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Default Something Sweet -- BBW, FA, Romance, Feeding, Light Bondage

BBW, FA, Romance, Feeding, Light Bondage

(This is one of eight stories I wrote a few years back on the subject of the deadly sins -- the first time around I forgot Jealousy and included Malice. The publisher has gone out of business, and while I was revising them for self-publication, I decided I may as well share this one with you. It's Gluttony -- Lust is much less erotic.)

Sean Craven

It was late afternoon, but the heavy weather outside made the bedroom so dark it felt like night. The drumming weight of rain on the roof made Aaron even gladder to be where he was. How did it go…

Oh, Western wind, when will thou blow,
the small rain down can rain?
Christ! That my love were in my arms,
and I in my bed again.

Or something like that. Too cold to get out of bed and look it up. Caroline, next to Aaron under the covers, ran her hand across his chest, and from under the duvet he caught the scent of their lovemaking. “Sweetie,” she said.

Aaron could tell from the tone of her voice she knew he wasn’t going to want to do what she was about to ask him. “What?”

“I feel like something sweet. Could you get me a candy bar? A Milky Way.” Caroline smiled at him with her cutie-pie face.

Aaron made a faint animal noise of discontent. “Oh, you’re kidding, in this weather?”

Caroline threw a soft leg over Aaron, pressed her pliant flesh against his gristle and bone, and kissed him. “Don’t you want more of me to love?”

Caroline was the girl, and she was too pretty for Aaron. So it would be gallant to go to the store. But it was her apartment, and she had more money than he did, so it would be shrewd to do what she wanted. He wanted to be gallant, he didn’t want to be shrewd. And it bothered him that this was as much about getting him to do something as what he was going to do. Aaron and Caroline hadn’t been together long, but he could sense lines of contention in the relationship, and he wasn’t at ease with them.

But Caroline was good company, and her blonde baby-doll good looks still took him by surprise, those mint-green eyes looking at him with pleasure. And she knew how much he liked the comfortable generosity of her body, that he wouldn’t mind a little more of her.

Aaron, with a flutter in his gut, rolled to face Caroline, and ran his hand down her curves from shoulder to knee. “Okay. But on one condition.”


Aaron braced himself; this felt risky. “I get to feed it to you.”

Caroline paused. Her lips pursed, briefly, as if she tasted something bad in memory, but the expression grew neutral. Then she smiled with gentle self-amusement. As she met his eyes her mouth parted, showing her teeth in a mock-predatory grin. She licked her lips, nipped his shoulder just hard enough to hurt, and looked up at him. “That could be fun.”

Aaron had met Caroline at a poetry reading. It was part of a series of readings in the area that night, all at bars. Aaron had read during the first round and had been trying to decide whether to stick around and support the scene or take off and get some much-needed relief from the crowd. He’d noticed Caroline on his right and had been just able to keep from staring. Pale, pale wavy blonde hair, a pink-and-cream complexion that looked as if it tasted good, wearing a blue satin bustier that was basically a breast shelf. God. Damn, Aaron had thought, and turned back to the stage. Does she know how she looks? Is she trying to kill me?

A few minutes later, she was to his left, still looking toward the performer, but Aaron felt as though she was trying to get his attention. As if she wanted him to look at her. She was a little further away, and when there was a gap in the crowd, Aaron had a chance to get a full-body view.

It was the pillowy curve of her belly that did it. All of a sudden instead of a cartoonish party girl Aaron was looking at a pretty woman making the best of things. There was something vulnerable about the way her weight was played down but not hidden. Yes, this is me.

So Aaron kept looking until she looked back. Then he smiled.

On their third date they admitted to one another that they thought of themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. On their fifth date Caroline confessed that she’d seen Aaron read the night they'd met and had tracked him down. Aaron still didn’t feel as though he understood her interest in him and trying to find out was like trying to grab a smoke ring. You couldn’t even make an attempt.

By the time Aaron got to the liquor store he was soaked, pants, shoes, the works. It was what Aaron privately called ‘horizontal rain.’ An umbrella only helped so much in that wind. Aaron went to the candy rack and got the damned Milky Way. Tempted by self-righteous spite — the nerve of the woman, sending him out for one candy bar — he got a Hershey’s Bittersweet Chocolate as well. Caroline was a chocolate person. Cheap candy, but that’s what there was in this neighborhood.

Standing in line behind an old woman buying lottery tickets, he kept going between nervousness at Caroline’s reaction to what he was doing and the feeling that on some level he was negotiating the rules of the relationship. Finally the thought of her mouth opening for a spoon gave Aaron a tangible flicker of arousal. He opened the cooler and got out a pint of chocolate ice cream, then distracted himself reading labels on the bottles behind the counter.

Just two weeks ago, things had been different in the bedroom. Caroline had weighed herself, and was naked and in tears. “How can you stand me?”

“I don’t stand you, I love you,” Aaron had said.

“But look at this,” Caroline said, and gripped her belly with both hands, flesh bulging between her fingers as she dug her nails in. “It’s disgusting.”

Aaron had frozen, not knowing how to protect Caroline’s flesh from Caroline.

Back from the liquor store, in the kitchen of Caroline’s apartment, Aaron broke the chocolate bar into its component squares and used a butcher’s knife to slice the Milky Way into bite-sized pieces. He popped the ice cream into the microwave for a few seconds, just enough to soften it.

Caroline called out from the bedroom, “Are you coming?”

Aaron called back, “Do you have the blindfold on?”


“Then I’m coming.” Aaron picked up the small plate of candy, a napkin, a spoon, and the ice cream.

In the bedroom, Caroline lay back against her pillows, a scarf tied around her eyes, pink-tipped breasts exposed. She turned her head to one side, then the other, her smile hesitant, nervous. “This is weird.”

“Shh,” Aaron said. “Open your mouth.”

Caroline did – pretty little mouth, pale and lush like the rest of her, strange and exciting to think of it building that big body one greedy bite at a time – and Aaron set the piece of the Milky Way on her tongue, slowly pulled his fingers out of her mouth as her warm lips closed around them. As she chewed, Aaron grazed his palm lightly across the nipple of her near breast, then cupped and lifted when her nipple rose firmly against his hand, relishing the tender weight.

Caroline opened her mouth, and Aaron lay a piece of dark chocolate on her tongue. “Hey,” she said, mouth full, and raised her hands to the scarf.

“Shh,” Aaron said, and held his hand across her eyes. “You promised.”

Caroline paused, then lowered her hands. “You cheated.” Now her smile was sly, as though she knew something.

“Shh.” Aaron moved his hand and cupped her other breast.

Caroline sighed and chewed and swallowed. She opened her mouth again.

Aaron spooned up some ice cream from the almost-melted part at the rim of the carton, then rested the tip of the spoon on Caroline’s lower lip. Her strawberry tongue darted out, tasted. She moaned. “Oh, God. You didn’t.”

“I did.”

Caroline reached for the scarf again, and Aaron blocked her hands. She tensed, then let her arms rest beside her. “You’re horrible.” She stuck her tongue out at him. “You’re awful.”

Yes, Aaron thought, remembering Caroline sitting up at night with indigestion, and the red marks of nails on rippled flesh. I am.

Caroline opened her mouth again, and Aaron filled it with ice cream. He pulled the duvet down, exposed the trembling dome of her belly. He set his hand down on it, felt her flesh yield to his touch.

When Caroline was ready for the next bite, Aaron gave her another piece of Milky Way. He held the candy there, looking at her face, her mouth, smiling as the candy began to melt. She half-nibbled, half-sucked his fingers clean as he drew them slowly from her mouth. As she chewed, he wiped his hand on the napkin, embraced her from the side, leaned over, put his face into her belly and breathed, luxuriating in the humid climate of her body.


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