with temptingly swollen fruits. The room’s garish and gilded decor, much like Etna herself, was shamelessly grandiose. But the effect of so much pomp did successfully denote an event of considerable circumstance.

“Wow, you really are the host with the most,” Amber commented about the opulence on display.

“I have two private chefs,” Etna boasted. “I also called in the caterers who handle my private events, and they needed to call in some friends as well.”

“So,” Etna turned to face Dawn, “before we begin…”

Dawn, extended a hand. “May the best woman win.”

In lieu of a hand of her own, Etna offered up her whopping big belly instead. “Oops!”

The impact against Etna’s thrust out torso sent Dawn tumbling backward and landed her in a twisted heap on the parquet floor.

“HEY!” Lydia yelled as she ran to check on her sister. “This is an eating contest not a wrestling match!”

“You’re right,” Etna said giving her mighty gut an appreciative rub, “since that would be over already. I just wanted to give your delicate little sister a better idea of what she’s up against,” Etna shook her head at the sight of Lydia helping Dawn to her feet. “And what is it I’m up against exactly?” Reaching deep into her cavernous bosom Etna pulled out a pair of files. “I took the liberty of taking this from the campus nurse,” she smiled as she opened the first file and began reading: “Dawn Astrea Morrigan, twenty one years old, eyes green, hair auburn, height… five foot, ZERO inches- HUMPH,” she snorted.

“And a half,” Dawn chirped.

“In heels maybe.” Etna continued, “Weight…” she paused for effect, “Ninety one pounds. Ha! HA!” She chortled. “And before you add another half, how much of that is your ludicrously long hair? You’re certainly not carrying any weight in those minuscule little boobies of yours, which…” she said scanning the file and then dismissively tossing the first page aside, “well, I don’t know why they leave that information out, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say an “A” cup though I’m betting that as at university, you've never graduated out of a training bra. Only you could spell petite without even a little tit.”

Etna then held out the second page for all to see, “And does your dear sister Lydia even know about all this?” she asked feigning concern. “I’ve never seen such a long list of food allergies. Not to mention hyperthyroidism, a calcium deficiency, an abbreviated digestive tract, and some kind of bone density issue. While we’re at it,” she said turning to another page, “it seems you should thank me for holding this event indoors as it says here your ghostly pale skin is too sensitive for direct sunlight!” Etna tossed the file aside and said with real sympathy, “I always thought Lydia was the most pathetic freak I’d ever met- if I didn’t despise you so much I’d feel bad for you.”

Dawn remained quiet as Lydia kept a reassuring arm around her.

“If that doesn’t change your mind then take a look at this,” Etna said tossing the second folder at the sisters. “Read it and weep.” Inside were Etna’s medical records. The pair stood slack-jawed as their eyes darted around the documents detailing Etna’s meteoric rise into obesity and beyond. There were illegible signatures from countless doctors and an endless list of drugs and treatments with unpronounceable names all along the many dates chronicling her ever-increasing statistics. They flipped through page after page, terrified as the numbers grew and grew until the reached the very last one.


“Oh… so sorry- that was from before you challenged me to this marvelous contest.” Etna grinned smugly as she reached even further down into her copious cleavage and produced a single folded sheet of paper. “This one’s from today,” she said handing the dampened note to Lydia who unfolded the page cautiously. “You can see I’ve been practicing.”

The document had only one number. Dawn winced as she realized it was higher that any amount of money she’d ever had in the bank.

“You can’t possibly have gained a hundred and twenty nine pounds in two days!” Lydia declared in shock.

“Wait,” Amber puzzled, “How much…”

“Nine hundred and ninety two pounds,” Holly added matter of factly. The other girls were appropriately gobsmacked.

“Let’s say my grand ambitions have been further motivated,” Etna boasted. “And I certainly could have pushed on for a glorious thousand, but I thought I’d let you all watch as I cross that milestone tonight.” Etna then directed her attention back solely on Dawn as with one hand she hefted up the flabby girth of her right breast. “See this? This tit alone outweighs your entire scrawny body. And soon it will be so much bigger… so much heavier, so much… well just MORE!” Etna grabbed hold of her other breast for emphasis and her eyes burned with the grand visions swirling in her head. This is your last chance to concede.”

Dawn locked eyes with her opponent, her gaze not in the least bit distracted by Etna’s vulgar tits. Gracefully she sauntered back to meet her opponent eye to eye and belly to bones. Etna had made it clear that the professor/student relationship didn’t apply here, so there was no need for formality. Dawn placed her small palms upon the great bulging wall of inhumanity before her. Then, to Etna’s great surprise, Dawn proceeded to push. Etna didn’t budge, nor did that seem to be Dawn’s intention as she shoved her hands deep into the silk covered dough.

“Hey now, let’s not get too familiar,” Etna scolded, but in her head she reveled at the sight for it was not just the puny brat’s hands, but her entire forearms that were engulfed by the humid folds of her massive front. Seeing her this close only made Dawn look more pathetic and small. And conversely she knew, she must only look that much larger to Dawn.

Dawn retrieved her arms and then gave Etna’s stomach a slap, “So big!” Dawn said in reverence as the slap sent quivering waves across Etna’s blubber.

“That’s right,” Etna said proudly- not at all bothered by Dawn’s strike that felt like nothing more than a mosquito bite, “take it all in little one.”

“That’s the idea…” Dawn held out a finger and traced a long path along Etna’s impressive circumference, counting her steps as she made her way slowly around her adversary.

“I can’t believe it,” Dawn said awestruck as she completed her circuit, staring at the vast mountain of woman before her.

“I’m sure you can’t,” Etna said as she took in a deep breath and straightened her straining back to enhance her already formidable size.

“No…” Dawn said as she took a step back. “What I can’t believe…” she continued as she dramatically held her slender arms out, “…is that by the end of tonight…” she continued stretching her arms out wide, as wide as she could, taking note that her full wingspan still didn’t match Etna’s staggering diameter, “…I am going to be BIGGER than THIS!” she declared as she brought her palms in to deliver a double slap upon Etna’s meaty flanks. “AND I CAN’T WAIT!” she proclaimed as she pirouetted around with an extra whirl of her neck that sent her long hair off like a whip and delivered a truly stinging slap against the very tit Etna had taunted her with. Proudly Dawn strolled off, weaving her way through the bevy of rolling carts to claim her end of the incredibly large dining table.

Etna gave her sore breast a rub. “I think the laws of nature will have something to say about that,” she chided as she maneuvered her titanic ass to her own end of the table. “Besides, a thousand pounds is just a nice round number and you’re insane if you think you can bridge a fraction of the gap in our sizes in just one sitting. But the detail your little brain has missed, is that while you’re struggling to get this big, I am only going to get bigger. While your failure is inevitable you should all consider yourselves lucky as you’ll be witnessing history in the making. Contest or no, by the end of tonight I will be the biggest woman in the world. No, wait…” Etna paused in frustration over her limited thinking, “by the end of tonight I will be the BIGGEST… the HEAVIEST… the LARGEST PERSON OF ALL TIME!” Etna huffed and huffed as she amplified herself. “I’M GOING TO GET SO BIG, NONE WILL EVER DARE CHALLENGE MY SUPREMACY- LEAST OF ALL YOU!” Emphasizing her final point, Etna slammed her paunchy fists upon the table and sent an earthquake on down through all the waiting foods and fine dinnerware to her diminutive foe.

Dawn’s eyes were taken in by a hypnotically undulating mountain of ambrosia salad before quickly snapping back to the feud at hand. “Oh, you needn’t worry- my little brain has calculated in your coming expansion,” Dawn replied prissily as she hopped up onto her chair, “in fact, I fully expect you to get bigger by half.” But as she watched her opponent from the other end of the room Dawn could recognize the raw ambition in Etna’s eyes as she yearned hungrily for the glorious feast still trembling before her. Dawn was so caught up in her own lofty ambitions, she realized she hadn’t really taken Etna’s own megalomaniacal fervor into account. She began to feel unease as her confidence wavered- something not helped by the fact that while seated, her feet dangled several inches from the floor. “You might even double in size,” Dawn squeaked out. “Makes no difference,” she said no longer sure that it did.

There was a long pause where nothing seemed to happen. Everything but the ambrosia salad had settled, and anticipation hung heavy in the air.

Dawn reached out and picked up a huge Turkey leg. The glistening limb outweighed her own arm and she brought it wavering to her mouth. “Should I? Are we?” she asked, as her thin little wrist strained under the fowl load.

“AHEM!” Etna huffed with an annoyed look that told Dawn to wait. She looked to the other girls and gestured behind her where no chair sat waiting.

Lydia simply ignored Etna and headed off to join her sister. Amber and Holly looked to one another in confusion, then back at Etna who’s irritation grew.

“After two whole days of preparing this feast I had to give my exhausted staff leave for the weekend. So if you wouldn’t mind making your little minions useful,” Etna said to Dawn as she gestured once again behind her.

Dawn nodded to Holly and she dutifully walked over and began to slide a well crafted but exceedingly outmatched chair below Etna’s sprawling backside.

“Oh come on- do you seriously think that will do?” Etna scolded.

Amber responded with a second chair.

“No,” Etna said looking even more annoyed.

Unsure of what to do, the girls looked about the great room and eventually came upon a beautiful Victorian era fainting couch.

“That’s more like it,” Etna smiled as she watched the pair of perfectly fit girls struggle to move the long chaise lounge and maneuver it below her impatient and enormous ass.

Amber and Holly backed away cautiously as the plush furniture strained to accept Etna’s descending freight. True to its name, the sofa seemed woozy as its frame bowed and faltered. A disquieting groan sent them off even faster to Dawn’s end of the room. This was followed by some squeaks as Etna pulled a pair of carts in closer, surrounding herself on three sides with waiting dishes.

Now seated, the opponents could hardly see one another over the cityscape of towering foodstuffs laid out between them. Etna was content to watch the strain on Dawn’s furrowed brow as she struggled to hold the Turkey leg at the ready. ”Shall we then?”

“Just a sec…” Dawn said as her free hand yanked string to untie her too-big sweatpants. For effect, she pulled the stretchy waistband out at far as she could- about two feet out from her flat stomach- then let it fall loosely back. “Okay, I’m good.”

“Then have at it,” Etna said as she dove right in with both hands.

Amber watched in complete dismay as Dawn, much as expected, began nibbling slowly away at the turkey leg in the dainty lady-like way she’d always eaten her food. As Dawn pulled a bit of tendon from her teeth with a look of disgust a loud echoing CLANG! came from the opposite end of the room.

Having already devoured an entire brisket, Etna had sent the platter clattering to the floor as one would spike a football in victory. “HA! You’re failing grade is about to turn into an epic fail!” Etna shouted as she hungrily grabbed another heaping dish.

Lydia leaned down to her sister, but then remembered something important. “Girls, if you wouldn’t mind, please give us a moment.” Amber nodded and wandered off, head in hands and muttering to herself. Holly hadn’t needed to be told as she’d maintained her constant distance from Lydia.

Lydia was nervous, but she was satisfied in her preparations. She’d left nothing to chance. She placed a comforting hand on Dawn’s shoulder and whispered in her ear. “my rival, myself- over by an ounce. Now repeat after me: ‘rival mea, me ipsum- per supra sicli.’”

Dawn nodded, but to Lydia’s utter horror those were not the words she spoke. Instead (and in flawless latin) she chanted: “RIVALIS BONA, BONA MEA- EAM INTRA OMNIA!” Dawn turned to her stunned sister, and as she watched the color drain from her face she translated: “MY RIVAL’S, MY OWN- TAKE IT ALL IN!” With a guilty smile and a shrug she asked, “Did you really never notice Latin on all my transcripts? Admit it, there’s no way your spell was going to be enough to teach that ravenous beast a lesson.”

As the potent spell washed over Dawn she gasped. Looking down both Lydia and Dawn saw that the gasp was not then released back- try as she could Dawn found she was incapable of exhaling the deep breath. Her lungs held it true, then after a moment it slowly dispersed and Dawn felt a pleasurable sensation as her body puffed up ever so slightly. Her next breath did the same, as did the next, and so would every breath, every bite of food, every drop of drink and who knows what else.

“What’s going on down there?” Etna asked, her mouth full of food.

“Just… ah, just some words of encouragement,” Lydia called back, a slight air of hysteria in her voice. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” she hissed in her sister’s ear.

“Kinda…” Dawn said. “Hey, I still got my voice- seems you were wrong about that,” she said with a reassuring grin. “What’s done is done,” Dawn said as she gave her softening torso a touch and grinned even wider. “Let’s just thrill at the possibilities.”

“Well then…” Lydia said loudly for all to hear, “better get going sis- you wouldn’t want to embarrass us now would you?” She gave Dawn a reassuring pat on the back and took note of how it already seemed less bony.

“Don’t worry, you’re not the one who’s going to be embarrassed,” Dawn replied and in three huge bites the entire turkey leg was gone- Lydia didn’t even see where the bone went.

Dawn’s eyes looked to the feast anew- now that she knew it was going to fit, she couldn’t wait to get it all down. Pulling a mountainous bowl of macaroni and cheese forward, she grabbed a spoon and began shoveling it on in.
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Chapter 4

The heaping helping of mac and cheese was more food than Dawn usually ate in a week and she devoured it all in under a minute. Pushing the huge bowl away, Dawn then leaned back in her chair eager to make an assessment. The result was plain to see for beneath her shirt there now rose a beautiful little potbelly. Dawn beamed proudly for her body finally had a feature that was big, smooth, and round that wasn’t her forehead.

It looked as if she’d blown up a balloon inside her clothing- something Dawn had plenty of experience doing in private- and she gave her lone bulge a poke to confirm that it was really all her in there. Her distended stomach was packed so full and tight Dawn wondered if she really had any supernatural digestive aid at all. After a moment however, the pressure ebbed and she felt it soften. This is nice, Dawn thought while affectionately massaging the dome of her new tummy. As pleased as she was, one critical thought still managed to creep into Dawn’s head- though she didn’t want to be ungrateful or selfish, she couldn’t help but think that a little up top would be nice as well. Possibly in response, Dawn detected new pressures suddenly mounting in those areas most desired.

“Oh- oh please,” Dawn begged as she pulled the shirt’s collar forward to witness what she prayed was coming. “Yes… yes please,” she urged as she saw a stirring within the empty cups of her modest brassiere. “Oh, yes- oh please yes…” Dawn felt her flesh slowly push out into her cups, filling them up and rounding them out. Forgetting that her sister was standing right next to her, Dawn grabbed her newly grown breasts, biting her lower lip in extreme joy as her fingers confirmed that the bra was no longer purely ornamental. “Yessssss,” Dawn purred in utter contentment as she massaged the two doughy mounds contained within- small to be sure- but long-overdue and so very sorely missed.

Still in a state of rapture, Dawn felt her belly sigh again, this time sending some of its wealth down below the waist where there followed a plumping of her hips and bottom. With one hand refusing to abandon her fascinating new chest, Dawn’s other shot down and grabbed at her once bony ass. Simultaneously squeezing both breast and butt cheek while her eyes continued marveling at her terrific tummy Dawn squee’d, “Look at me! I’m getting big all over- I’m practically tubby.”

Lydia’s brow furrowed at her sister’s ambitious claim, “Um, sweetie, I don’t think you’re even a size two yet.”

“Well, coming from a petite double zero, any number sounds big to me.” Lydia spoke the truth, but Dawn hardly cared. From her perspective, everything was looking quite substantial. As none of her flesh had ever been fleshy before, Dawn delighted in exploring her newly squishy bits- gleefully groping, jiggling, and bouncing what had only ever been taut, lean, and flat.

“It wasn’t nearly so fast for me, but I do remember it being pretty awesome when I finally started growing,” Lydia reminisced. She then proceeded to analyze Dawn’s newly swollen form in a cautious and clinical way, poking and prodding away at her sister’s changes with scrutiny before nodding her head in satisfaction. “Thankfully, your makeshift spell does seem to be doing its job. I’d ask if you were feeling ok, but after that little display I’d say you’re feeling far better than ok.” Watching Dawn nod back in vigorous agreement, Lydia began fussing over the dribbles of yellow cheese sauce all over her face. “Ugh, but your face is a mess,” Lydia commented as she dipped a napkin in some water.

“Really, that’s what your worried about?” Dawn said licking some of the remnant cheese off her lips. “It’s only going to get worse.”

Lydia paused, napkin still at the ready, “Maybe not…” She watched in fascination as the many stains slowly faded and Dawn’s skin sparked as pristine and clean as if freshly washed.

“Why’s that?”

“It’s … it’s gone. I think it went right into your pores.”

“Wow,” Dawn said rubbing her hand across her porcelain chin, “so, I’m super-absorbent as well- this just keeps getting better.”


Dawn’s reverie was interrupted by the sound of shattering ceramic which signaled that Etna had added another victory to her belt. Dawn granted Etna the barest of her attention before looking back beneath her shirt and the newfound glories within. While Dawn still found her breasts glorious, it was now only because of their newness. Having given them a second look, Dawn already began to think of them as itty bitty in their smallness. Her growth had become merely incremental and she yearned for another scintillating surge. “Come on girls,” Dawn cooed as she gave them a shake. “Never think I don’t love you, but…. OH!” Dawn exclaimed as gave herself another squeeze, “I’d love you so much more if you grew even bigger.”

Lydia rolled her eyes and slid a full pan of lasagna in front of Dawn and put a fork in her hand- “Alright, sis, you’re doing great, but you still have a long- long way to go.”

From a neutral zone in the center of the room, Amber and Holly watched in both shock and awe as Etna attacked her food like a woman possessed. She huffed and chewed and gasped and swallowed while downing spoonful, ladle full, hand full, bowl full, plate full, platter- CLANG! Another platter cleared and tossed aside as Etna greedily grabbed for the next.

Already the size of a golf cart, Etna seemed determined to enter the sub-compact range as soon as possible. Amber winced at not just the sight of such unabated gluttony, but the sounds and smells that came along with it. An unfortunate side effect of Etna’s intake of fuel was that as the engine of Etna’s digestive system roared to life it began giving off exhaust- the combustive woman was constantly jolted by eruptive burps and noxious farts that rocked and shook her tumultuous mass, though did little to brake her stride. Seemingly famished, Etna just couldn’t seem to get the food in fast enough as she pounded it into her face with such ferocity the girls thought she had to be leaving bruises about her chins and cheeks- though it would be impossible to tell under the sloppy mess splattered over them. Wholly focused on either the food she was eating, SMASH! or what she would be eating next, Etna never once looked up at her onlookers. She seemed to have forgotten all about her guests until…

“That’s not for you!” Etna blurted out- a cascade of half-chewed food spit out along with the words.

Amber paused with her mouth around the tip of an asparagus spear. “Fine- not really something I like anyway,” she said as she tossed the flaccid morsel at Etna as one would if trying to keep an angry animal at bay. Taking Holly by the hand the pair retreated to Dawn’s end of the table.

The foot long asparagus spear landed atop one of Etna’s enormous breasts. She meant to grab it and devour it quickly, but she stopped herself, finding it a good unit of measure. Four of those for the length of that breast she guessed. Three wide. And how many to measure this great expanse of belly? To measure that she’d need some baguettes she thought with a self satisfied chuckle as she shoved the length of the asparagus into her mouth and swallowed it down with the rest.

Etna was already so astoundingly huge it was hard for even her to gauge, but she was feeling bigger and heavier already. With the amount of food she had just consumed, she knew that her thousand pound goal had certainly been passed. Such a feat should have filled Etna with pride, but she only felt an emptiness. Etna clutched a brimming goblet of egg cream and gulped it down. Still empty. She thought back to how small Dawn looked standing before her great belly. Thought of how much bigger her belly must already be since then. She was ten times the woman Dawn was. Literally. But that little brat still defied her. Well, Etna thought as she grabbed for another meal, she just needed to get bigger then. Dawn would look so much smaller if Etna got so much bigger. CRASH! went a porcelain ramekin, all that remained of a cheese soufflé. And bigger. Etna wheezed as she pulled forward a mountain of honey glazed chicken wings, tossing bone after bone aside, adding it to the graveyard at her feet.

This whole silly affair was really just an excuse for Etna to have the feast of her dreams- something she’d already been planning for when her contract with the school ended in a few weeks. Etna had a whole lifetime of leisure and indulgence ahead, but Lydia’s little twerp sister had accelerated those plans. Which was probably for the best as Etna was more than ready. Shaming Dawn and expelling the lot was simply meant to be the cherry on top of an endless sundae. But now she wanted to see them all bow before her greatness. A low rumble coursed through Etna’s body and she felt her monumental stomach bulge outward, adding a new roll, adding more fat, more blubber, more Etna. She’d taken it to eleven. Eleven times the size of Dawn. SMASH! There would be no defiance, no quippy remarks. A mountain cannot be mocked by a pebble. Now there would be fear- fear and respect. The next time she hit Dawn with her gargantuan gut, it would put her through a wall.

Amber was surprised by the rate of Dawn’s new intake. Since exchanging words with her sister, her dainty nibbling had become a rapid blur of non-stop ingestion. The massive lasagna was half gone when they returned, and Dawn was eating as fast as she could deliver the food to her mouth. Chewing seemed unnecessary for Dawn- as soon as she filled her mouth, it all went down in a single gulp. Never once did she see Dawn to stop to catch her breath, nor did she ever deliver even the faintest little burp, hiccup, or gas pass- whereas to everyone’s dismay, with Etna’s consumption increasing in volume, so did the volume of her gastric orchestra as it played out the most horrible compositions. Even Dawn’s pretty little face remained unspoiled, there wasn’t a spec or a smudge to be seen on her face or lips. Anything and everything Dawn was able to get in, was apparently in for good. The lasagna soon gone, Lydia handed Dawn a towering glass of papaya juice. With both hands she held it high and tipped it to her mouth. In seconds it went down as swiftly as if she’d poured it into an open drain.

“Yum!” Dawn said in satisfaction, rubbing her engorged midsection. “A few years late, but I finally got my freshman fifteen.”

“This is impossible…“ Amber said skeptically as she gave Dawn’s swelling belly a poke of her own.

“Yeah, but it is happening and it’s great,” Dawn boasted with pride.

“I didn’t finish,” Amber clarified with urgency in her voice as a clatter at the opposite end of the room told of yet another victim claimed by Etna. “This is impossible, and it needs to happen faster. Etna’s a machine and you’re still the smallest one in the room.”

“Um.. does this…“ Holly inquired, reaching out, but not actually touching Dawn’s pregnant looking stomach, “… does this make sense?”

“In a way,” Dawn reassured the dumbfounded beauty, “it just makes a different kind of sense-best not to worry about it.”

“Oh… ok,” Holly nodded as she picked up a plate of deviled eggs off of a side table and offered it to her friend.

“Thanks,” Dawn said holding up an egg. “Such a nice shape,” she observed as she toasted her companions and said, “Here’s to the sophomore sixty.” With that, she began popping the eggs into her mouth in rapid succession as Lydia and Holly brought more food and drink to the ready.

Amber, still maintaining her grudge, received a gentle nudge from Holly.

“Fine, but I’m not serving her anything that isn’t vegan.”

With the help of her friends, Dawn’s caloric inhalation accelerated and the results were becoming increasingly clear. As Dawn filled up, her body steadily filled out. She was expanding like a huge loaf of heavily yeasted bread steadily filling out its pan. And as she ate, Dawn couldn’t help but try to take stock of her growth. Whenever she had a free hand she sent it down traversing her former flatlands to confirm her burgeoning changes- and each time she did it was readily apparent how much more of her the was that the last time. Dawn rubbed her knuckles along her sides and found they no longer played the familiar xylophone of rib bone- there was definitely some meat on her now. The baggy clothes she’d borrowed from Lydia were quickly becoming more and more form fitting. Her little potbelly had expanded and began encroaching around to her flanks. Pushing back against the seat, Dawn could feel her own back had become cushiony as it too began rounding out. Her thighs, hips, and ass all continued to plump nicely as well. Gone was the knobby collection of skin and bones she once reluctantly called a body. Now, everywhere Dawn touched was soft- soft, smooth, and so many wonderful kinds of curvy. And there was none softer, smoother, or more wonderful than her new breasts. Dawn clutched a boob as she simultaneously slurped endless strands of ramen and watched it grow beneath her spreading fingers. Her hand was filled as her flesh spread out from beneath her brassiere. A handful- A HANDFUL! The thought echoed in her head as if sung by a choir.

SLAP! Lydia swatted Dawn’s hand away- partly to keep her focused on the task at hand, but mostly for the sake of modesty.

“OW!” Dawn looked at her stinging hand and noticed no swelling. Her hand and its digits remained as dainty and nimble as ever. She could see her forearm was looking a bit pudgy, and her upper arms were definitely filling out the sleeves. Reaching up to her face, Dawn was happy to still count one chin and her neck seemed no less slender. Her extremities spared meant that everything was going where she wanted it most. Dawn’s hand was again drawn down by the gravitational pull of her magnifying bust. Further and further it swelled in her grasp- more than her little hand could hold. So many new and intense feelings titillated Dawn’s senses. It was all so much for Dawn to take in, and there was still the promise of more on the way. Bigger and bigger. Dawn was in heaven.

SLAP! Lydia’s second strike came about more forcefully and was paired with a look of pure embarrassment.

Dawn tried to focus, but she was conflicted. She wanted to grow, and she wanted to win- both of which required eating as much as she could, as fast as she could- but Dawn also wanted to enjoy her dream come true. It just couldn’t be helped- growing felt so much better than she had imagined, and she’d imagined it being toe-curling, heart fluttering, mind-numbingly amazing. She just had to explore the developments amassing beneath her filling shirt and pants, decorum be damned. In a matter of minutes Dawn had progressed from finally having something worth mentioning within her unmentionables to having something worth shouting about. Her bra was not only full, but it was fast becoming tight. The under-garment had gone from one meant to support and separate, to one that banded and restrained. Having never been put to any kind of test before, the brassiere was still good as new- so although its pair of tiny clasps had begun to strain, they were so far up to the task. But the night is young Dawn thought as she fondled her chest.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! An exasperated Lydia swatted away at her self-satisfied sister’s public and indecent display.

Dawn wasn’t sure why Lydia was being so prudish, she’d caught them all stealing glances at her wonderful metamorphosis. Dawn thought about excusing herself for a proper exploration, but remembered how that would result in a forfeit. Frustrated at not being able to properly enjoy herself she realized what still lay ahead, both in the night to come, and spread out before her. Perhaps Lydia was right, Dawn thought, maybe she should focus. Getting big was great, but getting so much bigger would be all the greater. Dawn was certain that she now outweighed her roommate and was close to surpassing her own sister. Holly seemed slim, but her selectively fatty areas and un-revealing outfits made her hard a one to judge. No matter- soon Dawn would exceed them all. Eventually she’d top even Etna. And why stop there? Her rate of growth was only increasing. Dawn felt unstoppable. She would defeat her bra, her clothes, and Etna. What’s best, she realized, nothing in her life had ever been so easy.

The more I eat, Dawn pondered as she hoisted a huge and heavily-stuffed calzone to her mouth, the bigger I get.

The more I drink, Dawn thought as she gulped down a carafe of heavy cream, the bigger I become.

Dawn watched as the great amount of feasting earned her steadily mounting results. She tried to sigh with contentment, but could only mimic the action. Watching how even her shallow breaths had a positive effect on her body, Dawn mused: however long this takes, even if I simply sit here and breath, I’ll still keep getting bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

But Dawn had no interest in growing idly so to help things along she grabbed a heavy glass of mango lassi with one hand, and a handful of fat samosas with the other.
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I can't wait to see where this ends up! Keep up the great work!
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Originally Posted by LumpD View Post
I can't wait to see where this ends up! Keep up the great work!
I appreciate your enthusiasm and support. While I won't give away anything that's going to happen, I will say we are still only just beginning.
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Great story! Can't wait to see more.
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Aster- thanks!

AndyF150- Moar in 3... 2... 1...
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Chapter 5

Though very little was being said, the grand dining room still echoed with all manner of noise and commotion. Sounding like a kitchen during the evening rush, plates, glasses, and silverware were constantly a clatter and on occasion, smashing. To this was added the grotesque audio of Etna’s ravenously loud input along with the bass, percussion, and horns of her noxiously vocal output. Lost amongst that cacophony and activity there came a seemingly insignificant sound both solitary and brief.


It wasn’t a terribly impressive sound- certainly not enough to draw Etna’s attention away from the meal at hand. But Dawn had never in her entire life produced a sound of such immense implication. Nothing from her history of long winded debates, protest chants, or indignant rants had ever said so much. No amount of door slamming, tearful heartbreaking pleas, or foot stamping screams had shouted to the world that Dawn was finally a force to be reckoned with as well as that lone little ping.

Dawn’s state of growth fueled ecstasy hit a new peak of elation the moment her sizable belly lurched out the few inches afforded by the loss of her first button.

“A button! I popped a button!” Dawn exclaimed with an expression of such innocent joy and wide-eyed wonderment that Lydia hadn’t seen since they were kids on Christmas morning.

Amber was puzzled. “You say that like it’s a good thing.”

“It’s the very best thing!” Dawn beamed as she looked up at her companions, none of whom relayed her enthusiasm. They understood what Dawn needed to do to win the contest, but the how of it all, and Dawn’s escalating excitement with the whole process was still baffling to them.

To Dawn the button pop signaled an important transition where she’d progressed from not just getting bigger, to becoming excessive. “Forget it, you guys don’t understand.” Dawn dismissed their lack of enthusiasm as she struggled to get a look at what was certainly her largest feature, her view of which was completely obstructed. “Ugh, I can’t see over my boobs. Wait…” Dawn’s eyes became saucers as the implication of those words hit her harder than any slap from her sister. “My boobs! I have big boobs! Boobs so big I can’t see past them!”

“Oh… oh my,” Lydia sputtered as she allowed herself a glance at her sister’s rising bounty. “Would you look at that.”

“Believe me I am,” Dawn said as she peered beneath her taut collar. Inside the straining shirt Dawn saw a spectacular battle of tectonics being waged between her ever-growing boobs and her still valiant bra. The true size of her breasts was hard to gauge as they were being severely mashed by the brassiere that was functioning more like a belt as it bisected her bust. With her novice breasts so tender and new Dawn could tell this would be a battle hard fought. But as they grew in prominence they grew in might- a fact made clear to Dawn as the sound of stitches beginning to pop told her exactly who was going to win.

It was tight, it was painful, but it was the most delicious kind of pain Dawn had ever experienced. Her breasts had grown more sensitive, but as they had only just grown to begin with, they were igniting whole new parts of Dawn’s brain that had never been lit up before. Her poor toes were curling to the point where she expected to touch heel as she strove to experience it all. The combination of increasing mammary expansion pitted against such constant suppression was overwhelming as it created not only new sensations, but resulted in a sight heretofore unknown to Dawn.

“Wait a minute…” Dawn said in hushed reverence. While she’d been lavishing attention on her new breasts, Dawn realized she’d been oblivious to what came along with ones so big. Staring her in the face was an amazing amount of cleavage- glorious deep cleavage that Dawn never believed would ever grace her own form.

“CLEAVAGE!” Dawn announced in a reverential cry and PING! sent a second button ricocheting off into the maze of foods before her.

The button’s loss relieved a bit of the pressure mounting within her shirt, but only a bit. “HOLY CRAP!” Dawn cried after the shock had her engulfing a big breath of air that blew out her chest even more. Whatever slack had been afforded was quickly taken up. Dawn clutched her heaving bosom with both hands and marveled its weight. “I’m… I’m actually top heavy!”

“Very heavy…” Amber replied finally seeming impressed. “Though you should also see your bottom.”

“And your middle.” Holly murmured.

Dawn turned around thinking it would be impossible to see her own behind, but there it was. Jutting out from her back sat a great big bonafide booty. Dawn’s river of hair no longer fell freely- it poured over the curve of her back, then cascaded into curls and waves as it broke over the expanse of her swelling bottom. To Dawn’s own surprise, her first instinct upon seeing such a gloriously huge round ass was to immediately reach out and give it a SLAP!

“Ohhh… YES!” Dawn exclaimed as her self-spanking had everything down below tingling. Dawn gave herself a playful bounce and a wiggle and watched in fascination as her fleshy rump squashed, spread, and jiggled. This was a bottom built for comfort she happily came to learn- made evident by how the hard dining room chair now felt as plush to Dawn as a pile of chinchillas. It was also a bottom that could stake a claim. No more wedging myself in the back middle seat of a car, Dawn thought with pride. She was a full seater now.

“I dare anyone to call this ass flat,” Dawn challenged.

“You know, that used to be a compliment back in the day,” Lydia offered as a weak retort.

“Yeah, back when Twiggy was the ideal- but I don’t think it was meant as a compliment when they called me that either,” Dawn said with a hint of lingering frustration. “But it’s time to live for today,” she proclaimed as from chest to rump, Dawn’s other hand finally abandoned her beloved breasts to join its twin and grab a big cushiony cheek.

So big and pert, yet soft and sensual- while giving herself a long satisfying squeeze, Dawn became blissfully aware that her expanded posterior gave as well as it took. Her new asset proved both heaven to touch and hellishly sensitive when touched. The breasts she expected, but Dawn never imagined such pleasures awaited out back. Sliding her hands beneath the bands of her sweatpants and panties Dawn squeezed and kneaded her bare ass that was more than receptive to her indelicate touch. Her eyes closed, Dawn squeezed herself with all her might and was rewarded with a wave of ecstasy that had her biting her lip near to the point of bleeding.

Meanwhile, Lydia had searched out one of her sister’s favorite treats, a plate of coconut shrimp, and hovered it below her nose, hoping to lure Dawn out of her rapturous trance. She’d all but given up before that little nose twitched and Dawn’s mouth opened wide.

“You can feed yourself.”

“My hands are busy. And if you were in my seat, your’s would be too,” Dawn said opening her mouth even wider.

“There isn’t any room left on your seat,” Lydia complained. “Now come on- are you going to eat, or are you going to continue molesting yourself like an animal.”

“I can do both- you know how good I am at multitasking,” Dawn said as Lydia reluctantly plucked up the first plump shrimp and dropped it into her sister’s mouth like she were a good little orca. “In fact,” Dawn said while simultaneously swallowing, groping, and growing, “it’s even better this way.”

While her sister and friends alternated with the feeding duties, Dawn pulled her hands out of her tightening pants and slid them slowly around to the sides of her spreading hips. As Lydia had joked and Dawn had hoped, she was able to confirm that her hips now flared out so far that they filled the full width of the large chair. Dawn gave these an appreciative squeeze as well before lifting her hands straight up so she could better understand her width. With her eyes still closed, Dawn thought she had a good idea of where here hands should be, but as she opened them and turned her head side to side, Dawn was pleasantly surprised to find them well past her shoulders.

“Damn! I’ve got a wide load.” Dawn said in awe of her span.

“Now there’s something I’ll agree in saying is a good thing,” Amber said while trying to cram a whole stuffed pepper into Dawn’s mouth.

Dawn smiled as she caught Amber glancing at her new developments. “Keep it coming and I’ll show you more good things,” Dawn teased.

As Amber leaned in with another pepper, Dawn watched how her eyes darted down and around in furtive attempts to better glimpse Dawn’s growing attributes. There was a look of longing in those eyes. Her roommate had never looked at her that way before. There were painfully few in fact, who had ever looked at Dawn that way. Amber, like most others, had fawned over Dawn’s cuteness, but had never seen her as anything more developed than that. Though she herself claimed to hate the term, Dawn knowingly played up her cuteness, seeing it as all she ever got to play with.

Dawn had always held fairly utilitarian view of her own body- saw it as only a figure of pure function, meant to get her to and fro. Publicly she joined in the choir of other skinny girls who decried any excesses as pointless and burdensome. But most of them were blessed with at least something, and Dawn never really convinced anyone. Form and function seemed so boring a thing for a body to be, and Dawn jealously yearned for those meaningless masses of mass distraction.

Amber clumsily dropped a pepper down into Dawn’s cleavage. “Oh, ah… oops.”

The two girls stared at one another, both of them blushing- one significantly more. Amber’s hand hovered over Dawn’s open collar as she seemed uncharacteristically concerned whether retrieving it would be too gauche.

Dawn hadn’t ever seen Amber so awkward and never imagined that she could be the cause of such a fluster. “Here, let me get that for you,” Dawn said smiling coyly. Instead of picking it up with her own hands, Dawn instead pushed her elbows in and compressed her bosom from the sides. This caused her cleavage to rise, bringing the errant pepper up along with it. Amber’s hand began to tremble as the offering rode Dawn’s great breast elevator right up to her fingertips. With an eyebrow raised and as sly a smile she could muster, Dawn invited Amber to take it.

Amber’s face turned a darker scarlet as in stunned disbelief she picked up the pepper.

After a moment however, Amber rolled her eyes and shoved not only the pepper in hand, but a second straight into Dawn’s smug mouth.

Though Dawn had tried and failed rather pathetically in the past, that was the first genuinely risqué move she’d ever performed. Overcome with emotion, Dawn began kicking her feet beneath the table in a kind of a victory dance. There she was introduced to yet another new sensation. Dawn, who hadn’t even been chubby as a baby, had finally filled the gap between her formerly formless thighs, and they were rubbing against each other for the first time. Eagerly Dawn sent her hands back down to explore this newest wonder, but found that access was denied by something so large that it filled and exceeded her now sizable lap.

“Is this… is this my belly?” Again, Dawn struggled to see, but her scene stealing bosom wouldn’t allow it.

Dawn’s little hands swam about the smooth curved surface that had expanded out fully to the edge of the table. Dawn thought her hands had to be lying to her- they couldn’t possibly be all the way out there and still be touching her own body. Back, forth, up and down, Dawn ran her fingers over the dome her belly- her delightful touch confirming it all her own. So incredibly big, so wonderfully full. Were it not for the pinching restraint of her waistband and a dent where she impacted the table, Dawn knew she’d have a perfect sphere as well. Playfully dancing her little fingertips about like ants upon a globe, Dawn couldn’t believe how big her tummy felt.

It felt big because it was big, Dawn reminded herself. No, Dawn further amended, not it- ME.

There was something different about this body feature and it wasn’t as simple a matter as scale. Her breasts and buttocks were wondrous accouterments- must have accessories to be sure, but this- this WAS her.

This was Dawn.

While not as sensitive or tantalizing, it was her belly that made Dawn finally feel like more than she had been. While other parts were heavy, this is what gave Dawn not only weight, but a sense of presence. Dawn felt more than ample now, more than substantial- Dawn finally felt significant.

Dawn wondered if she was even right to categorize it as a mere belly anymore- for though her front bulged out most prominently, it was really her whole torso that was rounding out leaving no trace of her once concave waist.

Dawn’s fingers located her navel in the gap left by the first lost button, and from there they followed one continuous curve that swept all the way around to her back. As Holly took her turn and delivered mouthful after mouthful of hearty pesto gnocchi, Dawn could feel the fabric about her midsection being pulled increasingly taut as it strove to contain her ceaseless swelling. Every fold, wrinkle, and crease was being flattened out. The long row of remaining buttons all puckered in protest to her increasing greatness. Dawn’s body had taken up nearly every bit of space the formerly over-sized shirt had to offer.

“More… please more, more,” Dawn urged Holly to hurry. Dawn didn’t just want to be bigger, she wanted to be more. As her belly grew it was as if her body, heart, and soul were magnifying as well. While it was true that the more she had the more she wanted, it wasn’t greed that made Dawn want to grow. Despite her physical and financial woes, Dawn possessed a giving nature, and believed the more she had, the more she had to give. As ever she grew and grew, Dawn felt like an expanding vessel of humanity, a hearth spreading its warmth far beyond her once meager borders.

“You know I love you,” Dawn told Holly between bites with more sincerity than she’d ever said anything.

“I love you too,” Holly replied as she melted into the warmest of smiles.

“Amber, Lydia, I love you both so much,” Dawn continued, her eyes welling up. “Thank you all for helping me do this.”

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Lydia asked placing a concerned hand on Dawn’s shoulder. Dawn had always been sweet and kind, but she had never been good or open about expressing it.

“Am I ok?” Dawn was flabbergasted at how her state could even be in question. “Sis, I’m getting so big, soon I’ll qualify as a place- and yes, I’m saying that like it’s a good thing.”

“Look at me,” Dawn said as if they weren’t. “Top heavy, bottom heavy, heavy-heavy- I’ve got it all now: thighs, ass, hips, belly, BOOBS!”

Dawn shook her bouncy bosom and wiggled her jiggling ass. She laughed as neither had ever so much as twitched before. Dawn’s mind was lost in a delirious bliss. Word’s that in the past would never have been used to describe Dawn’s physique, now hardly did her justice. Looking up at her companions she realized that with the exception of height, there could be no doubt- Dawn had surpassed them in every way a woman could be measured.

“Tell me this isn’t a dream?” Dawn begged her sister. “You didn’t put a spell on me and I’m just dreaming in my bed?”

“No. This may be unreal, but it is really happening,” Lydia said as she kissed Dawn’s forehead and stole another glance down at what was by far the families’ biggest bosom. “Enjoy being the bigger sister sweetie, but try not to lose control,” she cautioned.

“I’ll try,” Dawn said with a wink. “You know me- a big fan of half-measures,” she said while giving each of her beloved new assets another reverential rub and squeeze.

Dawn’s next intention was to return to the feast and get back to feeding herself, for it seemed she was the only one capable of delivering food at the speed desired. As she tried, however fortunately or unfortunately, Dawn discovered yet another marvelous hindrance.

Dawn’s increasing thighs, belly, and bosom had all piled one on top of the other to such an extent that they now prevented her from leaning forward. While struggling to to do so, all Dawn succeeded in doing was bringing her nose right up to cleavage.

Dawn breathed in deep the scent of her own sweet bosom. Her breasts were so close- so close and so stupendously big. Dawn strained to bring her head in even closer- her hands pushed against the back of her chair, her long neck stretched as it brought her closer and closer to her heavenly goal. Dawn’s peach fuzz tickled her chin. Her shirt groaned from the glorious tightness exerted as her rotund middle was squashed and pushed out in all directions.

“Quiet you.” Dawn dismissed the blouse’s meager cries that claimed she’d grown too big. Dawn was determined to fight it and anything else who dared think such a thing. But Dawn realized that could wait for another time as she landed her face down successfully amongst her beautiful swells. Enraptured by her self-enveloping embrace, Dawn checked off another dream from her expansion bucket list as she gave each boob a loving kiss and then:



“TbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbt! !!”

Dawn motor-boated herself again and again until she nearly blacked-out in exhaustion.

“Oh wow… best day ever.” Dawn panted as she wiped a tear from her eye. Looking to her companions Dawn saw their reactions were decidedly mixed: Lydia looked all the more embarrassed, Holly pretended she hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, and Amber- Amber looked gobsmacked and quite eager to have a go of her own.

After taking another moment to catch her breath, Dawn gripped the table and tried to push herself back. Unfortunately, without the help of her short dangling legs, Dawn couldn’t budge an inch. Drumming her fingers upon her tummy that had only dug itself deeper into the table’s edge, Dawn looked to the others for assistance. “Guy’s, seems I need more room already- a little help?”

The girls complied, startled at how heavy the chair, and more importantly, its occupant had become as they struggled to slide her back a full foot from the table.

“Oh, come on,” Dawn chided them. “Am I the only one here with any ambition,” she said while waving them on to pull the chair back another foot. Once done, Dawn playfully wriggled her expanding bottom to the front edge of the seat which allowed her to spread her thickening thighs to better accommodate her expanding belly in-between. Finally, Dawn was then able to put her plumping arms to work as she reach for her next goal, a molten mound of nachos. “So where was I?” she playfully asked the first cheese dripping chip.

“That’s right,” Dawn said as she quickly made her way down to the last, “on to bigger things.”

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Clovis has said some nice things

Chapter 5, Part 2


Etna swept the huge silver platter that had previously held an entire eating contest’s worth of hot dogs to the floor. What was enough food to crown someone a champion eater was simply another appetizer to Etna.

Her stomach gurgled and churned as it tried to cope with the onslaught of food she’d forced upon it. Etna had been ignoring it for a while but its pleas for caution were becoming harder and harder to tune out. Already horrendously tight and astoundingly heavy, she was determined to redefine peak capacity. Etna had eaten more already than she’d ever eaten in a single sitting, and she’d done so in record time. Etna knew she really ought to pace herself, but was just too eager to continue eating. Her stomach’s well argued proposals of caution were overridden by a mind that was still absolutely famished.

What was this night about if not mind over matter? Etna thought to herself. But looking over the culinary landscape before her, Etna noticed just how much more food was still waiting. Only half the feast was actually intended for Etna, but assuming Dawn was probably still nibbling away at her first dish, she fully expected to claim the entire spread for her own.

In the rare moments when the noise of her own eating hadn’t drowned out all else, Etna occasionally caught the sound of Dawn chattering away when her little mouth should have been put to better use. Etna couldn’t wait to see her face when this was all over. Not that she’d ever get a good look at it. Anyone who dared face Etna now would be kept a good distance away by the sheer size of her body- anyone of normal stature that is. Someone as diminutive as Dawn would probably have to stand well away just to be seen over the grand crests of her bosom.

Etna could picture Dawn there- so minuscule before her vastness. And how vast she was. Etna was definitely bigger, much bigger now, there could be no doubt. Her body emanated in concentric circles from her head like an ocean of blubbery waves. Her bulbous bottom filled the sofa upon which she sat. Her fat flowed beneath the table. She could see nothing of her legs, except her chubby toes. Her huge silk dress had ridden up considerably and was becoming restrictive. But Etna wasn’t one for restrictions- not from her clothes, and certainly not from her own stomach. It stood to reason, Etna concluded, that if her size had increased, then her capacity should have increased as well. She took a meaty fist and pounded herself upon the chest.


That’s better Etna thought as the sonic discharge seemed to have successfully quelled her stomach for the time being. And she knew just what to fill it with. A huge glistening ham lay before her just waiting to be devoured. As Etna leaned over her astounding bulk to claim her next conquest, she found it lay just out of her reach. Turning to the rolling carts at her sides Etna found them stripped completely bare. In frustration, she shoved them away and sent them crashing against the walls.

The exertion left her winded. Etna tried to ebb her temper- any energy not used in the act of eating was a waste. She made another attempt for the ham, pushing herself further and further in a forward advance. With her massive arms having grown much heavier, Etna resorted to sliding them along the table. The couch below creaked and cracked in response to her efforts. Even the floorboards seemed to have something to say about Etna’s increased girth as they voiced their concerns in the form of muffled groans and low bass moans that signaled structural stresses.

Scriiipp. Scriiiippp.

As Etna stretched and strained towards the beckoning ham, her dress began to rupture into gossamer fissures that ran up and down her sides. The dress had cost her thousands, but those tears had made it all worth it. With smug satisfaction Etna recalled how her dressmakers had balked at the measurements she’d sent for the order. They called them ludicrous, though they cashed her check all the same.

So she’d exceeded the ludicrous, Etna thought with a smile. Each run and tear was a loud and clear announcement to the fact that there was now more of Etna- much more. As there should be. As there ought to be. Etna mused.

You can’t have too much of a good thing, and Etna considered herself the very best of everything. In the fantasy realm of High School she had ruled over all. But the real world was never so impressed. So Etna began to show them how impressive she could truly be. A world that didn’t see her as big or important soon watched as she became not only big, but downright unavoidable as her body began to reflect her ego. Many said she’d let herself go, but what she’d really done is let herself out. And once she began, Etna never wanted to stop. Her size may have approached the estimates of what was possible, but it paled before her own sense of self. She’d exceed the possible. The more she got, the more she would take. She had her fair share now she wanted the rest. Etna would manifest herself in such glorious and undeniable proportions that no one could ever deny her greatness. She’d exceed even her own dreams, if she… could just… reach… that damned… ham.

While watching the flabby masts of her arms cease their progress, and her ten swollen digits grasp in vain for the elusive ham, Etna caught sight of something in the distance that made her recoil.

A curve.

There was a curve down at the opposite end of the table where there should have been nothing but the flat lines of a formless body.

Probably it was just a distortion from the many glassware pieces that lay between them, Etna reassured herself. Perhaps it wasn’t even Dawn she’d seen, just one of the more shapely girls attending her. Leaning to and fro from her stationary mount, Etna couldn’t see much of Dawn over the table still piled high with food. What she could see of Dawn’s tiny head seemed no different, but Etna kept getting glimpses of a shape below that was looking well out of proportion for the famously petite little twit.

No, Etna thought, there couldn’t possibly be a curve on that bony, flat as a board, pest of a girl- the very idea of it sent her into a rage. But what were they all so excited about down there she began to wonder. Etna found that while her stomach was claiming to be full, it seemed there was still room in her engorged gut for concern. And that didn’t sit well with her, not at all. Etna needed to crush that feeling- bury it down deep. And for that she needed more. She needed that ham and everything else in that room, and she needed it now.

Dawn paused in the middle of a full hand of ladyfingers as a shout came from across the room.

“GIRL!” Etna called out. “GIRL!”

“WHAT?” Dawn shouted back in annoyance, “I’M BUSY!”


Amber stepped out into Etna’s view and pointed a finger at her own perturbed face.


Lydia and Amber exchanged concerned glances, then Amber placed a gentle hand on Holly’s shoulder and said, “Honey, I think she’s asking for you.”

“Oh,” Holly nodded and hurried off to attend to her host.

“You asked for me m’am?” Holly smiled politely and maintained constant eye contact with Etna, despite the myriad of places about her person that anyone else would have been completely justified in staring at.

“Why yes,” Etna smiled back, “be a doll and slide that succulent looking ham down to me.”

“Certainly.” Holly did a quick little curtsey then commented as she brought the ham over, “It smells delicious.”

But Etna didn’t have time to take in aromas. As soon as the ham was within her grasp Etna swept it up with both hands and hungrily began tearing into the twenty pounds of pineapple adorned pork. Between ravenous mouthfuls Etna spoke: “we can… talk… while I eat,” which wasn’t entirely true. Holly’s smile remained unflinching as a rain of juices and morsels flew her way along with a list of garbled requests. “I’ll need you to keep my end of the table well stocked. You don’t mind you you?”

“Oh, of course not,” said Holly as she immediately went to work bringing more items over and positioning full carts to Etna’s sides.

“Oh, and silly goose that I am,” Etna added with false gentility, “I seem to have left my… medications way over there on the sideboard. Could you fetch them please?”

Holly went over and found a plethora of pharmaceuticals. “Which one would you like?”

“I asked for them in plural, which means I want them in plural- you nitwit,” Etna snapped in frustration as her false front cracked just a bit. “I’m sorry dear, I get a bit testy when I’m hungry- please bring them all. And if you could, use those lovely long fingers of yours and pop them open- start me off with one of each.” Etna plopped the half-eaten ham atop her chest and held out a huge hand.

Holly arranged the open bottles on one of the fallen trays and brought it to the table. She then placed over a dozen large and colorful pills onto Etna’s palm, and without needing to be asked, paired them with a full glass of water.

Etna downed the lot in a single gulp. As she tried to retrieve the sticky ham from her destroyed dress, she took a second glance at her new assistant. Etna couldn’t tell if the girl was wearing the same clothes as the day they met in the dining hall, but felt it more than likely she kept a wardrobe full of near identical outfits. Polished black Mary Jane clogs with the barest of heel sat perfectly parallel beneath an ankle-length gray wool skirt. Her top was layered- a heavily starched long-sleeved blouse buried beneath a long cable-knit gray cardigan a shade paler than the skirt. An intricate up-do braid kept her golden hair restrained and her makeup routine seemed to entail no makeup at all.

The outfit gave little hint of what lay beneath, but a hint was all it took to tell that Holly’s true form was nothing short of spectacular. Etna sighed as she shook her head in disapproval. The girl was like a poorly wrapped gift that couldn’t hide the shape of the voluptuous present within. She hadn’t seen such a clear winner of the genetic lottery since gazing into her own mirror many years ago. But to Etna’s utter bafflement, this girl seemed so reluctant to ever cash in her grand prize. “Dear lord girl, who dressed you?”

“I… I dressed myself,” Holly’s face went quizzical as she registered the change of tone. Immediately her posture fell into her normal slouch as she crossed her arms defensively over her chest while avoiding Etna’s gaze.

“Well, a girl like you ought to have hand-maidens, but that’s isn’t what I meant- did you pick out your own clothes?

“Oh… well no. Most of my clothes…”

“Were gifts,” Etna finished for her. “And home made ones I’m sure- I don’t see any labels.”

“Why yes,” Holly replied cheerfully as her smile and posture returned. “My mother made the skirt and blouse. My Gran made the sweater. I’ve made a few myself, but they’re not nearly as good and I wanted to dress nice for tonight.”

“Well I can appreciate an effort, even if it’s a failed one.”


“You my dear are a Venus, but you dress like a puritan- I mean, are you going to college or a missionary trip?”

“Ma’m?” Holly repeated unsure of a polite response. Her eyes returned to the floor.

“Stop slouching. Face up!” Etna instructed. “If you weren’t always looking down you never would have even met little Dawn Morrigan. That insignificant twerp shouldn’t have entered your field of vision let alone your circle of friends.”

“Dawn’s nice,” Holly said.

“Well, a girl like that would have to be. How’s she doing by the way?”

“She’s doing good- real good.”

“I’m sure she is,” Etna chuckled. “Just as I’m sure you’d rather cut out your own tongue than utter a single negative thing about your little friend.”

“Dawn is nice,” Holly asserted.

“So nice you said so twice. Seems she’s got at least one defining trait. But really, what’s a girl like you doing with a girl like that?”

“Oh, um… well, my first day- freshman year- I had a little too much going on in my mind and I got completely lost. The campus is so big and all the buildings look alike. I was going to be late for class and I was in a panic and… and I started to cry. I’d never even met Dawn, but she came right up to me, took my hand, and asked if I was alright.”

“I’m sure a girl like you could have found help easily.”

“Oh…” Holly crossed her arms again, only tighter. “There’s always people wanting to take me places. Dawn was the only one who wanted to take me where I wanted to go.”

“How very sweet,” Etna couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “And what about the other one?”

“Amber,” Holly reminded her. “I… I don’t remember when we first met. We just seemed to be bumping into one another all the time.”

“Amber, right. She’s a bossy one isn’t she? I’ve been watching her leading you around like a prized show dog. I bet you’ve never once told her what to do.”

Holly said nothing, she simply stood and wrung her hands together.

“Which is sad,” Etna said taking Holly’s lack of a response as an admission, “and you probably don’t even know why.”

“Why?” Holly said with interest.

“Because she’d listen. Not only would you have her full and rapt attention, but that girl would do anything you asked. ANYTHING.”

Etna gave the idea a moment to sink in as she watched Holly’s lovely eyebrow’s twist and scrunch as she seemed to process the idea. “And why are you always fretting around silly old Lydia? Believe me, she’s a nobody just like her sister- only she’s a bigger nobody. If anything, I’m surprised she’s not the one nervous around you.”

“Why’s that?” Holly asked, her interest now peaked.

“Why indeed…” Etna’s eyes lit up as a delicious idea came to her.

“Hey, what’s the hold up?” Dawn squirmed about unhappy to have been neglected by her two assistants whose attention was taken up by the strange events at the other end of the room.

Practically immobilized by her own body, Dawn had become so thoroughly packed into her straining clothing that she could barely move. Lydia and Amber were forced to resume feeding duties as Dawn’s swollen arms and legs jutted out from her torso, hardly able to bend. The seams of her shirt and pants pinched terribly, but Dawn was enjoying the tightness- it reminded her of the many times in private when she’d put on every single item of clothing she had (along with some of Amber’s) piling layer upon layer until she became too cumbersome to continue.

It wasn’t that Dawn didn’t share their concerns, but she was unable to see anything ahead of her but food, drink, and her own fabulous frontage. “Is Holly alright?” she asked

“Shush!” Lydia and Amber hushed in unison. They could see Etna asking Holly something and the girl shaking her head ‘no.’

“I think she just offered her a thousand dollars!” Amber announced in shock.

“For what?” Dawn couldn’t imagine.

“She said she won’t expel her,” Lydia continued.

“She’s still saying no,” Amber said with pride. “Good for… oh… wait, there she goes,”

With the play by play ended, the girls who could slumped their shoulders and watched Holly’s departure with great trepidation.

“What did Etna say?” Dawn asked.

“She told Holly she was being a rude guest,” Lydia said frowning.

“That’d do it.” Dawn sighed. “Speaking of which…” Dawn held her empty mouth wide open, as she tried to signal them to get back to work.

Dawn’s plea was immediately fulfilled as both Amber and Lydia each picked up a plate and frantically began shoving food into her bottomless gullet. A weird form of stress eating, the two girls had launched into a form of stress feeding. Dawn noted their agitation as her mouth was alternately met with crunchy spring rolls from Amber, and handfuls of dripping hot poutine from Lydia. Their hands shook with frazzled nerves as their eyes remained locked on the doorway from which they anxiously awaited Holly’s return. Sadly, the only action to be seen was a ham bone sent flying as Etna added it her long and growing list of victims.

Dawn was worried about Holly, but she knew the only one of them with any hope of standing up to Etna was herself. And to do so, she needed to get a whole lot bigger- so growing remained her priority out of both necessity and desire. Lydia and Amber seemed to be of the same mind as their paces increased.

Dawn became quickly lost in a euphoric flurry of constant intake. Packed snugly in the sublimely tight confines of her cloth cocoon, she closed her eyes and let her mouth do all the work. And work it did. “More,” Dawn whispered in the moments between mouthfuls. “More.”

While Dawn’s shirt had no more room to give, it still held strong- buttons and all. Her bottom half, granted further freedom to roam in the larger and stretchier sweatpants, had taken the brunt of Dawn’s increasing load. The overextended waistband cut into her great encircling belly much as the bra did her breasts. Billowing out from beneath her shirt, Dawn’s cartoonishly ballooned bottom now surpassed the dimensions of her chair. With a creak and a groan, however, even her sweatpants signaled that they too had reached peak capacity. Her shirt, her bra, her pants, none could accommodate another inch of growth. But though they bulged and strained, none seemed willing to succumb to Dawn just yet.

In lieu of size, Dawn’s body responded by building up pressure. Dawn squeezed her eyes tight in response to this wondrous new level of intensity. “Mmm… more,” she purred as she ate and ate. As the pressures steadily mounted and compounded, Dawn imagined a gauge whose quivering hand crept up, up, up into the red- but instead of a warning, Dawn took it as a promise. The deposits Dawn was steadily accruing were going to pay out grand dividends later.

For now, she was Dawn condensed- Dawn concentrate. Not yet bigger, but increasingly more and more potent. Dawn knew when the time finally came for her to outgrow her confines it would be glorious. A louder and greater variety of warning creaks, pops, and groans cried out from below, but Dawn ignored them all as she ate and ate. “More… more.”

The flesh is mightier than the thread, Dawn thought to herself. Outgrowing her clothes was all part of her fantasy, and she couldn’t wait.

But it was the CLANG! of a platter and not the tearing of fabric or the popping of buttons that Dawn heard next.

The platter that fell came not from Etna, but from her own sister Lydia. Dawn opened her eyes and saw her sister’s shocked expression as the unfinished poutine lay splattered and coagulating on the floor. Amber plopped her tray of spring rolls atop Dawn’s heaving chest as she grabbed the table’s edge for support.

“Oh… oh my… oh my GOD!” Amber stammered as she trembled atop weak knees.

“Etna you… monster,” Lydia squeaked as she moved behind her sister’s chair.
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Clovis has said some nice things

I have a quick favor to ask. I have been unable to join Curvage due to an issue with the type of email I'm using. If anyone who has enjoyed this story and has an account there would be so kind as to link them to this forum page I would be very grateful.
thanks, Clovis
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LumpD has said some nice things

Another excellent chapter! I cannot wait for more!

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aster has said some nice things

Great work, when is the next chapter coming?
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Clovis has said some nice things

This story is proving to be more work than expected. This has to do with both the convoluted way I write, and the fact that every time I work on it, it only gets longer and more detailed. I have a lot more written, but it's the polishing and editing stage that kills me.

Unfortunately, the response has been pretty minimal (thank you to the few who have responded) and I'm losing a lot of momentum and a bit of enthusiasm. The story is probably way too niche and only appealing to a handful of people, but I sort of knew that from the outset.

Needless to say, I want to finish it- though that finish is a long ways off.

Next chapter will be at least another week. To anyone who has read this far, thank you, and I hope some of you will make it to the end.
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arch has said some nice things

I do not comment much but I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed this story and have been checking back religiously hoping to see new installments.
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higherlander has said some nice things

I've been enjoying this story. It's fresh, original, and not hampered by trying to be realistic.
Eagerly awaiting the next installment!
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Same here, don't comment much, feel a bit awkward being a critic of something not paid for. However: Great Job, keep it coming.
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Parts of this message board are slow in general, so don't take la ack of response as a critique of your work.
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Never commented on the board but I will say this story is one of the main reasons I keep checking back the last month. Hope to see more soon and good luck writing. Enjoyed it thus far.
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I never ever comment on this board but this story has been fantastic and I cannot wait for more.
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