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Want to gain weight
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Default Hello newbie to this

For a start a small introduction, I'm 28, a musician about 180Lb and am a aspiring feedee. I joined a few boards a few months ago and made profiles and talked a bit about myself and my dreams/fantasies and no one was interested in the slightest, so I've decided to join here instead; I maybe able to see where Ive gone wrong, find out more about weight gain and try to fulfill my dream, which is to break 300Lb (which I thought is a reasonable target and not a have to much of a stigma about how I want to live!)

I like my hobbies and I like cooking food, i generally over eat, but I guess I have a really high metabolism and have problems gaining weight (my weight fluctuates all over the place). I have a history of being an overweight child with my maximum weight being sixteen and a half stone (which aint bad for a twelve year old), I was forced by parents and doctors to lose weight an really wish I never went near a gym to accomplish this (I was comfortable, but was bullied a lot).

I have fantasies over being over three hundred pounds, but they are only just that at the moment and I believe my family would find it very hard to accept why I would want to do this to myself (and already take the mickey out of my weight now as my mother is very underweight, on fad diets all the time and my dads a fitness nut! so they make quite a pair)

I plan to move away from them (down in sussex, south of england), move in with a person which shares the same hopes, dreams and ideals and would make me live up to my nickname!

I know from other sites that if I was a female, which was already overweight, I may have people making offers all the time and may have found love and a feeder already. But no I'm a male looking for either a male or female feeder which won't treat me like dirt or some animal and would fulfill my fantasies! I guess I can always dream and live the rest of my life being unhappy and not living my full potential.

But I have a plan at the moment and that is to do it solo for a bit and maybe meet someone which likes a bit more weight (or meet someone who is serious! and no troll, which may take a while...)

Im generally a likeable person, like authority figures and uniforms, but I won't get to in depth here as it's not the place (I feel odd talking on these boards about it, but I have to vent somewhere!)

I hope someone can give me some tips, point me in the right direction or maybe even want to add more to my dilemma please feel free. If not Ill return to the shadows!

Im just a fat man stuck in a slightly pudgy frame...for now!

I hope this was posted on the correct part of the forum and it won't be either taken down or people just be nasty to me!
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Welcome to the group
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mostly harmless
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Good luck! Taking a path that your family does not support is generally the harder way of doing things, but as you’ve figured out, if it is something that is really important to you it can be worth it to take the tougher path.

One thing that I’ve noticed in my years around this site and others is that there are far fewer women than men who are apt to go “OMG you are fat/getting fatter, that is so hot, let’s get together.” (mind you, from things I’ve seen women post, a lot of guys who say such things on-line don’t follow through in real life—they are more enjoying the fantasy than really looking to live it out). Which isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of women who are attracted to big guys, but it is apt to be a more holistic thing. They are looking for a bunch of things, which includes his being a big guy (or perhaps even more commonly they are looking for a bunch of things, and if a big guy fulfills those things they’ll find him sexy, with his size being more secondary, in a ‘I like his size because it is part of who he is’ rather than ‘part of why I like who he is, is because of his size.’)

So yah, guys with a fetish for gaining seem to have a comparatively tough time finding women who have a fetish for them gaining, but that doesn’t mean that they have such a horrible time find women who may be interested in the. Just make sure you have the rest of ‘you’ pulled together. i.e. be doing something with your life, know the image you are projecting, have passion for something but be able to laugh (including at yourself) and be able to get others to laugh, treat people well (and not just those who you hope to get into bed with), don’t be whiny or entitled, take care of yourself and own your issues. (None of us do all of this perfectly, these are objectives rather than absolutes, but the more you can approach those goals, the better a lot of areas of your life will go, including romantically).

And note that even if your thing, sexuality-wise, is more sub or the like, that doesn’t mean you can’t be in control of the rest of your life (in fact that contrast is often particularly attractive, from what I’ve read)
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